Since Da Tiantian left the Jingtian universe, she has gradually made the audience feel her charm, not only has high EQ, easy-going and friendly manners, but also has excellent looks. It is completely different from the period of her various hard concave C positions in various super large productions. The great sweetness of the various display capabilities in Hollywood productions can only be said to be a joke at the time, but in the idol drama Jing Tian is really a bright eye, and she is overwhelming everywhere. So, finding your place is really important. Think about it carefully, Jing Tian is really suitable for TV media, especially TV variety shows and ancient puppet shows. Because she is not an actor with a strong sense of story, but an outstanding idol star. Now the TV circle idols have things like traditional beauty suitable for costumes, excellent media response ability, and fan-absorbing personality, she has them, and she has non-wood acting skills, the same acting skills, in the film that needs to create authenticity. It looks like a wood, and it’s not abrupt in the idol drama. Looking at it this way, if Da Tiantian had devoted himself to making TV dramas and martial arts movies in her early years, she might have become popular a long time ago.

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6 months ago

Jing Tian has always been complained about as an actor who is not popular, especially because of the embedding of double eyelids in Datang Glory, many netizens said it is the same style as a sad frog. But Jing Tian is really a person who takes the opinions of others very much. Fans said to repair double eyelids, so he went. Fans said that long hair looks good, so he kept it. Fans hope that she is a rich and beautiful person, so in “Sito” is simply Jing Tian and sweet! It can be said that Jing Tian’s performance this time is quite successful, as can be seen from the current popularity and data.

6 months ago

The first drama to follow in 2021. Personally, I don’t feel much disgust with most of the stars. Sito’s subject matter happens to be my favorite modern supernatural fantasy category, so I watched it on Weibo when I saw it started broadcasting and it happened to be a member. After reading it, I only think Jing Tian is very suitable for this role. It’s really beautiful in the play, Tsao Jiao is smart, capable and courageous. The clothing that has always been praised is really beautiful. Long hair styles are also very suitable for her, plus the willow eyebrows are really much better than flat eyebrows. It’s a little regret that the original sound is not used, and the dubbing is not easy to hear, and it is okay after listening for a long time. In the tidbits, she herself is on the original soundtrack, and personally thinks it’s pretty good. I don’t know why I chose dubbing in the end. She has acted in many movies before, but none of them seem to be very good. Datang Glory seems to have gained a lot of goodwill. But it is true that the double eyelids are a little bit playful. The live face wash I was most impressed by her, that video was really interesting, it was a real wash. I still look pretty after removing makeup and washing my face. The other is a relationship with Zhang Jike, which seems to have broken up. It is not difficult to see that it was years ago. Seeing that Sato became interested in her again, and I saw her 9-minute speech at station b, and his liking rose up. I checked her Weibo again. I didn’t pay much attention to Jing Tian, ​​but I could recognize it after seeing it, but I couldn’t recognize the photos on her Weibo. Maybe it was because of her beauty or hairstyle? Then in a recent video interview, I really didn’t have any malice towards Jing Tian, ​​but I’m a person who basically can’t see plastic surgery and medical beauty. When watching the video, I always notice the corners of her mouth, which means a little smiling lips. Uncomfortable. I don’t know what the reason is. If I had surgery or something, I would feel a little bit regretful. Because in fact, regardless of his Datang Glory or Siteng, he is already very beautiful in the play. There are also the two videos I mentioned above, washing face and speaking, and recently I saw a Soufflé video, which is really beautiful. Very atmospheric looks. But now it feels awkward to see her mouth. I saw that her double eyelids were the big double eyelids that she used to make. They were not good-looking. Later, the embedding thread was taken out. Now it is beautiful. I don’t know if the corner of her mouth can be restored. It turned out to be beautiful like that, really! ! I hope that the big beauty is more confident in herself, you are beautiful, and you don’t have to cater to others’ aesthetics!

6 months ago

Jing Tian is so beautiful, this is the first time I have gotten her looks, and she is well-known in the world. She is really suitable for cheongsam, and the role of Si Teng is also very suitable for her. The role is good, and she is both arrogant and cute. After listening to her original sound, I feel that it would be better to use her own voice. Now this dubbing is too Familiar.

The role of Sato really attracts me, is very charming, and very novel.

6 months ago

Thanks to the director, get the sweet beauty. The beauty of rich levels, innocence and agility, elegance and dignity, sharp and cold, and so on. This is also the character map of the original Sato. Looking at the behind-the-scenes highlights, Tiantian is really sweet. My personality is actually a bit big, and the contrast is quite big. I still lack in the interpretation of coldness and reason. Especially the occasional little daughter’s modality is a bit like an uncontrollable sweet body. In terms of being a book fan, I am satisfied, and I am very happy with a sweet interpretation

6 months ago

The world’s riches and sweet flowers!
I am afraid that many girls not only admire Miss Sto’s wardrobe, but also like the makeup of Miss Republic of China with thin eyebrows and red lips?
Having escaped from the sad frog, Jing Tian finally found her own way. She dressed up in the Republic of China and was rich and noble, with willow leaf thin eyebrows and delicate red lips, and her cheongsam lined figure was also graceful and graceful. Jing Tian’s temperament can well balance these Republican + extremely meticulous feminine elements. Lace pearls and cheongsam are slim and rich flowers of the Republic of China when worn on her. They may be more than gaudy when worn by ordinary people, but lack elegance.

6 months ago

Reached the highest peak of appearance, thin eyebrows are very beautiful, and the eyes are not big European-style double. I have a better grasp of Sito in acting, and his eyes and so on.

I have always had a bad impression of her before, and the personality is not likable. It may indeed stand too high at the beginning, and there are a lot of rumors. Although it’s not the type that I like girls, but I like the role of Sato very much. She is very successful in this play…

6 months ago

The score of “Sato” was 7.6, and the ratings were both good. Jing Tian’s acting skills are incisively and vividly performed in the play. Her appearance is really good. It turns out that Jing Tianxuan is so beautiful for the role. Actually, this new play is actually There is not much publicity. The new drama “Sito”, which was directly airborne and aired suddenly, has unexpectedly good results. Both the actors’ acting skills and the development of the plot are very high-end, and it not only hits the audience. If one was caught off guard, the audience also gave a good comment. From the current point of view, the overall quality of “Sito” is very good in terms of plot, graphics, etc., or the rhythm of the plot of the TV series, and the service of Taoist drama. The male and female main characters Jing Tian and Zhang Binbin are all online. , It is worth to like and chase drama. Therefore, as expected, the broadcast results and audience reputation of “Sito” are also above the standard. The audience’s evaluation of it is very good, and the evaluation is constantly improving. It is worth mentioning that, in fact, “Sito” started to score 7.6 points, and this score is already one of the best evaluations in the same period. Interestingly, after the score of “Sito” was opened, many viewers felt that the score of 7.6 was low, so they went to score “Sito”. The score has surpassed 7.7 points, and the evaluation is still improving. Maybe the score will rise above 8 points, it is worth looking forward to. Because of the high score, the audience’s reputation is still good, so the broadcast volume of “Sito” is also rising. After the double harvest of ratings in this drama, Jing Tian, ​​who played the leading role of Sito, was also praised by the audience. His acting skills and appearance attracted a lot of attention! First, she exaggerated her face, figure, and temperament. After all, she was wearing a gorgeous cheongsam and her flowing hair, Jing Tian, ​​was indeed beautiful and eye-catching. The tailoring of the cheongsam also makes Jing Tian’s good figure more exquisite and translucent. The temperament of Jing Tian’s wealth and wealth in the world has also made Sato’s temperament as a golden lady, more and more obvious. Then there is the exaggeration of acting. Yes, you read that right. Jing Tian, ​​who has always been popular and easy, was finally praised by the audience. To be fair, Jing Tian’s performance in “Sito” is indeed remarkable. When it’s cold, it’s cool, and when it’s time to be funny, all kinds of emotions and eye scenes can be accurately conveyed to the audience. Da Tiantian’s acting skills have indeed improved! The magical thing is that with the prospect of sweet resources against the sky, when various movie resources are played at random, they are not liked by the audience. Each movie cannot achieve greater success, and Jing Tian cannot prove his ability. Even if she plays the heroine of Zhang Yimou’s international blockbuster “The Great Wall” and collaborates with such big names as Matt Damon and Andy Lau, she is still not recognized. Now that she has stepped down from the altar and started acting in a TV series, she has been praised by the audience in various ways. It feels that she is very looking forward to choosing the right script. But this is not the first time. The last time Jing Tian stepped down from the altar and starred in the TV series “Glory of the Tang Dynasty”, she was already praised by the audience and loved by the audience. She has begun to make people look forward to! Both the Shen Zhenzhu in “Glory of the Tang Dynasty” and the Sato in “Sito” have proved that Jing Tianxuan is so beautiful for the character and can be so eye-catching!

So it can be seen that Xiaohong relies on praise and Dahong relies on fate, this sentence is really correct.

6 months ago

When I was an assistant screenwriter in the early years, my crew and the crew of “Legend of Ban Shu” with Ms. Jing as the heroine were filming in Chuzhou Film and Television City. At that time, I witnessed Miss Jing’s performance on the set. The acting skills are really mediocre, really not very good. But she was very kind to people, and was very easy-going to meet the group photo requirements of the crowd watching the crew, and she was also very polite to the staff at the bottom of the crew. But she gave me an amazing feeling in “Sito”, which basically broke my traditional impression of her acting skills. Her performance in the play is just right. Although the crew looks poor, they are exquisite in the beauty of Jing Tian’s makeup and costume matching and scene modeling. The role of Sato in the play is like tailor-made for her. To become an actor, a role setting suitable for her (him) is really important. When an actor finds the right way to play, he can seek his own breakthrough. You don’t have to be persistent in pursuing big productions, but what suits you is the kingly way.

6 months ago

As early as in “Glory of the Tang Dynasty”, I changed my outlook on Jing Tian. In “Glory of the Tang Dynasty”, she played against the well-known actress Wan Qian and Shu Chang not only did not hold back, but at least it was at a comparable level. This is something I never expected. I have always regarded her as a forced female “A Dou” before, which is my stereotype. Since then, I have been able to view the actor objectively. The performance in “Sito” really doesn’t require me to be affirmed. Sito is the representative role of Jing Tian.

6 months ago

Never read the original novel
I haven’t followed this actor before
It’s just that Shanhe Ling automatically jumped to Sito in the last episode, so I watched it.
When I saw the image of the heroine, I immediately abandoned the show
Only I think Jing Tian really doesn’t look good? (That’s it, in the usual crowd, it is considered a middle-upper look, but in the entertainment circle where beautiful and handsome guys get together, this look is considered middle-lower at most)

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