Inevitably, if civilization chooses the right path of evolution, it will inevitably develop infinitely and eventually become one. The question is how to choose the right path of evolution? The correct path of evolution is not to destroy civilization but to allow more evolution. In fact, when a civilization develops to a certain stage, there are always countless choices. These choices will often destroy civilization. It may be at that time, or it may be hundreds of years, tens of thousands of years later. For example, the short story I wrote “The Disappearing Martian Natives”, the civilization of Mars tens of thousands of years ago because of the mismatch between spirituality and technology, which led to the separation of people and war. The civilization was almost destroyed, and the surviving people gave up technology and turned to The complete spiritual civilization was destroyed by the humans who logged on to Mars. The difficulty in the evolution of civilization lies here. Spiritual development must match the level of science and technology so that technology can be used by civilization and side effects can be reduced. At the same time, science and technology must keep up with the development of spirituality and provide the necessary material foundation and safety protection. If you don’t pay attention, civilization will be destroyed by internal or external reasons. In this century, unprecedented advances in science and technology have also put mankind on the brink of civilization retreat or destruction for the first time. Nuclear weapons during the Cold War gave mankind the ability to destroy each other for the first time. The convenience and threats brought about by science and technology existed at the same time. It is a very unlikely event that mankind can safely end the Cold War and let “peace and development” become the mainstream thinking. But the threat of the destruction of civilization still exists. The division of people, religious conflicts, national conflicts, ai rule, etc. are all crises before us. In fact, many civilizations are ultimately on the brink of extinction because they chose the wrong development route, and they can only be changed by going back to the past to find ways, such as the famous Zeta Little Grey. Human beings are more fortunate. There is already a time-space management bureau that manages the timeline. By changing various nodes, humans will try their best to move towards a better future. Therefore, I believe that human beings will advance in the bumps and bumps, and eventually return to the highest consciousness of infinite unity, the highest consciousness that created the universe.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Not necessarily. The title sets “infinite development” as true, and “not going to the depths of the universe” cannot prevent “infinite development”. It’s easy for you to imagine “unlimited development scenarios without going out”: before any manned spacecraft leaves the solar system, super artificial intelligence will come to the world, integrate with all mankind, and turn on the zero-point energy or the conversion of dark energy into energy. Equipment, let the universe collapse toward itself. You can describe this collapse and eternal inflation antagonistic. Human civilization does not need to go anywhere, the total power can always rise. You can also describe that the familiar picture of the universe is just an illusion, there is no depth of the universe at all, the infinite development of human beings creates the world by themselves, so that the earth, which becomes a flat or cylindrical/high-dimensional geometry, extends infinitely. You can also simply ask humans to break the fourth wall and discover that there is another nested illusion outside, repeat the following. This is a tricky method.

6 months ago

If human civilization is not extinct, going to space is inevitable, but in the end it will not be the way in science fiction films. To maintain the survival of flesh and blood outside the earth, the price is too low. The evolution of human beings on the earth for hundreds of thousands of years is dependent on the earth’s environment, but the earth is only a drop in the universe. Carbon-based life can’t even travel billions of light-years, nor can it talk about conquering the universe. It is only possible to abandon the current life form. Judging from the current human science and technology tree, human digitization and virtualization may be the most feasible path. It’s just that this cannot be accepted by the current human society.

6 months ago

If you answer from the perspective of Marx’s philosophy, then this sentence is correct, because Ma Zhe believes that there is nothing in the world that is unknowable, only things that are not yet known. (Actually, this is the consensus of materialism) If you answer from a realistic perspective, then the answer is unknown. Although the answer is shallow, I think it is completely unknown whether there is an end to science and technology. After all, a bird that stays in a closed box, even if it can grow up slowly in one of the safe corners, even if it finally gains a strong power, as long as he is in this box, he will never understand the complete box. The universe is such a box. It is bounded and boundless, the speed of light cannot be surpassed, time cannot flow backwards, and entropy cannot be reduced. This is an absolute truth in this universe, which fundamentally limits the development of human beings. But who knows how far science and technology can reach, just as hundreds of thousands of years ago, ape-man who could just walk upright could not imagine primitive society five thousand years ago, just as primitive society five thousand years ago could not imagine modern society today. Naturally, we modern people cannot imagine the future. Entering the depths of the starry sky has been a dream of mankind. With the first primitive man looking up at the sky, today’s Mars registration is possible. The starry sky is vast and beautiful, how small we are in it, but small we may be the butterfly that gently flutters its wings, bringing great changes to this deadly universe. To use a popular saying long ago, our journey is the sea of ​​stars! If there is a star burial in the future, I must scatter my ashes into the sun, and watch the continuous development of mankind from a distant astronomical unit, and eventually perish with the universe. I am longevity, with you.

6 months ago

Ideal development: 1. Get out of the earth and colonize the solar system. At present, human technology has supported it, and chemical propulsion can be completed, but there is no positive feedback (the effort cannot be proportional to the gain). The ideal minimum method is nuclear fission. Ion propulsion for power generation. 2 Get out of the sun and colonize other star systems. This is a huge gap. In light years, it requires a huge nuclear fusion colonization spacecraft and advanced protective devices to allow the spacecraft to reach a minimum of 1% light speed. During the flight, it is less than a gram of stone. It hits the spacecraft at 1% speed of light, with a kinetic energy of 4500000000J, without any physical means to protect it. Even interstellar dust can scar the spacecraft. It takes more than 400 years to fly to the nearest star at an average speed of 1% of light, and it takes more than 1,000 years to reach 10 light-years. It can be said that backward intelligent creatures like humans are not suitable for survival in space for generations. Humans need to upgrade themselves. There are two options: 1 upgrade the body, with a lifespan of thousands of years, 2 digitize itself, primitive humans live in the solar system, scan the body particle level to model the brain before death, and wait for the body to die. Upload the nuclear fusion spacecraft’s host computer to rebirth and turn on the spacecraft to fly to other stars. Relying on constantly getting supplies from different stars, human civilization can fill the second cantilever of the Milky Way. 3. The difficulty of colonization across the cantilever has increased. The density of stars between the cantilevers has decreased. The nuclear fusion spacecraft needs to span 100-1000 light years without replenishment, that is, a 1% light-speed spacecraft has to fly for 10,000 to 100,000 years, and the machine will not be broken. ? At this time, antimatter may be needed as an energy source to obtain enough energy to support the long voyage, and the spacecraft must have the function of a replicator, which constantly replicates broken parts during the flight to support the long journey. 4 Transgalactic colonization of Andromeda is 2.2 million light-years away from the Milky Way, and it takes 2.2 million years for light to reach it. It takes 22 million years for a 10% light-speed spacecraft and 220 million years for a 1% light-speed spacecraft, and there is no supply or supply in the middle. , Without any supplies. This means that nuclear fusion spacecraft and antimatter spacecraft cannot cross the river system. It is long enough for interstellar dust to slow down your spacecraft. Any precision equipment will not last tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years. Even if you use replicator technology, Without supply energy, it will not last for millions of years. Perhaps in the future, the curvature spacecraft technology can be solved, and the super-light speed can be obtained through warped space, but the energy required to simulate the warped space of large-mass stars must be huge, and it is not desirable that the low-light speed spacecraft can reach the specified speed and turn off the propulsion engine. Keeping the power on to keep flying faster than light speed is definitely a big energy-eater. Therefore, this technology cannot achieve inter-system flight. Get the advanced version of the curvature spacecraft, Stargate technology. With the same principle, the long distance can be reached through the door by distorting the space. This kind of technology requires energy and absolutely must be burnt with stars. Open the door once and burn several or even hundreds of stars. 5 The distance across galaxy clusters is in billions of light years. Good guys, light flight takes X billion years. The farther the space is folded, the more energy it consumes, and it rises exponentially. There is no way for the star gates. I can’t think of any way at present. Being able to cross such a long distance, perhaps accelerate the star to 10% the speed of light, and then hide in the star’s dormancy, let it go slowly.

6 months ago

The meaning of civilization is to seek certainty for survival. Development can increase certainty. When the certainty of survival is great, development will stagnate. So civilization is inherently introverted. This has been happening throughout history. From the retreat of the Qing Dynasty to the building of walls in the United States, from the invulnerability of the Boxers to the role of masks for disputes in Europe and the United States. From the first landing on the moon during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, to the slowing down of spaceflight after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. From the disappeared ethnic groups on Easter Island to the primitive tribes still living on the isolated islands of India and Australia. And the Fermi paradox. The survival of civilization has to face both internal and external uncertainties. The internal uncertainty is caused by the diversity of people. However, if the information source is the same, the decision must be the same; if the decision is different, the information source must be different. However, due to the physiological differences between individuals, even if the external information sources are the same, the differences in internal information sources may also lead to subtle differences in decision-making. This is the fundamental source of uncertainty within human civilization. And through virtual reality>consciousness upload>consciousness fusion, human civilization becomes a single individual civilization, the information source is the same, so the decision-making is consistent, and the internal uncertainty is resolved. And the external uncertainty is endless.

6 months ago

What if human beings possess the ability of interstellar navigation, but find that their weak body is not enough to support interstellar navigation? If humans have a spacecraft that can navigate by stars, and find that some kind of energy is sufficient to support interstellar navigation, they find that humans can only travel at the speed of light at most with the ability of human bodies to carry out space transitions. So according to the current situation, Excluding hibernation and other methods, a person’s farthest voyage is basically within a hundred light years. Are mechanical transformations or consciousness uploading to computers still considered humans? What’s the point of living like humans without their primitive desires? Give you a big steel JB or draw one with code? Humans travel at the speed of light. Compared to the entire universe, it is no different from stepping in place. How long does it take to step into the depths of the universe? So I think, not to talk about the development of human civilization, the flesh of human beings must be strong if they want to enter the universe. Not to mention that everyone is a superman. At least they must be able to survive in outer space. In the earth environment, ordinary people can fall with their heads. Isn’t it funny to talk about conquering the universe, driving an exploration spacecraft and strayed into the original planet, and being beaten to death by a horse monkey with a wooden stick?

6 months ago

This statement of the depths of the universe is inappropriate. The universe is the result of the interaction between expansion forces and free forces to form a rotational movement. Without rotational movement, there would be no particles. The universe originated from chaos, and chaos is the free energy of chaos in time and space. Free movement leads to a large accumulation, which causes free energy to become heat energy and expansion force. Reaching a certain limit triggers a big explosion and big expansion. The expansion force drives the free energy to expand and rotate, supporting a four-dimensional space-time material world. The rotating motion creates particles, atoms, stars, galaxies. Then chaotic matter manipulates particles to form a micro system is quantum, and manipulates molecules to form a system is life. There are two barriers blocking the field of vision of science, causing science not to recognize the existence of chaotic matter. Think of the world of chaotic matter as the depths of the universe. In fact, chaotic matter is everywhere and everywhere. Behind the phenomenon of quantum entanglement and the phenomenon of uncertainty is chaotic matter at work. The spirituality of life is the manifestation of the multidimensional space-time properties of chaotic matter. The telepathy between people is similar to quantum entanglement, which is caused by the properties of chaotic matter. There are two barriers that lead to blind spots in scientific research. A language barrier blocks the field of vision of theoretical physics, and a magnetoelectric barrier blocks the field of vision of experimental physics! Free energy is a whole, without gaps, and cannot be deeply understood by abstract thinking. There will be blind spots in theoretical physics. Free energy is formless matter without magnetoelectric properties, and experimental physics cannot determine that it does not recognize its existence. For detailed discussion, please see my “Basic Principles of Macroscopic Physics” and “Systematic Logical Thinking”. The former is available on Amazon overseas, and the latter is available online with the original books of Unity Publishing House. Leave a mailbox to send you the electronic version.

6 months ago

If we put aside all external and internal factors, I think it is inevitable. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the earth itself is in the depths of the universe. But if you consider more, the development of science and technology will bring about inevitable, and with the continuous development of human history, the ethical, moral, class, ideological, and even war are caused by human beings. The internal self-destruction of human beings, or just like the countless kinds of external disasters conjectured by countless sci-fi works and illusion hypotheses, has promoted the destruction and rebirth of human civilization. Yes, new life, I don’t think that human civilization can be completely destroyed by a certain disaster, just as in a large number of science fiction works, human beings always leave a fire of hope. Finally, take some private goods. Before the cyberpunk fire, many discussions on the core of cyberpunk culture and ideology have been mentioned by more and more people. (Although the heat is almost cool now.) I have seen some people say that this is an inevitable stage of the development of human civilization, and it is the throes of civilization development. In other words, this is the final form of the development of capitalist society. I don’t think this is an inevitable stage of the development of human civilization. At this stage, overcapacity is inevitable. In capitalist society, a classic example is pouring milk. In communist society, overcapacity can be transferred to this part of production capacity. Excess products are transferred to those in need. With the continuous development of civilization, this part of excess capacity will become larger and larger, and eventually can satisfy everyone in society. Then, humans will not need to bounce for food and clothing, but only need to meet their own needs. Higher spiritual needs. This is utopia. What is called the final form of capitalism, as I said, there is continuous excess capacity, and because there are no jobs, the people at the bottom cannot afford to consume it, and the middle class cannot absorb so much excess capacity at all. There is no need for capitalists because they almost see it as waste paper everywhere—money, which makes the people at the bottom become a bomb that is suppressed all the time. At that time, the capitalist society will still repeat the previous step, eventually reaching the same goal by different routes. Of course, this is just my personal opinion. Cyberpunk has long been out of enthusiasm. I thought about it at the time, but I didn’t say it. I will talk about it when I encounter science fiction problems today. Thank you everyone for watching. One of my dreamy salted fish. Slipped away.

6 months ago

Ultimately, it should be a super human, a combination of human thought code and AI. Because conquering the universe requires expeditions, and the physical body consumes the most energy. If human thoughts are turned into code and stored on the hard disk, it will be more environmentally friendly. You don’t need to consider diseases and food and clothing. When you arrive on a new colonized planet, you can put the code into a new machine. In the prosthetic body, you can complete the colonization of this new planet. Through 3D printing technology, complete the construction of the infrastructure of the colonized planet. After the planet is transformed into an environment suitable for human living, you can transfer your own code to the new planet through cloning technology. The human body can complete the reproduction of human genes on other planets. In this way, human beings can expand infinitely, unless they encounter a more advanced civilization. I seriously suspect that Musk is doing this. He has several companies, which are engaged in the login Mars, AI, brain-computer interface, new energy, 3D printing and other industries. These industries are infinitely close to the technology of colonizing aliens at the end of their development. .

6 months ago

I have always had a guess, or a feeling. There seems to be some kind of guidance in this underworld; the bees use the delicate hexagons to construct the neat patterns of spider webs, and the surprisingly tough coral insects do not lazily “time”… logically speaking, this should be What advanced intelligent creatures do, then, who gave them these skills? Why are they born without wisdom? Is this instinctive behavior too superb? Perhaps trillions of trials and errors have allowed these low-level creatures to master special skills, and imprint these skills in their genes to pass them on from generation to generation, which is like a kind of innate mental seal. Life is much more magical than mythological ghosts. Perhaps the birth of many kinds of life is like a random lottery. Suddenly one day, the first prize is won, and the intelligent life is born. Perhaps, the intelligent life is originally created by the universe “independently” and has its original mission. And its “seal of thought” is the curiosity and infinite exploration of science… To be honest, I didn’t want to write this before. When I write, I forget what I wanted to write and think of something else to replace it. There is a problem [face cover], the comment area reminds me what I want to write, I just copied it directly. I think everything in the universe is slowly disappearing, even the sun will be exhausted and become a white dwarf like a candlelight, and eventually turn into a black hole. In the end, the universe will not have a ray of light, and the universe will fall into eternity. The darkness and icy silence, the “universe will die” and the birth of life is magical, the endless pursuit of science by human beings is actually a process of confronting “entropy increase”, and the disappearance of all things is a process of entropy increase. The entropy reduction pursued by intelligent life is exactly the opposite of the entropy increase of the universe. It makes me feel that intelligent life is born with a mission to save the universe. Perhaps the universe is alive, living with an existence that we cannot understand. At the moment of death, try to light up the sparks of life to illuminate yourself. Whenever you look up at the universe in the middle of the night, the universe is blinking at you, as if saying: “Come on, baby, I’ll rely on you.” Unfortunately, human beings are so small that they can’t even count as candlelights. Higher-level civilizations are doing “more meaningful things” or perhaps the birth of intelligent life is a misjudgment of “cosmic will”, but it has accelerated the death of the universe…[Thinking]

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