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Latest development: On March 22, the company involved responded that the senior executives concerned had been removed from office and notified criticism. The local police also said that they are investigating the matter further.
Recently, Mr. Liu, an employee of Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd., issued an article saying that at the company’s annual dinner on February 5 this year, the company’s executive Gao Mou provoked himself many times with words, saying bluntly: “I’m going to clean up Liu For some kind of disobedient person, what I want is forest, not trees, let alone thorns.”
Mr. Liu said that at the time, he kept his head down and tolerated. Hougao pressed the burning cigarette butt on his face more than once, and asked him: “Does it hurt? Is it hot? It hurts, so you can keep your memory longer. !”
Mr. Liu couldn’t understand why it happened. He said that his performance has not slowed down, even if there are any mistakes and faults at work, he should not be treated like this.
Mr. Liu said that more than a dozen employees of the company witnessed that they did not resist during the whole process. Then they chose to call the police and went to the Gaoxin People’s Hospital for a medical examination. The diagnosis showed that they had two burn scars on their faces.
Mr. Liu said that after the incident, he reported Gao and the company to the party committee of the group company in real name, but this has not been properly resolved. After the Chinese New Year, Gao also contacted himself and said that he had acted unintentionally after drinking, but Mr. Liu could not accept this.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

If you have this kind of problem in the future, the company name should be put in the title. Remember, the full name is Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd.! Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd.! Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd.! People like Gao can mix with executives, which can only show that the company has problems, and he is definitely not the first time he humiliated employees, absolutely. Look at the introduction, this happened on February 25, and Shaanxi Xin’ao publicly responded to and fired Gao on March 22. About a month has passed in the middle, and I didn’t go online until a few days ago. See this news. But Mr. Liu directly approached the company’s senior executives to report after the incident, but at that time the leaders did not give him a fair deal. Most of them were perfunctory. Otherwise, Mr. Liu would not choose to seek media help. Moreover, it is obvious that Gao asked Mr. Liu to apologize in private a year later, which was obviously also the intention of the company’s leadership. What do you mean? It’s just that you two have been private, what a big deal, and also alarmed us. After the incident was posted on the Internet, the enthusiasm became high, and it caused negative public opinion to Shaanxi Xin’ao, and the leadership decided to dismiss Gao in order to calm public opinion. So, this is the “corporate culture” of Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Remember, Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Development Co., Ltd.

8 months ago

What a big official prestige (lewd prestige)! Gao Mouting, who burned Mr. Liu with a cigarette butt, is currently the leader of the company’s Shaanxi project team, while Mr. Liu is the business development work in Baoji and Hanzhong. He burned Mr. Liu with a cigarette butt twice. This is deliberate injury (see appraisal) ). A man in Xi’an was scalded by a leader with a cigarette butt and taught that he can remember? Heathcliff’s video · After playing the second time of 3779, Gao said wildly, “Doesn’t it hurt? Isn’t it hot? That’s right, so you can have a longer memory!” Yinwei, this is to tell the people around how good I am. More than a dozen colleagues are present. The medical record showed that Mr. Liu “There are two irregular scald areas on the right cheek, and the local skin is dark brown, no exudation, and the local feeling is sensitive.” After the incident, Mr. Liu asked the work unit to take a rest. I refused my request for leave without writing the suggested length of sick leave, and I also deducted 4,000 yuan in salary.” Mr. Liu said. It is estimated that Mr. Liu will not be able to stay in this company. The Shaanxi working group gave Gao a penalty decision and fined him for 3 months for his performance. Mr. Liu believes that some personnel are suspected of sheltering and obstructing the investigation. Mr. Liu is trying to protect himself. His legitimate rights and interests have offended the entire company. The company is so lightly punished that he can only ask the media for help.

8 months ago

Don’t talk about martial ethics when dealing with hooligans. Not talking about martial arts is not to slap him while the leader is not paying attention, nor is it to burn his face with cigarette butts in the same way. Rather, like this man, he silently collected evidence of being bullied by the gang and exposed it to the Internet and relevant departments, and then waited for it to be processed. We must believe in the power of the sharpened sharp knife of Internet public opinion and the law. At this time, some people will say: a man of a man, a man can be killed but not insulted. Isn’t it a cowardly behavior not to dare to face him? This sentence is really a dimensionality reduction blow. The other party is a rogue. Let’s deal with the rogue the way the rogue deals with us. What is the difference between us and the rogue? Imagine that we have just returned home, and a big hole was burned on the face of the hooligan, and our hands were discounted. and then? and then? We are out of this bad breath, but what will happen next. The job is definitely gone. The rogue officials crushed people to death, and integrated all the resources and contacts in their hands to accuse us of maliciously hurting people. As a result, he lost a lot of money, and he might even go to the detention center. As for how to treat this incident? I hope that the relevant departments will pay attention to it. This is not just a simple workplace bullying, it is deliberately hurtful. The penalty is heavier, so that this person will have a long memory, increase the cost of workplace bullying, and it is also a wake-up call for people with similar behaviors. Finally, I want to tell him what the gangster said: Does it hurt? The pain is right, so that you can have a better memory!

8 months ago

Very angry! This is simply “bullying others” and “dominantly bullying” in the workplace! Seeing that the person concerned has called the police, the follow-up company related handling has been issued, and the perpetrator will be removed from office. I remember when I first started working, I was a state-owned enterprise. Once the leader got angry and called everyone in our office over and reprimanded. Saying that we are not a thing, do not want salary, do not want to do it, do not want to get out. There were several middle-aged colleagues at the time, and I think they all bowed their heads and said nothing. I feel the blood rushing to my face, it may be remembered for a lifetime. Later, a few of us came out, and a big brother complained privately, “It’s all about making money from the country? As for? Where is the organization…” No one else responded, and they were all silent. This time this actually caused personal injury, which is extremely insulting! When it comes to no harm, you can refer to my previous answer: When it comes to harm, call the police decisively. Make a good inspection and remember the people present so that it can be provided to the police for information. Who gave these people the right to insult and hurt others? I don’t know how many people who were bullied in this way have swallowed their voices without disclosing them. I have also heard of criminal cases caused by certain workplace disputes. I hope everyone will protect themselves. The weak can only protect themselves with the weapons of the law.

8 months ago

Why is this problem not so popular? Any leader who does not lead is a hooligan. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you encounter such a thing, of course you will fight back. The way to fight back to protect himself is to report to the police, report, and report without processing, making him doubt his life. The way he doesn’t care if he suffers a loss is to fight back on the spot and make him doubt life on the spot. In short, such a thing must have a result, and the result must make the other person doubt life.

8 months ago

There is a possibility that what the leader said is that he is in the team, lacks authority, lacks leadership, and many of his staff are not convinced by him. “I want to clean up disobedient people like Liu. I want forests, not trees, not thorns.” This leader just wants to stand up in front of everyone and find the happiest person in the team. They can’t afford to offend their own typical representatives, killing chickens and cursing monkeys. Chairman Mao once said this sentence: If you want people to persuade, you can only persuade, you can’t suppress it. The result of subduing is always suppressing but not convinced. It’s not enough to convince people by force. This is the way to deal with the enemy, and this method should never be used to deal with comrades and friends. A good leader is to let his subordinates follow willingly, instead of driving the ducks to the shelves, relying on force and oppression to control. This leader burns his cigarette butt and shows his incompetent side of leadership. It is most likely that he is really incapable or too selfish. He wants to fatten himself and forbid others to give pointers. On the contrary, others pay. You have to hold him and follow his advice. Mr. Liu’s approach here is not the best choice, but a compromise can be considered: At that time, he kept his head down and tolerate. Hougao pressed the burning cigarette butt on his face more than once, and asked him, “Does it hurt? Isn’t it hot? That’s right, so you can remember a little bit!” People are in the rivers and lakes, and they can’t help themselves. This kind of boss, you were really going to flip the table with him at the time, and the result must have been resignation. We don’t know exactly what situation Mr. Liu is in, so we can only express our understanding. Let yourself take a bit of a loss at the time, and take the rationale behind, so that you can counterattack later. Is there a better way to deal with it? Have. Good fighters have no magnificent merits. The leadership of this kind of temper is probably obvious to all. If you have the foresight, you can constrain yourself, be cautious in your words and deeds, and you can’t afford to avoid it! The wicked are always governed by the wicked, and the wretched ones can develop slowly. Or, when the leader intends to engage in self-defense, he quickly confesses that he admits his mistake and makes an excuse to leave. In this way, the leader is not good at finding reasons to wear small shoes. Doing so can avoid harm, and for the eyes of colleagues the next day, the husband can bend and stretch, and everyone knows who is good. This does not involve much face issues. In short, there is nothing to lose if you take a bit of soft words, and to ensure that your health is not compromised is the first priority.

8 months ago

Not very capable, but not a bad temper. It is said that they are senior executives, and some of them are based on their strength. No one in the company knows that they have reached this position. Most of them are relatives of the boss or nepotism. Back to the question. At first glance, this Mr. Liu is the kind of conscientious and honest person in the workplace. As mentioned in the question: “He pressed his cigarette butt on my face. I was blindfolded at the time, and my colleagues dared not speak.” According to Mr. Liu, because the incident happened suddenly, none of the colleagues present were there. When there was time to stop, Manager Gao made a provocation afterwards, and then left the scene. “He also said to me, if it hurts, it just hurts, so you can remember it.” At that time, I kept my head down and forbearing. Hougao pressed the burning cigarette butt on his face more than once; from the trauma of the face Judging from it, it’s obviously more than hot. After the incident, Mr. Liu claimed that he had reported the behavior of the company’s executives to the citizens of the party committee of the group company, but did not properly resolve the behavior. In addition, Gao also contacted Mr. Liu later, saying that it was an unintentional act after drinking, which Mr. Liu could not accept. Mr. Liu has submitted the relevant information to the police, and the police are currently investigating and processing it. Note: This Gao’s sophistry is drunk, so good: everyone’s right to hurt other people’s lives depends on drunkenness. Drinking a little can be lawless and contempt of the law. Do you think you are the king of heaven? Also, Mr. Liu’s ability to work is absolutely fine. He could not understand that he, as the only employee of Xin’ao Shaanxi who had created value and realized net profit for three consecutive years, was treated like this. Such excellent employees are still treated like this, which shows how bad the company is. Violence in the workplace! A man in Xi’an was scalded by a leader with a cigarette butt and taught that he can remember? The video posted by Laifa 151 shows that this Shaanxi ENN New Energy Development Co., Ltd. can find out that it is a subordinate company of ENN Gas. The shame of the industry. As a colleague, I feel that this is discrediting my company. The final result is as follows: This executive has been suspended. This is far from enough. The judicial appraisal procedure has to go. If the intentional injury reaches minor injuries, criminal responsibility must be investigated. That means going to jail for a few days. As he said himself, so that he can keep a little bit more memorable. If you can’t burn someone, the company will be punished if it doesn’t hurt or itchy.

8 months ago

It is very sad that our society and laws today cannot deal with this problem.

First of all, our society often ignores insults and malicious attacks. If the victims resist, they become so-called quarrels and fights. If they do not resist, as long as they are not seriously injured or killed, they are usually detained for a few days.

This is also the reason that good people don’t live long and bad people live for thousands of years.

8 months ago

Let me tell you, if I say to smash the leader’s head with an ashtray or wine bottle, many people must say that I am extreme. If it is showing the other face to burn a cigarette butt to the leader, it would be too masochistic. If you pick up your mobile phone to take a selfie and leave evidence and then call the police to deal with it, you feel that legal channels may not solve the problem. This is a difficult problem. Judging from the man’s response, he did not immediately counterattack, which is enough to show that dignity comes after survival. Perhaps such a forbearing person can take the political line and use other methods to overthrow the leader, but if he can’t overthrow it, he can only think about it. In our culture, survival is greater than dignity. In many people, there is a fear of resistance. This thing is actually the same as his girlfriend in the process of dating, and the same as the students in Hengshui mode, but I can only complain about it, and there is no difference, because it is to achieve a goal, not to achieve the goal, dignity is useless. Therefore, many people have become “misses”, because if you want to be noble in the front, you must be guilty in the future. Now you are burned by cigarette butts, and forbearance has passed. In the future, your counterattack surpasses this leader, and he is already for you. Not important anymore, right? Or when you surpass the leader, you can also scald his face with a cigarette butt? Many people have never tried naked resignation, thinking that social security has broken the end of the world. Many people have not tried to fail a course, thinking that they are the end of the world. A lot of people have never tried to scold you for licking the dog, thinking that losing someone who doesn’t respect themselves will be the end of the world.

8 months ago

1. Gao XX of Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Energy Development Co., Ltd., according to the results of the Tianyan inspection, is likely to be the core executive of the company, but the company announced to the outside that this person is the leader of the Shaanxi project team. At the same time, the company has a Gao XX who can be found through search, and he is an executive of the company. The companies under the name are all related to Shaanxi New Aoneng Energy Development Co., Ltd. Whether the two are the same is not certain. 2. Injured Liu, 37 years old. Sigh. Whenever a few years younger, a beer bottle has already been photographed. 3. This is the company’s report on the conflict. 4. If there is no long-term abuse and abuse, who would dare to press a cigarette butt on the opponent’s face? 5. The result of Liu’s disability does not constitute criminal responsibility. It can only be civil liability. The compensation standard needs to be negotiated by both parties. 6. Shaanxi Xin’ao New Energy Energy Development Co., Ltd. . . Now it’s on the Internet. I believe that all business units have a clear understanding of such an enterprise that has long abused and attacked employees. Maybe there is no fermentation reaction yet, and soon I believe that companies should know what pain is. “Does it hurt? It’s the right thing to hurt, so that you can remember.”

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