In our age, we are always weighing pros and cons, thinking about the odds, and worrying about gains and losses. We rarely ask what we like? what do you want? What is suitable for? It seems to be a human being, the most important thing is not “human”, but not to suffer, not to fail, not to make detours… From the very beginning of a child, one cannot have ideas, and hold back when they have ideas; they cannot have hobbies, and have hobbies.

Let’s talk about entering the university; there can be no differences, and change if there are differences; there can be no attempts and failures cannot be tolerated. It seems that life has no choice but to succeed. Everyone is afraid that if one is not careful, they will get out of the tide and be left behind. After growing up, many people can’t find themselves, forget their passion, don’t know what they want, and don’t know what they are suitable for. Huawei and civil servants are obviously two paths in different directions. They need to have different abilities, different resources, and different experiences. One is written with a history of hard work, and the other is stable and decent. no risk. There is no better or worse, only different ambitions and personal conditions. If you force your child to impose a career direction that he is not interested in or suitable for, decades of career can only be a sea of ​​hardships, and the only choice is to suffer. It was a life with no fun and no sense of meaning. Going to work was like going to the grave, and it was like going through ten years of catastrophe in one year. Since I was very young, my parents instilled the idea of ​​becoming a teacher when I grew up. No matter how well they talk about the profession of a teacher, I just can’t be interested. I have longed for “money” since I was a child, and my ideal since I was a kid is to sell tickets on the bus, because the conductors hold “heavy money”. Although after working for so many years, I finally realized how enviable it is to have winter and summer vacations, but over the years, what I have gained is a sense of accomplishment, self-realization, and the kind of life I want. Many important choices must be made by oneself. Even if it is a pit, one must go through it to understand. This is especially true for adults. The long-term invasion of parental control is a way to cultivate giant babies. One of the so-called giant babies is that they are attached to others when they are confused. When they succeed, they all take credit for themselves. When they encounter setbacks, they all get angry and blame others on others. With a long career for decades, there will always be changes and dissatisfaction. Time passes, and many things will be unexpected before departure. Only the things you decide can bear the consequences and responsibilities of your choice. No active exploration is not worth trying. Let go of blogging and the courage to try and make mistakes is experience, growth, and fun.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It looks like two jobs, but two lives. Huawei 65, after 3-5 years of work, the sum of salary bonuses and internal shares is likely to reach more than 90. The price is that there is no Saturday or even Sunday. Basically, I can get home after 10 o’clock in the evening. In return, you can grow up quickly at work and have certain social resources quickly. Of course, stress will make you insomnia, anxiety, and hair loss. But you are becoming less and less sensitive to prices, because your salary is 3-5 times that of your classmates, you are used to a high-quality life, and the previously out-of-reach luxury goods are now just ordinary for you. . But you can’t find a girlfriend, because you don’t have time, family members are constantly urging you to get married, and you are afraid that you will die alone. At the age of 35, you and your team completed a big project. Your team won the National Excellent Team, and the year-end award was awarded 500,000. At that time, you thought you were the king of the world. At the age of 45, you have a home and your children are in kindergarten. You can’t do it anymore. It turns out that those ambitions have gradually become fantasies. The leader feels that you are getting slack when you are old, and sometimes they will run on you. You also want to spend more time with your family and take care of your children. At this time, you have 6 million deposits, 4 million internal shares, and 3 houses. You have strong industry resources, strong abilities, and a dazzling resume, so you have many choices, retire, start a business, or move to a comfortable state-owned enterprise as a middle-level leader, holding 1/3 of the original salary Enjoy the rest of your life. Huawei is where you have struggled and changed your class in life. You have always felt that you have no regrets or regrets in these days with Huawei. Civil servant 18, after entering, found that there are various hidden benefits, and the social status is very high, after all, is a civil servant? But there are a lot of bad guys in the unit. You secretly made up your mind not to leave it alone, so you work hard. After all, you are a Ph.D. The leader also pays attention to it. In 3 years, you have been promoted to the associate department, and your salary has changed from 18 to 23. The people around you all said You are young and promising, and you are also a little buoyant, determined to climb to the top at the age of 40, and then set off for the provincial government. At this time, you are living the days of occasionally working overtime from 9 to 5, and the most tiring thing is to accompany the leaders of the drinking places to socialize, and you want to make a strong face and laugh and help the leaders to block the alcohol. You are tired of drinking Maotai, and you eat too much lobster. You have another hobby: donkey friends. On holidays, you like to hike with friends or go camping in the mountains. In short, you are satisfied with your current life. But the old leader who promoted you has to be transferred to another bureau for retirement. Before leaving, he asks you if you want to go with him. You think about it and decide to stay. After all, your connections have been cultivated here for many years. The new director is a pragmatist, with a bachelor’s degree and an average school. Some of your suggestions and concepts that are “empty and illusory” make him annoyed to listen. At the age of 40, you finally got your wish and became the head of the department. The annual salary is close to 30. There are 8 soldiers under your hand and 2 scumbags. 1 high-ranking cadre can’t afford it, and 2 relatives who are leaders of the unit have to show some face. There are two others who are incapable. Just one guy works very hard and you value him very much. You plan to promote him as a deputy in two years. As a result, the kid was transferred to the provincial government a year later, and he found out that his father was a local businessman with a good reputation. There is no hope for promotion, and this is the end of this life when it is about to 45. Speaking of your life is impeccable, the system is easy to enjoy, and it is a civil service system. It is not too easy to do something. You have saved one hundred thousand dollars over the years, even if your child goes abroad, it will be enough. You no longer struggle, just complete the tasks assigned by the leader. You start to devote a lot of spare time to travel. You have almost finished the great rivers and mountains of the motherland when you are less than 50 years old, and at the same time you picked up your favorite history books. You are good at talking and well-informed. Others say that you are not talented, and you laugh off. You have already seen it thoroughly, it is true that it is plain. But you will occasionally remember that if you chose Huawei, you might have made an earth-shattering career. If you have a wealthy family and you are pursuing the quality of life, you must not choose Huawei. Because Huawei only has work and no life. If your family background happens to be bad and you don’t have any foundation in the city, then I suggest you choose Huawei. After all, money can buy a lot of dignity in this era.

7 months ago

After reading a lot of comments, it’s hard to say a word. To avoid misleading others, let’s say a few words. Some people should have rusty heads after being admitted to civil servants or public institutions! What caused you to have the illusion that a civil servant who can enter Huawei’s doctoral exam will be as hard-pressed as an ordinary civil servant? Where does your courage come from to benchmark against this kind of talent? The job he can take is comparable to that of your job like eating and waiting to die? The salary of most undergraduate social animals is around 5,000. They go back to take the exam for an ordinary civil servant, which is almost the same salary, but the five insurances and one fund are sufficient, two days off, nine to five in the morning, no big mistakes, no layoffs, and capable. By the time you retire, even if some jobs are a bit tiring, can there be social and animal tiring? Even during the epidemic and poverty alleviation period, you are not as tired as your community and animals! Or do you think you can get 650,000 annual salary in Huawei if you don’t take a civil service exam?

7 months ago

The conditions given by the subject are too general. Huawei’s annual salary of 650,000, where is Huawei, Huawei’s headquarters or Shanghai? Xi’an? Suzhou? The relationship between geographic location and annual salary is also very important. What department, what position, what is the room for promotion, and is it the right major? What are the general working hours? None of these are mentioned. Civil servants, where are civil servants? What level of unit is it? District level? City level? provincial? National ministerial level? Once you have a level, what unit is it? Is it a department with core power? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Forestry are two completely different worlds. Civil servants must integrate the level of the unit, the attributes of the unit, and the starting point after joining. If it is a state-level, central-ministerial-level entity with real power, it is definitely better to be a civil servant. If it is in a second-tier city, such as Suzhou and Xi’an, it must be Huawei. It is better to work for a few years and have a full house, and you have a doctoral degree. , It is very easy for advanced talents to jump to the administrative unit in the future, so the subject should be considered based on various comprehensive factors such as geographic location.

7 months ago

First analyze the offers on both sides: Huawei school recruited a starting salary of 650,000, which is a 16-level offer (the comment area pointed out that it may be 17), usually only a computer/software/electronics/microelectronics PhD from a prestigious 985 school can get it. Very few are Doctor of Materials (direction of lithium battery). If it is an offer from the Beijing Institute, the school recruits this level, and 100% guarantees the Beijing household registration index. In recent years, Huawei has attached great importance to PhDs and will not throw PhDs into screw posts. Huawei’s 16-level school recruitment rating is definitely among the top 5% in the IT industry. The annual salary of civil servants is 180,000, which can basically exclude the Pearl River Delta, Southern Jiangsu, and Northern Zhejiang (more than 180,000 in these three places), and can also exclude civil servants belonging to national ministries and commissions and Beijing (not 180,000). I guess it is most likely to be civil servants in Shanghai. If it is a direct election by the province, it is really good; if it is a district or street office worker, it is recommended not to go. This type of unit is suitable for ordinary people to lie flat. Doctors from famous universities wear the high hat of “talents”. You go up first, and it’s a matter of course to do it. Whether you can do it or not is a high score and low energy. Finally, we need to classify the discussion: 1. If you have money at home and want to stay in the front line, you can choose grass-roots civil servants and high school teachers to lie flat; if you want to pursue a career, then the provincial direct election is worth considering; if you want to pursue a high salary, go to Huawei or the Internet. Not bad. 2. I don’t have money at home and want to stay a line. Choose Huawei, civil servants are 180,000 a year, even down payment is a problem, or consider dual employees of civil servants in Shenzhen. 3. If there is no money at home, and no obsession with first-tier cities, then both offers are fine, depending on personal preference.

7 months ago

It is recommended to choose Huawei 650,000 annual salary! No hesitation, no hesitation! Since they are all PhDs, I believe they should have their own professional expertise, right? Then study hard, give full play to your strengths, and live up to what you have learned in your life! To be honest, if there is no background at home, especially if there is no really strong background, it is actually difficult for a PhD in the civil service system to give full play to his expertise and make special contributions. Why are civil servants called civil servants? It just doesn’t have any special technical content. After graduating from a bachelor’s degree, basically IQ online is competent, because basically there are not many major decisions that need to be made by a civil servant alone. They are all collective negotiation, collective decision-making, and collective decision-making. Ordinary civil servant positions, including county-level leadership positions, are very ordinary and daily tasks. Even in the top 100 counties, there are only a few large projects in a year, and they are all contracted out to specialized companies. Civil servants, including leaders, just determine the procedures and rules, for example, open bidding, and then let the winner to operate the specific construction plan and other content, at most, it is to make a small calculation in this. And now they are all operated on the Internet, very open and transparent, unless you are dizzy, basically you will not make mistakes on these big projects. Therefore, these civil servant positions, including county-level leadership positions, do not actually have much technical content. Who can go up and who can’t go up is really not determined by the efforts of the civil servants themselves. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that there are so many leaders, and even those at higher levels than the county level will go to believe in Buddha and pray to God! Because basically it’s not driven by oneself, but on which day the organization will see you, decide to hire you, and then reuse you. Although there are many elements of one’s own personal efforts in it, how much decisive role it plays, then Only God knows. Therefore, as a PhD, if you enter the civil service system, whether it is a provincial department, a municipal department, or a deputy at the county or city level, even if you can reach the deputy director level in one step, how much more can you earn beyond 180,000? income? Don’t really think about it, basically it won’t happen! ——Of course, in developed coastal cities, such as Wenzhou, the deputy director level is definitely more than 180,000! Not to mention more developed places like Hangzhou and Ningbo! And don’t think about those things, because it’s dangerous! Nowadays, rich people who work in the system, especially those in leadership positions, are basically obsessed with cleanliness. They are very clean and self-conscious. They don’t have any thoughts of “fishing for oil and water” because they don’t care at all and can’t commit them, especially like These wealthy leaders in Wenzhou simply don’t have the idea of ​​relying on their posts and positions to fish for oil and water. They can’t afford to spend their own family’s money. Who rarely takes that “hot potato”? On the other hand, if things other than 180,000 annual salary are not rare, what do you plan to enter the system? Except for the fixed annual salary, if you are courageous and have “cleanliness”, there is really no benefit all year round! The picture is stable and the picture is future? The graph is stable? Basically, there won’t be too many problems, it can be realized; what is the future? If there is no special relationship or background, a Ph.D. may not be able to rise to the top! Deputy director level? At the level? The deputy department level is also difficult! Therefore, if you look at the annual salary, Huawei’s annual salary of 650,000 is really good! Even if you are now 30 years old and have an annual salary of 650,000 yuan after you graduated with a Ph.D. and you were dismissed at the age of 45, your income at that time was already at least 10 million yuan +, right? This income, if you are a civil servant within the system, will you be able to realize it only after the year of the monkey? It’s impossible for a lifetime! Want to be greedy and corrupt, and realize it earlier? The most likely thing is to spend the rest of your life in the game! In a word, if you want to work safely and stably in the system for a lifetime, you really don’t want to expect an income of 10 million +. It’s impossible. Therefore, I sincerely recommend choosing Huawei with an annual salary of 650,000 yuan and making money with peace of mind! What can’t you do if you have money in your hands? In this world, money is the real power, money is the real ability, and money is the real status. Everything is money! Money can make ghosts grind, this old saying is a summary of many years of practical experience, it is very reasonable, and it is also a very universal truth! Once the money is made, financial freedom is realized, and then you can fully enjoy life and enjoy the good life. This is the real winner in life! How many civil servants were still struggling desperately in the years before retirement. Fortunately, after retirement, they would find another way out and another way to make money! Fight for a lifetime, but that’s all! What’s more, it may not be possible to find a way out, because working in a unit within the system for a lifetime, except for the ability to copy and write official documents, the ability to organize files, and the ledger, I can’t do anything! So, since you are already a Ph.D., take the path of specialization and specialization, and go to a large company like Huawei to show your skills and do a lot of work! Civil servant posts really don’t have any special technical content, so there is no particularly rich return, that is, ordinary going to work, off work, and overtime when busy, but the work content and work tasks done are very ordinary. It’s great to get into a leadership position, and you have a little bit of the right to use and make decisions about the annual financial funds, and when you reach a certain level, you can talk and talk about the issue of personnel appointment and dismissal. , Then they are all eggs! Or Huawei’s annual salary of 650,000 yuan is affordable, and it is really fragrant! I am an old driver in the system. I have seen many mysteries in the system. The job in the system is to let you be an ordinary person who is safe and secure throughout your life. Only a very small number of individuals can climb up. A certain high position, most people shouldn’t think too much about it.

7 months ago

There is no shortage of people who are entangled between Huawei’s 400,000 and 500 thousand and civil servants between two and 300,000, and both choose the former and the latter. Those who choose Huawei 650,000 generally don’t just look at the current starting salary of 650,000, but the future annual salary of one million or more. For example, the seniors I know already have an annual salary of one or two million in Huawei, which is very tempting. It is not only stability that is valued in the selection process, and this job may bring a brighter future. For example, there are many cases where people around you work as director of the department at a young age. Although the starting salary is a bit low, it is still at a good level locally. Moreover, I am tired of being trapped by money. The work of selecting and tuned, serving the people, can get a higher sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Anonymous Gao Zan is right. PhD students may go to Huawei to do work they are not good at. To be a screw, it seems that most of the companies are like this, and it is quite common. For example, a senior fellow who did Burning got an offer to do router cooling, and then he went to choose and transfer. The work pressure of selection is less, there is no need to over-consume brain cells, and overtime is not so severe, which is more conducive to sustainable development. As for how to choose, it mainly depends on whether I am more suitable for Huawei or official career.

7 months ago

Choose Huawei. We have learned politics in middle school, and price reflects value. Huawei’s current price is three and a half times that of civil servants. With such a big difference, where can I better realize personal value? For government recruitment, a doctorate is of course better than a master’s, and a master’s is usually better than a bachelor’s degree, but the degree of improvement is far less than the difference in the value of academic research capabilities between different academic qualifications. For the government, recruiting PhDs is more for recruiting employees with higher intelligence and better rapid learning ability, but they will not pay for the value of Ph.D.’s professional knowledge and research capabilities (most government positions require professional knowledge The undergraduate level is sufficient). On the contrary, the administrative ability and organizational ability that the government values ​​(that is, the priority is to be the chairman of the student union and the group secretary of the university), the difference between a doctorate and an undergraduate is not big. Therefore, choosing civil servants for Ph.D. instead of Huawei is equivalent to abandoning a large part of the value. In addition, some high praise answers say that choosing Huawei is to choose 996, and choosing civil servants is to choose a low-intensity and comfortable life. The respondent does not agree with this. This statement may be correct for undergraduate civil servants, but it is likely to be a doctoral civil servant. Incorrect. The reason is that according to the current organizational regulations, civil servants with a doctoral degree are usually graded to the full-time level (not the full-time level) after being transferred to a full-time professional. This is a big promotion advantage, which means that after five or six years of work, a civil servant with a doctoral degree will have a high probability of getting a full-time post (much faster than a bachelor’s civil servant), and because of the advantages of age and education, it is easy to break through ordinary civil servants The ceiling of promotion is to be promoted to the actual post of deputy division level. When it comes to the stage of the actual position of the deputy division level, the work intensity will be greatly increased than that of the civil servant positions of the full department and below. Therefore, other high praise answers say that the life of civil servants is more comfortable, instead of 996, for doctoral civil servants, it is likely that they are getting busier and busier after being promoted to more senior positions after the age of 35…

7 months ago

If you are in the same city, don’t think about it, absolutely civil servants, these two are not in the same class at all. If I was twenty-five years old, I would definitely think that I would use Huawei to earn money for three to five years. I don’t think so when I was thirty-five years old. My whole life is too long and too long. Back then, Murakami’s ten-thousand-yuan household thought he could do it. Being arrogant for a lifetime, twenty years have never passed. The only meaning of Huawei’s current high salary is to quickly realize your personal value and give you a down payment, and by the way, it will make you incapacitated by your hair. What is the concept of Huawei’s initial annual salary of 650,000? Definitely one in a million. But do you know the concept of a civil servant with an annual salary of 180,000? Huawei determines the salary based on your ability. Your professional counterpart, PhD degree, 650,000, and if you don’t skip management, this is basically a reflection of your personal value. The older you are, the less valuable it is because you are more expensive and knowledgeable than the newcomers later. Outdated, the overall corporate policy is to be younger, with a high salary and a wave of quick work, anyway, there are newcomers every year and stay vigorous. After that, I will definitely face the problem of re-finding more than 30 jobs. I won’t say how difficult it is. Life is a parabola. Civil servants enter the door of 180,000 yuan is the beginning, and then the qualifications are promoted. The doctoral degree is a good insurance. It is not useless. What should be yours is yours. Let’s not jealous of those second-generation, unsuccessful relationships, just leave. As long as you don’t make mistakes, your life is really comfortable, and your education guarantees that most opportunities will not ignore you. If you encounter a secondment, you will directly jump off. If you really don’t meet it, you will spend a lifetime traveling through droughts and floods to ensure your income, and you can still have a lot of time. Will it delay your earning or delay your enjoyment of life? As long as you don’t die, how to draw your life at this time has become your own decision.

7 months ago

It’s really not that difficult to choose for this type of problem… the weighted score, the current short-term pressure, and the long-term mean reversion level are enough. For example, for weighting, if the importance of money is 9, the respectable social status may only be 3, which is completely different from those with money importance of 1, and family importance of 10. If there is a lot of short-term pressure, your parents are seriously ill, and your younger brother is still studying, and you are in the village who need you to help, don’t think about civil servants. When you come out, there will be two graves left. In the long run, mean reversion is also very important. If a Ph.D. is in an ordinary provincial or municipal government, it is likely to be at the division level. If you have been struggling for 15 years at Huawei or a company of the same level, it is estimated that you can earn about 20 million in a mess. If the first two options are not enough, let’s take a look at the third point. If it can be mixed to the level of real power, I think it’s better to choose the strong one within the system. If it’s a non-real power department, Huawei is better. In fact, many people always have a reverie about civil servants. They feel like how high the hidden benefits are. If you don’t embezzle, the hidden benefits include medical care and children’s education, housing, and years of service. They will certainly not be higher than that of a private company like Huawei. There is a saying in the family that is right. The biggest benefit of a civil servant is that you will basically not be bullied in society.

7 months ago

So knowing that the operation is really easy to do. You don’t even need a picture at the beginning, and you can put together a proposition composition by splicing a few elements. No, could this question be asked by a real person? Have you seen anyone who does not mention professional counterparts, work location, family situation, and specific positions when applying for a job, but only talks about “annual salary”, “Huawei”, and “civil servant”? Isn’t this just a question of a few elements, and then let the official account and the Vs to write the proposition composition? It’s just like the old fashion magazines. What kind of choices would people with a monthly salary of 8,000 people with a monthly salary of YY sit on with an annual salary of one million people. And an interesting illusion is that civil servants/state-owned enterprises are paid more than they actually are, and there are various “hidden benefits”. In fact, as far as I know, the situation is just the opposite. The so-called “annual salary” of 240-270,000 by some state-owned enterprise banks just counts everything there is. Even the five insurances and one housing fund paid to you are included, and there will be papers. Last year’s salary was 250,000, and the actual monthly salary was 8,000.

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