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Simply because of anxiety, do you still think you are young? In fact, the biggest post-95s have begun to worry about getting married and having children. They have just graduated, have no work experience, and the ability to support their families. They just entered the society and thought that the best way to gain a foothold in society immediately is to make money. , How can you make money when people around you are so good? 211 can’t do it at 985 University, but those who have internship experience volunteered to work overtime, voluntarily 996, voluntarily accept the trampling of capitalists willingly but also helpless. Perhaps it was the idea that my parents instilled when I was a child to be a master, money is the most important thing we began to think Everything is fake, only when it’s in the wallet, it’s real, so everything has become illusory. Making money has become the truth. Yesterday I talked with a sister of 98 years. I met a very good girl. She was crying on the phone. Yesterday I went back to my hometown and found that my father was ill. So she gave her parents 200,000 yuan. She also just graduated. How much can the intern salary be? She wants to buy a house and a car in Zhengzhou. She can live a good life without relying on her boyfriend. But now, my dream is gone. Actually, as a freshman dog, my income can be considered even among my peers. Basically, I don’t have to rely on my parents for living expenses. But, I think, it’s not enough, it’s not enough, it’s not enough. Just like the lyrics of Jony J said, how can you earn enough? He said that he wanted to earn enough for the afterlife. He said that everything except the pocket is a daydream for you. Someone in the comment section above said that the lyrics are good. Indeed, the lyrics of the song “Slave” are very touching. The original text of the lyrics is as follows. They say that young people should work hard and think more. Don’t stay at home and worry about being crushed by the pressure. If you want to have a meal, just scrape some oil from the back of your ass. The all-powerful opening bricks are all around the world. You have to pile up the bills at least half of the house. How can it be earned? Enough for him to say that he wants to earn enough for the next life, saying that everything except pockets is a daydream. Don’t be dissatisfied with the rich to have benefits. Be led by the nose, and willing to be a slave, chasing fame, and moving your brains and brains. You have to think nicely and obey every instruction of the money. To live, you have to be careful, your face must be accurate, and everything will be done steady. He asks you how much dignity is worth, why are you standing and waiting, just nodding your head. It’s just a waist, or just run with the money, at most, stick a knife in the back and tell you to keep up with who is young and more gold, who is young and more sick, who is more unfortunate than who is on TV, and unfortunate people are more ruthless than who is said I can’t help but say that this is called fate. People who resist fate are always judged. They are said to be sick and become immortal. He opened a new door and then looked at your respected god man! I have never taken you away from the world. Some people like to show off. Some people are unwilling. Some people talk nonsense. Some people like to hear. Some people can do whatever dirty work to get rich. The dream is to count money at home. It’s better not to go out to make money. People don’t care how many lies are told for money. Some kind of people collect black-hearted money. Some kind of people lie down naked. Don’t mess around with the family for money. Some kind of people make milk powder money but sell poison. Some kind of people feel that the family has no money. It made him particularly embarrassed, wanting face and lining, but there is no way to choose both, so he has to go against his conscience and lower his anger, just to earn more gold. The truth is like a slot machine. It is silly and naive to win. In the end, this game is like a slave serving in a secular prison. Can’t afford to lose face, but has no spine. Who is young and more gold, who is young and more sick, who is more unfortunate than who is on TV, and unfortunate people are more ruthless than who is more unforgivable. The heart said that this is called fate. People who resist fate are always judged. They are said to be sick and become immortal. He opened a new door and looked at your respected god man! I have never taken you out of the world. Who is young and more golden, who is young and sick, who is more unhappy than who is on TV, and who is more ruthless than who is more ruthless than who is unlucky to say that this is called fate. Regarding being said to be sick, he has opened a new door and looked at your god man! Never took you out of the world


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Maugham said: “Of course people don’t pursue wealth, but they must have a life that is sufficient to maintain dignity, allow themselves to work unhindered, be generous, be open-minded, and be independent.” It means to make money first, and then talk about enjoyment. . Nowadays, there is nothing better than money to express a person’s achievements. Money can solve 90% of the things around us. It’s not that contemporary young people are all focused on making money, but contemporary young people are under too much pressure and have to concentrate on making money. Renting a house requires money, talking about a girlfriend, buying a house, buying a car, getting married, having a baby, and everything is needed. Most of us are not rich second generations, we need to work hard and struggle ourselves. I came out of the countryside and my parents didn’t have any deposits for the rest of my life. I bought a house in the city with a down payment, a loan of 500,000, and a monthly repayment of 3,000. With a lot of mortgages, there are more than 3,000 car loans every month, plus various living expenses, almost 7,000 to 8,000 yuan a month, can you not work hard to make money? I also hope that I can make a little more money, pay off the loan as soon as possible, and live an easy life without having to bow my head for money. I think I have worked very hard, but look at the people around me who are better than me, they work harder than me. Making money is also a way to realize self-worth. Who doesn’t envy the days of eating and waiting for death? I had no choice but to bite the bullet and say that the days of hard work are more fulfilling. At present, young people are generally very anxious. The parents mentioned above often tell us that if you work hard, you will be admitted to university, but after admission to university, they find that the conditions around them are better than themselves, and they work harder than themselves. It seems that a bachelor’s degree does not have much competitiveness after graduation. The pressure comes from the pressure of employment and the pressure to survive in the city. There is no way to make money and take root in this city first.

8 months ago

This is not a good sign. This may be the opening of the Hong Kong model. In Hong Kong’s urban movies, the one that appears the most is developed and wealthy. If one day there are frequent occurrences of making money, making a fortune, and becoming prosperous in our popular culture, then our ending will become Hong Kong. In addition, in a narrow sense, this is just a sideline demand for young people. Everyone knows that you can’t make a fortune from a part-time job. The harder you work, the more beautiful your boss’s mistress will be. The boss’s sports cars will become more and more, and the house will grow bigger and bigger. Therefore, making money is a belief in order to get rid of the status of being a worker as soon as possible and to gain freedom. If we are not so painful to work, there is no 996, the workplace relationship is not so complicated, and the salary can support us to buy a house and live a normal life, then who would think about making money all day? Everyone does what they like, engages in artistic creation, and studies some unpopular things that they like, right? Making money is the first step determined by young people for a better tomorrow when the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. Many things must be supported by money. There was a saying on the Internet that young people had various hobbies and goals before graduation. After graduation, they became buying a house. After the skyrocketing housing prices, now there is no one to raise money for buying a house. Why did the concept of making money first appeared in Shenzhen? Because the housing prices in Shenzhen are too high and beyond the ability of young people, buying a house has been put on hold. Make money. After you get the money, you will live like a normal person. This is also a kind of severance, abandoning unrealistic illusions, I make money, I do more or less, and I can’t afford a house. As long as I can get money, I still have hope and can live a life that slightly matches my expectations. In fact, this is a behavior that requires vigilance in the development of a healthy country. You can regard it as self-motivated, but it is always a bit strange, because a diversified and vibrant society should not be like this. Young people Being full of creativity should bring something different to the society, not just how to make money. What I’m thinking about now is making money. If everyone is thinking of ways to engage in side business, small business or something, that’s okay, but if crooked ways come in and make money by making money in a gray area, and making money through methods that don’t have sustainable development, By making money through the method of not being able to get on the table, it is only cyberpunk that will eventually usher in. The Kowloon Walled City is everywhere, but the pigeon cage may be a little bigger.

8 months ago

The Chinese nation has spent decades tracing the path of hundreds of years of Western veteran capitalist countries. It has not exported colonization, wars, or slaughter and plunder of the indigenous people. It cannot be said that it is not a miracle, but it is the people in the final analysis. The greatness of the whole people is constantly “running” in order to make money for development. When I was in college, there was a young man from Sichuan in the next class. He was called “The Child of the Wind” or “The Whirlwind Kid”. Wouldn’t I be hungry when I was in college? Meituan, he worked in the surrounding restaurants and was responsible for calling his classmates to order meals. Delivering food, as well as bottled water, his biggest feature is that his two hands carry a few boxes of lunch and run to deliver meals to everyone. Several dormitory buildings are shuttled in various ways. Once I asked him about the restaurant treatment? He said: Sending 50 cents per meal, the restaurant takes care of lunch and evening meals. He can send 100-200 servings for two meals a day. With other part-time jobs, he can earn more than 2,000 yuan a month, except for the parents who gave him. 500 yuan for living expenses, I almost never asked my parents for any more money, and my family was poor. When he said these things, he didn’t have a hint of inferiority. On the contrary, the proud and confident eyes of a person to support himself were extremely firm and awe-inspiring. He made enough living expenses for the university with his hands and running feet. What is more rare is that the young man has not missed his studies and successfully passed the public examination. Now he has achieved a class leap in the public prosecution system in Nanchong, Sichuan. Over the years, many people have asked me to introduce a partner. I will first let him (her) write down his or her own conditions and requirements to form a blind date report. After years of successful blind date experience, I can basically guess him ( Whether her blind date was bumpy or smooth. The biggest hurdle in the report is whether the “hardware” matches and whether boys and girls know themselves. The current social “hardware” requires more boys and the effect is better. How many boys have repeatedly failed on blind dates, it is no wonder that their own “hardware” is missing, and “hardware” needs money as a support. How many boys are beginning to understand this truth. Instead of licking a dog and chasing a girl, it’s better to take the house book to make her look more attractive; instead of taking the subway and holding flowers to deliver the moving milk tea, it’s better to drive a car in her company during a rainstorm. Pick her up downstairs; instead of talking sweetly, it’s not as good as people who don’t say much and show their “money ability.” . . I opened my eyes from the first ray of sunlight in the morning, water, electricity, gas, travel, parking, and food. . . Wait, why don’t you need money? Moreover, this is all “small money”, buying a house, getting married, having children, education for children, and old age for parents. . . The big head is behind! How can I live young without making money or struggling? The country is the largest family, and the family is the smallest country. Every individual is a manifestation of the country’s willpower. The country is developing at a super-rapid speed. Everyone is on this chasing car. How could it not work hard at the climbing stage? Understand these truths and ironically say that young people are all about “making money”? Young people who want to run in the cold and scorching heat like “The Son of the Wind” do not want to lie down and play games? Isn’t this forced by the climbing stage of the situation? !

8 months ago

After the age of 35, you can’t find a job. If you don’t work hard to make money, do you have to wait until your retirement is close to 60 years old and spend more than two thousand yuan a month to live? For more than 20 years in the middle, we delivered food and express delivery to the factory, right? I have always persuaded young people to make money desperately, because in a few years you may not be able to get it. It’s a blessing to be able to do it. I found that when I was making money, my heart was very fulfilling. I worked ten hours a day without complaining. When I couldn’t get money, I was very irritable. For example, recently, the stock market can’t get money, the entity can’t get money, and the property market. If I can’t get money, I can’t get any money, I’m very unhappy. Then I just read today’s headlines. Someone said that recently giants are not allowed to post on social platforms for meetings. They should be low-key, combined with the weird news every day, and the dying stock market, I was very depressed, and then I again Reading more analysis articles makes me even more depressed. It seems that I am getting poorer and poorer in the past few years. Fortunately, I am used to being poor. I am not afraid of being poor back in the 1980s. I am as thin as a Vietnamese. Quora asked about the difference between Chinese and Vietnamese. I said that the Vietnamese are skinny, but I am overweight. This difference may be almost impossible to keep.

8 months ago

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is not without reason. Excluding the survivor bias, there are many people who have just graduated from college and came out of social work. Basically, their monthly salary can only solve the problem of food and clothing. They can’t save much money in a month. They are all spent on the daily expenses of food and housing. Some even have food and clothing. If you can’t solve it, you have to ask your family for money. This is the leek in the broad sense now. Why do bosses like young people? Because young people are in good spirits and have no social experience, they are really like a piece of white paper. Let the boss paint without daring to say anything, for fear of not being able to find the next person who can paint on my paper. Tell me, what do I do if I don’t make money at this time? When the basic needs of the first and second levels are resolved, let’s socialize and talk about girlfriends. Do you need money for socializing, go out every week to sing K with friends, eat, watch movies with your beloved goddess, travel, and buy gifts that the goddess likes for her on her birthday. From a girl’s point of view, is it necessary to dress up beautifully when going out to socialize? Cosmetics, bags, clothes, indispensable, do not need money. Okay, after solving the social problems, let’s enter the fourth and fifth levels, the need for self-realization and respect. It’s not unreasonable to say that money can make ghosts grind. I saw a joke on the Internet before, in the wine shop, in the business field. As long as you are rich enough, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to be a human being or talk. why? Because no one will have trouble with money. I’m talking about business with you, I’m drinking with you, my ultimate goal is to spend your money, not to map your people, to be friends with you. This is one reason why money can be exchanged for respect. When people who like motorcycles and sports cars see videos of super handsome sports cars, unpacking motorcycles, and speeding on the road on the Internet, are their hearts beating secretly? I hope that the people on the videos are ourselves. But to realize this wish, money is needed. How to buy a locomotive if you don’t have money, or a gorgeous sports car if you don’t have money? Oh, I seem to have forgotten to talk about the first and second floors, which is the ownership, that is, the house. Although we have been insisting that “the house is for living, not for speculation”, many people still cannot afford to buy a house. In addition to the expensive houses in this world, the price of the cemetery after death is not cheap. They are almost catching up with the house price. Then they can be replaced by some young people who married earlier or whose family members have limited mobility and are unable to work. In addition to solving your own needs, you must also consider your family members. In this era of soaring prices and high living costs, if I don’t work hard to make money, is it possible to kneel at my door every day and pray for money to fall from the sky? Our goal is the stars and the sea, but it’s a pity that this ferry ticket is not cheap!

8 months ago

Because how much time you spend on making money, to a certain extent, Grandpa Mao can give you as much positive feedback. (I know that starting a business may lose money, after all, I have experience in this area~) But falling in love and getting married are different. There is a high probability that your quality of life will decrease, and these things require a lot of hard work. , A lot of grandpa Mao may end up in pain in the end. It’s not just a matter of people, it’s also a matter of social ethos. Breakups and divorces are too normal. Now you need money to fall in love, money to get married, and money to have children. Not only do men do not want to fall in love when they have no money, but women also do not want to fall in love when they have no money. After all, as far as I can see, the girls around me are in love and don’t like to let men pay unilaterally. A man gives a gift of 100 yuan, at least 70. In this case, falling in love really burns money. Without money, I can’t afford to fall in love, get married, or have a baby. In addition, there are various forms of confrontation between men and women on the Internet every day, hot lists and recommendations on various platforms, beauties at every turn, dowry, conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, cold violence, cheating, and Barabara. As long as the answers related to this kind of question, the comment area is noisy, it is called a lively~~ Although we witty little girls will not be affected by these things, do we still have to try our best to reduce the occurrence of this kind of things? The probability? How to lower it? Make money~ When talking about marriage, how much dowry do you give, and I will return the same number as the bride price. Most people have nothing to say, right? Before marriage, both parties bought their own houses without adding each other’s name. There is no contradiction, right? I have a house myself, so it doesn’t exist to live with my in-laws. For a flat marriage, the woman has the right to let her husband handle her mother-in-law’s affairs alone. Don’t let yourself spend a little bit of a snack, right? (It’s not that if you don’t get married equally, a man can ignore this. In fact, the key to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law lies in the husband). Even if it is a child, I will give birth as long as I want to. I don’t want to have a baby. If anyone urges me, I have the confidence to reject it, right? Even now in 2021, there are still many people who don’t know how much a woman has to pay for having a baby. Don’t believe me, even on this kind of platform, I have encountered quite a few. Come, science time. Tencent Medical Dictionary: Why are girls now afraid of having children? ​Www.zhihu.com We are not so much striving to make money as we are striving to gain freedom. This freedom includes freedom of marriage, freedom of reproduction, and freedom of being single. Eighty percent of the troubles in the world can be solved with money. Under this circumstance, is there any reason not to work hard to make money? Take a serious look at the Internet, how many boys are calling sister I can. My idea is very simple, I want to give my favorite boys and girls a home (manual dog head)~

8 months ago

I’ll just talk about making money. As for why this boring question is skipped. For young people who have just worked, all the content of my answer can be used as fart, only remember the following two sentences, which can help you. A company, the biggest customer, is always the boss. If you want to make money, get your boss. In other words, in a company, the boss is always the one with the most resources. He just divides it up for you, and you can’t be too busy. In other words, you who are young, and you who have a small appetite, can eat and support. Make money? What’s going on? What the company does is product A, but what the customer needs is ABCDEFG… You can use product A to build relationships with customers with the resources the company gives you. From the tentative communication between the two parties, to familiarity, to trust, and then to find a way to buy and sell BCDEFG, etc. to the customer to meet his needs. At this point, your money is ready. It’s just that, you can’t get acquainted with your customers and grab the part of the market for your old company’s A product. When you are doing it, you are familiar with the product, with the supply chain, with customer resources, plus some start-up capital, you can start your own business. It’s not that you can easily ignore the relationship between people in the Internet age. In fact, to achieve a deal, the two most important words are called “trust”. Customers who recognize you as a person will consider purchasing with you. If your things are cost-effective, they can be sold. Customers do not recognize you as a person, no matter how cost-effective your product is, he will be your brag. All the business partners I contacted in Shenzhen, except for the purely supportive functions such as administration and human resources, may not give up using the company platform to expand their personal connections in everything else. This is nothing we can’t talk about, nor is it a gloomy matter of betraying the Lord and seeking glory. If I say that some bosses will still support you, you may not believe it. But the fact is that Shenzhen bosses are very good at saying one thing: “The company is a big platform. You work here, in addition to making money, you will also have your own opportunities.” The reason is simple, because there are countless such big platforms in Shenzhen. The small bosses among the bosses all started in this way. My heart is gone, I can’t keep any money. It is better to forge a good relationship and continue to cooperate in the future. To put it in a bad way, the previous boss called you to make a bid, the people who shouted don’t worry, the person who collected the bid has face. Although I think Huang Yishi’s answer is pure nonsense, he may like to watch police movies, but he does not know the city of Shenzhen. However, he is right to say that working cannot make money, the harder you work, the more beautiful the boss Mitsui. In Shenzhen, if you don’t talk about academic qualifications or resume, you just need to know whether you can get things done. Compared with Shanghai, here is more barbaric growth and result-oriented theory. One thing, no matter what method you use, it is solved for me, that is, you are awesome, you have the ability, and you can be used. Just for your “availability”, whether it is your boss or your client, all acquiesce in you being so small in your mind. I allow you to earn BCDEFG money, but product A is my bottom line. You meet my goals every year, and how much you can do is your own ability. This is the bottom line of the boss. At this point, what you are looking at is the boss and the employee. In fact, the relationship between the two is game and cooperation. So as I said earlier, Shenzhen is a place where it grows savagely, with efficiency and benefit first and result-oriented. I open my eyes and close my eyes to all kinds of careful thoughts about you in the middle. Making money is equal to Zhang Shihao’s kind of grabbing money? Making money means looking for demand, satisfying demand, and creating wealth. A classic question, what kind of people make money? Answer, make money from the rich. There are many wealthy people in Shenzhen, and naturally there are also many needs. Since there is a way to legally earn a house in Nanshan Futian, why do those high-risk things? The only thing is not good. If you want to make money, you may be forced to drink a lot of alcohol you don’t want to drink. As a young man, I once asked my boss a question naively, whether there is a businessman in the world who earns your worth without drinking. The boss was silent, sighed, and said, “Maybe, but I don’t know any of them.” At the end, I am the kind of young guy who treats the boss as his biggest customer. Later became his supplier.

8 months ago

Not only young people, but people of all ages are keen to make money, even the country takes GDP growth as the most important indicator. Development is the last word. In the past, money was not so important to this extent, but at that time, for the truly understanding people, they knew that power was the most important thing. The so-called book has its own golden house, the book has its own beauty and beauty, and the book has its own thousand bells and millets. In fact, the book is representative of the examination as an official and in power, and the power has everything. But most people can’t own the rights, so they actually gave up. Looking back at the whole view and perception of money, I feel that capitalism is indeed an improvement compared to the earlier social forms. Gaining more freedom through earning money is actually a little more hopeful for ordinary people than gaining freedom through power. When I was young, I never thought about it. But look now, the better people around the same age are those who were keen on making money when they were young. Part of my current ease and calmness is actually self-comfort and self-deception. . . I think it is a good thing to realize the importance of money and material earlier. People begin to recognize their fate in middle age. There are not many people who did not work hard when they were young and own assets. When you are young, the cost of trial and error is low, especially when there are no children in the family and the elderly do not need to support themselves. You can try various industries and various directions where you can get paid. This set of selfless dedication is slowly becoming obsolete (it’s hard to say good or bad, it should be good in general. People are more motivated when they fight for themselves. Don’t the big pot of rice is abandoned?) Money is actually reward, and people do something. What kind of remuneration can you get in addition to money? Now there are fewer things that people can do without remuneration. Don’t suffer from lack and unevenness. If everyone is poor, then they are also content with poverty. If the people around you can make money in various ways to live a better life, most people will not be able to settle down in poverty.

8 months ago

Because money is supreme! What I am answering here is not that young people are committed to making money, but that everyone is like this. It sounds like middle-aged people don’t love money. What is money? It is the right to own things and the right to control the labor of others. As long as you have enough money, you can do almost everything except your heart. The heart needs to be cultivated, not bought with money. If the perspective of this topic is like this: Why don’t young people now accumulate themselves, but look at money utilitarianly. So young people do have this phenomenon, and one of the reasons for this situation is incorrect value orientation. In an era when everything is measured by money, it is reasonable for young people to grasp the key codes of this era, but this eagerness for quick success may lead to insufficient stamina.

8 months ago

Have you heard of the 985 blind date? Some time ago, the “985 blind date” was the most talked about in the marriage and love market. Because the “slogan” of this bureau is very harsh: “985 blind dates are only 985”, “Qingbei only picks Qingbei”. In short, academic qualifications are the ticket to enter the game, and the single young men and women involved are all graduates from prestigious schools. They hope that through the platform’s high-standard screening mechanism, they can match their counterparts, so as to cultivate more elite offspring. Many netizens jumped one after another: You are still an elite, what kind of thoughts have been built, and the ancients are “right to each other”! Although the reality is hard to understand, it is not incomprehensible. After all, today with the stagnation of class mobility, love and marriage are also inevitable. Ordinary people have to weigh the other person’s family background in advance, and do not seek to be higher than themselves, at least they must be equal, otherwise they will not be discussed. Therefore, the “985 blind date” is not a boom in recent years. The selection of a spouse is compared to various standards, and marriage and the market economy are closely tied. It has existed since capitalism. The highly educated market just nakedly exerts this kind of careful calculation of alienation to the extreme. Most of them, no one wants to climb high branches, nothing more than internal digestion of the same level, not to hold back each other, and to maintain the social status of the middle class. This approach is understandable. Blind dates are all about academic qualifications, so don’t everyone still watch and not act? The emergence of the commodity economy has made people more efficient and changed the quality of eros. In the 985 blind date game, love was domesticated into a consumption model. There is no risk, no madness and obsession, and no negative feelings. If you own a house, a car, or a background of studying abroad, you will inevitably project these basic conditions on your ideal blind date, which is equivalent to another self. This means that, instead of wasting time chasing love and falling into love, they are more willing to choose in advance the “love” who can meet their emotional needs, and then decide whether to “love” or not. They talk about annual income, family background, hobbies, and the only thing they don’t talk about is love itself. The so-called “identity anxiety” mainly refers to a state of psychological tension caused by people’s confusion about what they are now, what kind of person they will become in the future, and other similar role positioning problems. Group communication believes that circles define themselves, and people need to use others to identify themselves. In such an era, who would dare not make money?

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