Yao Ce’s lover, Xiong Lei, who had changed his life for 28 years, confirmed that Yao Ce passed away on the morning of March 23 because of ineffective treatment.

In February 2020, Yao Ce, a 28-year-old young man from Jiujiang, Jiangxi, was diagnosed with liver cancer. His mother Xu Min wanted to “cut the liver and save his son” but found out that the son was not blood relative, but was born to Du Xinzhi of Zhumadian, Henan, and was his own biological son. It was Guo Wei, Du Xinzhi’s son. Since then, the “28-year wrongful life change case” has entered the public eye.
According to previous reports, when giving birth at the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University in 1992, errors in the work of related personnel caused Ms. Xu and Du Xinzhi to hold the wrong child. Since then, both parties have embarked on the path of legal proceedings. According to the official WeChat account of the Sunshine of Henan Law, on December 7, 2020, the People’s Court of Gulou District, Kaifeng City, Henan Province sued the plaintiffs Guo Xikuan, Du Xinzhi, and Yao Ce against the defendant Huaihe Hospital of Henan University, and the plaintiff Yao Ce sued the defendant Huaihe Hospital of Henan University for tort liability The first instance of the two disputes was publicly pronounced. The court ruled in accordance with the law that the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University should compensate Guo Xikuan and Du Xinzhi with 200,000 yuan for mental damages; Yao Ce should be compensated with 200,000 yuan for mental damages; and the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University should compensate Yao Ce for various expenses totaling 361,312.94 yuan (100,000 yuan has been paid) , Still need to pay 261312.94 yuan).

On the afternoon of February 8, 2021, the case of “replacement of life for 28 years” was pronounced at the Intermediate People’s Court of Kaifeng City, Henan Province at the second instance. The court did not support the appeals of Guo Xikuan, Du Xinzhi, and Yao Ce, and upheld the original judgment of the People’s Court of Gulou District, Kaifeng City, to compensate Guo Xikuan and Du Xinzhi for mental damages of 200,000 yuan and Yao Ce for mental damages of 200,000 yuan. In support of Yao Ce’s appeal, the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University compensated Yao Ce for medical expenses, nutrition expenses, lost work expenses, transportation expenses and other expenses totaling more than 600,000 yuan. On February 24, the topic of whether Yao Ce’s biological mother deliberately changed children was a hot topic on the Internet. In this regard, Yao Ce’s mother said that as a mother, she would never have such thoughts. On March 18, some media reported that Yao Ce has entered the stage of tranquility and treatment. Cancer cells have spread to the lungs, lymphatics, bones and other parts of the body. There is no treatment plan and he lives by infusion of nutrients.


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6 months ago

Let me tell you a few facts that are a little bit spicy! Yao Ce’s biological parents are Guo Xikuan and Du Xinzhi, and his adoptive mother is Xu Min! The nurse on duty in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital was called Guo Xizhi. Du Xinzhi suffers from three major Yangs and needs to be quarantined and nursed. He is not in the same area as Xu Min. Babies and young children must wear a bracelet that is difficult to tear off at the first time, and the clothes and quilts that wrap the babies and young children are provided by the family. Xu Min’s biological son is Guo Wei, who grew up in the families of Guo Xikuan and Du Xinzhi! In addition to studying since he was a child, Guo Wei had to take care of his sick and mentally handicapped sister, helping his parents with small business, and finally became an auxiliary police officer with a very low income. The Guo family has four houses, one is for the mentally handicapped eldest daughter, and the third is for Guo’s father. There is no set for Guo Wei, when this son is filial, normal, has no bad habits, is married and has a baby. From kindergarten to high school, Yao Ce is the best educational institution in the local area and receives meticulous care! His parents felt guilty for letting him contract hepatitis B. Even if his studies were not good enough, he would spend a lot of money to find a relationship and enter a good school. Yao Ce was lazy, and regardless of his physical condition, he liked to drink in nightclubs, which caused his condition to take a turn for the worse when he was under control. For a long time, under the premise that both Yao Ce and his wife did not have a job, the family still had a car and a house, and lived a worry-free life. After the onset of the disease, Yao Ce’s surgical treatment of liver cancer cost as much as 1.5 million! But the Yao family did not give up! After the Yao family sold the car, the medical expenses were not enough, so they looked for colleagues to borrow money everywhere, and finally prepared to sell their only remaining house. But until the end of his life, Yao Ce still had a set of real estate given by the Yao family. After learning that he was not his own person, Yao Ce still refused to return the Yao family’s real estate after he had enough treatment fees. When the adoptive mother Xu Min had nothing and broke her family, she was willing to cut her liver in exchange for Yao Ce’s new life. Later Yao Ce’s father, Guo Xikuan, said in front of the media that he could have his liver cut to save Yao Ce, but he was sternly rejected by Du Xinzhi, who owns four sets of properties, saying that he could not completely destroy his body! Yao Ce deliberately concealed his financial situation on multiple charity platforms! Yao Ce received a lot of sympathetic fundraising from the public, and was blacklisted by major charity platforms because of violations. At the same time, Yao Ce created accounts on major We-media platforms, used traffic to live broadcast to ask for money, and obtained huge profits. Because Xu Min treated Yao Ce, his wealthy family became impoverished! For 30 years, Guo Wei has taken care of his mentally handicapped sister, greeted the dark and worked hard in the morning, but none of the four properties owned by the Guo family have been given to him. In addition, because the Guo family is Yao Ce’s biological parents, they may even own part of the inheritance rights of the huge amount of property left after Yao Ce’s death. The Yao family’s original well-off and well-off life, but because of continued treatment of Yao Ce, was dragged down by life. Finally, I will give you a common sense of popular science, which has nothing to do with the article. Just look at it: the most well-known characteristic of cuckoo is the parasitic incubation. This characteristic is found in all species of the subfamily Rhododendron and 3 species of the subfamily Rhododendron, that is, the eggs are laid in the nests of certain species of birds, and they are hatched and brooded by the foster parents. The 47 species of Rhododendron subfamily have different adaptations to increase the survival rate of young chicks: for example, the egg shape of Rhododendron resembles the egg of the host (mimicry), thus reducing the chance of the host abandoning it; the adult Rhododendron will remove one or the host More eggs, so as not to be seen by the host to increase the number of eggs, and reduce the competition of the host’s young chicks; cuckoo chicks will push the eggs and young chicks of the same nest host out of the nest. The appearance and behavior of some cuckoos resemble those of the genus Accipiter, and the host is afraid, so cuckoos can approach the host’s nest without interference.

6 months ago

Let me sort out the timeline of this event first: On February 29, 2020, a 28-year-old young man from Jiangxi Province, Yao Ce, was diagnosed with liver cancer. His mother Xu Min wanted to cut his liver and save his son but found that he was not his own child. On April 30, 2020, a guy from Henan, Mr. Guo, took his adoptive parents, wives and children, and relatives to Jiangxi to meet with his biological parents. On May 14, 2020, the Health Commission of Kaifeng City, Henan Province responded to the incident of “replacement of life for 28 years”, saying that the incident has been more than 20 years old. According to relevant laws and regulations, the administrative punishment of the doctor involved has exceeded the retrospective period and exceeded the punishment authority. . The Health Commission and Henan University set up a joint investigation and disposal team, and the follow-up punishment will continue to be determined and handled. On September 11, 2020, the case was heard for the first time. Yao Ce and his biological parents claimed a total of more than 2.73 million yuan from the hospital. On September 24, 2020, the client Yao Ce and his wife and children returned to the home of his biological parents in Henan for the first time in 28 years of wrong life. On September 25, 2020, the first instance of the case was held for the second time. Yao Ce applied for the first execution of 100,000 yuan in compensation for treatment, which was supported by the court and received the treatment compensation. On December 6, 2020, Yao Ce’s biological mother and the Kaifeng Municipal Health Commission reconciled with the Kaifeng Municipal Health Commission to withdraw the lawsuit. On December 7, 2020, Yao Ce et al. sued the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University-the trial was pronounced and the hospital compensated more than 760,000 yuan. On February 8, 2021, the second instance of the 28-year misplaced life case was pronounced: the hospital was sentenced to compensation of more than 1 million yuan, including more than 600,000 yuan for Yao Ce’s treatment fees. On February 25, 2021, due to suspected excessive fundraising, the fund-raising platform DiChip and Easy Funding have put Yao Ce on the blacklist. On February 25, 2021, Xu Min, the adoptive mother of the party concerned, said: There are doubts about the exchange of newborn babies 28 years ago. On the morning of March 23, 2021, the subject Yao Ce died in the 28-year misplaced life case. Yao Ce inherited the disease of his birth mother, and also inherited the bad roots of his original family. Dove occupying the magpie’s nest enjoys Guo Wei’s life. He clearly has a car house under his name but does not sell. He relies on blood-sucking adoptive mothers to renew his life, relies on online violence adoptive mothers to renew his life, and relies on the kindness of consumers to raise funds. Shang continued to speak up but could not transfer the house in time to return the house of her adoptive mother. I hope that the adoptive mother can get back what belongs to her and can lead a happy life as it should be after this. The foster mother cuts the liver and saves the son in exchange for gratitude and revenge, and Yao Ce’s organization finally got the bamboo basket to fetch water.

6 months ago

Aunt Xu is really pitiful. I also learned more or less about the follow-up. I am a high school classmate of Yao Ce. I enrolled in Jiujiang No. 1 Middle School in 2007. Our school is a provincial key high school and one of the top 100 middle schools in the country. His grades were very poor and he was procrastinated to buy. When he was in high school, he was also a well-known brother in our grade. He followed a few rich second-generation generations in the class next door every day, absent from class, surfed the Internet, and did everything except studying. He couldn’t hang himself. I am not familiar with him. Not in the same class after the second grade. But when get out of class is over, I can often see him fighting with his friends in the hallway. After graduating, I heard that he had taken a junior college, and basically never contacted him. I only learned about this on the Internet. After watching CCTV interviews, although his appearance has not changed much, he always feels that the former bastard looks like a good boy in the interview. I thought he might have changed a lot in the past few years, and the prodigal son has turned around. As a result, it broke out that his nightlife was chaotic, drunk, gnawing on the old, and later, all kinds of disputes with Aunt Xu, and so on. . . These follow-ups made me feel that everything became reasonable. He is still the original him. In the end, I really feel sorry for Aunt Xu. I saw her at the parent meeting before, so she was very temperamental. After so many years and so much thought for her son, it turned out to be like this in the end. . . I hope Aunt Xu will take care of her body and get back your own things. In 28 years, you have been right to him and worthy of everyone.

6 months ago

The sick cuckoo lays an egg in the falcon’s nest and gets the falcon’s egg into its own nest.
The eagle falcon’s egg was not taken good care of. Although he was not very strong when he grew up, he was still a falcon. He took care of the sick cuckoo, but the sick Du Juan did not give it to any of the four nests.
The sick cuckoo egg gave birth to a small disease, Du Juan. The eagle falcon took care of it for 28 years and gave it to it after growing up. When it died, the nest became its wife and child.
Fortunately Kitty Falcon is healthy

6 months ago

Many people say that this 28-year-old young man has done something wrong and has to endure so much verbal abuse. I think it is probably because he has money to treat his illness, but he wants to make a donation. The wife carried the YSL bag, and she had to cheat the rural grandmother by donating more than 2,000 yuan. When the grandmother wanted to refund the money, she blocked it… I think it was inconsistent again and again, saying that she wanted to return the house, and finally admitted I want to leave the house to my son. I think it’s probably because I’m at ease. Before I fell ill, I reached out to ask Xu’s mother for money every month. His wife and himself didn’t work, so Xu’s mother and Yao’s father supported him. I think it’s probably because I have hepatitis B and I have to drink and clubbing. I have a rich nightlife. I have to blame my mother for not taking care of myself when I’m sick….too many poor people with cancer in the world, probably he is me The one who will least sympathize with cancer bankrupted his family. He made a lot of money. He wanted to keep a wife and children understandable, but there are too many cancer patients in the world who really need help. Hope all fundraising platforms will strengthen supervision, don’t Yao Ce and others continue to waste public sympathy and money

6 months ago

I went to read this news with curiosity, and I was shocked! ! ! Yao Ce’s 28-year life’s kindergarten entrance physical examination revealed that hepatitis B’s adoptive mother used her family’s efforts to treat her illness and cultivated her focus. After graduation, she was dissatisfied with her life and left her job and started her business several times. His family did not work. The family did not work because Yao Xu and his wife raised alcohol and caused liver cancer. Xu Min intends to cut his liver to save his son and finds that he is not looking for his biological parents to save him. The biological parents refused. At the same time, his biological mother also suffers from liver cancer. He does not return Guo Wei’s house and accuses his adoptive mother of death from liver cancer. Guo Wei has not registered for 28 years at the age of three. As a result, he only accepted nine years of compulsory education three years late in enrollment + three years of technical secondary school, and his adoptive parents asked him to abandon school to take care of the disabled sister. The disabled sister had a house under her name. Guo Weiwu relied on his own efforts to be an auxiliary police officer. His biological parents found Xu Min by accident. 28 years of life to raise other people’s sick children exhausted all their efforts to contribute to other people’s children. Others’ children were still willing to raise other people’s children. He was sick and planned to cut his liver to save him, only to find out that he was not his own, even if he was not his own. He looked for his biological parents to find his own son, and found that his son was still promising despite all kinds of grievances. He found that the biological mother of his adopted son also had liver cancer. The adopted son refused to return the house of his son. He also publicly accused Xu Min’s adopted son of passing away. This is really a dramatic life. It’s not only that life is much more exciting than drama. In the end what happened? Let a child raised up so ungrateful that he would not forget to blame his adoptive mother to death. It is true that dragons give birth to dragons and phoenixes. Will the son of a mouse make holes? In fact, this reminds me of the story of Dou Mien and Sheng Miqiu. In Yao Ce’s eyes, everything about the adoptive mother should belong to him. I sympathize with Xu Min, but the poor person must be hateful. Perhaps yesterday’s indulgence is today’s grievance. This incident gave me more enlightenment that safety education and moral education are the most important. Without these two foundations, everything else is useless. You must raise your child’s mind from an early age!

6 months ago

I’m afraid these two decades are stolen lives. When Yao Ce died, his biological parents didn’t really want to change the liver. Do you expect your biological mother’s family to treat him and save his life? It’s ridiculous, Yao Ce is too lucky to be born again in this life, luck is too good. Obviously the original family was so bad, but he was replaced by adoptive parents. From childhood to age, he has no worries about food, food, and spiritual wealth. He has a house, a car, a wife and children… If he didn’t change it at the beginning, under the pressure of life, he wouldn’t be able to live for 28 years. Now he is dead and the house has not been returned. To his adoptive mother, his parents also gave him the house and wealth to his wife and children; the truth of the lawsuit is that the old, weak, sick, and disabled native family, all the troubles are left to the adoptive parents and the poor Guo Weiduo to be chic ~ dead. It’s a hundred years old, and the scourge left for a thousand years. These 28 years have been stolen, snatched and deceived.

6 months ago

First of all, Yao Ce is really not pitiful. Yao Ce’s illness was born from birth. I really can only blame his mother. If there is no wrong change, Du Xinzhi is a silly girl and a sick son. She is also ill and is absolutely exhausted. Can she live to 28 years old? Hard to say, but the quality of life will be poor. After the change, he lived in Yao’s family as an only child and enjoyed the love of the two generations of Yao’s family. His personality was indeed extremely selfish. Don’t cherish oneself, alcoholism treats himself as the late stage of liver cancer, Du Xinzhi is only in the middle stage at such an age. Since I was young, I went to good schools. I got poor grades and spent money to buy in. In the end, I went to a junior college, which shows how bad grades are. Regardless of whether it is secretly exchanged, Yao Ce fraudulently donates, cyber-violent adoptive mothers (a adoptive mother who is willing to cut her liver and save her children), use her treatment invoices to file a lawsuit, and promise not to mention a word after receiving the money to repay the debt, nor will the only house of her adoptive mother be repaid. , I have to say that my grandma borrowed money to buy it, so shameless. So for a person who enjoys the benefits, why should he pity him? The only person Yao Ce loves is his wife Xiong Lei, the biggest beneficiary behind the whole thing. Yao Ce’s selfish character may not be so good to his mother. Based on Xiong Lei’s selfish character, why get along well with Du Xinzhi, who is also selfish, is simple, and the benefits belong to Xiong Lei. In the advanced stage of lung cancer, everyone knows that there is no rescue, so the best comfort for the family is to be with him. Is Xiong Lei with him? No, Xiong Lei is busy selling horrible things on Douyin and relying on Yao Ce. Everyone who has sold things knows how busy they are. Then Du Xinzhi will take care of her. Of course, Xiong Lei has nothing to say. So are they really short of money? They still have to sell things for the rest of the day? No, there is no shortage of money. I fraudulently donated more than one million yuan. The private donation cannot be calculated. The hospital lost one million yuan. Du Xinzhi and Xiong Lei did not need to pay a penny. They also liked to bring new cars and buy brand-name bags. What are you doing without money? The last days don’t stop, and the media still says that they will never give up. Isn’t it used like this? Yao Ce’s illness caused Xiong Lei to make a fortune. Yao Ce is dead, the whole network scolds, Yao Ce puts infamy on his back, and Xiong Lei enjoys the benefits. This love is really moving.

6 months ago

You have time to search for Yao Ce’s account on Douyin. Before he died, he had to apply for a business license, open a Taobao store, and even live on Douyin to bring goods. The content of the post, the last two are still accusing the adoptive mother Xu Min. Supporting his own biological mother, Du Xinzhi. Instead of calling her adoptive mother, she just said over there, the other party’s name, and promised to return the house to Xu Min’s mother. His grandmother just quickly refused to transfer the house on the grounds of entering hospice care because of his illness. Lie at the last moment. I have never seen human nature greedy and selfish to such a degree, but Yao Ce and his wife Xiong Lei, mother-in-law’s family, let people see the ugliness of human nature and feel sorry for Xu Ma, hope the truth will come soon! Here I want to say something to Yao Ce’s wife, Xiong Lei. In just a few months, you and your wife have used the kindness of netizens to fraudulently donate several online platforms to raise hundreds of thousands of donations. The hospital paid 100w and paid it directly to the account. There is also Cadillac under Yao Ce’s name, and Xiong Lei also owns you. You can still find your mother-in-law to inherit the house. You still have an online store to broadcast live, and the money you make from selling goods on Douyin, why do you want to occupy the house of Xu Min and his wife? Not to mention that Xu Min paid back your credit card after your marriage with Yao Ce, and asked Xu Min for living expenses. You have so much money, why don’t you return Xu Min’s house? Is it so greedy and selfish?

6 months ago

When I first learned about this, as a hepatobiliary surgeon, I have seen many patients with advanced liver cancer, and I knew that Yao Ce’s life would be very short. In fact, Yao Ce was only known by everyone because he was changed his life, and because he had advanced liver cancer, the whole thing was filled with the brilliance and darkness of human nature. But in fact, Yao Ce is only one of the thousands of patients with advanced liver cancer, so today I will use this incident to talk to you about the late stage of liver cancer. As for the wrongs and wrongs of life, I leave it to everyone to judge! In fact, the root cause of Yao Ce’s liver cancer was hepatitis B virus, that is, his biological mother infected him with hepatitis B virus during childbirth. This is also the main way for the spread of hepatitis B virus in our country! Therefore, from this aspect, Yao Ce’s liver cancer has nothing to do with whether he was mistaken. Unless, at that time, the mother and child can be blocked in time to avoid hepatitis B virus infection, otherwise, as long as Yao Ce is a hepatitis B carrier, he will be exposed to the threat of liver cancer. Regrettably, 28 years ago, the mother-to-child blockade of hepatitis B was not universal, so even if there is no mistake, it is difficult for Yao Ce to avoid hepatitis B infection. Then his fate, in addition to the difference brought by the family, I am afraid he cannot escape the fate of liver cancer. It’s only embarrassing that he is only 28 years old and he is in the late stage of liver cancer. The mother who has raised him for 28 years would rather give his life to save him, but the ruthless late stage of liver cancer has not left the family a little bit. Opportunity, liver transplantation, intervention, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, etc. cannot eliminate or even control this tumor. You can only watch the young life step by step toward the abyss of death! Let us see the fragility of life, the helplessness of family affection, and being wrongly hugged, it makes us feel the teasing of fate, as if it is so easy to change a person’s life! Liver cancer is a ruthless killer. You can see liver cancer from 9 to 90 years old! It does not choose age, gender, rich or poor, or power. As long as it is a hepatitis B carrier, it is shrouded in its lust. Of course, the high incidence of liver cancer is still at the age of 50-60. There are more men than women. But this does not make us take it lightly, because the occurrence of liver cancer is not a whim, and the result of accumulated damage over time, so it should be prevented from the beginning. Of course, it is best to avoid liver cancer, so how can we avoid liver cancer? The following are only for hepatitis B carriers, non-hepatitis B carriers do not need to be seated! Don’t drink alcohol, you must not drink alcohol! From the case of Yao Ce, we can know that hepatitis B is the root cause of liver cancer, but the fact that he gets liver cancer at such a young age has a lot to do with his daily life like drinking. We all know that alcohol damages the liver, especially for people with hepatitis B. When the liver is stimulated by viruses and alcohol, cirrhosis and liver cancer will appear more quickly. So if you don’t want to get liver cancer, remember, don’t drink alcohol. Don’t bargain, drink one or two glasses, can you drink wine or beer, not all, not even alcoholic beverages. Try not to stay up all night, staying up can hurt the liver. However, compared with alcohol, it is relatively less harmful, so the requirements for staying up all night are like being relaxed. In addition, in today’s society, competition is fierce, and life and work are under pressure. It is not realistic to not stay up late at all, but may increase psychological pressure. After all, hepatitis B carriers have to work hard for a better life! Therefore, occasionally staying up late is understandable and acceptable. However, if you stay up late to play games, watch dramas and other entertaining activities, don’t think about it, just quit it obediently. It is recommended not to stay up late more than twice a week. Not staying up late means falling asleep before eleven o’clock in the evening to ensure that the sleep time is more than 6 hours. Don’t think that staying up late the night before, you just need to spend your life to make up for sleep the next day, it’s useless! Active treatment, the antiviral and antiviral. There is no fixed standard, and it is determined according to each person’s specific situation and laboratory indicators. Don’t worry about the side effects of drugs and drug resistance, these are insignificant compared with the harm of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer! Regular review, this is very important, so important that I will emphasize it again when I encounter a hepatitis B carrier! The above precautions in life are the best if they can help us avoid the doom of liver cancer. However, even if we do everything we can, we cannot completely avoid the occurrence of liver cancer. The above can only reduce the incidence of liver cancer. There is still a small chance of getting liver cancer, and this is unpredictable and cannot be passed. Check to predict who will get liver cancer, who will not get liver cancer, so everyone may become the unfortunate person of liver cancer, so we should be prepared for the worst. If liver cancer occurs unfortunately, early detection can give us the last chance to survive! As soon as Yao Ce found out that it was the late stage, the patient who could only watch and leave slowly! In the early stage of liver cancer, there are no specific symptoms and signs that can let us know that we have liver cancer in time, so all we can do is regular review. Color Doppler ultrasound + fetoprotein + liver function, at least twice a year, preferably three to four times, if possible, you can add abnormal prothrombin. There is still a great hope for early-stage liver cancer to be cured, so that we can truly give ourselves a way out! Changing lives by mistake allows us to see the good and evil of human nature; but the ruthlessness of liver cancer should let us understand the preciousness of health. I hope everyone is healthy and happy!

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