Betrothed at the end of March 2020 and retired in mid-August, just a few months reminded me now that it is still breathless and too depressing. I met him on a blind date. The two people don’t have much emotional foundation. Once there is a little conflict, I hope the other party can coax patiently. After all, it’s a girl, but he always handles it coldly and violently. , To upgrade a small contradiction to a larger contradiction. I am a more sensitive person. When there are too many unpleasant connections, I want to escape, and I think of the future. In addition, I am not a person who is not willing to be reasonable, so when I fall in love, what I need more is that the other party can not only coax me, but also face those problems with me, turning each other into each other’s ideal partner. It’s not just being awkward, it’s always cold and violent and unwilling to communicate, leaving me alone to digest those bad emotions. After getting along for a few months, I found that he was not a suitable candidate, because every time I had a conflict, he would be cold and violent. When I became more angry, he would alarm his family, and his family would hope that I would be tolerant again. I hope I understand him and tolerate him. He is 31 years old and 32 years old now. I was 26 years old. I was with him because he said he liked me very much and would treat me well. I also thought that the other person would be more tolerant of me when he was a few years older than me. , But the reality slapped her face. Many things have nothing to do with age. He has a poor ability to take care of himself and is selfish. Not to mention cooking and cooking. He even needs his mother to wash his clothes every morning, and then go to work after washing. On the contrary, I feel sorry for his mother’s hard work and will take the initiative to help her wash the dishes. His mother never felt gratified about the incident because her children did not wash the dishes at home, but the daughter-in-law who had not been through the house and washed the dishes again and again, and even took it for granted. After I got engaged with him, I occasionally went to his house to play. His mother felt sorry for her son to help with housework in the future, and would suggest that I learn to do housework, because my mother told them that I was lazy before getting engaged. Don’t dislike it, it was his mother who kept saying that it was okay, and then it was his mother who minded that I didn’t do the housework regularly. I think it’s enough to go to his house for dinner and occasionally wash the dishes. I think that occasionally giving her money and buying clothes for her daughter to buy food, even if I’m lazy, it’s not that bad. The result is not. In her eyes, I am still a terrible girl. She will not tell me clearly, but she has done a lot of things that hurt my heart. When I was engaged for more than two months, at the dinner table, she was discussing why I was not pregnant. Then she compared me with others and said that someone had a child in more than half a month after being engaged, saying that we two I haven’t been pregnant for many months. When it comes to the topic of infertility, I asked the blind date to take me to the hospital for an examination because I respected her as an elder. According to my temper, I resisted that I didn’t go crazy on the spot. The thing that disappointed me most was the blind date. The subject didn’t say a word while eating, and didn’t feel that his mother’s words were inappropriate. First of all, I can accept the premarital examination, but what makes me angry is why when it comes to infertility, she will first consider my physical problem, rather than whether her son is also having a problem. Later, I will talk to him and he Said that I think too much, that his mother only cares about my body. There are too many things like this, and I don’t want to list them all. As long as there is something unpleasant between me and his mother, I’m not suitable to say it clearly. I will tell the blind date to suggest that he is going to enlighten, after all, “said by my daughter-in-law”. “Said by my son” are two different feelings, but the blind date not only does not talk about his mother, but also favors his mother in various ways. In the end, I blamed me for thinking too much, even though I was so wronged and cried several times. The last straw that crushed the camel was his younger sister. His younger sister was only 13 years old. At first, I got along well with his younger sister. I felt good to her and I got one more sister. But the good times didn’t last long, and the blind date’s mother was because My blind date is often unpleasant, and she feels that I am not diligent enough, and she has some opinions on me, including his son who said she, and she also knows that it may be what I said to the blind date, but she didn’t remember me at that time. All right. His sister is always stuck with the mother of the blind date. Perhaps after listening to what the adults say, she has begun to be no longer friendly to me, and even speaks disrespectfully to me. At a young age, she is not like a 13-year-old child. At that time, I felt that the elders shouldn’t always get involved in the affairs of the young couple. It’s fine if his mother is always involved, and in the end the children are also involved. I am an outsider to them and will never be able to blend in. At that time, I always felt that their family was VS me, which made me breathless. It made me feel that when I fell in love and got married, I had to deal with not only my partner, but also a group of people around him. His mother always likes to compare other people’s daughter-in-law’s diligence with me, there is something in her words. Once my blind date tried to talk to his mother after I cried. His mother didn’t feel that she was doing anything wrong, and she cried in front of her son, “Isn’t I good for you? To put it bluntly, I’m superfluous. …” In fact, the purpose of my conversation with the blind date is very simple, that is, I hope she will not always participate in the relationship between me and the blind date in the future, because I have an awkward relationship with him, and parents must be biased towards their children and worry about their children being wronged. Including my parents is the same, so I have never dared to let my parents know that where he didn’t do it makes me unhappy, I just bear it silently by myself, just try to talk clearly with two people, because I am worried about my mother. Will have a bad impression of him. But when my blind date was talking to his mother, his mother snotted and shed tears in front of his son, making my blind date stunned, and finally felt that we were bullying his mother. I really don’t know what to say about this kind of elder. When the blind date told me this, I couldn’t believe his mother would be like that. I had a conflict with him and quarreled, she would always get involved, like a peacemaker. No matter what it is, she will take care of everything about me and him. I am not a person who is submissive, but at that time I feel that my family is harmonious, and I don’t want to have any direct conflict with her. In addition, he and I have not obtained the marriage certificate, so I shouldn’t care too much, every time his mother If I don’t respect me, I always endure it, and I always imagine the blind date he will defend me, and I don’t have to open my mouth and cry with him, but he disappointed me more than once or twice. Regardless of his mother, the blind date is still okay, at least it’s okay for me. He has done a lot for me and changed a lot for me. It’s just too much for Ma Baonan, which is fatal. I also don’t want to have too much relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the future. I already have so much unhappiness before marriage. I don’t want to be worse after marriage, so I want to stop the loss in time, and separation is a relief for each other. During the time he retired from marriage, he always came to keep me, and I didn’t agree to stay together anymore, no longer crying and forgiving him again and again as before. In short, during the few days of retiring, the two families were very unhappy, and he lost a lot of weight and experienced a lot of vicissitudes during that period. There are pleasant and unpleasant things together, but there are too many unpleasantness, and it makes me feel that there are too many grievances and no one can let me talk. The blind date does not understand me, and I am afraid that my parents will have a bad impression of him, so I never say that he is not good in front of my parents, nor do I want to say too much in front of the blind date, because I know that I will have an egg. So most of the sadness was endured by myself, until I decided to resign, and all the grievances were said at that moment. My parents felt very distressed and distressed. In the end, under the insistence of me and my parents, I was resolute. After retiring the marriage, even though they kept in every possible way, I knew they didn’t like me, they just wanted to find someone to get married. Thinking of their big family, apart from his mother which I still hate in retrospect, his grandmother and several of his aunts, I like them very much. They are all wise adults, including some relatives. Okay, I like them very much, and they like me very much. Until the end of the marriage, his cousin kept telling the blind date at our door that it was a pity that the blind date was indifferent, but also, it was too late to do anything at that time. Because the blind date also lives in our town, and the two families are very close, my mother always walks past them after dinner. Since retiring from the marriage, my mother never walked to their house again, just took a detour. I didn’t want to meet, because it was too embarrassing. Later, I also felt that looking for a boyfriend shouldn’t be too close to home. It doesn’t matter if we get married together. If we are separated, it will be embarrassing to see it. I was unhappy at the beginning and always wanted to be separated. I have never had the courage to think that getting engaged is a big deal. In fact, after I was very unhappy and forced to get anxious, I simply divorced but I didn’t think there was anything anymore. Now I think It doesn’t feel much anymore. It’s just that I will never go on a blind date again in my life, and I will never get engaged easily again. This is the lesson of my life.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Answer it in less than four days after breaking up. Be engaged at the end of September this year. The wedding date is set, and we are about to get married in one month. I booked the wedding photo schedule and booked the hotel. Three golds have been dragged and not bought, and gift money has been dragged and not given. Now that I think about it, there is probably a reason. It was sweet when we first got together, and I wished to stick together every day. The two were supposed to let the flow go and get married again in two years, but his family had to intervene and force the marriage, everything changed. Although I think I like him, we get married early and late. But the mentality of both people quietly changed. He was reluctant because he was forced to get married. I think he is reluctant, and he has become sensitive, irritable, and crying. Then the two entered a vicious circle, quarreling, and cold war. Finally one day, the two people found out that they had a good time when they were not in touch with each other during the Cold War. So finally ended this relationship. The second day after breaking up, I felt so sad. I cried for a day and a night. I pulled out all the chat records and relived the goodness of the past. I wanted to restore it, but suddenly I felt that time can’t go back and we can’t go back to the past, even if two people continue. Together, I lost the willingness to start, and he also lost the initial whole-heartedness, and finally figured it out; on the third day, everything was normal, and all the chat records were deleted, suddenly feeling relieved.

6 months ago

Engaged in August and broke up in October, the period is less than two months. Divide and recombine together twice, and for the third time, there is no recombination. He proposed it three times, and I recovered both times. Because I saw his indifference, I couldn’t persuade myself to go on. Everyone is human. One is not very handsome, two is not very rich, and three. I’m not very talented. I’m also the little baby my parents hold in their palms. Why should I be willing to be a licking dog? Isn’t it good to be a happy single dog? Therefore, following his wish, he also let go of himself. In fact, everyone wants to understand in the end, it might not be the best choice to break up before the trouble gets even worse. After that, what I want to do, I no longer have to take care of his mood, and I don’t have to wonder what I didn’t do well to make them unhappy. What’s left is to work hard with one’s own goals and strive to meet better people. After all, in a small county, if you say big or small, everyone’s circles are very similar. It’s impossible to say that there is no answer. It’s just that in our relationship, the two parents are the more hurt in the end, but there is no way, the inappropriate people are tied together, even if they finally get married, they may get divorced; even if they don’t, it should be. It is an unhappy family. Just try and don’t see you again.

6 months ago

November 8th Japan should be our big birthday, but on November 1st I was divorced. I was engaged on May 1, but I don’t seem to know the reason for the retiring. We met from a friend who took me to meet him, and then added WeChat. I was on a blind date at the time, so he didn’t take it seriously. After three days, he started chatting with me and asked me what I was doing in the evening. When he was eating chicken, he didn’t know how to eat chicken, so he said he wanted to come and play with me. I used the data to download eating chicken. When he downloaded it, I didn’t want to play anymore. At the beginning, he talked about his family situation: his dad. His mother was divorced, and both remarried. They were all close together. He has a stepmother, who is nine years younger than his father. There is only one child in the family, and the stepmother has no children. I really hate the role of stepmother. I don’t think stepmother is a good person. It turns out that his stepmother is indeed like this. At the beginning, my family disagreed, saying that their family environment was too complicated, and my mother-in-law was not close, and said that I had not experienced many things when I was young, and I was afraid that I would suffer in the future. Mom and Dad, I took him home. I think my family is quite satisfied. When we got engaged, our family said they wanted to buy a house, but I said I didn’t want it, because their family couldn’t afford it, and they didn’t have the money to get married if they bought it. My aunt will not speak to me on the day of my engagement. Our family requires one hundred thousand beauties for engagement, and his stepmother said one hundred thousand, and I said no two, what I said was what I said. My mother was very angry. He found my mother and cried and expressed that he wanted to be with me. My mother and my dad have always felt very sorry for him. He also said that he should sell the car for 20,000 yuan. It’s hard to come out. My dad said that I don’t want money if I’m good. In the end, with a gift of 100,000 yuan, my mother got engaged when she was very angry with her stepmother. After the engagement, we had eighteen thousand in hand. Ten thousand was for my clothes to buy a mobile phone to buy an electric car. In the end, because of the price of the mobile phone, we were not willing to buy it, but we paid him back 2,000 yuan that night. I stayed at his house in June after getting engaged. One day he forgot about his dad’s birthday, and his stepmother said at home, “You have a daughter-in-law and forget your dad. If I can’t listen, I will close the door. My name is He hurry up, his stepmother got it wrong and thought I was scolding her, so she told me to keep my mouth clean. How did I hear this? I was shocked and went back, and then I left. He didn’t say a word from beginning to end. Afterwards, he chased it out and I went home. He stayed at my house all the time because his stepmother said that there was something at home. I didn’t have her, she didn’t have me, so he said that we should go to get the certificate and let her know. We were ready to go that day. My parents agreed and thought he could stand firmly on my side. I also thought I was I really found the right person in this life, because my mother had my ID card, and I didn’t get it later. Later, he and his dad went to his stepmother’s natal house to even his stepmother. She didn’t come back and wanted me to go with me. Resolutely not going, his father told us that the three of us are a family, and his stepmother is not willing to live it. As long as we two are doing well, but when his stepmother scolds me on the phone, his dad takes a bite. A wife took a mouthful of a wife, and he was listening next to him, without saying the same thing. In the end, my uncle and aunt took me to apologize to his stepmother. The reason is that as long as we are doing well and I want us to do well, I will go. His stepmother will be my uncle, my aunt, my cousin and my cousin. My girlfriend and his face said that I have no tutor and that she came back this time to divorce her son. Isn’t it a loss of money? My cousin’s girlfriend couldn’t listen anymore and she wanted to drag me away. My cousin refused, and he didn’t say a word next to him. This incident ended with my apology, but my heart will always be imprinted. On the first Mid-Autumn Festival after my engagement, I went to his house and no one gave me a red envelope. He went to my house and my grandma gave me a red envelope. Because it was the first year of the new son-in-law, I remembered that we were in the car and I mentioned it that day. I had a headache and crying. Afterwards, he asked his dad why he didn’t give it to me. In the first sentence, his dad said that she didn’t take anything. He said that he took four of them. His dad said that I didn’t understand it. I laughed. I laughed and didn’t answer. Later I became pregnant. His stepmother ran into me on the road and asked me if I was pregnant. I said yes, and then gave me 600 yuan to buy me some food, and later said that it was the Mid-Autumn Festival money for me. When we talked about marriage later, when we got engaged, there was a one-tenth choice. My parents didn’t ask for it if they didn’t understand it, but his stepmother didn’t know it and didn’t give it. He said that he would even give the remaining gift money at the time, and he said no. Wanli’s pick is for me, not for my family. When my parents said in person, my parents were afraid that he would buy him clothes for the heat in the summer, and if it was a little bit cold, they would buy him clothes for him. He has the bean curd that he loves, even my aunt is cooking. Later, he called his stepmother and said that my money for the sedan chair is two thousand and three for one year old. Then his stepmother said that you can tell me what money they want, and if they love money to others, he told me. If you choose to change your mouth and give it to others, I say that if you choose to change it, I will give it alone. Changing your mouth means changing your mouth. When you get off the sedan chair, you get off the sedan chair. He said he didn’t listen to him, I’m right, he said that when he went back, he would just leave the marriage instead of getting married. I said yes, he left, and then I received the news of the divorce. At this time, I was more than one pregnant. month. I thought it was impossible for this little money to divorce at this time. Later, his stepmother didn’t ask what to do with the stuff in my stomach, so he deleted me, and he also deleted me without mentioning the child from beginning to end. Until now. Later, I asked him what caused me to be divorced because of my pregnancy. He said I was too lazy and too awkward. There are always men looking for me at work. There is already a flow of people, and their family is not indifferent.

6 months ago

Be engaged for less than a year and broke up. In fact, he never gave me a sense of security. Engagement also means that both parents feel that they are not young anymore. My mood at that time was: this will be the case for the rest of my life. After the engagement, there were still constant quarrels. Some things happened that made me see the strange view of their home thoroughly. The breakup emotions broke out because of some trivial things. In fact, I am very glad that he did not come back when the Cold War began. Maybe I will let it go. This is how we got married after so many years of love. In fact, there was no feeling of breaking up at that time. The various telephone bombings and threats of his family made me feel that it was imperative to get rid of this family. I had a breakup when I just graduated from university. I could not eat and sleep for half a month. I shed tears all night and all night in bed. My mother stayed with me all night and all night. It was as long as a century and couldn’t survive at all. It was obviously that he and his colleagues were ambiguous and suspected of cheating. In the end, I went to find him to recover. Now looking back, I feel sorry for myself and worry about my family at that time. There will never be such a thing again. So my current point of view is that if the two are really inappropriate, stop the loss in time. What are you afraid of if you get engaged? There is still a divorce after marriage.

6 months ago

I may be about to face this problem. He and I were high school classmates, and we started talking in college, and it has been more than four years. I got engaged last weekend and had a fight the day before yesterday. It was just a small matter, and he blacked me out. I used someone else’s phone to call, and he asked who I was, then hung up, and then blocked it. Change the phone, continue to hang up, block black. My heart is cooler than drinking Sprite in the twelfth lunar month of winter. Usually we are very nice and sweet. He is considerate and attentive, without any problems, but this time he is so decisive. The man is so cruel. If he just wants to teach me by doing this, I think he is too scary and too cruel. I can’t do it for me. I deleted everything related to him. Will not disturb him again. What I am thinking about now is how to pay back the ten thousand yuan when I got engaged. Nima, she was blacked out before she could say a word of cruelty. From a heart-stuck to a chilling heart. Don’t want to theory, argue, let it go.

6 months ago

Engaged in August and broke up in September. Unexpectedly, I also had such a bloody and heart-wrenching experience. We are all young people in their 30s, and we are also the other half looking for a mentality of never ending. Since we met, fell in love, fell in love, and got along for one and a half years, I have been very grateful to God for not forgetting us, and I am very happy to meet each other. When we are together day and night, it is a lover and even a friend. Later, when the parents urged the marriage, the marriage was put on the agenda. Now I can still remember the joy of the boyfriend’s mother and his parents sitting at the dinner table when they were engaged. However, everything that followed was like a bomb exploding the happy and happy time of the past and the settled feelings of one and a half years that he believed to be stable. Starting from choosing a diamond ring, disagreements on the ring, thinking about the different consumption views, and then thinking about the conflicts that may be inevitable in the future, I know what I worry about, the core problem: his fear of marriage has finally begun to come true, I The relationship with him will begin to experience the biggest test since acquaintance. As he planned to get married step by step, he became anxious, stressed, evasive, and not active. At that time, I was extremely insecure because of his thoughts and thoughts, and I was too anxious to seek success, so I couldn’t understand him and be considerate of him. We quarrel, cold war, and don’t give in to each other. I can still remember when I was sitting across from him in the dining room, listening to those cold words he said, I couldn’t cry. I can’t believe that the person who said those words was actually the one I had known each other for more than a year. Suddenly I felt that I didn’t know the person sitting across from me. He was still not really ready to get married. So the final multiple-choice question is actually whether to get married or break up? Later, no matter how hard I tried my best to help him get rid of those deeply ingrained and negative views of marriage, how sad and weeping, how I played emotional cards, at that time my words and deeds were already worthless in his eyes, and he was still resolute. Resolutely proposed to break up. Said coldly not to love. . . The one who said he wanted to protect me, said he would not let me hurt, was responsible to me, the person who raised me, and the person who said he wanted to marry me, he coldly saw the message of my mother’s caring greetings, and he was Yi. Of course. Decided. Of course. Chose to break up. During the weeks of breaking up, I often suffered from insomnia all night long. I cried until my body became hot and my heart convulsed. Even though I finally fell asleep, a dream woke up again. I thought I would never experience a breakup again, and felt that the whole world had collapsed. I also slowly learned that if a person is not ready to enter a marriage, it will inevitably be a disaster. However, the breakup after the engagement hurts not only the feelings of the parties, but also the feelings of the two families. What is sad is not only a lover, a friend, a loss of mutual dependence and the end of a relationship, but also a broken heart, a desperate farewell. But life has to go on, and I have to work hard to strengthen myself.

6 months ago

I have never experienced it. Women are emotional animals. I found out this topic and want to answer it. To break up is equivalent to life and death, men will never understand. If you live alone and live with two people, there are disadvantages. However, everyone has different feelings and attitudes towards single or not. It is estimated that the vast majority of girls cannot be as sad as men. To talk about feelings is to experience some torture and pain, and to leave a shadow in my heart. There is no way to leave positive positive energy, but the scars can last forever, but how many years will heal, I don’t know.

6 months ago

Engaged on January 25 this year, until before the New Year, I was very affectionate, and I felt uncomfortable if I didn’t see each other for a day. On the eighth day of the new year, I went to the provincial capital to participate in a training class to rely on civil servants. A few days before I left, I felt something was wrong with her. I was very clingy to her, but she was a little cold and unhappy. Because at that time, most of the managers put on the civil service examinations, so they didn’t care. I went home on the 19th and picked her up from get off work every day, but she was obviously cold towards me. Until the exam on the 24th of last week, I went to pick her up the first time, and watched a movie together in the evening, and continued to date her the next day. In the afternoon we were sitting in the car and I said that I thought we had a problem and needed to be resolved. I feel that after the engagement, my love for you is deeper. All my thoughts are with you, but you seem to take a step back than before. She doesn’t deny it. But I was in a hurry, so I wanted to rule out the worst possible. I said you didn’t want to break up with me, did you? She actually said yes very seriously, and said that no one had changed what she had decided. In the next week, I went to her madly and begged her. She became more and more impatient and disgusted with me. I know that last Friday, my parents invited her to eat at home, and she came too. Before coming, she told me that they would break up with my parents. Fortunately, I didn’t say it in the end. I took her home and said that I would take her to see the renovation of the new house the next day. She did not respond to me. The next day I went downstairs to wait at her house early, but specially asked my girlfriend to have lunch with my girlfriend, and left without saying a word. I went to wait for her downstairs at her girlfriend’s house at about 1 o’clock at noon. She said that she had left, did not go home, and was not with any of her friends. I was anxious. Call her crazy. She blacked me out and called my mother to say that we broke up. At that moment, I lost all thoughts. On Sunday morning, I bought 99 roses and brought some gifts to her house to find her. She was still cold and impatient with me. She went out, I followed, she yelled at me, let me go, I said you at least give me a reason for breaking up, you are my fiancee, not just met. She said she didn’t have a good personality and she didn’t love it anymore. During the period, I also talked with her father. Her father asked me to chill her for a few days, which made her feel a little bit of crisis, but I felt that she would not care about me at least for now. When I went to her house yesterday, her father was there, and once again told me that I should not contact her for a few days and calm down. I haven’t sent her a message or contacted her from yesterday to now. This was completely impossible before. Since I came back from the training class, I’ve been in pain almost every day. I can’t accept why my fiancee, who was so affectionate before I left, became like this to me. If there is a disagreement in personality, I have never liked me before, then why do we? There are so many happy times together, why should you agree to marry me? I am really in pain now. I do as her father said, I will look for her after being cold for three days. I really love her very very much. I love her to the bottom of my heart. It’s all her when I open my eyes and close my eyes. If possible, I I would rather give everything to get her back. Can someone teach me how to get her back.

6 months ago

All thoughts are ashamed, I feel that the sky is going to fall down. But after a month, I will find that I still have to live my life, and I will miss it occasionally, but I know that it won’t belong to me anymore. Try hard to keep yourself busy, eat more with friends, chat, do whatever you want, and you will always get better. That’s how I came here.

6 months ago

10 days after the engagement, he broke up because of trivial matters. He was very stingy to me and realized that I was spending money when I went out. The other day I asked him to pay for the wedding dress, and he said that he had no money to do it! Everyone doesn’t do their own thing, so I blocked and deleted WeChat in various ways. The most ridiculous thing is that until now, his family hasn’t even let go of farts! I doubted my life. No Xiang never thought that such things as getting engaged and breaking up would happen to me! I am a very soft-hearted person. I have regrets these days. It was not until the bridal shop asked me to pay the deposit tonight that I realized that my two years of emotional dedication is not as good as the money for a wedding dress! He grows like an ulcerated wound in my heart. It hurts every time I breathe. It must be cut off to heal. Unfortunately, I can’t get my hands and watch him slowly fester until I have the last trace of strength. I cut him off. Although it hurts, I’m glad! Sadness, confusion, unwillingness is my current experience

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