Many times, we will have limitations in our thinking. These limitations come from our various experiences in the past. When we cross from one stage to another, your previous survival strategy may not apply, and this is for you. Limitations. The most typical is that after crossing from the student stage to the workplace, you may encounter a lot of personal limitations due to thinking and experience. 1. I always set limits for myself. I am a XX professional… I have been doing XX before… I have never done XX… So I should not be able to do it. I often want to get confirmation from others as to whether I can do it or not, but in fact, if I want to make a breakthrough, most jobs are possible. I can always find many examples of people failing, and I can find many examples of people succeeding. In the end, I find that it is actually me. There are not so many lines blocking them, and there are not many insurmountable gaps. 2. I care about my current salary very much. I don’t see long-term income. Many people who have just started working want to know what they should care about. Many students will wait than Offer. In fact, when you first entered the workplace, the difference in income was not particularly large. It’s not that you shouldn’t care, but the priority must not be the highest. What really should be valued is how much you can increase your growth value and whether you can make yourself as a product through your work. My advice to many people is to measure their own income in the next 10 years, not only financial, but also their own ability and qualifications. At this time, they will understand that it is important to focus on the gains and losses of one city and one place. When it comes to operating your own product, investing in yourself, and allowing yourself to continue to add value, is the right thing to do. 3. If you feel that you have “no money”, you just save money blindly. “No money” here is quoted. There are very few people with real financial difficulties in the current living conditions and standards. Of course, some people do have a difficult family background, but for more people, although their family background is not necessarily very good, but at least at an intermediate level, they always talk about “I am poor”, and in some places they clearly should be frugal. , But spent a lot of money. For example, high consumption that does not meet your current stage may be compared with friends and classmates around you. There are some places that should be invested in, such as learning and self-improvement, but they are reluctant to spend money. Once the mobile Internet wave came, I suggested that many people should at least buy a smart phone to feel it early, but many people would tell me that if there is no money, who will give me the money to buy it. Often they can actually squeeze out some money, but they are reluctant to invest here. The end result is that some people who are active early adopters and learners have caught the dividends earlier and have better jobs and income. Those who save on this have not become richer as a result. Treat investment and consumption correctly. 4. There is no consciousness of “capability boundary” A friend told me that he believes that as long as he works hard, he will be able to do well. If he doesn’t do well, he doesn’t work hard enough, and he hasn’t been forced to that level. I told him that this is actually only half right here, and the half right is that we really need to work hard to do things. However, we have to know where our capabilities are. No one can do everything, even harder. The more you grow, the more you will discover that there are some things you are not good at doing. For example, everyone wants to be a boss and become a CEO to reach the pinnacle of life, but some friends will tell me that after they have worked for more than ten years, they find that they are not suitable for being a CEO, leading a company independently, and more suitable for being an assistant The role, which can also make everyone successful. For example, as a student, some lessons were learned well and some were terrible. Do we have to make up the bad parts? Not necessarily (note that it does not mean that it must not). Sometimes, doing things well within the boundaries of our capabilities will result in better results. Beyond the ability boundary, if you want to do it, you have to make up your ability first, and you have to measure all aspects of investment, including your own personality and so on. Accepting that there are things that we can’t do or are not good at is something that will happen sooner or later. This is not negative, but instead allows us to focus on doing things that can be done well. 5. You can only anchor people who are close to you, and you can’t see the anchoring effect of higher goals. As you may know, many students will compare themselves with the people around them when they are studying, a class or a dormitory, to determine their position. For example, everyone is studying hard, or studying hard, etc. The same goes for working. In a company or a team, compare performance and accomplish tasks with colleagues around you. All you can see is the people around you. In fact, if you are in an industry, you should compare yourself with the best people in the entire industry, and often jump out to see what the best people are doing, and don’t limit yourself. Set your goal higher, even if you can’t reach it, you’re still going up, don’t be a frog in the bottom of the well. ——Many times, the reason why we are limited is not because we don’t want to change, but because we don’t know that we don’t know. After we know, we don’t know how to change. An effective way to cope is to maintain a humble awe of knowledge and culture in each field, to be brave enough to admit and face up to one’s ignorance and boundaries, and then to let go of the burden. It is not shameful to have the courage to change one’s own shortcomings, and people who constantly break through their own limitations are very admirable.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I use emotions as a signal to understand my “limitations”. What I think is the limitation is that when our eyes and our cognition blind our eyes, this is also the so-called blindness. What is “limitation”, I remembered that I learned a term in the process of studying psychology, which is reverse rationalization. After I knew the principle of psychology, I began to study how I could break through my own reverse rationalization. Traits. Reverse rationalization refers to the psychological process of finding reasons and excuses for why people accept many established facts. People need to be justified and rationalize what they do. They think they shouldn’t have happened, but they have already happened, or they didn’t want to accept things, but have actually accepted things. Then they use self-paralysis and self-deception to comfort themselves. For example, I used to hate my elementary school and my mother very much. At that time, I was a boarding school in elementary school, and it was only when I could go home every weekend. At that time, my memory scenes were all scenes of my mother leaving me and walking out of the elementary school. This scene has also troubled me for a long time, and I would think that my family is abandoning it. I will conceive a false scene based on my entire memory. Later, after experiencing psychological counseling, I discovered that it was actually the scene when I was waiting for my mother to come, and she walked into the school gate, usually after I fell asleep. Just left. So how did I break through my own limitations? I know that our emotions come from our cognition. According to the ABC theory of emotions, the ABC theory of emotions is a theory created by American psychologist Ellis. It is believed to stimulate events. A is only an indirect cause of emotional and behavioral consequences C, while the direct cause of C is the individual’s belief in and evaluation of event A, which is the result of people’s negative emotions and behavioral disorders (C), not It is directly caused by a certain triggering event (A), but directly caused by the wrong belief (B) generated by the incorrect cognition and evaluation of the individual who experienced the event. False beliefs are also called irrational beliefs. When my negative emotions arise, I know that I must have unreasonable beliefs in my subconscious. Then I will find my own thought chain so that I can break my limitations.

6 months ago

I always felt that my previous self was particularly stupid. Before graduating from university, I had a very bad habit of keeping a diary. This habit allowed me to record many naive thoughts. It is this habit that makes me often fall into depression. Once I was so proud of such a silly idea! Every time I think about myself in the past, I was very earthy, naive, with cheap feelings and self-righteous justice, I always have a strong sense of shame. This feeling has become extremely strong since I worked, especially since I started to write Zhihu. To be honest, I never open previous answers, neither did last week’s. I know that I actually write very poorly, and I agree with it a lot, which is the preference of my followers. So I have no doubt that the former me, the present me, and the me at any moment in the future will be limited by the situation at the time, and some naive thoughts will come up. What does this matter mean to me? There is. This allows me to always keep a doubt on myself. For example, I once thought that most of the Douyin celebrities were rubbish. Using low-level dramas, untensioned plots, and awkward and blunt conflicts, or simply copying scripts, you can have a few Millions of fans. Let me do it, too. But in fact, there are always some good things about storyboard editing, performance dubbing, planning and operation. Most importantly, the audience loves to watch. But plagiarism is really rubbish, and I should think so in the future. Only by distrusting myself can I not be arrogant and remain humble. So it’s quite difficult for me to point the country with a clear attitude like Zhihu Da V. I can write to this day and rely entirely on the love and support of my more than 80,000 followers, but I can tell you responsibly that I can’t teach you anything. What I wrote in my description was “art is hahaha”. One is that I want to bring joy to the readers. The second is that art is not serious in my eyes, and sometimes it is even a little rude. The third meaning is my reminder to myself: art? You are far behind. The answer to each question in my ideals should be relevant to the topic, but also have a deep meaning, and make people laugh after reading it. In fact, I often fail to do anything at all. But it doesn’t matter, I am never perfect, I accept my stupidity and naivety at this time, and so is my answer. Because at this moment, this is my best thing.

6 months ago

Looking back on half of my life, there were two times: one was a business failure, and the other was an executive. Once, around 2007, just two years after graduating, I started a business with my friends by chance. It was basically an ignorant and fearless entrepreneurial venture, and it failed conceivably. I did find a lot of limitations in my ability and cognition. Unfortunately, I did not intend to respond and change, because even if I change, I still cannot start a business again. In addition to my own knowledge, starting a business also requires suitable partners, sufficient funds and good projects. Another time, in 2015, I completely entered another dimension. In 2015, I went to Beijing to “quasi start a business”. I prepared an e-commerce company with my former leader. With the support of shareholder funds and a good market, I was responsible for the entire middle station, including Strategy, finance and operations, I can barely be called an executive, because the company is small, I prefer to position myself as a senior worker. At this time, although I have worked for more than 10 years and have a slightly better ability than the average, self-assessment has several limitations: (1) Internet actual combat experience: Although I have been involved in Internet business, I have nothing to do with everything; (2) Multiple teams Management experience: I have been a manager by myself, but they are all in a single team with less than 5 people; (3) Horizontal and vertical multi-node communication: I have led a functional team and a single internal cooperation department. The external form and the development of the company force myself to break through the limitations, learning while doing because I am far away from my family, I have a lot of spare time to use, I implemented a set of learning programs, the overall effect is not bad, share: 1. From learning In the form of: the combination of systemization and fragmentation 1. Systematic learning: ①I applied for the management course of Guanghua School of Management. I am very strong. The level of the old professors is not low, and there are deep cases (the price is also slightly higher, I am taking The company’s free ride) ②A well-known operation series of online courses, every Saturday morning 2 hours, I continue to study for 2 years (advertising to avoid suspicion, not mentioning the name) 2. Fragmented learning: ①Buy a large number of professional Books, study for 1 hour a day, 3 hours at weekends, basically read one book a week, and extract the main points through a mind map to deepen the memory. “Principles” reading notes ② pay attention to some in-depth official accounts, maintain a business sense and promote thinking, but should be viewed critically; ③ participate in offline exchanges from time to time. Because I have accumulated some contacts in the circle, I can participate in small round tables, forums, exchange meetings and other activities, take the opportunity to get to know more people, and form a conscience circle. 2. From the content of learning: Combination of basic theory and actual combat 1. Basic theory: I always believe that basic theory is more important and can withstand the test of time. It is worth spending time to study and learn. The three-body civilization in “Three-body” The way to restrict earth civilization is to “use protons to block the advancement of basic science.” Most of the limitations mentioned by the subject are restricted by basic theory. What is the basic theory? There are general-purpose and industry-oriented ones. I have mainly studied several types of psychology: the representative books are “Social Psychology”, “Social Animals”, “Thinking Fast and Slow”, etc., allowing me to have a deeper understanding of users and human nature. Philosophy ② : The representative books are “Tao De Jing”, “World View”, “Diamond Sutra”, “Philosophy History Series”, which gave me a further understanding of the underlying logic of things and the pattern of looking at problems. ③Life: “What is life”, “Out of Control”, “A Brief History of Mankind”, let me see everything from the perspective of life, look at a team, look at a product. 2. Actual combat ①Operation: “Lean Entrepreneurship”, “Influence”, “Game Changing the World” ②Management: “The Art of War”, “Leadership and New Science”, “Principles” The above are just examples of books, I signed up for learning The course also revolves around these aspects.

6 months ago

As a consultant, it is too easy to encounter your own limitations, and too much need to accept that you are an ordinary person with limitations. I don’t remember the circumstances under which I first realized that I had limitations, but in work and life, my supervisor or colleagues around me also reminded me all the time that I have limitations. of. More importantly, I can now look at my own limitations with an open mind, and always remind myself that when working with visitors, don’t let it become a stumbling block to our work. Because as a psychological counselor, the client’s affirmation, dependence and trust on you will indeed stimulate the counselor’s narcissism. Excessive and unhealthy narcissism is bound to blind the counselor’s eyes, preventing him from seeing that he is just an ordinary person and has his own limitations just like others. However, if the eyes are blinded, mistakes will be made in the individual case. What’s even worse is that even during the supervision, the supervisor has pointed out your problem and still doesn’t want to believe it. Until the case fell off, I didn’t understand what was going on. I think this will be very bad for our work.

6 months ago

I read a book before, and there is a story about the gratitude stone in it. I don’t know if you have heard it. Probably it means holding this stone and thinking of good things, and in the end it even helped a friend’s child. So my eyes lit up, and I immediately wrote a gratitude stone plan, planning to hype up this kind of stone, find the manufacturer to produce it, and then sell it to those companies, and let the company make gifts and distribute it to employees or partners. I even thought of a compound interest model, thinking that this gratitude stone must become more and more popular. Then I took the plan and started looking for customers. First, I went to some project websites and some corporate official websites to find contact information. I took the home PHS to call some manufacturers, and asked the other person: “You want to be the first person to eat crabs.” Is it?” For the sake of confidentiality, I only told the other party that my plan was very powerful, and refused to disclose the details for fear of theft of ideas. Many manufacturers thought that I was looking for a job and said they could interview. Just kidding, am I looking for a job? As a result, one client did not believe me, and only asked me one sentence: “What is the feasibility of your project?” I was confused at the time! Back then, I really liked planning, but I didn’t even know what feasibility was? How to evaluate feasibility? How to evaluate the success rate? I have forgotten how I hung up the phone. Since then, I have started to read more books, and deeply realized my “limitations”, from limited knowledge to cognition to insights, there are limitations in every aspect. As the saying goes, half a bottle of water is sloshing, and I didn’t even have half a bottle of water at that time. It was also from that time that I would re-evaluate the feasibility of this idea just because I read a broken book, and at the same time use my own perspective to understand and compare with the knowledge in other books, so I gradually gained my own understanding and thinking, and more and more I feel I know little. This incident probably happened when I was about 14 years old. I am now 28. I have become a small expert in the field of SEO. Although I have not made any major achievements, I can be considered to have jumped out of the original class. Looking at the new limitations at this time, it is no longer an instinctive solution.

6 months ago

When you want to buy something delicious and you are too expensive and you are embarrassed in your pocket; when you are under pressure but you find no one around you complaining; when you don’t want to do this job but you find yourself nowhere to go; when your family has passed away, but you are in a foreign country When you can’t do anything…it can’t be said how to overcome, you can only experience it, you can only use the above moments as motivation to spur yourself to keep going, gritting your teeth like a hateful life and launching an assault!

6 months ago

Limitations are everywhere, and when I see more, I realize it. For example, I wrote a detailed animation of reincarnation without a job. I think it can be done in 2.5 hours, but the result is 4 hours+, regardless of whether it is a screenshot or adjustment of words and sentences. It took a lot of time and found 4,500 words after writing. I am especially envious of those who answer easily, 12,000 words. Answer casually, typing can be as fast as a spider’s hand. For example, when calculating the damage of a character, all the damage calculated by a profession cannot exceed 99999 in the end. If you switch to another profession, you get 99999. Then, consider the number of segments. Since one stage can only be 99999, can’t the skill of the nine stage reach 99999×9? When I added all buffs such as critical strikes, critical strikes to increase damage, break the upper limit of damage, and increase physical damage. As a result, even if the critical strike damages, there are only 25,000 segments, and some even only 17,000. The low addition coefficient is its limitation. Another example is every time I write a novel. The idea in my mind, I feel that I will write a horrifying masterpiece, and then watch other classic dramas, it is nothing more than that. As a result, I finished writing, and looked back again-what is the story of a spicy chicken that is hard to justify? Why can’t I keep up with the expression? Then I disassembled the classic drama series and looked at the purpose of the plots of the characters one by one. The surface is not marginal and plain as water. As a result, the cause and effect have long been ambush. What can I say? After a long time of thinking, I feel that human beings have limitations. With my body, I can neither hit 9 points of damage, nor can I achieve 99999 single points. But maybe I can become the one with BUFF as the main attacker. Don’t be afraid of “limitations”. Everyone has limitations in every aspect. You can find a more limited direction to do it-of course, I don’t mean you want to use this aspect to make money. There are ways to make money, I can’t figure it out.

6 months ago

I resigned from a state-owned enterprise in 2003 and just switched to the Internet industry. At the beginning, I could only do the most basic sales job, that is, a salesman. Because the threshold is the lowest, I don’t need academic qualifications, experience, or technology, and I’m an individual. It can be done, but it is difficult to do it well. Actually, I don’t like sales work, and I think my personality is introverted, not very good at dealing with people, and don’t like socializing, so I know I won’t make much sales in sales, so I want to Technical transfer. So I went to the company’s technical department when I had time to work with programmers and artists, hoping to learn technology from them, and they were willing to teach me, but after I really understood it, I found that I might not be able to get through this road at all, and it’s not. Things you can get started in one or two years. At that time, the technology was still relatively backward, and many companies were still using asp to build websites. The general process was like this. The artist first designed the floor plan, first designed the website page in PS, then imported the slice in fireworks, and then used dreamweaver to make the front end, and then Leave it to the programmer to develop the backend, nest the database… I found that this is not something that one person can handle at all. There are thousands of dense lines of code, and it is not a year or a half to learn, so obviously this is far It was beyond my learning ability and resources. I couldn’t get through at first sight, and decisively gave up on this path. Then I was thinking, this model is so inefficient. To build a website, programmers and artists would go to a small black room and beat them for half a month, and the things they made might still be leaky. Then if the next one The customer wants to make a website and has to do it again. The productivity is too low. It is completely a manual workshop model. I was wondering if it is possible to make a skin changer? Similar to building blocks, something that separates the front and the back? The backend is the same, but the front desk of different industries can quickly change the skin, so that the efficiency is greatly improved, just like the IKEA furniture, it is modular and can be used in a simple assembly. I definitely can’t develop such a thing. I’m just wondering if there is such a thing in foreign countries. I keep changing and searching for my needs and descriptions on Google, let alone, if I find it, it’s called The cms content management system. At that time, I found bambo1.0, a very basic and extensible PHP cms system, so I couldn’t wait to download one, find various tutorials and follow the installation operation, all in English, and various bugs, encountered The easiest way to solve a problem is to push it all over again. I repeated the installation dozens of times a night, and no one can ask for advice. I insisted on doing this for a few months, and I became familiar with the system abruptly, although it was difficult and difficult. , But at least I know that it is something that can be achieved within the scope of my own ability. As long as I have patience and are not afraid of trouble, I can definitely master it. It is definitely easier than learning to draw, cut diagrams, write code, and set databases with colleagues before. Double, more importantly, this model is extremely efficient. This is something I can handle alone. After being proficient in a website, I can do it in three days by myself. The previous path is almost impossible to achieve by myself.

6 months ago

My limitation is probably that I care too much about others and always ignore myself. After graduating from a postgraduate in a city he likes, because of his excellent grades, I had a job I liked very much, but my boyfriend wanted to go to Shanghai for development and has already found a good job. We were all from small cities, and we were very close at that time, so we chose to go to Shanghai to work hard with him. I also found a good job in Shanghai, but I didn’t like it that much. Everything was fine at the beginning, but after a long time, problems gradually appeared. Because I didn’t adapt to the rhythm of the city of Shanghai, I became less and less motivated. My boyfriend always complained about being busy at work and didn’t have time to listen to me. Our relationship was getting worse and worse because of our complaints. After love, only quarrels and endless silence are left. In the end, he proposed to break up. I walked along the street for a long time that day. Looking at this bustling city, I suddenly realized that after being in this place for so long, I didn’t have anything but myself, but I have always cared about others. Not yourself. After that, I resolutely resigned to the company. At that time, no one understood why I had to give up Ma’s promotion to earn an annual salary and chose to leave. Only I knew that after so long, I finally made a choice for myself. Now I have returned to my favorite city and opened a nice store by myself. Apart from work, I also grow flowers, cook, or watch a book or a movie. I no longer care about others. I feel wronged by my feelings, but if I listen to my inner voice beforehand, I find that only if a person loves himself more, his heart will be happier and stronger.

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