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It is not a question of who is “bullying”, there is no such word among the members of the Straw Hat group. In fact, the author has made a lot of preparations before. For example, when playing cp9’s square nose and wolf, it was Sauron who partnered with Usopp. When the Meri was on fire, Sauron was standing next to Usopp. He was a sniper. Sauron also witnessed it when he became so powerful. It can be said that his closest comrade in arms during Usopp’s disembarkation was Sauron. . . Why did the author arrange this? It should be to completely dispel the reader’s speculation about the “private grievances” of the two, that is: Sauron can fully understand Usopp’s sense of team responsibility and his feelings for Meri, but he still said that, then his There is only one starting point: team interests. Many people have expressed this point, and it is natural to understand. In fact, if you think about it carefully, it is the easiest way to pick Usopp back like Luffy Nami Choba, after all, hello, me, everyone is good. So at this time, Sauron, who stood up to protect the captain’s majesty and promoted the team’s upgrade, was the painful one. Not to mention that he wanted Usopp to return as much as everyone else. Once Usopp was unable to return because he could not realize the necessity of “apology” , Sauron has to bear a lot of pressure. So, for Sauron, standing up this time is the same as he alone taking on the damage from the bear. It is all the damage (cost) that I will bear, and the whole straw hat group has benefited. Because of this, these two places are famous scenes of soaring crazy fans. Of course, Usopp is not a background board either. Disembarking-knowing Robin’s great sacrifice for the team-the excitement of being a sniper king-re-boarding, and then Usopp clarified his position on the ship and gradually grew into a brave sea warrior. Then, when everything was ready, he broke out at the right time to become a Conferred God. . . The experience of boarding the ship for the second time was extremely critical in his subsequent personal growth.


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8 months ago

Usopp made at least the following mistakes in his departure this time: 1. Defying the authority of the captain Luffy is the captain. The issue of how to deal with the Meili is of course Luffy’s final decision. Therefore, Luffy said to abandon the Meili and Usopp as a crew member, he could object and comment. But what did he do: Zedi, are you going to abandon this ship? Quit labor and capital! Labor and management withdraw! Well, you dare to despise the authority of the captain. If you say you quit, then you quit. If you open one eye and close one eye, will you still have it in the future? In addition, I have seen a saying before: Usopp brought us the Meri, so Usopp was included in the group. I flipped through the plot in the comics, but it was actually a ship from Keya, not from Usopp. That’s why Usopp would take the ship back in a duel, instead of just saying “this ship is mine”. 2. Luffy’s behavior of hurting his partner’s feelings to change ships was described by Usopp as “abandoning his useless partner”, so his disembarkation turned out to be Luffy’s abandonment of him. How does this feel? Well, don’t forget to pour Luffy’s dirty water before leaving. I remember that in the animation, Usopp still said to Chopper and Nami: Did you see it? This guy is so cold-blooded towards his useless partners (not in the comics)! In other words, Usopp still provokes discord in the animation, which is even worse. 3. Actively intensify the contradiction and return to the unhappy, Usopp froze to magnify the problem. Changing ships is a decision made from the most rational perspective, but in fact, everyone feels uncomfortable. But Usopp intensified the contradiction step by step, saying that Luffy was stupid, that Luffy was cold-blooded, and finally had to withdraw and duel. Obviously, if you can sit down and sort out the problems, you have to split the team. 4. The above three points are all deliberate, not because of the unspeakable absence of Robin and Sanji. They are all due to objective reasons. Only Usopp’s nature is obvious, and it is subjective reason-disagreement with the captain. Everything he did was for this reason. So Robin did not have to apologize when he came back, Sanji did not have to apologize when he came back (of course he did apologize), and Usopp had to apologize when he came back. The whole incident of Usopp’s departure reflects that the Straw Hat regiment is too young to deal with the problem. Usopp was talking nonsense there. As the captain, Luffy himself added fuel to the fire; Sauron had a black face all the way except for speaking at the beginning; Sanji kicked Luffy just to calm him down, but the problem was solved. He can’t come up with the plan; Nami and Chopper are not expected. If Shiping was present at the time, he would most likely stun Usopp with a punch, and then tie him to the pole. Maybe Usopp would figure it out in two or three days. After all, this incident was simply because Usopp was too impulsive. He later changed his name to “Sniper King”, which proved that he had calmed down at that time, but it was done, he had no face to face Luffy and them.

8 months ago

A team must have team spirit, and the leader must have the authority and appeal of a leader. Sauron himself explained this very well. Therefore, Sanji rarely raised objections at first sight. Although Luffy, Nami and others felt that Sauron was too serious, they also agreed with his point of view. It is actually very simple to think about. It is a terrible thing if a team does not have team spirit (cohesion) and commander (central idea). For example, when a squad of soldiers encounters difficulties, everyone only thinks about their own interests. There is no collective spirit (regardless of whether the group is big or small), no goal (no matter who is arguing and not accepting others), and everyone cannot Believe that your companions who fight back to back together must be devastating. The act of Sauron asking Usopp to say sorry was not just for Usopp to say these three words. What he liked was a ceremony, a solemn promise. You Usopp failed in the duel at the beginning. It’s your choice to leave by yourself. If you realize your mistakes, it’s okay to come back. Of course we will continue to use you as a partner. It doesn’t matter, but you have to make a general plan for the team for your actions. Confess, you can’t say that you want to leave and you want to come back and come back. There is no serious statement. You can’t treat the team as a ruin, and you can’t treat the collective as a sloppy. Just haha ​​and you’re done. Sauron must not only let Usopp realize his own mistakes from the bottom of his heart, and realize that the Straw Hat team as a pirate group requires collective consciousness, but also let other hat group members clearly understand through this form. , No matter how you mess around in normal times, in front of the big right and wrong (to do a certain action collectively, important decisions that matter to life and death, etc.), you must be collective, and you must have the backbone

8 months ago

Because the crew cannot be above the captain, the Meri is very important to Usopp and also very important to Luffy. But there are two important points. The Meili came from Usopp’s hometown, and seemed to have the sustenance and blessings of the goddess. This importance is self-evident. After being judged by the top shipbuilder that the ship was beyond repair, Luffy made up his mind to change the ship. After all, it was not a trivial matter that the ship had problems while sailing at sea. But Usopp was reluctant to ship. He felt that Luffy was abandoning his partner (the ship was also their partner), and could not accept this decision. He had to fight Luffy, win the ownership of the ship, and quit the straw hat group (too long, the specific plot cannot remember I’m clear, it seems this is the case, if you don’t leave the group, you must obey the captain’s decision). In the end, Luffy won without any suspense, but the ship was handed over to Usopp. Then he wore a mask and fought with them in the name of Sniper King, as if nothing happened or was their partner. At this time, except for a few people, they didn’t know that he was Usopp (such as Luffy, Chopper), Everyone knows it well. Usopp also thought that since everyone knew it well, he was still a member of the straw hat group and could go with them. As a result, it is not. Luffy felt that it didn’t matter if Usopp made an apology. Everyone was a partner. However, Sauron disagreed. This was a bottom line issue, and Usopp did not apologize to the captain. You must apologize for errors in principle. I have left the Straw Hat group now, and I have to reapply if I want to join. It’s not that if you want to be angry, you will leave, or you will come back! Suo Da is really the most principled of the Straw Hats, and can remind Luffy in time when he is not sober. If he doesn’t care about things in ordinary times, he just messes around.

8 months ago

After reading a lot of answers, tell me my own opinion, don’t spray if you don’t like it. It’s not because of majesty, it’s not because it’s abandoning it, it’s not because it collided with the captain, it’s because it’s a partner, family, and the most important person in life to apologize. It’s right for everyone on the ship to stand on their own ground, but to get along with each other is to learn to be honest and surrender, so that friendship can be maintained for a longer period of time. Usopp said a lot on the boat, some of which were obviously inspiring. Although everyone knows that this was not intentional, just like Sauron said, you can’t get in! You have to be responsible for what you said at that time, at least to give everyone an answer. People who really love the team are thinking about how to build the team well, while people who are conceited or inferior are thinking about how to save face in the team. In the beginning, Usopp really just wanted to save face. The Straw Hat Pirates did not abandon any teammate from the beginning to the end. Usopp also knew it, but the reason why he felt that Luffy would abandon weak teammates was entirely because of his inferiority. This inferiority not only affected Usopp’s Emotions also affect his own combat effectiveness, so he must find a way to solve it by himself. No one else can help to solve it. Everyone knows that there are no good things in quarrels, especially when quarrels are sometimes the most heartbreaking. And Usopp’s arrogant words not only hurt Luffy, but also hurt everyone. It vetoed everyone’s solidarity, trust and hard work for the team. Usopp’s apology was not only to Luffy, but also to everyone. , Is also responsible for his own inappropriate words. Sauron emphasized that the team leader is right. It’s okay to be joking and careless, but someone must have important ideas at critical moments, so that the entire team will not be divided into gangs, half-hearted, everyone’s strength is used in one place, and efforts are made in one place. . And the Straw Hat Pirates is Usopp’s most important family. It is not a shame to apologize to the family. An apology does not mean that I am lower than you and worse than you when I am wrong, but I apologize to you because I realize My actions and words are inappropriate, and I really value you. There is an episode of Wulin Legend. Guo Furong wants to run away with Tong Xiangyu’s younger brother. At the last moment, she still didn’t leave. She said: No! Can’t just leave like this. This is irresponsible. do you understand? I have been thinking about this issue for the past few months. Why is the environment here so bitter, but I am getting used to it more and more? I have been thinking about it and haven’t figured out the answer. Until the moment before leaving. I was in a daze and realized that my heart is very happy and fulfilling. Because I keep my promise and fulfill my duties. That’s why I am happy. I dare not run away, not because I am timid. It is because I have enough courage and determination to face my own faults. The translation of this passage is the same to Usopp: If you want to continue living happily in the team, you must keep your promises and be bold. The apology is not because of compromise, not because of low self-esteem, and I have enough confidence and courage to believe that everyone will not abandon me because of weakness. I apologize for my distrust at that moment. You are my most important partner. In addition, Sauron seems to be unkind, but in fact he really values ​​feelings the most. He just hopes that Usopp can take it this time, instead of pushing on others and avoiding problems. He is helping Usopp grow, and he is also reminding the other partners of the team that such things cannot happen. Finally, I want to talk about my thoughts about Usopp. I really like Usopp, because he is just like ordinary people, timid and fearful, not strong enough, loves face, loves bragging, but he has a sense of love for the world in his heart. The vision of dreams, the sincerity of partners.

8 months ago

There are three reasons why Usopp left the team. One is emotional reasons. He has the deepest feelings for the Meili in the entire team, and no one else can compare with it. Not only because the ship was built and sponsored by two of his friends, but also because he has been responsible for the maintenance of the ship. No one knows what injuries Meili has suffered and what the current situation is. No one knows better than him, and only he has felt the ship spirit of Meili. So he could not accept the decision to abandon the Meili. The second reason is strength. Usopp seemed to follow everyone along the way smoothly, but everything changed in the City of Water. Although Usopp was timid and weak before. But in the face of strong winds and waves, either everyone worked together to overcome the difficulties or was destroyed by the regiment and Luffy turned on and went through. But when it comes to the Water City, it’s different. What Usopp can’t do is easy for others to do. At this time, if they accept to give up the Meri, they will give up on themselves in the future. The third is the positioning problem. Before the appearance of the Sniper King, Usopp had no clear position on the ship. Others have dreams when they board the ship, and naturally have positions that match their dreams. But Usopp’s dream was exported after hesitating, and the actual work he did was moved wherever he needed it. Therefore, his sense of belonging to this group is weaker than others. Others got on the boat because of dreams, and they agreed with the Straw Hat Pirates, and he got on the boat because he wanted to go to sea, and he was going to sea alone at first. He identified with the Meili, which is why he often said he was Captain Usopp. After the Judicial Island incident, Usopp became the king of snipers and exerted a wave of sniper strength. Basically solved the positioning problem and the strength problem. With the cremation of the Meili, the emotional problems were basically resolved. So he has the objective conditions to return, it depends on whether his teammates can accept him subjectively. In fact, half of the people supported and half acquiesced, only Sauron opposed. From Sauron’s perspective, this is Sauron’s rational cognition of self-venturing behavior. He believes that adventures at sea are for dreams, dreams are firm and sacred, and adventures are both happy and dangerous, so they must be taken seriously. Since we have chosen to form a group to realize our dreams together, it means that we, as partners of each other, have also recognized each other’s dreams. Your Usopp is gone now, it shows that you have despised me and my dreams. If you want to come back, I can accept it, but at least you have to pay attention to it. Otherwise, even if Usopp returned, Sauron would not be able to continue to regard him as a partner. Normally, in a state where everyone supports or defaults, Sauron’s opposition alone does not make much sense. Usopp can also return, but at the cost of Sauron’s departure. The original intention of everyone supporting Usopp’s return to the team is to keep the team intact, but if Usopp is forcibly accepted and Sauron is lost, it still means one less partner. So Usopp must apologize.

8 months ago

Sauron said very clearly that they will experience a cruel test of life and death rather than a pirate house game. Usopp made a mistake and challenged the captain’s majesty. He shot his companions. For Luffy, it might not matter , But it will undoubtedly set a precedent for other crew members—–It’s fine for me to offend the captain. This will be an extremely unstable bomb in the next adventure that may cost my life. Set a precedent for being disobedient. Luffy can be your friend, can play dumb with you, but he is the captain! The captain’s orders and decisions are supreme on board, even a mortal decision requires unconditional obedience! So it seems that Sauron’s requirements are already very low, after all, Usopp has not been punished.

8 months ago

The first thing to recognize is that Luffy is the captain. Then we look at the behavior of other people. The whole team Nami should have beaten Luffy the most (by asking for it), but no matter how much he beats, as long as Luffy wants to go, no matter how reluctantly, Nami will take him there, because this is the captain’s order. So in Nami’s heart, Captain Luffy’s prestige is very sufficient. Besides, Sanji would beat Luffy. When Luffy was eating stealthily, or in special circumstances (yes, it was the time Luffy and Usopp quarreled, and kicked it away). However, no matter how dissatisfied with the captain’s evil deeds, as long as Luffy is hungry, Sanji will not tire of it (note that it is not tiresome, because Luffy’s appetite is huge, and he eats more often), Sanji still Will be serious about cooking. Sauron, yes. This person who had no career on the ship resolutely followed Luffy’s words. As long as “Sauron, cut him”, Sauron drew his sword without asking why. At the same time, as long as I remember correctly, Sauron has never attacked Luffy (not like Nami and Sanji), except for the break between Sauron and Luffy when he entered the great route, even if he said that he would be killed sooner or later. , But knock your head at most. The first few people, the Pirate Group had not formed when they boarded the ship, it was just a rudimentary form. When Chopper, Robin, Brook, Frankie and others boarded the ship, the Pirate Group had formally taken shape, so they were all serious. Take Luffy as the captain. The captain said one is one. . . . Well, let’s look at Usopp. Before the water capital, we personally feel that Usopp is the person who despises the captain’s authority the most, and is also the person who questioned the captain’s orders the most. Luffy is a respected person by Usopp, but did Usopp really take Luffy as the captain? Draw a. At least there is a discount. During the direct and thorough exposure of the Water City, Usopp was unobstructed. It was no longer the attitude of the partners to discuss issues. He was completely independent. I thought it would do whatever I wanted and didn’t care about the captain’s decision. And everyone, please note that Usopp proposed to fight the captain himself and lost at the same time. The Meri was given to Usopp by Luffy kindheartedly, and Usopp left the ship completely by himself. Compared with the process of Jinping leaving the aunt, Usopp is unreasonable and unsympathetic, and completely ignores the team and the captain. In this case, the entire team can no longer trust such people. So after returning, he must be made aware of this problem. It was also through this incident that Usopp began to truly regard Luffy as a captain. So in the subsequent plot, although Usopp will also fight, but the question of the captain is basically gone. In general, this time, although it was a horrible thing, it was a time when the straw hat group grew and transformed as a whole. Recently, I re-brushed a side of the Judicial Island article, and add one more point. When arguing on the Meili at the beginning, Luffy’s performance was completely fine, and his approach was correct. At the beginning, he did explain to Usopp. Everyone knew Usopp’s feelings for the ship, so he used the words very well. cautious. What did Usopp do? To sum it up is to use strong words, secretly change concepts, and confuse the audience. Nowadays, the popular saying is to stand on the commanding heights of morality. Directly equating boats with people, saying: “Leave weak partners” this kind of thing not only confuses the audience, but also secretly seeks approval and dilutes one’s own problems. That’s right, just a bastard. Later, before returning to the team, it was a lot of nonsense at the beginning, “Even if a warship comes, how can you go to Nepal?” “As compensation, let me be the deputy captain.” . . To be honest at the beginning, I don’t think he realized his mistake. It wasn’t until the ship went farther and farther that everyone did not respond that Usopp began to apologize and began to face up to the problems he had been reluctant to face. Therefore, this process is the growth of the Straw Hat Pirates, but also the personal growth of Usopp. The Straw Hat Pirates began to become the “big pirates” that everyone offered a reward for daring to declare war on the world government. And Usopp has also become a true partner who can be worthy of “One Piece’s Crew”.

8 months ago

Maybe I read other people’s analysis. Don’t agree with your point of view. Before the Water City chapter and the change of ship, Usopp was arguably the most useless person on the ship. His only contact with everyone may be this ship. Because he brought this boat out, and he has been repairing it. Later, Frankie came, and the boatman was also there, and the boat had to be changed. At this time, I would like to ask, if you are Usopp, what face do you have to stay on the boat. Usopp didn’t want to change the ship because he did not want to leave Luffy with them. He really wanted to take risks with them, but he was too useless, he could only rely on this boat to tie up with Luffy and them. But he was wrong. Luffy regarded him as a partner. Whether he was useful or not, he was Luffy’s friend and qualified to stay on board. But Luffy considered Usopp’s dignity as a man before he made a duel to decide whether he should stay on the ship. In fact, the result of the duel is not important, what is important is the emotion they both want to convey to each other. Since then, Usopp is also a super god along the way, directly becoming the savior of the straw hat group. As the saying goes, good times Sauron, adversity Luffy, desperate Usopp. This is my understanding of this chapter

8 months ago

The original intention of One Piece was to show teenagers what did the chapter of The City of Seven Waters say? The Straw Hat Pirates Change Ship? No, no, the escalating enemies and teammates made Usopp gradually doubt his own value (the money was robbed) Meili’s withdrawal made this inferiority deeper (to disembark), but his stubbornness and self-esteem made him very unwilling (duel) The so-called bet is Meili, who has already decided to be eliminated (you just leave your useless companions and move on). This chapter looks to rescue the companion Robin, but it is also Usopp’s self-salvation (the courage to fight). Back to the question, why do we have to say I’m sorry for being a teenager. Don’t quarrel with your peers too much like Luffy and Usopp through Zorro’s mouth to tell every One Piece fan “Apologize if you quarrel.” “

8 months ago

In one episode of the animation, Luffy was fighting with Kata Kuri in the mirror space. Half of the straw hat group was very worried about Luffy’s situation, so they asked Luffy through the mirror. Luffy asked them to break all the mirrors on the ship for their smooth escape. The Straw Hats were worried that Luffy would not be able to come back. Chopper had always been hesitant, and then Nami directly said that this was the captain’s order, and the others acted instantly. This incident can be regarded as a performance of establishing the authority of the captain! If it was before, I think they would still listen to Luffy’s words to break the mirror, but they might show hesitation instead of firm execution (personal feeling). This has little to do with Sauron’s apology for Usopp, but it can be seen that Luffy’s prestige as the captain has been established step by step, and it has been recognized by the Straw Hat group members.

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