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I started chasing this episode last night and saw the eleventh episode. I feel that the more the follow-up plot, the more wrong it is. The delicate psychology of the characters is very good, including some daily contradictions that people will have. I think some contradictions that are already “old and dead” are due to the high EQ and IQ of the four protagonists in the animation. , And the completely different perspective of looking at things resolved. Moreover, even those who are not talkative in the setting, as long as they speak, they will be directed at people’s hearts. Pointing directly at people’s hearts and speaking are annoying, but they are completely different. Don’t learn it, kids. But put the story together and the problem is obvious. I think if a story is not written so well, one of the most important reasons is that no matter what happens, it must give the audience a result or answer. If this story starts from the initial project, the circle is made smaller, and the main topic is campus bullying. Each episode has a different girl’s death and story. Each episode has a fragment of the story of a girlfriend, which is finally integrated into a twelve-episode story. In various experiences, the heroine has grown up and began to return to campus. In the end, no matter if you save your girlfriend, it is undoubtedly a good story. The ending can be fixed on other girls who are being bullied on campus, stopped by the heroine, or have a mouthful. As for how this fantasy space is formed, it is entirely possible to explain it or not. Just like when everyone reads about Snow White, few people will dig out what material the “magic mirror” is made of. The story of Odd Egg Story is of course more exciting than the monotonous arrangement I said. The personality of the four heroines also has its own youth problems. I improperly summarized it as “the bullied person sees his partner being bullied and is unable to save his life and shuts himself up”, “the younger sister is jealous and overbearing, the president seriously hurts her sister and her sister is ruthless to talk about it”, and “the outdated idol taunts the die-hard fat fans and causes them to lose weight and die.” “Recovering” “A handsome girl is often treated as a boy. The only girlfriend who has repeatedly confessed to love me also committed suicide after being rejected”, “Autism”, “Jealousy”, “Self-absent”, “Other cognitive impairments, and gradual self-cognition obstacles”. It’s too hard to think of a particularly powerful persona. But it happens to be a small circle conspiracy, I think, just look at the psychological growth of these four girls, and tell enough stories. In the end, some people gave up resurrecting their best friends, and some persisted. In the end, they both embarked on their own growth paths, which is very good. If the eleventh episode is singled out, the performance and the story are nothing to say. But from the overall point of view, the topic of the story has increased, and the thickness has decreased. It feels a little more than worth the loss (of course I think the tenth episode started to collapse a bit). Finally, let me talk about whether artificial intelligence is a human problem. This question is too old to talk about. If people can ignore their appearance and care about the people around them. Then consider whether the virtual person in the anime is miserable or miserable. Said that the artificial intelligence was innocent and involved the original family, feminist comrades. I just want to say that this artificial intelligence killed people. According to her moral standards, in order to gain love, you can kill. View the tolerance of others directly as “jealousy.” In the story, the man who failed to compete for his wife is indeed jealous, but he hides it in his heart. I think that if you take any packaged things, just remove the outer packaging, and it will show up. That won’t have any good results. It’s like you won a great technology award in the company. If everyone shows jealousy (of course, you can say that 30% of people are high-spirited and jealous at all), then it is estimated that the lightest result is that you can’t get stuck in this company. The dark side of the human heart is terrible, and the good thing is that we can hide it most of the time. From this point of view, this artificial intelligence is indeed not human. Of course, the above analysis has a major premise. Tell the story to the big beloved and tell the truth. But look at the final conversation between him and Firefly, these words should be mixed. In order to deceive the hostess, which part of the facts did he modify and hide? The last sentence is that the story is too big, there are too many topics to discuss, and the number of episodes is too few. Easily lead to insufficient depth. It’s a pity.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The following is my personal impression. The eleventh episode is a very strange node. The quality of the single episode is extremely excellent, and the performance level is terrible (St. Kaohsiung). The dawn on the circle can be seen on the main line. However, in terms of the overall film, the content of the first half and the second half is somewhat fragmented. Although it is to hide the true purpose of making eggs, the shift of the narrative focus appears abrupt and unnatural. The unit drama of the first six episodes is different from In terms of the plot, it is not very good, and there are too many problems involved and they are too simple (many people pointed out that in the middle of the story, the plot of fighting monsters in the egg is completely dragging the plot). In addition, the self-confidence in the table and the inside feels that making eggs can help girls with suicidal tendencies to solve their happy knots. Don’t say there is a risk of death in the eggs. I will shut both of them (laughs) The story so far is a wonderful good The story (Nojima’s ability to control the rhythm and density of the plot is indeed high), but it would be better if the theme can be focused (such as the discussion of the family relationship between the table, the account and Flier, and the personal story of the big family love), At least for now, the story of Rixia and Taohui is very disconnected from the main line. The AI ​​line (let’s consider it to be the real main line) shouldn’t be a problem for a smooth ending. I am more concerned about the relationship between Ai and the teacher and the cause of Ito’s death. Can I finally explain it? In the end, I can handle the parallel relationship between the two lines. I am very satisfied with Qidan. Thank the production staff for presenting such a high level of audio and video performance animation. (After finishing writing, I found that Qidan and Yidu are still a little bit like in the plot structure after reading the circle and answering that I also forgot the president (), then the task of the last episode may be a bit heavy, fast forward to Ning Ru Fulil says one body, big households love Koito one body (funny)

8 months ago

The account says, “Your pain is only signal feedback.” Please, whose pain is not signal feedback to the brain. These two people are nothing more than boring. They created Flier to be treated like a toy, and after Azusa appeared, they began to throw Flier aside because of their busyness. A fourteen-year-old girl, an important moment in personality shaping. From the time she was born, Flier had only two people in the world. There were no friends, no other relatives in her world, and she couldn’t even tell her troubles. Lil exists like a pet at home, and the new members of the family have not discussed with her at all, whether it’s Azusa or a new brother or sister. She has no voice at all in this family, and no one cares about her feelings. It’s not wrong that she didn’t regard her as an AI. They knew Flier was an AI from the beginning. When she was angry, the background said, “It’s okay to say something choking occasionally, and it’s okay to be self-willed. Disadvantages are also crucial. It is also unsatisfactory, the more feminine it can be.” The table and the inside account just think. Her thoughts of expressing self-needs and self-thinking are all well-designed. “AI’s anger is nothing more than a design. How can she have any real self-thoughts?” This is the real thoughts. Her existence is to resolve the loneliness and mental pressure under close supervision at the beginning. She is just a pet. Flier’s lack of care and psychological counseling eventually led to a tragedy. Isn’t the root cause of the self-righteous self-righteousness? After the incident, the table and the inside will only repeat “Flier is AI”, as if all this is caused by Flier is AI. It’s just shirking responsibility, as long as the responsibility is shifted to Flier’s body, he can alleviate his sense of guilt. Alleviate the guilt of “I didn’t educate Flier,” “I didn’t balance the relationship at home,” or even “It’s actually me who is the culprit.” They are not mistaken for not treating Flier as an AI, but mistakenly treating her as an AI.

8 months ago

First of all, I watched this episode myself and I was very happy. The first episode is full of content (Bushi), but the look and feel is good, like watching an episode of Ito Jun 2’s short story. and then? Again, it’s the AI rebellion. I beg you scientists to shut it down with one click. Is it difficult? So this AI is what those two scientists are studying? The most crucial principle about the dream world is not mentioned at all. Things that can be easily explained by magic must involve science. Anyway, it seems that the girls were fighting in the end, okay! (Bushi) So what happened between the teacher, the girlfriend and the hostess? I want to see this, I don’t want to be bombed by AI. This Bobo AI is afraid that it was not contaminated by Tanqi to the machine soul, it is too underworld, and the emperor is on it! “I’m already furious!” Wei AI Wei Xiao Shrimp Dumpling did not appear, miss her, by the way, I feel that shrimp dumplings are essential for lunch.

8 months ago

Fortunately, because he didn’t know Nojima, he gave up the investigation of odd eggs. . . First of all, the performance of the 11 episodes is very good from the perspective. Although the amount of information is very large, almost the content of the 3-6 episodes is directly packed, but because of the excellent performance and the storytelling, it does not feel so obtrusive. The character A who never appeared on the stage was behind the scenes, killing the other two characters B and C who did not appear on the stage. . . If you don’t watch this episode, just listening to spoilers will probably kill the screenwriter, but in fact, because the story is well told, it is not too disgusting. But when the story is about to end, I glanced at the progress bar, it has been 15 minutes. However, this cannot hide the fact that the script is cheating. Suddenly SF unfolded, and suddenly the reason and reason for the battle were so ridiculous, the meaning of the battle was gone. However, there is still room for reversal in the last episode, because the temptation of death seems to be hidden, and the role of the president is likely to be directly linked to the final BOSS. In my impression, the last linking AI, eyes, and SF is Dayue’s dream file, but the script was written by Dayue, this script. . . See if the ending is reversed, so I reserve my opinion.

8 months ago

The 11th episode of Despicable Adults has finally completed some of the background of the story, allowing the protagonist and the audience to understand the cause and part of the truth. It does not rule out that the finale has a reversal. How I feel awkward, from my understanding: Two boring men poured their fantasies on a 14-year-old girl’s ai and portrayed her as an adolescent girl. There was a lip wave repeatedly in the middle. This is just trying to wipe the side ball. After all, Zone 11 is understandable. The copper is tempered. They used her as a plaything more often and failed to understand the feelings she had developed correctly, so they failed to realize that she was jealous, which led to the death of his wife. Then, he beat her and discarded her. Some people may think that she is not a real human or just a machine. Then we replace the human-shaped AI with things we can see everyday? For example, a car equipped with AI? An analogy is that two men invented a car with ultra-high intelligence, but its design was flawed. One day it deliberately killed someone… Did you see the problem? Yes, she is a machine, what is the normal solution? Either find a way to fix the problem and make it harmless, or destroy it directly and throw it away? Or throw it in a bunch of computers? In the end, something went wrong. I didn’t know the principle, and my daughter was killed. They designed the odd egg system to solve the problem. Seems to clean up the mess, right? Do not. They deceived the ignorant girl to work for themselves. Girls want to save their friends with courage, but despicable adults keep them in the dark and use jelly beans to tempt them to participate in horrible experiments. The damage in the dream will be fed back to reality, which is quite dangerous, they just tell, and then use the pie of resurrecting friends to seduce the girl. The girls were injured and hospitalized. They were sitting in the garden drinking tea? If everything is crowned with romance and fantasy to weaken the dark and cruel content, and can accept it, I can still relive the restlessness and troubles of adolescence. If all the illusions are to be torn apart, revealing the despicable adults behind them, provoke them.

8 months ago

My previous prediction God made the only designation…Well, it seems that it did not achieve the original expected result. The second prediction upper limit is close to the first line of “Rascalyptus Will Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai”. This time it seems… it does not reach the level of Pighead. It should not be said that it cannot be reached, but a similar standard cannot be used. To evaluate this work. We usually use a genre to initially analyze a work and determine how to use it for evaluation. From the eleventh episode of this play, it is clear that this work is misplaced from the previous positioning evaluation. If you say something similar, this drama should not be a youth cure of atmospheric violence hidden under fantasy, but an exploration of an emotion under a fantasy appearance. If the previous look and feel is a bit like “Pighead Boy” From this episode, it feels like the Japanese drama “ON abnormal crime investigator Hinako Fujido”. The current look and feel is a bit like “A smart phone is implanted in the brain”. Suddenly the last episode started to jump up. The front stuff was swept away. The only difference is that we can see the back. The deep problems revealed are the basis for constructing the previous content. Although this similar comparison is not very good for a work, but with the current momentum, it is not impossible to drag everything back to the original trajectory, and even I see the dawn of returning to the original design in the setting. And excited about it, but… Black and deep disabled? No, it’s okay. Even the possibility of ICU four-player online is gone. I actually like this development. Even the creation of strange eggs is for the temptation of death, which is wonderful. But the sunflower should not be hurt.

8 months ago

Regarding the single episode, this episode performed very well. Compared with the previous episodes, there are some battles that are dispensable. I think it is much better. but. On the whole, as an important episode to answer the origin of the setting, I don’t know what others think. Anyway, I don’t think it’s convincing enough. I couldn’t help it because he said that so many fantasy elements before were suddenly these two fantasy dolls in the account. They were made scientifically, and they were suddenly convinced. But this may be a problem brought about by men and women. Male readers care more about whether logic can be completely self-consistent. But, obviously, the whole story of Odd Egg is a narrative of feminine thinking, with various streams of consciousness, various metaphors, and atmosphere. Until the tenth episode, girls care more about gossip than the truth about the two people. , Reached the top, I think this kind of narrative is a major feature of Odd Egg Story.

8 months ago

It seems to reflect the relationship between AI and humans, intelligence and human nature, but the individual feels more like a shell of AI to discuss the necessity and key of family education and social education. After all, how AI is different from children at the beginning. Enclosing such AI in the “space” is an ideal experiment that excludes the influence of uncertain factors in schools and society, and is entirely composed of supervisors and supervised persons. In current family education, conflicts and disagreements between the guardian and the ward often belong to the ward (the disadvantaged), and the cause of the problem is also attributed to the school education and social education that the guardian does not involve, but ignores him as a guardian. The value of (also with Flier’s “problem”, the attitude of its regulators is the same, and blames the problem on it as “AI”). This has also led to the difficulty of every move to promote the development and progress of education. More open education means increased interference in family education and supervision. Regulators who are accustomed to being a “hands-off shopkeeper” naturally “worry for nothing”… instead of believing. For “good nature” or “evil nature”, it is better to say that children are all AI-like programs. What they will eventually grow depends on the “input” of their environment.. If there is a problem, multiple parties should take responsibility instead of excluding themselves. Outside, expand the problem, spread the panic, and then force the group to offend the individual, and “one size fits all” the unnecessarily problem… When you think you have a problem, you need to reflect on whether the problem lies with others (Doge)

8 months ago

From cyborgs to AI deaths are common operations, but the point that “the suicide of a girl is also caused by the’death temptation’ at the door” may be relatively new. Besides, almost all of them are filling holes (I did fill in some holes to explain the ins and outs) Someone said to compare with Xiaoyuan’s 10 episodes: Both are interspersed, and the main line of Xiaoyuan is highly compact. Even the reincarnation is the story of Humula (the protagonist); the odd egg is still When filling in holes for key characters outside the protagonist group, it explains the story background/setting rather than the motivation of the protagonist group. Perhaps this is the reason why many people complain about it? In short, when I watch this episode, I feel that it is really good as a single episode, but it is far from “shocked”; it feels a bit hanging when there is only one episode left.

8 months ago

Looking at the development trend afterwards, the worst thing is the development on the ai issue, then there is no doubt that the plot arrangement is out of tune, like Violet gives some points in production. Secondly, I no longer interpret the meaning of various elements, and have a trigger-like ending. As long as the show is online, it is enough to be a masterpiece, but that’s all. It would be a pity that some of the audience’s clashing behavior in the past would be a pity that the core circle of such a work is lower than its true level in the short term. Finally, it succeeded in rounding up the previous social and psychological problems, and even digging deeper. I think it is more likely to take ai as an idealized model of girl sensibility, extract and symbolize it, and the problem continues to return to the irrational temptation of suicide girls to die. The limitations of the main body of the girl cause the problem to be solved not by rational judgments that increase with growth, but by the influence of love on the social and personal levels. This is basically a complete story.

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