According to Hong Kong media, Liao Qizhi unfortunately suffered from gastric cancer and currently needs to suspend work and be admitted to the hospital for treatment. He was once critically ill, and his friends in the circle shot videos to cheer him up. Fortunately, he survived the catastrophe and improved. During the interview, Liao Qizhi admitted that he was in poor health and was actively treating his illness, and he was confident that he could recover. It is reported that Liao Qizhi was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year, but in order not to disturb the people around him, he has been dealing with news of the illness in a low-key manner.

Liao Qizhi, an actor, is the most standard green leaf in the movie. Unlike Wu Mengda, Liao Qizhi has performed well. At the same time, he will never compete with the male lead, but at the same time he will not let the audience remember his role. Liao Qizhi’s performances generally don’t give a strong personality to the character. If you don’t talk about the works, the average audience basically can’t remember the movies he has acted in. Even “Slaying the Wolf”, which was followed by countless young people at the time, wouldn’t even think of him, if he didn’t say it. He always plays the role perfectly and serves the entire movie, but the audience just can’t remember him. From the 1980s to the present, Liao Qizhi has starred in countless movies and TVB dramas, which left the audience with a gold medal and green leaf image, but there is no obvious memory. The audience is really ruthless and has no personality to ignore. He has never experienced Wu Mengda’s supporting role explosion. Wu Mengda can be so busy that he can start three plays at the same time as Chow Yunfa, Andy Lau, and Stephen Chow in a day. Stomach cancer is sometimes found to be at an advanced stage. I hope this good actor, the good actor who runs through the childhood video room, will continue to persevere. If Hong Kong can’t cure it, come to the mainland to see that Hong Kong’s anti-cancer treatment is still incomparable with Beijing.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

No!! Liao Qizhi is one of my most admired actors. With a strong business ability and a low-key personality, how can I get stomach cancer? It’s too miserable. I know him from watching David Jiang’s “Nine Yin Scriptures”, in which he plays a young and old naughty boy. When I watched it, I was amazed at the actor’s physical expression, facial management, and accurate and smart interpretation of the characters. From there, I found him everywhere. He always completes his character perfectly, so he has a lot of faces. I always feel that he is qualified to be more recognized and earn more money. But maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a celebrity face, and he is so small that it is difficult for the audience to remember. It is a good thing for acting, but it is a bad thing for its own development. Even so, I believe he is recognized in the professional circle. “The Disciples”, “Wushuang”, “The Missing Bullet”, “Infernal Affairs 2”, “The Witness”, I suggest you to watch his performance. It’s a pleasure to watch him turn himself into another person every time. Alas, things are really unpredictable. That generation is getting old, it means that I am getting old too. Pray for Uncle Liao, that his condition can be brought under control.

6 months ago

Alas, in the movies, he mostly plays some little people who run for life. In reality, he is a conscientious and leafy old playboy. He has never been a big hit. Maybe many people think his face is familiar, but he can’t call his name. Just like most people in life, they have worked their whole life, worked hard for a whole life, completed their work seriously, did a good job and dedicated themselves, but did not achieve the so-called success in the eyes of the world. Just like most honest people and old scalpers, the result must be experienced. Ugh…I hope that Uncle Zhi is okay.

6 months ago

There are no special symptoms in the early stage of gastric cancer and the symptoms of benign gastric diseases such as gastritis or ulcers are exactly the same, such as bloating, dull pain, etc. Most of the symptoms are forbearance and pass by many special occupations, such as actors, surgeons, and hunger. It’s normal to have a full meal. It’s usually to “pour” a meal within five minutes. In addition to the stimulus of entertainment, tobacco and alcohol, a little stomach upset is really commonplace. I advise everyone if you often have symptoms of discomfort, or have a family history ( Relatives have gastrointestinal tumors), it is better to have a gastrointestinal endoscopy as soon as possible. For hollow organs, only gastrointestinal endoscopy is the best and most direct examination method. B-ultrasound and CT are not painless gastroscopy and comfortable, sleeping It was over after a nap. I planned to do it again in a few years. As a result, I was a couple of gastric cancer patients in their 30s. I was really scared. Then I had a serious erosion the year before. Gastritis… As a result, the news spread too quickly. When I saw someone, I asked me, I heard that your private life was corrupt… I hope you have this in your heart. This is one of the tests that must be done in life. 30-50 years old, busy and tired at work , Eat irregularly, always socialize, and someone in the family has gastrointestinal diseases, so let’s go for one. Yes, I was a young man last year. I had a gastroscope for gastric cancer a year ago, and the doctor took his pathology. As a result, he was busy at work and forgot to get the results… One year later, he was uncomfortable and came to check the gastroscope. The doctor looked at the results of his last examination in the system, and he was frightened at the time. Brother, do you know the last pathological result? ? ? It was stomach cancer a year ago…

6 months ago

Let me talk about the personal experience of Xiaobian’s mother. Xiaobian’s mother was diagnosed with early gastric cancer during a gastroscopy. Patients with gastric cancer usually have some basic old stomach diseases. There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of gastric cancer, and if there is a slight discomfort, the patient will think that it is their own old stomach disease and just take some medicine. It is easy to delay the illness. After the diagnosis, after the Chinese New Year, she lied to the elderly at home and lied to come to Beijing to accompany me for a while and was admitted to the hospital. With one-third of the gastrectomy, 6 chemotherapy sessions, and 2 years of Chinese and Western medicine conditioning, I still can’t stop my face being yellow and thin. Because she hadn’t bought commercial insurance for her before, she only had medical insurance. my country is a big country with gastric cancer. If you are a high-risk group of gastric cancer, such as a family history of gastric cancer (such as me), helicobacter pylori eradication treatment should be carried out as soon as possible, and you should also pay attention to cancer prevention daily. Generally speaking, from gastritis to gastric cancer, there are 4 steps: superficial gastritis-atrophic gastritis-intestinal metaplasia-dysplasia-gastric cancer. Step 1: Superficial gastritis is common to many people. Superficial gastritis will not increase the risk of cancer, but it doesn’t mean that there is no need for treatment! Otherwise, the condition will worsen and become atrophic gastritis, and it will develop slowly over a long period of time, or gastric cancer. Step 2: Atrophic gastritis Starting from atrophic gastritis, it is the “precancerous lesion” of gastric cancer. But it is still a long way from gastric cancer. If atrophic gastritis is diagnosed, helicobacter pylori eradication treatment must be performed. The medicine is very bitter and difficult to eat, but! Better than cancer! Step 3: Intestinal metaplasia After intestinal metaplasia, close gastroscopy monitoring is required. Except for gastroscope, there is no way to directly, clearly and accurately understand the condition of the stomach. Step 4: Dysplasia is divided into two types, low-level and high-level. The cancer probability of low-grade dysplasia is 0~23%, and the probability of high-grade dysplasia is 60~85%. Low-level: continue to conduct strict gastroscopic monitoring; high-level: need preventive gastroscopic treatment. Stomach cancer is the last step. If you are actively treated and actively prevent cancer, most people will not get to this point, and the probability of recovery in the early stage is very high. But most cancers have a very important point: it is difficult to find in the early stage. After all, it is too normal for people to have stomach discomfort, especially Internet people in first-tier cities, who do not work overtime and stay up late to eat or eat on time. ? However, there are obvious symptoms such as stomach cancer, which are basically in the middle and late stages. Middle-aged/young friends with a family history of gastric cancer: I suggest you buy yourself a critical illness insurance as soon as I do. And take good care of your stomach. Go to the hospital’s gastroenterology department for pyloric screening immediately, if it is positive, quickly try to take medicine to turn negative! For friends with old stomach problems: Be cautious about the symptoms of stomach discomfort. Regularly check the stomach. If the health notice allows, configure critical illness insurance for yourself as soon as possible. If it is not cost-effective to buy critical illness insurance when you are older, you can buy anti-cancer insurance instead. Many of the people I know are middle-aged/young friends. If the elders in the family have stomach problems, remember to help with the arrangements. Don’t leave your children to support you and feel sorry for you!

6 months ago

Uncle Liao, I think he is actually a typical representative of the older generation of actors in Hong Kong, especially supporting actors. He is diligent, low-key, and strong in business ability. He treats acting as a cost job, not a Vanity Fair. Everyone has said a lot about Uncle Liao, let me talk about stomach cancer. Cancer of the digestive tract, whether it is gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, or bowel cancer, is at an advanced stage, and there is not much time left. Not long ago, Uncle Da broke out of liver cancer and died soon. This time, Uncle Liao is probably… really sad. There is currently no good way to treat gastric cancer. Let’s talk about the prevention of gastric cancer. At present, prevention is the best treatment for most cancers. If you want to prevent gastric cancer, you must know the main cause of gastric cancer, and prevent it from the cause in order to be effective. Stomach cancer is a high-incidence cancer in my country. Its morbidity and mortality rate rank third among the top ten cancers in my country, second only to lung cancer and breast cancer. Why do so many people have stomach cancer? This is related to the cause of gastric cancer. According to the research and statistics of clinicians, there are 7 main causes of gastric cancer. 1. Geographical and dietary factors have obvious regional differences in the incidence of gastric cancer. The incidence of gastric cancer in the northwest and eastern coastal areas of China is significantly higher than that in the south. Why are there obvious regional differences in the incidence of gastric cancer? The residents of the northwest and east coastal areas mainly eat meat, and like smoked, roasted and even cured pork and lamb. And these eating habits are precisely the risk factors for gastric cancer. In these foods, the high content of carcinogens or pre-carcinogens such as nitrite, mycotoxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, etc., has led to a gradual increase in the incidence of gastric cancer. 2. Helicobacter pylori infection The rate of Helicobacter pylori infection among adults in the high-risk area of ​​gastric cancer in my country is above 60%. Helicobacter pylori can promote the conversion of nitrate into nitrite and nitrosamine, which are carcinogens. Helicobacter pylori causes chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa, coupled with the effect of carcinogens, will accelerate the excessive proliferation of mucosal epithelial cells, leading to aberrations and carcinogenesis. The toxic products of Helicobacter pylori, CagA and VacA, may have cancer-promoting effects. The detection rate of anti-CagA antibodies in gastric cancer patients is significantly higher than that in the general population. 3. Precancerous lesions of gastric polyps, chronic atrophic gastritis, and remnant stomach after partial gastrectomy, these lesions may be accompanied by varying degrees of chronic inflammation, intestinal metaplasia or atypical hyperplasia of the gastric mucosa, which may be transformed into gastric cancer . Gastric cancer does not change from normal cells directly to cancer cells, but a multi-step carcinogenesis process, that is, chronic superficial gastritis→atrophic gastritis→intestinal metaplasia→dysplasia→gastric cancer. The lesions that occur during this period are called Precancerous lesions. The 10-year cancer rate of mild dysplasia is 2.5%-11%, the 10-year cancer rate of moderate dysplasia is 4%-35%, and the 10-year cancer rate of severe dysplasia is 10%~83%. 4. Genetic inheritance The carcinogenesis of gastric cancer involves changes in oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, apoptosis-related genes, and metastasis-related genes, and the forms of genetic changes are also diverse. Patients with gastric cancer have obvious familial clusters. The survey found that the first-degree relatives of patients with gastric cancer are at an average three times higher risk of getting gastric cancer than the general population. 5. Long-term smoking and drinking surveys show that the risk of gastric cancer in long-term smokers is 50% higher than that in non-smokers. The nicotine contained in tobacco can directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, destroy the gastric mucosal barrier, promote the formation of gastritis and gastric ulcers, and delay its healing , Further leading to malignant changes. Drinking alcohol can cause the stomach to repeatedly suffer from the malignant stimulation of ethanol, which can easily cause chronic inflammation of the stomach, which in turn makes the gastric mucosa severely proliferate, and ultimately leads to the occurrence of gastric cancer. 6. The mental depression survey shows that depression, sadness, longing, loneliness, depression, hatred, disgust, inferiority, self-blame, guilt, interpersonal tension, mental breakdown, sulking, etc. will significantly increase the risk of gastric cancer. And those who are cheerful, optimistic, and lively are the least dangerous. 7. Occupational factors The incidence of gastric cancer may also be related to occupation. For example, those who are exposed to sulfuric acid dust mist, lead, asbestos, herbicides, and metal industry workers have a significantly higher risk of gastric cancer. Special personnel who have been exposed to radiation and radioactive materials for a long time are also at greater risk of gastric cancer.

6 months ago

What a pity the actor. Uncle Zhi became popular too late. In 2014, “Battle of Election” was due to various backgrounds that made Uncle Zhi “take the right” (being the leading actor) once. Later, I returned to TVB and became the leading actor in “Legal Law Strongman”, which is the end of my wish. Liao Qizhi, known as Uncle Zhi. Of course there is no problem with calling now, but 35 years ago when he hosted Happy Tonight, he was already called Uncle Zhi. In a word, since then, the face of Uncle Zhi, who is more than 20 years old, has been a generation older than his peers. At the age of 29, he played Zhou Botong. Li Yaoxiang’s early experience is a bit like him. Fortunately, Li Yaoxiang was relatively young when the heroine became popular, and now it is fine. In fact, Liao Qizhi is the gold medal and the green leaf, and many TV series and movies have the figure of Uncle Zhi. I don’t check any information. From my memory, I can remember a lot of Ding Li’s Ma Tsai in “Shanghai Tang”, he was the policeman who cut Wu Jing’s throat in “Slaying the Wolf”, and he was in the hospital in “The New Police Story”. The senior police officer who scolded Jackie Chan for accomplishing social influence. “Battle of Election”, he is the terminally ill Song Wanshan who is desperate to choose, and “Magic Police” he is the vicious funeral director. In “Wushuang”, he is the old man who used counterfeit money to buy things and was wiped out. Among these characters, in my impression, they are almost all nameless and no surname, just a shot and a picture, let me remember that there was this actor. Forget it, it’s too unlucky. I wish Uncle Zhi a speedy recovery.

6 months ago

I really like this actor. Although his appearance is not very good, as long as he is in the play, his role will always attract me. Like Wu Mengda, he is a very good supporting role. I hope that he will not end in the same way as Uncle Da. I wish him the victory over the disease. Now think about it, the post-80s and post-90s generations may have to endure more and more “losses.” We have entered middle age, and most of the generation of actors who accompanied us on the screen when we were young and old are getting old or even passing away. The post-80s and post-90s generations may be the two generations most affected by television. Because the era we live in is also the era when domestic film and television entertainment began to flourish. Nowadays, TV sets are no longer included. And those actors seem to be leaving, just like the fading charm of TV sets, like our teenage years.

6 months ago

Gastric cancer prevention, a few tips and encyclopedias for everyone! There are many risk factors for gastric cancer, such as drinking, smoking, bad eating habits (eating pickled food, barbecued food, etc.). If parents and other first-degree relatives suffer from gastric cancer, the risk of gastric cancer for their children is 2~3 higher than that of ordinary people. Times. Don’t put an age label on stomach cancer, otherwise the consequences will be serious. Young people should be more vigilant and get gastroscopy and other related examinations as early as possible. Gastric cancer is very secretive, and many patients with gastric cancer have no obvious stomach discomfort, or even have no symptoms. If there are no symptoms, most patients will not take the initiative to request gastroscopy. Stomach cancer is very cunning. Don’t judge by symptoms alone. In addition to regular physical examinations, you are advised to come to the hospital if you have a slight discomfort. Gastric ulcer and gastric cancer are two diseases with completely different natures, but there are often many similarities in clinical manifestations, especially “ulcer-type gastric cancer”, which can easily cause misdiagnosis. If the gastric ulcer has been diagnosed, then the gastric ulcer needs to be treated for a course of gastroscopy and re-examination to understand the development of the ulcer, and further rule out the possibility of gastric cancer or cancerous ulcer. Helicobacter pylori is also a high-risk risk! Helicobacter pylori infection has obvious aggregation. If one person in the family has this bacteria, almost everyone in the family will be infected. Chinese people like to eat food on a plate as a family, not only for themselves, but also for others to eat. This habit allows bacteria in saliva to spread to food through chopsticks and spread among family members. Therefore, for the health of you and your family, appropriately change the way of eating, starting with a pair of serving chopsticks, to prevent Helicobacter pylori infection and reduce the risk of gastric cancer.

6 months ago

It can only be said that these old Hong Kong actors are slowly dissipating over time, and the Hong Kong performing arts circle is not taking hold. Now it is barely a good show for a long time, and it is estimated that I will never be able to return to the sky again. I am impressed. The deepest film should be the election battle, which really interprets a politician into a three-pointer. But this drama is really recommended, except that the hostess is not lovable, similar to Bai Zuo’s kind of personality. I hope he can get through it.

6 months ago

The future is a period of high incidence of stomach cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer, which can be confirmed from Mingren! -Yu Juan said: Living is the kingly way! That’s great! If you die, there will be nothing! Especially those rich and famous in Fanghua Zhengmao’s grade! Of course, mortals are also sorry, after all, they were abandoned by the heavens before they waited for their success! ‘The body is the capital of revolution! The body is crossed! Everything is gone! Just leave a place of grief! ‘Start health preservation from this moment! Don’t think that health preservation will cost a lot of money! Keeping in good health is actually very simple. Start from early to bed and early to wake up, start with 20 minutes of exercise every day, and start with three meals a day! The future does not belong to the rich, nor does it belong to celebrities, but belongs to healthy people!

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