Being in love is a very personal and selfish thing. And the things people like most are actually not clean things. As an animal, nutrients come from all kinds of organic matter, taste and rotten things. A good boy is not a good thing. . Ma Sichun’s depression has shown this point. Good kids are particularly attracted to bad guys. . Men and women are the same. Because everyone is bad, the so-called “bad” is essentially the energy of human nature, such as sex, such as aggressiveness, such as various desires. A good boy is the so-called “bad” energy that has been severely suppressed and strangled. The result is that it is particularly easy to seek an outlet in others. . But this approach actually has problems. Because of the so-called “bad” human nature, when a person lives on his own, he will mature, sublimate, and become mature and healthy energy. Count on others to live out this “bad”. . You can see from this logic that the “bad” and eight achievements of the opposite person is irresponsible and destructive energy. This is the so-called scumbag. Therefore, a relatively healthy and good person actually has bad energy, which is only satisfied and expressed in a mature and sublimated way. The so-called scumbags are satisfied with destruction and rottenness. This is the person in love, if you rely on the other person to be the “bad” person, it is very dangerous. . The so-called backing mountains fall down, relying on the sea and the sea is dry. When you rely on another person to satisfy the “bad”, you may end up hurting and the pot, leaving you alone. For people who have problems with love, the first point is that love accounts for too much of a life impact. . I think the healthier example is Faye Wong. . She has been in love and marriage so many times. . They are all the proportions of their lives that cannot really determine and influence their own proportions. . This means a healthy and strong personality. . At the same time it means that she can’t decide whether the other party will be good or bad, but she can handle the impact on herself. Second point. Depend on each other. . Actually rely on the other person to be a good person. Rely on the other person to be a bad guy. . They are all dependents within a person’s personality. . Like money and material dependence. Correspondingly, there is emotional dependence. Rely on the other party to deal with their emotions. Excessive dependence is actually claiming that you are not responsible for yourself. . And this attitude also implies that the other party can be even more irresponsible. After all, you treat yourself this way, and I am another person, let alone take responsibility for it. Therefore, the health of human nature has the same truth as the health of life. For example, money makes the most comfortable on your own. . You also need to live out the bad so that you can truly understand what it is and what it can be built into. Many good children are not aware of it. You like others to be “bad”, and the actual root cause is a kind of supplementary dependence that you can’t survive. But this kind of dependence. In many cases, it is the same as relying on MLM to teach you to make a lot of money. The real homework is to be a “bad spot” person by yourself. . Instead of liking bad guys. .


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Even if it is not this person, Ma Sichun will not find the kind of warm man that everyone imagines can heal her. A person always wants to find something to make up for what he lacks. Ma Sichun has been a good family since he was a child, and has always been an obedient, good-looking girl with a kind personality. He was inferior and fell ill for a time. This kind of rebellious, ego, and unruly ruffian man is very attractive to her. You can also tell from the feelings she talked about. Her first love was not a good boy and warm boy. After chasing her first love for three years, she would not accept her as a spare tire, and finally ran away with someone else after ten years of being together. Ma Sichun is also stubborn about feelings, that’s why he got sick. Although I also like rock and roll, I really don’t like this relationship. I hope she will get less hurt by then.

7 months ago

In the middle of the night, I feel angry, but I decided to explode. Netizens don’t know how disgusting Zhang Zhexuan is. Let me talk about a few key points: 1. Before Zhang Zhexuan became famous, he had a girlfriend of 5-6 years, until last year. I just broke up in half a year. I have a very good family background and I work in a well-known company. It was the spiritually important pillar of Zhang Zexuan’s life before he became famous. After all, everyone knows the income of the band. At least the two seemed to be in love at the time. Knowing that in 19 years, there was a question that someone had seen in the hospital when his girlfriend came to see the doctor with him. 2. Zhang Zhexuan’s uninterrupted YP private life is chaotic. In the end, the girls can’t stand Zhang Zhexuan’s mess and propose to break up. It takes almost a year from becoming famous to before and after breaking up. 3. After the breakup, Zhang Zhexuan tried to reconcile with the girl, but on the other side he continued to make various appointments in Hainan, and at the same time began to hook up with Ma Sichun (the appointment has a hammer, but I will not put it here to see if the party will explode one day. 4. A few years later, his girlfriend was severely traumatized. In addition, Zhang Zexuan’s shameless behavior of asking for a fire was repeatedly tortured until she almost collapsed. After the breakup, the girl asked for leave to see the psychiatric department many times, and was unable to work normally. I heard that she was diagnosed with depression. Symptoms, have now resigned. Teacher Ma Sichun, ask for more blessings

7 months ago

It just hurts very much. I had no feelings for Ma Sichun before. I recently watched the Tucao Conference and the City Camp and got to know her, and I liked her a little bit. A girl who just came out of depression, a girl who got rid of her last relationship, should have greeted her with a completely new and beautiful life, but she just met such a person with a very bad reputation. But by the way, she seemed to like him very much. What can I do, I like it. I can only hope that she will not be hurt by love again. If so, trouble her to meet the person who healed her as soon as possible. I’m not a fan, I’m just a passerby who has a good impression of her, but I’m still a little angry when I see those who say she’s in love. It’s too hard for people with depression to catch a little light in life, and it’s even harder to get out, she It’s just a little bit more beautiful fantasy about love, why do you want to say something so bad, even if it’s a star, it won’t be enough. Hey, I am not a network jc, just, I hope everyone will treat her more kindly. I am still not very optimistic, but I hope she is happy, nothing more.

7 months ago

The lead singer of a band such as Oasis, first has Penicillin and then Manchester City, the upright Beijinger, Shijiazhuang’s Karishi, the godfather of British rock, the boss of Beijing Mushroom Space, Houhai King, Honorary Chairman of Manchester City, Pu Shuer, Manchester City, I really make money from falling in love. Come on, my young artist, let us get up in Manchester together, say, say, IT again.

7 months ago

It’s okay. She is not just an ordinary girl like you, every step you take must be steadfast, because it is difficult to look back when you make a mistake. Don’t use ordinary people’s logic to judge the living conditions of their artists. She is rich, unusually rich, family and background. She is in an environment that does not lack good-looking and talented men…In other words: she can afford to lose more than ordinary girls. The average girl chooses the wrong person, wastes her youth, gives birth to children, and delays work. Survival may be a problem. The living class falls directly to the bottom. For the baby’s milk powder, diapers, school district room and even a few pieces of clothes and a pair of brand-name shoes have to cry to death. Divorce and then find a man? It’s difficult. But do you think all these problems are difficult for them? If they are pregnant, you are like the former heroine of “Yes, we have a child”. Compared with ordinary girls, do you think she is miserable? She just went to America and lost her job. The life she enjoys is still beyond the reach of ordinary people. You think the games you play are also called marriage and love. In fact, although the names may be the same, they are not playing the same game as you. In today’s society, the divorce rate remains high. She just fell in love a few times. We often expect love to be a couple for life. What if you don’t meet it? In fact, people are prone to change their minds. There are a lot of temptations in her world. Originally, there are very few celebrity couples who have been loyal to each other for a long time. That being the case, why didn’t she find someone to make herself happy? The risk of being betrayed in their circle is actually not much greater than the risk of going to one person for a lifetime. This can be regarded as a form of expression of different lives of the same person, right?

7 months ago

I just feel that Ma Sichun is too miserable. My parents don’t care about her dating, but the whole world will care about her. In this way, depression seems to be inevitable. ​​​It’s really unnecessary for Ma Sichun to pick a boyfriend’s vision. You are not a fish. How about the joy of knowing the fish? What’s more, what Ma Sichun may care about is whether he is happy with this person. As to whether he can go to the end in the end, this scumbag is not scumbag, whether it looks good or not, she doesn’t care at all? They are all grown-ups and can take responsibility for themselves, so don’t worry about her. Even sadness is something later, and what if it is a happy ending? (Actually, when Le Xia Yi, I thought Xiao Le would be with Ouyang Nana. I waited for melons, but didn’t wait. I was relieved, and it turned out…)

7 months ago

The judges are all gone. Ms. Ma is an adult, and it is normal to have a relationship. Even if the love partner is Low, it is Ms. Ma’s own business. When talking about a relationship, my parents have not responded yet, and enthusiastic netizens jumped out one after another. Some were worried, some were satirical, and some were persuaded. Not only was I worried that someone would meet a scum, but I also had to predict how long it would take to break up, and even worried that depression would occur after the breakup. In short, I thought about what I should worry about and what I should not worry about. And in real life, my parents intervened and gave pointers to their love, which was annoying for a long time. This is not good, and I have become what I once hated the most. It seems that in real life, when I fall in love with each other, I’m very clever and clear-eyed, all of them are young men who can see through scum, and all of my boyfriends are affectionate and dedicated. In fact, most of the loves are like this, ups and downs, like people knowing oneself when drinking water, sadness and joy. I suggest Ms. Ma to post another Weibo: Zhang Ailing said that love is her own business, I am willing to fall into the dust and then bloom, what is the matter?

7 months ago

Don’t be optimistic, time will tell you right or wrong. The whole world knows that he is rubbish. The client regards him as a treasure. The netizen’s vision is accurate, not once or twice, but he can’t control it. Big reaction? 1 is that the TV series is currently on the air, which affects the mood of chasing the drama, 2 is because of the Tucao conference, I feel sorry for her! 3 She has a good passer-by, especially the funny highlights on Douyin, but no matter how many others say, it is useless. In the end, she can only lick her wounds. Netizens break up after persuading something. For example, Wang Yanlin, netizens persuade someone to get married. For example, Xiaodao and Yang Guo, although netizens have good vision, but they have seen too little, they are afraid of comparison in everything. Her perception is different from that of netizens. How do you know that she has never seen something worse? How do you know that she hasn’t seen It’s more expensive after playing. How do you know what kind of world she has seen? How do you know her acceptance level? His rottenness may be within her acceptance level. Netizens’ perceptions are universal values, maybe She recognizes that the lower limit of acceptance is much lower. I can’t make up anymore. I only hope that her depression will not recur and will not suffer more serious harm. This season of the Tucao Conference still has a vision. The girls who have gathered the first category and the bold and the second are not good, because they Just care about happiness, enjoy the moment, don’t think too far! Low EQ is lack of mind, high EQ is. . .

7 months ago

I think Ma Sichun always puts himself in a very low position in love. Ma Sichun herself once said that she is a person who is particularly afraid of others being angry, and that she is afraid that others will be unhappy and dislike herself. Her move is a denial of herself, and all her actions are taking care of the feelings of others. She once shared a story: Once on the highway by car, she could not go to the toilet because she didn’t want to cause trouble to the driver. She will think that she is not important and that she is not good enough, so she always has to accommodate others, and she is not worthy of being treated specially by others. Therefore, I always take care of others’ emotions and accommodate others, while ignoring my own heart. It is conceivable that in love, she also puts herself very low, always accommodating the other half. In fact, low self-esteem has nothing to do with family circumstances and appearance. The core lies in how you view yourself. Therefore, Ma Sichun, who has a good family background, a good appearance and a very good appearance, will also feel inferior in his heart. Because the way many people view themselves is to always deny themselves and feel that they are not worthy of all the good things, they have deep denial of themselves deep in their hearts. This will affect the relationship. People who are relatively weak are more repulsive of their own weaknesses, will like strong, self-conscious people, and are easily attracted to this type of person. The boyfriend Ma Sichun exposed has these characteristics. After the establishment of a romantic relationship, the two people will get along with each other in a “demand-submissive” mode. Because he is self-centered, and your characteristic is to accommodate him and please him, so in the relationship he always asks you to be centered on his ideas, and you need to continue to obey him. But this kind of obedience will depress you, and you will have negative emotions. Everyone wants to be loved by the other half in the relationship, but you don’t know what to do. The “pleasant” trait is integrated into your blood. You can only continue to accommodate him, and he will be favored by you. The more selfish and ignorant of your feelings, this unhealthy way of getting along will eventually break the relationship and break up with each other. Therefore, if you always put yourself in a low position, you must get the emotional initiative, break the “demand-obey” mode of getting along, and let him care about your feelings. Give each other, the relationship will last.

7 months ago

Ma Sichun has a sad life in this life. In fact, scum is not a problem, the problem is that some people can hold it, and some people may have to get rid of three layers of skin. Ma Sichun is a worrying little girl. She digs her heart out as soon as she falls in love and falls into the abyss as soon as she breaks up. It is better to choose a good person to save her life. There is definitely a talent for Xiaole, but he is a human being. However, Ma Sichun may be a crazy person in his bones. Eight hundred serious boys are not attractive to him. The more dangerous the more exciting, she may want moths to fight the fire, shocking the world. Everyone is more worried about being vulnerable. It is difficult for Ma Sichun to manage this relationship. When it is good, it will be fine, but if it is not good, Xiaole is not like the kind of master who will make you happy when you break up. Still the same sentence, scum is not a problem, the problem is to know how many catties you are. If you are Zhang Yuqi, the serene kind of heroine, you have a clear love and hate, and you can afford it and put it down. If you meet a scumbag, you will be a rival. , At best, we will start from scratch, clean up the old mountains and rivers, and head towards the sky. Like Ma Sichun, it hurts his vitality by splitting his hands. He couldn’t get it out for a year and a half, and he wanted to love the rock and roll prodigal, so he ran away sadly. But I still admire it. I feel that Little Red Riding Hood is in love with the big bad wolf. It seems to be doomed to be eaten. Fortunately, love is hard, but not fatal. Ma Sichun is such a silly girl. There are no taboos when it comes to love. Age is not a problem. It doesn’t matter if it is bad, love is a game for the brave. There are many such girls around us who seem normal. They are mentally retarded when they fall in love, and become separation anxious when they break up. Ma Sichun is obviously this kind of girl. She is obviously a white rabbit and wants to play with carnivores. Lovers will eventually get married. Especially good, this time the exception is not blessed.

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