Most cats rarely eat or like foods like fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables can cause some toxic damage to cats, such as green onions and grapes. According to the American Small Animal Association, almost 90% of fruits and vegetables have varying degrees of toxicity or side effects to kittens, and they may basically cause diarrhea and vomiting, and may even be poisoned by long-term use. Some cats may eat fruit, but it must be appropriate. The sugar in the fruit has a higher concentration for the cat’s gastrointestinal tract. Eating a small amount has a beneficial effect. Excessive consumption may cause the cat’s gastrointestinal discomfort, causing diarrhea or vomiting. The fruits that cats can eat are watermelon, cantaloupe, banana, apple, strawberry and so on. It is particularly important to note that cats cannot eat grapes, which can easily cause kidney failure in cats. Persimmons should not be eaten either, which may cause intestinal obstruction in cats. At the same time, it is not allowed to feed the fruit pit, so as not to block the gastrointestinal tract or cause poisoning. The fruits that cats cannot eat 1, grapes, grapes, raisins, blackcurrants, etc., contain unknown toxins. Even a small amount may cause cats to repeatedly vomit and eventually kidney failure. However, some cats can prevent the harm of grapes. For the sake of safety, don’t feed them grapes. 2. Persimmon Persimmon seeds contain substances that can cause intestinal obstruction and enteritis in cats. 3. The seeds of peaches, plums, cherries, and apricots all contain the toxic substance cyanide, which can cause cats to vomit, intestinal obstruction, and breathing difficulties. 4. The high potassium content of carambola carambola can cause acute renal failure in cats. 5. Avocado Avocado, also known as avocado. Among them, toxins can cause cats to have digestive problems, breathing difficulties, high fevers, etc. A large amount of avocado consumption can cause cats to die. The avocado ingredient contained in cat food refers to the “extracted beneficial oily ingredient”. This ingredient is non-toxic and beneficial to the cat’s hair and liver. So don’t be mistaken for thinking that cat food contains avocado ingredients, and cats can eat avocados. 6. Citrus, oranges, grapefruits, lemons and citrus are all acidic fruits, which can stimulate the cat’s stomach. If cats are exposed to or consume citrus orange oil for a long time, it is easy to cause cat cell necrosis, vomiting, and even death. The above quotes are from the Internet, but according to the individual differences of each cat, allergens are different, so it is generally recommended that cats minimize their intake of fruits and vegetables. In fact, when the owner chooses cat food, he prefers cat food with an appropriate amount of vitamins. There is no need to supplement the cat with fruits and vegetables. If cats particularly like to eat certain fruits and vegetables, they can be given in moderation if it is safe. Cats are completely carnivorous animals. They need more protein than humans and dogs. They cannot get all the necessary nutrients from plants, such as taurine. They need to be obtained from some animal tissues, so they are raising cats. At times, it is recommended to feed mainly pet food, such as cat food, canned cat food, and freeze-dried food. Finally, I still want to tell cat friends to try not to give cats human food, because human food is too high in fat and salt for cats, which can easily damage the cat’s internal organs, and in severe cases can lead to chronic failure of related organs. In addition, there are some foods that people eat that may be potentially toxic to cats, but there is little known about them. For the cat’s health, it is recommended not to feed a variety of people’s food to the cat, so as not to cause unnecessary consequences.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Fruit is not a common food for cats.

Cats are carnivores and their intestines are shorter than those of omnivores and herbivores. This short digestive tract is characteristic of animals whose main food is meat.

The cat’s diet requires a lot of protein, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin A and vitamin B and other nutrients.

But just don’t need the two major nutrients rich in fruits-vitamin C and fiber.
Cats do not need additional vitamin C supplementation, they can synthesize by themselves, and they can meet the body’s needs in close proximity to the meat they ingest. Moreover, cats lack the enzymes that can digest cellulose, so if they consume too much, it will burden their digestive tract and affect the absorption of other nutrients. So eating fruit is really good for cats. Most cats also don’t have a cold with fruits, and fruits are not in his recipes. Theoretically, fruits contain natural sugars. If cats have too much sugar in their diet, they will get diabetes. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed fruit to cats.

6 months ago

Cats can eat fruits, but there are some fruits that cats cannot eat, such as grapes, persimmons, starfruits, avocados and so on. It is recommended to check before feeding the cat with fruit. And even the apples, blueberries, strawberries and other fruits that cats can eat, they can only be eaten in moderation, not overeating to prevent pets from diarrhea. 9.9 Yuan Quantitative Quick Grab Area: Cat Bar Nutrition Cat Food Recommendation: Chong Dasheng Classic Series Tmall/Taobao: Chong Dasheng Flagship Store

6 months ago

Yes, but some can be eaten, and some can not eat fruits that cats can eat: durian, watermelon, apple, papaya, blueberry, strawberry durian: rich in protein and lipids, with high nutritional value. Watermelon: can help cats to replenish moisture, cool and relieve heat. Apple: It is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and nutrients necessary for the cat’s body, but be aware that the apple core is harmful to the cat. Papaya: It contains a variety of enzymes and dietary fiber, which has a miraculous effect on the metabolism of cats. Strawberries, blueberries: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, moderate feeding is beneficial. Fruits that cats can’t eat: Grapes: Grapes contain a lot of sugar, which can cause cats to vomit and kidney failure.

6 months ago

Cats may not like to eat, they can eat, it is harmful and unhelpful, and the range of fruits is too large, and different fruits cause different harm. For example, if you put a small piece of apple in its mouth, it will not cause any harm to it if it is eaten. Because cats rarely eat these things, there are few related studies. Dogs and cats can’t give them fruit (thank you for your attention to our previous account CHPS, we have officially registered the agency number, and continue to promote pet knowledge and diseases. I hope you can continue to pay attention to our new articles and new knowledge. To learn more about pet life and disease problems, you can send me a private message at any time, or browse my introduction, follow our article and contact us. Beijing veterinarians will have real-time online consultation, track changes in the condition every day, and will help you analyze previous tests single.)

6 months ago

Cats can eat certain fruits. Although cats are pure carnivores, fruit cats such as apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon without seeds are all edible and can be used as a supplement to their daily diet. But before eating, you need to cut the fruit into small pieces as much as possible to make it easy for cats to digest. But there are some fruits that cats can’t eat. The typical ones are grapes and raisins. Cats and dogs can’t eat them, which can lead to kidney failure. In addition, citrus fruits are also toxic to cats.

6 months ago

Cats can eat certain fruits. Although cats are pure carnivores, fruit cats such as apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon without seeds are all edible and can be used as a supplement to their daily diet. But before eating, you need to cut the fruit into small pieces as much as possible to make it easy for cats to digest. But there are some fruits that cats can’t eat. The typical ones are grapes and raisins. Cats and dogs can’t eat them, which can lead to kidney failure. In addition, citrus fruits are also toxic to cats.

6 months ago

Cats can eat some fruits, but not all fruits can be eaten. After all, cats are carnivores. Feeding some fruits to cats may cause problems. However, cats themselves have relatively small demand for fruits, so if you really If you want to feed your cat with fruit, you must figure out which fruit is not edible, and you cannot feed it casually. I know the fruits that cannot be eaten are: grapes, persimmons, avocados and others, you can check it out

6 months ago

After raising a cat, the shit shovel officers are learning every day. The purpose of learning is to make the cat a healthier life. For example, after raising a cat, it is best not to have lilies or chrysanthemums at home, because these two kinds of flowers will To cause harm to the cat, for example, not to eat raisins, chocolate, etc. for the cat. But have you noticed that we are often avoiding what we can’t give to cats, and we evade to the end, as if we can’t give cats to cats except for cat food. So today let’s talk about which fruits cats can eat in our lives. And after eating it, it will be beneficial to the cat! You may not think of durian. For cats, durian is the fruit with the highest nutritional value. Cats are pure carnivorous animals. They have a very high demand for protein. According to statistics, cats have 6 times as much protein requirements as dogs (meat). There are abundant proteins in the class). Durian is very rich in protein, so durian is the most suitable fruit for cats. In addition, the lipids, vitamins, and minerals in durian are very suitable for cats. But wanting to eat durian for cats is not an easy task. Judging from the actual situation in life, less than 20% of cats are willing to take the initiative to eat durian, because the smell of durian is too stinky for cats. Apples Apples are the most common fruit in life, so if your cat likes to eat apples, you can give it some. Apples are rich in protein and fat, as well as crude fiber, and even various trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc., as well as vitamin B and vitamin C necessary for the cat’s body. The most important thing is that the crude fiber in apples can help cats regulate their intestines and stomach and promote digestion! However, it should be noted that apple cores are harmful to cats. If you want to eat apples for cats, just give them to eat the pulp. Do not let cats eat apple cores. Watermelon Some cats like to eat watermelon very much. This is actually a good thing, especially for cats who do not like to drink water. Watermelon is rich in nutrients and a lot of water. Cats eating watermelon can not only absorb nutrients, but also help them replenish water. Especially in summer when it is hot, it is a very good choice for cats to eat watermelon appropriately.

6 months ago

I have never fed my cats fruit, and they are not interested in fruit. My Xiaoqi loves sweets, such as biscuits and bread. She will ask for biscuits and bread as long as I eat them, and they will never stop eating, and will not eat more. I will stop eating after two or three bites. Although it is said that cats are not good at eating sweets, it’s okay to eat a little less occasionally. I also Baidu a lot of fruits, such as grapes, persimmons, carambola, avocado, citrus, etc., which seriously affect the cat’s health and are fatal.

6 months ago

It is edible. Although cats are carnivorous animals, it is impossible to eat meat completely. They will eat other things to balance their diet. Cats, including other things, need several foods to balance their diet. Just say how much to eat. This amount should be controlled well. For those who are not familiar with it, but it is to eat. If you feed the cat, it is best to feed a little at the beginning. This is limited to what people can eat. Feed the cat.

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