Interesting, because I am the cave owner in the screenshot of the tree hole in the picture. Let me explain: First, this photo was not taken by me. It was taken by a classmate of mine and posted on Moments. Second, this calculus class is not my calculus class, so I and There is no direct conflict of interest for those occupying the seat. That being the case, why should I still hang this photo on the tree hole? First of all, this picture is shocking compared to most people’s first sight. My personal attitude towards seat occupation is that small-scale human-occupation, that is, you sit in a seat and help your friend occupy one or two positions next to you. This is understandable, but this kind of person is not there, just put a seat. The perfunctory use of things is unbearable. Regarding the matter of occupying seats, there is no and it is impossible to have any regulations to restrict it. Everyone also has a tacit bottom line, and this behavior has obviously crossed these bottom lines, which is unacceptable. These are my thoughts on the matter in the photo. Next, let me talk about my personal views on the remarks of some people in the tree hole. First of all, someone is actually supporting this behavior? Think about it a few years ago, the large-scale occupation of seats with web paper and other tools was the material used to be satirized. Now in the eyes of some people, it has become a matter of righteousness, “fairness” and “reasonableness”? You asked me if there is a difference between book-occupiing and human-occupiing, I can tell you clearly, yes! I will ask you, are you in class or your books in class? I don’t know if any of these people who feel that this kind of seat is reasonable are defending themselves, but I think this kind of value is terrible. However, I am gratified that many people still think that this kind of seat occupation is wrong. Secondly, some people said in the tree hole that I was weak, and only knew that I was complaining in the tree hole. Here I explain my original intention of hanging the tree hole. When I saw this photo in the circle of friends, I was shocked, but now such a bad habit has not been eliminated? Shudong is a public platform for the whole school and it has become a good propaganda medium. We hope to call on everyone to resist this vice. As for some people asking me why I didn’t move these books, on the one hand, I had a class eighth early, and on the other hand, this was not the classroom where I was in the class. I didn’t even know where it was. Therefore, as a commoner, I just hope to use my modest strength to expose this vice. If it were the class where I was in class, I saw it, and would definitely ignore these perfunctory occupations (I can assume that this book belongs to someone who was in class before). I also hope that when you see this kind of bad seat occupation in the future, you can ignore these placed things, put them on the podium, and then sit down by yourself. Then when the person occupying the seat arrives, don’t quarrel with them, so I’m sorry, I don’t know that it is occupying the seat, thinking that someone has been here before. In this way, the other party has no way to refute, and it doesn’t hurt kindness. All in all, with all due respect, I think the behavior of these people is ugly. We all belong to the same department and we have to live together for four years. I have long been dissatisfied with the unscrupulous behavior of some people in our department, but I just took this opportunity to express my views. However, due to various considerations, in order to write this answer, I still deleted my personal signature and educational experience, but I also know that friends who know me know who I am and can also know which department I am talking about. . But I am also here to implore everyone not to engage in human flesh on Zhihu, and I don’t want to tear my face with the classmates who often meet because of this incident, thank you everyone!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is actually very funny when the occupant thinking goes deep into the bone marrow and implanted in the brain. In some dormitories, a roommate takes a stack of books early in the morning to occupy a seat and return to the dormitory to continue sleeping. In a dormitory, one sleeps for the whole day, and then sends someone to pick up the book at night without occupying the seat and sleep well. I always feel that I have learned a day less than others. Others occupy a seat in the cafeteria and feel like a book is in hand. I have it! The most disgusting scene I have ever seen is the following story: At that time, there was a bus at the gate of the school and it was the first stop. There were many students and citizens. Once I squeezed in and ran back, it turned out that there was a sister and one person first. Come up and grab a book and take up three seats in a row! When I was stunned and at a loss, my sister said: I’m sorry, someone is there! Thousands of alpacas whizzed past! It doesn’t matter if you occupy a seat in the school, why do you still occupy it outside the school? I endure it! But the good show was followed by an old lady who also saw an empty seat and a book. But she is not a student, she doesn’t eat this set! Whose book is a direct sentence? Don’t throw me away! Just when the sister was thinking about how to reply, the aunt sat down with her hands and buttocks. It is estimated that she often encounters such things with experience. At that moment, I remembered the slang phrase: Xiucai met Bing has no reason! What’s more, you haven’t paid any attention!

6 months ago

Speaking of Tsinghua’s seat occupation, I have seen those occupying seats in libraries, self-study rooms, celebrity lectures, and calculus classrooms. It can only be said that these students are working in the wrong direction. When you have the time to take up your seat, it’s better for you to do a few questions. The key to this course of calculus is to do the questions, it is useless to just listen to the teacher. One of our most ruthless classmates was to do Jimidovich’s “Mathematical Analysis Exercises” again, and his calculus was a perfect score. This kind of seat-occupying thinking is a bit like my feeling of hoarding online classes. Whenever I buy another course and pay to complete it, I always feel that my skill has increased by another level. Up to now, I have seen my favorite courses full of courses, and I feel that I am already a top-notch master. Maybe every time I occupies the first row, I think the teacher can directly pass on the internal strength, so that my calculus ability can be greatly increased.

6 months ago

Do you know what I am thinking of when you see other people occupying seats in college? A behavior that is very common in a novel and in the animal world, yes, a group of wild animals, such as cheetahs, urinate in an unowned land of nature to establish their own territory. As for the scene like the picture below? Hi, I am right to be a cheetah who urinates a lot, peeing for a bunch of cheetahs who have poor kidney function and can’t urinate by themselves. It can be seen that in order to be able to urinate out of the entire forest, the leopard almost exploded its stomach by not drinking too much water, determined to break the world record for the most urinated cheetah with the largest bladder. If zebras, giraffes and other herbivores passing here for the first time find these breath marks, they have to run quickly. But if it’s a Siberian tiger, I’m sorry, your smell mark doesn’t count for me. Without overturning the Daoist Dojo, Lao Tzu urinates again and sits there without any surprise. You can see who is avoiding it. Of course, if you keep abiding by the cheetah’s rules, the cheetah is certainly not afraid of you. You can determine the territorial ownership by urinating, and the whole world is full of ants. It is recommended that humans avoid it, dear.

6 months ago

Occupying seats with books is a kind of “pre-occupation” phenomenon. Tell a story “The Spear on the Gate of the City”. The ancient Greek Andros and the Chalkis jointly expanded the colony. The two people are encountering an empty city of Akantos. At that time, there was a disagreement. At that time, the envoy of Halkis was relatively close to the city gate and ran to the city in hopes of advancing quickly, but Andros had an envoy who was an Olympic athlete who was good at javelin. He drew out his spear and stuck it firmly on the wall. And declared that this empty city belongs to the Andros people. This is the same as occupying a seat in a classroom. Pre-occupation must be to preempt the unowned object. The occupant can effectively control and control the occupied object when the time is used. Obviously, books cannot effectively occupy the seat, so occupying a seat with a book is an invalid behavior. . Books for occupying seats can be regarded as unowned. It is recommended to collect (or throw away) all books that occupy seats to resist the behavior of occupying seats!

6 months ago

Occupation of seats is actually more to satisfy the mentality of today’s involuntary college students, and it is not very useful. Can you see the first two rows more clearly? Not really. After a few experiments, we know that the middle position is actually the most comfortable. The first two rows are not friendly to the neck and are prone to saliva attacks. Moreover, I am a university, and I am a proud child of Tsinghua University. Many things are mainly based on my own efforts. I don’t believe that the learning effect of the last row and the first row is very different. Maybe the only difference is that you can brush your face more? If for this, you can raise your hands to ask and answer more questions. There is no need to come so long in advance to occupy your seat. In the end, these are all small things, and they shouldn’t be too caressing, because after a while, after the enthusiasm has passed and become the favorite of fishing, these are all floating clouds.

6 months ago

According to my life experience, freshmen in college are easily confused. If they don’t know how to keep active efforts, they like to make some formal efforts. Occupying a seat is the most typical example. When students get up in the front row in the morning, they can comfort themselves for working hard. In fact, it is not very useful. First, you can hear and see clearly in the back row, and second, the weight of self-study is quite high. This kind of “bad habit” is rarely seen at the graduate level, but I prefer to grab the back row.

6 months ago

When I first entered the freshman year, no one knew that the university still needed to occupy a seat, but I must have heard of the high rate of dismissal of subjects. In order to listen carefully to the class, it would naturally be like an outstanding student representative who had heard it. Interact with the teacher in the front row. Unlike high schools, universities do not have fixed classes and seats, and seats in the front row have become popular. As for seats, the default rule is first-come, first-served. You arrive earlier than me. I have nothing to say because you got up earlier than me and I can’t do it. To. So at the beginning, there were some early-rising tactics to occupy a seat. Remember the high math class at 8 o’clock in the morning during the freshman year. Some students set off as soon as the door of the bedroom at 6 o’clock. You said it was not terrible. What’s more, there was a dormitory next door in college, taking turns to occupy seats. Just like on duty, take up your seat and go back to sleep. Sometimes the seats are occupied and no one goes to class at all. This Nima is like learning things into the brain when the seat is occupied. It’s a bit dark humor. As for why the juniors and seniors occupy the back row, I won’t say anything. Because at that time there is not much sincere study.

6 months ago

It depends on what class it is and which teacher is taking it. Not only Tsinghua University, there will be some respected old professors in major colleges and universities. The teaching style is humorous and fascinating, making students squeeze their heads and want to sit in the front row to see his style. Other schools don’t know very well. The criminal law class taught by teacher Luo Xiang in our school starts at 6:45 in the evening. Many people get up at 6 in the morning to wash and line up in front of the lecture hall to wait for the guard to open the door, but the seats are limited. Everyone in the class will grab a seat with you. Aisles and balconies, as long as they can sit or stand, are all posted with small notes. What’s more, there are students who are standing outside the door listening to the class. I have experienced teacher Luo Xiang’s class once, and the overall feeling is that it is extremely difficult to go to the toilet because I can’t drink more water. Many universities choose courses independently, and some famous teachers’ courses can sell for hundreds of thousands. Needless to say, Tsinghua University has a gathering of famous teachers. If it is a giant-level professor, it would be no surprise to occupy a seat in advance. Many friends discussed the matter from the perspective of the volume, thinking that such a move is formalism, and I do not agree with it. The words “juan” and “capital” have become more and more people’s mantras for socializing on the Internet, and they are all about to catch up with the national quintessence of saying “have you eaten today?” Studying is a student’s duty, and the behavior of studying hard in the front row at university level should not be reprimanded. The learning effect of sitting in the front row is very different from sitting in the back row. Do we want college students to take the initiative to sit in the back row and long live the pass? Let’s talk about the issue of pre-occupying seats. The behavior of “occupying seats in advance” can be said to be a problem that is as difficult to solve as psoriasis in major colleges and universities. The main reason is that the starting point of a reasonable seat occupation time is not easy to grasp. In the end, when do you begin to occupy a seat before it is considered effective and reasonable? It is difficult to define. Even if it is defined, it is very difficult to implement supervision because it is consciously implemented. Our school also formulated the “Occupation Law” for this matter. Alas, there is no way, the resources are too scarce, and the front row positions are too few. This problem is passed on from generation to generation, but there has been no low-cost and efficient solution. If you want to solve this problem, unless… the name of this class is “Introduction to Fishing”, which was very popular a few days ago and was offered by Tsinghua students themselves. (Manual dog head)

6 months ago

It can be regarded as a lazy policy by the school, because this practice of taking a personal item and throwing it in a certain location and claiming that it has temporary ownership of the location does not approve of this practice except in the university. If you don’t believe it, you park your car at the crossroad traffic lights and get off and leave. See if the police uncle and other drivers behind you approve your temporary right of occupation. Or you throw a piece of clothing on the floor when you are queuing to buy things and then leave for breakfast by yourself, and then you come back and tell the people in the line around you, brothers, let me come first, you see my clothes are still here, don’t you see other scalpers answer promise. This is why universities that condone and acquiesce in the existence of this magical phenomenon were formerly known as ivory towers out of social reality.

6 months ago

This kind of thing does not only happen in Tsinghua University, it should be a common problem in major colleges and universities. However, if you want to occupy a seat, you will occupy it. If you arrive at 8 o’clock, you will sit in your seat and wait until class. No one has any opinions. Others just talk nonsense. Without saying a word, this is your legitimate right as a member of the school to reasonably use the school’s public resources. But for some people, what’s the matter with taking a book to occupy a seat? Can books replace people? Strictly speaking, this book of yours does not belong to the school, it belongs only to you. You personally have the right to use the school’s public resources, but your personal accessories do not. This is what everyone dislikes. At the same time, this kind of thing not only happened in the classroom, the cafeteria was the hardest hit area. I took the plate and found an empty seat to sit down, and then the classmate on the opposite side sent me a sentence: classmate, there are people here. This sentence is one of the most disgusting words I have ever heard in my life. I made no secret of my disgust, dislike and contempt for the person who said it. If I didn’t advocate swearing, I would just meet this kind of person on the spot. I want to scold himIt’s really a ghost story out of nothing. Another situation in a canteen is similar to occupying a seat. The first thing many students do when they arrive in the canteen is not to get a meal, but to find an empty seat, and then put their schoolbags or books on the seat and swear their sovereignty over the empty seat. By the same token, you have the right to use the canteen seat properly, but it does not mean that your accessories also have it. Academic qualifications do not represent quality, and scores do not represent character. Many people have not learned what it means to think for others and what it means to take care of others. To be more thorough, it is nothing more than a group of exquisite egoists. Finally, someone may tell me that this is a volume problem, but it is not a volume problem at all. The real volume is that everyone rushed to the classroom to sit in their seats to study in order to grab the front row at eight o’clock, and then waited for the teacher to give a lecture. The real volume is that as soon as the first and second classes are over, everyone quickly packs up their schoolbags and rushes to the next classroom to grab the front row. Taking a seat with books is nothing but a self-interested behavior that pretends to be persecuted by the involution phenomenon. In fact, the fundamental purpose is self-centered behavior. That’s it. Is it difficult to treat public resources in a reasonable manner? Let me tell you one more thing. Postgraduate entrance examination classrooms (in fact, public study rooms), or overnight classrooms, I don’t know if there are any schools for your friends. Anyway, there are basically several schools I have been to. The occupancy behavior of these classrooms is even more excessive, so I just moved the bed over. I just want to ask, who gave you the right to occupy the seat like this? Once I went to the public study room for self-study, which is what the postgraduate entrance examination person calls the postgraduate entrance examination classroom. I randomly found a free seat to sit down and review the final exam. But within half an hour, a classmate came and said to me: Hello classmate, this is my seat. I really wanted to smash him to death. Was it written your name or carved your chapter? You say your seat is your seat? Of course, I was not so excited, and calmly said: I came first, why is your seat? He also said without embarrassment: Look at the two postgraduate entrance exams in the drawer, they belong to me, so this seat is occupied by me. Our postgraduate entrance exam is very important, and you understand and understand the classmates. I left without arguing too much, because it is useless to reason with such a person. In his logic, his postgraduate entrance examination is more important than my final exam, or his business is more important than mine. This seat he needs is his, I can’t occupy it, let alone use it. These are all public resources! Public resource! There is really nothing to say.

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