NIKE is a sponsor of the NBA and is well aware of the inertia of domestic consumer groups. They must have made psychological preparations after issuing this announcement. I estimate that it will be a phased decline. First, it fell sharply in 7 days, and then gradually stabilized in 1 month. The month slowly recovered, and it recovered across the board in 3 quarters. It can be said that NIKE is prepared to avoid 6-12 months of turnover in the Chinese market, and will definitely use price cuts and other means to attract consumers. The business strategy is very solid. Want to sanction Nike? In fact, it is not difficult: all the national teams, provincial teams and other leagues that signed with Nike have cancelled their cooperation. There must be regulations on national sovereignty in the contract at that time. I believe this step should not be a problem. All celebrities cancelled their endorsements, all Nike products were removed from the website, and Xinjiang cotton was promoted around Nike’s offline flagship stores in the mall to remind customers of Nike’s actions. Domestic brands Anta, Li Ning, etc. seized the opportunity to use multi-brand strategy and various promotion and live broadcast to popularize Li Ning Anta FILA from the upper level and complete the suppression of Anta. Take a look at the reaction of Adidas and Reebok Converse this time. If the attitude towards China is acceptable, then strongly support the promotion and share the resources and popularity of Nike in China. In the end, we still have to rely on consumers. We must give consumers at least one idea to resist Nike. Starting from me, at least resist the psychological cycle of Nike for a period of time until the apology is softened. However, I estimate that there is a high probability that it will not happen. Consumer groups This time I will see whether the backbone of the company can be pulled up. If the attitude of Koreans towards Japanese consumer products can be pulled up, I think that the future of such a typical anti-Chinese declaration, I think even the largest company will have to weigh it.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Now it’s time to test everyone. You see H&M is hanging on the Zhihu Hot List, and Nike is not hot at all. This is not a small brand like H&M, is it just holding your nose and continuing to smell it? still is? H&M just broke out, the relevant stars immediately knew it, this estimate has to hesitate! Go to sleep, I don’t expect much to boycott Nike. The core of this matter is that BCI must be officially sanctioned. Otherwise, the clothing of Chinese brands will not be sold in the future, and overseas brands will continue to be sold in China. It is difficult to maintain by public resistance.

8 months ago

Nike is not just banning Xinjiang cotton. It’s different from the NBA Morey incident. It’s not just discrediting our policies in Xinjiang, but also openly asking suppliers to ban Xinjiang cotton and Xinjiang employees (including domestic suppliers). If domestic suppliers follow Nike’s request to do it, you are looking at the impact. It’s too bad. It’s okay for the country to shoot. Someone on Weibo broke the news that beginning in 2019, the Qingdao factory of its supplier Taiguang Industry will no longer recruit employees from Xinjiang. An independent third-party audit confirmed that there is no Xinjiang in the factory. Regional employees. It’s no longer just a mouthful, it interferes with certain domestic factories. Today they can slander Xinjiang, impose sanctions on Xinjiang people, and affect the work of Xinjiang people. Let them go. Tomorrow they can also slander other parts of China, sanction people from other provinces, and affect their work. Nike can get out of China.

8 months ago

At first, I don’t have a cold with Nike, I haven’t bought a few Nike items in total, and I didn’t plan to participate in this topic. But some people actually say that Nike is a top international brand. All top competitions and giant clubs around the world are sponsored by Nike, and even many domestic competitions and national sports teams are also sponsored by Nike. So Chinese people like Nike can’t afford to provoke them, or pretend they don’t know, continue to pinch soft persimmons like H&M. I can’t bear to see this. According to this statement, H&M is actually because it cannot make money in China. I made money from the Chinese and deliberately came to disgust the Chinese. Nike’s anti-China nature is much more serious than H&M. I can’t control what others think and do. But for me, from now on, unless the Nike sign clearly says “This product uses cotton from Xinjiang, China”, otherwise, Nike shouldn’t make a cent from me! In addition, or more importantly, don’t think that Nike and other international brands slander Xinjiang’s cotton is a trivial matter. Not only did they publicly declare that Xinjiang’s cotton was picked by Uighur slaves, they also refused to cooperate with Chinese textile companies that use Xinjiang cotton as a raw material. The nature of this matter is even worse. It is entirely based on the problem of deliberately squeezing and suppressing Chinese manufacturing counterparts. The notorious Zheng Guoen, who was sanctioned by China, even once held a pair of shoes made in Vietnam, claiming to be made in China, and said that a letter of help written in English by Uyghur slaves was found in the shoes. So the question is, can only Uighurs be forced to work as slaves? Can slaves only pick cotton and make shoes? Chairman Mao taught us: Fight with one punch to avoid a hundred punches! If you don’t be tough, you will deal with the BCI and Nike gangs that are both wrong and righteous, seizing the moral commanding heights and slandering interest groups that engage in unfair competition. China’s manufacturing industry is in danger, and the image of the Chinese is in danger. In the future, everyone will see: Siemens publicly condemns and resists China’s forcing Hui slaves to make electrical products. Philips publicly condemned and resisted China’s forcing Tibetan slaves to manufacture photovoltaic products. Nokia publicly condemned and resisted China’s forcing Manchu slaves to make telecommunications products. Samsung publicly condemned and resisted China’s forcing Zhuang slaves to make flash memory products. Toyota publicly condemned and boycotted China’s forced Miao slaves to make auto products. Apple publicly condemned and resisted China’s forced Qiang slaves to make mobile phone products. Wal-Mart publicly condemned and resisted China’s forcing Buyi slaves to open supermarkets. Pizza Hut publicly condemned and resisted China’s forcing Dong slaves to cook Chinese food. IELTS publicly condemns and resists China’s forcing Tujia slaves to be teachers. HSBC publicly condemned and resisted China’s forcing Oroqen slaves to work as tellers. If it develops to the extreme, not to mention that China’s manufacturing will be hacked to the end, all aspects of China will have to be hacked, and all face will be lost. Resisting and severely punishing the gang of prominence under the BCI is not only national justice, but also closely related to the vital interests of each of us Chinese. If you spare Nike today, you will not be able to afford Nike if you are hungry and hungry without work tomorrow.

8 months ago

A few days ago, the US diplomacy will be hardened, and the next step will be to harden the big brands. Nike itself started in China. As a brand without its own factory in history, it has always relied on Chinese OEMs and a company in the Chinese market. In fact, it has no effect when it closes. There are many things that can be replaced. But his core competitiveness is public relations, and it is an American company that has grown and grown with China’s reform and opening up. Now it’s troublesome, even if someone endorses the platform and touches the red line and is exposed. Personal statement: I personally block any brands and products under Nike and ta

8 months ago

This matter is a bit troublesome, because Nike and the Chinese men’s and women’s basketball national team, the men’s and women’s national football team, the Chinese Super League, and the track and field national team, all have deep sponsorship cooperation, and the contracts have been signed for many years. It is argued that the General Administration of Sports should take the lead in the boycott. If all contracts are terminated, I wonder if there are any favorable terms in the contract that can be used, and compensation is required. If we do not terminate the contract, our athletes will continue to wear Nike sports equipment to participate in the competition. Some Western media are likely to use this to mock us.

8 months ago

Why do you verbally care about the human rights status of Uyghur compatriots, and then prohibit Uyghur employees from employment within the scope of influence? Isn’t this slap your own face? For this kind of veteran capitalist, we cannot look at what he said, but what he did. Nike is doing what it can to reduce the employment rate of Uighurs, and making Uighurs as poor as possible. Poorness will lead to change, and change will lead to chaos. Since you have no problem, I will create a problem to mess with you. This is completely contrary to our country’s major policy of poverty alleviation. It is also severe discrimination and persecution of Uighur compatriots. The real persecution of Uighurs is the old American capitalists, not us. In other words, when other black-hearted cotton organization members could not afford Xinjiang cotton, so they slapped their mouths to win the political correctness of the western stench, Nike took the initiative, aggressively, and within its own capabilities, tried its best to tear China apart. , Undermining Chinese national unity, and even openly discriminating against Uighur compatriots and engaging in segregation within enterprises. Worthy of being an Onza genocidal capitalist. When others jumped and scolded the uncle Caoni, Nike really tried its best to wait until the uncle placed the order, forced the uncle to the corner, and untied the uncle’s belt. Looking around, Nike’s behavior is the worst, the most vicious, the most insidious, the most sordid, and the most dangerous. none of them. I went to the online shop and took a look at Li Ning Anta Pick Hongxing Erke, it is no longer soiled, and the price-performance ratio is much higher than that of Nike. I also found a brand like VR National Cotton Factory I had never heard of before. In the future, try to buy domestic products as much as possible. It’s fine if you can’t be an uncle if you spend money. Why should you be grandchildren by this group of friendliness.

8 months ago

In this matter, I don’t want to completely separate the grand narrative from the personal narrative. My point is that in actual consumption, we really cannot guarantee that everyone will not buy Nike. Because there is one thing that must be faced squarely: in today’s relatively abundant materials, there are not a small number of people who do not care about politics at all, and a large number of people do indeed rely on Nike for consumption. However, this is a good opportunity. Nike’s clothing and shoes premiums indeed exceed the normal industrial product’s due price. Some people say that it is brand value, but I say that you are not talking about martial arts. High prices and popularity can often lead to the so-called compulsion (non-derogatory), and people do have a need to realize themselves, consumption and decoration are indeed ways. But for ordinary people (ordinary people who don’t have the need and necessity of buying a shoe cabinet Nike), this is an opportunity for disenchantment. These Western brands are not as magical as in the advertisements, and they may even conflict with the national position of being a Chinese. When ordinary people realize this, even if they hesitate in a single purchase. When the hesitation of tens of thousands of ordinary people accumulates, it is the premium of our masses against the commercial brands of Western capitalism and a powerful weapon to create gods.

8 months ago

Don’t wear it anymore. The Chinese have wide feet and the whites have narrow feet. The Nike shoe version is not suitable for Chinese people. If you wear it according to the number, your feet hurt. If you buy a large size, you may even trip. Wearing Nike shoes for a long time may cause foot deformities. It’s as miserable as binding feet. Wearing Chinese brand shoes does not have this problem. If you must wear a foreign brand, you can wear the Japanese brand Mizuno. The version is similar to the Chinese. International students really can’t find Chinese or Japanese brands, so I suggest buying New Balance. They have wide shoes, which are suitable for Chinese people. Seeing Weizhi, the Nike brand has always been pretentious and discriminatory against Chinese people. Even if it is for your own foot health and convenience, everyone should stop buying Nike. The difference in the shape of the feet between the Chinese and the whites is shown in the picture below. Therefore, most Chinese people will press their feet and blisters on both sides when wearing Nike shoes, which is as miserable as binding feet. Is it necessary to spend hundreds or even thousands of RMB for Nike to torture its own feet?

8 months ago

From a personal point of view, I quite like watching this lively. Why, the most important thing is that I personally have always resisted the domestic shoe dealers and fools who follow the trend, and the price of Nike and its brand shoes is high. This kind of thing is infinitely harmful to young people, and it is not conducive to the market expansion of domestic brands. Therefore, if the national level is able to take action this time, even if it is just a “condemnation and protest” on the surface, then I will stand on the moral high ground instead of the poverty trough and the lemon tree to match the shoe dealers and follow the trend. I can count as one if I wake up, and if I don’t wake up, I’ll be happy too, isn’t it?

8 months ago

“This pair of Nikes are so good in quality, isn’t it fake?” Judging from personal experience, this stalk is indeed not groundless. I still remember that when I was training in the third year of high school in 11 years, two pairs of nike freerun running shoes accompanied me for a whole year. I had various high-intensity training every day. Each pair ran more than 500 kilometers. Finally, I wore it to play basketball and landed too much. A hole was made in the tip of the shoe. Later, the university bought all kinds of Nike shoes. They were either big and small, or they were loose after a few weeks of wear, or they broke after two months of playing basketball. The quality is really incomparable. Until 2016, I started to buy Li Ning Wade and Anta KT. In the past two years, Peak’s Tai Chi is also very comfortable. The key is that it is very durable and the wrapping has always been very good. After the Nike incident, whether intentionally or not, I no longer want to buy Nike in the near future. In the future, I will not consider buying Nike until the country forgives Nike.

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