This year marks the 40th anniversary of the birth of Gundam. “Mobile Suit Gundam” has been popular since it was released in 1979. Among them, “Mobile Suit Gundam 0079” and “Space Battleship Yamato” and “Evangelion” (EVA) are even more popular. It is also known as the three major milestones of Japanese science fiction animation, and many derivatives such as gunpla and mobile phone customization were born.

The movie “Number One Player” even quoted the original Gundam rx-78-2, which made many fans scream crazy. Some fans bluntly said that if you are a man, you would Kai Zaku. For you, which is the Gundam work that impressed you the most ? why?

What impressed me the most by Old Gundam was “0080” and “08MS”. No matter how profound Tomino’s works are, I still can’t accept a group of riddlers to perform affectionately there. And these two OVAs at least make me feel that the characters are normal people who can communicate. Not to mention 0080, all aspects of quality are very high, and the intention is top-notch. In 08MS, although the plot development is a bit routine, the role modeling is very brilliant. Like his shameless adjutant and bohemian general, he is obviously a role model for routines, but he has made a very three-dimensional role. Such a level is rarely seen in other Gundam works. The most impressive new work is “Thunder Universe”. Tomino’s Gundam animation is very good at showing the tragic results of war, but it is extremely outrageous for the crazy side of war. The character behavior logic cannot convince the public, and the explanation is useless. After the explanation, it only turns from a mental patient to a riddler. Thunder Universe is the only Gundam animation that I have seen that correctly expresses the crazy side of war. Every character has a reasonable performance in the process of going crazy, so that the audience can empathize across the screen, instead of thinking that the character’s brain has something. disease. The pinnacle of the Thunder universe is the first one, and the following plots are all in the comics, and the shortcomings of the comics are precisely the advantages of the first one. The position of the characters has undergone a major change, but the transition becomes very illogical. This manga author is very bad at portraying human emotions, and writes a lot of neuroses like Tomino. Perhaps this defect can be corrected after changing to animation.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

A lyricist named Jing Dilin.
He also performed well in fighter first Saffinger, sage fighter Danbyin, and OVERMAN, and has a good relationship with composers such as Akira Senju, Koichi Tanaka, and Koichi Sugiyama.
In his later years, he came to China many times to give lectures and was a kind monk.

6 months ago

It’s a pity that no one wrote 0080. I saw that many of the answers were basically stalking. Compared to the old works, the funny stalks are more pleasant to see. If you have seen 0080, the most impressive picture is the picture of nt1 and Zaku hugging together. Compared with other Gundam works, the main characters appearing in 0080 seem to have no nt qualifications, so the Tomino-style brainwave naked chat is missing in the animation. If Tomino uses the characteristics of nt to tell that even if humans have the ability to see each other’s psychology, it is difficult to understand each other, then 0080 is about two ordinary people who pursue mutual understanding, but kill each other because of war. It is also these two people who have no nt qualifications and cannot perceive each other’s identity in advance, which makes people feel how powerless ordinary people are in the face of war. Even if you really fight for your own justice, you may still hurt those you care about. In the final ending, the old principal gave some old-fashioned anti-war speeches, and only Al cried, which was also the finishing touch. To be honest, I have heard this kind of speech many times, but without exception, the left ear enters the right ear out, because I feel that the war is too far away from me. Perhaps the screenwriter just wanted to use Al’s emotional expression to tell us to fear war and cherish the existing peace. src=”https://pic4.zh Finally, I will talk about the most beautiful picture that I think is the most beautiful picture, that is, Zagu is looking at the surrounding scene with Al. Not to mention Zagu, I think there are few such shots of Gundam supporting people. Yes, this kind of tranquility that was originally a murder weapon but perfectly integrated into the natural environment is truly unparalleled.

6 months ago

What impressed me the most was the back of Xia, who was sitting on the bench and wiping away her tears after seeing Harman. UC Gundam never said Gundam, and even the character who played the most games may not be the core character. UC Gundam basically connects different people and different things through the mainline characters to form a lifelike era, which makes you deeply touched by the powerlessness in front of fate, but still fights, making you feel that only everyone is doing well. , Be kind and use language instead of violence, so that everyone can escape the cruel fate. In this era, Xia Ya is a living person, prestigious, ideal, ambitious, strong leadership, sensitive in heart, somewhat autistic, out of NT, arrogant…

6 months ago

I feel that starting from “Thunder Territory Battlefront”, it is a bit to push the series transformation to a literary style… It has a taste of black humor.
The lyrical song “Brother VS Jazz Uncle, Disabled Keen Soldier VS Junior Federation Recruits, this Thunder universe portrays a more deformed battlefield, which is completely different from the “tragic” of “Z Gundam”.
So, I might like this one more.

6 months ago

Although “Top Player” is not a Gundam series work, it must have a name! When I saw Daito yell “Transformed Gundam Form” and changed from a Japanese samurai to the original Gundam RX-78-2, I yelled woc in the cinema… It was really shocking! Although the transformation time is very short (more than 30 seconds is still a minute, which burned a huge amount of money), I was addicted to this Gundam, so I used it for the second time.

6 months ago

Speaking of it, when I didn’t watch Gundam before, I knew the various Gundam stems from “Detective Conan” first. Let’s go back to “Thunder Cosmos”, maybe because “Thunder Cosmos” and the original Gundam have different protagonist lineups mainly from “children”, so I like it better? The characters who appear on the stage are biased towards adults, the so-called “Gundam for adults”. The theme is “True War” and another element JAZZ that is indispensable in the play. It is positioned at a high age. After all, the first wave of people who watched Gundam were about to become grandpas (manually funny)? There are also many adult-oriented scenes such as kissing and smoking.

6 months ago

To make a digression, the original Gundam of “Player One” originally reserved Ultraman’s character. The original scene was Steel Godzilla vs. Ultraman (the first generation). Later, the copyright was not settled and it was replaced by Gundam. When I watched Overwatch cg that day, I had a vision of Gundam in an instant, and then Genji came out with a gilded wow Curry. play. The one who impressed me the most is the various drivers. . . . Ace vs. Ace is a man’s romance, isn’t it? Aside from NT and various factors, I only recognize the UC series trump cards: Kaduo (Solomon’s nightmare), Uraki Hiroshi (phantom strike king), Yazan (face the strongest NT Camus, Char, Shangri-La team can survive After the Gripps Battle and the First Neo Zeon War) SEED only recognizes: Mu, the only natural person in the early stage of non-adjusters who can use wire-controlled weapons to attack in all directions W does not discuss, there are too many gods X do not discuss, god Too many sticks TA body factor is too high

6 months ago

I like “Heirs of the Stars”, “Lovers”, and “The Beating of Stars Is Love”. Everyone has different preferences. Some people like archeology, so I will go to see some earlier works. Some people like passionate ones. Feeling, so I will go to see more content-rich works, and I, a young girl, have an unspeakable love for idol plots. This is the reason why I like them. The general term “toward the unknown” is “our science fiction.” “Inherit the stars” (“inherit the stars”, our SF is back, was released on Baidu Encyclopedia in 2005. It is the first part of the new theatrical trilogy of “Gundam Z” and the opening story of the “Gundam Z” story. It depicts the transfer of the two generations of NT, Amuro and Char meet again and begin to cooperate. It is the best box office in the trilogy. The main content is actually Camus, Char, and Amuro. Humans are fighting side by side. What is eye-catching is the endless emergence of new mobile suits. What makes people excited is the magnificent war scene, and what makes tears bounce in the eyes is the love story of life and death.

6 months ago

Although the various works are very good, but the iron blood is particularly good. A closer look will reveal that Gang Ma’s script is actually pretty good, and the logic of the destiny of the Tiehua Group is basically self-consistent. The story tells about a group of children who resisted the oppression of adults and started to do their own business, wanting to achieve prosperity and wealth in their own way (what freedom does not exist, what people want is to get rich). The opportunity that appeared before them at this time was the eldest lady who wanted to promote the liberalization of Mars, but she had no power, and no one wanted to take her to Earth. But this is a good (famous) opportunity for the Tiehua Group. After all, the aroma of wine is also afraid of the deep alleys. No one knows if there is any ability. How can this business be done? So they started a journey of cooperation. On the road, I met the eldest brother (the existence of the eldest brother is a real tool man who helps Olga at all costs, which is actually very weird) and successfully hugs Tabernas’ thigh. In fact, at this time, the Tiehua Group can completely abandon the eldest lady and Tabers, so that it can be GE, but the plot will not unfold. So they went on to the earth and fought against the brother-in-law and others several times. On the other hand, McGillis also took the opportunity to get involved (at this time, the nature of his foreign powers and middle-hands has not been exposed), and finally the Tiehua Group successfully completed the mission and began to become famous. However, the first season has already laid the groundwork for the demise of the Tiehua regiment. Fat Biscuit has already started to doubt the suitability of Tiehua Group’s path several times (of course it’s not correct or not, but whether this road to wealth is too radical). When Olga was persuaded by Biscuit to prepare for further negotiations, the biscuit hanged. Up. It was found that Olga was deeply self-blaming one by one, and a crazy idea emerged in his mind: there was no time to detour, so many sacrifices had to be made, and he had to take a big step to reach the sky! But Olga is not a fool. He knows that this is wrong, and that one mistake may be irreparable, so he is lost. As a result, San Riyue found Olga and beat him, forcing Olga to take everyone to the train leading to the crematorium to advance at full speed. Since then, the Tiehua Group has achieved perfect autism, and everyone happily goes on the road to destruction. It has been a few years since the beginning of the second season. The famous Tiehua Group, relying on these fame and the resources of Tabers (and of course the quiet support behind McKeeris), the business is getting more and more prosperous. However, several things happened. One is that the second boss of Tubbins began to worry about his future position as the boss, so he began to hate the big brother and the Tiehua regiment, and the other was the funny melee of the Earth Division of the Tiehua regiment. Maybe Gangma wanted to talk about the truth not to hand over the fate to others casually, but the description was really funny, and the Tiehua Group finally gave the fate to the unreliable person McGillis. This chapter can be said to be abusing Zhaohong again, this sad tool man who has only been abused and roared and revenge from beginning to end. After the end, with the MA chapter on one side, the Tiehua Group also began to play the collusion between officials and businessmen, and began to cooperate with McGillis. It is indeed McGillis who is in charge of Martian affairs, and with a wave of his big hand, he has covered a large area of ​​mine for Tiehua Tuan. If McGillis didn’t want to rebel, life after the Tiehua Group would definitely become more and more popular. Leaning against the big tree is good for the coolness, the highest officials of the Earth circle + Mars are all in collusion with them, will they be less for eating and drinking in the future? As a result, MA appeared, and San Riyue was completely disabled. But this is not important anymore. The important thing is that when the Tiehua Group colluded with McGeeris, in the eyes of the world, they were McGeeris’ horses (important). In the future, McGeeris will be unlucky, and they will also Don’t even think about running. On the other hand, Kuzan Gong, the backstage of the second head of Tabernas, began to help Ma Zai get ahead. He framed his eldest brother for smuggling gun nails, but at this time the eldest brother just played and disappeared. This wave of mystery operations can be said to have played the big brother to death. He could have waited for the boss to find Rastal (yes, the boss of Tabers’ collusion was Rastal) to settle the matter, but his disappearance can be said to be a good excuse for Kuzan . It was originally a gangster, and officers and soldiers who went out to suppress a bandit were afraid that they would become unknown. So the eldest brother died. Olga still listened to the words of his elder brother, without impulse, but the next move that the second master thought was to play assassination, forcing Olga to come forward. As a result, Lavda died in the toy store, and the pistol won the MVP. The extremely angry Olga cuts off the relationship with Tubbins, and will kill the second master at all costs. As a result, people died, but Olga also lost almost all resources. Business cannot be done, so according to the one-step method decided in the first season, there is only one way: follow McGillis to rebel. As a result, everyone knew that McGillis and the Tiehua regiment were hung and beaten and fled in embarrassment. Olga only now thought of cutting up with McGillis, and thinking of going back incognito. But since the Tiehua Group has done so many things, will Rastar let them go? As a result, the rest of the Tiehua regiment could escape, but the base itself, as well as the two gangsters Sanriyue Olga, had to be killed. Who told them to be McGillis’s horses. The speculative revolution is so cruel, it’s impossible to take advantage of all the benefits, and want to run away if something goes wrong. But the cause of Olga’s death was so sloppy. The surveillance subordinates of the arms dealers who supported the eldest saw Olga and killed him without authorization. In other words, the arms dealer himself did not want Olga’s life at all. The gang boss and legend Olga died on the spot so unexplainedly. Before his death, he even pretended to be such a big and inexplicable B. It was really full of entertainment. effect. The arms dealer boss was also killed by Ryder. I personally think he is really miserable. Look at McGillis and Sanriyue. McGillis played a special attack, thinking that he could completely destroy the strongest Arian Rhodes fleet by driving Baal alone. Puff, when you are a unicorn, do you freeze the entire screen with a wave of your big hand? And as the battle intensified, McKeeris’s crazy nature finally revealed, but it was a pity that he couldn’t even beat his brother-in-law. Well, sad McGillis, in the first season he smashed his hard-core ally brother-in-law, and in the second season he took Baal to force the palace, but he actually gave the other Seven Star families food and drink, and said no to them. Power. It is extremely mentally retarded. If he understands even a little bit of politics, the result will be very different. McGillis, who was dying on the verge of death, still thought he could come back, dragging his badly wounded body in an attempt to shoot Rastal, but in the end, he shot his brother-in-law and collapsed. In fact, if he did not die, he would not die according to the law of not being sentenced to a doctor. So, no zuo no die. Ground: Sanriyue lost Olga, and even the butterfly girl retreats to lose her nails. After all, San Riyue only cares about killing or burying it. When it comes to minds, the whole regiment, except for the deputy head Eugene, is basically thrown to Olga. Olga has been entangled in front of him, even if he can be comforted by the members, he may not go to extremes. It’s a pity not. Everyone feels at ease and kills together. So I ate the nails. Zhaohong was about to give up waiting for his death, but when he heard Kuzan’s voice, he started another round and the last round, being abused, and then roaring and revenge. On the side of Sanriyue, okay, be the first…puff. The other team members kept their names incognito, and when they saw Rastal later, the other party didn’t plan to do anything to them. After all, San Riyue and Olga, the symbol of the Tiehua regiment, have been confirmed dead, and the rest will be honest. Even retaliatory social elements like Ryder are at best venting their anger on small people like arms dealers. The real boss Rastar, he doesn’t and doesn’t want to move. Therefore, the logic of the Tiehua Group is basically the same. Olga is somewhat savvy and has doubts about his own path several times, but after two seasons of operation, he finally walked towards the path of Showa Japanese demise. Therefore, after seeing Jagged, you still have to think more, and make a fortune by muffled voice.

6 months ago

It’s so much! I love “seed” so much. I bought a lot of mechas and thought it was really cool (of course, I still think it’s very handsome now), so my friends and I basically spent all the New Year’s money on this. (Manually funny) And now that I really think this series is very deep in retrospect, at that time I started to discuss the impact of genetic technology on society, and then the relationship between technology abuse and war, and so on. I didn’t really understand it when I was a child, but my dad was sure of the depth of Gundam back then. Let’s take a look at it. So this is the only animation that can get my dad’s full support and provide funds to buy the body.

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