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I believe that not only the subject, but many college students will have this anxiety: Is the major I studied useful? The college entrance examination is not going well, not getting double first class, can you find a job? Is the certificate I have to test during my university a necessity to enter the society? This is really normal. Leaving high school, leaving the life filled with exams every day, and leaving the ultimate goal of the college entrance examination, many students will feel confused and don’t know what they want to do. This is normal because there is no more People will urge you to leave in front. Even if you sleep in class, no one will take care of you. Most college teachers will not rush you to study. You can play or sleep when you want to. The university is incomplete. In addition, the courses of most colleges and universities, especially the liberal arts, are seriously derailed from society (journalism, yes), the old theories are no longer in line with reality, and the students’ hearts are more impetuous, and the exam week on the eve of the final exams is still cursing in their hearts , What’s the use of these things? After two or three years, when I arrived in my junior year, I found out: I can’t find a job, what should I do? ? ? Let me see what everyone can do. I found that the energetic classmates had already filled up their resumes and found a way out. I turned my head and saw that there was nothing. Oh, I found that there were still a bunch of people preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. Then I will take the postgraduate entrance examination. So he swept into the postgraduate entrance examination army again, and undoubtedly became a pile of cannon fodder, or cannon fodder, in three days of fishing and two days of drying nets. As soon as the wind blows, there is no need to raise it, and it will disperse after two steps. Does it sound familiar? This is also a true portrayal of me. I knew that the result failed the day after the postgraduate entrance examination. I turned around and looked back at my four years of university. I also want to ask myself: Is it useful to study hard? ? Now I will answer: useful, too useful tm. It took me four years to understand that whether it is for utilitarian purposes or a desire to improve oneself, planned learning can completely change a person’s way of thinking and study habits, and break the original ones. Limited cognition. I am very grateful for the year of preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, allowing me to pass the level four that I think I can’t pass in my entire life, letting me know that the world in Marx’s eyes is actually like this, letting me know everybody around us Behind the news, there are so many processes and potential laws. What made me even more unexpected is that in an interview, I actually used the knowledge I learned during the postgraduate entrance examination. I successfully passed the interview and entered a good Internet company operation position. Among the people who interviewed me, I The academic qualifications can be said to be the lowest, and the hr of this company later told me that the minimum requirement for their recruitment is to pass CET-4. But I was not very happy. The moment I got the offer, I was thinking if I worked hard to pass the exam, or I learned more during my freshman year and sophomore year, would I have a chance to go to a higher platform? Is there better development? In the Internet industry, I deeply feel that the only constant in this world is that it is always changing. The speed of change in the Internet age is constantly accelerating, and the environment will soon become different. In order to adapt to the changing environment, we You can only continue to study and study. Whether it is for postgraduate entrance examinations or internships, you often only need to take the initiative to take a step forward and you can really get rid of many people, because most people are really lazy. Learning here is not limited to knowledge, it can also be skills, emotional intelligence, and logical thinking. It will not let you succeed immediately, but it will provide you with unlimited possibilities.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It is not a question of whether it is necessary or not, but a study must be done! ! ! sure! ! ! Your high school teacher must have said something: High school must work hard, and enter the university to play every day. However, this is just to deceive the high school students, and the change of direction is also encouraging them. But in fact, for those of us who have already been admitted to college, go back and think about what the high school teacher said is really the case? Later, after going to university, we found that it seems that any exam is more difficult than the college entrance examination. We don’t have enough time to prepare for the exam, and our competition pressure is even greater… But despite this, we can all be aware of this problem, but we seem to be genuine Like the high school teacher said: You can play every day when you enter the university! In fact, this kind of situation generally occurs in some ordinary universities. They are lazy, lazy, and extremely bored every day, while those of 985, 211, Tsinghua University, and Peking University are on the contrary. They are motivated and have a strong learning atmosphere, and they may even study harder than high school. ,try harder. This allows us to see the gap! ! ! After we go to university, we should understand: the freedom of our university is not to allow us to play freely, to be free to be lazy, to eat freely, and to die…but to give us enough time, space, imagination, and space for us to display our talents. Develop our interests and specialties… lay the foundation for finding a job after graduation. Therefore, in universities, we should not only study hard, but also cultivate our own hobbies, have our own skills, try more, don’t be afraid of failure, and accumulate more experience. This is what college students should do!

8 months ago

This is certain: Of course you have to learn. Regardless of the school stage, we are now in the school as a student. As the name suggests, you must study hard. Studying in school is an environment with high efficiency and low cost. No environment is more suitable for learning than in school! Do you want to talk about social beatings? Is the company fighting over and under? The sadness of the brick mover? These are not ways for you to grow quickly. Going to college is not just a good study of the knowledge in the textbooks, but more importantly, you meet all kinds of people in the dormitory, in the library, and in the school road: they come from all over the country, and they are grown up in different family environments and their personality is shaped. Each has its own characteristics, and even their tone of voice will appear so different. If you can really study well in school, then after four years of graduation, your job path will be much easier than those of clever people. At least you don’t have to worry about being laid off when the company selects employees. Study hard can create a lot of research opportunities for yourself. Many people had what ambitions and ambitions they had at the beginning, thinking about their extraordinary surpasses after graduation! People with this kind of thinking still haven’t awakened from their dreams, what time are they now! Among the masses of beings, you can’t see what talent you have just by looking at it. So what is the fastest way? It is the certificate of personal information. At school, you can have time, information, and a path to prepare for the professional certifications that seem to be mouth-watering. It is these very painful certifications that allow you to smoothly and quickly reveal a ray of light from all beings. And you will enter another circle in the process of studying hard. The people you meet around you have almost the same goals as you. People who crush you will think you are very good, and she will work harder to match her who is better than you. ! The biggest advantage of this is that you are already very close in your actions and ideas. Once you get to this level, entering the marriage hall is also a step-by-step matter. Another advantage of studying well is: scholarship! You don’t want to worry about finding a part-time job every day, do you? You don’t want to be scared by the big numbers when you look at your favorite products when you go shopping, do you? And you don’t want to cheer up and say AA system when you invite your girlfriend to dinner, right? That scholarship is another way out for you. Scholarships generally range from 8000 to 12000, and some good schools even reach 15 thousand or 18 thousand! You think slowly! Think carefully! Isn’t it that a fool can calculate that it is more cost-effective than moving bricks for two months? But whether to learn or not depends on the conscience of the Miyoshi students to see if they are a material for calming down and learning.

8 months ago

It’s not important to learn, and you must be a hard-working Saburo. If not, you will encounter various life problems after graduation. If the willpower is not strong, the consequences will be serious. It is not to scare people, there is no way, there are too many people. The competition is too great, and you always have to master a skill to fill your stomach. See how tired the children are now, learning until twelve o’clock every day. There are not a few people who study quietly without telling you. The happiest thing is that they can eat more people and wait to die, so that they can have less competitive pressure. In order to be able to eat well, live well, marry (marry) someone who is satisfied with him, then he slaps the person who is idle and idle all day long. This is not a time for jokes, this is a life and death battlefield.

8 months ago

Personally think it is really necessary. I myself belong to the kind of Xiaobai entering university. Before entering the university, I don’t even know what university is, what needs to be obtained, what is useful, and what is useless. I have been very active since the beginning of my freshman year. Even though I know that it is ridiculous in the eyes of many people, I always feel that I am doing something meaningful. There are seven or eight groups of organizations, big and small, and some are busy and others are not busy. Basically, they stayed there all the time. When I arrived in my junior year, I thought about the past, and I was tricked into doing a lot of tiring work that others didn’t want to do. The so-called club colleagues and bosses who see themselves as thorns in their eyes are calculating. Doing my best for some momentary praise or the limelight that will not be remembered by anyone… Now it seems that it is really not worth it. Of course, college is an adult. There are many trivial things. In middle school, everything makes way for learning, but when you get to college, you have to make way for everything. I stayed in my favorite club, and the club also gave me a good position and treatment. But whenever there are “important things” that need to take up my class time, I feel very sad. I wonder if the parents and the previous teachers will be disappointed when they see that I am so slow to study now, even if they are often angry for studying-why do people who usually play in class cheat and get good grades at the end of the exam? Se? Why do some teachers favor students who are familiar with them? Why do some teachers who work so hard never see them, and instead give low scores in the exam? But whenever I can sit down and open the books in class, After listening to the teacher’s lesson, I feel that this is what I should do, and this is what I should do. Learning is a habit that should be cultivated in a lifetime. I think the university is testing us. When we were in middle school, all our work focused on learning, which was work, and we had to do it. The university is a preliminary process that tests whether we can regard learning as a lifelong habit, and whether we can study well under all interference.

8 months ago

Now I’m a junior. Although I didn’t have to study hard after I went to college, I still tried hard to pass the exam and the level that I should pass. If you don’t study, why do you come to university? You will have to take the test of what you learned in university to eat. Don’t cry because you don’t have enough ability, lack of basic knowledge, and can’t find a good job. Tired is worth it. So, study hard. Whether it’s the best group of people or not, it’s all about thinking about future work. But if you really don’t like this major and don’t plan to find this kind of job in the future, just barely pass the pass.

8 months ago

In high school, almost all teachers will motivate students with the phrase “you will be relaxed when you go to university.” Teachers may also try their best to exaggerate the free atmosphere and good life of the university. However, we all know in university that learning alone is not an easy task. No one cares what time you wake up, whether you learn or fail, and only give you a cold score in the end. When I want to study, there are various factors that hinder my pace. The bloody struggle like the high school may only be done when I enter the postgraduate entrance examination. If you ask me what I regretted most during college, it must be that I didn’t study hard. When I was a freshman, I was confused. I didn’t know what to study. I just read the books arranged by the teacher. I don’t know much about the certificates to be tested. Although the senior sisters say that the certificates that can be tested must be tested in advance, but I don’t know how to start (at the time, I don’t even know how to find the experience stickers). There is still a very important point. It is that the will is not firm, or it is easy to be influenced by others. When I was a freshman, as soon as I went out to study, I had to accept a fatal question from my roommate: “What are you going out to study?” “I really don’t know what XX goes out to study every day.” “Is there anything to learn? I think I don’t even know what I’m studying.” After coming and going, I began to wonder if I still looked like a stupid high school student, or if college students should have less time to study. Finally, I also joined the army of lying corpses in the dormitory. The sophomore division of the dormitory is not the same as Xueba under the same roof. Everyone goes out early and returns late every day, rarely in the dormitory. I was surprised that the freshman year really wasted too much time. While you are not busy with your schoolwork, you can read, practice calligraphy, learn English, teach yourself musical instruments, and small languages. In short, don’t stay in bed and only look at your mobile phone. The mobile phone is a double-edged sword. Looking up and seeing the mobile phone is the biggest natural enemy of learning. After the college entrance examination, I felt retaliatory to play on my mobile phone. I wanted to make up for the original entertainment time, but I was controlled by the mobile phone unknowingly. There is a saying: “You can’t learn if you don’t have a mobile phone, and you have no sense of security.” I don’t know if you are the same. I always feel that you can’t learn without a mobile phone. It is true that a lot of homework requires a mobile phone, but when you read a paper book, do you habitually take out your mobile phone to play? The best way is to keep the cell phone in the dormitory, turn it off, let the roommate keep it, and disconnect the internet…Of course, without delaying things. Some negative factors are really not something we can change, or it is difficult to change by ourselves, such as: buying and selling tables and chairs for postgraduate entrance examinations in the teaching building; occupying a place for a whole morning and seeing no one to study; there is no drinking fountain in the Bowen building. ….. But we can still do something meaningful by playing with our mobile phones and using our subjective initiative.

8 months ago

Xian Xiaowai wants to say it is very necessary! ! ! University must study hard, this will have a great impact on your future life! College students must not only study hard, but also be knowledgeable and talented. Why? Let’s take a look! 1. Adapt to the needs of the times. As time goes. With the development and popularization of high technology, the requirements for technology and academic qualifications are also increasing. 2. Be responsible to yourself. When we were in high school, in order to be admitted to university, after we were admitted, wouldn’t it be a pity to waste our time like this? 3. Be considerate of your parents. When we were admitted to university, we were supposed to study hard, but the looseness of the school caused us not to study seriously. But we are playing with our parents’ hard-earned money, and they expect us to study hard. At the same time, not every family is very rich. For those students whose families are relatively poor, going to college is a very big event. Fourth, realize personal ideals. We all have ideals. If I didn’t do it, there would be no chance to realize it. Then the ideal can only be thought about under ideal circumstances. But learning allows us to learn professional knowledge to realize our personal ideals. 5. Make life more interesting. Some students think that playing games is a very interesting thing, but have you ever thought that there is more interesting, that is learning. Through learning, your life will become fulfilled. Sixth, what the university teaches is not professional knowledge, but allows us to have the ability to learn independently. Only by studying well can we acquire this ability in learning. When we encounter problems, we can find the corresponding knowledge to solve the problem, instead of just asking the teacher as in high school. Classmates, the university must not waste time, take advantage of these four years to learn more, so that there will be no regrets in the future!

8 months ago

I don’t know why you have the illusion that college students don’t need to study hard. Although the university is relatively free, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to study hard. The most relevant to the students’ self-interests are employment and postgraduate entrance examinations. In terms of employment, campus recruitment is a very, very important opportunity for most students. In campus recruitment, what can make you stand out from many candidates are your awards, certificates and grade points. Obtaining a certificate is not an easy task, especially a certificate with a high gold content, and a higher grade point also requires you to study hard. In the long run, reading is an extremely low-cost and highly profitable thing. You may not see actual results for the time being, but in the future you will thank yourself for struggling now! There may also be some students who may not be able to enter the ideal university or learn the professional courses they want to learn for some reasons, but this cannot be a reason for you not to study well. I said before that university is free and professional courses cannot be given up. However, in free time, you can study the majors you are interested in or contact unknown fields, explore unknown things, and enrich your own life. Grow up. During college, in addition to studying, the establishment of the Three Outlooks, the cultivation of hobbies, and the construction of a knowledge system are all very important things. Xiaoyi hopes that you can take your time in college and meet a better self.

8 months ago

Whenever I see this kind of problem, I can’t restrain myself from wanting to give some advice to our college students who are still in a beautiful university era. As a senior who has graduated for nearly a year, I sincerely tell you that the most important thing to go to college is to study. ! ! ! Many contemporary college students have been deeply poisoned by the high school teacher’s saying, “Now work hard, you can play when you go to college, and college is paradise”. Of course, it’s not that the high school teacher is wrong, and this sentence is not entirely from the high school teacher. Entering the university is only the starting point for us to enter the society of life, and the four years of university is the stage of accumulating energy before we set off to the society. At this stage, people who are ready at this stage can step forward when they really step into the society. But after four years of college, I’m obviously not ready to go to society. The gap in life begins at the first step. Think about how terrible this is!

8 months ago

An extension of your question is: What is the purpose of going to university? Just think about this question, and different people want different things. For example: mixing a graduation certificate to find a job → then you just don’t need to drop a course, 600 minutes long live, one more point is useless. It may be more useful for you to use social internships during winter and summer vacations. But you still have to understand the basic professional knowledge. Postgraduate entrance examination → It is necessary to study hard. And so on, you can think in this way. You have to actually think based on what you want, otherwise you have not thought about the question that you can’t think through, and you will understand what other people say and answer.

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