This is nonsense. First say if it is, then ask why. I will be 40 years old next year and come from a working family in a second-tier city. I have a 985 bachelor’s degree. I didn’t have the first time to enter real estate finance and the Internet. My ability is also average. I am considered to be a middle-to-lower level among graduate students. Settling in Beijing, after salary and tax, in your area, there are stocks, options, a little small investment (no income from rent, dividends, etc.), and liabilities (houses, cars), which are qualified to answer your questions and are typical. The marriage is stable, the wife is in a public institution, the four old people are paid after retirement, and the children go to kindergarten. Basically paved the way for children to go to school; the elderly are still healthy, and they have no clue about old-age care. In addition to insurance, they are also concerned about nursing homes. I am in good health, BMI is up to the standard, and I have two physical examinations a year. The body did not issue a warning. The industry is not stable, and it is necessary to work hard to achieve results, and to keep a group with several leaders and colleagues to keep warm; maintaining the status quo and making further progress are not small. Always pay attention to the opportunities of various new sections, and also look at industry reports during the New Year, I have a sense of opportunity. Participated in a startup company with a small stake and venture capital. See the opportunity to decide whether to hold or retire. Usually entertainment is basically nipple fun, friends eat and drink, and regularly gather to play cards. Control consumption, the main expenditure is housing loans, with a large annual balance. There are no big items to invest in, and there is not much money for daily necessities, and no luxury goods. Work is a shuttle bus or subway, and the car is not used very much, and the fitness is not very expensive. In the next stage, the cost of children’s education will rise. It is expected to apply for English, physical education, and art, with a basic class of 200+. During the epidemic, it is difficult to teach basic English, math, and music, art, and sports. There are many super rich people here, but the comparison wind is not strong, and there is not much pressure. The main risks in the future are unemployment, the health of the elderly, and the health of couples. Once the risk breaks out, the house must be sold if it is not handled properly, and the class will inevitably decline. Risk control methods include research on old-age care methods, regular high-quality physical examinations for the whole family, and various opportunities for fighting. The main idea depends on one’s own career development, and there are still plenty of opportunities. The situation of others is unknown, but those who can get this income usually have two brushes. Although each has its own difficulties, I don’t think it will be more difficult than low-income friends. the above.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is a very simple question.

There may be no way to ask for a salary increase, and the problem of asking for a salary reduction should not be very big.

Let those with the lowest sense of happiness reduce their monthly salary from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan to 3,000 to 5,000 yuan. If they are afraid that it will be too sudden, then they will be reduced to 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. Ask them about their happiness. Will the feeling increase?

Moaning, hypocritical

6 months ago

One of the answers to this question can basically be determined to be “Donggong empress rolls onions”. I don’t know if the happiness of the income class is the “lowest” in the question, but it is not high. People’s happiness comes from two aspects: 1. Slow pace + cash flow 2. A sense of accomplishment (or the stimulation of power) such as the title of 30,000 to 50,000 monthly salary actually shows two things: 1. The work intensity is very high 2. It is still fighting workers. Therefore, there is neither a slow pace nor power. It is very likely that the corresponding high level of consumption has also smoothed out the cash flow. Happy ghost. ps: A digression, people with an annual salary of one million cannot have too much happiness. Those with a sense of happiness are family members with an annual salary of one million.

6 months ago

This kind of sentence with the strongest (low) sense of happiness for people with monthly income should be caused by Jack Ma. This sentence was said by Jack Ma in a speech[1], saying that he had never thought about being the richest man, so he made the company so big, but he did not expect that the shares had been diluted to 8%, and there were so many more. ! Then Jack Ma said that this was not what he wanted. The happiest person in China now is a person with a monthly salary of 20,000 to 30,000, 30,000 to 40,000, a small house, a car, and a good family. The point in this sentence is that you can still have a monthly income of 2~4W if you want a complete RV. Considering that this sentence was said five or six years ago, and considering the housing prices at that time, the 2~4W of that year would be reasonable if the equivalent price expanded to 5~10W in front of the current housing prices. Then why is there now another comment from the media that people with a monthly income of 3~5W have the lowest happiness? It is nothing more than the thirty to fifty thousand that was used today. If you want to buy a house on the front line and live a beautiful life, it is not enough. Real estate even began to be released by media professionals. Buying a house with a budget of 10 million in Shanghai is just needed. If you don’t have 50 million, don’t talk about quality and feelings. So you, with a monthly salary of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, with so much money, immediately matched a greater desire, and then gave birth to the so-called conclusion of the lowest happiness. Look at it all! If you can now have a stable monthly income of 5~10W, I believe you will not lack happiness even if you are not so happy in the first-tier cities. This income, as long as you gritted your teeth and save two or three years of money, you can buy a house and get a car. Of course, if you have all your RVs and your ideal family according to Jack Ma’s standards back then, and still have this kind of income, it will be difficult for you to lack a sense of happiness. Since the beginning of this century, when housing prices in big cities began to take off slowly, I have talked about life at that time with my friends at different times, and I have come to the same conclusions. Ten years ago, I talked about the fact that the prices in Beijing were not high. If you have a house and don’t have to repay the mortgage, then you don’t need a high monthly income to live well alone. Except for a few high-level tyrants, this is still the case in many first-tier cities. If you have a house, no loans, and no family burden, you can live a happy life with a monthly income of less than 10,000. Therefore, the main thing that determines the happiness of most people is the house. I can’t imagine that Du Fu’s ideal (the Ande Guangsha tens of millions?) is really realized, and everyone has a set of “just needs” in their hearts. Housing”, in which aspects will the difference in happiness manifest?

6 months ago

In Shanghai, there are two kinds of people with a monthly salary of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan: 1. Domestic 996 companies, such as Huawei, work a lot of overtime and are under pressure for assessment. From my own past experience, I am happy to go out early and return late. The feeling is really not high, because it is difficult to balance family and social. 2. Large foreign companies, such as Cisco, work in 965, and there is not much pressure. A friend of mine is inside. After giving birth to two babies, the parents helped bring the babies, and the mortgage was paid off easily. The sense of happiness is much higher than mine. The nature of the work of other friends is basically the above two types, mostly busy. But I am definitely not the person with the lowest sense of happiness. The part-time worker who cleans my house works 11 hours a day and takes half a day off every week. The hourly salary is 35 yuan, there is no social security, and he lives in a two-person rented house, paying off the mortgage for his son. Her husband occasionally works part-time and never takes money from home. Auntie has kidney stones and lumbar muscle strain. Because of the perennial backache, she can only work on her waist. Sometimes I bring lunch to my house, with only a few slices of pickles and a box of rice (my wife feels distressed every time, and she has to stir-fry another dish for her). Another couple of friends, who opened a stationery shop and an evening nursery school, did not manage well in the early years, and currently owes 2 million in debt. They thought about suicide, but in the end the child did not leave. Poor and humble couples have mourned for generations. Throughout the ages, this has always been the case. In the first-tier cities, a stable and decent income is the guarantee of living standards. If you are really unhappy, there are alternative ways to make a living like me.

6 months ago

For people with a monthly salary of less than 30,000 to 50,000, investigators have no patience to communicate with them, and they have no time to make survey forms. For people with a monthly salary of more than 30,000 to 50,000, investigators are not qualified to let them fill out their own forms. People with a monthly salary of less than 30,000 to 50,000 should be careful not to be left to work hard. Those with a monthly salary of more than 30,000 to 50,000 always feel that some are not enough, and are committed to finding greater wealth. Only the conscientious 350,000 income earners can look up and down. After seeing your questionnaire, they filled out the questionnaire with their career experience over the years. I know that although I am on the front line, I must pay attention to telling myself miserable rather than glorious. Even if some of them think that they have left their hometown a lot, they still know the gap between themselves and the upper class. That’s how people’s happiness declines. When you have never eaten a cake, you will not feel that you are the most unhappy person in the world. Later, you can eat twenty yuan cupcakes as a must-have dessert every day, listening to the former township party said, oh! You can eat a twenty-yuan cake every day. The quality of life is good. I only eat cakes for my birthday. I usually eat the cake most often. Your happiness has improved in comparison. Later, you find that your leader and a group of people from other classes think that twenty pieces of cake are rubbish. When you watch them eat the cake of your hard work for a month, your happiness has declined, and you won’t remember that you were a teenager who hadn’t eaten cakes at first. You only remember that the life of the boss’s class is very good. Even if you have never been before. It’s not happiness that reduces the sense of happiness, it’s the reduction of intelligence, the lack of IQ, and the distressing autumn breeze in life is always blowing.

6 months ago

The monthly salary of 50,000 yuan is not low even in the front line. For non-large companies, they want to guarantee the level of CTO or architect. Market operations and other functional departments have to get this, mostly relying on bonuses and commissions, and it is difficult to fix the guarantee.

But it is also true that happiness is low, and the reason comes from stability.

Large factories are not representative. Let’s treat them as ordinary enterprises.

To take this income, you must memorize a bunch of indicators. What’s even more frightening is that you will be responsible for a certain target after completing the indicators. What does this mean? It means you have to get a dick often. As long as the goal is involved, Liu Qing’s background will be slapped, and the boss will be slapped by the executives. This is the norm.

Do you think you can mix in the workplace? The boss’s eyes are discerning, unless you have other dimensions of strange value, such as talent is to sell horses and stocks, fit in with the boss’s character, and deeply intervene in the boss’s private life. Otherwise, it must not be mixed.

So thoroughly speaking, is life happy? There is no sense of happiness at all.

You get 50,000 goodies, and then you have a midnight meeting every three to five. There will be a meal, after the meeting, you will be comforted, and you will continue to fuck you while giving small gifts. You start a Q5 in a trance to leave, and you are born a human being, in order to endure a cock, are you happy?

For stability, you have to endure.

The end of the first half.

If you are single, there is no pressure to get married.

Very good, find a place to have a little wine, Eastern Europe, South America. You are qualified to look for it, shivering with a sense of mission to win glory for the country. Thinking about what will happen to subordinates tomorrow morning, share the pressure.

This can be considered to improve happiness for the time being.

If you get married, you are going from one high pressure to another high pressure.

Mortgage and car loans, insurance and medical care, and all kinds of sudden expenses, make you less than a pig.

At the same time, pressure from the children and classmates came. This pressure will become more and more important. You can’t wait to find a general teacher to follow your child all day long, because you have calculated the bills and hired a teacher in January, which is much more cost-effective than taking classes outside. But you are also worried about the growth of your child’s social skills.

The most frightening thing is that you know that this kind of high-pressure life may be interrupted.

In summary, if you are 50,000 and single, you can still make some happiness. What happiness can I have when I get married.

The above is for ordinary enterprises that represent the mainstream. Detour within the system and Dachang.

After talking about this group of 50,000, why is it not so miserable for 10,000 to 20,000?

Because they are not eligible to fall into the consumption trap.

First of all, the house is not in the car, which can save a lot of money.

Secondly, the Golden Swallowing Beast did not enter the state of arms expansion, saving at least a hundred thousand a year.

The third point is that he is still young, and he has not suffered from life, old age, sickness and death.

In the first-tier cities, these three items can be called Iron Man Purgatory. Regardless of the monthly income of several thousand or tens of thousands, the resistance is actually equally weak.

People with a monthly salary of 50,000 are just imminent to see these, and to solve them, and worry about the lack of battery life.

Of course, if you rely on the organization, most of the above troubles will be reduced.

I think the source of the survey sample of the subject is outside the system.

6 months ago

A monthly salary of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan is undoubtedly high. Before discussing this issue, we must add a very important qualification, age. When I was 25, I had a monthly salary of 30,000-50,000. Not to mention that they were all young talents. At least they were all high-spirited. Buying a house or a car is not unattainable. They are also young, have a lot of physical energy, and generally have a small burden. I have just started, and I am full of longing for the future, it is impossible to have a low sense of happiness. When you are over 55, you have a monthly salary of 30,000 to 50,000. Most of them are middle-level managers or above in large and medium-sized enterprises or leaders of state-owned or foreign companies. They are basically retired after safe landing. This level of income should have been earned for more than ten or two decades. There should be all the things that should be there, and there are no extra large pursuits (mainly, no matter how high-level pursuits are at the current level, there is nothing possible). Children generally grow up and become independent at this time, as long as they are not that kind of desire. Very strong people generally do not have a low sense of happiness. The real 30,000-50,000 monthly salary is relatively low. Most of them are in the 35-45-year-old age group. In this period of time, there are first of all, there are elders, novels, and a lot of mortgages. At the same time, the monthly salary of 30,000-50,000 may still be Those who have just been promoted, the previous salary is not high, there is no accumulation, and at the same time they have to worry that their energy and ability can not keep up with the rhythm and they will be eliminated by younger people and cannot keep their income. Most people with this grade of income will switch jobs. It’s not a good jump, so there may be serious problems in housing loans, children’s education, and parents’ pension planning. Therefore, people in this age group are the most anxious and have the lowest sense of happiness. And the income of this age group is the mainstream, and it should be much more than the above two kinds of people, so it creates the feeling described in the question. Of course, some answers will say that these people are groaning without illness. I don’t know if you understand it or not. What you already have or will have but lost, is actually more sad than never having.

6 months ago

Why should I see this topic of trafficking anxiety? With a monthly salary of 3-5w, I basically have everything that I should have—a house, a car, and a baby, even if a person is middle-aged, there are old and young, what else is there to be unsatisfied? Can’t stand the pressure of work? Oh, is there no pressure for a monthly salary of 10,000 to 20,000? Big burden to support a family? Oh, is there no burden for those with a monthly salary of 10,000 to 20,000? I don’t know where the conclusion that the monthly salary of 3-5w is the “lowest” of happiness comes from, and the level of happiness is an unquantifiable indicator. How to compare and how to get the best? If three to fifty thousand can be the “most unhappy”, then don’t live if it is less than 3w, and be wiped out in place. No matter how much your monthly salary is, your unhappiness is your own problem! It’s because you have too many desires, and you can’t match your abilities. . . The key point is that your own desires are too swollen, swollen, understand, it has nothing to do with salary, ok? Once the desire does not swell, the monthly salary of 3-5w will be a good blow to the low-paid people. . Take real estate as an example, if you have to buy a tens of millions of villas and have trouble living with yourself, then you say that you have the lowest happiness and all the money you make is for the house (similarly, buy a luxury car and provide various training courses for your baby); If you want to improve your sense of happiness, can’t you live in a house of three to five million, can’t you drive a 20w car, can’t you underreport the training class, just pick up the roots. You are not happy, it is your business. See a psychiatrist if you are sick. Don’t groan if you are not sick.

6 months ago

Who makes a salary of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan a month? Because of my sideline job, I have met a friend like this: The middle-level staff of Dachang for many years has enough objective income, so it is logically unnecessary to investigate a sideline job. So I asked her: Why do you want to do a side job? She told me a few concerns: First, in her industry, it is easy to grow to a salary of 3-4w before the age of 30, but 4w-5w is a barrier, just like Ali’s P7. Can survive. But when it comes to P8 and the monthly income is 5w+, if you want to go past, it is not a question of qualifications. Does it surpass the ability and energy of ordinary people? In such an involuntary workplace, who is not a talent? Then pay a higher price, not getting married, not having children, and not having a baby, but this is not a barrier that can stop everyone. In the end, these talents actually fought for luck. My project caught up with the trend and my team got attention, then I went ashore. If other talents can’t keep up with good projects, then continue to do it and wait until they are eliminated by the workplace at the age of 35. Second, as a working woman, the cost of the volume is very serious. I won’t talk about invisible discrimination and ceilings, but the cost of rushing to it is too high. If you can’t rush to it, like the first point, what should you do? A boy, unable to rush, chooses to put his energy back to his family, it is still okay, anyway, the 35-year-old Dachang high P is still a hot spot in the blind date market. But what about a girl? Although neither of you nor I agree with this social trend, but at the age of 35 can’t make it up, what kind of pressure and evaluation will she encounter when she returns to the family? Older women, older women, high P is too strong, and income puts pressure on the husband…too difficult. Not to mention that in case you are going to get married and have children, you will be eliminated by the rapidly updated and iterative workplace, and it will be difficult for you to keep a high P and family at the same time. So why is the income so high, but the happiness is so low? It’s very simple, because of [anxiety], because of [relative deprivation]. Low income, younger, still moving fast, or unaware that they are being left behind. No matter how high the income is, he has successfully landed ashore, enough to be called a winner in life. People with an income of 3-5w are like the continuously advancing investigative corps in “Attack on Titan”-after years of hard work, we have discovered that there is a cliff and the sea in front of us… We still want to move forward a little bit, but we We have already encountered the bottleneck of “manpower is exhausted in time”. We can only see people of the same age successfully landed ashore, or regretted being out. But we ourselves, there is nothing we can do. Those who cannot control life and can only wait for arrangements are the most unhappy.

6 months ago

Because of forgetfulness, I can’t remember how miserable it is when I earn 3-5 thousand a month. . . I once said in another answer that if a person starts from 0 and reaches a monthly income of 20,000 with his own efforts, he will feel that he is the happiest in his life, feels the most secure, and feels himself When he was most affluent…Next, when his income continued to grow to 3-5W, which is about 50% in annual income, he… would begin to really come into contact with “class crushers”, and would produce such things as “I want Buying a house in Beishang and setting up a home, I want my children not to lose at the starting line” and so on…Fantasy beyond their actual class attributes, and these fantasies have no possibility of being realized with this income! The gap is too big, and naturally I begin to feel the tragedy… As for the monthly income of 3 to 5 thousand? I can’t remember it a long time ago.

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