Recently, Mr. Fan and his wife in Chongqing were busy at work, so they hired a nanny to take care of their 40-day-old daughter. In order to be able to see the children, they installed a camera at home. On the 17th, Mr. Fan’s wife missed her daughter, so she turned on the camera between work, and what she saw was unacceptable! Mr. Fan’s wife said: “The nanny has been shaking her, and she kept throwing the child up and slapping her.” Then, Mr. Fan called the police. The reporter learned that Ms. Wang has been punished by administrative detention of Shuanglong Police Station in Yubei District for 15 days and a fine of 500 yuan. After a hospital examination, Mr. Fan’s daughter is currently in no abnormal condition and is not in serious condition for the time being.

Some people are bad in nature, bad to their bones. In the domestic service industry, how to define and select qualified or even excellent babysitters is a must for the entire industry. It is not a person who can come out to do housekeeping after a few days of training, especially for infant care and those who can’t. As far as the elderly group is moving around. In the video, the babysitter’s behavior towards babies who have just been born for several tens of days can be called “evil deeds.” This is because there is video surveillance, and parents only know about this. Otherwise, it is unimaginable. In addition, this is in a room with video. If it is in another room, it will be scary to think about it. It is recommended to implement a list integrity system for the housekeeping industry, to permanently enter the blacklist for those who are full of abuses, and to network with the local integrity system to increase punishment. I hope that the child will not leave any trauma. Parents also need to take the child to check the whole body, especially the head. Why is it not intentional injury but administrative detention? One point here is the criterion of injury. From the currently known information and the hospital’s diagnosis, there is no evidence to prove that the babysitter caused more than minor injuries to the child. Based on this, the police adopted corresponding punitive measures. According to Article 43 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law,” anyone who assaults another person or intentionally injures the body of another person shall be detained for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days, and shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, Impose a detention for less than five days or a fine of less than 500 yuan. In any of the following situations, detention for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, and a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 1,000 yuan: (1) Assaults or hurts others in a group; (2) Beats or hurts the disabled, pregnant women, Those who are under the age of fourteen or those who are over sixty; (3) Assaulting or injuring others multiple times or assaulting or injuring multiple people at once. In addition, we have also discovered that some colleges and vocational colleges now offer home economics majors, and pass the grades and also grant a law degree. Is there any irony? Let’s not talk about it. I want to know whether the issuance of this degree focuses on studying or Quality or morality? I think that for the housekeeping industry, a unified assessment of comprehensive quality and learning is needed, including family and past work and behavior surveys.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Nanny abuses babies, nanny abuses children, and nursing home staff frequently abuse elders. I feel that it is necessary to strictly manage the problem of nanny abuse of the elderly and children. Nursing home staff abuses the elders. 15 days of imprisonment and a fine of 500 yuan will not prevent the babysitter from coming out. Afterwards, the harm will continue, and the tragedy will continue to occur. A very severe measure needs to be introduced. Once the nanny is found to be abusive, the nanny needs to refund the full amount, and the nanny must not engage in nanny work for at least five years, and in serious cases, must not engage in nanny work for life; Those who are banned from engaging in nanny work due to abusive behavior need to be publicized and monitored by the mass media. Once the crime is reported, the employer has the right not to pay the nanny fee; only the strict legal deterrence allows those who are unkind to know the unkindness. What is the serious consequence? Only when you have real awe in your heart can you fundamentally eliminate criminal behavior; (It is recommended that all places where there is a nanny install a camera, and then not only monitor it by yourself, but also submit it to a professional third-party platform to be responsible for monitoring and management)

8 months ago

1. The nanny is only detained for 15 days, is it the top punishment? This is because Article 260 of the Criminal Law stipulates: “Anyone who abuses a family member and the circumstances are bad will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, or surveillance of not more than two years. If the victim is seriously injured or killed, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than two years but not more than seven years.” The crime of abuse is The only object of violation in the criminal law is the charge of “family members”. With the development of society, hiring a nanny is becoming more and more common. For dual-career families, the nanny spends more time at home than the parents of the child. Whether the nanny is a family member is open to question. The Criminal Law stipulates that if the circumstances of the crime are significant and minor, the harm is not great, it is not considered a crime. So this babysitter certainly does not constitute a crime and is not criminally liable, but! It does not mean that the child abuser does not bear any legal responsibility. Infant abuse that does not cause obvious damage to the child can be reported to the public security organ in accordance with Article 43 of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law. This article stipulates that “whoever assaults another person or intentionally injures another person’s body shall be punished for more than five days. Detained for less than 10 days and fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are minor, detained for not more than 5 days or fined not more than 500 yuan.” The public security organs did deal with it in accordance with the law, and you can go to the hospital for injury appraisal. Dad Bao is very calm, like it! If it is my estimate. In the previous news, there was a babysitter who abused the baby. Dad Bao beat the babysitter and ended up in prison because of deliberate injury, so he advised Dad to take it out of his mind. In addition to inspecting injuries, Bao Mom and Dad could also file a lawsuit for damages in accordance with the Tort Liability Law. According to Article 4 of the Tort Liability Law, “Where the infringer should bear administrative or criminal liability for the same act does not affect the legal liability for tort.” While investigating the criminal or administrative liability of the abuser, it does not affect the simultaneous filing of civil damages. Compensation litigation. According to Article 15 of the Tort Liability Law, “the main ways to bear tort liability are: (1) stop the infringement; (2) remove the obstruction; (3) eliminate the danger; (4) return the property; (5) restore the original state; (6) ) Compensation for losses; (7) Compensation and apology; (8) Elimination of influence and restoration of reputation. “Nanny is at least one, six or seven. 2. We are not short of nanny, we are short of good nanny.
The nanny market is mixed, and a good nanny can’t find a reasonable criterion. Finding a good nanny is like scratching a lottery ticket.
Otherwise, why don’t Bao Mom and Dad in the news go to the nanny market to look for them, but the mother of a former colleague?
Because of the irregularities in the market, because of the uneven quality of the employees,
Because the housekeeping service industry has risen, the housekeeping service law has not kept up.
The law is the lowest moral requirement for people,
Our country is constantly improving the law, hoping to improve the law faster.
It is a pity that no sanctions have been made this time.

8 months ago

Does this babysitter have no children herself, or other people in the family have no children, how can she bear with her heart to treat a 40-day-old baby like this? If you think the salary is not good, you can talk about what it means to treat a baby like this, and is there still humanity? Every baby is born in the palm of the family. This nanny treats a baby who can’t talk. Babies are simply perverted in their hearts. I’m really curious about how her qualification certificate came from. Also, babysitter violence issues frequently. Why is the qualification certificate so easy to obtain? What they have to face is more inconvenience or inability to express. For the elderly, as well as people like babies, why not add mental health assessments to exclude people with psychological problems, or the industry’s lack of supervision and lax management? The next question is whether such a punishment is too light, a painless punishment, detained for fifteen days and a fine of 500 yuan, can other regulations be used for punishment, such a punishment is too deterrent for such people Small, the restraint force is too small, not enough to make them feel scared.

8 months ago

The baby’s brain is not well developed. So when it is shaken strongly, the brain tissue is easily hit. As a result, blood vessels tear and brain nerve fibers are damaged. This symptom is called shaking baby syndrome. The sequelae include headache, dizziness, memory loss, and intelligence impact. In severe cases, a large number of microfilament vessels burst in the brain, causing massive bleeding in the brain, which can lead to paralysis or even death. The older generation coaxes their children and likes to dangle them constantly. They feel that the child will fall asleep after shaking. This is actually not quite right. You think the child is asleep, but the child is fainted by the shaking. Huhu. So now young parents will pay more attention. Don’t shake the child. And this babysitter, for these 40-day-old babies. Violent shaking, impact. I don’t know, I thought she was treating a mortal enemy. Fortunately, the parents discovered it early, and fortunately, the child has not been seriously damaged. The most harmful thing now is the child’s sense of security. A small baby, leaving a comfortable mother body, into a strange world, is full of insecurity. And now. His caregiver is again torturing him like this. It is extremely pitiful. But fortunately, he is still very young, and it is still too late to re-establish a sense of security. I hope that parents will be more attentive when looking for a childcare sister-in-law. Find a suitable person. As for the child abuser, she is only detained for 15 days and fined 500 yuan, which is really cheap for her. I hope to publish her information to prevent other parents from accidentally hiring this person! When she comes out, I can understand even if the parents of the child beat her. Because when my mother was a child in Peanut, she had some disputes with my husband. Putting peanuts on the bed more vigorously, peanuts were scared to cry. Because of this incident, I really felt uncomfortable for a long, long time. After being a parent, there is really zero tolerance for children being hurt. One more thing, when you see a cockroach, there may be a thousand in the dark. The same is true for this matter. We saw the babysitter abuse this child. In fact, the number of children she has abused may already be countless. After all, according to her, she has been taking care of children (child abuse) since she was 18 years old.

8 months ago

Surveillance is really a good thing, it’s clear whether people are ghosts! The baby girl is only 40 days old. It is a cat or puppy. The babysitter will not be like a dog. Throwing into the sky, slapped, banging her head on the bed, the child’s mother kept crying when she talked, but this family “holds in her hand” I was afraid of falling, I was afraid of melting in my mouth”, but I encountered such a thing! 40 days baby girl was beaten by nanny! frenzied! Heathcliff’s video 6780 broadcast. This family is very relieved of the nanny, because it seems to be very serious and responsible. The child’s neck has not been straightened in the past 40 days. This kind of beating can easily cause a lifetime of harm. This is not What normal people do, this babysitter seems to have a violent tendency and is too cruel to the child! Even more annoying, after seeing the video, the babysitter’s family said that she was not beating the child, but that her actions were relatively rude, the evidence was conclusive, and she denied it. They had to admire the child’s father for being so calm and changing to another man. I couldn’t bear it. Live, definitely beat her! It’s hard to hold back cruelly to the child! In the end, he was detained for 15 days. The punishment was still too light. It is recommended that the parents of the child should take a physical examination of the child to prevent some unnoticeable injuries. If you ask a nanny at home, you must be cautious. The beating of the elderly by the nanny is still vivid. To install monitoring!

8 months ago

My baby is almost six months old, and I have all the heart to kill people watching this video. If something like this happened in my family, Lao Tzu would use all of his social relationships to kill her. What kind of world is this, now I go out for a fight, and it takes 7 days to get a slap in the face; he put the child to death, and he was detained for 15 days? Lao Tzu doesn’t understand the law. Lao Tzu said this is deliberate injury. Which lawyer came out and told me that it was not. My own baby, my father smelled a bit of smoke in his mouth and wanted to hold the baby. I was fierce with him; the baby was a little uncomfortable. His mother was carrying shit and went to several hospitals a day to ask for medicine. Grandma and grandpa at home are not young, so tired and coaxing pain every day. My little baby is treated as a wild dog by others? This kind of scum, actually began to help people with children at the age of 18? Who knows how many good babies Huohuo has. Are you sure not to close it for a few more years? Is it really just 15 days in detention? Will it be released to endanger society?

8 months ago

The punishment is too light. Child abuse should be severely punished! If you don’t happen to have the surveillance installed at home, if you don’t happen to think about your child, turn on the surveillance. I don’t know how long this evil will last. As we all know, newborns are very dangerous to be thrown, shaken, or dropped in this way, and it is easy to cause brain damage. Intracranial hemorrhage, leaving serious sequelae, may even be life-threatening. If it is not discovered in time, it will definitely cause some irreparable harm to the child. This is just what she did in a family, and it happened to be discovered by this family. The ghost knows She has harmed how many families and children in her previous nanny experience. It is recommended to check the status of the children in the previous employer’s family. Watching the technique in the video, she is most likely a habitual offender.

8 months ago

It happened to be added to a group, and someone in the group was a friend of the victim’s family. It is said that when the babysitter arrived at home, the parents of the child were very kind to her and celebrated her birthday. What is this picture? ? ? If you don’t just want to be nice to her, she can be nice to the child. As a result, this kind of thing happened. Just thinking about it, I felt that the heart of my parents was bleeding. As a person who has invited childcare and confinement, I am firmly opposed to putting my child alone with childcare and confinement. Even if you press monitoring, there will be blind spots that cannot be seen by monitoring. After all, it is impossible to monitor the toilet. At the same time, only parents and family members will put themselves in to consider the child’s feelings and care about the child’s development. Most of the parenting sisters only make sure to fish as much as possible without the child crying or getting sick. The parenting wife I once invited is generally more patient with the children, and indeed takes care of my baby in vain. But there are still a few things that are very unacceptable to me. Once I used the baby’s washing basin to iron my underwear, it happened by accident but I found it. I was very explosive at the time. To know that the baby’s supplies and clothing are all high-temperature disinfection, I also prepared a new UV disinfection cabinet. Second, I like to lay my baby flat on the bed at night to play with him, but the baby likes to chase the light, so Yan always stares at the light in the bedroom. Because the baby is attracted by the light, she often doesn’t need to tease, and she can just put it on the bed and let her see the light, and she is happy. But in the long run, it will definitely do great harm to the child’s eye development. It is undeniable that most aspects of the parenting sister-in-law with children are still relatively professional, but in many details, it is never possible to take care of the children like a parent. Therefore, if you really want to ask the child-raising wife, it is better to choose a family member to accompany you than monitoring. The child-raising wife must be the brain to urge the other party to take care of the child.

8 months ago

I dare not think how long this little baby will suffer from this kind of shock if there is no surveillance! When calling his family members, he also said “to comfort the child normally, just be rude”. Maybe your family thinks this is normal, then you can use this to treat your own children and grandchildren instead of going out to harm other people’s children! Such punishment is too light, it is recommended to be included in the blacklist of nanny and never hired. What a vicious person in daily life to be able to attack a baby who has no ability to resist. I hope novice parents pay more attention to the baby’s situation. The fontanelle of the baby’s head is very delicate. When frightened, you can see the rapid beating from the outside, the baby will cry, and some will have diarrhea. Don’t be careless if you haven’t checked the problem for a while, pay close attention to the child’s situation. If there is any abnormality, the nanny should be held accountable immediately, or it is better to find a lawyer. I don’t know the nature of the work of the parents? What is the stress of life If possible, there is still someone who temporarily gives up work to take care of the children. It is very dangerous for a 40-day-old baby to be at home alone. Even if the grandmother and grandmother take care of it, they are still not at ease, let alone unrelated strangers. Hey, suddenly I don’t know what to say, so sad. Parents may have a lot of helplessness, but children live two lives, should they do their best to raise them, right? If you lose a salary and your quality of life declines, you need to spend some time, at least let your children grow up safely and healthily. Being a full-time mother also has a lot of pressure, but I still insisted. After seeing the children and elders around me, I can’t rest assured. There have been many moments of doubting myself, and seeing the healthy and happy children feel that everything is worth it. The family spends days together day and night not as many as imagined, so be with your child, he is the time when you need you most.

8 months ago

I was pinched by the nanny when I was a child. Watching this video, I hate the itch of my teeth, and I can’t wait to rush to slap the nanny for the baby’s parents. Administrative detention for 15 days, a fine of 500 yuan is too cheap for her. Such a vicious-hearted person does not know how to enter the housekeeping service industry? It is recommended to check it carefully and hold the intermediary agency to which the nanny belongs to the responsibility. When I was young, my parents were busy with work. When I was over two years old, I found a nanny for me. The nanny is the younger sister of a classmate of my dad in high school. She is in her 20s. She loves to eat and sleep. When my parents were at home, the babysitter was very diligent, and they were also very good at saying that as soon as my parents went out, they immediately changed people. The nanny refused to let me eat the snacks my mother bought me, saying that if the child ate too much snacks, he would not be able to pull off the shit and would be suffocated to death. Then she gave me all the snacks. When I don’t want to sleep, the babysitter insists on letting me sleep, saying that if I don’t sleep, a hornet will sting my ass. My parents can’t come back from work at noon. My mom gave me the ribs cooked before going out. After my mom left, the nanny ate meat and gave me soup. Then my mom came back and told my mom that I like meat. The babysitter doesn’t look good, but he loves stinky beauty. As soon as my mother goes to work, she will open my mother’s wardrobe and try on my mother’s clothes one by one. Also, the nanny slept on my mother’s big bed and told me to sleep on the small bed. Wait, wait, all of this, the babysitter stared at me and scared me, forbid me to tell my parents, otherwise they would pinch my ass. However, I’m just over two years old. I watched the babysitter eat my snacks, but I couldn’t eat it, so how could I not feel aggrieved in my heart. When my mother came back from get off work, I cried and told my mother that the nanny would eat my snacks and pinch my ass when she refused to let me eat. The babysitter said to my mother, “Elder sister, tell you the truth, you have to take care of this little girl in your family. You can’t just be spoiled and reluctant to be noisy and reluctant to fight. Look, she’s only over two years old and learns to tell nonsense Now. Although I am a nanny, how old am I, how can I eat children’s snacks?” My mother doesn’t believe me, but my mother doesn’t trust nanny either. One day at noon, my mother came back suddenly. The moment I opened the door, I just saw the babysitter pinching my ass. My mother became angry. She raised her hand and slapped the babysitter with a bow left and right. Then, she said to the babysitter, “Don’t Thinking you are the sister of your child’s father’s classmate, I can’t beat you. Even if you are my sister, I can’t tolerate pinching my daughter’s ass.” Then, my mother gave the nanny 200 yuan and let the nanny go. . At that time, the babysitter only came to my house for a week. At that time, my grandmother hadn’t retired, and she was very busy at work. As soon as my parents discussed it, they sent me to my grandma’s house, which was more than two hundred kilometers away. My parents visited my grandma’s house every once in a while, and didn’t pick me up from my grandma’s house until it was time to go to elementary school. I don’t have a mother-in-law, and because my mother had breast cancer several years ago, I can’t get tired. When I was carrying Wen Bao in my belly for more than seven months, I told my mother that Wen Bao was born and was going to look for a nanny. As soon as my mother heard the anger, she told me what happened when I was a child, saying that she didn’t agree to find a nanny for Wenbao, she was responsible for watching Wenbao, and she didn’t look for a nanny when she was exhausted. Now my family Wenbao is two years old and eight months old, and it has been my mother’s help since he was born. Sometimes, my mother takes Wenbao to play outdoors, and when she sees other children have a babysitter belt, she can’t help but cast suspicious eyes on the babysitter. My mother said that she was afraid of ropes after being bitten by a snake for ten years. This is what she said to her. It’s not just my mother, who is all the mothers in the world?

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