In fact, to be honest, the gold content of the current dietitian certificate is not very high. The main reason is that you are also in the second question. In 16 years, the public dietitian was cancelled. The current dietitian certificate is issued by various dietitian societies. Let me talk about the first question first. Before 2016, the dietitian certificate refers to a public dietitian, but you also said that the public dietitian was cancelled in 2016, so the current dietitian certificate is a general term, and no one can say which dietitian certificate will replace it. Got a public nutritionist certificate. The current dietitian certificates are issued by domestic societies as well as international dietitians, which are more recognized in the market. second question. What you said is a level of senior nutritionist and public nutritionist, it is still recognized, but it can’t be tested. Since the cancellation of the public dietitian, there has been no state-issued dietitian certificate. The organization may say that it is a registered dietitian. In order to deceive students, it is a means to make everyone think that a registered dietitian is a national certificate. The registered dietitian certificate is issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society, and the Chinese Nutritionist Society is not a national department. It can only be said that the registered dietitian is a representative of the domestic dietitians. There are many dietitians that can take the exam. Those with high thresholds like registered dietitians are not suitable for people with non-nutrition-related majors to take the exam. Judging from the application requirements, it is difficult for us to apply. The nutritionist certificate is not a certificate issued by the state, so the gold content of the certificate itself is not high, and the dietitian industry does not have high requirements for the nutritionist certificate. Generally, it requires a relatively high degree of nutrition in the society. The teacher certificate is fine, there is no need to say what kind of dietitian certificate must be, it is still very useful for people who want to enter the dietitian industry. Although the requirements for a dietitian certificate are not high, it does not mean that the industry has no future. The certificate is only an aid for you to enter the dietitian industry. What you really need is the professional ability of your dietitian. After all, it is a society that depends on your strength. How beautiful the certificate is, and the work ability is not good, you are also unqualified. The third question. I’m not sure about the price of applying for a dietitian. It depends on which dietitian and institution you are applying for. When I apply for a dietitian, there are many price points, so you have to consult yourself.


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6 months ago

The gold content of a certificate is generally determined by the prospects of the industry, the authority of the certification body, and the difficulty of the exam. At present, the most valuable nutritionist certificate is the registered nutritionist RD and the registered nutrition technician DTR certified by the Chinese Nutrition Society (the most authoritative social organization in the nutrition industry). The nutrition industry now has national policy support (Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline, Advanced National Nutrition Plan) and market demand (aging society, the gradual increase of people with chronic diseases, the increase of national awareness, etc.), so it is promising!

6 months ago

First of all, as a staff member who has worked as a health manager and dietitian, the certificate is not urgent, and whether it is a dietitian or a health manager, it is actually very useful to you, but it is a dietitian. There is currently no state issued. The country recognizes some health managers, but he does not mean that they are very useful after the exam. many places. Some companies and companies are not interested in certificates. What they value is your technology and your knowledge content. Don’t go to the test, first go to the Internet to download some videos, or buy some books for your own research and take a look. . Learn more by yourself. Then consider the others. If you are still a student, don’t take the test, just learn knowledge. Related work after graduation. Let’s see if you need this certificate. In many places they don’t need your certificate, they only need you to know that you have this knowledge content. Can the host understand what I mean? Don’t spend money to take any certificates, especially if you are a related major. In fact, in many places, they can register independently without going through an institution. If you pass an institution, you will have to spend at least more than 3,000. But if you are not too troublesome, signing up for a few hundred yuan may be done. The only difference is that your registration agency will have a teacher to give you training, and if you sign up on your own, you can go online to find a video lesson to learn. This is the difference. But should the certificate be taken, or is it based on your actual situation? Don’t just go casually. Get this, (I used to be an institution. I understand what the institution will say to you. He will exaggerate this certificate as better than the sky. But in fact, you ask some of them, they don’t have this certificate themselves.)

6 months ago

Recently, many friends who consulted me about the certificate of nutritionist, I also specially took a few days to learn about it systematically and summarize, all the nutritionist certificates, which one is better? Does nutritionist have high gold content? Which has high gold content? I explained it clearly to everyone today! Don’t ask me which one is better. The dry goods are here, please do the small bench~ Let me talk about the first one: the gold content of registered dietitians (full star five stars) Registration conditions: related majors or work in related industries for more than five years. All dietitian certificates are currently gold content The highest is issued by the Chinese Nutritionist Association. Why is this high gold content? First, it is because the application condition card is relatively strict, and the pass rate is very low, and the material is faintly expensive. As far as I know, the number of holders of this certificate in the country is very small. Although the gold content is high, most non-professional dietitians can’t take this test. After all, they need to be professional or have five years of relevant experience. Sign up. By the way, this certificate must be re-evaluated every five years. The second is as follows: The qualifications for applying for the gold content of a public nutritionist: college-related majors or non-professionals, technical secondary-school-related majors. Depending on the individual’s academic qualifications, some academic qualifications have certain requirements for working time (please ask me if you can report, and you will return when you see the news~) This certificate is currently taking the domestic public route, although the gold content does not have a registered dietitian So high, but it is more suitable for non-professional friends to learn to apply for the exam. Of course, related majors can also apply for this. The gold content is still quite good (this is what I took the test). If you feel that you are a high school student and have a particularly strong learning ability in related majors, you can also consider taking the registered dietitian. Note that there is a branch here. Public dietitians are now mainly divided into Organizing examinations and issuing certificates for the two camps. Since the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security cancelled the qualification certificate of nutritionist in 16 years, the personnel personnel of the subordinate units of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security are responsible for organizing examinations and issuing certificates. They are also government departments. ②This is the public nutritionist professional skills examination to be launched this year (2021). This is the social training evaluation organization authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to organize the examination and issue certificates. I asked my friends about this examination. It will not be until the second half of the year. It will be organized and launched (about after September). Both of these are very good and suitable for most people. They are all certificates led by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. I think the first half of the exam can test personnel talents. If you want to take the exam in the second half of the year, you can test vocational skills. Both of these are universal and valid for life. There is no need to entangle the two which is better. Each has its own advantages. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. I think. Maybe because I was the first one in the exam, I felt that the first one was pretty good. . . The third: the gold content of the public nutritionist of the Education and Training Center of the Chinese Nutrition Society. Seeing this, some people may be confused. Isn’t the registered dietitian done by the nutritionist society? Why did you come out again? In fact, I was also confused at the beginning. After several days of research, I figured it out (don’t thank me). Note that although this certificate is related to the Chinese Society of Nutrition, but the certificate is indeed issued by the Education and Training Center of the Chinese Society of Nutrition, not the Chinese Society of Nutrition in the strict sense. In fact, it belongs to the nature of selling dog meat, which is confusing. (Automatic identification of QR code) The picture I found for you is marked in red. You can zoom in to see the fourth one: ACI and ISF International Nutritionist Gold Content ★ Not much to say, it has been counterfeited by the focus interview in 19 , The certificate is basically useless, and you can learn a little knowledge (not to say that you can’t learn a little knowledge, so I gave it a star). If you see this kind of certificate, just take a detour, don’t look back. There is no need to spend wrong money to test a certificate that is not recognized by the country. Although the name sounds very tall, or something international, you actually know it. . . Those who want to change careers and want to work in this industry, or about how to apply for the exam, can communicate with me. I am usually busy, and I will reply when I see it. Please check if it’s me~

6 months ago

There are still a lot of nutritionist certificates on the market. There are more than 10 kinds that I have learned. Among them, the most popular are registered nutritionist, registered nutrition technician, public nutritionist, ACI international registered nutritionist, ISF international registered nutrition Teachers, clinical dietitians, let me introduce the certificates that I personally think are relatively high in gold to prevent everyone from stepping on thunder. Registered dietitians/registered dietitians are issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society. The qualifications for registered dietitians are that they must have a bachelor’s degree and must If you want a related major, or have more than 5 years of related work experience, you must also complete the course of the teaching base and complete the credits, and have been engaged in nutrition and related work for a full year before you can apply for the exam. A registered dietitian must be in a related major to apply for the exam. For non-related majors, there is no need to consider the registered dietitian/registered dietitian. There are five test centers nationwide (Beijing, Shanghai, Changchun, Chengdu, Guangzhou) each year. The test site has a limit of 400 people. The certificates obtained can be checked on the official website of the Chinese Nutrition Society. Those who meet the application requirements and are interested in this aspect can still take one test. Those who do not meet the application requirements do not need to consider it. ACI registered dietitian: There is no restriction on academic qualifications. Anyone can apply for the exam. The M country’s association certificate. The previous news broke that it was false. The filing information in my country is not true. Enter the association number on the foreign professional qualification certificate management platform. It is also impossible to find out. Generally speaking, the gold content is not high and the recognition is not high. ISF International Registered Nutritionist Training Certificate: There is no restriction on academic qualifications, anyone can apply for the exam. It is sponsored by the International Self-care Fund Association and is also a foreign certificate. It is not very recognized in China and there is no need to take the exam if you do not go abroad. , The gold content is not high, and the recognition is not high. Public Nutritionist Senior/Intermediate: issued by China National Personnel Training Network, a unit under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the official website of China Personnel Training Network of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China Dual network query. After the certificate is obtained, you can engage in nutrition work. The certificate is universal and valid for life. Currently non-related majors can still apply. If you are interested in this area and want to take a test in a non-related major, you can choose this one. The recognition is quite high. Last year, my colleague and I took the test of this public nutritionist certificate issued by the personnel of the unit under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. After passing the test once, the certificate has been obtained. Generally speaking, there is a lot of learning content, including the basics of nutrition and modern medicine. Basics, basics of population nutrition, basics of food hygiene, nutrition consultation and education, food nutrition evaluation, dietary nutrition guidance and disease prevention, measurement and evaluation of human nutritional status, community nutrition management and intervention, etc. The learning is very comprehensive. Among them, it has been stuck in the selection agency for a long time, mainly because each company has different opinions. Some say that the package can not be refunded in full, some say that they can be affiliated with a one-year affiliate fee of 4-5W, and some say that the official registration agency is authorized. There are about 2000 including everything. A sister did not resist the temptation and signed up. She applied for it last year. She didn’t get the exam until this year. (That family said that all 2480 are included, so she asked me again before the exam. My sister asked for a 1,000 registration fee. She didn’t pay the 1,000 registration fee. As a result, she would not be allowed to take the exam. Moreover, his course is valid for one year. Now my sister’s course is expired, and she hasn’t taken the exam yet. Refund, I have been arguing with that company every day, and I regret it now.) The public nutritionist test is also because I feel that I will develop in the future. Maybe I can develop in this aspect when I work in the future. I feel that multiple certificates are better than none. , And there will be a skill, after all, it is now relying on ability to feed. And no matter which certificate you take, the company mainly focuses on personal ability. These certificates only represent a basic threshold. Others see more of your work ability, so strength is the cost of your work. It is not to see whether a certificate has high or low gold content. Any certificate with strength can become the certificate with the highest gold content in your hands!

6 months ago

Generally speaking, it is the middle and senior dietitian certificate. Because the registered dietitian certificate has very strict conditions for applying for the exam, and the passing rate of the exam is relatively low, it is not suitable for ordinary people to take the exam. So now everyone is discussing and is taking the exam. , It should be an intermediate or advanced dietitian certificate, because there are more people preparing for the test, so it is more meaningful for preparing for the test. All certificates can be recognized by the country. As long as they are not false certificates, you should not ask whether the country recognizes the certificate. It should be a question of gold content. What does the gold content of a certificate have to do with it? One is the issuance of the certificate. Department, there is another is the scope of application of the certificate, the last one is the difficulty of obtaining the certificate. Generally speaking, the more authoritative the certificate issuing department, the wider the scope of application of the certificate, and the more difficult the examination. The gold content of the certificate should be higher, and vice versa. At present, the certificate issued by the National Personnel Training Network of China has a relatively high gold content. It’s worth taking a test, and I also took this certificate myself. In fact, I didn’t know where to take the test at the beginning, because each said it was good, but after inquiring with experienced people around me, I decided to take this test. Finally, I won the certificate, which also confirmed that my choice was not wrong. The recognition of this certificate in the industry is still quite good. Currently engaged in related work. Regarding the question about the cost of the newspaper agency asked by the subject, I remember that when I reported it, I should have reported more than 2,000. I forgot the specific amount of 2,000. So everyone just reported more than 2,000. It is very expensive. , I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s purely a waste of money. I don’t believe that it’s especially cheap. There is no such thing as cheap. After all, the price should be in line with the value. Only in this way can the product be genuine. Isn’t it true? ! A reminder, when you choose an institution, you must transfer the funds to the public account, and it is best to have acquaintances introduced, otherwise it is easy to be deceived. There are really too many pits now.

6 months ago

Now all the nutritionist qualification certificates have been cancelled. For specific circumstances, you can check whether there is still the word “nutritionist” in the professional qualification catalog of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The correct interpretation is this: certification can be divided into: national vocational qualification level certification, spontaneous certification of social organizations such as industries, enterprises, and institutions (but not using the names of countries, occupations, etc.). There are a total of 139 national vocational qualification certifications, some of which are access qualifications and some are not. But they are all: the only legal certificate for employment acceptance, promotion, etc., and the certification of industry and other social institutions is not recognized. To make an analogy: to borrow the familiar financial invoice and the chairman’s signature as a metaphor, the social certification certificate is like the chairman’s signature. It is recognized by the company, even by the same industry, and by the rival company, but not by the tax bureau. Yes, the office of industry and commerce does not recognize the manager of the public account, and the bank cannot recognize the manager of the public account. Even the small bank employee who signs in does not recognize the invoice (national qualification certificate) and does not recognize anyone’s signature (social Certification). Since dietitians are socially certified, the price varies greatly, there are thousands, there are dozens of hundreds, and there are internal certifications that do not require money, and most of them are. If you know it clearly before taking the exam, I just hope that you won’t spend a lot of money, time, and energy, but the result is not what you want. That’s not good.

6 months ago

It is not a certificate that has a high gold content, and what problems can you solve for the company with your knowledge and skills. The national unified examination certificate of nutritionist has been cancelled. Even if it is the national health management certificate certified by the National Health Commission, if you only take a certificate and do not have the corresponding knowledge and skill system to solve the problems in the work, the certificate contains no matter how high the gold content is. What’s the use? So what you have to consider clearly is what is the purpose of your examination of this certificate? If you want to learn some systematic knowledge, I think it’s okay, but if you want to register for a training class, you must understand their curriculum system. Whether you can learn real things is the most important thing.

6 months ago

Regarding the gold content, registered dietitian DR> registered dietitian DTR> public dietitian = health manager, of course, the gold content is inversely proportional to the difficulty of the exam. The easier it is to get the certificate, the lower the gold content. Generally, non-related professionals do not recommend taking the DR directly, because they basically can’t pass it… You can try the registered dietitian DTR. There is an up master at station B that is talking about the exam process, qualification requirements, test preparation methods, real test analysis, etc. of. Just search for “registered nutrition technician” at station b. You can check the schedule and feel the difficulty of the real problem before making plans. Generally, students with no professional background are recommended to take the registered nutrition technician first

6 months ago

The cancelled public nutritionists and psychological counselors have been merged into the health management division. For your nursing major, it is still necessary to take the health management division examination. There are public dietitians (cancelled), registered dietitians and clinical dietitians. It is recommended that you can take a registered dietitian and health manager, which will be very helpful to your career.

6 months ago

Public dietitian, clinical dietitian, international registered dietitian, registered dietitian… Which one do you ask? In addition, those who say that China does not have a dietitian certificate, please check that the one that China Health Talent Network has cancelled is a public nutritionist. There are also junior and intermediate dietitians in China Health Talent Network. China Health Talent Network is a nurse nurse junior and intermediate level. As well as the window for intermediate doctors to apply for the exam, as well as rehabilitation practitioners, pharmacists and so on, this is always a bit rich in gold! ! ? Of course, the most valuable is the registered dietitian organized by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2016, but if you want to apply for this dietitian, please check the application conditions!

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