On March 22, a man on the Shanghai subway had a dispute with his 70-year-old man. The reason for the dispute was that the man did not give up his seat because he felt tired after a day of work. Netizens talked hotly, and some netizens said that giving up seats is a traditional virtue. Some netizens also said that they should understand each other and should not become moral kidnapping. (Burning News)

I have really met a bus, an old man yelled at a young man for not giving up his seat. The young man was very self-reliant. He quietly listened to the old man’s words and said very politely that my legs were inconvenient or something, and he didn’t say a few words. Anxious, kicked the young man, which was quite heavy. The young man had no reaction at the time. He looked down at his trouser legs and said directly, I’m not talking nonsense with you, and call the police. Then I just called 110 with my mobile phone, and the police car was waiting there at the next stop. The police were also very impatient. They called the police on this matter, why are they so squeamish. The young man said calmly, it’s not my squeamishness, but my legs. A valuable prosthesis was kicked a bit and I don’t know what went wrong. Anyway, I can’t walk. I don’t know if I really can’t walk. The young man just said he couldn’t stand up. The police got off the car. It seemed that both legs were prosthetic, but only one was broken. I don’t know how it felt. Anyway, seeing him look helpless, he just refused to stand up. The old man kept yelling, I don’t know what to do. The young man is still very polite. I told you more than once that I had a problem with my leg. You had to kick it. Everyone heard it. I recorded it, and neither did I. Whatever I want, just fix my prosthesis. I don’t know how much the prosthesis is. Anyway, there is no sense of disobedience when I get in the car. It is probably a high-end product.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This uncle is 70 years old? Sounds like a bell, full of breath, dancing with hands? Moral kidnapping is so arrogant, listen to the classic quotations of the uncle, “I believe you are tired, but you are rude, you are immoral, I discriminate against you!” The man was severely taught by the 70-year-old man because he was too tired to give up his seat at work! Heathcliff’s video. 78,000 broadcasts of young people saying that they are tired after a long day of work. The uncle said that he believed, but he still said that the young man was immoral and impolite, and he was not tolerant and had heated arguments on the scene. I have no doubt about it. Standing on the side of young people, first of all, the uncle’s 70-year-old age is doubtful. This voice is not like aura. Even if it is, does this mental head still need to sit? You see, the imposing subway can’t take him anymore, it’s about to fly! Secondly, respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue, but this is not a rule of relying on the old and selling the old. Giving up seats is a voluntary act. Young people don’t mean that they don’t have physical weakness. They may be exhausted after a day of work. Now 996 works too much. As young people are dying more and more suddenly, it is understandable that they are better to themselves. This matter should not be discussed. It is a sentiment to give you a seat, and it is also a duty not to give up a seat. It is not right to ask others to give up your seat, not to mention fierce words, personal attacks, mutual understanding, do not rely on the old to sell the old, and do not help the real People in need!

7 months ago

Some elderly people like to rush, not in the morning and evening rush hours, they still do not grab or ride. How busy do you think they are in their elderly career? In fact, when I was young, I lived very hard, very depressive, and spent a whole life of inactivity. I couldn’t find a sense of existence at home when I was old. So I looked for places where there were many young people and used secular correctness to engage in moral coercion and moral condemnation. Moral teacher, look for a sense of being respected and admired by others. You can see in the dialogue, the young man said that he was tired after working all day. The old man said that I know you are tired, but you just have no morals. Properly stand on the commanding heights of morality and be a moral teacher. And knowing that the subway is crowded, young people probably won’t do anything to him as an old man. The seat was handed over, and he felt respected and felt refreshed. He didn’t give up his seat, but he blamed the young man and educates the young man, and he felt refreshed. As everyone knows, the times are changing, and the standards of morality need to be changed and corrected. People without virtue are not worthy to talk about virtue.

7 months ago

As aging becomes more and more serious and there are more and more elderly people, all kinds of contradictions emerge one after another, giving up seats is just a small epitome of contradictions. At the same time, with the declining birth rate, there are fewer and fewer young people who are able and willing to work. As a kind of labor resource, young people will have higher and higher employment costs in the future. As for retirees, many have generous pensions, regular diet, work and rest, and good physical conditions. Existence itself is an occupation of existing resources. Of course, the large number of elderly people will also promote the development of sunrise industries, such as elderly care. Everyone will get old. One has to think about many issues from a young age, and strive to be a wise person with self-esteem and self-love, so as not to make young people fearful when they are old. If you don’t force others to love yourself, you might get more real respect.

7 months ago

The answer I wrote before can be used over and over again: my grandmother, a financial genius in Bashu, was an accountant of a state-owned enterprise back then, and it was very accurate in cost control. When Chengdu introduced that elderly people can take public transportation with their old-age certificate at no cost, she felt that she would take the free public bus when she went to the temple to burn incense for daily entertainment. And I’m very happy to say, look at how nice young people are now, no matter whether they are crowded or not, someone will definitely give up their seats after getting in the car. After a while, I changed my habit of going to the temple early in the morning and went to noon; and not only she, but her old sisters all changed to go to noon. Ask grandma the reason. She said, guilty, look at those young people who are not awake. In the morning rush hour, an old lady of mine will go and grab a seat with them. It is good for them to sit and sleep for a while. I’m right! Anyway, the Lord Buddha can’t run away. It’s the same if you go early or late! Then I was scolded, saying that I did not respect the Buddha. My grandmother, the commander of the militia at the time, in terms of combat value, she is higher than the old man, and I don’t know how many levels she is. Killing a chicken with her bare hands is not a problem, and she is born with the essence of Bashu cursing. No duplicate samples for half an hour. But her skills have been applied to the competition for square dance, and she never reduces dimensionality to attack young people, except for me. When my grandmother was young, she was educated that she was having fun with others, but she was fighting with people in her own circle, and she would never take her own identity to kidnap others morally, except for me. This is a verdict.

7 months ago

So the big flower arm is still useful. You can have a soft and sunny heart, but you have to look less messy than others in order to suffer less. When I was in Shanghai, I didn’t have a flowery arm. No one asked me trouble except that I was stopped by the police when I entered and exited the station in the summer to check my ID. At that time, my piercings had already grown. In theory, there is an ear stud that can reduce the probability of being stopped? Once late at night, the verbal communication with the community guard escalated to come out to speak. After taking off his jacket and going out, the guard stood in the door with his hands on the door frame and could not go out. With arms in hand, just stare at the other person while staying or find someone else to go. As long as you are not alone in the subway, the other party will usually ask someone to give up their seat. If you are the only person in the subway. It may be the criminal police chasing and fleeing, report your ID card.

7 months ago

I think the Shanghai Municipal Government should amend the subway regulations to stipulate that the elderly in Shanghai subway should give up their seats to the young. The elderly enjoy a lifetime urban hukou bonus, and they are assigned jobs when they are young. They are urban hukou holders and only need to raise a child for their dual-employee income. Old people enjoy economic development dividends and demographic dividends, retire early, and have a huge retirement pension that far exceeds their contributions in the past year. Many even use the units of the year to divide houses to collect rents from young people who are struggling in Shanghai. And where does the happy life of the old people in Shanghai come from? It is the contribution of young people who work and struggle in Shanghai 12 hours a day who cannot get married and cannot afford to have children. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are the food and clothing parents of Shanghai elderly people. Now that everyone is equal, we don’t ask the old people in Shanghai to kneel and kowtow. However, it is still necessary for the old people in Shanghai to give up their seats to the young people in Shanghai.

7 months ago

This question has always been clear. Only the uppermost one in each row of the subway is dedicated to the elderly, the weak, the sick, and pregnant. The rest is not. Only by sitting in a dedicated seat, giving up your seat is your obligation. The number of dedicated seats is about one-fifth to one-sixth of the total seats. In other words, even if the whole vehicle comes up, the old and the weak are pregnant. In fact, only one-fifth to one-sixth of the positions can be reserved for them. On the other hand, even if there are many pregnant women in the whole car, the special seat for the elderly, the weak and the disabled still has to be reserved for those in need.

7 months ago

Just want to say, it’s not that the old people are getting bad, but the bad guys are getting old! There are more and more similar things. Is it moral decay? Or is it a distortion of human nature? First, the square dancer took up the basketball court and fought against a group of young people, and then an old man slapped the children because of the problem of giving up their seats… There is no law in this era. Young people must give up their seats to the elderly, and they will be sentenced if they do not give up their seats. Since everything is based on morality, for those who have no morality, naturally they are not within the reference circle of morality. Since you are not in the circle of Virtue and Dao, you have spent money and I have spent money. Everyone is not relatives, why should they give up their seats to you? Let you be because of virtue, and you should not lose virtue if you don’t let you!

7 months ago

I live in the old city. I used to give up my seat to the elderly every time I took the bus. However, my daughter-in-law was holding the baby but no one gave her a seat, whether it was forty or fifty or fifty or sixty. I always thought that when I took the bus with my baby and no one gave me a seat, it was because I had good stamina and felt nothing, so I wouldn’t fall. I never expected them to do the same to my daughter-in-law. I have given up my seat to others for more than ten years. Basically, those who need help must give up their seat, but I can’t get someone to give up my seat to my daughter-in-law who is holding the child.

7 months ago

If a person voluntarily gives up his seat, then he has virtue. If a person gives up his seat passively, if he refuses to give up his seat, then he has a seat. If a person gives up his seat passively, he has neither virtue nor his seat. You say how you choose. What kind of people love to kidnap others morally? It’s the kind of people whose lives are unsatisfactory. Their bodies are full of “death instinct”, that is, a desire to attack. To behave inwardly is to attack oneself, and all mistakes are my own. Such people are often very gentle and will never blacken others and cause trouble. On the other hand, outward performance is to attack others, demand high standards, be hostile, and swear if they don’t agree with each other. This kind of total love requires others to be the typical latter. They always feel that “the whole world owes Lao Tzu.” They always feel that “everything in this world is wrong, and they need to be criticized.” When he returns home, he will criticize his wife who just finished dancing for poor housework. , The meal is not fragrant, and she is not a good wife at all. Criticize the child for not living according to his ideas and not being filial at all. Criticize rich friends for not taking care of themselves. You are so rich and I am so miserable. Why don’t you help me? There is no loyalty at all. Living with such a person, you either fight with him every day, or you become his slave. He will use a variety of “high standards” to control you, turn you into an attacker, and then enslave you. If things go on like this, even if you are a god, you will feel terribly bad, a shortcoming. So, be careful when making friends. Be cautious when looking for someone. You must be careful when giving up your seat. If you are going to die suddenly, don’t give up your seat. Nietzsche said that the sick and the weak are more likely to be compassionate and more human. In other words, those who are good at attacking inward tend to be more kind and virtuous. They always think that the world’s fault is my fault. They always want to sacrifice themselves to perfect others. Such people are most likely to be kidnapped by morals, pua, and unlimited exploitation in the name of “kindness” and “virtue”. It is an absolute tragedy for such an inwardly attacking person to encounter the kind of outwardly attacking person. “Kindness”, “self-attack” and “possessing virtues” are the absolute “vulnerable groups” in this society. Their kindness and virtue will not be exchanged for praise, but only for natural exploitation. So, if you are the kind of person who asks you to give up your seat, you give up your seat. Then please remember that you should learn to protect yourself more than “virtue”. So, you need to be cautious and stay away from garbage people.

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