I still know a few things about this issue. After the college entrance examination in the summer vacation, I had nothing to do and did a part-time job for a month. I just happened to be doing the mud truck pulling the mud on the construction site, but I am not a driver (that’s not nonsense, I was so young then, it’s impossible to have Truck driver’s license), I gave the dump truck “invoices” at the construction site, that is, I gave them the proof of payment. Pull a cart of mud and give them a certificate unique to our “company”, a certificate worth more than 200 yuan. The background introduction is over. Speaking of them running fast, that is really fast. Because they make money, the more they pull, the more money they make. The more they pull, the more money they make. The more they run, the more money they make. Real time is money. The work of pulling the mud actually means that some construction sites need to dig the foundation, and the earth must be pulled from the construction site to a place dedicated to pour the mud. The digging of the foundation (this is not necessarily the digging of the foundation, in short, the place where the mud or “material” needs to be pulled out) is called “preparation field”, and the place where the mud is poured is called “falling field”. To engage in this industry requires some “means”. The company needs to have a good relationship with departments such as “transportation management”, “urban management” and “traffic police”, because these departments will supervise dump trucks from their respective perspectives. Of course, traffic police start from traffic regulations. Urban management needs to supervise the appearance of the city, and transportation management directly manages vehicles. If it is not handled properly, the fine for a car is tens of thousands. The profit point of this line is actually to make a price difference. The “company” takes the mud from the “installation site”, “helps” transport the unnecessary mud away, and “installs the site” to give the company a price. Then the company recruits dump truck drivers to work, and the company will give the dump truck drivers a price. The difference in the middle is the company’s profit. Many people may think that the role of the company here is the role of a middleman. In fact, there is a risk for the company to make this money, that is, the company is responsible for the “safety” of these cars. If there is a fine, the company generally needs to bear it, so the company is not ” Black-hearted middlemen”. It can actually be seen here, why they are running fast. Because time is really money. And there is another reason that someone “supports behind”. Another point is that when the company starts to run, the people in the company will “release the wind” on the line. Each car is equipped with a walkie-talkie. If there is a situation, it will be notified long ago, so it is generally safe to run without worry. They are just “relentless money-making machines”. In the past, dump trucks were generally required to run at night, because during the day it involved safety, sanitation and dust, and they were not allowed during the day. They are also willing to run at night, because in the dead of night, less cars and fewer people run faster, and traffic police generally have fewer urban managers. From time to time, I can still run a red light or something. From the perspective of the company and the driver, it is good to run two more trips faster. In this way, one car can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a night. But the same risks are also greater. This is a bet. Speaking of which, there is another downside to the dump truck. Some drivers will run fast for more pull, some will pull two cars again for faster, they will find a place to dump the mud, not to “fall down”, commonly known as “inverted fly guy”, this will be heavy if you catch it. Penalty. In fact, it was also considered when choosing a pit. The transportation cost of a faraway pit is high, and it is generally not selected. Unless there is no choice, otherwise they will be willing to choose a closer place, usually within 10 kilometers. There are also people who say that the muck trucks are slow to speed up and are unwilling to slow down, and that they deliberately block the number plates and are not afraid of speeding. Muck trucks generally require that the license plate be placed on the front of the vehicle as a striking sign, which can be seen at a glance, and the name of the transportation company must be placed on the windshield. If there is no license plate, these will be fined. . In fact, everyone is just a group of workers who want to support their families. Some friends always take things out of context and are filled with righteous indignation. I just talked about some “hidden rules” here, I did not excuse them, nor did I accuse them. Without the suffering of others, do not talk about other people’s affairs.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Jiangsu adopted a Beidou system last year. Use GPS and in-vehicle monitoring to manage these muck trucks. For example, if a driver smokes while driving a muck truck, he will be fined. For example, if the driver drives for a long time without taking a break, he will be fined. Does this look very formal and advanced? The day after the Beidou system was installed. The muck truck drivers in the group (gaming group, game group friends) brag to me, saying that they bought a shielding device and blocked the Beidou system. . As soon as everyone said today, I was on Taobao. Just search it and find it. . A sigh.

7 months ago

The above answers are all very good analysis, let me add something, such as running a red light: start from standing still to increase speed, start from third gear, fourth gear, fifth gear, sixth gear,,,, to the tenth gear, it takes a lot of oil and Time, it’s all floor oil, the maximum speed is 80 miles, only the clutch is used at the start, and the upshift is based on the ratio of engine speed to vehicle speed. It is also a technical job. For example, running fast: muck trucks usually work at night. At night, there are fewer pedestrians and cars on the road, so you can run faster. Dump trucks generally don’t run far. The drivers are familiar with the surrounding environment. They know the monitoring and not capturing. For example, you can see the one on the track. Not all want to be champions. The bosses make money by the number of cars, race against time, and run fast. In addition, they are now all new types of intelligent muck trucks, which can be remotely controlled, remotely limited speed, the road is one foot high, the magic is high, and the repairman’s skills are also increasing. The muck trucks are equipped with walkie-talkies, and there are dedicated people who drive to explore the road.

7 months ago

Except for the reasons generally believed, I think it is actually mainly because of the psychological factors of bullying the small. Because basically this kind of car collides with other cars, it will not cause any loss, and it will not hinder its own safety. The buses in many cities are also rampant, and there are factors such as bullying and bullying. It seems that the entire traffic law and traffic regulations do not differentiate between the responsibilities of the accident due to the size of the vehicle, which makes the big vehicle even more unscrupulous. Coupled with the profit-driven speed of making money, these problems are indeed prone to appear. The key is to treat different vehicles differently. The law is to ensure fairness, and it should give more rights to the disadvantaged groups, and have more restrictions on the strong groups.

7 months ago

Because there is nothing to fear! I happened to talk with a taxi driver last Saturday about the Wuhan dump truck, also known as the last eight rounds. People who have been to Wuhan should know that Wuhan is rainy in all seasons, and the ground is always wet. The last eight rounds run like this, and it’s on the ground. Ash and water = mud plus Wuhan’s sprinklers have working indicators. Sprinkling water every day is like putting out a fire. After eight rounds of running at night, the ground looks like a mud puddle. The dump truck is insured and backed by the company itself. Of course, it runs like the wind, and there is no fear of hitting people to death. People can afford it! The taxi driver himself asked a dump truck driver, “Isn’t you afraid of killing someone when you run so fast?” XXX! Your own wife didn’t walk on the road, right?”

7 months ago

In the past, I have always felt that the dump trucks and large trucks are rushing to the red light. I don’t like the brakes because of the network, the local snake. But simply speaking of the truck drivers, the dump truck drivers are more workers and poor people. I heard one before. The driver of the muck truck said, why don’t you like to wait for the red light. The two words fuel-consuming big cars, especially the full-loaded big cars, stop together, the fuel consumption is particularly high. Basically, after a red light waits for dozens of dollars, it will be gone. . The money saved by going down to the red light may be the child’s milk powder and tuition. Compared with the one in ten thousand traffic accident, more short-sighted people will tend to the former. But!!! BUT!!! Become a reason for large trucks and muck trucks to drive at red lights at high speed! Difficulty in life is not an excuse to violate the rules. Indifference to the lives of others is absolutely inexcusable!

7 months ago

In reality, these cars seem to run very fast like crazy, and sometimes they run into traffic lights and never see them. Every time I see these cars, I avoid them far, safety first! We ordinary people believe that most of us have also heard such words. When the driver of a large truck sees a pedestrian, he would rather hit the brake than step on the brake. Hearing it is very crippled! So why do dump trucks drive so fast? My personal opinion is as follows, don’t spray if you don’t like it! 1. Business needs. In fact, the dump trucks are used to pull sand, cement, stone and other building materials. They exist like express delivery, so there must be a time limit, so they are like takeaway riders, rushing around and have time control , The natural speed is fast! 2. The performance of the car is strong. Generally, the muck truck is like an off-road vehicle. When it comes to the road that the bridge car does not dare to walk, it will run very fast. Sometimes it can be scary to watch! I always hide far away! The muck truck has a taller chassis, and they are probably not afraid of wiping the bottom, and shake it so fast. Their type of car is specially designed for pulling things and has good performance! 3. Emergency braking is too dangerous. These cars are very fast. If they encounter pedestrians and implement emergency braking, the car will pull too much, and the car will roll over and accidents. Therefore, unless there is a very emergency, it is impossible for them Apply the brakes!

7 months ago

In fact, the phenomena of speeding, overloading, red light running, drunk driving, and fatigue driving are common in muck trucks, and every driver will do every behavior. Speeding is because the driver’s remuneration is settled according to the number of pulls. If you drive quickly, you can pull a few more trips and make more money. Speeding can easily cause traffic accidents. The main management is the responsibility of the traffic police. Overloading is mainly due to the excessive loading of muck on the construction site, because the team boss settles the project according to the price of each square of soil, that is, the more money each truck pulls, the more profitable it is. Overloading is prone to traffic accidents. When an accident occurs, it is difficult for vehicles to brake. At the same time, it is easy to crush the road and reduce the life of the road. The main management is the responsibility of transportation management. On the one hand, running a red light is to increase the speed and pull a few more times. On the other hand, it is because the overloading really cannot stop. Originally, the brakes of the big car need hundreds of meters, and it will not stop after the overload. The main management is the responsibility of transportation management. Fatigue driving and drunk driving are mainly caused by drivers’ long hours of high-intensity labor. It is easy to get tired when working at night. Many drivers rely on smoking and drinking to stay awake. The main management is the responsibility of the traffic police.

7 months ago

Because the insurance is fake insurance, I’m not the one. The traffic police determined that the muck truck was hit by the muck truck while waiting for the red light. Both the driver and the company reported the insurance. I waited for more than a month. The urging has failed many times. According to the insurance policy provided by the other party, the insurance on the muck truck is called Traffic Coordinator, and the call to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission is ignored. I even found that the headquarter of the coordinating company had no effect on calling the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. In the end, I have been urged to resolve it. I investigated that this kind of coordinating company is generally affiliated to the transportation department, management is chaotic, and the payment feels very deductible. It seems to be an insurance company that opened today and closed tomorrow. Facts have proved that the company name and business license are frequently changed. Office location. My car is just a car injury, if someone hurts a huge sum of money, it is likely to be a rogue. Imagine a car driving on the road without responsibility, can it not run into a rampage? It’s already very good if you haven’t opened a gta.

7 months ago

I have been in contact with the construction site for some time due to work, but I learned about this magical unit from the beginning: Why does the earthmoving unit say he is magical? First, it can be called a monopoly industry. Second, can one party cost dozens of dollars? (I thought it didn’t have much money) Although the dump truck, you should not underestimate the industry. Without some resources, you can’t do this business. Analyze why the muck truck drives fast? First, the first task of the muck truck is to pull the soil, and now there are more houses that can be built, and real estate companies pay attention to efficiency, so time requirements are tight. Second, pulling soil will generate dust. Fortunately, suburban areas will be reported when pulling soil in urban areas, so run faster. Third, the muck trucks often pull the soil in the middle of the night, and the ones that drive less often drive faster. Fourth, there is no technical content in pulling the soil, so people are more bold, and of course they drive more fiercely. Fifth, the muck truck is heavy, slow to speed up, and slow to brake, so try not to brake after speeding up.

7 months ago

Dump truck practitioners. After two years of doing it, I don’t run a dump truck anymore. Let’s hide it first. Let’s talk about why you run fast for your wages, because wages are guaranteed plus commission, and some companies’ wage calculations are based on trips. If you don’t run enough trips a month, your wages will shrink by two to three thousand. Some The company will encourage drivers to run faster. If you don’t run too fast, your salary will be low. That’s it. If you run fewer trips, the management will be aggressive. You just want to be fast, you see. Dump trucks speeding, running red lights, going backwards, forcibly changing lanes, adding stoppages, etc., are to save time and pull one more truck, because most dump trucks are short-distance transportation, more than ten kilometers or twenty to thirty kilometers. A little time to come out may make you run more. These problems are not that there is only one city, just I know, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, those first- and second-tier cities that you can name have dump trucks. The traffic police can’t catch it all. The traffic police fines, right? The company pays the fines. The traffic police deducts points, right? The traffic police deducts one point to compensate the driver 300 yuan. The traffic police deducted the points and was downgraded, or once Sexual compensation for the driver is 30,000, or you can take the test again, and the monthly salary will be guaranteed! ! ! The dump truck company is so arrogant! ! As long as the salary calculation method is guaranteed, commissions and trips, it’s all this way of playing. If you run fast, they also know the danger. It would be too much to say that not taking human life as human life. They are also afraid that something will happen. After all, something will happen. The driver also finished, most of the dump truck accidents are caused by running too fast and unable to stop. If I want to say that there is only one way to solve this problem, change the salary calculation method and change all to timekeeping, so they will drive honestly, but the dump truck company that changed to timekeeping killed him and he refused to agree and changed it to timekeeping. The transportation efficiency of the car dropped directly. Originally, it was able to pull six or seven cars a day, but after changing the timing, the driver would pull three cars a day. If you are the owner of the car, you have to scold someone because I think it’s too dangerous and I’m afraid to see too much, so I don’t drive. Dump truck, diverted to drive logistics truck, logistics truck is okay, no matter how fast you run, it’s useless, just pull it once a day, after finishing work, you want to pull the second time but didn’t give it to you, so we These logistics vehicles are driven honestly.

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