Since the world’s first car was introduced in 1885, the car has been one of the main means of transportation for people to travel for more than a hundred years. During this period, the car has experienced only four wheels, to have a good-looking design, taking into account comfort and handling, and then to the current stages of intelligent technology reform and upgrade, the upgrade and improvement of the car has brought consumers’ travel experience Great improvement. Does convenient, smart, and comfortable travel enhance your happiness in life?

To be honest, my home is in a county below the city, but you must know that the train station and high-speed rail station in the city are in the city, so it is quite far from my home to the train station or high-speed rail station. Of course, this is far away. It means that it takes a long time to go there. In fact, the straight-line distance is about 20-30 kilometers, and the driving distance is longer. When I don’t have a car at home, I have to go to school, so every time I go to the train station, I’m very tired. Every time I return to school, I have a heavy suitcase, a large backpack on my back, and a large plastic bag, which contains some fruits bought by my mother and special products made at home. Basically every time I travel, I have a large bag in my left hand, a suitcase in my right hand, and a large schoolbag on my back. In this case, the journey to the railway station is like this. You must first wait for the shuttle bus at the intersection of the main road in the county seat. It can be understood as an inter-county bus. In fact, there are two roads to the city station, one is the old county. One is a national highway, which can save half of the time by taking the national highway, but the inter-county shuttle bus only uses the old county highway, so it takes about an hour from the old county town to the south bus station in the city. After getting off at the South Bus Station in the city, you have to transfer to the city’s No. 2 bus. This bus is dedicated to the South Bus Station to the railway station. Since it is a bus, it is impossible to take the nearest route. Winding around, so the journey time is about 40 minutes. Counting the miscellaneous time of waiting for the bus and picking up luggage, it takes at least two hours to depart from home to the waiting room of the railway station. In order to prevent accidents, you must reserve a period of time each time, so if it is two o’clock in the afternoon For the train, which basically departs before 11 o’clock, it is difficult to have lunch at home. The bus navigation schemes are all over two hours, but after having a car, everything is different. Driving from home, you can take the national highway to the city. The nearest route to the railway station takes only more than 40 minutes. Sometimes traffic jams during peak periods can be resolved within 50 minutes. When the time is greatly reduced, Even if the train is at two o’clock in the afternoon, if you are afraid, you can leave at 12:30. If you don’t panic, you can leave again at one o’clock, so that you have plenty of time to eat mother’s lunch before you leave home, and you will be very happy. Besides, it’s okay to take the bus for two hours. The key is big bags, suitcases, and big school bags. It’s really torture people. People don’t want to move when they arrive in the waiting room. But when you have a car, things Put it all in the trunk and it’s done, just need to get on and off the car and go to the train station in comfort, can you not be happy? Probably, this is the improvement of the happiness of life brought by the car. Now, there is a problem that every time you need to have your family drive to pick you up, this will inevitably delay your family’s efforts and affect some work arrangements. However, the future cars will be smart cars and driverless cars. In that era, I don’t need anyone to pick up and drop off on the way to the railway station. I don’t need to drive myself. I just need to tell the car that I am going to the railway station. , And then I can lie down and sleep for half an hour, or play a game, and it’s there, and after getting off the car, I will tell the car again, if you drive home by yourself, the car can drive back by yourself. This is my imagined future The smart era and driverless cars. Presumably in the future, the sense of happiness in life will be stronger.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I just learned the related content of automobile theory recently. We know the structure and principle of a car from the structure of the automobile, but the automobile theory teaches us how to evaluate a car. The car is built to meet the people’s requirement that people can travel with ease. As long as you sit on it, you can go to places that your feet cannot reach, and make full use of the chemical energy of the fuel to convert it into mechanical energy. Such ideas and creations are indeed ingenious. However, it is not enough. The car is driven by a person, so if the experience in the driving process is not good, then why should a person choose to take a car? Take noise as an example. If the soundproofing effect of the car you are riding in is not very good, you can hear the powerful vibration of the engine when you sit in the car, then you are like being in a factory with rumbling equipment noise Just in your ears, how could you not be upset and irritable, let alone say that you can sleep peacefully here. Take vibration as an example. If the car’s suspension is not done very well, or not at all, what will be the experience? When passing a small ramp or a stone, you will be swayed up and down and leave your seat. This is not a car at all, but a roller coaster ride. You will find that with adequate material protection, people have money to choose better ones, so when buying a car, not only consider the power, but also consider the comfort. Therefore, focusing on travel experience can improve happiness.

8 months ago

I think that as a car, the most important thing that can improve people’s happiness in the travel experience is the improvement of the technical level and the gradual improvement of the overall ride comfort. The birth of the car is a historic event. Compared with the carriages of the past, cars are undoubtedly rudimentary, rough, and even ridiculous. However, with the improvement of technology and the gradual improvement of production technology, the automobile industry has grown from small to large, from scratch, from simple to intelligent. Just like a baby falling to the ground, it grows up slowly.

8 months ago

I think we need to focus on the last three words of the question-happiness. About ten years ago, before and after the Wenchuan earthquake, it was very popular to discuss one thing, that is-are you happy? Why do you think you are happy? How do you think you can achieve happiness? At that time, the concept was very abstract, there was no standard answer, and no one thought he was 100% happy. But many people have a saying, that is, happiness is not linked to money, or that there is not much to do with it. I personally feel that this kind of argument is not very resistant to scrutiny. If you say that the conditions in your family are stretched, and you even owe a debt, do you think that at this time, your happiness is not linked to money? That must be linked. But when the conditions at home can basically or completely meet the daily expenses, then happiness is the participation of some daily necessities. What are the necessities of life? Car, house, to put it bluntly, these two. I don’t understand the house, but the car, no matter what the domestic environment, no matter how most people think of the owner of the machine, it is a very indispensable part of a family. At the very least, you can’t stay at home 24 hours a day. You have to go out. You need a good partner who shelters you from the wind and rain. At those times, the car is closely linked to happiness. Because it is a necessities of life, based on this, you must need a car, and based on this, happiness cannot be separated from driving, and it cannot be separated from four wheels! Of course, for a more fulfilled life, the car can become like a watch, just like the watch is divided into leisure, sports, and business models. The car can also be responsible for off-track, one for off-road, one for business reception, and one for business reception. The station is responsible for the family self-driving tour… If you see it, the car can also become very warm, warming the owner every bit.

8 months ago

Because of car travel, the biggest feature is that it saves time and effort, although I also long for the slow-paced life in Mr. Mu Xin’s “Once Upon a Time Slow”, which is very charming. “Once Upon a Time” I remember that when I was young, everyone said sincerely that it was a sentence in the early morning. The long street in the railway station was dark and there were no pedestrians. The small shop selling soy milk braved the heat. The days of the past became slow. Horses and emails were all slow for a lifetime, only enough love. A person’s old locks look good and the keys are exquisite and look good. If you lock it, people will understand it. In the past, the carriages and horses were so slow that people have to learn to wait continuously. If you empathize with this kind of waiting, you may feel that it is not so beautiful and may wait anxiously. The emergence of automobiles has greatly facilitated people’s lives and improved a lot of efficiency. I often hear the elders talk about where to go, 20 kilometers, I need to walk there, the original road conditions are not so good, and it is very good to be able to sit in a trolley. It turned out that there is no need to walk all the way to dark for dozens of kilometers. Cars have indeed facilitated people’s lives. The above-mentioned situation is aimed at automobiles relative to traditional means of transportation, and now the development of automobiles and people’s needs are more diversified. With the economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards in recent years, it is no longer a dream to own a car of your own. Manufacturers have also prepared a variety of car options for various price points. SUV? Car? Sports car? All arrangements will be made for you. There are also many car enthusiasts. While enjoying the speed and passion brought by cars, they met a group of friends with the same interests. Everyone likes cars, likes to think about cars, and likes to exchange experiences together. Cars have become an important part of people’s lives now.

8 months ago

For modern people, work pressure is high and living costs are high. It seems that a string is stretched every moment, and most people cannot go to work at home, so travel has become a necessary process of daily life. Except for taking the bus and riding a shared bicycle, the rest is to drive your own car. It is understandable that everyone wants to sit comfortably to start their day’s work, or hope to have a comfortable rest on the way home a bit. Even if it is only a short 15 minutes or half an hour, it can alleviate the fatigue of the day and improve the happiness of the day. I often see advertisements or TV dramas. Men return to the underground garage at home after get off work. They always want to stay in the car for a while. Maybe it is to adjust the tired mood of working in the company for a day, or maybe to earn more. Give yourself some rest time. Second, the comfort in the car and the company of music are particularly important. Because the car, a simple tool originally used for travel, has begun to be more and more optimized, audio upgrades, seat comfort reforms, and optimization of the interior streamline design, etc., as long as all travel can give Where people feel comfortable, they have slowly completed the transformation in the update iteration. It is actually very easy for people to get a sense of happiness in life. For people who often need to travel, the best place to get happiness is the little time when driving. Whether it is going to work or taking a high speed, the optimization of the travel mode is exhausting. People’s warm comfort is mainly because they can stay in a comfortable environment for a long time, so that they can easily wash away their fatigue and gain a sense of happiness. Especially with the change of age, young people also have their own next generation, and the comfort of travel becomes even more important. Human cubs need to make safety seats. If the space of the car is too small, the comfort of the safety seat cannot be satisfied. Therefore, the space of the car is getting bigger and the comfort of the rear row is getting stronger and stronger. People can only get everything just right. Only then will I feel the happiness of life. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the optimization and change of travel mode and the improvement of people’s happiness. Only when the renewal and iteration of cars is more suitable for people’s life needs, can people more and more feel the essence of life and improve their happiness. It’s really not easy for people to get happiness nowadays!

8 months ago

Cars have become necessities in people’s lives. Just like mobile phones, you ask for a car for appointments, for social gatherings, for work, for home, for travel, and so on. Having a car can indeed greatly enhance your happiness. 1. My friend told you to go out for supper in the evening. I heard that the crayfish in a certain shop in the snack street is delicious. There are no buses at night and there are few taxis. If you have a trolley, you can leave at any time and arrive at any time. What time is the time, it is so convenient to have a car, it is so capricious. 2. The car can carry a lot of things. I used to travel on business, make a bus, make a train, make a plane, carry large bags and small bags, I don’t know how hard it is, boys are good, strong, girls, don’t mention how hard it is I am embarrassed. After I have the car, put everything in the trunk, increase the accelerator, and get up! It’s so casual and convenient. 3. I didn’t have a car before, and it took a long time to go home. It took a lot of time. With a car, the expression of filial piety became more direct and family affection would be more harmonious. Closer to my hometown, my parents are getting older, and the company is The best kind of filial piety, I can often go home to have a look and taste the hometown dishes my mother makes. 4. The car is its own independent space. After a busy day, when I go home, I will be in a daze in the car. Many times I don’t want to get off the car because it is a demarcation point. When you push the door, you are the firewood, the father, the son, and the husband, but you are not yourself; in the car, a person in the car wants to be quiet and smoke a cigarette. This body belongs to oneself, and if there is a car, there is an independent body. space. 5. When there is no car, the Chinese New Year is a troublesome thing. Tickets are hard to find. It is very hard to run between the two places. It is hard to take a vacation. Time is spent on the road, because after marriage, both sides must be considered. Nowadays, facing my wife acting like a baby and saying that I will spend the New Year at my natal family, I can wave my hand very proudly after I have a car: your home at noon, my home at night! 6. When leaving get off work and taking the elevator, a big difference is when people take the elevator to press 1 when going out, but I press -1. 7. In the society, it is inevitable that there will be various gatherings, comrades-in-arms gatherings, and classmates gathering , A fellow villager party, especially when the girl or boy who once had a crush on is also there. At this time, there is a trolley, and there is face, and the voice must be several decibels higher when speaking. 8. A car is a facade. Many people start a company and do business. The first consideration is to buy a trolley. If you don’t even have a trolley, what your customers will think of you. If it’s a big business, customers may doubt your strength. And refuse to cooperate with you, this society is so realistic. 9. Before I didn’t have a car, I didn’t go out to the province, and I didn’t go to many scenic spots that I wanted to go. After having a car, I can go to places you haven’t been to, not seeing the same scenery and feeling a different life. The radius of your life will become larger, and your vision will be broader. 10. In the past, my wife could not drive. She quarreled with me and slammed the door out… less than ten minutes later, she went home and confessed her mistake because it was too cold in the yard. Now she can drive. She quarreled with me and slammed the door out… After a long time, there was no movement; the phone was hung up, all kinds of worries. Finally came back in the evening, shopping with a lot of big and small bags, full of spring breeze, turned out to be driving to a shopping mall dozens of miles away to go shopping. The car is power. 11. Time is under my control. Now everyone is under a lot of pressure and sleeps late. Because I have a car, I can sleep well. Because time is in my control. 12. There is no need to wait for the bus anymore. I still remember that when there is no bus, I waited for the bus and couldn’t get the bus. Now when it’s raining, I don’t need to wait for the bus. 13. The family is more harmonious. During the holidays, the family can travel freely. After having a car, the family is more harmonious and harmonious. After reading the above, you should be able to feel the happiness brought by travel promotion.

8 months ago

A few years ago, when I didn’t drive a car, I was going to visit relatives living in towns and villages during the New Year. Do you know how much trouble it is? You have to take the bus twice, and then wait for the non-fixed minibus. After getting off the bus, you have to stand on the all-weather dusty trail and wait for the “jumping bus” to be favored. It is the product of the magical reform of the tricycle, and I don’t know if there is a scientific name until now. And the bouncing car driving on the road, it really is if you can spit out the dinner the day before. Unconsciously, finally reached the destination. Calculating the time, 3 hours is considered normal, and 5 hours is not surprising. During the New Year, everyone knows that the time is still relatively tight, after all, you have to go to work and school after the holiday. Therefore, every time I think about going there to visit relatives, I feel Alexander. Until a few years ago, I had the first car in my life-Haval H1. It’s the kind of tens of thousands of dollars in the picture on the car, so small that there is basically no trunk. But since I got this car, I suddenly became less “painful” when I went to a relative’s house. The waiting for the transfer of the bus is gone, the pitman of the minibus is gone, and the last experience of being tortured by the bouncing car is gone. Oh, although the last section of the road was actually quite bumpy, at least there was some shock absorber when sitting in your own car. If there is no special traffic jam, the original journey of several hours will be greatly shortened, and it will be done in about an hour and a half. Moreover, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of road conditions, viaducts have been built. Going to a relative’s house is no longer a torture, but an easy journey where you can go whenever you like.

8 months ago

Since the world’s first car was introduced in 1885, the car has been one of the main means of transportation for people to travel for more than a hundred years. During this period, the car has experienced only four wheels, to have a good-looking design, taking into account comfort and handling, and then to the current stages of intelligent technology reform and upgrade, the upgrade and improvement of the car has brought consumers’ travel experience Great improvement. Why can the improvement of travel experience improve the happiness of life? This is due to the sense of happiness-happiness is a kind of inner satisfaction caused by the realization or proximity of an individual’s ideal. Happiness includes not only material life, but also spiritual life; personal happiness comes from collective happiness (national peace, social harmony, family happiness). Collective happiness is higher than individual happiness; happiness lies not only in enjoyment, but mainly in labor and creation. Happiness is to have a grateful heart; to have a healthy body; to have trustworthy friends; to have a harmonious family and a hopeful tomorrow. Happiness is a feeling, it does not depend on people’s living conditions, but depends on people’s mentality. Everything looks so beautiful when I feel happy. Some people say that the elements of happiness are: the foundation of happiness is material and money, and the key to happiness is mentality and wisdom. The happiest person in the world is the one who still feels that he is very happy in the most painful and difficult environment. Such a person is the happiest person.

8 months ago

Without a car, can walking alone improve the happiness of life? With a car, we can go further, yearn for poetry and the distance, and will not always stick to our own small world and become a frog at the bottom of the well! We are always on the road, we have been on the road, because a lot of time is spent in the car, so the improvement of travel experience can also greatly enhance the happiness of life! Since the advent of the first car in 1885, the car has become more and more pleasant, and car sales have gradually increased. Now it feels that almost every family has a private car, and some families have more than one. People are more and more aware that owning a car can enhance the travel experience and improve happiness! Sometimes, sitting in public transportation is always a little inconvenient. There is less personal space and it is still more dangerous. Some special groups of people are not recommended to take public transportation frequently, such as pregnant women! Therefore, for pregnant women, if they want to go out, it is recommended to take a private car to reduce unnecessary hidden dangers and worries and enhance their happiness! Regardless of the previous SARS or the current new crown, public transportation was even blocked for a period of time. If you want to get in touch with the outside world (buy things), you can only rely on your own private car. If you have to go out at that time, it is relatively safe to go out in your own private car (for a short time, wearing a mask), and you will not stay at home every day and feel bored! On the way, there is an improvement in experience, which can improve happiness!

8 months ago

Of course it improves. Let’s put aside the upgrades inside the car. Let’s talk about this car first. With the improvement of travel experience, the price of cars has dropped to a certain extent, and we can all afford cars. With a car, happiness will really rise. 1. No longer have to wait for a long shuttle bus. The deep part of Huangshan’s mountains is really inconvenient for commuting. Sometimes there may only be one car a day for the county. If you miss the shuttle bus, you need to take a taxi to the county. The cost of taxiing is so expensive. 2. No longer have to suffer from the Spring Festival, the situation of people stepping on CMB buses is really troublesome. Sometimes you have to change trains, and carry a lot of gifts to pay the New Year’s greetings. When it rains, don’t mention it. Let’s talk about the improvement of travel experience. Internal 1. The development of automobiles over the years is really fast. In terms of comfort alone, there is a big difference. Take the seats, for example. The previous interiors were simple and uncomfortable. Sometimes when you travel far away, you will be desperate to drive. 2. A long time ago, the car only had a radio, omg, and a good car also had a small screen. At that time, we needed to install the navigation by ourselves. Sometimes the navigation was not updated for a long time and often went the wrong way. 3. It seems that there is no charging place for cars before, so it is still super inconvenient. Now the happiness is bursting. 4. In the hand-operated window of the car, sometimes children sit behind and roll the next car window and fall asleep. We are afraid that we have to stop and close the window if we have a cold. We don’t need it now. 5. The car’s air conditioning, the previous experience was super bad. It’s really better now. Having said that, it can be seen that the development of automobiles in recent years has improved the travel experience and our happiness.

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