Let me be more blunt. If I were the subject of the subject, I would try to find some tutorials to follow along, and see if I could understand it first, instead of staying in the fantasy stage forever. After all, there is nothing to lose if you go to learn. I think the idea is good, but the operation is very difficult. Those who really want to do it are probably already working hard. Wanting to become a programmer is actually not too difficult for those who are interested, especially those who are willing to specialize in research. But for friends who are not curious and lack the ability to find information on their own, the difficulty is not small. why? Programming is a process of constant trial and error. In other words, before we get a correct code snippet, we keep trying and making mistakes and correcting the direction little by little, and finally we have a code solution that can solve the problem. In this process, you need to learn basic grammatical rules and the ability to solve problems. In the end, you need a combination of the two to achieve a solution. If you are impatient or don’t know how to face the acquisition of information in the process of writing code, it is obvious that you are stuck. Especially for self-study people, the biggest difficulty in self-study is not that you don’t know the knowledge, but that you don’t know what information you are missing. Although it is said that Google is your best friend, more often than not, you can find the wrong keywords in search. The result is a problem that others find easy, but you have no way to start. If you can search for information, have good hands-on skills, and if someone dials in, it is entirely possible to learn to program. The second difficulty is actually, even if you have a certain degree of programming ability, it is still more difficult to find a job through self-study, especially if you don’t have a college degree. Now that you want to learn, there are too many people learning programming, and the company has no shortage of candidates. You only have to be strong enough. Can you do better than others?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Seeing that the subject talks about opportunities, there must be opportunities, but if it is yours, I don’t know. Many times, when we do something, we will consider whether it is worth doing. So we are worrying every day, every day three times and five sounds, what is the use of learning this, what is the use of learning that. Live in worry every day. If this is the case, it is better not to do it at the beginning, do a thing and decide to do it well, not what you will get after doing it well, but an attitude of doing things. Instead of worrying about whether you have a chance, it’s better to move, start doing it, and then solve it if you encounter any difficulties later. Rather than shouting opportunities, opportunities, and opportunities every day. It’s just like shouting opportunities every day you can find a job. I have seen too many college students, me, my fellow students, or my juniors. Every time I see others, this aspect is more prominent, and then I am eager to follow along in the first two days, but after a few days, I will always ask if it is feasible for me to do this. Sex? Do I have talent? How long will it take to get it fast? After three consecutive questions in my philosophy, I gave up. The reasons for giving up are 2: 1, blindly following, and excessive worrying. These are all normal examples. Therefore, I advise you transcoding or college students to choose the industry of programmers, and you must not blindly follow. If you are sure you want to engage in it, then start moving, it’s not just you shouting slogans. Don’t let it be believed that if python is not popular in the past two years, and how difficult it is to find a job, I am going to learn java. Then I heard other people say that I work overtime every day when I learn Java, and I should go to the front end and learn Vue. Nothing, you must have your own judgment when doing things, ok? Back to the subject of the question, it is about trying to learn programming by yourself. If your plan and method are correct, and you can have a heart to overcome difficulties, you will definitely have a chance. To code. As for which step you can take in the future, it depends on your own abilities. It’s not that you can live by going to a big company, so let us small farmers all go home to farm? Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful. I hope everyone did not die at the dawn of the day after tomorrow! Oh, don’t read it, it’s time to like it, and the little friends who like it will have an annual salary of one million in the future.

6 months ago

One person graduated from college, and the 36-year-old programmer was laid off. Now he is 41. In the past 5 years, he has been unemployed and re-employed. Stumbled all the way, until today, no one has asked him which university he graduated from. this is the truth. You said that he was laid off by the Internet company because of his backward C++98 standard. In the year of the layoff, the 17 standard had been set. It was exactly 20 years and the technology was completely outdated and unable to keep up with the times. So why couldn’t he teach himself the standards of 03,11,14,17? He didn’t say anything, because at that time, “five sons enrolled in the college” and couldn’t help himself. Nowadays, the blow of unemployment, the departure of friends, and the dislike of relatives have forced him to sell his property and return to the bitter cold land of the Northeast. Yes, it is a place where housing prices are comparable to Hegang. At that moment, everyone thought that he had been completely abolished. When he had forgotten him, he began to start a new journey of life. He kept asking himself, “Is my C++ standard going from 98, all the way through 11, 14 and until 17, you can get a job smoothly and develop in the C++ background. Become a first-line code farmer in the field?”, “Does programming in this era rely on technology to speak?” “One generation of versions, generations of gods!!! Whoever fits this version best will survive????” Every time he is dim about his future When it’s time, “talk is cheap. show me the code” will continue to sound in my mind. Yes, this is the core problem of computer programming. Everything is fake. Only the code running on the computer can silently change the Internet. . So he went crazy about buying books, watching free tutorials, and after reading them for free, he went to find cheap ones and paid them. Cheap ones couldn’t increase his knowledge reserve. He just wanted to buy expensive ones, just like that. The family property is slowly being emptied, and life is becoming more and more demanding. The mobile phone is still the model of the laid-off year. After 3 years of hard work, he finally raised the C++ standard to 17. But just when he felt he was done, the C++20 draft came out. He was angry and was about to delay his release again, so he hurriedly printed a draft and found a few online colleagues to study together, but in fact, everything was of no avail, because the draft is the draft. No matter how good the research is, follow the actual situation. It doesn’t matter much, and it is very different from actual combat. At this moment he understands that it is useless to have the C++ standard to keep up. So, he came to Zhihu, kept searching and answering, asking questions, but everything fell to nothing. Then, at a small price, he asked Zhihu to give some advice and promised that he would not treat him badly. As a result, it becomes the next time forever. Of course, the big guys don’t know much about him, but it’s him. In this material age, he gritted his teeth and made a random number by himself. After inputting the psychological price of multiple big guys, the software Choose one. Sure enough, the courtesy arrived, and the answer was different. The boss arranged for him an improved package. Let him take down all the books that can be found in c++20 on a foreign language book website. Then take the corresponding Chinese version of the 17th edition, so that you can review the past and learn the new. This trick is really good. A comparison between Chinese and English, Chinese and English machine translation is better, and I also know the difference between 17 and 20. Although the version of many books has been upgraded, the main body has changed very little, and only the replacement of new content appears in the appropriate place. For example, he bought “C++ Advanced Programming Fourth Edition” and “Professional C++ Fifth Edition”. The titles of the first 30 chapters are the same. Only 4-5 chapters are added later. Then open it again, for example, most of the first chapter is the same. Both English translation and Chinese can be matched. . It’s just that import has replaced include. In this way, although the latest version is not translated, you can still read it with the translation of the old version. Then the problem comes again, the new foreign language book, 40 dollars a universal. The big guy told him, don’t be afraid of expensive, you can find a friend to share the burden, even if no one shares, you can work a month earlier, at least $1,500, this book, you don’t have to read this book for half a month, one month Just look at 2-3 books, 120 dollars is actually not much. In this way, he changed the conservative values ​​and began to calculate the gains and losses. that’s it. Five years later, as a 41-year-old, the C++ standard has risen to the level of 20. So the question is coming? Will he become a programmer again? Does anyone care about his diploma?

6 months ago


I changed my career at the age of 33 and I was completely self-taught. My university majored in engineering, and I wanted to take the computer test at the time. Unfortunately, I lost 15 points and I was transferred to this major. I always wanted to learn by myself in college, and I took a lot of detours. If you don’t really like it, but just want to make a living, I suggest you give up. Ordinary programmers actually eat youth meals. They are 27 years old and have no diplomas. Even if they can find a job after hard work, their room for improvement is very limited. If there are other alternatives, it is recommended to choose another. I first copied the program by hand. At that time, Delphi was popular, a piece of code, which seemed to understand but not understand, I immersed myself in reciting and copying. One time I was seen by a teacher who teaches computers, and the expression of caring for the mentally retarded made me realize that there is no way. Later, I followed the seniors to play around with C++. I didn’t agree with C++. For a semester, I didn’t get started. Later, when I went back to think about it, the main reason was that I didn’t have a foundation, and I didn’t have a foundation, and I couldn’t learn any real programming knowledge when I transferred to the IDE all day long. With this experience, I later suggested that beginners should not use IDE, let alone learn C++. After graduating, I went to the construction site to work as supervision for three years. In the end, I got stomach bleeding from drinking and took a few months of recuperation at home. I was bored at home. I watched selling MCUs on the Internet and bought one to play. My introduction to computers started with this MCU. I was also 27 years old that year. In order to light up the microcontroller and run the example, I learned the C language. Understand what is going on with memory and pointers. In the process of learning, I found it helpful to copy the concepts that I had established in the past. Learning is actually a process of gradual diligence. Maybe at the stage of understanding but not understanding, if you stick to it, you will get started with practice. I concluded that the reason why I wasted so much time before, in fact, in the final analysis, is that I didn’t insist on it and didn’t practice it. Computers are also a very practical subject, which requires constant fiddle and trial and error. I learned C language and learned other languages ​​very quickly. Later I learned JavaScript to make web pages. In fact, human beings are essentially animals driven by short-term interests. The webpage can be displayed immediately, and I am not tired at that time, because every time I learn something, there will be a direct reward. If you want to learn, it is recommended to start with the scripting language, JavaScript, lua, Python are all available. Establish a small goal first, and then achieve it, so that you slowly establish some concepts and slowly get started. If I want to go to the next level after getting started, I still have to learn C language thoroughly. This is a key to expand other programming capabilities. At least my experience is like this. I have learned C language. Imperative languages ​​are particularly difficult except for syntax. It’s easy to get started. There are also some basic knowledge of computer systems and some standards to be familiar with. After getting started, it is recommended to make an actual project and open source. Go to github and read other people’s code more. This is how I found a programming job. but! Two years later, I switched back to my old job. I worked too much overtime and my body couldn’t bear it. Now write code and play in my spare time. So you have to figure out whether you really like it or just make a living. If you are making a living, you can learn to find a job at the age of 27. You should stay for two years, and you will be thirty soon. The start is the same as the young ones who have just entered the industry. They can’t work overtime. Those who are not majors do not have as many opportunities as them. If there is no technological breakthrough, older people may be eliminated. If it is not true love, it is very difficult to persevere. Of course, if you really like programming, or there is no other better way out, programming is still a good choice. At least this industry is not so discriminatory to people who don’t have a diploma and who don’t have the right professional. We just have fewer opportunities than computer professionals. But does true love care about opportunities? If the technology is really awesome, opportunities will naturally come. The specific choice depends on your own heart.

6 months ago

I feel qualified to answer this question. First of all, I have a bachelor degree and the school is not bad. Also a programmer who turned 27 years old. If you have this idea, it means that you are not satisfied with the current status quo. In this increasingly involved society, decent means of livelihood are also beginning to lose. Coupled with the devaluation of the currency and the situation where wages do not rise, life will be better. It’s getting harder. Coupled with the brainless printing of money in the United States, the most direct result is soaring prices in various countries. Life can be imagined. Now financial and Internet wages are barely okay. When you switch to a programmer at the age of 27, you should do a good job of evaluating it. One: Age in the IT circle is an extremely sensitive topic. The 35-year-old is unemployed in the IT circle. The news of Zhang Shi can be seen every few days. It is conceivable how important age is in this industry. Therefore, when I turn 27, I still study by myself. If I graduate from a prestigious school, boys, enough learning ability, half a year of transformation, and play, no education, self-study, it is almost impossible, because the current interview level is no longer the level of previous years. At present, it is at the level of building an atomic bomb. You can find a high salary by self-study, and you can realize it in your dreams. Two: Girls, it is recommended to give up, you can find other industries to try, it is extremely not recommended at this stage. A waste of time and energy. If it is a hobby, then whatever. Three: Boys, there are mines at home, so you don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. It is recommended to find a training institution. Full-time study, only half a year, no matter what the technology is, at least I can get started, and I will leave the rest to myself. There are ways to find a company to learn. If there is no way, then cast the net, invest in resumes, build 3 years of R&D experience, join the company, and survive the newcomer period, even if you formally enter the IT circle, quit jobs, and raise your salary, it depends on whether you can keep up with the technology. Four: life advice: you can go to an adult undergraduate first, get a degree, at least have a certificate, now the degree is already standard. No matter whether you transfer to a programmer or not, it will always be useful for research. Five: When I was 27, I was studying at a training institution full-time. I had a small partner with a junior high school education. I used to be a cook and studied together. After school. I’m in Xi’an, he rushed to Shanghai, and everything is fine now. I have always believed that not giving up on myself is the best effort. It took three years for a cook with no academic qualifications to grow into a teamleader. He took the adult undergraduate computer major of the Xi’an University of Technology, so sometimes, his own way can really be paved. Finally, I wish you a beautiful road ahead, come on.

6 months ago

If you have super perseverance and patience, you can give it a try. If you choose to learn programming for a monthly income, then this starting point is not quite right. First of all, you don’t know much about programming. How long can you last with just a moment’s enthusiasm. Soon you will find that this bowl of programming is very different from what you imagined, and it is not delicious. A lot of textbooks and unfamiliar theoretical knowledge make you feel dizzy. A series of strings make you confused. There are many knowledge points in it, very abstract and boring, which will greatly test your “persistence”. It’s hard to say how long you can hold on. What’s more, you pretend that you have a monthly salary of over 10,000, and you are likely to be paid by other “monthly salary.” The career of “million” attracted the past. If you are a person with a stubborn muscle, you may be suitable to be a programmer. Write code, change the code, write, change, and rewrite. The character that is not a stubbornness really can’t survive. Secondly, if you decide to walk to the dark one by one. Programming, self-taught, is too slim, if you have that kind of god around you, just treat it as I didn’t say it. Furthermore, general companies require at least proficiency in two languages. Note that it is proficiency. If you only program according to the book, or understand the code in the textbook, it is just “understanding”, not even “proficient”. Needless to say “proficient”. Procedural grammar and the understanding of various concepts are technical aspects. As long as you work hard, there will always be a thorough day. But algorithms, which are called the soul of programs, belong to the thinking and ideological level, and textbooks are powerless. At most, I can teach you the routine, it depends on your good fortune. Finally, let’s talk about practical factors. Nowadays, programmers are also a very popular profession. It’s a bit full of streets. Many fresh graduate programmers from 211 and 985 colleges can’t find jobs. Although they often say that their academic qualifications are not important in terms of relative ability, they are in real life. In China, students from famous schools are basically given priority. This is the ceiling in the reality of employment. Restricting others also restricts you. Besides age, programmers are basically under 30 to program, and most programmers transfer to administrative posts at the age of 35 at most. Because of old age, a knowledge structure is solidified, programmers must always optimize their knowledge reserves to keep up with the rhythm. In fact, in the final analysis, self-learning programming is more difficult, you still have to find someone to learn it. The above are purely personal opinions and I hope it will be helpful to you.

6 months ago

27 years old is not very big, there must be opportunities, not just to become a programmer, 27 years old still has a lot of energy and possibilities, no matter what it is. But if you want to change careers as a programmer, I won’t lie to you and say that it’s not too late. The age advantage is definitely gone, and even if you have a certain degree of learning ability, a programmer can’t just learn to become a programmer. of. If you have to come, I suggest that you know how to know it first. In the process of self-study, I believe you will become more and more aware of how deep the water is in this industry. A thousand words is not as good as trying it yourself. Anyway, there is no loss in self-study, just as zero-cost trial and error. For the learning progress of ordinary people, if you want to become a programmer from scratch, you need to study by yourself for about a year. It is recommended that you should also improve your academic qualifications through self-examination. Technology and diploma are both hands-on to catch up at full speed. Since there is no age advantage, whether there is a chance depends on your pace of catching up.

6 months ago

A person who successfully switched from electrical engineering to a code farmer four years ago gave a suggestion: If you are willing to sacrifice yourself, insist on studying for at least 8 hours a day before looking for a job, and you are willing to have no income for half a year. The low salary in one to two years will be pitiful. There is still a high probability that you can change careers successfully. 1. For academic qualifications, companies with more than 100 employees generally care about this. I have interviewed at least ten small companies, and no one pays attention to your academic qualifications and work experience. I just ask you to do XXXX, and then ask if you can do it. You must answer competently. The difficulty of working in a small company will not be higher than the difficulty of the usual book projects, as long as you can enter, it is basically OK. 2. Small companies don’t care about age at all, what is age? Age reflects the individual’s future potential and growth ability. The survival of a small company is the first thing to consider. The recruits can’t wait to let them work on the first day. They don’t care a lot or ask about their age. 3. Do 27-year-olds still have the ability to learn? If you have been studying since childhood, the learning method will soon be picked up. You can try to focus on one thing for 8 hours a day, and see if you can persist. If you can’t persist in this, then there’s nothing to say. 4. Can you bear the hardship for at least two years? As the saying goes, it’s good, but it’s three years after changing careers. At least the first year you will be treated like almost free labor, and the company will be complacent, saying that to train you, you may take less than half of the money as other employees and do the same work. So the most important thing is, even though I haven’t gone to school, whether I have been studying for decades, I am still confused and confused. If you don’t go to school or study, don’t think about it, an English document is enough. Of course, my success in changing careers also has my own advantages. One is that I learn things faster, and the other is that I have 985 degrees to sell.

6 months ago

There must be opportunities, depending on whether you can stick to this path and go on. Because, at your current age, it is destined to be very bumpy to take the road of programmers. When you encounter setbacks, are your beliefs strong enough to support you persevering? First of all, trying to learn programming by yourself is the most basic and basic requirement. It is not that you will be able to become a programmer if you work very hard to learn programming. It also depends on the direction of your efforts, the efficiency of your hard work, your beliefs, your luck and so on. 1. The direction first talk about the direction of the effort. First of all, if the direction is not selected, it is equivalent to an early failure. You said that I have no academic qualifications, and I still want to choose the direction of machine learning. I believe that as long as I work hard, I will definitely become a great god. It’s not that you can’t become a god by studying hard, but that all recruitment requires a high degree of education. Your efforts are all in vain. This is the most desperate, you know? The suggestion is to go to some recruitment websites, such as Zhaopin Recruitment, Boss Direct Recruitment, Rewinding, etc., to find some directions that do not require academic qualifications or require low academic qualifications to study. 2. Efficiency The efficiency of learning is very important. At the beginning of learning programming, the process must be very painful, and the efficiency is extremely low. Let’s put it this way, for example, if you want to learn java, you may not be able to run hello word after configuring the local environment for two days. This is only a small part of the big difficulty. Programming learning is very, very boring. You need to be very patient, summarize your learning methods and improve learning efficiency, so that you can barely catch up with people who have academic qualifications and don’t work hard to learn programming. Another point is to avoid the illusion of hard work. For example, I only learned the for loop for two hours today, so I moved myself and don’t want it, and I hurried to play the game for two hours. 3. Beliefs and beliefs are also super important. In the boring programming study, there must be problems that you can’t solve for a while, and no one can help you. Will you give up because of this? When looking for a job, I invested in hundreds of companies on my resume, and they all fell apart. Will you give up because of this? To take this path, you are destined to have a strong belief. To support you, first feel your own heart, whether you have a strong belief, and the belief that you will stick to it no matter what difficulties you encounter. 4. Luck Luck is also a big part. Can you meet someone who will show you the way and help you through some of the difficulties in your studies. Can you meet a good company willing to hire you? But I believe that none of the previous difficulties can defeat you, and in the end, Goddess of Luck will also take care of you.

6 months ago

If there is really no other career to choose from, make up your mind to do it. In the words of Su Dongpo: There are not only talents of transcendence, but perseverance. Didn’t his father Su Xun also start studying poetry at the age of 27? But we must also pay attention to the method, not reckless. The best way, in this case, is to find a great god to take you, even if it is paid, it is also very cost-effective for you, because what you pay is only money, and what you get is the future! All beginnings are hard! As long as you take the first step, you can find ways to solve the subsequent difficulties. After all, there are more solutions than difficulties, as long as you want to do it! I have seen a case of junior high school students programming. It turned out to be just a sales specialist in Zhongguancun. Later, he engaged in COBOL language programming and worked in a Japanese outsourcing company. Although he worked more overtime, his income was quite good compared to before. Later, the development situation is not so clear, let’s be honest. Hope to help you.

6 months ago

Programmers are youthful and young is an absolute advantage. At 27 years old, the learning ability is not as good as college students who have just graduated and if the foundation is not good, the learning cycle will be very long. If it is just a means of earning a living, it is really not recommended, but if you really like programming There is a dream element in it, that age is not a problem. Doing what you like is not a waste of life. You can do anything you set your mind to’ man.

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