According to media reports such as “India Express” and “India Today” on the 24th, Amir Khan, a well-known Indian actor who once starred in “Three Fools in Bollywood”, tested positive for the new crown virus and is currently in quarantine. Amir Khan’s spokesperson confirmed the news: “He is now in self-isolation at home and abides by all regulations. Everything is fine at the moment. For precautionary considerations, all people who have been in contact with him recently should do it. Detection.”

In the case of India, the possibility of the new crown being controlled in the country is very low. Indians are blindly confident and believe in God and religion is very serious. I was very surprised when I saw this news at first. Amir Khan is a national treasure-level figure in India, equivalent to China’s Jet Li and Jackie Chan. How could he be infected with the new crown? Such people are not protected? Then I think about it. I can imagine how far the epidemic in India has progressed. This is not only the lack of measures, but also the insufficient strength of the government’s promotion of the new crown. I think our China last year was panic, and we were restless in sleep. When I first met Amir Khan, I still watched “Three Fools in Hollywood”. The smart and persistent character of the male protagonist really touched me a lot, and the ending was also a magical touch. Is that kind of rigid education really good for people? Later, it was “Phantom Chariot 3” (still my most recommended movie, “Unknown Death”, “I’m a God” and “Wrestling” Come on! Dad” and “Mystery Superstar” have low ratings but good-looking “Indian Thugs” can be said to have watched all the movies he can watch. Remember that when filming “Wrestling Dad”, Amir Khan gained a few kilos first. After the filming. He said: “I’m afraid I don’t have the willpower to reduce it. If I shoot the end first, I have to reduce it.” The high-yield work produced every year makes me very fond of him. I remember that there was a very good one in India before. The famous superstar got cancer or died of the new crown. Alas, I’m really worried about Uncle Mi’s body. I haven’t seen his new work for many years. I don’t know when I can see it. Amir Khan and Xin Haicheng’s Movies are always what I look forward to.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I saw Amir Khan once when he came to the school to promote a movie before the epidemic. Although the film was of average quality, his impression of me was really superb. He was very enthusiastic. He took pictures with everyone, and then really. I sincerely say that we still have a lot to learn from you. Your women can live freely…Compared with Amir Khan, when some domestic stars promote movies or refer to other activities, there are also a few in Korea. It really is, huh. It is said that the three silly is the movie I have watched the most times. I sincerely wish Amir Khan a speedy recovery~

8 months ago

This situation shows that the epidemic in India is already very serious. According to an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, the current epidemic situation in India’s neighboring countries is very serious. Whether it is in military development or vaccine supply, India has chosen “foreign first”. A large amount of funds have been invested by India in weapons procurement, and there is a steady stream of foreign weapons While the land was introduced to India, India’s poor population is still steadily increasing. Nowadays, when domestic public health incidents are raging, India also chooses to give priority to foreign countries, which is obviously not good. The more people infected in the country, the more difficult it will be for India to recover its economy. Without the support of its economic strength, how can India talk about realizing its dream of being a great power.

8 months ago

Let’s talk about the impression of the epidemic in India. Basically it should be more than 60% coverage. The reason is that friends in Southeast Asia said that since the outbreak last year, the most imported cases in neighboring countries were India, then Indonesia, and for a time the United Kingdom always had imported cases. And almost a year later, other countries are one after another, and only India is always at the top of the list. Seeking truth from facts has already hindered the prevention and control of various countries. Sorrow for its misfortune, and be angry with it.

8 months ago

Reposted from: According to reports from Indian Express and other Indian media on the 24th local time, the agent of Indian national treasure actor Amir Khan issued a statement at noon today (24th) confirming that Amir Khan was tested for the new crown virus. The result was positive and he was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. He is currently self-isolating at his home in Bandera, Mumbai. The agent said that Amir Khan is currently in good condition. Out of precautionary considerations, people who have been in contact with Amir Khan recently are called on to be tested for the virus as soon as possible and to take corresponding quarantine measures. 56 years old this year, he is a well-known Indian film actor, director, producer and host. He starred in many Indian movies, such as “Three Fools Havoc in Bollywood”, “My God”, “Wrestle!” “Dad” and “Mysterious Superstar” are also well known by Chinese movie fans. Stills of “Mystery Superstar” In early 2020, when the new crown epidemic in China was the most serious, Amir Khan sent blessings to Chinese fans through Weibo, “The epidemic is very serious. I have always been concerned. China is very difficult at this moment. Please follow the guidance. , Protect yourself, and sincerely hope that everything in China can get back on track as soon as possible. I am with you, and my love is with you at the critical moment. Take care, pay attention to safety, and be healthy!” Before the test results are announced, Ah Mir Khan is shooting a new movie, the Indian version of Forrest Gump. _AamirKhan’s film is ill-fated. When filming started in 2020, it happened to hit the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, and filming was urgently stopped in March. Amir Khan originally expected to resume filming in mid-July, but some employees contracted the new crown pneumonia in June. “Forrest Gump” had to continue to postpone the filming, so the schedule originally scheduled for Christmas 2020 was postponed. It’s Christmas this year. It is reported that because the producers hope that the film will include all the major historical events that have occurred in India since 1947, this version of “Forrest Gump” may include the plot of the “new crown virus pandemic”. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health of India, as of 8:00 on March 24th local time (10:30 Beijing time), in the past 24 hours, 47,262 new cases of new coronary pneumonia have been confirmed in India, with a total of 11,734,058 confirmed cases; new deaths There were 275 cases and a total of 160,441 deaths; a total of 11,205,160 were cured and discharged; there are currently 368,457 active cases. According to data from the Ministry of Health of India, the number of newly confirmed cases on the 24th has once again set a new record for a single day in India in the past four months. The number of newly confirmed cases in a single day has remained above 40,000 for 5 consecutive days. Data show that the number of newly confirmed cases in India’s Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu states has increased significantly. Among them, Maharashtra, the most severely affected state, added 28,699 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the 24th. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the state has exceeded 2.53 million. In order to contain the current rebound momentum of the epidemic, parts of India have restarted strict blockade measures and urgently tightened the epidemic prevention and control policies. At the same time, the Indian government is stepping up efforts to promote virus testing and vaccination. According to data released by the Medical Research Council of India, as of March 23, over 236 million new coronavirus samples were tested across India, and over 1.02 million new coronavirus samples were tested on the 23rd. Copyright statement This article is the user’s exclusive authorization to publish the manuscript of the rumor community. For reprinting, please contact

8 months ago

This star who exposed the truth is infected. Will his Indian version of “Forrest Gump” be affected? Since Amir Khan announced that he will remake “Forrest Gump”, he has paid more attention to his recent situation. I didn’t expect that an Indian national treasure actor under strict protection was also infected. Didn’t he get a shot of the local Indian vaccine? Or AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines. Anyway, he will not and dare not try a stable and reliable Chinese vaccine. China is still a contradictory setting in India. Amir Khan has entered a state of isolation, and I believe his reputation and wealth will bring him sufficient means to heal. The recent epidemic in India is not as optimistic as Amir Khan himself. With colorful religious festivals and Indian elections approaching, India’s anti-epidemic policy is completely ineffective in form, and the new crown data that is still half-hidden has also emerged one after another. Scale claw, which means that 1 billion people in India are infected by no means but a part of the truth. The official data on new infections in India, the United States and Japan are 40,000, and hundreds of deaths, but the infection of the national treasure actor Amir Khan proves that this is a bureaucratic cut corner, and the detection of imported cases on my country’s recently broken Indian route also proves this. In October 2020, just after a flight from India landed, our epidemic prevention medical workers detected that 23 passengers from India were positive for the new crown pneumonia. This result resulted in 293 passengers on the flight being medically quarantined. After investigation, we Only then did I know that India’s new crown test report can be bought for a small amount of money, which refreshed our understanding. According to regulations, ten people with infections detected on the same flight need to be blown for one week, and those with more than 20 infected will be blown for four weeks. Later, a U.S. flight also detected ten people infected. It turns out that the U.S. new crown pneumonia test report can also be purchased online at a low price. Then, will Amir Khan’s Indian version of “Forrest Gump” complain about India’s black history and What about the unwhite reality? In fact, if the original “Forrest Gump” is the keynote, Amir Khan may not fully touch the dark side of India. Instead, it integrates the prosperity of Bollywood, the clarification of the democratic system, and the elimination of the caste system in form, so as to become a “India is progressing” theme film that is intertwined with progress and ills. And Indian Forrest, this fool who keeps on running, will also lead countless Indians to run with the fire called “Future”. India needs to be encouraged rather than isolated. Its natural enigmatic self-confidence makes the world helpless. Perhaps we think that Indians have been pitted by their own government, but in fact they have not risen since they fell into the country in 1947, the British told Democracy and freedom in India lie down and win, and the American captain encourages freedom. The blood of revolutionaries is needed to pour it out and go to the Himalayas to face the wind! In summary, I hope that Amir Khan will recover soon, and that 1.3 billion Indians will be immunized as soon as possible after vaccination. I hope that China and India will maintain direct and honest trust instead of being affected by the “fuck” of Britain and the “Voldemort” of the United States. Bewitched.

8 months ago

In India, the nobles with names and surnames living in the high gates are all infected. It can be seen that for India, it is necessary to remember that it is assumed that the people who can get the nucleic acid test are Brahmins. Behind the infection of an ordinary Brahmin noble, there are 1,000 undetectable ones. Dalit, (you need to use this idea to figure out how many infections there are in India) The infection of an Indian star with a name and a surname. According to the house there are a thousand cockroaches, the new crown prevention and control theory, we have no star infected, and the star will not be infected. The infection shows that the base of infection of ordinary people is relatively small. For example, Zheng, the originator of Internet literary works, has a bald head. Even if Xiao Zhan’s first marketing act is not as good as a waste product of a panda, he at least has the lungs to breathe smoothly (unless trapped in Wuhan) For example, the node of the group of academicians and professors officially stated that the new crown has reached a huge number of 100 million (or 500 million) and has increased by 1 million new rapid nuclear explosions every day (less than 100 million can still hide in giant houses) Or somewhere on a small island enjoying the high-quality life of Japanese hibernating people) This shows that the virus is pervasive. Amir Khan infection is the node of over 100 million in India. Indian data, even a punctuation mark, cannot be trusted.

8 months ago

After reading some answers, I always feel a little strange. I think that celebrities will not be infected with the new crown. If a celebrity is infected with the new crown, it is against the principle of nature. If it should be infected with the new crown, ordinary people are poor. This is in line with the principle of nature and it is taken for granted. Now India is newly infected with so many people every day, and few people care about it. It feels that the lives of thousands of ordinary people are less important than that of an actor. sorrow!

8 months ago

There is no answer to your question. What is the situation of the epidemic in India, even the Indian government does not know. The only certainty is that the number of infections must be far beyond imagination. Last year, some scholars in the West estimated that India was infected with 600 million. Now it seems that this astronomical figure is even a bit conservative. The situation in the country has been stable, and no news about the epidemic has been reported for several months. Everyone may have forgotten about this. In fact, the epidemic situation abroad is still very severe, new variants are still emerging, the infection rate, drug resistance and even the fatality rate are rising, and the effective rate of several mRNA vaccines has dropped below 20%. Almost all countries whose names you know have failed to completely control the epidemic, including the West, which does not lack vaccines. Brazil, a major South American country, is almost dead, and just came back some time ago to buy a vaccine from China. The United States has beaten 90 million, but various variants have been discovered. At most two or three months, the new crown will be able to see the force of the new crown. Waiting to see his curve will be over. As long as it is safe not to go abroad, the infection will be allowed. They are infected. To die for freedom, their hearts are all grateful.

8 months ago

I have seen a lot of his movies, but the most memorable one was an anti-religious movie that a classmate from Bangladesh took me to watch. As far as the content is concerned, it is all too good to say, using all kinds of absurd things in the process of a person who believes in religion to ridicule the absurdity of religion, plus some Indian songs and dances. For me as a Chinese, all kinds of ghosts and gods are nonsense. It is natural and righteous. Our childhood education has been materialism. So watching him go around in circles to prove and persuade people that ghosts and gods are useless, it can’t help being a bit tedious, just like someone telling you that the earth is round and that the plane is a liar. Yes, but what is there to prove it? Then the classmates probably felt that I was boring, and they found some videos for me. The Indian version of the Great God Cult, the Great God appeared like a rock star, the stage speaker lighting, and the absurd things I did, I just can’t remember. The scene of worshiping believers is really impressive. He said that this is why this is his most famous film in India. Can’t help but suddenly. Think about the other movies he made, three silly, wrestling… India probably has more complicated social problems than we thought. But in the post-colonial era, we have also experienced many things, including the four olds, patriotic hygiene, night school, and finally wg. On the road to modernization, it has never been peaceful or gentle. A new country has stood firm amid the shattered bones of an old society. What I said is a bit off topic, I want to say that he is a good person. He is a superstar who, like Jackie Chan, uses his own values ​​to influence and change the world. Maybe he is not as famous as Jackie Chan, but for India, he is the one who has influenced many people’s lives and changed their destiny. Therefore, I sincerely hope that he will be safe and sound. Give them and bring us more and better works.

8 months ago

We should stay awake and never be brainwashed and rhythmic platforms like WB. Before the official and definitive evidence comes out, think rationally and block the rumors from you and me. (Pure passers-by, non-fans) should also insist on: do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors. Whether it is Amir Khan or other things. If I am really unfortunate enough to be infected, what we can do is to bless him, and hope that this person who brings hope to others will heal as soon as possible.

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