The subject did not say what accessories the new host was equipped with for a small price of 10,000 yuan, and this “independent display” did not say what model, but let’s take a look at the official desktop computer released by Cyberpunk 2077.” Basic configuration and recommended configuration” chart. If I personally recommend it, the basic configuration can be 10100F with 1650S/1660. The recommended configuration is 10400F+1660S/2060. Cyberpunk 2077 does not require low graphics cards. It is also recommended to use RTX1660S to play more comfortably if you don’t need to chase at 1080P. . In the mid-range configuration, 2K can start with 10600KF+3060Ti, if it is 4K, it will start at 10850K+3080. Of course, if you want to use high-definition and light chase, you can say something else. If the computer configuration of the subject has no problems in this regard, can you look at the display adaptation problem? I have seen a post from a netizen in Cyberpunk 2077 before: If you use a 1080P monitor to play such a powerful game, you still feel a little bit stretched. If the hardware configuration of the host is very top, I personally suggest you can build a 4K. The big screen display comes to play. If you want to get a better gaming experience, you can also match it with a large-screen and high-quality 4K TV. The visual effects and gaming experience are absolutely cool! I personally plan to chop up a 4K TV in the first half of the year and replace the old 1080P TV (which has been used for 8 years). In addition to playing games and watching blockbusters with the computer, it is also for playing with PS5. At present, I am paying attention to LG’s new OLED TV C1. At first, it is because the series of TVs are all equipped with 4 HDMI2.1 ports. It is too attractive and the appearance design is also very impressive. Then I carefully studied and found that all the configurations of LG C1 Very top. The plan is to buy a 55-inch TV (there are three models of 65/55/48 inches). Although the official propaganda corresponding to the flagship model of “e-sports TV” is 48 inches, I still have to take into account the needs of watching movies and chasing dramas. It’s okay to buy a 55-inch with PS5 or X-BOX, and it can also be compatible with my Dangbei box (some foreign brand TVs may not be compatible with some domestic TV box products). In terms of chips, the C1 series uses the α9 Gen4 AI chip. I saw the evaluation of the Great God on the tubing and gave the C1 a very high evaluation, which is significantly better than the 2020 products in terms of picture quality and sound quality adjustment. Especially the effect of AI tone mapping and AI scene recognition analysis is really impressive. It can recognize faces and optimize them through deep learning, and optimize text and scenes at the same time, such as making the night scene more distinct and the contrast between light and dark. AI sound quality adjustment technology allows different channels and programs to maintain the same program volume, and there will be no uneven volume when switching channels on many TVs. In addition, what attracts me to the C1 series is the above-mentioned interface. I have never gotten a new TV before, but there is no product that can fully satisfy me. Now the 4K 120Hz of C1 and the response time of HDMI 2.1 + 1ms can give full play to it. The performance of generations of game consoles. And C1 is the first and only TV that is fully compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC/AMD FreeSync. In the evaluation video, I also saw the performance of C1 in game mode, which can indeed effectively reduce stuttering, input delay, and tailing. phenomenon. LG OLED TV C1 Game Demonstration Video Jiang Feng’s video 126 shows that you like watching blockbusters, chasing dramas, and watching sports competitions. There are 65 inches available. C1 also supports Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. If it is mainly used for e-sports For games and with next-generation consoles, you can pay attention to the 55/48-inch models. The Bank of China will be on the market in April. The 48-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch versions are now available for pre-sale, and the starting price should be 12499 yuan. If the subject is also a game enthusiast, then the C1 series should be very suitable for you. Why don’t you join me and wait for the party, and get one next month.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Old game players have always liked old games like World of Warcraft and Tomb Raider. This year I followed a trend and played “Cyberpunk 2077”. The last desktop computer was configured 3 years ago. This time I went to the Computer City to install a new computer. The CPU and the like cost a small 10,000 yuan, but I came back and found that the screen feels stuck. This processor is all i9, and it is also a standalone display. The new computer has been replaced except for my curved display, keyboard and mouse.

6 months ago

I don’t know why this question asked me…
I am a top supplier of computer hardware. If the retail price of my computer is purchased in China, it is estimated that it will be more than 10,000. After all, the monitor is estimated to be more than 10,000.
I later sold a piece of RTX3090 because the price was almost covering the price of my own two pieces. But even so, when the machine is at its peak performance, you will find that playing 8K resolution games is still a slideshow. This is not Cyberpunk’s pot at all. As long as you are willing to pursue the highest special effects and the resolution is improved, you can play it after all. To the card. But do you say that there is a problem with the highest setting at 1080P? No, but you spend so much money thinking that I can’t play the best, and it will make you uncomfortable. So to sum it up, I think there are three best solutions. Surrender to this world full of consumerism traps, but refuse to compromise with one’s own desires, and learn the strongest happiness skill for survival in this world: Jiangyu. Set a small goal and earn one hundred million first. When you reach this small goal, your problems generally disappear. Good people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk are a few billion away from 100 million fortunes, and you are only 9.99.99 million away from 100 million fortunes, so come on. Escape is shameless but often useless, but at any rate is also a way, play CP2077 card, then change the game.

6 months ago

After reading the question log, I found something tricky and then turned over the answer. I understand that this is the task of knowing the brand. There are four answers. Thank you for your invitation. First of all, I recognize the professionalism of the four respondents. You are professional. There is no doubt about this. I just express a bit of personal opinion on the hype on this issue. I can only say that this case was unsuccessful. It can even be said to be a failure. Spending money does not necessarily achieve the desired effect of the brand. Of course, you can forcibly intervene in the order of answers to attract traffic. But the direction of the problem is completely wrong. A certain game cannot be played on a 10,000-yuan computer. This title is indeed very attractive. But what did everyone think of first? The subject is stupid, deceived, and the merchant is black-hearted. But in fact, the masses were deceived. Can the masses agree? In the end, it will only produce aversion to the brand. It’s better to ask truthfully. As a girl who just went to college, I asked a question. I didn’t understand the configuration. I was pitted by a black-hearted merchant. I got a good cpu and a good graphics card, but it gave you 4G memory, 50G hard disk, and the worst power supply. It’s okay to boot up. If you open a webpage, you will crash and other sand sculptures. Instead, everyone will come up with ideas together.

6 months ago

Brother, don’t insist on playing Cyberpunk 2077. I can’t play that game either, but I don’t want to play it if you listen to the scolding on the Internet. If you just want to play this punk style game, I recommend Ghost Walker, which is also punk style. , But it’s not an open map, or Far Cry. I remember that there is a version of punk style. In short, you can play other games if you can’t play it. Anyway, it’s all games.

6 months ago

It happens that I am also paying attention to the game screen. It’s all here, so let me talk about my opinion! Since the subject has asked this question, he must be considering starting “Cyberpunk 2077” to join the battle. It has already spent 10,000 yuan, but the actual experience is not ideal. First, take a look at the basic configuration requirements given by the official. If the configuration of the host is okay, it can only be the display. Because I am also planning to start gaming screens recently, I have followed a lot of bloggers’ content. The market wants high refresh rate, high resolution gaming monitors, the price is basically around 10,000 yuan, so I turned my attention to game TVs. There is no other reason, the TV screen is bigger than the monitor, and playing games is more enjoyable. For example, the title of “Cyberpunk 2077”, in addition to the main task plot and other design, is actually the design and optimization of the scene in the game. This is a very important factor to highlight the effect of the game, so the screen is really important for it. (Of course, this is based on the premise that the hard indicators such as the host are consistent.) Recently, I have been paying attention to a LG C1 game TV. I first saw it on the external network. Recently, I found that it has also been pre-sold on In the past, this kind of product is generally sold first abroad, and it will be a few months later in China. This time it is very surprising, don’t wait.

6 months ago

Pulling a list and talking Okay, you know an i9, what model is the independent display? What is solid state memory? Besides, U-board graphics cards are estimated to be eight thousand in total, right? Is this ten thousand yuan sure that you have not been cheated?

My i9, 2070 Vulcan, 16g Royal Chicken, 2t Samsung solid state, rog motherboard, water cooling, power supply. It’s not stuck at flying, and it has only crashed three or four times since the first release.

6 months ago

Good guy, it’s on hot search. I read the description of the problem, because the questioning method is too noob. I thought that Xiaobai went to the computer city and got pitted. I also shared some ways to check the configuration and avoid the pit. Later, I looked at the answers of other respondents, checked the problem log, and found that this was a phishing problem. I want to say, as a digital VV with more than 10,000 fans, why do you deliberately pretend to be Xiaobai to ask questions? If you are a little familiar with the configuration, the way to ask questions is so simple, deliberately fishing for popularity? Knowing that there are enough questions deliberately intriguing the war, a digital big V personally brings the rhythm like this? Don’t you blush when you see dozens of answers that have been carefully analyzed for you? Wasting public resources, wasting the enthusiasm of the respondent in the digital zone, wasting a few megabytes of traffic for me to answer this question for you! ! A digital review blogger has no credibility, how can others believe your review? Finally, I suggest that friends try to check whether it is a fishing reversal before answering the question, there is no need to waste energy on this kind of problem.

6 months ago

First, you can play cyberpunk without 10,000 yuan. The example is: my son’s computer CPU is 3500X and the graphics card is: Gigabyte 2070. The motherboard is ASUS B550. The power supply is Haiyun 650W rated full-module power supply. Add up to more than 4000. Second, if you want to figure out why your machine cannot play Cyberpunk 2077, you must tell me your configuration. I can only see your configuration to know where your problem is.

6 months ago

The requirements of the graphics card have not met, you can take a closer look at the configuration requirements of Cyberpunk. Minimum configuration: operating system requires win7, win10 64-bit system graphics card (GPU): Nvidia’s GTX 780 or AMD’s RX 740 processor (CPU): Intel’s I5 3570 or AMD’s FX 8310 memory requires 8 GB hard drives 70 GB of space is required. Recommended configuration: 64-bit system with win10 operating system. Graphics card (GPU): NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 or AMD’s R9 fury processor (CPU): Intel: I7 4790 or AMD’s Ryzen 3 3200G You just changed the host without changing the monitor, and you are out of the game if you enter the game or the screen is stuck. Go to the Internet and pick a good monitor. If you want to get the highest picture quality, you can understand some of the 4k and 8k resolutions, and the refresh rate is higher. The specific model is not recommended, and it is suspected of advertising. Those who like large screens can also buy TVs if possible. In the past two years, a lot of game TVs have been pushed. If the wallet is tight, look at the LCD screen. Choose the HDMI 2.1 interface with a higher refresh rate, which is usually several thousand yuan. If you have enough wallets, look at OLED TVs. Recently, LG seems to have put out a pre-sale in a certain Dongfang, the price is only more than 10,000, and the main host is more than 10,000, and another display is not a big problem.

6 months ago

Brother, why didn’t you mention your specific configuration in a sentence?
Independent display, i9, this is not a specific model
Even if your 1w block catches up with the current mining tide, it is impossible to play 2077, any 2070-level graphics card plus a 3rd generation Ryzen or 9700 iu can play it?
Get a piece of software like Master Lu to see the hardware model, and most of them have been slammed by profiteers.

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