Run, it’s terrible! In 2021, Tesla’s productivity is conservative to 1 million units, and sales are expected to be 50 billion U.S. dollars. If this liquidity enters the currency market, it will easily blow Bitcoin to 200,000 U.S. dollars. But how could it happen? I ask you, if you use Bitcoin to buy Tesla with a 20% discount, will you exchange for some Bitcoin? The Bitcoin market giant whales and the Tunbi Party occupy at least 60% of the country, coupled with slow transactions, in fact, liquidity is very small, which means that a small amount of money can blow a huge bubble. At present, the biggest dilemma of Bitcoin is that there is no intrinsic value anchoring and application scenarios. Musk was born at this time. One currency, one car and the export number. Plus, buying a car is not buying a pizza or being a member of the yellow net. That is true. Really large-scale applications, coupled with the name of Iron Man, properly increase the annual transaction volume by several hundred million, and the price will rise. Then you must ask, the value of Bitcoin is so unstable, isn’t Musk risking his life to play with concepts? I have to tell you that there is now a decentralized financial market in the currency circle. Bitcoin can be packaged into various financial derivative assets to hedge the value of assets, and it can also be tied to gold, US dollars, and even real estate. Even traditional finance also has various insurances to wish him safety. But how many retail investors who play Bitcoin understand this? When the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, Mr. Ma quietly threw away the Bitcoin he had previously hidden behind him, hiding his fame and fame, and even tax evasion. Then, Wall Street was gone, and so did the big smart people. There was only a pile of leeks that could be used for life, and the dimensionality was reduced in an instant, and the corpses were everywhere. In the future, 500,000 bitcoins will have a market value of ten trillion U.S. dollars, and half of the US GDP will be the life of the people all over the world. So I want to ask you: Why did Musk, a good boy who has been in front of the US government, suddenly tweeted about dollar inflation? Why is the US boss not issuing digital currency? How to consume the US dollars that has been overrun by the epidemic, and what new tricks does the US government have to harvest the world? So in the face of the approaching harvester, are you really willing to covet the small profit in front of you? Damn it, even the root.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Not many people are talking about it.

There are too many companies in the United States that accept btc payment, Microsoft, Dell…but they accept btc payment in the form of payment: After using btc, the payment will be automatically converted into US dollars through a third-party institution and entered into the account.

After Tesla accepted the payment this time, it did not convert to US dollars, but continued to leave btc.

This is the biggest difference and a landmark event.

8 months ago

I have said long ago that the Bitcoin market can be manipulated. It is very likely that it is a game. Some people will think that my conspiracy theory does not matter. From the avenue to the Jane, it is normal for everyone to have everyone’s opinion. You are a transparent person in the eyes of the other party, and you have entered a trap that has been designed for a long time. In this market, how do you play against them? Don’t refute me with many theories. The theories you use may be flesh and blood, clear charts, and informative data, but it is possible that someone else controls the media and deliberately releases the news to lure you into being fooled. It is best to use a variety of theories and words to make your head muddle up so that you feel that you are the smartest person in the world and that others are stupid, so that you are more likely to be cut leek. Tesla’s official website announced that supporting Bitcoin for payment is only one aspect of Bitcoin market manipulation. The release of the positive news of Bitcoin can raise the price of Bitcoin. When they need to suppress the price of Bitcoin, they can ask the Secretary of the Treasury and American regulators to criticize Bitcoin, or hire a few hackers to steal the Bitcoin in the exchange. Then by the way, go short first, and then buy a lot. Not only can they cut your leeks on the field, but they can also cut you off the field.

8 months ago

Tesla previously bought 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in Bitcoin, and now supports payment in Bitcoin. These two hands are operated together. It can be seen that Elon Musk is trying to increase the price of Bitcoin. As for why Elon Musk wants to raise the price of Bitcoin? Is it because he wants to speculate? Is it because he wants to bring Bitcoin to Mars? Is he trying to cut leeks? Is he begging to rely on any kind of legal tender? Or is it simply to raise Bitcoin? There are too many possibilities, I don’t know which one it is. Don’t know, it means uncertainty, and the decision of this uncertainty is not in you, but in the giant, in other words, you are the meat on the chopping board, don’t know whether the hand holding the knife should chop it off. So, I flashed early. I taught how to buy bitcoin before, but now I have tossed them all out myself and don’t touch them anymore.

8 months ago

Regarding Musk, I would like to say a little bit of my own point of view: I agree with the half-Buddha teacher’s point of view on his evaluation. This guy is a complete liar, but at least a liar with a little affection. Some of Musk’s recent operations also let me see Bourgeois’s consistent characteristics, that is, the character of “selling hemp rope” and the obsession of “my Rolex”. What I’m talking about is Musk’s investment in Bitcoin. He is a representative. The last time this happened was the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. Subprime mortgages were originally designed by investment banks as a tool for large households. Seeing that the large households in the market were full of food, they couldn’t help themselves. As a result, everyone saw it. Arrived. This is also the case with Bitcoin now. At first, the capital industry was quite sober and contemptuous of Bitcoin. Now it has risen too much, and many big bourgeois have entered the market overtly and secretly. Further development will inevitably be a chicken feather. Therefore, leeks, please see the situation clearly. If the big institutions and big capital enter the market and let the leeks see it, it will be a little too late to run away. As for those who want to make a time difference with the big institutions and big capital, they will probably do it. Be stuck.

8 months ago

Pour cold water on the coin lovers to calm down. Musk was caught by Amway Bitcoin in the bull market in 17 years. At that time, the idea that Musk was Satoshi Nakamoto was rampant. As early as the beginning of the bull market in 19 years, he asked about what is special about Ethereum on Twitter, and he was popularized by Defi. A man in science and engineering, understands finance, the world’s richest man, loves adventure, and loves freedom. He is the standard target user of the currency circle. But even so, as the CEO of the company, he has super executive power, and it took him 4 years to allow his company to accept bitcoin as a part of the asset list. In this long-distance race, how many people do you think other mainstream organizations will run ahead of him? The bull market does not happen overnight. Give each other more time. 🙂

8 months ago

I know a lot about Bitcoin and Tesla, and I have no right to speak up. But I am sure that both Tesla and Bitcoin will have a hard time in China. I said before that because of the excessive bundling of Bitcoin and Tesla, both of them will have a hard time in China. This is a political issue, not an economic issue. My reason is very simple. 1. Tesla was interviewed last month. One of the departments is called the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office. The function of this department is national network security, not road traffic and consumer rights protection. Why should a car company be interviewed by the Central Cyberspace Administration of China? Everyone should think about why. 2. Some places in China, such as important functional departments, such as certain courtyards, such as certain areas, have now banned Tesla from entering. Excuse me to check for yourself, what this means. 3. Regardless of whether Musk’s goal of promoting Bitcoin monetization is to make money, or to promote the development of human society to the “future he envisioned”. However, it is impossible for Tesla to use Bitcoin for settlement in China. First of all, we have RMB as our legal currency, let alone Bitcoin. U.S. dollars and euros cannot circulate freely in the country; this is about sovereignty issues. Secondly, our digital renminbi is advancing, and our zf cannot accept that there is another digital currency in circulation in the country. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what Tesla’s prospects are, and what Bitcoin’s prospects are. Maybe soaring, maybe diving is nothing to do with me. I also want to believe that Musk’s move is really to go to Mars and to get closer to the future. But I am very sure that this matter is definitely not a purely economic problem in this place. I hope everyone can look at this issue more from a political perspective. If you want to buy, I hope you make money. Do not buy, I hope you can also make money through labor and reasonable financial management.

8 months ago

I said that Bitcoin would go up to 50,000. At that time, someone asked me why I didn’t buy it if I knew it would go up. Later, it seems that a month later, Musk entered Bitcoin, and Bitcoin went up to 50,000. At that time, under this answer, I added that I was optimistic about Tesla’s support for Bitcoin payments to drive up the price of the currency. I seldom predict the direction of major events, because I always can’t figure out the complicated context. But the story told by Bitcoin is so simple that it is difficult to guess wrong. How do you think Tesla supports Bitcoin payments? The future of Bitcoin is naturally bright, just like casinos are always brightly lit. Tesla’s future is also bright, just like the gambler will never lose. It’s just that I won’t touch these two things again. I hope I can be lucky to live simple and quiet all the time, stay away from these craziness, have the luck not to be a slave of money, and have the luck to choose what kind of money I earn. But I know that it is impossible for everyone to have this luck, so I also wish those who are really short of money can survive this madness.

8 months ago

The official announcement is that Bitcoin = Tesla. Let’s see Bitcoin for another wave. Not surprisingly, more and more bigwigs may announce that they can use Bitcoin to buy their homes. To be honest, people’s abilities are limited. The good luck of this kind of wealth on Mars should be left to Musk. All we can do is envy, at most, buy some stocks, buy some funds or something. That is to say, at this point, if you are not short of money, don’t chase high, and if you are short of money, go to deliver food. If you don’t have a good mentality, you are jealous when you see that you are making money than others, and there is a high probability that problems will occur. After all, investment is the icing on the cake, not carbon in snow. It is also good to learn more knowledge, read more books, and read articles in the rest of the time.

8 months ago

Musk said that the bitcoins paid to Tesla will be retained and will not be converted into legal tender. This sentence is enough to prove that this is not a marketing event, not a hot spot, a gimmick, or a stock price. This is a plan to hold bitcoin for a long time, plus Tesla’s previous purchase of $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Musk may really regard Bitcoin as the currency of the future, and he wants to take it to Mars. If this is the case, then people who hold Bitcoin should be careful. If Bitcoin really has a future, then before the public reacts, those smart people will take your Bitcoin in various ways. You only have Bitcoin, and they have everything you want. Don’t sell your bitcoins easily. In the future, people will never make a single bitcoin if they work hard for a lifetime.

8 months ago

Curious how to collect tax? Is it the price of Bitcoin for one day? Or is it based on the Bitcoin price on the day of tax payment? Is the price calculated at the time of payment? Or should it be calculated at the price when the receipt is issued? There is also the issue of lawsuit compensation for refunds due to quality problems. Is the price of the currency at the time of the lawsuit calculated? Or is it calculated at the currency price at the time of purchase? Quality issues. Can the consumer’s loss be counted as a loss if the currency price has risen during this period of time? The currency price has fallen during this period. Can Tesla’s loss be considered a loss?

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