It’s not that there are only a few fixed lineups for you to play in the whole game, on the contrary, I think the chess lineup is very reasonable in this version. At the end of a game, you may see that they are all grabbing powerful single cards. This is also because the bond between Celestial Judgment and God of War is very strong. Secondly, the strength of Angel and Olaf with the four-cost single card is the strength of the blessing of the gods. Relatively high. Therefore, the teacher of the strong, who doesn’t want to take the most powerful bond and the most powerful single card to rush to Chaji Road. But everything can’t be absolute. I’ve seen high-quality Three Kingdoms Carter, Three Kingdoms Leopard Girl, Three Kingdoms Barbarian King Chaji, and also saw the God Envoy Morgana Vampire, Dragon Soul Trot, and reloaded Super Shoot Chaji, not to say The family is domineering, what 7 magic gods pretend to be a dragon king forming must eat chicken, still being turned 95 grams by 6 lucky stars. In fact, in the high-end games above the diamond segment, pay attention to the reasonable operation in the early stage, and use the rationalized economy to stabilize the blood in the mid-stage transition of 4 stages and 5 mid-stages. Only in the later stages did they start to switch to powerful single cards and powerful lineups. Of course, some players can get a lot of high-quality fetters, especially duel masters. When I am playing, I will see several three stars many times, taking the skateboard shoes as the main C position, and the blind monk with the god costume as a foot artist. , It is also easy to finish blasting Olaf Angel Dragon King and so on. In general, three points depend on luck, and seven points depend on operations. On some platforms, there are so many anchors who play Fuxing and turn ninety-five to eat chicken. However, in their own games, they rarely meet the number one. The home of the Seven Old Eight Fortune Stars, you can say that the Fortune Star is not strong, and it is necessary to position it as an operating game. Although there are elements of gambling, no one can think of himself as a gambler in every game.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Not a great god, electric one drills two, and I’m drilling one. Let me give you a few thoughts. If you are not dedicated to scoring but are entertaining, there is no problem with seeing this game as a game of luck. But if you rush points and study the lineup for a period of time, you will find that this version is still an operational version. In this version, luck is important, but operations are more important. Luck can make you foolish, and you can score higher in operations. Luck is important? Quite important, it will operate and luck, invincible. I used to start with three Nicoles, three Olafs at level 7 white prostitution, two ranks of eight D and two selections of God of War Olaf, and three stars at the end of the fourth stage. There is also a reload, that one eats chicken with closed eyes. But not once in dozens of bureaus, and more often it depends on operations. After that, I came here once to get two Samsung four-fee cards with a level 8 and 50 fast D. It was also a brainless one. But the underlying logic of this luck is based on the fact that you need to have a population of 50 HP, 8 population 4-7, and a core C-level equipment. (Except for losing streak, lucky star, and starting Tianhu) Afterwards, you have good luck and eat chicken, bad luck, bad points, 4-7 no blood and no money, 7th level, luck can’t save you. I have played multiple versions of Genting. The logic of this version is more complicated. With Tianxuan, the game that is just looking at the face has a little more uncertainty. The more uncertainty, the more changeable the lineup, the more you need to be familiar with the lineup, and the more systems. With the technology gun resurrected to prepare the mage, Anne also has the meat outfit. Suddenly, when the sky chooses Nunu, you can go to the forest, Nunu technology gun meat outfit, Xia belt resurrection, export outfit. If you don’t have a 20 Nunu, and there are few forest cards, then you have to save money for the 8D wrist hero, and equip it with the wrist hero, and the forest shield fighter will become a pendant to support him. There is iron egg Annie on the opposite side, so get another blind counterpoint. This is much more tiring than I was on the brainless gun. I have no brain D fighters and gunners, and I can’t transform. The operating rhythm is solidified, and almost all the S-class lineups will be transformed in the mid-term. Except for the losing streak of Lucky Star, Scarlet, and Duel, most of the other lineups are strong part-time jobs, depending on the four-stage transformation of the equipment. There is artillery and mercury, and there is an angel, and there is Chunge Technology Spear Master. But the reality is always cruel. It is strong in the early stage, unable to get the equipment, and weak in the early stage, unable to lock the blood, so that many players GG in the process of transformation. Or be bullshit, eat interest, and then turn 4-7, and find that the two colleagues outside the company have already taken ten of the cards they want. So when to sell part-time jobs, change the final lineup, there are too many peers, and the equipment is awkward, but how to change to other lineups is more important. In the transitional duel, you turn to angels. There are too many angels to go with you. They simply don’t turn around. They are equipped with skateboard shoes, and they are promoted to find the barbarian king, and the blind Yongen. Forming still has the strength of T1. The previous version of Pinduoduo’s small method, 7th level shaping, Void Assassin, 6th level can eat chicken is no longer. So it will not be operated until 8, this version is very difficult to eat chicken. I said a lot, why Olaf, the Dragon King, and the Angel are so many, because they are too strong, the molding strength is high. I have learned the Forest Shield for a long time, Mingzhou Archer, Jie, I really didn’t learn it, and I couldn’t lock the blood in the mid-term. However, the lineup of Dragon King, Raf, and Angels is not easy to overdo except for the mage, and the others can be overdone, and can even be forced. The dragon soul reloads the archer, can turn to rap, duel, archer, and can turn to the angel in the day and night. C position to 2 stars basically get points, the disadvantage is that there are too many peers. The summary is: the version is relatively balanced, the lineup is many sets, but the t1 lineup has a high lower limit, good operation, and high C position strength, so people prefer Dragon King, Angels and so on. There are also many teaching and live broadcasts. I watch a live broadcast of the strongest king. It can change the lineup to eat chicken, but I really can’t learn his operation ideas, change ability, and counterpoint skills. For each card, the essence of each lineup is very good. It is indeed a game of luck. First try to operate in the high segment to 4-7, with 8 population and 50 HP. If you do, you should have new knowledge. I can meet some anchors with the electric drill and the probability of being able to do it is about 30%. It’s difficult. You all know the Angel of Judgment T1, so you can’t play with the strategy? Obviously being familiar with this system is only one step, and more importantly, playing the right lineup according to the form. Three angels, then your exclusive dragon king, it may be you who eat chicken. You are level 8, and you have money and blood, so you have room for transformation and more opportunities to create good luck! Many times I got a two-star five-fee card in the 5th stage D, counterattack eating chicken. Luck is built on enough money and level. Finally, I wish you all the best of luck in Genting. Samsung Olaf, third. The core position is fully equipped. One hundred yuan for level 8 D. . . Hey.

7 months ago

This is a fairly balanced version of the title. If you play chess for a long time, you will not deny it. Of course, if the subject raises such a question, he may not have much contact with Genting Zhiyi. After the first contact, I can understand that several consecutive fiascos caused the host to raise this issue and vent it. So here is a little answer to the question of the subject. First of all, this version is not only the Dragon King Angel Olaf. The dragon king angels have been cut. In fact, it is not the first choice most of the time. After the barbarian is strengthened, I actually prefer the barbarian rather than Olaf. Let me talk about the other lineups that must be scored at least for forming (from high to low in my mind): nine scarlet (or six scarlet + five fees), magic shot (the heavy secret shot and gambling of wheel mother c) Xiaopao’s Grand Master of the day shoots), eight fights (the beginning of the game has the fighters, the wild monsters drop the dragon girl Nunu, which means that the dealer is sending points) nine forests, nine three kingdoms, secret mountains and seas, Aegis Kainan (being static vest End explosion…), and finally Jade Sword God Envoy, Jie, Assassin (The reason I think the assassins are not high in T rank is because one: The assassin lineup has to bet on cards, almost has nothing to do with the operation. Stuck at the seventh rank and keep searching for luck Tasty Oita’s poor luck was carried away. This is the pure luck game luck lineup. Second: The assassin’s opponent in the finals can avoid the assassin’s rush through the c position with the top face, which is not a good choice to eat chicken) . Then I will talk a little bit about my recommended lineup. In fact, the biggest bad guy in this version is Galio. That is, nine scarlet. Luck is good for chicken, bad luck can also be scored by blood volume. It can be said that it is a game that can be scored if you get the Scarlet Tianxuan and run it properly. Because there are a lot of bonds that can be excessively removed from the Nine Scarlet, and they are all very powerful bonds in the early stage (Aegis + Magic Shot or Magic + Duel). I will not discuss how to play here. After all, I will not discuss it. After all, it is a bit off topic. Then, in the traditional Nine Three Kingdoms, the intensity of the Nine Forests was still very high in the later stage, and it can be said that encountering the angel Olaf and the Dragon King is worthwhile. I like playing Nine Forests, as long as I have the right shovel and equipment in the early stage, I will go to the forest with a high probability. The fetters of the forest are fleshy and output, and there are three c: Jin Hao Nu Nu Xia, with a high fault tolerance rate. The three kingdoms have high blood volume in the same way, three c: Samila, Barbarian, Carter. However, if the Nine Forests of the Three Kingdoms and Nine Kingdoms are cut down from the beginning of the game, they will encounter the dilemma of only one victory and one defeat. The economy is so-so, the equipment is so-so and the equipment is so-so, so many people give up these two. Choices. In fact, it’s just more difficult to operate now. You can’t just touch it like Scarlet, but the upper limit is definitely still very high in the later stage. It is a good choice to eat chicken with a little bit of hustle. In fact, no matter which version, auto chess is very similar to Texas Hold’em. You can say that others are lucky in a single game, but if you follow the correct strategy and habits, you will win more and lose less in the long run. The right strategy and habits can help you increase your winning percentage, while you can win more when you win, and you won’t lose too badly when you lose. I have the experience of helping my friends call numbers. I know very well. My friend played chess on his own and divided the left and right sides of the gold. After I helped him hit the diamonds, he also tried to play several rankings. As a result, he didn’t even play the top four, and each one dropped points. After dropping the diamond, there is no other way but to find me and go back to him. Is it because I am the Son of Destiny and my friend is the one of Destiny? No. I’m here to talk about one or two bad habits of my friends. The first bad habit is to admit death and walk through one fetter. It’s particularly bad in this big version of the day selection. It is highly recommended for the subject to start a day-selection job, and change a day selection to determine the final lineup when playing wild monsters at level 6 and level 7, and even change the day selection to chase the dream five fees in the later stage. The second bad habit is that the system has too many non-main c-cards and they want to chase them. Third, the card’s own economy is not mentioned, and chasing it out can hardly improve combat effectiveness. For example, when you reload the lineup, you chase Bronguelen, and you go for the Mage lineup to chase the Fireman card. Third, the card search habit is not good. When searching for a card, it is best to leave other cards with the same cost on the bench before searching. After you leave the card you don’t need on your bench, the probability of the card you want will be left in the card pool. Promote. At present, I can think of only these, I hope it can help the subject.

7 months ago

Isn’t this already three lineups? The subject, assuming that there are only these three lineups in a game, it’s not pure luck. Back then, eight companies who snatched insects, Tianshen wolf and even a fee for the prince were counted as the version created by the designer who drank fake wine. Right. In addition, Aegis Kai Nanxia, heavy secrets, shots and even Badou are also lineups that often appear. If your game only has the three lineups you mentioned, you can play these lineups exclusively to ensure that you get the best points. (The above are all unpalatable chicken but very delicious lineups. If you play Hu exclusively, you will have a chance to eat it)

7 months ago

Master of mobile games, few end games, currently diamonds. Why is it not an angel or a dragon king or a love? Because these three are the safest and strongest lineup of points and chickens. The higher the rank, the more obvious. So are there any other lineups, yes. Even if it is the King of Thousands of Points, there will be a great fortune star, but it may be 30. If you have a high rank, you will be divided into slaves. Genting is no longer entertaining for high-rank players. They will spend a lot of time training the lineup and qualifying. Angel Dragon King Raf is the most preferred. But I have to say that this version is unique. This version is the four-fee card version, a two-star master c with suitable equipment will get points. Lucky for prostitution to the top three in the day selection. Others are not unavailable. In fact, most of the lineups can basically score points after they are well operated, but these three have the strongest ability to score points. However, many people are still on the way to find four charges and two stars. I personally think that I basically count on every lineup to be able to play. In fact, these lineups need to be scored. In addition to the subject, there are actually Aegis Xia and Scarlet (not necessarily Nine Scarlet, which can be transferred) Mingtian Xiaobao (the national service seems to have become popular recently, in fact, the foreign service has been popular for a long time, and the intensity is too ridiculous.) The version is like this. The previous versions are also quite strong for betting on dogs. In fact, the requirements for the player’s operating level are still quite High. Of course, there are also times when I have complaints. When I play in the fast-paced case of the Australian server, I basically only have three rounds of fault tolerance (the mobile game is not good) on the eight search card. Sometimes I don’t dare to be greedy for interest, and I am relatively speaking of the national server. Slow down. In the end, most of the lineups can still be scored after they are well operated. I basically just come and play, because I know a little bit, so the lineup conversion is still very comfortable.

7 months ago

In the long run, the top score of Genting Game has nothing to do with luck. When others are lucky, we also have good luck. When we are lucky, we eat more chickens. When we are not lucky, we win by eating bad points or losing less. Confucius said that doing everything you do and obeying the destiny is this principle, and you just need to make the best use of yourself. Win or lose in a single game depends on luck, but long-term wins and losses are only related to technology. It’s like throwing a dice. It is possible to get 1 ten times in a row, but it is impossible to get 1 100 times in a row. As shown in the figure below, the probability of occurrence is one out of 100 million million million million million million million million billion. If you want this to happen, you can throw a dice to the universe to destroy it. In the same way, there may be times when we are poor luck players in Genting, but after hundreds of games, the number of games with good luck and bad luck must not be much different. Don’t be too self-pitying, just play every hand that is issued to us, and if your opponent is too stubborn, you will win if you lose less. Posted on 03-10​Agree with 7​​4 comments​Share​Favorites​Like​Collapse​Continue to browse the content Knowing to discover a bigger world Open Chrome to continue Su Zhitao basketball, rock music, guitar, MOBA games, FPS games, self Go chess. 4 people agreed with the answer. The lineup with the four-fee card as the core is the operating lineup. It does not depend on luck. The line-up is determined based on the four-fee card and existing equipment. For example, artillery can go with Angel/Olav, and endless explosion can go. Dragon King/Morganna Male Sword/Barbarian King. The ones who really depend on luck are those with a three-star one-fare card in the second stage (no matter which one-fare card is), or 5 population for 6 scarlet/6 buckets/6 forest, 7 population with 8 buckets, 8 population with 9 scarlet/9 forests /9 Three Kingdoms, this kind of Tianhu is called luck.

7 months ago

No, this version is very easy to use for a lot of one-fare card jobs. 1. Master Huo Nan, it is best to make 3 lucky stars in the early stage. Don’t choose the lucky stars, four tears and two big sticks, give Huo Nan a blue buff plus double Luden, a Luden plus 3 ways fetters rarely lose. In the early stage, there is no promotion, and 50 interest D is stuck. In the later stage, it is still the conventional 7 methods 3 dragon souls 3 Yongsen. The equipment is given to the fireman Anne Dragon King. The Anne Portal Titan plus Yongsen buff personally thinks it is the best. The Dragon King can be equipped with any magic strength or blue volume. You can spray a dragon tooth against other dragon kings. 2. Desperate god dog head, crit boxing gloves, dragon teeth, titan. The same is stuck with interest D dog head, and later formed the soul-catching god Jade Sword Immortal, Morgana is easier to use than angels, if it is best to give Morgana a deity bond. Morgana equipment, ghost books, fetters of the gods, the last piece of dragon tooth method to explode the Titan, look at the opposite lineup 3. Dragon soul cannon, ghost knife, mercury, endless. This lineup can take the Aegis of the Three Kingdoms, or tomorrow. Personally, I feel that the strength of this lineup is average in the late stage. The front row is too brittle and easy to cut into small cannons. And the wheel mother is easy to die without a big move. It is recommended to give Kike, blue and meat equipment, which is considered equipment. The lineup is easier to pick, and it’s easy to eat chicken in the later stage

7 months ago

The three mainstream lineups are actually quite a lot. The point should be that the mainstream lineups all have to draw 8 cards, and there is no good early operation if there is no card. It is the same as the bladder game ruled by the single three magic gods on the s6, which is a waste of time. In fact, in addition to these three lineups, there are quite a few that can be played, such as Samsung Sivir, Nine Scarlet, Mingtian Xiaojiao, a little bit of the Three Kingdoms Fighter and Forest, Six Aegis, and even betting on the Leopard Girl and the Pig Girl Sword Demon.

7 months ago

In any version, eating chicken is all about luck. Don’t talk about operations, technology. However, points are obtained by operation and thinking. After playing Stoneman, many family lineups will be finalized, or even if you are still a working lineup, you can see through his equipment what his lineup is stronger. For example, Angel and Olaf can hardly be played without a recurve bow. You can’t play the Dragon King without a hat (not to say death, because the endless dragon king with blue equipment can also be played strongly, but the intensity will be reduced. So at this time you probably know if you have a chance to eat chicken in this game. If the chance is not big, choose decisively That is, the battle force lineup, such as Scarlet and Fighter, is to promote people in the early and mid-term. If you come to the big brother in the later period, you will compete for chickens. If you don’t come, you will rely on the HP advantage to go to the top four. All games with uncertain factors, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone, even Doudizhu and Mahjong, almost all competitions are based on points. The logic is to win the championship and score points. The formed lineup is especially favored by the dealer. Does it matter whether you eat chicken or not has a lot to do with your level? , Everyone is the same. The real level is that someone else’s eighth round, you can run fourth. I think this version is the most balanced lineup of all the current versions, the only flaw I think is the recurve bow, God of War, shooter , Scarlet, Duel, Dragon Girl and other popular lineups are all required, resulting in the recurve bow in the equipment is almost the only one. If you can try to adjust, such as changing the light language and the hurricane, this version will not need to move. The secret shooting blood kills the angel, the dragon king kills the angel, scarlet can restrain the dragon king to some extent, the Aegis Xia blood kills the dragon king, the dragon girl fights are not afraid of shields, and the god of war can hang and fight the dragon girl fight. This version is very full of flowers. Each lineup has its own advantages and disadvantages.

7 months ago

There are more of these three in the low segment because the upper limit is high enough and stable, but in fact, if you rush to the top four or the third to the second, there are a lot more options to play. The Three Kingdoms (Leopard Girl or Carter C) and even Liufu are playable lineups, and Olaf’s set of changing the main C to the Barbarian King or Samira (even if the one-star equipment is good) is a set-up duel which is also feasible, but it is necessary. Change to Calista c (the same as the shots, you have to chase three) Nine Scarlet can also be played. There are also six Aegis Kenan chasing three. This version has a lot of optional lineups. The balance is not bad. It’s trapped in the low segment. It’s more familiar. Just a few lineups

7 months ago

On the contrary, the difference in strength between different ranks of Genting is significantly greater than that of the Canyon. The canyon can also guarantee the winning rate in double rows. After all, Genting is a single player game. Most of the diamond masters just play games without details. This detail is not a question of stance equipment. When it was time for him to eat chicken, he did not seize the opportunity and was stolen two waves and only took two or three places. When he wasn’t mad, he didn’t think about directly scoring the reinsurance rankings, but he went straight to the top. By the time you reach the king, or the five or six hundred points in a district, everyone has mature thinking and techniques, and then you are qualified to say that this is a game of luck.

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