If you are asked to select the most famous spy agency in the world, I believe many people will name Israel’s Mossad. But why is the foreign intelligence agency of such a small country so famous? What special event made Mossad so scary and respectable? What role does Mossad play in the overall security strategy of the only Jewish state in the world? Today we will talk about Mossad in Israel. Before the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948, the Jews had established organizations to obtain information on the activities of the enemy. In the months after the United Nations voted to divide Palestine, four young Jewish men were sent to Arab countries on intelligence missions. They grew up in Arab lands, can become Arabs, and gather intelligence in social centers that are hostile to Jews and Israel. Since its founding, Israel needs more than just a strong army, because many people and countries want to erase the Jews or Jewish countries from the map. Israel will need higher intelligence, both to understand the constant threats against it, and to take precise actions to eliminate these threats. This explains why Mossad’s motto is a sentence in the Bible: “You should fight by deception.” As the only Jewish country in the world, Israel has also assumed the role of defending the Jewish people. When terrorists target the Jewish community, when other countries are unable or unwilling to take action, Israel stands ready to bring criminals to justice. The main task of the Mossad is first to gather intelligence. In addition, Mossad’s work has four different tasks:

  1. Bring to justice those who hurt the Jews.
  2. Eliminate the military threat to the State of Israel.
  3. Retaliation against the perpetrators of terrorist attacks by the Jews.
    Fourth, help Jewish refugees reach Israel.
    The story of Adolf Eichmann
    As part of Hitler’s final solution, the famous Nazi Eichmann oversaw the mass deportation of Jews to extermination camps. After the war, he fled from the custody of the United States to Argentina, living under a false identity. An 8-member team of Israeli Mossad agents secretly traveled to Argentina and kidnapped Eichmann in May 1960. They dressed him as a flight attendant and then sneaked him out of the country. The following year, Eichmann was tried and convicted for war crimes, becoming the only criminal executed in Israel’s history. Israel destroys Syrian nuclear reactor
    In 2001, three senior U.S. officials claimed that Syria was only months or even weeks before the reactor was put into operation, and accused North Korea of ​​helping Syria with secret nuclear activities. At the end of 2006, Mossad agents broke into a Syrian atomic energy official’s hotel room in London and installed surveillance software on his laptop. This gave them access to hundreds of photos, blueprints, and documents related to nuclear facilities built with the help of North Korea and Iran. In the summer of 2007, Israeli commandos obtained photos and soil samples from the facility. When US President Bush refused a military strike, Israeli Prime Minister Olmert said that Israel would act alone. A few weeks later, Israeli jets destroyed the reactor and ended Syria’s nuclear program. Mossad assassinated Mugniye, one of the founders of Hezbollah. As one of the founders of Hezbollah, Mugniye was responsible for many high-profile attacks, including the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in April 1983 , Resulting in 63 deaths; in October 1983, Beirut bombed the US Marine Corps headquarters, killing 243 people; in 1994, attacked the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center, killing 86 people. Before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, US officials accused Mugniye of causing more American deaths than other terrorists. He lives a secretive life, often using disguise and plastic surgery to conceal his identity. Mossad successfully found him in Damascus in February 2008. They loaded explosives into a rented car, while another Mossad team followed Mugniye, who planned to meet with Iranian and Syrian officials. When Mugnier arrived, the manipulated car moved to a position next to it, and the car detonated and exploded by remote control. Mossad has experienced a difficult period in the rescue of Jewish refugees in Ethiopia since the mid-1970s. Civil war, famine, and invasion of neighboring Somalia. Jews in Ethiopia have a particularly difficult life because they have been singled out for persecution. In 1977, many people traveled a long distance to Sudan, where they eventually entered a refugee camp. Sudan refused to cooperate with Israel to send refugees to Israel, so Mossad’s mission came up with a plan. The plan is to operate a diving resort on the Red Sea coast of Sudan as a cover. During the day, this is a full-service tourist activity that includes meals, accommodations, and water sports instruction. In the evening, senior staff travel to refugee camps hundreds of miles away to bring Ethiopian Jews back to the resort where they can travel by boat. Israel. But this time, they seemed to be exposed. Once, a Canadian tourist took one of the managers aside and told him that he knew they were not Europeans, because only Israelis would cut salads so finely. The three-year operation that began in 1981 was an all-round success, and more than 6,000 Jews were rescued. Mossad plays an indispensable role in Israel’s security strategy and plays an important role.
    Mossad went deep into enemy territory and used assassination methods to make it both respectable and frightening among Israeli enemies.

By zhiwo

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6 months ago

You think too much, be strong. Intelligence agencies do secret work. Everyone knows that the teeth and claws are too rough, and it can only show that the technique is too rough and level. In the same way, we can know that the famous CIA and KGB are also unsuccessful. Relatively speaking, the Stasi in East Germany is not bad. Even the Soviet Union dare to monitor the sovereign state. The key is that the Soviet Union does not! know! Dao! Many things are only known to the world after the two Germans merged. To make it clearer, what kind of intelligence agency can be called a strong one? That is, you use your simplest reason to guess, it must exist, but you have never heard of it, and you can’t find news about it everywhere. So according to my guess, the best intelligence agency in the world should be the Antigua and Barbuda Intelligence Agency.

6 months ago

Because most of its achievements are known to the world. The first priority of a country like Israel is survival, and as a small country surrounded by powerful enemies, the strategy adopted is tough, and the promotion of this image is also part of the strategy. Therefore, the intelligence department that should have made a fortune will also come out to brush up on the sense of existence. Coupled with the ability to spread old American culture, and interact with the CIA in film and television works from time to time, the effect is really outstanding. In contrast, major powers rarely mention much intelligence in peace times, and war times are definitely different. During the Cold War, the KGB was able to stop Washington children from crying at night.

6 months ago

Feeling that Mossad is strong, it can only mean that you are a person with very little reading and low self-thinking ability. Mossad also engaged in assassinations, bullying and bullying the remnants of the Nazis, who have no protection of national resources. Mossad is the most LJ’s thing is that every time it’s done, people know that it’s a really powerful intelligence agency, and they don’t even know its existence. Do you know the name of our country’s intelligence agency? Do you know which departments are there? For intelligence agencies, the first priority of secret agencies is to conceal

6 months ago

What is a powerful espionage capability is that you don’t even know its existence. For example, we can only use Chaoyang masses to represent a country’s intelligence agencies. The reason why Israel’s Mossad looks so powerful is that it has done a lot of extraordinary things, and some things have been captured by others. The first assassination is not the work of spies. A good spy is unknown and provides information silently. , To take a step back and say that advanced assassinations shouldn’t be unknown to no one? Everyone who does a secret job knows that this is not the original job of the intelligence agency. The work that the CIA started was also left to the Leopards. However, Mossad is an Israeli intelligence agency in the Four World Wars, and its opponents are not able to take the stage, so that Mossad can brush up on the record. At the same time, the small country must show its own strength. Ensuring our own safety makes Mossad deliberately work hard on propaganda, and this allows us to see a powerful Mossad.

6 months ago

I think I am a game “master” who mainly plays CFM. Registered in June 2016, the peak period of the whole year in 17 years (2700 points for single row, 2500 points for the guns of the year, S4 seems to be the last season of 2500 points for the guns) , Began to go downhill in 18 years, and now he can only hit the gun king in a single row. I have an account on a certain hand, the content is game videos, two thousand fans, each video has four or five thousand views, and the comment area will generally type a string of 666 for my actions. Actually? I’m fishing in the Gun King SS, I score professionally, classic materials, and a comparison of opponent dishes. Only in this way can I show my strength. If you want me to fight five kills in the Gun King S, you might as well kill me five times. . Do you understand this truth? I am strong not because I am really strong, but the opponent is too weak. I can only sigh “This one has lost again” when I meet the 150-level professional top 500. Mossad ≈ Spear King SS. More than that, stuck in the middle, embarrassed.

6 months ago

Because Mossad has done several well-known things, such as the Uganda airport, the arrest of Eichmann, Operation Scourge, etc., it appears to be very powerful. At least, as far as I am concerned, I thought that Mossad was very powerful because The things mentioned in those historical TV shows are indeed quite legendary. Because of this, its spread and popularity are naturally very wide. Although other institutions may have more high-end but lower-key operations, of course, the actual situation may be biased. After all, people’s attention and true Professional attention must be different

6 months ago

That’s why you don’t know Central Teco. Behind Mossad are the resources of a country, and even the resources of the superpower, the United States. It is not difficult to be strong. Other countries do not have the same survival pressure as Israel, and intelligence agencies have no motivation and need to become stronger. The Central Teke is working in an environment where there is no national power and mass foundation at all. This ability is really powerful. So there is no need to myth other people, they are all played by us.

6 months ago

The secret unit of the intelligence agency is well known to the world, and it is basically a pleasure. During the period of the Celestial Underground Party, wading through strong winds and waves, and then experiencing the top 2 US-Soviet world’s masters against madness, now it is not or unknown in your mind. You don’t even know the name of our country’s intelligence agency, you know the KGB FBI and others in the Film and Television Bureau. The good fighters are invaluable.

6 months ago

It’s not very strong. You can see what operations the US and Soviet spies played during the Cold War. They all planted moles at the top of each other and caused huge damage. The last time they were engaged in color revolutions and bribed grassroots commanders. Most of Thad’s tasks are fighting, bombing, and killing operations that have the worst international impact and the worst effects, and can’t this kind of thing be handed over to special forces? If it were not for the United States to help him suppress the media, Israel’s intelligence capabilities would be a big deal for North Korea.

6 months ago

Strong ass. In a piece of news a few years ago, the German aunt discovered two Mossad spies, and the aunt found that they were always walking around in front of her house, and only asked a few simple questions. It’s just that I boast how strong I am, and the actual combat power is at most a second-rate level. A truly strong intelligence agency, I think it should be the Stasi in the East German period. There are more than 70,000 members. There is no defector and perfect surveillance of the entire country. This It is the most terrifying.

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