On March 9, the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for Governing the Production and Operation of the Incineration of Ming Paper and Ming Coins in accordance with the law organized a special video conference to make comprehensive arrangements for the governance work during the Ching Ming Festival in 2021. The meeting requested that all relevant departments in the city should regard cutting off the source as the top priority of governance according to law, crack down on the source of production, strictly investigate transportation channels, severely punish sales links, and strictly control end-burning, so that there is nowhere to buy Ming paper coins. No paper to burn. Jiang Chuanhai, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. (Harbin Urban Management Bureau)

There is a saying here in Harbin: “Live without filial piety, die without barking”, this is the most annoying and the most boring thing. Some people have a pension when their relatives are there, but don’t spend much. They don’t tell him the true condition of his illness when he is sick. He doesn’t cook what he wants to eat, and the person he wants to see won’t come back for eight lifetimes when he is out of town. , When the people are gone, it’s the caravan, it’s memorials, flowers, and paper-burning. Is it interesting? Does it make sense? Who believes that the thing is not made for living people? Therefore, the city government said that paper burning is not allowed, and it did not encounter much resistance (in fact, this matter has been advocated for several years). Let alone the streets, funeral homes do not burn paper anymore. This in itself is a good thing to change customs, and it can be seen. Harbin is not as unbearable as some people say in areas where industrialization is fully developed and where people’s ideology is advanced. As for some of the respondents below, they are worried that “the tradition will be broken if you don’t let the paper burn”. If so, binding your feet was a tradition for more than 1,000 years, and keeping pigtails has been a tradition for hundreds of years since the Qing army entered the customs. It was just Xinhai that year. During the revolution, didn’t some people have their pigtails cut and went home crying bitterly? Isn’t there also a woman who has bound feet and is forced to let go of her feet? But is this broken tradition good or bad? There are also people who say “what about the merchants who sell the coins”. In this way, what do the merchants who sell candles, matches, tapes, and phonographs think in their hearts? Finally, I will put a “violence theory” here-with the further advancement of China’s industrialization and the further modernization of society, sooner or later modern Chinese will even abandon the purchase of cemeteries, and adopt new types of deep burial, tree burial, sea burial, etc. The methods of funeral and burial will also change further. The departed relatives will inspire the younger generations with their spirits, but they may not become the fetters of the descendants with a physical existence.


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6 months ago

What I mean: burning paper has a fire hazard. It is recommended to develop software to realize “paperless burning”. So I want to talk about the four olds, traditional culture, and feudal superstitions, so I don’t want to talk about it for now. It can be banned, it should be banned. But it has nothing to do with air quality, mainly because of fire hazards. The locals know that the weather during the few days of burning paper is dry and windy, and the burning paper usually burns by the side of the road at night, especially near the crossroads, the environment is open, and the small breeze blows sparks straight out. But burning paper is just needed. Tradition is on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is a sense of ritual to pay homage to loved ones. If you don’t let it burn, you have to find an alternative.

6 months ago

In fact, the number of paper burned in Harbin has dropped significantly in the past decade. The so-called total ban on burning is just a “hands-on” for the overall change in social climate. There will be resistance, but it’s not that big. At the folk level, I remember that when I was a child, when I burned paper, there were burnt circles at road junctions. One circle was connected to another circle, which made people unable to step down. Although there are still many circles on the road on the days of burning paper, both the density and the length of coverage have dropped significantly. In the family, only retired people over the age of 60 will think about burning paper on those special days each year. The backbone of the society hasn’t heard the word “burning paper” for a long time. At the regulatory level, Harbin has been strictly controlling the manufacture, circulation and sales of yellow paper for many years, and the elderly at home also have to spend a lot of trouble when buying burnt paper. Under the high pressure of the urban management and market bureaus, the sale of burnt paper has long since been publicly sold on the street to a pure underground black market transaction model of “nothing on the surface, no goods if you ask, and no selling if you don’t see acquaintances”. It is even rumored that a certain crematorium has dismantled the outdoor furnaces for burning paper, but I haven’t been to that place for half a year since the rumor was born, and I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. In addition, with the increase in the number of cars, the number of roadside parking has inevitably increased, and the potential risk of burning paper on the road is also increasing day by day. I believe that the younger generation will support a total ban on paper burning even if it is purely to protect their cars.

6 months ago

After reading the comments, most of them support the prohibition. In fact, I do not support it. Previously, it was prohibited to set off firecrackers. . Throughout the Spring Festival, to be honest, it doesn’t have that taste. On the contrary, there is a new year in foreign countries. Secondly, burning paper is also a cultural heritage. Why should it be said to be dross? As long as the paper burning location can be regulated, why not? You can specify the location of burning paper, stipulate that you cannot burn too much and other measures, but not everything. I don’t think how to regulate and prohibit it directly. I don’t think it is appropriate. A lot will be lost.

6 months ago

My home is not in Harbin, nor does it burn paper every year. Usually, people in the family dream of death. They will buy a lot of them during the Qingming Festival and the Ghost Festival, and they will go back to their hometown to burn them. If there is nowhere to buy and nowhere to burn in my house in the future, I think we may only buy more now, not afraid of trouble, and burn every year. Digress, what I want to say is that we should find a way to control the amount of burning or let them burn in an iron bucket instead of one size fits all. Because like many people say, if they don’t burn the paper, they feel guilty in their hearts. You have to say that you are not filial when you are alive. What’s the point of doing this after you die. Then I would like to ask you how do you know that people or (wrong type, alive) did not take good filial piety? It may be that some people are not good at being filial when they are alive, but I think this kind of people may not have any initiative to burn paper during the festival! After all, people are not filial in front of them, and look behind them? I also remembered one thing, can people in Harbin buy these things online?

6 months ago

Can we first ban the Western Festival, Christmas, feudal superstition? On Valentine’s Day, corruption and high flower prices led to a subsequent peak in the flow of people and vulgarity. Burning paper, can’t it be burned in an iron bucket? The so-called tradition and culture are originally a sense of ritual that runs counter to the efficiency of production. As long as it is not too against the trend, why bother with one size fits all? You can’t get a certificate to burn paper anymore, you have to use a fire extinguisher to burn it, and buy an iron bucket and a matching fire extinguisher to burn it. The slogan can be changed to buy an iron bucket if you love tradition. You are not willing to buy an iron bucket and talk about love.

6 months ago

There is a tradition of worshipping ancestors in my hometown. When worshiping the ancestors, the children could only stand and watch from a distance. In the past two years, as a young offspring in the clan, I was allowed to follow the eldest brother and learn the etiquette and rules. According to ancestral rules, the first step in worshipping ancestors is to burn yellow. Yellow is yellow paper, thin in quality, and light in gray. It has the value of paper money if it is printed with paper money. The soot can often drift far away due to the updraft generated by wind and flames. This is “giving money” to people in the underworld. The second step is to whip. The flames and sounds of firecrackers have a reminder effect on ancestors and a deterrent effect on lonely souls and wild ghosts. The main purpose of setting off firecrackers is to scare other ghosts when burning paper, not to snatch the paper money that you burned to your ancestors. So when the paper is lit, the firecrackers should sound. The third step is to report and pray. Summarize the profit and loss of the year, pray for the next year, the report is mainly for the parents, and the prayer is for anyone-the ghosts of the ancestors are kind and friendly. Finally, there is a small detail, that is, the paper you brought can not be burned out, you have to leave three sheets, and burn them to the lone soul on the road. Those lone souls are poor ghosts, no destination, no one misses them. Burn them to accumulate yin virtue on the one hand, and dispel evil qi on the other. During the Chinese New Year in the usual years, vendors of all sizes in rural markets always set aside a corner of their stalls to sell yellow tables of firecrackers. This year’s ancestor worship, firecrackers are really difficult to buy. Because of the need to build a civilized city, the scope of the artillery ban has been extended to the suburbs around the city, all specialty stores have been closed for rectification, and mobile vendors have been crowded to the outer edge of the suburbs. We searched from noon to the afternoon, and finally a shop owner took out a five thousand ring from the mezzanine of the container. It’s a little bit smaller, but it’s better than nothing. With this mentality, we came to the ancestral grave. The burning, whiplashing and prayers were carried out step by step. Firecrackers crackled, and in the sound of firecrackers, the ghosts of the ancestors were picking up money and listening to prayers. The sound of firecrackers stopped abruptly, and it stopped very simply. After all, the 5,000-ring whip was still too short. When the sound of the cannon disappeared, there was silent tinnitus in my ears, and I suddenly felt that everything we did was just weakly deceiving ourselves. The movement of changing customs and customs is carried out violently, and actions such as firecrackers and paper burning that are full of feudal superstition and harmful to the environment will one day be banned. What we are trying to maintain is the decency of the last generation of ancestor worshippers. The red tape that I need to remember will ultimately become the soot of history, drifting far away with the wind. So why are we still here? So why are we here every year during the Qingming Festival, the New Year’s Day, the ancestors’ memorial day, and the birthday? We bowed down religiously and raised our head three feet to the gods. We may not be our grandfather or the deity of our grandfather; we kindly comforted and burned the three pieces of yellow paper left behind, regardless of whether he or he or they were How many grievances and hatreds does he have. The grave does not speak, the soul does not speak.

6 months ago

It is clearly not supported. I didn’t understand it before, but since my father passed away, burning paper sacrifices every year has become an indispensable thing in life. I felt that while burning the paper, chatting with my father at the same time, as if he had never left. If it is completely banned, I feel that the connection with my father will be broken. As stated in “Dream Quest”, if a person is remembered, then his soul will not perish in another world. This kind of tradition is deeply rooted, and it is better to rely on sparseness than by blocking. Those who support a total ban on fever probably have no personal experience. To be honest, when I burned paper for my grandma when I was young, I didn’t have such a deep understanding when I burned paper for grandparents. I just thought it was dangerous and polluting. But the feeling of burning paper for dad is different. Since there is such a demand, we must find ways to meet this demand while regulating this demand, such as regulating the location, regulating the time, regulating the tools, for example, you must bring your own brazier, focus on burning paper time before and after Qingming, and prohibit parking at crossroads. , A series of measures such as risk reduction. By banning production, buying online, and relying on supervision, you can burn it in the middle of the night. This problem will naturally be solved when the gradually replacing method emerges and the younger generation no longer adopts this method.

6 months ago

During the Tomb-sweeping period in Northeast China, the wind was very dry. To prevent fires, it is necessary to strictly control the burning of paper. But is it too one-size-fits-all? It should be guided in an orderly manner, such as designating places, strengthening patrols, and giving alternative sacrificial programs and guidelines. Even if you set up an official account, collect it, write a brand name and arrange for someone to burn it in the stove. The burning of paper is partly a custom, partly feudal superstition, and partly a sustenance of grief. I think the culture and emotions should be respected. And is it useful to prohibit the city? Can’t people go out of town to burn?

6 months ago

It is forbidden to produce and operate the burning of Ming paper and Ming coins and strictly control the burning. To ask the government whether it should do this, we must first look at the benefits of doing so. The benefits may be: first, burning Mingzhi may cause fire; second, polluting the environment; third, burning Mingzhi wastes resources; fourth, burning Mingzhi is to change customs; are there any more? Let’s take a look at the benefits of prohibiting the burning of Mingzhi. If a fire occurs, burning of Mingzhi may cause a fire, but the use of electricity will also cause a fire. Should we also prohibit the use of electricity? Burning Mingzhi only a few times a year, it can be said that everyone uses it every day, shouldn’t electricity use be banned? Secondly, it pollutes the environment. In fact, burning Mingzhi is not enough to pollute the environment. Incineration of Mingzhi is increasing. Less, for example, you go there to burn it in a big city; three burning Ming paper wastes resources, everyone does not burn it every day, and it is impossible to increase China’s GDP without burning; four burning Ming paper is a vulgarity, and humans have sacrificed since ancient times. Traditionally, burning Ming paper is only a ritual to pay homage to ancestors. Does that mean that paying homage to ancestors is vulgar? Everyone shouldn’t pay homage to ancestors, or it is possible to pay tribute to ancestors but not burning Ming paper because it will pollute the environment. In fact, this policy is just a political show for those in power. Those in power will not burn the paper because he lives in a city. There is no place to burn it if he wants to burn it in the city. Many of them are cemeteries, and cemeteries have managers who will not catch fire. , And now the people in the city don’t burn Mingzhi because it’s inconvenient. It’s the countryside that burns a lot, so relatively speaking, only a very small number of people burn Mingzhi, and it’s impossible to cause social problems. Why waste government resources to prohibit it? . Is it right that those in power are practicing on such a problem that only really touches a very small number of low-level people, and then package it as a political achievement? The issue of burning Mingzhi can be guided but should not be a policy, because burning Mingzhi is not a matter that will cause social problems. This policy is a show of policy. It has no substantive meaning to social governance and civilized progress. It will only hurt the feelings of a very small number of people who are speechless and have no right to participate in policy making.

6 months ago

The APP promotion of public institutions can make people in the whole system break their legs and talk. Why is this kind of people’s livelihood problem directly prohibited? After all, who is burning the paper? What are you doing burning paper? Really abide by tradition, feudal superstition. Lying in the tomb were our ancestors. Maybe we had very little contact with them, and felt that it was meaningless to burn paper to worship our ancestors. But lying there are the elders of my grandparents’ parents, their guides or companions when they were young. When my grandma was burning paper, she was still chanting some strange things and names. I knew it was just a thought. Therefore, burning paper is not to follow the form, and the form will not burn the paper. The problem is the old people’s thoughts and observance of traditional concepts. They are old. These rules and regulations are the only things they can observe and implement in this world. It is also a kind of spiritual sustenance. China is humane, and the people are reasonable. I don’t believe those old people who still hang Chairman Mao on the wall will not understand. Those adults who have lived for half their lives will resist arbitrarily, but no one will tell them. They waited. It’s just a ban. They understand the difficulties of society. Who understands their hearts?

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