At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on March 23, a reporter asked: On the 22nd, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada each used the so-called Xinjiang human rights issue as an excuse to announce unilateral sanctions on relevant individuals and entities. On the same day, the United States announced sanctions against two Chinese government officials in Xinjiang, claiming to be a supplement to the sanctions against Europe, Britain, and Canada. The foreign ministers of the United States, Britain, and Canada issued a joint statement to put pressure on China. What’s China’s response to this?

In response to related questions, spokesperson Hua Chunying stated that the United States, Britain, Canada and the European Union imposed sanctions on relevant personnel and institutions in Xinjiang based on lies and false information on the grounds of human rights, and China strongly condemns them. The person in charge of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the EU and the British ambassador to China to lodge solemn representations. Last night, China stated its solemn position for the first time and announced sanctions on relevant European institutions and personnel. China has also made solemn representations to the United States and Canada.

“In the past 40 years, the Uyghur population in Xinjiang has increased from 5.5 million to 12.8 million, and the average life expectancy has increased from 30 to 72 years. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including Uyghurs, enjoy the rights granted by the Chinese Constitution and laws in accordance with the law. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, China enjoy stability, security, development, and progress. This is one of the most successful human rights stories.” Hua Chunying said, but some politicians in the United States, Britain, Canada, and the European Union are obviously reluctant to admit this fact. Anti-China politicians and so-called scholars maliciously fabricated the so-called “evidence” to gain the most precious treasure, completely ignoring the so-called “facts” that were pieced together based on false so-called “internal documents”, “victim statements” and information from unknown sources, even on official Chinese documents. Taking data out of context and distorting it can only prove that what they care about is not human rights at all, and what they care about is not the truth at all. They are unwilling to see China’s success and development, and they are unwilling to see the Chinese people lead a better and better life, so under the guise of “human rights” they interfere in China’s internal affairs under various excuses in an attempt to contain China’s development. What they did was slander and offend the reputation and dignity of the Chinese people, a flagrant interference in China’s internal affairs, and a serious violation of China’s sovereignty and security interests.

Hua Chunying further pointed out that these countries proclaim themselves “human rights judges” and serve as “human rights teachers”, but they are notorious on human rights issues. They have no right to accuse China, or even accuse China of the crimes they have committed and what they have done. Evil is imposed on China.

Then, Hua Chunying enumerated a series of powerful facts at the press conference:

Everyone knows that in the 400-year-long black slave trade, colonists such as the United States, Britain and France transported more than 12 million people from Africa to the Americas as slaves, and 10 million people died in the transportation.

In the United States today, the “Floyds” still can’t breathe. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has long pointed out that in the United States and the United Kingdom, African Americans face systematic racism in their rights to health, employment, education, and fair trial.

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, German colonists launched a mass killing campaign on the indigenous peoples of Namibia in Africa. From 1904 to 1908, the German colonial forces killed more than 100,000 indigenous people, including three-quarters of the Herero and Nasdaq. More than half of the Ma ethnic population was called “the first genocide of the 20th century” by the UN Economic and Social Council Human Rights Committee report. During World War II, the German Nazis massacred nearly 6 million Jews, including more than 1 million children.

The United States and Britain and their allies violated the Geneva Conventions in Afghanistan, brutally killed innocent civilians, and committed serious war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The French army massacred 5.5 million people in Algeria during the colonial period, which constituted a crime against humanity. The President of Algeria stated that Algeria will not sacrifice history and memory.

In the 1870s, the Canadian government included the assimilation of indigenous inhabitants on its official agenda, publicly preaching that “strangling Indian ancestry starts with their children”, and implemented a policy of cultural extermination against the indigenous people by setting up boarding schools. According to incomplete statistics, more than 150,000 aboriginal children were forced into schools, and more than 50,000 of them were tortured to death.

Everyone also remembers that when the United States, Britain and other countries used a bag of laundry detergent and videos taken as evidence, they launched wars against the sovereign states of Iraq and Syria, resulting in countless casualties of innocent civilians, and countless family wives scattered and displaced. . This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Syrian crisis. In Syria alone, 350,000 people have died in the war and their families have been destroyed. Shouldn’t they be sanctioned?

This year is also the 10th anniversary of the civil war in Libya. France, Britain and the European Union launched the Libyan war and created a large-scale humanitarian disaster. This is an important factor in the current problem of refugee immigration and regional turmoil. Today, more than 400,000 people are still displaced in Libya, and more than 1 million people are in urgent need of assistance. Shouldn’t they be held accountable? These countries not only have no remorse for exporting the turmoil, but also impose unilateral sanctions on other countries in the name of human rights, seriously damaging the rights to life, health, and development of the people of the relevant countries.

Hua Chunying said that in the face of the epidemic, these most developed countries ignored the people’s right to life and health, allowed tens of thousands of people to die, pursued vaccine nationalism, and stocked much more than their population needs. The new crown vaccine in China has resulted in no vaccines available in developing countries. We can’t help but ask: if you don’t exist, power will be attached. The United States and the West keep on protecting human rights. Who are they protecting? What right does it protect? How do they show respect for and protection of human rights, shouldn’t they feel ashamed?

“History and facts show that these countries want to be human rights teachers, but they are not worthy at all. They are neither saints nor strength.” Hua Chunying said, I hope they understand: China today is not Iraq, not Libya, and Not Syria, nor China 120 years ago. Gone are the days when foreign powers could open the door to China with just a few cannons; the days when a few so-called scholars and media colluded with the government to smear and attack China unscrupulously without any punishment. Gone is gone. I advise them not to underestimate the firm will of the Chinese people to defend national interests and national dignity, and they will not be indecent. They will eventually pay the price for their stupidity and arrogance.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I didn’t know why when Westerners talked about China’s Xinjiang issue and accused us of genocide and persecution, they always emphasized the “forcing Uyghurs to pick cotton”. Similar bridges include “slave factories” and persecution of certain religions. Later, I found out that forcing people to pick cotton was their specialty back then. You can basically find corresponding stories in Western history for other parts of the bridge. Humans can’t always imagine things they haven’t seen before. Therefore, their accusations are mainly to make their citizens feel righteous, occupy the moral high ground and have no sense of guilt. This is exactly the same as that of the Spanish colonists in South America: when hundreds of Spanish cavalry attacked the Inca Empire, those knights faced the unarmed Indians at first but retained the basic conscience of mankind-as an aggressor. Go hand in hand. So the Spanish general thought of a brilliant idea: put the Bible into the native Indians and forced him to read it, and then the Indians threw the Bible back. So the knights were suddenly enraged: they were disrespectful to God. Then they started charging with a sense of justice, killing the Indians in all odds. The question of the Indians back then was not the choice of “whether to pick up the Bible or not”, but because they did not have a strong arm. Whether you accept it or not, you will not be able to escape the fate of being slaughtered. This Bible corresponds to the moral framework of Westerners today. When it was thrown over, the opponent’s motive had already taken shape. Therefore, any practice of Caesarean section in China today has no meaning in the West. You show them how beautiful the people of Xinjiang are, just as ridiculous as Indians flipping through the Bible. If you really read the Bible well, they will start a knight charge with a delay of a few seconds because of “you licked your fingers when you flipped through the Bible” or “when you turn to the second page”. Only if you have complete strength, if you throw away your bible, I throw away my Analects. You beat yours, I beat mine, neither debate nor cesarean section. This is what China has just woken up and is starting to do.

6 months ago

Just as zombies will bite when they see normal people, the West accuses China of human rights not to “protect” human rights in China’s Xinjiang, but to hope that there will be no human rights in China’s Xinjiang. These countries have slaughtered Indians, sold blacks, perished Jews, wiped out Maori, and killed their own people. It can be said that where there is an annihilation of human rights, there is their shadow. It is also these countries. They cannot see the homeless people sleeping on the streets of their own country, the civilians who are tortured and killed by their soldiers in the Middle East battlefield, and they cannot see hundreds of millions of people who are struggling with life and death. They are deliberately ignoring all real human rights. They don’t care about human rights; they don’t care about freedom. They shouted slogans, but they couldn’t wake up their abandoned conscience; they held up slogans, but they couldn’t see the sins they had committed. It can be said that the Western countries accusing China are stained with the blood of history, and at this moment they just want to stretch out their hands and lay this bloody trace on China, so that no clean country in the world is qualified to accuse them of continuing. The footsteps of human rights violations. The devil with wings can’t cover her fangs, and the witch in the costume can’t cover her vicious heart. They are so dirty that they cannot tolerate cleanliness in their eyes.

6 months ago

It looks very tragic… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about us, I’m talking about Western countries. The worsening of the epidemic in France is expected to renew the ban on 16 provinces for another month. Germany will extend its lockdown to contain the third wave of the epidemic. There will be riots in Bristol in the United Kingdom, and the United States… it is hard to say a word. These Western countries are now using the so-called Xinjiang issue to put pressure on them, just like non-mainstream girls sitting in an electric car. If you don’t watch the road running through a red light, you’re hit by a dump truck, and the electric car is broken. , The man rolled on the ground twelve times, and finally his face was pressed on a pile of shit on the side of the road. It was so painful that it deformed. He slowly climbed up, kneeling on the ground with tears, nose and saliva, and cried with uneaten cries. Shouting “It’s all your fault… , Only laughs louder. I really feel that these Western countries are in despair, they are at the end of their lives, and they can’t figure it out in their own country. Seeing the wealth code “China”, I hurriedly started a wave of distraction. I could feel their despair across the screen, as if they were in Shouting to their people, “I beg you to pay attention to Xinjiang, don’t stare at the domestic closure of the city, we really can’t do anything…” The worse the economic situation in Western countries, the stronger the firepower that needs to divert attention. This is international The boxing version has become addictive. They have entered a state of self-defeating. When you are taking an exam, you will not have one question, you will be nervous, ten questions will not, and you will be more nervous, and then you will read them all again, but they will not, so you will not be nervous. Now, you already know that you have a dead end, and you start to be a demon in the examination room. Your whole person has collapsed, and you have begun to reason with this kind of human rights issue that has not changed for thousands of years. Do you know why Western countries take the issue of human rights to blame? Because there is nothing left to say, like an actor, with good acting skills, good looks, great body, and the character can’t find anything that can be dark spots, how can it be dark at this time? I think he is actually pretending! Very contrived! Very greasy! Take a snapped photo and tell everyone, look, he smiles like a telephone pole drenched in dog urine! ! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned over the old accounts. On the contrary, I felt that China patiently told Western countries not to give up treatment. It was really sad.

6 months ago

Americans don’t like ethnic minorities, and never like them. They would rather kill Indians completely than see them, but they especially like the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, China. Americans dislike Muslims even more, and even fight against Muslim countries many times, but they especially like Muslims in Xinjiang, China. Americans don’t like the “thugs” who attack Congress, and they can even shoot them to death, but they especially like the thugs in a certain Hong Kong in China. The Americans don’t seem to like separatists very much either. In order to prevent them from splitting, they can even launch the most influential Civil War in their history. Americans don’t like terrorists even more. They hate those on September 11th. They want to eat their flesh and skin. But surprisingly, they like Chinese terrorists and call them “oppressed ethnic minorities.” , Calling the terrorist attack “oppressed resistance.” I thought about it again. It seems that Americans don’t like a lot of things, but the same thing, with the Chinese word, becomes their favorite. In order to express their affection, they may even need no facts, no evidence, let alone any basic logic. I have been thinking about this problem all night, is it just because the double standard is so simple? Then I figured it out, it shouldn’t be. why? Oh, I see, it turns out that such meticulous care and such eager attention may be because they think China is his father.

6 months ago

In addition to political purposes, Western countries have repeatedly interfered in the Xinjiang issue for other reasons. In some countries, “anti-China” is not only a business, but even a mature industrial chain, which is the natural consensus of the entire society from top to bottom. In vote politics, in order to gain the favor of voters, the necessary “deeds” of politicians are indispensable. This deed can be to win glory for the country, to contribute to the people, or to defend universal values. Specifically, since universal values ​​are to be defended, there must be an “enemy” that is violating universal values. This enemy can be Russia or Cuba, of course, it can also be China or any country that does not want to bend and compromise like the United States. Therefore, in order to accumulate fame and win the news page, politicians in Western countries naturally do not hesitate to target countries that “violate human rights” in all kinds of comical ways. This kind of mentality is not only unique to politicians, but has even spread to the society under the repeated propaganda of the media. For example, Western countries usually have to interview if they want to go to university. As for the interview, it is natural to prepare some materials that are not available and resumes of some extracurricular activities. This extracurricular activity can be sports awards, volunteer service, or…internships in various foundations. And those NGOs and foundations that seem neutral and have nothing to do with politics are actually a business behind them. This kind of foundation can actually be similar to a kind of “enterprise,” which can make money and make a lot of money. This is the case with the former American Democracy Foundation. Regardless of the fact that the annual funding of 10 million US dollars is not large, the 10 million US dollars are not thrown to China and cause public turmoil on the Chinese Internet and then disappear. It is as simple as that. Let me give you a less sensitive example. Suppose I set up an “African Children’s Anti-Famine Welfare Foundation” today. So what am I going to do? It is not directly soliciting donations from all walks of life and then in exchange for food products to be shipped to Africa for local famine children to eat. It was me who first contacted the local media, issued a wave of drafts that were very popular, and asked a few celebrities and parliamentarians to be CEOs or consultants to accumulate fame. After everything is ready, what kind of essay contest or charity dinner will be held, and the cost can be recovered at this time. The charity dinner must be used for the high-end atmosphere, and then look for members of the celebrities to come to the platform, attracting some small money local tyrants to join in. The more high-end guests invited, the higher the reputation, the higher the ticket fee for the charity dinner can be sold. And the essay contest is the same. The bigger the judges, the higher the reputation of the event, and the more money a party is willing to spend for new members (the key training target, usually the next generation of political leaders) to win prizes. This is basically the case in vote politics. New members of a political party first go to a certain member of the council as assistants, and then accumulate some experience. After the boss agrees, they will take you to get some awards to accumulate qualifications, and then you can go to the election to see. Well, this series of activities can basically recover the cost seven or eight. The next step is the highlight. Since it is the “African Children’s Anti-Famine Welfare Foundation”, should we hold a summer camp or training camp? After all, going to Africa for such an important event, how attractive is it to high school students who want to interview for a prestigious university? And this is the real big income. After all, although the next generation of political parties and local tyrants who want to accumulate fame can afford high prices, after all, they are small in number and smart, so there is not much money that can be made from them. But these middle-class children who are eager to go to a prestigious university (the upper class don’t need to do this), the number is so large that they are the biggest income. After the training camps of some beautiful summer camps are put into use, they will hold an experience presentation, event results press conference, etc., and continue to stir up the enthusiasm, and then give out the “Fighting Famine Pioneer Award” and find a somewhat famous star and hire him as What kind of “foundation chief charity ambassador”. A series of money-making activities is basically completed. What, you asked me what to do with African children? Oh, the students in the summer camp went there to send some food and take photos! So, this Democracy Foundation is similar. If you want to go to a better university in the United States, this kind of organization participation experience is absolutely indispensable (except for the upper class of course). When the professor was interviewing, he asked you: May I ask Mr. Bill, since you claim that you want to study in this school, you value the spirit of defending democracy in this school, what are your actual actions to defend the spirit of democracy? At this time, the students who have participated can take out the people who participated in certain activities of the Democracy Foundation and will answer. Of course, I used to stand shoulder to shoulder with the democracy fighters of Syris in the Democracy Foundation’s certain activities. Combat (take out the news about the arrested companions in the country). Although we tried our best to fight against the cruel and tyrannical police, we failed in the end, and even my fellow Cyris was arrested. But even so, I will not give up hitting evil! So don’t look at this tens of millions of dollars. Counting this wave, what kind of “democratic charity dinner”, what kind of “human rights awards” will be held, what kind of democracy summer camps will be held? laugh). So why do the media and politics in Western countries always discredit China day by day and engage in so many small actions? Because this is really profitable, this is a business, and a mature industrial chain has been formed…

6 months ago

Maritime countries simply cannot see the economic integration of Eurasia. From the map, Xinjiang is actually close to the center of Eurasia. Almost the farthest part of the world from the ocean. In recent years, trade routes between China and Europe, including the China-Europe Express, have gradually developed. All these passages pass through Xinjiang without exception. Xinjiang is about to become a hub for the economic integration of Eurasia. To put it bluntly, the United States just doesn’t look at Xinjiang. Use one’s own control over allies to disrupt Sino-European trade. However, from a general point of view, the current sanctions imposed by both sides are for the United States. Taking this opportunity, we can just relive history. It has always been thought that the Anglo arrested blacks in Africa and picked strong ones, because they were arrested for the purpose of selling money and doing work. They are all strong men, so they have to have a half survival rate. The truth is more cruel. 80% of people died in transit. Hua Chunying’s long response severely refuted the U.S.-European Xinjiang-related sanctions that the U.S. used linguistic techniques to wash the black slave trade, and even let the “bleached” black people speak for them (such as the one named Skinner). But they can’t erase the black and white social contradictions that this brings. It’s the same as fighting the epidemic. The United States has used various techniques to divert and cover up the epidemic, but it cannot cover up the fact that the fight against the epidemic has failed. The resulting increase in the gap between the rich and the poor and the high national debt will continue to hurt the United States itself.

6 months ago

Fortunately, when the left-wing thoughts in Europe and the United States are on the rise, they have dismantled the statues of slave owners and destroyed the statues of colonialists. They have drawn bad deeds to Western countries to remind the world who is the murderer of heinous crimes against humanity. According to 2020, the West will slander China itself. The law of retribution may soon burst into large-scale ethnic/religious conflicts in Western countries. It is said that the West has turned black and white and smeared the shameless faces of others. It is really constantly breaking through the bottom line of humanity, the bottom line of morality, and the bottom line of morality. I don’t know what will happen to such a culture without a bottom line. The end of

6 months ago

I am from Xinjiang. I was born in Xinjiang and grew up in Xinjiang. We have always been harmonious and stable here. Now I don’t have to worry about losing the car without removing the key. I am a girl, and I have always lived alone, and never need to worry about any safety issues; In a place with high travel safety, the probability of human rights issues should be zero? On the other hand, in the West, the safety of your people’s travel is not high, probably even half of Xinjiang’s. You can’t even guarantee the safety of your own people’s travel. I really don’t know where you have the courage to question a high level of safety. The human rights of the place? Even if you want to discredit, you should have some strength first. When the security of your own country is really much higher than ours, when your people sincerely love your country, your people will live in stability and harmony. , When you are happy, you have the capital to talk about human rights issues;

6 months ago

I took a look at Twitter. The mainstream media basically didn’t report anything about Xinjiang. The New York Times was so boring to write a popular science of Zhenglian. By the way, it talked about how to roast cauliflower. Today everyone is busy discussing Biden’s gun control policy. The few influential opinion leaders are nothing more than composing unimaginative stories, even forcing parents and children to separate, which made me think that they were talking about the US-Mexico border. Guess the Chinese entity sanctioned by the EU this time who is it? The Public Security Bureau of the Production and Construction Corps, this Nima is outrageous, and the comments below are basically: So you still want to do business? The leftists don’t buy it and the rightists watch jokes. To put it bluntly, when people are hungry, their minds are the most lucid. This time the West has made it clear that the heat will be overwhelming, pretending to be around the center of the Sleeping King’s party, intending to borrow flowers to offer Buddha. It is a pity that the United States talked to China in Alaska and burned the European Union by the way. Anyway, I turned my face too, a rare opportunity, just to clean up everything that should be cleaned up. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned our ambassador to not go. It can be regarded as calming Europe. In fact, in terms of core interests, the EU relies more on the China-EU trade agreement than China. The agreement was originally a gift we expressed sincerity. After this village, there will be no shop. Regarding the economic situation of this year, Europe cannot bear a two-year recession, and there is not much difference between rash and China’s suicide. After all, the primary enemy of European countries is the domestic right wing. Nothing is empty if not in power. If you want to support the people of Xinjiang, it would be a good place to travel when Xinjiang gets warmer in June and July.

6 months ago

Although today in the 21st century, most corners of the earth, even the highest peak, Mount Everest, the most remote desert, and Antarctica, have been connected to the Internet; almost every adult and even some children have smartphones; there are also various On social platforms, people can share pictures, videos or text anytime and anywhere. But what is surprising is that there are no pictures and videos about the “Xinjiang Genocide”. Instead, there are a large number of pictures and videos showing that local people in Xinjiang are enjoying a normal, peaceful, and energetic life. Based on the “reports” of some anti-China and anti-communist “scholars” from certain anti-China “research institutions”, the United States, Britain, Canada, and the European Union are all sanctioning Chinese officials! In addition, think about Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou , Has been under house arrest in Canada for more than two years without any reason! Similarly, whether it is the “genocide” in Xinjiang, or for Meng Wanzhou, if Western countries, especially the United States and Canada, provide China with evidence, proof, etc., there will be no such disputes, accusations, and denials. . China has never tried to stop them, and it is impossible for China to stop them and provide conclusive evidence to the world! If they have evidence, who will and who can argue with them? If they have, why wait until now, even if they sanctioned Chinese officials? Do you think it is because they want to give China “face”? Or are they too considerate to protect the privacy of those victims? Or any other reason? No, absolutely not! The only explanation is that they have no evidence! ! ! By the way, let’s see how China reacted: an immediate counterattack, tough and targeted. If China really commits genocide, do we have the courage and confidence to fight back, so quickly and resolutely? As for the consequences of EU sanctions, the immediate response is China’s strong retaliation, sanctions against EU officials, as well as sanctions on “researchers” and “scholars” who fabricated reports on the Xinjiang issue. In the medium term, the impact may be that the two sides have more rounds of tit-for-tat, but economic relations and trade are basically unaffected. In the long run, there may be no serious problems between the two parties. But we need to take into account the position of the European Union. Since the end of World War II, the European Union has been a traditional ally of the United States, especially during the Cold War between NATO led by the United States and the Warsaw Pact led by the Soviet Union. It still works closely with the United States on matters of “common values.” If the United States asks for cooperation or even obedience on these “common values” issues, including democracy, freedom, and human rights this time, it is impossible for the European Union, the United Kingdom, or Canada to completely ignore or refuse to follow. However, in practical areas, EU-China cooperation is very pragmatic. At the beginning of this year, the two parties have signed a comprehensive investment agreement. Bilateral trade has been on the rise for many years, and China has now become the EU’s largest trading partner. I hope the EU will be cautious when choosing sides! !

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