On March 22, Alibaba Cloud Disk announced today that it officially launched a public beta. This is the first personal cloud product officially launched by Alibaba Cloud after 12 years of self-developed intelligent storage and global accelerated cloud network technology. Alibaba Cloud said that no matter whether users pay or not, there will be no speed limit in the future. According to previous internal test users, Aliyun disk uploads and downloads are “unlimited”, and 5G download speeds are 50-100MB/sec.

In fact, free things are the most expensive in the end. When he was competing with eBay, he also said that Taobao will always be free. Later, when eBay closed down, Mr. Ma played a trick to get rid of the cicadas and created a paid Tmall. Then you stayed on Taobao and wanted to continue to prostitute. Sorry, you can’t get traffic without the through train. How many businesses are forced to spend a lot of investment every month to make through trains. Ali is not doing charity. This huge hardware cost and traffic cost must be transformed into profit in the end. Now use huge space to attract users. When you upload precious photos, videos, e-books, etc., you will become a lamb to be slaughtered. At that time, Ali has 100 ways to call you Dad. Of course, Ali’s pattern may be larger than that of Baidu, and it will come up with a charging scheme that everyone can accept. For example, 1TB costs 100 yuan a year, but keep the free option, but free users must first watch 20 seconds of ads when downloading videos. Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, also said last year: “Alibaba Cloud is not a web disk product, but a personal cloud. Alibaba Cloud’s dream and vision is not just a web disk.” In other words, Alibaba Cloud Disk’s ambition is more than just a web disk. A few photos of you, a few gigabytes of video, they want to use this special C-side service to drive Ali’s cloud service, but the current vision is still unclear. Hopefully, Ali can be a little prosperous this time. Don’t just stare at the photos and beautiful videos on my plate.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The more fierce competition brings more benefits to consumers, the more they dominate the market a few years ago, so he can do whatever he wants with users. In the past two years, both Xunlei and Ali have begun to get involved in the cloud disk field. Baidu’s disregard will only lead to a sudden increase in the number of new users. It’s still hard to shake for old users. After all, the resources of several Ts are quite troublesome to carry, especially on the premise that I don’t open a membership of 20kb/s. Even if I open a member, the speed of Baidu Cloud can reach 30MB/s or more. It will directly tell you that the download failed, and some of the successfully downloaded resources will be damaged. I believe that with competitors, these problems can be solved. Remind in the comment area that the improper wording has been modified

7 months ago

A little older car friends still remember the king in the navigation field. It used to be that many Kaylide cars were pre-installed with Kaylide before they left the factory and then regularly charged for updates. They made a lot of money in 2013. When Kaylide was launched on the market, Baidu Maps and Gao Both German Maps announced that they are free. For Baidu and Ali, navigation charges are far less profitable than building an ecosystem. So until now, AutoNavi is free, but the customer traffic that AutoNavi brings to Ali will ultimately lead to profits. Much more than the charge. Back to the cloud disk. For Alibaba Cloud, many of the resources of enterprise users were idle. At the beginning of the 2020 epidemic, Dingding was once paralyzed due to the rapid increase in online courses, and then quickly expanded tens of thousands of units. Servers These servers require several buildings under light installation, and these resources are not permanently occupied once they are occupied. They will also release the countless enterprise resources deployed on Alibaba Cloud. Rather than being idle, it is better to use them for individual customers to collect some customers legally by the way. The information is collected and summarized by customer data, and then contributes to the entire Alibaba system to create greater profits. That is to say, the views of other respondents are different (they believe that Aliyun disk will fool users in first, and then charge later), In my opinion, it is fundamentally different from Baidu’s weak ecosystem. If Ali’s personal cloud can eventually become a good drainage method for the Alibaba system, the possibility of forming a complete ecosystem like AutoNavi is still quite large.

7 months ago

Yesterday was the day when the “Alibaba Cloud Disk” was officially tested. I tried it. Now I will tell everyone about the experience: 1. Speed ​​(1) Upload: 1.5M/s to 2M/s (under Unicom 4G network) ( 2) Download: 1.6M/s to 4.6M/s (maximum 6M/s) 2. Various file storage conditions (1) Video: ①Non-AV works can be played online, and the experience is better; ②AV works will “disappear after uploading” “: Take the IPX-633 I uploaded as an example. The original file size is 4.95G. After uploading, it will become more than 3 points and it may not be found after uploading. (2) Pictures: ①Non-AV photos and non-nude pictures can be displayed normally. ②AV photos, large-scale, and nudity pictures may be harmonized. ③The photo, large-scale, and nudity pictures can be made into compressed packages that can be uploaded and saved. (3) Document files: upload and download experience is the best. Third, advantages and disadvantages. “Alibaba Cloud Disk” has obvious advantages and disadvantages. In the case of non-members, it can achieve “unlimited speed”, but the space is small, and the initial space is 100G , The capacity can be expanded through follow-up activities, and the space for capacity expansion is considerable. 4. Summary At this stage, it is not recommended to use “Alibaba Cloud Disk” as a substitute for dial or 115. In addition, let me say one more thing: 115, always drop God! !

7 months ago

Very good, there is a new player. There is currently no speed limit. As a selling point, it is estimated that free users will be able to maintain a relatively high speed benchmark in the future. But ah, it has always been free and not feasible. Alibaba Cloud needs to be profitable. It can rely on the needs of the entire Taobao department to make many ways to use it. At the same time, how do you feel embarrassed to spray the speed of Baidu Cloud if you have not paid for Baidu Cloud? After all, with a cost of more than one billion a year, companies are not doing charity. The ten-year storage moat is not afraid of short-term Ali challenges. In fact, there is also a low-key big player, Tianyiyun, who has a good experience, large space, and not much speed limit. Because he is a telecommunications provider and a basic service provider, for Baidu’s high bandwidth costs, telecommunications’ own internal use costs are extremely compressed. I have never played Baidu.

7 months ago

Let’s talk about the conclusion first, no. I guess, like Nut Cloud, there is no speed limit and traffic limit. Essentially, things that are free, no matter the speed limit or the limit, are correct, and they are all to prevent abuse. One channel is used by 100 people, and it is enough for normal use. However, if there is one person who downloads T, the other 99 people cannot use it normally. At this time, who are these 99 people complaining about? Baidu is based on this speed limit, the nut is, Ali will be. Why isn’t Tianyi? This is a basic service provider, and current users can’t touch its network limit. Baidu is shameless, but in the cloud disk area, I’m a prostitute, so I don’t have the face to spray him. It is recommended that Alibaba charge according to the traffic, which is the strength of Alibaba Cloud’s billing capability. Predicted charging standards: free 10G downlink and 5G uplink every month, and the free capacity upper limit is 100G. The traffic charge is 5 cents 1G both upstream and downstream. The monthly rent of capacity is 5 yuan 50G. Irregular vip, super vip, super annual fee vip, super annual fee vip in p in p.

7 months ago

This involves the specific thinking of Ali making this product. Naturally, from the perspective of cloud disk users, the fluency of uploading and downloading is currently a major core pain point. In the past, the product side did not know this, but chose to compromise after more than ten years of market exploration: As a commercial product, no matter what, the huge cost of bandwidth and storage was there. If the Aliyun disk team wants to take a new path and stick to the unlimited speed, the investment of resources is definitely indispensable. So, why does Alibaba Cloud Disk insist on “unlimited speed”? The answer given by Qi Junyuan, the person in charge of Alibaba Cloud Disk Products, is: It is difficult to develop a single model of traditional online disks. Qi Junyuan admits that if you only operate according to the traditional business model of online storage, it is “really too expensive.” How to find another way? The feedback from users in the internal test phase verified the idea of ​​the Alibaba Cloud Disk team: after ensuring the user’s most basic experience with unlimited speed, more gameplay methods emerged. Slogan of the Alibaba Cloud Disk team is called “Your Digital World”. It is undeniable that at this time node, the physical world is intersecting more deeply with the digital world. With the continuous evolution of digital transformation, more and more data is stored in the cloud, and more and more user behaviors will also occur in the cloud. Just like today, you may be accustomed to using online collaborative documents to replace word for text editing. If digital content is at your fingertips, and there is no long wait for uploading and downloading, whether cloud-based image and video collaborative creation will become normal? This is contrary to the business model centered on speed limitation. In fact, the medium for storing information has been changing throughout the history of mankind, and the purpose of change is mostly for faster sharing and utilization. With distributed storage, the transmission speed is several kilobytes and tens of kilobytes, which is unreasonable. In this way, unlimited speed can be said to be a ticket to enter the digital world and create more possibilities in it. This is why, during the internal testing phase of Alibaba Cloud Disk, the first launch of the album function that can synchronize images with one click. Qi Junyuan also further revealed that the next step will be to launch a collaborative module that is not only based on text. In the next 5 years, we will look at the growth of cloud disks in this way: First, we think that users will really put content in. It may be shared by others or created by themselves. And we think there will be more creative elements. Second, we believe that cloud disks will move from personal consumption to multi-person consumption scenarios, such as home and work scenarios. In fact, from the composition of the main R&D members of Alibaba Cloud Disk, you can also get a glimpse of its future personal cloud layout: not only smart storage, but also mobile collaboration, cloud network, visual intelligence… the storage and transmission of digital assets, It’s just the first step taken by Alibaba Cloud Disk and even “Personal Cloud”. As for the revenue model, it is too early to discuss how commercialization will be possible for the Alibaba Cloud Disk that has just been publicly tested. What is basically certain is that if there is no restriction on speed, then it is space charging, and further, explore the paid applications for home, work and other scenarios. At present, the free space provided by Alibaba Cloud Disk is quite considerable (early internal beta users now have a lot of 3, 4T space), and there are more activities during the open beta. If you are a closed beta user, the 1T space previously sent is unlimited. If the model of Alibaba Cloud Disk works, it will open a new path for the development of personal cloud, and expand the possibility of to C for the cloud-based digital ecosystem. And this development vision also points to a true and digital era that is no longer limited by data storage and transmission. So Qi Junyuan also said: “In the past, there were a lot of pitfalls in the industry, but we were very excited to do this.”

7 months ago

Under the premise that the speed is not limited, the operating cost of Alibaba’s network disk is likely to be much higher than that of Baidu’s network disk. The flag I set up, I have to walk down on my knees. DingTalk, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has file upload and download functions that are not limited in actual use, and large file transfers can basically reach full speed. Ali should assign the same file server to the two software, and it will be a matter of time before the data can communicate. Under this premise, will free users use DingTalk to bypass the future speed limit and charging strategy of Ali Netdisk? Tencent has QQ and Weiyun, a chat service, and a web storage service. QQ members have always been ten yuan, and now they are also pushing 20 yuan super members. From the very beginning, Weiyun members only had ten dollars, and they became super members with 30 dollars. QQ can send Weiyun files directly. I have opened a membership for both. I am not sure about the specific experience of free users. It seems that the file size is limited? It can satisfy the vast majority of users within 1G, anyway, it is much better than the rubbish of WeChat. When Alibaba explained DingTalk’s profit model, he said that based on the slogan “Let the world have no difficult business”, basic functions don’t need money. In fact, the basic functions can really meet the needs of the vast majority of users, and there are almost no personal krypton points. As for the krypton gold points for enterprises, one is to sell the total storage space of all internal groups of the organization, and the other is to sell the number of Ding phone messages, mainly because these two are more used. Then you can reasonably doubt that the Dingding project is more likely to burn money. Now let’s have another online disk service, and set the flag…Be prepared for long-term burns. Therefore, I think that if Ali Netdisk wants to be a second Baidu Netdisk, the charging items should be very restrained. Of course, if Ali feels that he can continue to burn money to play and still balance his expenses, then I didn’t say it, the above content is all nonsense.

7 months ago

Free is the most expensive (no need to say it three times). Look at Baidu’s original and today. It is not limited to online disks and search costs are always passed on. Unlimited speed is now unlimited speed. Now it feels fast because users are less attracted to users regardless of the cost. What’s more, the history of shared bicycles is no different. The rice bucket is so big. One bucket is supplied a day and it is gone. The original computer room is selling bandwidth, independent 10M a year, independent 100M, how much a year, sharing 100M, how much a year, how much is now in the cloud era, Independent bandwidth is just a threshold. Traffic billing is the most terrifying, so charging is bound to throw your data on the network disk. It is best to see when the user agreement is not to be transmitted. After the local data is gone, when you are ready to download, cry and open the membership. It’s easy to go to the local area, and found that the data is redundant and can’t be opened~ I didn’t want to answer at first, but after @王之葵托利’s answer, I was pointed and cursed by a bunch of white prostitutes. Can’t be said to be free? Didn’t you say that you can’t be a master, I turned around and asked my ex-colleagues if they Ali had a nickname called “No.” (⊙_◎) I said that Ali shameless is that Taobao merchants only give 1G traffic albums, in fact, it was quite big before. Anyway, I didn’t say the upper limit, but later it became smaller. In fact, 1G can’t sell many products. I personally like that you clearly mark the price of the booth fee. Don’t come for the free meal package, package A, package B…Come on, blackmail each other, are you also a teacher? I don’t need to be free. If you don’t like it, you don’t care about it. I don’t block the Internet if you love it. It’s not because it’s free, but because it’s fast. We support stepped price increases. We don’t support explosive price increases. Is it free? Will promote social progress. Do you know that Little Red Riding Hood, a volunteer at the train station, is paid? Do you know that their salary may be higher than yours? Do you know that being a volunteer requires a relationship? Cloud disks have little technical content and innovation. I am more optimistic about the faster development of IP v6. In this way, private cloud disk owners or visitors with sharing permissions can browse data in the NAS at high speed anytime, anywhere. I think it’s a better model for big guys like @平虎 who rely on photography to feed on. However, on the one hand, it also needs to be filed. For example, you cannot use this illegally to spread obscene and illegal information. But it may not be necessary. For example, digital fingerprint information will be added to the shared resources, which can be traced.

7 months ago

I went to register an account, initially sent 100G of space and then logged in with my mobile phone, there was a welfare agency, which released three small tasks to do separately, and I could redeem some expansion codes to smoothly expand to 600G of space. Try it first, the only thing is that there is no PC version yet, so there are still some shortcomings in the office, and it can only be used on mobile phones or tablets. After the PC version comes out, I will use it in depth

7 months ago

The future promised by any online disk company cannot be trusted. Whether it is a large company or a small company at home and abroad. It is not important not to put pressure on Baidu’s network disk. The important thing is that in the near future, a group of people will mistakenly believe that the network disk can replace local disk storage, so they will put their own or company’s important information on these network disks. As a result, the speed limit of the network disk charges VIP download fees, or deletes various users’ data in the name of infringement and piracy, and even brings various security and privacy risks to users. How many years have not passed since the Internet Disk War? Many people have forgotten what happened here? Does it mean that the memory of netizens is only 7 seconds like the legendary goldfish? Even if a certain online disk company does have a conscience and morality, and they are indeed determined to provide convenient, safe and reliable online disk services to netizens, they will be forced to change their original plans or terminate due to various pressures in all aspects of social life. The original service. Any network disk is extremely unreliable compared to local storage systems. Even the local storage system will be damaged due to uncertain reasons such as war and geological disasters in the future, but disasters can be avoided by doing enough backups. The only thing that determines the reliability of your important data is how much you invest in it and yours. Economic strength. Unless the earth or even larger systems are destroyed, as long as you do multiple backups or even remote disaster recovery backups, your important data is highly resistant to risk and damage. Here is a simple prediction for several years in the future. After many years, you are welcome to use facts to verify or make a face: Many companies now put their servers on the cloud in order to save operation and maintenance costs. In a few years, companies will surely suffer as a result.

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