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It’s really hard to settle, I want to rewrite the ending. The real Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing can support each other in life and death. Old Wen will tell Asu about his suspended animation plan, and ask Asu to give himself a chance to end his old things. Don’t intervene if you have no other choice; Asu will be on the cliff. Waiting at the end, when Old Wen Quan’s tail fell down, the two looked at each other and smiled. Asu still has a long time to live, and Axiang’s wedding will not be so hasty. Before that, the old warm protector, Da Wu removed the seven orifices and three autumn nails, and Asu regained his strength. The two sit in Ghost Valley together to suppress the ghost crowd. At the same time, Aunt Luo and Qianqiao have been preparing for A Xiang’s dowry, sewing a very beautiful wedding gown for A Xiang. Mom and Dad are all well, Ghost Valley has subsided, and Axiang’s wedding is almost ready. Aunt Luo and Qianqiao out of the valley, they all had a truly joyous wedding in the picturesque Four Seasons Villa. At the wedding, Ye Baiyi came to eat and drink, and Mo Huaiyang and King Xie also came. He slapped his son-in-law in the palm of his hand, but because the witch had the medicine that hanged his life for half a decade, the son-in-law did not die. In their heyday, Asu, Lao Wen, and Ye Baiyi saved everyone, and the witch finally saved the son-in-law through a dangerous situation. . King Scorpion killed Mo Huaiyang and got all the keys he thought. When opening the arsenal, both old Wen Asu and Ye Baiyi were there. They caused an avalanche when the skylight and the poisonous scorpion got together and killed Duan and Xie’er. From then on, the skylight and the poisonous scorpion were hit hard. Everyone thought that the key was in hand, but the avalanche buried all the secrets. In the days to come, there will be a group of people, Asu old Wen Axiang son-in-law Luo Qianqiao Chengling Xiaopian, after so much suffering and tribulation, they can accompany each other and lead an ordinary and stable life. Asu and Lao Wen in the parallel world have so many lovely people, they must live well. I won’t talk about other slots, just ask, Ye Baiyi’s transfer function saves Asu, so why should it be transferred to Wen Kexing first? Ye Baiyi Wen Kexing (Ye Baiyi died) Zhou Zishu (Wen Kexing died), then why didn’t Ye Baiyi save Zhou Zishu directly? Have to go through Wen Kexing again? Ok? Is it to bring Wen Kexing’s anger? ? ? “After looking at the cast, none of the first ten characters ended up well except for the silly apprentice. They are indeed the starting point, and the death of the whole family is a standard feature. Screenwriter, you are awesome. The first 28 episodes and the last 8 episodes of this show The gap is so big that I even think it was not written by a single person.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

In fact, I think it’s very good, echoing before and after, people can’t set it down! Zhou Zishu “lived as a joke” and Wen Kexing “untimely” 12 “doesn’t make sense”; 27 “guess”; 32 “save you,” these three phrases are indispensable. So I unilaterally announced that Ling has only 32 episodes. At this moment, “I know you” is more moving than “I love you”. Old Wen was beaten down the cliff, and Asu retaliated and died. “A gentleman is a confidant”, that’s great.

8 months ago

I just want to say that if you really don’t change it, just shoot it as a novel.
The screenwriter of this play was supposed to talk about knowing and cherishing each other and redeeming each other, but the “lone dream” written by Zhou Zishu and Zhang Zhehan sang like a dream of him alone.
If Zhou Zishu has a confidant, it should be Zhang Zhehan.

8 months ago

I watched the show Easter Eggs and I sincerely loved it, and sincerely scolded it. I still understand that the screenwriters have no intentions, and the later plots are sparsely written, and it is the collapse of the human design. As a plot party, I cannot accept it. So I skipped the final 4 episodes and watched the last 7 minutes. I am relieved. The final atmosphere is very illusory. The lighting is clear and cold, and it feels more like a pair of old urchins on the top of a snow-capped mountain. It is more like Zhou Zishu’s teaching apprentices. Wen Kexing’s rebuttal voice came from fantasy ears. The silhouette couldn’t be seen clearly in the backlight, so he stared at the phantom for a few seconds, he smiled lightly, and then they played together like the younger generation they pointed out. At a moment in life, they suddenly recalled their childhood. In the cold sunlight of the Ain Snow Mountain, two seniors taught their own past, and then suddenly smiled. This imaginary and real dialogue is not like what is really happening in the current time and space at the current point in time. Do you say this is he? I don’t think it counts, because that period of time, it has passed away with the wind, these two people, you don’t know if they are still in the world. When it comes to the end, I don’t know how deep Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu’s love are. I don’t know if they have the hurdle of past confidant in their hearts, but I suddenly forgive these two characters. The two of them tasted and recollected by themselves, let their younger generations guess at the end of life, and smile with nostalgia. Also, I felt a little sad and warm, Zhen Yan followed Zhou Zishu back to the world, and then Zhou Zishu stayed away with Wen Kexing. I won’t go to make up the episodes I haven’t watched anymore, just let Tianyake and Shanheling, two Zhou Zishu from the two rivers and lakes, and two Wen Kexing from the two rivers and lakes all go with the wind. They are from beginning to end, but a period of rivers and lakes. Past events. The wind blows and blows, and the memory slowly blows away. After another one, how many people still remember. The rivers and lakes are far away, it is rare in this life.

8 months ago

I knew that there were questions before comparing Shanhe Ling and Xianjian. I remembered that the ghost king of Xianyihuo asked Li Xiaoyao to choose between Zhao Ling’er and Lin Yueru. Li Xiaoyao chose Lin Yueru and said that he owed her, and then said to Ling’er, I will accompany you to death. Li Axiang died. Wen Kexing said that he would go to accompany Axiang. In the end, Wen Kexing had white hair and left Zhou Zishu to live alone… That’s why Zhou Zishu was the one who “has been very quiet.” The person who watched it had a headache — after all, it was reduced to a bloody romantic drama. For a moment, I thought I was watching the two or three things of Dongfang Girl & Young Master Linghu filmed by Yu Ma. It turns out that you have never Never believed in me. Episode 33 Zhou Zishu’s expression, can you see the joy of losing and regaining? What I saw was disappointment. With Zhou Zishu’s intellect, I must have known Wen Kexing’s plan in an instant, so I was disappointed. You might as well be disappointed. Like the arrogant Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng, both of them went to death in a cool manner, so they can be called a confidant.

8 months ago

There is nothing to say, the easter egg is just like watching a loneliness. Zhou Zishu has a flat background, not to mention those deep analysis. There are not many audiences who can analyze the characters deeply. It feels like watching the drama directly. Asu is used to set off Wen Kexing. Of course, it has nothing to do with the actor. I like Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun. I hope that Zhang Zhehan’s lower drama will be released soon. I look forward to the new drama and have a better show space for myself.

8 months ago

It was Zhuang Zhou who dreamed of butterflies. You were a gift and a catastrophe. Li Bai was drunk. You were lonely and melancholy. It was Jing Ke who stabbed Qin. A generation of kings and a generation of kings and a generation of kings and their names was a disaster for the country. Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains seemed to be squandered and Yuhuan stopped. Qu, no one understands the pipa language anymore, Han Xin put down the gun, you are fate and wounded, Wukong became a Buddha, when you fall, the devil is the king With arrows, this life is destined to be difficult to meet, but the story has ended, and there will be no mountains and rivers ever since.

8 months ago

After all, Zhang Zhehan is to blame. As long as he doesn’t empathize with Zhou Zishu from start to finish, and completes the work of the tool man with facial paralysis, everyone will not feel that the ending is a problem. After all, most people watching dramas don’t care much about logic. To be honest, the logic problem of “Langya Bang” is not small, but it does not prevent it from being a good drama. It happened that he played this role with blood and tears. His tragic eyes and a few lonely backs instantly collapsed the seemingly huge but empty building constructed by the screenwriter. The screenwriter probably didn’t expect that he had already weakened Zhou Zishu as much as possible to prevent the audience from empathizing with him. The actor still made a bloody road with his acting skills and even destroyed the building he built.

8 months ago

I think there is no need to argue that he or be, especially the logic. People who think he thinks there are too many slots for be, and those who think be think there are too many slots for he. Really, when the screenwriter wrote that Qi Min Yaoshu has flown side by side with the sun, I think it would be a bit funny for us to discuss logic. Regardless of he or be, the plot has collapsed in the later period. Anyway, the screenwriter always adheres to the principle that as long as I don’t explain the reason, you can help my brain to make up for it, and press my brain on the ground repeatedly. Friction, even if you are restricted by gd to leave the ending in the easter egg, but you gave me four minutes of mv to fool your father? ? ? Anyway, I didn’t say anything that I should explain, good guys, bad girls, should you blame them? I was really sad. I wanted to give it a star on Douban several times, but I still couldn’t bear it. I have never seen it before. Starting from today, I’m going to learn how to learn embedded, and I won’t reply to you anymore. I hope my sisters will forget this when they feel uncomfortable. After all, more important things are still in sight. Okay, hurry up, labor and management are going to study hard, the eight-year-old rotten girl has retired, and she is silly for me, good guy, I’m just a good guy, I suggest that the protagonist in the first episode is dead, and then recruit 5 Beep station up master, I will cut out the remaining 35 episodes of memory kills for you in two days. This is called low-cost production, okay? I’m afraid it’s not on demand for five episodes of Beep Station, which has a double-digit playback volume, good guys, water-infused pork doesn’t have such watery features. I put some glass slag in my mouth and said it’s sugar. It’s me. The most forceful he I’ve ever seen depends on the fans’ self-brainwashing. If you really can hypnotize yourself so much, go to the beep station, that group of editing is full of tricks, you want everything, and the cut makes you wonder if there is a back door, how to pass the review, I am the first time this person has watched domestically produced changes. At eight o’clock, the old rot girls have been in the Thai rot, Japanese rot, and Korean rot circles for many years. The reason why I don’t touch the domestic rot is because I particularly hate the vigorous behavior of making sugar without sugar. I can’t just throw my brain away while watching the show. My brain tells me that this is obviously not in line with the character’s motives. This leads everyone to think it’s sugar and I think it’s glass slag. Everyone thinks that there is an easter egg that is he. I think it’s not. Be washed. From the various preparations in the early stage until the moment Zhou Zishu opened his eyes, be has been nailed, the kind of egg may be my brain told me, only the eight-year-old rotten girl in the dream was afraid, and Tanmei never touched it again. , I can finally purify the six roots and study hard. Good guys, the two people who thought that life and death go together, the end is indeed, I die, or I die, or I die, don’t you live well? The screenwriter is better if I die, you will feel at ease when I die hahahahahaha, good guy, it was originally a be, just ask you to accept it

8 months ago

1. Why doesn’t the Easter egg explain how Old Wen resurrected? ? You have to explain such a big bug, right? ? ? How the film was taken is very nonsensical! ! ! Make a play with logic! do you understand! ! ! How was the broken muscles and veins rescued? If you call this white space, I laughed angrily. 2. The two tears that Zhang Zhehan shed after covering Gong Jun’s quilt are not beautiful enough. It’s not beautiful enough or painful enough. You should put your emotions out again, with one eye, tears running down your cheeks, a drop, and then surging out, the expression is painful but not hideous. When Zhang Zhehan Wuku saw Gong Jun rushing over, his emotions were not enough and he was still peaceful. Criticizing Zhang Zhehan finally opened his eyes to see the gray-haired expression, not enough shock, not enough distress, and peace. Praising Zhang Zhehan and Dawu Qiye for the crying scene, felt it, and cried well. 3. Gong Jun hugged Zhou and cried in pain. The first few moments were very acting, the traces of the acting were too strong, and there was no sense of substitution at all. At this time, he was very sad, very deliberate, and shouted in the last few times. Xiang Axiang is better when he is h There is no problem with Zhou. It was Gong Jun, and finally in the arsenal, knowing that Zhou Zishu was going to die for him, he was still burying the wrongs, and there was no element of moving. The mood is completely wrong. After you know that your wife is going to die and you are not hiding it from you, even if you know that you have the power of the Liuhe God to save your wife, you should feel distressed, moved, with a trace of blame, plus a leisurely laugh. Gong Jun cannot be blamed for this, the director may not have realized it. Criticize Gong Jun again, the famous scene, there is light on you, I grabbed a look at this famous line, when I reached out and reached out, there was a close-up expression that was very, very, very bad. It was a kind of seduce. His expression, and at this time, Wen Kexing should be frowning, some have just lost a loved one, and the pain of body injuries, but his mouth is slightly smiling, because there is the last light to redeem him, and finally he fainted. It should be a dazed, gradually out of focus look, Gong Jun’s eyes are too focused and too bright to see too clearly. The acting skills are definitely not enough. There are also big problems with the director’s control. This sentence was saved by the dubbing teacher Wang Kai. I can say that the dubbing teacher is awesome. It was Gong Jun. Asu rescued him from Share, and there was a flying action. At this time, Gong Jun’s expression was very peaceful and completely wrong. He was seriously injured. Even if his body is weak, he should frown instead of sleeping. serene. Still here, even if Wen Kexing is seriously injured, he still has to live because there is still A Xu, instead of peacefully saying that I will accompany A Xiang to die, that sentence is very ooc. Because Wen Kexing is actually a very tough person, he must try his best to live in Guigu, and he also has Asu, so he should never say this. In praise of Gong Jun’s last pass-on show, Gong Jun’s eyes were teary, his expression was reluctant and decisive. After saying the last sentence, “Let me do it this time”, the tears in his eyes increased instantly, and his performance was very good! It was the first time that I was touched. The rainy night was a bit touched but not emotional enough. This emotion is better grasped. 4. Brother Cheng Ling knew the crying scene after Master was about to die. It was very, very good. It can be said that the scene with tears in his eyes was what brought him the most, which made people really want to cry. I got into the pit because of Chengling’s acting skills. Really, Sun Xilun can make things happen. 5. At the last moment when Ma Wenyuan was about to be killed, he felt that his eyes were scared. Maybe he knew the plot and didn’t control his expression a bit, instead of the extremely relaxed posture that he got Master’s forgiveness. 6. Wen Kexing must hide the reason for Asu, is it for his health? ? ? Da Wu said that fighting is not allowed, so he can’t even tell him? Are you hiding such a big deal? ? Is Asu unreasonable? You said that if you don’t do it, he must do it? ? I was so distracted by the screenwriter. This logic is not strong enough. I looked up at Xiaochu nada. 7. Why did Ye Baiyi come back to rescue Wen Kexing in time? Then there is still time to pass the gong, is it too late for Wen Kexing to rush to the arsenal when he wakes up? ? Isn’t Asu only three or four days left to live? What is enough for such a short time? So the arsenal was there in five or six hours? ? Summary: Zhang Zhehan did stand still, there are still some minor flaws. Gong Jun has a bigger problem and lacks acting skills. I think the director of this film also has a big problem. Where there is light on your body, Asu stands in backlight, the environment is not dark enough to reflect the redemption of light in the dark, the lens language is not beautiful enough, and the lens language is very single, which is used throughout the play. The play is pretty good.

8 months ago

When it’s hard to stay a teenager, there are always teenagers who come after all, and it’s hard to settle. The most glorious moment in this play was probably the first third, when they carefully tested each other and plucked up the courage to open their hearts. In a few words, it is most touching to see the truth in the ordinary. Didn’t you say that the two-way redemption is nostalgic? But in the end, I only felt distressed for Asu, and old Wen got revenge, questioned the people of the world, and saw the sun again. And Asu was withering from beginning to end, bearing everything alone, and really experienced what Zhang Zhehan said, the four months of loneliness during the filming. He didn’t expect this drama to be popular. After the filming, he would go out to travel, and he had to deliberately forget about Zhou Zishu, because he used to be Zhou Zishu, because Zhou Zishu was really distressing. In an interview, he said that he had finally forgotten this person. Why is it hard to forget, because I am immersed in this role and feel the pain firsthand. Thanks to Gong Jun for bringing us so many handsome old Wen’s highlights, and I want to tell Zhang Zhehan, thank you for bringing the unique Zhou Zishu . There is a mad boy named Wen Kexing in our hearts, waiting for Zhou Zishu who descended from the sky, “leaning forward to redeem me out of the sea of ​​misery.” Passionate people are most ruthless, but ruthless people are really moved. Goodbye arena.

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