Tang San, the main character of “Unopened Douluo Continent”: It is difficult to live to be six years old, Su Yuntao comes to martial arts awakening, awakening the waste martial soul Blue Silver Grass, with seven or eight levels of spirit power (with the Clear Sky Hammer) . After the plot was the same, when hunting the first spirit ring encountered life threatening, Tang Hao secretly shot. Later, Shrek recruited students, and Tang San abandoned his martial arts spirit and was below level 20. Shrek originally didn’t accept it, but a master and Flander went through the back door to enroll, and then was dismissed by Zao Wou-ki. Then he was specially trained by the master in the academy and became the weakest rookie among the few. Finally, collectively went to Star Dou to hunt down the third spirit ring. At this moment, Tang San didn’t have level 30, and he became the oil bottle among the few people. His only function was to get to know a few more spirit beasts. After that, Xiao Wu left with the Titan, and Tang San met the human face demon spider, pawn. The Shrek team escaped from Star Dou. More than ten years later, Xiao Wu, Cow Python, and Titan became Bibi Dong’s spirit ring. Tang Hao was seriously injured and died, and blue silver grass grew around him after his death. Dai Mubai: After Tang San died, he continued to practice and fight spirits according to the plot. During the period when he went home once, Dai Mubai, who hadn’t smashed the fairy grass, got worse and worse than his elder brother, and completely ineligible to compete. Fearing to be assassinated, he took Zhu Zhuqing to hide in the remote areas of the countryside to practice. Later, before the Wuhun Hall eliminated the Xingluo Empire, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing joined the Wuhun Hall, and became elders after the ninetieth level, and became worshippers after the ninety-fifth level. . Oscar: Life has basically not changed. As the only civilian genius among the Seven Monsters, he fell in love with Ning Rongrong and went out to practice (without the soul master game plot). After the return of the Sixth Ring, the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect was destroyed. Ning Rongrong was seriously injured and escaped. Oscar joined them and then practiced while hiding. After decades, Oscar was promoted to Title Douluo and won the favor of the God of Cookery. Both Oscar and Ning Rongrong became gods. Ma Hongjun: After Shrek and several people left separately, Ma Hongjun practiced in the Arena of Souls alone. As the level increases, the evil fire becomes more and more difficult to suppress. In an enemy confrontation, evil fire broke out, killing multiple opponents, escalating rapidly, and Ma Hongjun became an evil spirit master. The master of Wuhun Palace shot, arrested Ma Hongjun and sent it to the killing city. In the killing capital, Ma Hongjun is like a fish. Not only can he release evil fire at any time, he can’t use spirit skills, but evil fire is the strongest killing weapon. After a large number of killings and releases, Ma Hongjun continues to upgrade quickly, but he has no spirit ring so he has been stuck. Sixty-level threshold. Ma Hongjun, who had already won a hundred victories, was unwilling to leave. Later, the city of killing was unmatched, and the king of killing was forced to drive away Ma Hongjun. On the road to hell, slaying ten heads of fierce sun snakes, Ma Hongjun eats the ancient inner alchemy and washes away the lead, purifies the evil fire, changes his appearance, and becomes the perfect ultimate fire soul master. After coming out of Hell Road, the Wuhun Hall had already unified the mainland and became the Wuhun Empire. Ma Hongjun joined the Wuhun Hall under the persuasion of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. After hunting down the spirit ring accompanied by a master of Wuhun Hall, Ma Hongjun broke Tang Hao’s record and became a titled Douluo when he was less than 30 years old. Become the saint son of the Wuhun Empire, gain the love of Qian Renxue, both cultivate and become gods (angel god, fire god). Wuhun Temple: The Golden Generation won the Soul Master Competition champion without any suspense, and became famous all over the world. Hu Liena doesn’t have a heart demon, so she doesn’t go to the killing city to experience. After absorbing the spirit bone of Xiao Wu’s spirit ring, Bibi Dong’s strength greatly increased. The soul hunting operation ended perfectly, only the head of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect escaped, and the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family destroyed the door. Ten years later, Emperor Tiandou died violently, and Prince Xue Qinghe succeeded to the throne to investigate the cause of the emperor’s death, and executed a large number of old Tiandou forces, including Poison Douluo. After that, Emperor Xueqinghe announced that Tiandou and Wuhundian were merged and called the Wuhun Empire. After more than ten years, the emperor Xue Qinghe died violently, and the position of emperor was temporarily held by passer-by A. Emperor Xingluo had been willing to submit to the Wuhun Empire, but Prince Davis disagreed. He has received a secret report. The Wuhun Empire Peerless Douluo Qiandaoliu and the Super Douluo Golden Crocodile are all dead, and the Super Douluo enshrined in the temple. The guardian Bibi Dong was undergoing the nine trials of Raksha, and the fighting power of the Wuhun Empire was only a few ordinary titled Douluo below level ninety-five. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Davis poisoned Emperor Xingluo to death, wooed Haotianzong, and relied on more than twenty titled Douluo to declare war on the Wuhun Empire. At this moment, the Seven Monsters in the Hall of Souls were born: Angel Douluo Qian Renxue, Fire Phoenix Douluoma Hongjun, Sky Fox Douluo Hu Liena, Moon Blade Douluo Xieyue, Tyrant Douluo Yan, White Tiger Douluo Dai Mubai , Nether Douluo Zhu Zhuqing. Led the army of the Wuhun Empire to destroy the Star Luo Empire in one fell swoop. After that, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, and Ma Hongjun became gods one after another, and Seagod Island declared its surrender to the Wuhun Empire, and the whole world was unified.


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6 months ago

Tang San received the lunch in a thousand ways, and the development of Douluo Continent returned to normal. Wuhundian unified the mainland. There is no three calculations on the mainland, and the internal friction of the soul master no longer occurs. The evil soul master is playing in the mud in the killing city. The number of serious soul masters is rising rapidly. The people live and work in peace and contentment, 100,000-year soul beasts nest in the forest, and financial income has increased significantly. More soul masters appeared. The Hall of Souls provides more subsidies for civilian soul masters, and many soul masters who don’t worry about food and drink need to fulfill their spiritual needs when they are idle, and instead study soul beasts and souls. Wuhundian was very satisfied with the honest soul masters, set up a new unit, integrated research soul masters into the Wuhun Research Institute, and opened the outer gate elder-level reading permissions to the staff. The mainland’s research on Wuhun has gradually become regularized. Occasionally a loud noise came from the Star Dou Great Forest. It was the Queen who went to help them find research materials. What material is comparable to a hundred thousand-year soul beast? Some wealthy soul masters collected ancient soul guides to show their identities, forming a trend. The research on the Soul Guidance Device started from then on… Queen Bibi Dong was worshipped by 80 to 90% of the Soul Master, but this was far from the belief that she became a god. So the queen put the faith collection on ordinary people. The Wuhun Research Institute was renamed the Research Institute, and a new project was added: How to cultivate a Wuhun suitable for farming. Relying on the sub-halls of the Wuhundian that has been built in the township, a large number of new-generation spirit masters will be placed here to experience civilian life. Many young and energetic soul masters encountered true love, and more soul masters appeared among the common people. The research of the academy has been very effective, and it has cultivated soul masters suitable for farming and sent them to various places. Because of gratitude, local civilians called this kind of soul master a druid, and every household had a longevity card of her majesty. The economy has become more developed, and the entertainment industry has begun to rise. People are full of exploration spirit for the unknown. “At the far end of the sea, there is the world’s most exotic gadgets and the most precious knowledge” this legend spreads like wildfire. People are curious about what is at the end of the continent. Some say it is the new world, and some say it is the kingdom of heaven. Some people say it is another continent. Hundreds of years later, someone took out a Soul Guidance Device that was completely different from this continent. Bibi Dong, who had already retreated behind the scenes and only controlled the general direction, was curious. Because she’s tired of playing in this world, where hasn’t she seen it? But the New World has never seen it. The Department of Navigation was newly established in the Wuhun Hall to investigate relevant personnel, led by Title Douluo, and explore separately… It was another few hundred years, news came out, and a new world was discovered! Sun Moon Continent! Sun Moon Continent? The titled Douluo, who had spread the news, relied on the newly produced pager to contact the other Douluo, gathered together, and prepared to give the empress who shined forever a surprise. Carrying a large Soul Guidance Device directly set off fireworks in the hinterland. By the way, steal one-handed research information. Hey, the backward social system that a well-off society has not reached. More knowledge emerged from the Sun Moon Continent. Out of the worship of the Queen Bibi Dong, Bibi Dong believed in becoming a god after a hundred years…

6 months ago

The introduction-the three young masters of the Tang family-Bashu, has always been known as the land of abundance. Among them, the most famous school is Tang Sect. Tangmen is a mysterious place. Many people only know that it is half a mountainside, and the top of the mountain where Tangmen is located has a frightening name—Ghost Sorrow. A stone is thrown from the cliff of Guijianshou, and it takes nineteen seconds to hear the echo from the bottom of the rockfall. It can be seen that its height is precisely because these nineteen seconds are still more than eighteen levels of hell. Hence the name. A young man in gray is standing on the peak of Gui Jian Sorrow. The harsh mountain wind can’t make his body move at all. You can recognize it from the big Tang characters on his chest. He is from the Tang sect. Yi represents the outer disciples of Tang Sect. He is 29 years old this year. He entered the Tang Sect soon after he was born, and ranks third in the generations of the outer disciples. Therefore, the outer disciples called him three young men. Of course, when he reached the inner disciples, he became Tang San. The Tang Sect was divided into internal and external sects since its establishment. The outer sects are all disciples of the surnames or Tang surnames, while the inner sect belongs to the Tang Sect’s direct line and is inherited by the family. At this moment, Tang San had a rich expression on his face, sometimes laughing and crying, but in any case, he couldn’t conceal his inner excitement. Twenty-nine years, since he was picked up by the Outer Sect Elder Tang Lan when he was a baby, the Tang Sect was his home, and the hidden weapons of the Tang Sect were everything to him. Suddenly, Tang San’s expression changed suddenly, but he was relieved soon, and said bitterly to himself: “The one that should come is here after all.” Seventeen figures, seventeen white figures, like a star pill jumping. Generally coming from the mountainside toward the top of the mountain, the youngest of these seventeen figures is over fifty years old, and each one has a solemn expression. The white robe they wear represents the inner door, and the golden figure on the chest The Tang character is the symbol of the elders of Tangmen. The Tangmen Inner Door Presbyterian Church has a total of 17 elders, including the head Mr. Tang Da. At this time, there are also 17 elders climbing. Even the martial arts conference cannot alarm all the Tang Sect elders to dispatch at the same time. You must know that among the Tang Sect elders, the oldest is already more than two Jiazi. The cultivation bases of these Tang Sect elders had all reached the realm, and in the blink of an eye, they had already reached the top of the mountain. When the outer disciples saw the inner door elder, they only had to kneel down to greet him, but at this moment, Tang San did not move. He just quietly watched these dignified elders come to him, blocking all the way, and Behind him, the ghosts are sad. Putting down the three buddha anger Tang Lian, Tang San cast the last reluctant look, and a smile of relief appeared at the corner of his mouth. After all, he succeeded. After 20 years of hard work, he finally completed the pinnacle of the hidden weapon of the Tang family. , The kind of satisfying achievement cannot be described in words. At this moment, Tang San felt that for himself, everything was not important anymore. Whether it was against the rules of the door, whether it was alive or dead, it seemed that they all ended with the three blooming Tang lotuses in front of him. The Buddha was angry with Tang lotus, this The most overbearing hidden weapon in the world was born in his own hands. What could be more exciting than Tang San, who had been immersed in hidden weapons all his life? “I know that the crime of stealing into the inner sect and learning this sect is unforgivable. .But Tang San could swear to the heavens that he would never reveal any of his secret knowledge to the outside world. I said this, not hoping to gain tolerance from the elders, but to tell the elders that Tang San has never forgotten his roots. Not before, and not in the future.” Tang San’s mood was very calm at this time, perhaps, this was the calmest time in his life. Looking at the large quaint courtyard of Tang Sect on the mountainside, and feeling the air belonging to Tang Sect, Tang San’s eyes moistened. Since the day he was sensible, it can be said that he was born for the Tang Sect, and at this time, he should have gone for the Tang Sect again for the pursuit of his life. The elders didn’t speak, and they hadn’t been able to wake up from the appearance of Buddha’s Wrath Tang Lian at this time. Two hundred years, for two hundred years, the Buddha-angered Tang Lian actually appeared in the hands of an outer disciple. What does it mean? This domineering world, even the Tang Sect’s own peerless hidden weapon represents definitely another Tang Sect. A peak is coming. Seeing the elders bowed their heads silently, Tang San smiled happily, “Everything about Tang San was given by the Tang Sect. Regardless of the life or the abilities he possessed, it was given by the Tang Sect. No matter when, Tang Sansheng belonged to the Tang Sect. People, death is the ghost of the Tang Sect. I know that the elders will not allow me to leave the body of an outer disciple who violated the rules of the Tang Sect. In that case, let me become bones in the nature of Bashu. “Tang San’s calm and even a little excited voice finally awakened the elders. When the elders raised their heads to look at him, they saw a layer of milky white air flow from him instantly. “Xuantianbaolu, you even learned the highest internal strength in the Xuantianbaolu?” Mr. Tang Da said in a silent voice. With a bang, when the elders backed back at the same time to prevent any accidents, what they saw was Tang San who was naked. “Tang San smiled. His smile was brilliant. He came naked, and went away naked. The anger of Tang Lian was the last gift Tang San left to the sect. Now, apart from me, I have never taken Tang sect away. Anything, the secret book is under the first brick in my room door. Tang San will return everything to Tang Sect now.” “Hahahahahahaha…” Tang San laughed up to the sky and stepped backwards suddenly. At this moment, the elders of Tang Sect suddenly realized that no one had time to stop him. His body, which was enveloped in white light, rushed toward the ghost in front of him with sorrow like lightning, and his tall and lofty body rose into the air towards the mountain. The clouds and mists in between stepped away. “Wait a minute.” Mr. Tang Da finally reacted. Today, God, at this time, it was too late for him to say anything. The clouds were thick, with dampness, taking away the sunlight and Tang San who had dedicated his life to the Tang Sect and hidden weapons. Time seemed to have stagnated, Mr. Tang Da trembling hands held up the three Tang lotus in front of him, his eyes were moist, “Tang San, Tang San, why are you doing this? You have brought us too many surprises.” …” “Big Brother.” The second elder stepped forward, “Why is this traitor hurt?” Mr. Tang Da’s eyes instantly turned cold, his whole body was very cold, and he stared at the second elder, “Who do you think is a traitor? You see. Have you ever seen a traitor who won’t run away after getting the highest cheat in this school? Have you ever seen a traitor who will die? Have you ever seen a concealed weapon capable of destroying any master in the Tang sect but gave him as the last gift to the Tang sect ? Tang San is not a traitor. He is the best genius in this school for two hundred years. The second elder stayed in a daze, “But, he learned this school secretly…” “Mr. Tang Da interrupted suddenly, “If you can, too. If you make a Buddha-angered Tang Lian, I don’t care what you steal. You are wrong, and I am wrong. Just before, we watched the opportunity of Tang Sect’s glory again slip away from our eyes. When they came up, their expressions were very complicated, feeling sleepy, sad, sighing, and even more regretful. “You don’t need to say anything, send me an order to order all the disciples to dispatch, ghosts and sorrows Next, look for Tang San, to see people in life, and corpses in death. At the same time, from this moment onwards, Tang Sanjin became a disciple of the inner sect. If he is still alive, he will be the only heir to my position as the head. “Yes, the head.” The elders bowed and obeyed at the same time. If Tang San was still on this cliff at this time and could still hear Mr. Tang Da’s words, even if he died, he would definitely be very gratified, his efforts were not in vain after all. However, it all came too late. The ghost sees sorrow, and it takes nineteen seconds to throw a stone, which seems to surpass the existence of eighteen layers of hell, how can it be possible to allow a living person to be released by the clouds and return? Tang San is gone, he has left this forever world. Douluo Continent (End)

6 months ago

This answer is limited to the first part of the original work, not to any other monsters. Tang San’s innate soul power should be his own. Although it started with Blue Silver Grass, he is the Blue Silver Emperor itself, not to mention the Clear Sky Hammer. What exactly did Tang San’s linking with the two spirits, who are both extremely strong in nature, refer to? memory? talent? Family background? diligent? I think his biggest concern is memory, and the children of Tang Hao and Lan Yinhuang from the family background means that the talent and backstage are better than the average person. Without this part, he himself would not be Tang San. Tang San can have no Tang. In the door memory, you can’t meet Xiao Wu, you can’t meet the master early, you can’t enter Shrek, you can’t have the eyes of ice and fire, you can’t inherit the god of the sea god, he might meet Xiao Qi, and you won’t know the master a long time later. Studying in a college that may be quite good, he has another encounter of his own, but as Tang Hao’s child, he cannot go wherever he can be mediocre. This unlinked Tang San may not be able to become a god in his life, perhaps because of martial arts. The Soul Palace dies against each other, but the distance he can walk is definitely higher than most people. Each of the Shrek Seven Devils has the talent and ability to be the protagonist of a novel. Without Tang San, they can make their own way. , Maybe this road will be very difficult, but they can’t really be ineffective and become a waste. The Seven Shrek monsters I like are independent seven people, not a running dog attached to Tang San, who seems to do nothing without the third brother. With the talent of the seven monsters, wouldn’t he be able to become Jiubao Liuli without Tang Sanrongrong? Can’t defeat the evil fire without Tang Sanma Hongjun? Wouldn’t it be impossible to defeat his elder brother without Tang Sandai and Zhu Qing? Without Tang San, Xiao Wu was afraid that she would rise faster, but it might be easy to be found without Acacia Broken Heart. Let alone Xiao Ao, no matter whether Tang San is present or not, he can become a god of the seven monsters. Which one is not the pride of heaven. Tang San just made them upgrade faster and easier. It doesn’t mean that they can’t reach this standard. Every genius has its own story. If Tang San is gone, then maybe Douluo Continent has become like this. The protagonist of the Road to the God of Cookery, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, Douluo, the star of the continent, the new emperor, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, and Douluo, the generation of the evil king, the protagonist, Ma Hongjun, Douluo, the protagonist of the Martial Arts Temple of the mainland, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, Hu Liena, the final martial arts palace Luo, Qian Renxue became a god, the former hall master Bibi Dong became a god, Hu Liena became the new hall master and Tang San, almost 100% would die in the fight against Wuhun Hall, the opponent was too strong to grow up in a short time, Tang Hao can’t protect his Xiao Wu in the later stage. It should be a mortal situation. For a hundred thousand-year soul beast, Wuhundian will not let her. Boss Dai and Zhuqing are also very likely to die. Xingluo and Wuhundian are naturally opposed to Oscar. The position with Ma Hongjun is nothing. There is a great chance of survival. Rong Rong and the Wuhundian are not that big. Ning Fengzhi should not be opposed to the Wuhundian in this situation. Of course, if this refers to If the family background remembers all these things, then there is nothing to say, just an ordinary person, maybe a blacksmith who inherited his father’s work, after all, there is nothing, what else can I say?

6 months ago

If Tang San didn’t open the hanger, he might be killed by the Human Face Demon Spider. It is estimated that the subsequent fights will not win every time, and Xiao Wu can play to the characteristics of her old age and more experience. The following plot will deviate more and more, and the rest of Shrek can’t beat the Five Elements. Tang San is dead, and Shrek’s teacher guesses, at least seriously injured. After all, his only child, even if he is reasonable and just learns the news, will get angry. The ending of Dai Mubai Zhuqing. Tang San is dead, the nightmare may take away Dai Mubai’s life first, after all, Dai Mubai is not a prince, Davis will be very happy and lie down to win. Zhu Qing’s ending is not optimistic, after all, her husband is dead. The negative effects of Ma Hongjunxie and Phoenix rely on Tang San to resolve, and Tang San also relies on Tang San’s line of feelings. He might not be able to meet his own wife, and then he was swallowed by evil fire. Xiao Wu’s situation is better than the previous two, after all, most titled Douluo only appeared behind the fighting spirit. Sword Douluo Bone Douluo would only look for Rongrong, and Xiao Wu could still hide. If Xiao Wu practiced earnestly behind her, Xiao Wu might be confused by the spirit hunting operation in the Spirit Hall. Oscar likes Rongrong, Tang San’s death will not affect the Wuhun Hall behind to attack Liuli Sect, nor will it affect Oscar’s efforts. Therefore, the best ending Oscar will embrace the beauty. Let’s talk about the Wuhun Hall. There is no Tang San in the Wuhun Hall. The later period is particularly smooth, but there is Oscar harassment. After all, the Spirit Hall itself is not clean and tidy, and there are people in the upper three sects who have blood and deep feuds with the Spirit Hall. Anyway, the Spirit Empire would not be peaceful at best, and it would not be able to shake the fact that it was unified behind the Spirit Empire. Oscar will take over Tang San’s task to overthrow the Wuhun Empire. But after all, his distance to become a Title Douluo is still a bit far away. If he can save the avalanche, the instance of Seagod Island can still be put on the agenda. When Oscar came back, the Spirit Empire had already been established, and Oscar would persuade the Clear Sky School to take the descendants of the empire sect to overthrow the Spirit Empire. At this time in the Wuhun Empire, Qian Renxue and Bibi Dong have become gods. The successors of the Wuhun Empire are a bit fascinated. Hu Liena can’t achieve victory alone in the killing capital, and will stay in the killing capital just like Tang Chen. It may happen that there are no successors, and many lords seize power. At this time, Oscar launched an offensive almost at the right time and with everything. After all, people who become gods can’t interfere with the mortal world, and Tang San was awakened by the god of destruction in the legend of the gods. Bibi Dong Qian Renxue is not a double god king. Both of them will fight on their own. They don’t need the god of destruction to check and balance, and it is impossible to be a person who checks and balances destruction. In the face of Tang San’s destruction, he could release the water, and let the thunder and lightning rain a little bit. These two interferences were different, and he could abolish the two of them at any time. So without Tang San, the Wuhun Empire would still not escape being overthrown. Oscar would replace Tang San. In the end, the Shrek Seven Devils will only be left with Oscar Rongrong. Oscar’s talent is real, and it wouldn’t be a big problem to become the God of Cookery without Tang San. However, Rongrong’s situation is not optimistic. Without Tang San, he would not become Jiubao Liuli. However, God of Cookery and Jiucai Goddess are husbands and wives. Jiucai Goddess wants to advance and retreat with her husband. Rongrong still has the possibility of becoming Jiubao Liuli because of God’s favor. existing. If the Nine-Colored Goddess doesn’t want Rongrong, Rongrong may be separated from the Oscar God Fan. After all, the second-level god of Cookery cannot bring family members. Without Tang San, this would be a proper tragedy.

6 months ago

Three lines of Tang in the previous life: the ghost sees sorrow, die. The third line of Tang in the current life: no plug-in, no inherited Clear Sky Hammer, no full soul power, a waste of martial arts, inherited A Yin’s will, as an ordinary person, “living well”, and Tang Hao in the village iron, Tang San, when he reached adulthood, Tang Hao sought revenge from the Wuhun Hall, and died. Tang San learned the truth and entered the Blacksmith’s Union by virtue of his ability to strike iron. Through the president, he was able to recognize the power family and the single-attribute four races to resist the Spirit Hall, and was destroyed by the group. Xiao Wu Xian: Become a human and enter the Douluo Continent, be photographed by a master, and enter Shrek. After the Soul Fighting Contest, due to the lack of a core team, he barely made it to the finals. He was beaten by the Soul Temple team and exposed his identity, pawn. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing line: After entering Shrek, there is no Tang San, no seven Shrek monsters, no adventures, and the gap between them and their brothers and sisters is getting bigger and bigger. In the battle of Wuhun Hall annexing the Tiandou Empire, he died. Oscar and Ning Rongrong line: Oscar developed normally, but the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect was destroyed, and only Ning Rongrong survived. The two worked hard to cultivate and joined the Heaven Dou party with Dai Zhu and annexed the Heaven Dou Empire in the Wuhun Hall. In the battle, died. Ma Hongjun and all the teachers: Enter Shrek, and participate in the competition basically unchanged. After the game, he returned to Shrek to join the teacher group. The master took the lead because of the Wuhun Hall destroyed the family, joined the Tiandou side, and discovered Xueqinghe The clues of the conflict broke out with Poison Douluo and others and the Wuhun Temple, the Golden Triangle was killed, and the rest of the basic regiments were destroyed. Ma Hongjun and a very few lucky teachers escaped, re-established Shrek Academy, and survived. The line between the Star Luo Empire and the Clear Sky Sect: sitting and watching the Spirit Hall annexing Tian Dou, anxious, asked the only remaining Clear Sky Sect for help, and then was pushed back together with Clear Sky Sect. Wuhundian line: remove all the disadvantages caused by Tang San, complete the reunification with smooth wind, and then start internal fighting, Angel School (Qian Renxue) vs. Raksha School (Bibi Dong), Bibi Dong can’t bear to kill a girl, and Qian Renxue After sending off, the mother and daughter were filial and reconciled before Bibi Dong died. Qian Renxue went to the God Realm, and Douluo Continent was renamed Wuhun Continent, finished.

6 months ago

The mainland ended, the last three sects were all destroyed, the two empires were destroyed, the remnants of the empire lurked, waiting for the two gods to rebel after the ascension, Douluo mainland civil strife, waiting for the collision of the sun and moon empires, there is no core combat power, the sun and moon empires dominate the world ps: no Someone really thinks that Bibi Dong has the ability to govern the country. The end of the world: Without Tang San, the chaos in the circle of God, the golden dragon is invincible, sweeping the audience, the soul beast clan finally stood up, long live the dragon god. The original protagonist ending Dai Mubai: Without Tang Sanxiancao, the competition with his elder brother directly failed. Wuhun was abolished, and Zhu Zhuqing was rescued by his own death. Oscar: Falling in love with Rongrong, without Tangsan’s hidden weapon and immortal grass, died in the ice field. Ma Hongjun: Without Tang Sanxian Grass and evil fire accompany him for life, but as one of the best innate martial souls, there is no problem in basic cultivation to level 90. Xiao Wu: Practicing alone, no lovesickness, met a titled Douluo, turned into someone else’s spirit ring Rongrong: Without Tang San’s hidden weapon, Qibao Liuli was wiped out, and escaped by chance, lifelong level 69, bad luck, directly tragic death Zhu Zhuqing : Without Tang Sanxiancao, we failed together with Mubai, and finally lived in seclusion in the remote borders of the empire. Master: Without Tang San, she stayed in the Junior Soul Master Academy for life, waiting for Bibi Dong to find the door after destroying the sect. The two turned against each other or became a winner in life. Tang Hao: Accompany his wife until he is old and dead

6 months ago

First of all, Tang San himself is a plug-in king. In the first round, Tang San was a disciple of the outer sect, which means that his concealed weapon talent was not generally appreciated and favored by the elders of the Tang sect. Furthermore, Tang San stole the inner sect. This stunt is unforgivable, but he has made the “Buddha Rage Tanglian” that no elder master can do. Mr. Tang Da sadly lamented that Tang San was a genius that was rare in a century. And Tang San jumped naked from the cliff, Ghost Moshou, at the height of eighteen layers of hell. Not only did he not die, he accidentally hit another world, Douluo Continent, and it would be understandable if he was reborn, but he was. Rebirth with memory, came to another world with the memory of Tang Sect, made poison to make hidden weapons, and at the beginning of the game, he gave away a wife and a drunkard father who can dominate the world, Haotian Douluo. Encountered Yu Xiaogang, a genius grandmaster, who was delighted to accept him as a disciple and treated each other with sincerity. The Dai Mubai and others he met later also had a deep background, and treated him as a brother without selfish intentions, even Poison Douluo. It can turn enemies into friends, not only that, Tang San also leapfrogged and swallowed soul beasts such as the Human Face Demon Orb, and also performed stunts that the inner disciples such as Rainstorm Pear Flower Needle and Yan Wang Tie couldn’t create. It can be seen how serious Tang San’s plug-ins are. If Tang San didn’t have these plug-ins, the story would of course not be able to progress. Not to mention that Tang San should be caught by the inner disciples of Tang Sect when he travels to another world and learns his stunts. , You must know, the hidden weapon gate Tang Sect defense is quite strict, and the jerkiness is naturally cherished in the most secret and dangerous place. If there were no external plug-ins, it would be impossible for Tang San, the outer disciple, to learn the absurd knowledge secretly. He should be trapped to death by the hidden weapon trap, or be beaten to death by the inner disciple!

6 months ago

Real world chapter: Putting down the three Buddha anger Tang Lian, Tang San cast the last reluctant look, a smile of relief appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Hahahahahaha…” Tang San was naked. Tang San looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, and stepped backwards suddenly. At this moment, the elders of Tang Sect suddenly realized that no one had time to stop him. His body, covered in white light, rushed towards the ghost sight ahead like lightning. Anxious, the tall and high-spirited body rose into the air and walked towards the clouds and mist in the mountains. Tang San finally fell into this abyss, and the Douluo Continent was over. Douluo Continent Chapter: Tang San was lucky enough to come to Douluo Continent. He had no memory of his previous life, and he did not know the Profound Sky Treasure Record and Purple Demon Eye. His father was really a blacksmith, and his mother was not the Blue Silver Emperor. He did not have twin spirits, nor was he born with full spirit power. The whole body is whiteboard, without soul bones. If you don’t meet Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu won’t make sacrifices, and will be with me in the end. At the age of 30, he had cultivated to the fortieth level, and he had not absorbed ten thousand years of spirit ring, his qualifications were mediocre, he could not participate in the spirit master contest, and he had never been to the killing capital, so he was still unknown. Maybe he hasn’t cultivated at level sixty in his entire life, even if he has cultivated to the point where he can absorb it, it is still a black spirit ring. I have never seen a 100,000-year spirit ring in my entire life, a million-year spirit ring, and even Seagod’s Nine Tests. He didn’t have the heart to resist the Hall of Souls in his entire life, maybe he joined the Hall of Souls in the end in order to make a living. Later, the Hall of Spirits and the two empires developed. Many years later, Hall of Spirits ruled the Daluo mainland. The Douluo Continent is over. Finally, Douluo Dalu Animation will soon change its ducks! Hurry up and let my Xiao Wu come back! !

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The routines of online novels. 1. The protagonist is important, the villain or the opponent is more important. The protagonist himself has a growth process, basically resisting external oppression all the way, and there are not many inner stories. Rely on powerful villains to increase emotional investment and speed up the rhythm. 2. The progression of the story group is very regular. Generally, authors of similar works have mastered the basic plot setting methods. Just like playing chess, you can lay out again and again, and then reach the climax. 3. The author is generally proficient in Ran Dian. Just like One Piece can continue for more than ten years. As long as you focus on the protagonist, under the traction of a looming theme, let the characters continue to face new difficulties, start battle after battle, and satisfy readers’ psychological feelings through fierce confrontation, you can make the work successful. From this point of view, the protagonist is inevitable. If you don’t enter this way, you will open the game again and again. The more powerful the opponent is, the more the protagonist is in dire straits, and the more the protagonist opens the game to enhance the sense of substitution. This is also the essence of conflict and suspense.

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A serious analysis, if Tang San had no hidden weapons in the previous life, it would be impossible to pretend to be forced in the early stage, but he would rise in the later stage. After all, he himself was born as the largest plug-in mainland and the youngest titled Douluo, one hundred thousand. The child of the Nian Soul Beast, in reality, is the marriage of a business tycoon and a political tycoon. It is destined to be impossible and ordinary. Therefore, his own twin martial arts can be regarded as a very powerful plug-in, and the hidden weapon itself is limited. Can deal with spirit masters below level 50, those things that can kill Title Douluo, if the early stage is very weak and have not been appreciated by Poison Douluo, it is impossible to enter his eyes of ice and fire, and you will not find the best immortal grass. It’s impossible to do it, but the above problems are limited to the early stage. When he awakens, Lan Yincao can take off directly. After he has cultivated to Title Douluo, he will directly use the hammer for 90 thousand years. He is the strongest below the basic god of the mainland. If you can still go to Seagod Island, it is not impossible to become a god. The ending will not change much.

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