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Mr. Ma once said: If a person resigns, it is nothing more than two points, insufficient money, or aggrieved heart. So let’s look at the incident of Shou’s resignation again. money. Let’s leave aside the salary issue. Just relying on the options and stocks on hand, this is a bunch of astronomical figures. Coupled with the fact that Lei always gave him 24 yuan to subscribe for 100 million shares a while ago, even if he sells it for cash now, he can still sell 100 million Hong Kong dollars, and Xiaomi’s stock price cannot stay at more than 20 yuan forever. . For him, money may be a string of numbers. right. Shou rose from the CFO of Xiaomi Group to the head of the international department and then to the partner. In the past three years, Xiaomi has successfully gone public, and its overseas business has grown by leaps and bounds. For him, with the exception of CEO Lei, who is sitting, he has almost reached the top of the Xiaomi Group. So if you look back at Mr. Ma, you will find that he is not short of money, the business is OK, and the upside is OK. Therefore, the only way of understanding can only be explained from one line in his statement. “After 18 years away from home, the base is in my hometown, Singapore.” It seems that he is really homesick. One point is that I have never left Yangzhou from school to work, and I have also given up on several assignments with very good conditions. The reason is also very similar to Shou, that is, simply “homesick”. I can understand his feelings very well. Finally, I wish shou a bright future!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Congratulations to the boss of this level, no matter where you are, there is only congratulations. It seems that ByteDance’s listing schedule does have Zhou Dao’s management of Xiaomi’s new top 500 listing, which has proven his ability and strength. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you work in Singapore, go home, or work as a ByteDance CFO. Personal guessing is probably that ByteDance gave a sincere price, which of course may be more and more lucrative than Xiaomi. Those three who had more money and less things were close to home, and satisfied two. Probably because ByteDance is really impatient to be listed. This is the requirement of the investor and the requirement of Byte itself. At this time, it is not easy to find a reliable person. However, I am very curious, because it feels very sudden. Xiaomi is about to hold a Chinese New Year conference, and Zhou’s photos are still on the promotional photos. Then within two days of an instant, I went to ByteDance. I don’t know what kind of cooperation agreement Byte and Xiaomi have reached so that they can leave the week smoothly. But anyway, congratulations to the boss.

8 months ago

All the big guys upstairs have analyzed it well, so they don’t make any trouble! And Zhou Shouzi’s certification in Toutiao is already “Byte Beat CFO”! At the same time, a large explanation was released, as follows: Dear friends: Just now, we disclosed the information that I am about to leave Xiaomi. I will join ByteDance as the company’s CFO. After 18 years away from home, I will be based in my hometown of Singapore. Here, I would like to thank Xiaomi’s board of directors, partners, and every classmate of Xiaomi, and thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this great company. Thanks to the team that worked with me, and thank you for your trust and friendship. Thanks to our rice noodle friends for their enthusiastic support. Thanks to all the partners who supported my work. thank you all! I want to especially thank my boss and mentor, Mr. Lei. Thank you for giving me the opportunity many years ago. I cannot express my gratitude and gratitude in words. It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to learn from you, thank you Mr. Lei! I have full confidence in Xiaomi’s future. I have never doubted at all: this company is bound to become one of the greatest companies. Because Xiaomi has a great mission: to let everyone in the world enjoy the beautiful life brought about by technology; Xiaomi has an amazing team, they are passionate and extremely practical, and persistently turn their lofty ideals into reality step by step. I firmly believe that the world will become better because of Xiaomi. I sincerely wish Xiaomi better and better! Thank you again, I will always cherish every good memory I harvest here. Zhou Shouzi March 24, 2021

8 months ago

Resigning for personal reasons is not far from ten, combined with the performance and performance of working at Xiaomi, it is not like hanging out for a long time and squeezing away or being a victim of a battle. It is understandable that people who realize financial freedom have been wandering outside for a long time, and their preferred base when they change their work place is in their hometown. The company’s highest CFO achievement is to help its own company go public. Zhou Shouzi did it in 2018. Xiaomi successfully went public and is still a top 500 company with a market value of 100 billion. I like to do financial affairs and deal with money. This time I can return to the field of work I am good at and have the opportunity to rebuild a company with a market value of 100 billion yuan. Why not do it. It is not allowed to choose another high after the successful listing of Byte. As expected, the outstanding ones are waiting for someone to find them.

8 months ago

In fact, there is not much that can be said. At the level of the general receiver, in fact, both the horizons, the things encountered or the considerations, are much wider than ordinary people, and there is a feeling of not being surprised by seeing through the world. If an event is sudden, then his cause may be more pure than our brain fills up. I said in my thoughts during the day that Lei is always a very pure person. In fact, it’s not just Mr. Lei, who has a technical background. It is more or less pure or simple. Being able to make friends with such a person, be a founder, and build a company together means that he is definitely not an intrigue. Several core founders of Xiaomi are like this, everyone has the same belief, and they all get along. This time, President Lei, President Lu, and the group of people are sending blessings. If you really get separated, you will definitely not be able to do this. So I think there is a high probability that Shou has been away for 18 years and wants to go home. Xiaomi can’t make him base Singapore at present, headlines can be, so change the place, that’s it. So, I wish Mr. Shou a happy home and work.

8 months ago

To be honest, it was shocking. Because it has been circulating in the market, Zhou Shouzi will be Lei Jun’s successor. After Lei Jun retired, Zhou Shouzi took over. Unexpectedly, Zhou Shouzi resigned. The timing of the choice can be considered just right. Tonight, Xiaomi Group announced its financial report and performance for the fourth quarter of 2020 in a timely manner. The overall trend is increasing. What’s interesting is that Zhou Shouzi once held important positions in the famous investment institution dst, and he invested in Xiaomi. Perhaps it is Lei Jun’s personal charm. In 2015, he digs out this high-achieving student abruptly. As soon as he came to Xiaomi, he directly served as the CFO of Xiaomi’s chief financial officer. In December 2019, Zhou Shouzi was transferred from Xiaomi’s CFO to President of the International Department.

8 months ago

I think some people are born to pursue various challenges. You may still remember that Jim Keller made a good structure in Intel, and then resigned (I am correcting in the comment area of my friends, this time I was also doing k8 by amd, not intel), and he made a good structure in Apple and then resigned. , To amd to do a god structure Zen and then left,-and his results have been proven to be quite excellent afterwards. If he is obsessed with building a new structure, after he has made an excellent result, if he wants to continue to challenge himself in the short term, he can only leave his job to find a new platform. If Zhou Shouzi feels that “trading Xiaomi to go public” is one of his goals, when this goal is reached, he will feel that it is time to pursue a new goal, “trading byte beating to market” or the next thing he is interested in Things.

8 months ago

Very unexpected, because it has been said that Zhou Shouzi will take over Lei’s mantle in the future and become the next generation head of Xiaomi. Previously, let him retired from the position of cfo and became the president of the international department so that he could go deep into the front line of the business and prepare for the succession. The result is now poached by Byte and returned to the position of cfo. I think this can basically be regarded as a prelude to the listing of Byte, and I can look forward to the next actions of Byte, and there may soon be news of further advancement of the listing plan. Look forward to a wave of byte specific listing plans.

8 months ago

It’s normal. After all, shou is that Singaporeans will definitely miss home after so long away from home. After all, who doesn’t want to have a job close to home with more money and less work. Bytedance is just about to establish a branch in Singapore, which is a perfect opportunity for Shou. Secondly, although we often say that Shou is the prince of Xiaomi, Shou will take over Xiaomi after Lei retires. But in fact, it is not possible. It is for that reason. Shou is a Singaporean. Domestic local companies like Xiaomi will not let Shou be the CEO of Xiaomi. Even if Lei always thinks, the state will intervene. Looking at it this way, Shou’s upward path in Xiaomi is almost gone. At this time, there is a better chance. It is still close to home, and it is normal to choose to change jobs.

8 months ago

Mr. Shou announced today that Xiaomi had resigned and joined Byte as CFO. It was unexpected. I didn’t expect Xiaomi’s youngest, most handsome, best-speaking CFO, and the CFO who had been riding the wind and waves with Xiaomi during the time of Xiaomi’s biggest change, unexpectedly quit. Up! If you think about it again, this path is actually correct. Looking at Mr. Shou’s resume, it’s not difficult to find that Shou always worked at Goldman Sachs and was a partner of DST China before joining Xiaomi. He joined Xiaomi most of the time and served as Xiaomi’s CFO. , Led the Xiaomi Group to successfully go public, so the work of investment and finance may be more handy for him. No matter where the base is, it is not a problem for Shou in general. After all, he is worth enough for his family to get together at any time. It is actually more important for successful people to realize their self-worth. With Mr. Shou’s CFO in place, Bytedance’s investment may become more frequent, and it may only be a matter of time before the listing! Interest-related, thanks to Mr. Shou for raising the salaries of our fresh graduates when managing the company’s personnel. Although I have also resigned, the increase in that year was the largest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

8 months ago

It seems that Byte is on the market soon. Zhou Shouzi was a great contributor to the listing of Xiaomi before, and his previous years of work experience were also in DST Capital. There is a high probability that it will jump over and be listed on the trader byte. All comrades who are preparing to change jobs must hurry up, and may be able to meet the biggest “life vent” in recent years. Remember to be patient and have a good chat with HR sister and brother during the interview. Don’t go if you don’t have options, so that you don’t get jealous when you get listed. ByteDance’s business scope is very, very wide, and its office locations are also very, very many, not only in Beijing. Most provinces across the country have them (but core jobs are still in first-tier cities, and a few second-tier cities also have high-paying jobs such as R&D). Of course, whether you can talk about options or not depends on your personal ability. Buyers can also pay attention to the fact that several offices near the byte near Zhichun Road, Wudaokou, should also be linked soon. Buy now is earn.

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