Will you be happy and content when you go to university? What a joke! I didn’t go to the school of my choice back then, and I had no idea for many years. What are you talking about “happy and satisfied”? Even those who were admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, a first-class institution, were depressed because of professional and departmental issues. The hearts of geniuses should be bigger. Back then, a popular host also regarded going to Peking University as helpless. Such propositions, generally unconditionally combined with the whole, are usually false propositions. Give a counterexample and win. When I was a child, I watched “Unhappy and Unhappy”. If I grow up “unhappy” and get admitted to university, is it still unhappy? Hahaha. Nine years of compulsory education, coupled with three years of high school, the students have been cold for twelve years, and it was not until the title of the gold list that they vomited the “angry” of more than ten years! Therefore, they may think that as long as they are “passed”, it is the end of life! In fact, no matter where you go, it is the starting point of life! Four years of university life, eight semesters. Graduation, looking for a job, starting a family and starting a career, and then bringing up children…there is no limit to children.

I am a little older now, and my feeling now is that university is my most unhappy time. It’s not because of anything, probably because the feeling of loneliness has become stronger. I am a person who needs friends very much, but it is difficult to make a good friend with the university model of taking different courses. The whole person has no sense of security in school, and I also have the idea of looking for a boyfriend. It may be this idea that prompted me to have a crush on a boy, but I am not an active person, and I have almost no chance to meet and communicate with him. I can only rely on chance encounters. I often hang on my mind when I first entered university. I saw my roommates not studying or studying by myself. I didn’t expect others to study while playing on mobile phones. The review efficiency at the end of the term was higher than mine. My grades Become the bottom of the professional, and thank you for this blow to let me see the reality clearly. The new semester has begun, and I decided to study hard. Isn’t the task of the university just to study! I want to be a person who can play and learn. I believe that when I become better, good things will approach me.

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8 months ago

Before answering this question, let me tell you a very burning story. As a freshman, I was the only one in our class who could play basketball. The rest use the ball as an entertainment tool and pat it. At that time, we were forced to gather enough people to participate in the class basketball match and I was brutally beaten by blood. I played the whole court and lost more than 40 points with six points. Hmm… I took 50 points at the end of the opposing game… Sophomore, we all spent our energy on other aspects. No one played the basketball game, no one watched it, and no one cared. I took the previous four people and re-entered the game. Amidst the flag-raising and shouting opposite, a disastrous defeat! But, I won a game. At that time, I thought, by the junior year, I should be able to win more, right? Unexpectedly, the junior year came to the previous basketball game in a blink of an eye, but the connection between the students was the same, disappeared…No one would like to participate in such a group activity anymore! We don’t even have a chance to win! The five of us are not tall, bad dribbling, and often make mistakes. We are the most amateur in the game and least likely to win the game and advance to the next round. We are the general public, we are rushing to our respective distances, passers-by who have no bondage to basketball… I think, my college basketball is over. The senior year came as scheduled. I didn’t expect that at this age when life was gradually squeezed by life, at this stage of parting each other, five people who were supposed to run in different directions and five people who were not proficient in basketball suddenly gathered together again. together! They said, hey! Let’s play the game again? I will definitely lose…Yes, I will lose…Well, let’s fight again, I said! This is a story that runs through the four years of university. It has a sudden and unpredictable beginning. It has a process full of sadness and disappointment, but it evokes a trace of expectation in my heart. In the end, it moves towards imperfection, not tragic and yet unpredictable. A touching ending for ordinary people. Looking back on my college career, or reading this article, remember what you got in the past? Happy and satisfied? diploma? Only you know this answer. The only thing I can tell you is that the past cannot be followed.

8 months ago

Actually, I don’t know how it is for others, but for me, college life should be the happiest time in my school life. When I am older, the university gives me the feeling that everyone has their own things to do. Everyone wants to be close to others but keeps a distance from them all the time. In fact, before I went to university, I had always longed for dormitory life (I used to be a day student), but when I arrived at the dormitory, I found that there were too many contradictions in the dormitory life. If you are lucky, you can find like-minded roommates. If you are not lucky , I force a few people with completely different personalities and hobbies into the same environment, so I don’t need to say what the result is. Of course, it cannot be said that the university is not happy. At least when you are busy, when you win awards or when you have some results, you will feel it. The university does provide you with a brand new platform, one that can make you more Upward platform. Happiness and satisfaction are relative, and finding what you like is the most important thing.

8 months ago

For me, the period when I was in college was my happiest period. I was in 2000, and I started to go to university in 2018. I was so happy during college that I didn’t want to go home. . . Let me talk about the situation before going to college. My family is in a small county seat on the 18th line. I haven’t been out in 18 years. I haven’t been to any place. Primary, junior high and high schools are all in the small county. The family is very strict, very strict and not allowed. I will go out after five o’clock in the evening. I am not allowed to go home after school. I have to ask a few people when I go out to play with my classmates, where to go, how much to spend, and set time. And also pick up and drop off at junior high school. . . There is no freedom at all. Of course, study is also very strict, so besides studying well, my vision and knowledge are very limited. I have never had a rebellious period, very very obedient, but actually suppressed my various thoughts. After I arrived in high school, I started to live on campus, and my family didn’t care much anymore, but! Our high school is a key high school, he imitated the Hengzhong model, and it was very strict. From the first year of high school to the third year of high school, there are no rest on Saturdays and Sundays, only a half-day off on Sunday afternoon, weekly test once a week, monthly test once a month, high school first and senior high school requires 6:20 in the morning to the classroom, three evening self-study At half past ten, I went to the classroom to study at 5:50 early in the morning of the senior year. . . So I was very tired of studying after I got to high school. . . Then the grades are not good. This is the aspect of study. School discipline is also very strict. There is no freedom at all, and there are no other activities except for the sports meeting. . . Three years of high school was really painful. Finally, I was admitted to university in 2018. I was from Hebei Province. . . There are only three college entrance examination scores, but I didn’t choose three. I chose a better college, which is a college in a key university, the kind where the college and the college are together. I walked out of this small county for the first time in eighteen years. I came to the university campus because I was far away from home to study. At that time, I sat in a hard seat for 19 hours. . . . When we arrived at the station, our school had a special pick-up bus, and then sent us to the school. There was a senior in the school who helped me carry my luggage throughout the whole process, took me to report, and got along well with my roommates. During the military training, the school had a variety of activities, such as welcome party for new students, and then the school organized our new students to visit the famous museums and buildings in the city where the school is located. During the school, I participated in the dance club because I always liked dancing. But there was no chance to learn, and there were many opportunities to perform in school. Then I love my major very much, study hard, and get a lot of scholarships. I occasionally go to part-time jobs, deliver meals, etc. The university manages very loosely, and my family can’t control me anymore. I was so free for the first time since I was a child. The first time I was in college, I learned how to make up and dress myself. , Learned to match clothes. I played all the fun near the school, and then talked about two love affairs in college. Although it did not result in me, it taught me a lot of things. It was also very happy to be together. I went to class with my boyfriend, studied together, and together. Go traveling, go to school together and go home together. . Wait, wait, etc. In short, for me, the period of college is the stage when I truly become myself. I am very happy and satisfied.

8 months ago

No, I am now a sophomore. I recall that the happiest thing is in high school. I have goals and passion. Although it is stressful, the feeling of struggling together is really good. I can find good friends to stand in the corridor during my spare time. Talking and panting, and then went to the question, tired but very fulfilling. When you arrive at a university, you are basically alone, especially in a school like ours that does not have a fixed class of classmates, and you often feel at a loss. Of course, it also depends on what university you are studying. Needless to say, 985211, a normal book, in fact, It’s easy to get lost. Of course, it depends on the individual. If you are motivated enough, these are not problems. In the final analysis, it depends on your personal mentality. With a good mentality, I can still be very happy even in four years of university.

8 months ago

No, for example, I was admitted to a university, but it was not an ideal university, a normal two. But professionalism is my favorite (commonly known as big data). Next, let’s talk about why I’m not so happy. First of all, the location is not so good. Winter is very cold, spring comes late, and summer does not need air conditioning. The second is the power of teaching resources. Many lecturers don’t pay much attention to it. They don’t talk about the topic in class, or else they are studying and purely mixing salary. (Not all teachers are like this. There are some who speak well. I’m just talking about those who have mixed salaries.) Then I will talk about students. Please declare in advance that I am not a material person. I have really had great conditions since I was a child. Okay, but I don’t discriminate against anyone, but there are indeed many students who come from some remote areas. In fact, in this era, we can’t say that we are remote, we can only say that people are illiterate, because everyone has been exposed to education and where you are from an early age. The environment (regardless of social environment or family environment) will depend on your future values ​​and worldview (here to emphasize that a person’s worldview is really important. If you want to form a personal worldview or expand your own structure, you can only read more books, history, and novels. , Look at everything, and then go out to see more, the outside world is wonderful!) Then I’ll talk about why I’m so upset because of my personal worldview and pattern. I said that my family is not bad at money (I’m not bragging here, it’s better than me). There are still a lot of rich families, I just want to make it clear), my father is also good at traveling, so I went to a lot of places since I was a child (I also thank my father here), these years have indeed basically traveled our big motherland, Then I started to travel abroad after graduating from junior high school. I have been to Japan, North America, Austria, Australia from three years of high school to the present university. So my personal worldview and pattern are really different from them, and my preferences are even more different. Therefore, there is basically no common language. It’s not that I don’t make friends, and it’s not that I have social fears. I really don’t belong to the same way. I can’t get together. It is really hard to think about people with different realms to chat together, and it even maps to your usual work, handling of things, and usual conversations, which fully demonstrates a person’s worldview and pattern. After writing so much, it may be far away, I hope I can get some of what you want from it!

8 months ago

I just went to college last year. To be honest, when I first learned that I was admitted to a good university, I was really happy and satisfied. This happiness and satisfaction not only comes from myself, but also from my parents. I think I I did not disappoint them. I have done part of what they have in mind. Of course, it also comes from myself. I am satisfied with the results of my hard study for so many years, especially in the third year of high school. I am really happy to get through it. But when I went home this winter vacation, one of my cousins, one year older than me, did not go to college. She went for a special recruitment at the end of the third year of high school. Then she can have an internship this year, and she can have a job and a salary next year. When I heard this, to be honest, I was really sad and felt that I was very useless. Going to college is to spend money, but I can make money without going to college. The more I think about it, the more I can’t figure it out, and then I really feel very uncomfortable. , This thing has been lingering in my mind, no way, I told my mother all these thoughts. My mother told me a lot, and then I thought about it again and it was indeed the case. Going to college is not only for making money for future work, but also has many opportunities for insight. Not everything in this world can be used. Measured by money. In short, now I am in college without the happiness at the beginning, but I am more satisfied and happier than when I didn’t go to college.

8 months ago

When I was in high school, I naively thought that it was just playing and there was no class. It seems impossible now. We study statistics, the schedule is super full, and the professional courses are also difficult. It’s not very easy, let alone there is nothing to go out exquisitely every day. The six people in our dormitory get up in the morning to take up seats (because for me. If I don’t understand a lesson, I feel uncomfortable. What do I feel I’m not happy. Of course I also think that playing games, reading novels, and chasing dramas every day does not mean more enjoyment. But everyone who is motivated should understand that this is short-term happiness.) Every day is full of dangdang. . Then take the courier and return to the dormitory. It’s a four-point line of life. It can be said to be a basic high school life, but I feel very happy and satisfied with the same life. Every day I run in the playground, try various meals in the cafeteria, take a dip in the library, scan the video before going to bed, go to dinner together, more should be fulfilling, and I have already come to the school, I can’t complain everywhere. Tucao? You must discover happy things, learn something based on your own interests, and stick to it.

8 months ago

How should I put it, I went to a junior college, and the preschool education major is the kindergarten teacher in everyone’s mouth. How do I think this major is really busy. I can’t finish painting and practicing piano. Complete the basic skills, the endless dance, and of course there are many cultural classes. Every day is full. There is only one free class on Monday and Wednesday to take a break. Also, I plan to upgrade to a college. My foundation is relatively poor, so this year As soon as I enrolled in the junior college course, I thought I would study it a few times, so the class ends at 6 pm every day, Monday, Wednesday evening 7:00-9: 00 to practice piano, Tuesday, Thursday evening 7:00-9: 00 After taking English class, I started to draw when I returned to the dormitory. Once I finished drawing until 11:00, I was really tired and learning too many things! Sometimes I wonder why the university can be so busy! There is no time to fall in love! As a result, the last time I saw the timetable of another major, I understood that it was just our major that was so exhausted! But although tired, I am very happy and satisfied every day, and every day is very fulfilling, and practicing piano and painting can calm my heart down, really happy! Let me put it this way I think happiness is more than just college and satisfaction more than college!

8 months ago

I heard that college is easy, but it’s not as easy as I thought. If you want to upgrade to a college, it’s definitely hard work. It takes several times more effort than others. To put it simply, if someone else is playing on a mobile phone in the dormitory, you have to do it in the library. Memorize the words; if you just graduated successfully, it means that the test should not be too ugly, not absent without reason, and not ask for leave (call the teacher by name, some schools will deduct points for leave), the teacher will basically give you the pass. Do you want to be satisfied and happy in college? For me, one word describes “boil”.

8 months ago

Maybe not. The first is that the university you go to is not your ideal university, which is very sad. Then you were admitted to your ideal university, but your fellow fellow didn’t pass it, and it was very sad. Also, you find that the roommates and classmates you met at the university do not make you happy, or you are not used to university life at the beginning and think it is very different from what you imagined. None of them can make you happy and satisfied.

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