On March 23, the Chinese and Russian foreign ministers jointly declared: 1. All human rights are universal, indivisible and interrelated. 2. Democracy is one of the achievements of human development. Its symbol is to ensure that power belongs to the people in the form of legislation, that is, citizens have the right to manage state affairs and exercise power legally. 3. International law is the cornerstone of the development of human society. 4. The international community should adhere to the principles of open, equal, and non-ideological multilateralism, jointly respond to global challenges and threats, strive to maintain the authority of the multilateral system, improve the effectiveness of the multilateral system, and improve the global governance system. Maintain peace and strategic stability, promote the development of human civilization, and ensure that all countries enjoy the fruits of development on an equal footing.

It’s not complicated, but it’s actually the revival of the land power state. Some theories are always old, but they are better, such as McKinder’s World Island. China and Russia have to unite. It is very likely that China, Russia, Europe and India will have to unite, because each other’s expansion on the Eurasian continent has reached its limit. Really let China annex Southeast Asia, Russia annex Central Asia, EU annex Balkans, and India annex Pakistan. Guess what these four brothers are doing? Ability to be sick. Having entered modern society, the powerful countries would rather be scumbags. Resources, trade, and cheap labor are needed, and the management agency keeps the social governance of education, governance, and security, and says goodbye. Regardless of whether C is born. This is called the limit of expansion. You no longer want to increase your own social governance costs. Your own nationals have already made you very irritable. You are thirsty for growth and look for markets everywhere, whether it is our manufacturing capacity or Lao Maozi’s energy. Therefore, these four brothers must cooperate with each other basically. Russia’s industrial decline, the EU’s negative interest rates, China’s overcapacity, India’s overpopulation, there is still a way out for cooperation, and mutual fighting can only exacerbate conflicts. Regardless of the fact that the EU has jumped a lot in the past two days, what is it? Something has stopped the China-EU Investment Agreement. In the third quarter of last year, your EU government debt ratio has reached 97.3% (to GDP), and you can’t breathe again. Why does Merkel try to promote China-EU cooperation? People really have the ideal of Greater Europe (approximately equal to Greater Germany), and they are looking for transactions and assets everywhere to assign value to the euro (new mark). Moreover, the cooperation of these four companies is not enough, and they have to jointly expand their respective spheres of influence. China wants Southeast Asia, the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific economy, Russia wants pricing power in the international energy market, the European Union wants investment access in global emerging markets, India wants…India, as long as it invests at this stage, it does not yet have that ambitious goal. Who owns the things that China, Russia and Europe want? In the hands of the most powerful sea power country, the American emperor. At the peak, there were nearly 3,000 overseas military bases, and now there are nearly 800 covering 70 countries, controlling the world’s major trade and logistics channels, mastering a large number of raw material pricing rights, and controlling the market access of a large number of countries, the United States. Taiying counts, anyhow, there are 145 overseas military bases in 42 countries, the afterglow of the empire. Adding this family background and the American imperial’s, it’s still very scary. In the real situation, for Yusanjia (India a little bit later), it is a math problem that is not related to the ideological feathers. Why does China always invest in East and South Africa, while showing some restraint in some countries in West Africa? Because France has soldiers in Ivory Coast, Gabon and Senegal; why can France always talk about the US imperialism’s Middle East policy? Because France has a garrison in the UAE. Without France, how can your EU have the basic courage to invest in Iran and make Paris and Frankfurt the “EU new financial center”? But, the shackles on the Yusanjia (held in the hands of the U.S. Emperor) are quite heavy. With NATO and SWIFT (International Settlement System) in place, long live the EU if it can achieve factual neutrality. As for the stinking remarks in order to cater to the US imperialism, yes; Russia is still lying on the Soviet heritage, but Putin and the Slavists have tried their best to preserve a basic board. The east did not sign the post-World War II peace treaty with Japan, the west did not loosen the East Uzbekistan, and the south was still working hard to counter Turkey, which was considered to have achieved a lot of local advantages when resources were scarce. Although the whole is still in decline…it is really China that can significantly break through the shackles in some parts, and the US imperialism that has held back the Western Pacific “has 70% of China.” We have become the most hopeful link in the chain of blockade of the world island by sea power nations. If it is better, it may be the “beginning of the beginning”. Therefore, China and Russia, which are the most independent, must stand together. This is in line with the most basic national interests of both parties. By expressing a clear attitude of non-confrontation between China and Russia and a strong willingness to cooperate, it can stabilize the eastern part of the world island and set a good example for Europe, which is gagged and bound by tortoise shells. Brother, you have to insist on factual neutrality. We know that your chain is tight, but you have to understand that the three major sectors of Russia, Europe, China and Europe can no longer be confronted and consumed, and you can’t afford to consume China and Russia. The fact that Europe is neutral in fact means that we have more investment and technology transfer, and our pressure is less; when Europe reduces NATO’s investment in East Uzbekistan, the pressure on the old man can also be less. If the U.S. imperialism wants to make up for these lazy places in Europe, the pressure on the U.S. imperialism will continue to increase. Regardless of whether it is the expansion of the U.S. Empire, or the allies and servants who lie down for money, in short, the cost of the U.S. Empire on the edge of the world island must rise and exceed the benefits as much as possible. Can withstand the high-frequency and low-intensity seesaw, without triggering a local war in the Sino-Russian economic hinterland, and finally break the US imperial contract, even if it is an epic victory. It is not easy, but fate has turned to this page in history, and we can only hold our breath.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

No permanent friends, only permanent interests. Without benefits, it is meaningless to talk about alliances. Whether China-Russia relations are good or not depends not only on China and Russia, but also on the United States. As long as there are more terrifying enemies, let alone the alliance between China and Russia, the alliance between China, the United States and Russia is also possible. Wasn’t fascism the biggest enemy in World War II? It is precisely because of fascism that the capitalist United States and Britain can form an alliance with the socialist Soviet Union. Of course, Sino-Russian relations are not allies, and an accurate statement should be a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. The meaning of “cooperation” refers to the strategic coordination between major powers. It also emphasizes the mutual benefit and win-win situation between the two countries. At the same time, China and Russia are also cooperating and helping in military technology and other aspects. In the context of China, Sino-US relations are a constructive and cooperative relationship. It is called “constructive” because China and the United States are building a “new type of relationship between major powers.” Although the two sides have differences and frictions, they are both working hard to carry out constructive cooperation. The Sino-Japanese relationship is called a strategic relationship of mutual benefit. So far, Japan has not really entered China’s “partner” sequence. The China-Pakistan relationship is called an all-weather strategic partner, which is a higher-level friendly relationship. There is only one country, Pakistan. As long as the United States is hostile to China or Russia, another country will inevitably play a check and balance role. The reason is simple. China and Russia cannot stand alone against the United States and its allies. But if China and Russia unite, this can be done. There is an old saying in China called “Lip die, tooth cold”, which means this. Of course, the United States has many allies. However, allies are like two sides of a coin. They can help you, but they can also drag you down. There is also a saying in China called “Encircle Wei and Save Zhao”. National strategy is a very important subject. The United States inherited the balanced diplomacy of the United Kingdom, Russia inherited the offensive diplomacy of the Slavs, and China inherited the harmonious diplomacy. The foreign policies of the world’s major powers have basically not changed. This kind of diplomatic strategy has been studied and operated many times before 221 BC in China. The direction of diplomacy is national strategy, and all of this is based on national strength. Power will change, so will diplomatic strategy and national strategy. Many people think that Russia is an ally of China, and I dislike this statement. If several countries become allies and one of them is attacked, the other allies in the alliance will work hard to protect the invaded allies. First of all, let’s get to know the Chinese style of doing things. The Chinese are extremely pragmatic people. I once said that in order to achieve the goal, any useful method will be adopted and promoted in the process. Any method that fails to achieve the goal will be considered useless by the Chinese. In China, you often see this situation. Some Chinese pray before Buddha, God, and Allah at the same time. This is simply unacceptable to Westerners. Either you believe in God or you believe in Allah. How can you worship two gods at the same time? Yes, this will really happen frequently in China. Because in the eyes of Chinese people, all religions and gods are equal. The Chinese let God serve others. People with religious beliefs in Western and Middle Eastern countries serve God. I have no intention to offend any religious friend. If there is any offense, I apologize here first. I give this example to say that the Chinese believe in this god, as long as he is useful. If it is not useful, the Chinese will not believe it. This style is very obvious in all areas of China. For example, China today is a socialist country, but it has adopted the good practices of many capitalist countries. If it is a socialist country, why is the market economy so developed? Therefore, in the eyes of Westerners, the Chinese model is basically a freak. But it is precisely this kind of freak that can enable China not only to have socialist intervention and mobilization capabilities, but also to give full play to the advantages of the capitalist market economy. Therefore, this system is very useful for China. The Chinese gave this peculiar system a name, “The Road of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.” Today, China’s development and progress, as well as the hostility of neighboring countries towards China, are all manifestations of China’s strength. Second, how does China embody this pragmatism in diplomacy? According to the characteristics of the Chinese, when necessary, China will form alliances. China has not formed an alliance now, but the current situation determines that it is best for China not to form an alliance. China’s foreign policy is flexible and pragmatic. Having allies is not necessarily a good thing. The covenant is a restriction on every country. Allies are a boost, and sometimes a resistance. In China’s self-defense counterattack against Vietnam, the large-scale war lasted only one month, from February 17 to March 16, 1979. However, the low-intensity war between China and Vietnam lasted for 10 years. It was not until the 1990s that the war ended completely. Why is this so? Because the international environment at that time was the end of the Cold War, the Soviet military power reached its peak. In order to counterbalance the Soviet Union, the United States established diplomatic relations with China. China’s task is to contain the Soviet Union. The Sino-Soviet war lasted only one month. The purpose was to tell Vietnam that China was capable of winning. Subsequently, China completely withdrew its troops and told Vietnam that the reason for China’s war was for peace, not for blood feud. But at that time, Vietnam still had a considerable number of elite troops stationed in Hanoi. Vietnam still thinks it can go northward to invade. Therefore, for China, facing Vietnam, the primary purpose is to contain Vietnam. Rather than complete conquest. If China continues to launch large-scale wars, the end result will be that China will not be able to develop at all. The Soviet Union will even threaten China in the South. Therefore, China’s approach is low-intensity artillery warfare. First, Vietnam is always at war; second, China can develop with peace of mind; third, Vietnam will continue to request support from the Soviet Union, because it is an ally, the Soviet Union will continue to support Vietnam. However, no matter how the Soviet Union supports Vietnam, Vietnam cannot beat China. And this kind of support will drag the Soviet Union into a war quagmire that does not belong to him. In this process, the more the Soviet Union supports, the greater the Soviet Union’s losses. But since it was already an ally, the Soviet Union could not give up halfway. In this case, the alliance had a negative impact on the Soviet Union. From this perspective, it is very beneficial to both China and the United States. This is a flexible and pragmatic foreign policy. How does the United States need to defend its allies? The prerequisite for the existence of allies is a common threat. If this threat does not exist, then the meaning of alliances does not exist. The purpose of NATO’s emergence is to contain the Soviet Union. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Western countries still feel uneasy about the huge Russia. Then NATO still needs to exist. However, after the Cold War, there was no huge conflict between the big powers. The United States still needs to maintain this huge alliance. The reason is simple. The United States itself is in the Western Hemisphere, and the Eurasian continent is the center of the world. In order to consolidate the hegemony of the United States, the United States must have deep intervention capabilities in Asia and Europe. Therefore, the United States must need allies. The cost of maintaining allies is huge. Allies themselves are political and military actions and cannot directly bring huge economic benefits. In other words, even if the United States has many allies, the United States cannot completely prevent these countries from trading with China. This is why many US allies have attacked China on diplomatic occasions, but they are still willing to deepen economic and trade relations with China. From a Chinese perspective, China can do business and make money under this international system. From the perspective of the United States, in order to maintain this alliance, the United States needs to continue to consume. So the Trump administration asked allies to pay for his military expenses. Because this expense is too big. Is the meaning of allies important today? Whether allies are important depends on the country’s current political needs. For example, if China really wants to compete with the United States for world hegemony, then China will surely set off an alliance movement. Not only will it form alliances, but it will also often send troops to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. Even China will establish a puppet government around. But at present, China has not done so. At present, China’s goal is to build and develop with all its strength. Under such circumstances, if China forms an alliance, it will further stimulate the United States, make neighboring countries uneasy, and make confrontation the mainstream of diplomacy. If allies are interfered by armed forces, China will have to send troops. This is completely inconsistent with China’s current goals. Therefore, the Chinese will not blindly form alliances. Therefore, China’s current diplomatic requirement is to maintain good relations with important countries. For example, Russia is an important partner of China, but Russia will not ask China to help him, nor will China ask Russia to help China. This is not because the relationship between the two countries is not good, but because it will be more flexible.

6 months ago

This statement means that China and Russia have set their own basic foreign strategies after each round of contacts and trials with the new US government. To apply military terminology is to make a political “leadership determination”: to continue to consolidate the alliance, persist in the struggle against the United States, and never bow to knees. Before the Americans played the Russian protest march cards, or the Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and WW cards of China, they did not achieve the so-called “beating” effect they had imagined. On the contrary, they strengthened the will of China and Russia to fight. Let’s interpret one by one: 1. All human rights are universal, indivisible, and interrelated. The Chinese and Russians are also human beings. The right to survival and development of the Chinese and Russians are the most important human rights. This is the same as the people of the world, especially the Americans. China and Russia do not recognize the superior status and priority of the United States on human rights issues. It is further derived from this that the United States has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of human rights issues. 2. Democracy is one of the achievements of human development. Its symbol is to ensure that power belongs to the people in the form of legislation, that is, citizens have the right to manage state affairs and exercise power legally. The Chinese government and the Russian government are collective choices made by the Chinese and Russian people in accordance with the specific national conditions of their respective countries. They are also the crystallization of democracy and have full governance legitimacy. China and Russia do not recognize the ideological superiority of American democracy, nor do they intend to invite the American “teacher” home. It is further derived from this that the United States has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of freedom and democracy. 3. International law is the cornerstone of the development of human society. The United States is the destroyer of international law. It is the country that has launched wars and caused the most humanitarian disasters in the world today. The actions of China and Russia are merely correcting the damage caused by the United States’ wanton and reckless actions in the past few decades. Righteousness lies with me. 4. The international community should adhere to the principles of open, equal, and non-ideological multilateralism, jointly respond to global challenges and threats, strive to maintain the authority of the multilateral system, improve the effectiveness of the multilateral system, and improve the global governance system. Maintain peace and strategic stability, promote the development of human civilization, and ensure that all countries enjoy the fruits of development on an equal footing. China and Russia do not recognize the “U.S. exceptionalism” or that the U.S. has “international political law enforcement power.” China and Russia will jointly carry the banner of revising the existing international political, economic, and military systems, and confront the US “liberal” hegemony (global blood sucking). All countries and nations that agree with the Sino-Russian ideals, have the courage and strength to get rid of the exploitation of the Anglo-Saxon world empire, please come together to form a “community with a shared future for mankind”. All in all, China and Russia once again jointly reiterated their position at the Anchorage talks: the “peace” under the Stars and Stripes that has lasted thirty years since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, this era should be over! China and Russia do not intend to replace the United States as the new world hegemony, but are the necessary forces to check and balance the United States. The world order should return to the right track of the United Nations Charter. In fact, the Americans have responded to the determination of China and Russia at an extremely fast speed. The recent changes in the European Union and Japan are part of their counterattack. After all, he is the current overlord, and he will come back to his senses immediately after a moment of loss, so he should not be underestimated. (The situation in Europe is still rapidly deteriorating. I can’t tell the successor to Merkel. The position within the EU is turning to the United States. This may be the reason why Russia finally gave up trying to coordinate the position between Russia and Europe.) Having said that, the flags are all illuminated, and a full-scale contest on the table is inevitable. The desperate contest between China, Russia and the United States (and the half-hearted old Europe in the worst case) is indeed unpredictable at present. But being afraid is useless, and surrendering is even more stupid. In this contest, China and Russia can only not be rushed and rushed to each other, regardless of the temporary gains and losses of one city or place, not underestimating the enemy’s aggressive advancement or cowardly avoiding, success is success if it is stable and not collapsed. To say something vulgar: People from China and Russia still have such a backbone!

6 months ago

The State News Agency has already focused on the joint statement: 1. All human rights are universal, indivisible, and interrelated. They oppose the politicization of human rights issues, and abandon the use of human rights issues to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and double standards. 2. Citizens have the right to manage state affairs and exercise power legally. There is no uniform standard for the democratic model. Interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign countries under the pretext of “promoting democracy” is unacceptable. 3. All countries, without exception, should firmly maintain the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law. The world’s major powers, especially the permanent members of the UN Security Council, should strengthen mutual trust and take the lead in safeguarding international law and the international order based on international law. 4. Dialogue should become the basic way of handling international affairs. The international community should unite without division, and cooperate without confrontation. (Source: Xinhua News Agency) Generally speaking, the central idea of ​​the joint statement is the same as the keynote of Director Yang’s speech after China and the United States turned back a few days ago. In summary, they are: 1. Human rights issues should not be politicized, double standards, or reliance. For the dirty water of Pojiang Bay, it is true that human rights issues are not clean in Europe and America; 2. Do not impose the so-called democratic standards of Europe and America on China and Russia. Europe and the United States themselves do not follow strict standards, especially the United States. It is simply unsightly; 3. Although the United Nations and the existing international system have limited functions, they can bring everyone together to negotiate. Do not think that Europe and the United States can not do whatever they want in the United Nations to abandon the United Nations and establish another; 4. Negotiate as much as possible Resolve and avoid disagreements and conflicts from expanding. Although the dishes on the table are not satisfactory, it is better than lifting the table. It can be said that the Sino-US talks are equivalent to China’s use of the US platform to announce the bottom line, and the joint statement is China’s announcement of the next step in the world governance system, which is equivalent to erecting a new beacon at a time when the US imperial lighthouse is precarious. Looking at the international situation in recent years, it has become more and more like the Eastern Zhou Dynasty at 10 times the speed. The United Nations is comparable to the Zhou royal family and the American emperor is like the Zhou emperor (I made a metaphor that goes against the ancestors). The world value) and the right to formulate and interpret Zhou rituals (international rules). The titles of all princes must be awarded by the emperor Zhou (the international role of each country is positioned by the United States). However, with the rise of all princes and the decline of the Zhou Kingdom, everyone found that Zhou Tianzi didn’t care about etiquette and order, but only his pocketbook. The Chuan Emperor’s priority policy of the US emperor and a series of large-scale attacks are comparable to the destruction of Zhou Tianzi’s authority status when the three branches were promoted. Originally, when Biden was elected, the US empire and the international community had a great sense of prosperity. However, the situation in the U.S. empire is severe and internal conflicts are huge, and something urgently needs to be done to divert attention. Therefore, China and Russia have become excellent targets. Coupled with the public opinion of the U.S. imperialism against China and Russia, Biden can only Continuation of Chuanhuang’s policy continues to press. However, after so many years of squeezing, the strategic space for China and Russia to retreat is very small. The aggressiveness of the US imperialism completely binds China and Russia together and pushes them on opposite sides, so the Guilin Alliance is here. The issuance of the joint statement is to declare the world: the universal value of American imperialism is hypocritical, the beacon of American imperialism is no longer bright, the developing countries of the world must unite to resist the exploitation of American imperialism! In the future, China will, like Yan’an, become the holy land in the hearts of the vast number of developing countries, leading everyone to break the hegemony of the US imperialism and establish a new world order. Now, China and Russia have already fought against the hegemony of the US imperialism!

6 months ago

Article by article translation: 1. All human rights are universal, indivisible and interrelated. The United States first wiped the Mi Gong behind its arms. You have not solved the problem of black people in your own country. You have hiccuped more than 500,000 due to the epidemic in the United States, and the basic life safety of the people cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you are not qualified to blame others. It is said that the United States has earmarked funds for subversive operations in other countries. We have not supported the black affirmative movement for many years. 2. Democracy is one of the achievements of human development. Its symbol is to ensure that power belongs to the people in the form of legislation, that is, citizens have the right to manage state affairs and exercise power legally. You are beautifully known as one person, one vote, but tens of millions of people are not registered as voters, abandoned alive, and died in mass graves. It’s not a real dish. Besides, your US consortium and media tycoons rigged the election. Has long since been separated from the people’s foundation. Choosing to choose is to choose between the two to play. Election is a political show. 3. International law is the cornerstone of the development of human society. Youmei’s international code of conduct based on the rules set by yourself is nonsense. We don’t have to accept it. 4. The international community should adhere to the principles of open, equal, and non-ideological multilateralism, jointly respond to global challenges and threats, strive to maintain the authority of the multilateral system, improve the effectiveness of the multilateral system, and improve the global governance system. Willingly go its own way and engage in unilateralism, one will sanction this, and the other will sanction that. We are firmly opposed.

6 months ago

In the next few years, the outlines of the two “orders” and the two major systems will gradually become clear globally. The most critical part of this China-Russian foreign ministers’ meeting appeared in the press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today: Wang Yi stated that the so-called “rules-based international order” of a few countries is unclear and reflects the opinions of a few countries. Rules do not represent the will of the international community. What we want to uphold is universally recognized international law. China is willing to work with Russia to further strengthen cooperation within the multilateral frameworks of the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and BRICS countries, jointly defend multilateralism, safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law, and firmly oppose it. Unilateral sanctions and interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Lavrov said that…The current international situation is becoming increasingly complex, and Western countries are unscrupulous in maintaining their leading position. Russia and China should further deepen coordination and cooperation in the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS, APEC and other multilateral institutions, and work with like-minded countries to safeguard international fairness and justice, and uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. The two sides should jointly oppose the use of social networks by external forces to interfere in the internal affairs of the two countries. This statement couldn’t be more clear. China and Russia have put the so-called “international order” of the United States back on his face. In the future, China and Russia will not only “carry the flag” on the international stage, but also plan their territory. If the old Biden’s foreign policy continues in this way, there will be a high probability that a system dominated by China + Russia on one side, with a large number of third world countries, will appear in the world. The main stage of this system is the United Nations and Shanghai. Cooperation, BRICS and APEC. Among these organizations, there are China and Russia. Although some organizations also have Europe and the United States, China and Russia, together with a large number of developing countries, can account for the majority. And this system safeguards the development interests of most countries. On the other side is the U.S.-led system. The main stages of this system are Five Eyes, G7, NATO, Quad, and perhaps D10, which the U.S. is wooing. The core of these “small and fine” organizations is the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan, and there may be other European countries. These circles the United States can dominate, and the participating countries have similar concepts, and they safeguard the interests of a few countries and individual races. The site has been drawn up and the flag bearer has been determined. In the future, the two systems will surely engage in fierce debates on some core concepts related to international politics. In fact, the Sino-Russian foreign ministers’ joint statement has already pointed out several-“human rights” and ” “Democracy”, “International Law”, “International Order”, “Multilateralism”. In the past, Western countries, led by the United States, monopolized the interpretation of these words, and could use this as a reason to sanction others everywhere. After this era is gone, the two camps will interpret these concepts separately and engage in fierce confrontation. The Chinese people said in Alaska a few days ago-“Most countries in the world do not recognize that the value of the United States is an international value. If they do not recognize the U.S., what they say is international public opinion, and they do not recognize that the rules made by a few countries are international rules.” , Is the beginning of the new era. This competition may last for more than ten years or even decades. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. In the end, who can win the power of interpretation of these concepts does not lie in who has the loudest voice, but who develops better and who can win more approval and support. The curtain of a new era is about to begin, and I believe history will be on our side.

6 months ago

Basically, it echoes the content of the China-US 2+2 talks. 1. Care about the well-being of people all over the world and protect the human rights of every race. Oppose Zheng Zhihua on human rights issues. 2. Democracy is pluralistic. Democracy in the United States and Europe is not the standard answer, and there is no reason to copy. We must repeat this thing, repeat it, tell it to our own people, and tell it to people all over the world. Our core values ​​also advocate democracy, and our democracy can also enable our people to live a good life. Since the May Fourth Movement, we have introduced Mr. De and Mr. Sai. Since then, no Chinese have opposed democracy. Let us not be deceived by Western discourse. Voting politics is not completely equal to democracy. 3. International law is the universal international rule. The international rules of modern society are international law under the framework of the United Nations and various international codes of conduct derived from it. It is also funny to say that the United States is one of the sponsors of the United Nations and the country that has benefited most from the United Nations framework in more than half a century. Now it is our turn to maintain the order of the United Nations. 4. International dialogue should be equal and open. This is no problem for us, but if it is the American emperor, it will definitely not be used to it. We have always treated people as equals, and sometimes we are humbled too much. Now we can adjust the angle of bending and straighten up. But it will be difficult for the American emperor to change. The U.S. emperor used to lean back. He usually looks at people through his nostrils. Now if you want him to bow down and wait for others, it will probably be very uncomfortable. Why do I have to get involved with the American imperialism with such a statement? In fact, it’s easy to understand. This statement is obviously aimed at poking the U.S. emperor’s lungs. Now the American emperor is hurriedly looking for allies to deal with us. We can wait for others equally. If the American emperor raises his head to treat others, who will follow him? If you don’t feel harsh in the ordinary time, when it comes to your ally’s ears, it will probably change. If you turn your head, you might just play with the rabbit.

6 months ago

Translation: 1. The racist status quo in the United States and some European countries is an unavoidable fact. This is a big issue that violates human ethics. 2. It is wrong for the United States to frequently intervene in other countries’ internal affairs on the grounds of advancing democracy. We must unite and resolutely combat this evil! 3. Times have changed. The United States is no longer the global leader. The current global leader is the United Nations, and the code of conduct for global countries is international law! 4. From now on, we advocate and practice a multi-polar world and oppose a unipolar world. This is also the wish of all countries!

6 months ago

First, conventionally, the enemy’s enemy can be a friend. The United States has also been poking at Russia recently, but we don’t care much about it. Second, uniting the neighbors is a gesture, including the news heard in the news and North Korea is also sending out the same signal. What does that mean? It means that not only are we bickering, we are still rolling up our sleeves. It is even said that Beijing has begun to prepare for a rehearsal of nuclear prevention and control. There is no one-sided defense. We are all prepared for the mushroom, and you can figure it out. Third, in the final analysis, although the Democratic Party is reactionary in its bones, after all, its footing is not stable. I think this attitude of bombarding mosquitoes is mainly for other countries. After all, for two nuclear countries, it is not impossible to throw mushrooms into the sea at the last second, and then sneered, “We are amusing everyone. The main atmosphere is too tense. If you want to be active, the jokes are all jokes!” It’s all wet. Then, it is easy to clean up one by one. The mushroom is just an analogy, don’t raise it. In short, China does not have an opinion on the United States, it is a sworn enemy, okay? You will not complain about the enemy and have extravagant hopes, you can only value respect and vigilance, and learn from the enemy. What China has complaints about is the recent one after another. To borrow the words of the ambassador to France, “little chick”, these goods need to be cleaned up. Show off your muscles, if you can’t be scared, you count me as losing.

6 months ago

The United States has played this double standard for decades, but China has rarely responded positively before. In most cases, it is nothing more than two points: 1. Cooperation between the two countries is greater than struggle. China is a global system formulated by the United States. 2. The United States firmly believes that China will evolve on its own like the Soviet Union, and its China policy is mainly carrots. However, today is different. What happened in 2020 has made the United States realize that the probability of a peaceful evolution of China is about equal to the resurrection of the Soviet Union, and its China policy has become the mainstay. The current level of unity within China is the highest in the past 20 years, and it is also ready to stand on the top of the mountain. It was a good idea to be a vice president in your American company, but now you are picking things up every day, the big deal is that I quit my job and start a business. Posted 1 hour ago

6 months ago

One judgment: The world has entered a period of turbulent change. Two oppositions: oppose interference in China under the guise of human rights; oppose interference in Russia under the guise of democracy. Two safeguards: safeguard international law; safeguard multilateral cooperation. Interpreting the two objections shows that China and Russia will fight back to back against the United States. The two safeguards show the international propositions of China and Russia. A judgment indicates that any change may happen next. This Sino-Russian statement is similar to the Ma Yi’s plan, and may not be able to converge the United States, but it is another sign of the transformation of offensive and defensive powers in the East. Similar signs include “looking at the world head-up” and “Chinese people don’t eat this set.” Coupled with a “double cycle of internal and external”, the current international situation and our rabbit’s strategy are very clear: the rabbits with rich wealth + sharp teeth and claws can no longer hide in the grass, the policy of keeping a low profile and biding time ends, and making a difference becomes the main theme; In the big test of the epidemic, the rabbit showed strong mobilization ability, coordination ability, judgment ability, and recovery ability, which not only attracted the attention of Europe and the United States, but also refreshed the national perception of the country. The national confidence has greatly increased, so there is a “head-up view of the world.” The argument. The way for Europe and the United States to engage in color revolutions in China is dead.

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