The first time I watched “Earth Fire” was when I was in elementary school, and now I read it again in college, and I have a different feeling. For me, Liu Cixin’s novel is not only a childhood memory, but also allows me to experience the difficulties of coal miners in that era. For some reason, I can easily put myself into Liu Xin’s role and experience it. Maybe After a few years, reading this book will feel different for me.

It is very suitable for making movies. The technology inside is not very advanced, and most people can understand it. The length of the story is just right, there is no need to shoot only one segment like the wandering earth. If you can really be faithful to the original, it is also an epic science fiction and disaster film. The beginning of the fire: The father’s life has come to an end. He tried his best to breathe, which was much stronger than when he lifted an iron support of more than 200 kilograms in the well. His face was pale, his eyes protruding, and his lips were dark purple from suffocation, as if an invisible noose was slowly tightening around his neck. All the simple hopes and dreams of his hard life have disappeared, and now all of his life Desire is to breathe in a little more air. But the father’s lung, like the lungs of all miners suffering from stage III silicosis, became a black ash mass connected by reticular fibers, and could no longer transport the inhaled oxygen into the blood. The coal powder that made up the ash block was inhaled little by little by his father from the underground in 25 years, which also proved how much coal he had mined in his lifetime.   Liu Xin knelt by the hospital bed, and the screaming noise from his father’s trachea cut his heart. Suddenly, he felt some noise in the scream, and he realized that it was his father who was talking.   “What dad? What did you say, dad?”    The father’s protruding eyes stared at his son, and the murmur of his dying breath repeated more hastily… Liu Xin shouted hoarse again. The noise was gone, the breathing became smaller, and finally it became a slight twitch, and then everything stopped, but the father’s lifeless eyes were still looking at his son anxiously, as if eagerly wondering if he understood. My last words. Liu Xin entered a trance state. He did not know how his mother fainted in front of the bed, nor did he know how the nurse took the oxygen tube from his father’s nostrils. He only heard the murmur echoing in his mind. Engraved in his memory, as accurate as engraved on a record. For the next few months, he had been in this trance state. The noise tortured him day and night in his mind. In the end, he felt that he was going to suffocate. It was the noise that prevented him from breathing. If you want to survive, you must understand its meaning! Until one day, his mother, who was also chronically ill, said to him that he was old and it was time to support this family. Stop going to high school and go to the mine to pick up dad’s class. In a daze, he picked up his father’s lunch box, walked out of the house, and walked up to the mine in the cold winter wind of 1978, and walked to his father’s No. 2 well. He saw the dark mouth of the well, which seemed to have an eye. Looking at him, the string of explosion-proof lights leading to the depths were the pupils of that eye, that was his father’s eyes. The murmur quickly sounded in his mind, and finally turned into a thunder. He suddenly understood his father’s last words: “Don’t go down…” The dividing line~In contrast, rural teachers and mountains are also excellent novella, but they are more suitable for interpretation in the mind, because the span is too large to be photographed. And the village teacher said at the end that the people on the earth use sound waves to transmit information extremely low, so the communication between the carbon-based civilization fleet commander and the captain-keep people under the knife, no, it should be-bounce down and keep the ball. How to explain it?


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7 months ago

As a Shanxi native, I felt endless sorrow and powerlessness to excerpt some excerpts, “The mine has been unable to pay wages for half a year, and the workers are sitting in silence.” After greeting, Li Minsheng pointed to the crowd in front of the office building and said, while looking at him up and down. , That look like looking at a different kind. “Along the stairs that have been eroded by the years, Liu Xin saw that the coal dust deposited on the high walls in the building resembled huge ink paintings depicting clouds and mountains. The huge picture of “Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan” The oil painting is still hanging there. The painting is very clean and not stained with coal powder, but the frame and picture show the vicissitudes of the years. The deep and quiet gaze of the person in the painting once again fell on Liu Xin’s after more than 20 years. In his body, he finally felt like going home.” “That’s our school.” Liu Xin pointed to the distance. It was a big mine school with middle school and elementary school together. The large playground on the campus was particularly eye-catching. There, they buried their childhood and youth. Li Minsheng stood up abruptly, staring at Liu Xin, and at the same time pointed a finger at the dark gray world under the mountain: “How did the mine become like this? Do you still know it?” He sat down again, “That era What a proud group of people our fathers are, and what a proud group of great coal miners! Let’s just say my father, he is an eighth-grade worker and can earn 120 yuan a month! 120 in the Mao era Ten yuan!” Liu Xin stared blankly at the mine where he spent his childhood and teenage years. He saw the tall derrick of the shaft. The huge hoisting wheel at the top of the derrick was turning, sending the invisible large cage. Into the deep underground; he saw rows of trams coming in and out of the wells where his father had worked, and he saw the coal preparation downstairs, a train slowly leaving under a long row of countless coal scuttles. He saw the cinema and the stadium, where he spent his best childhood; he saw the tall buildings of the miner’s bathhouse, only in the coal mine, there is such a large bathhouse, in the large bathing pool blacked by coal powder , He actually learned to swim! Yes, in this place far away from the sea and the big river, he learned to swim there! He moved his gaze to the distance and saw the tall gangue hill, which was piled up of black rocks picked up from coal mined for hundreds of years. It looked taller than the surrounding mountains. The sulphur in the gangue was caused by rain. Fever, bursts of blue smoke are emerging… Everything here is covered with coal dust over time, and the whole mountain is black-gray. This is also the color of Liu Xin’s childhood and the color of his life. He closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the mine below, where time seemed to stop flowing. “The coal mining and excavation work of the eight wells are proceeding normally. This is mainly for the sake of stability.” The mine manager replied. “All production was stopped, and the underground personnel immediately withdrew, and then,” the director stopped and was silent for two or three seconds. “Close the well.” The director finally said the two most heartbreaking words for coal miners. “No! No!” Li Minsheng cried out, and then realized that he hadn’t thought of a good reason, “closing the well…closing the well…the society will soon become chaotic, and…” “Okay.” The director said lightly. With a light wave of his hand, his eyes said everything: I know how you feel, so do me, everyone is the same. “Over the past hundred years, how many catastrophes our mine has gone through, who can remember? This is not a short time, comrades, four or five generations! What should we keep in mind for such a long time, There is always something to learn. If you really can’t remember anything, you can’t learn anything, you should always remember and learn the same thing, that is—” The director waved his hands at the black sea of ​​people, “The sky, can’t fall down.” “Speaking of difficulty, what’s the rarity, comrades, when is it easy for us coal miners? Starting from our ancestors, when do we have an easy life! You hold your fingers and count, China, the world Yes, how many kinds of industries are there, how many kinds of workers are there, and which ones are more difficult than us? No, really not. What is so rare? Not surprising, because we not only have to stand up to the sky, but also to support the ground! For fear of difficulties, we would have died of children and grandchildren long ago! “The Chinese industrial workers, the Chinese proletariat, have no longer history than ours, no more winds, rains and disasters than we have experienced. Has the sky of coal miners collapsed? No! Now that so many of us can stand here and look at the old charcoal pillar, it is proof that our sky can’t fall! The past cannot collapse, nor will it collapse in the future! “Ground Fire” depicts the decline and gloomy prospects of the northern heavy industrial provinces. The resources are sent away, the environment is polluted, and what is left is endless sorrow and loneliness. In the coal dust, where shall we go?

7 months ago

Hell, the real hell. My home is in an energy city, a coal-producing city. So I can feel this fear, the blazing fire, and the dark red light. And what touched me most was the author’s description of the coal miners and the protagonist’s father’s “Don’t go down!” which reminded me of my miner’s father. Eighteen years of raging fire burned everything in Taiyuan. I have to say that Liu’s talent in portraying the doomsday is too strong. The description of the experimental body in the devil’s building blocks made me feel what a real curiosity is. In general, the ground fire is great and suitable for making a movie.

7 months ago

It feels particularly shocking. Especially when watching this paragraph at the most difficult time of the epidemic, I really cried while watching it. “Everyone calls it the old charcoal pillar, but do you know that when it was erected, it was not a pillar, but a large square block of coal. It was Zhang of the Qing Dynasty more than 100 years ago? The Governor of Zhidong was erected during the mine construction ceremony. It has been eroded into a pillar by wind and rain for more than a hundred years. In the past hundred years, how many catastrophes and disasters our mine has experienced, who can remember? It’s not a short time, comrades, people of the fourth and fifth generations! For such a long time, we should always write down something and learn something. If we really can’t remember anything, we can’t learn anything, we should always write down and Learn one thing, that is—” The director waved his hands at the black sea of ​​people, “The sky can’t fall down!” The crowd freezes in the air, and it seems that even breathing has stopped. “China’s industrial workers, China’s proletariat, have no longer than our history, no more storms and disasters than we have experienced. Has the sky of coal miners collapsed? No! So many of us can stand by now. Looking at the old charcoal column here is proof that our sky can’t collapse! The past can’t collapse, and the future can’t collapse!    “Speaking of difficulty, what is rare, comrades, when is it easy for us coal miners? Counting from our ancestors, when will we have an easy life! You can count with your fingers, how many kinds of industries are there in China, the world, and how many kinds of workers are there, and which one is more difficult than us? No, really not. What’s so rare? It’s not hard to wonder, because we not only have to support the sky, but also support the ground! Afraid of difficulties, we have already cut off our children and grandchildren! “But society and science are developing, and many talented people are thinking of ways for us. This way has been figured out now. We have the hope to completely change our lives. We have to walk out of the dark mines, under the sun and under the blue sky. Coal mining! Coal miners will become the most enviable job! This hope has just appeared. If you don’t believe it, just go and see the pillars of fire in Nanshangou! But it was this effort that caused a disaster. This, we will give you a detailed explanation. Now everyone only needs to understand that this may be the last difficulty for the coal miners. This is the price to pay for our better tomorrow. Let us live through this difficulty together. . I still said that, so many generations have come, and the sky can’t fall down!”

7 months ago

I saw it in the school library more than 20 years ago and it was very, very shocking. Especially combined with history, the style of painting is particularly thick. So when someone said that Liu’s writing style was not good, I could not understand or agree with it. It is not an exaggeration to say that when I saw the following paragraph, although it was only a novel, my heart was awkward. The disaster came on the fifth day. At the beginning of the day, Liu Xin was pushed awake and saw Alek standing in front of him. He was panting, his eyes were straight, as if he had a fever, and his trouser legs were wet with dew. He held up a photo from a laser printer to Liu Xin’s return, holding it so close that it almost blocked his eyes. It was an infrared false-color temperature remote sensing photo sent back by a satellite, like a colorful abstract painting. Liu Xin couldn’t understand it and looked at him bewilderedly.   “Go!” Alek roared, and took Liu Xin’s hand and rushed out of the tent. Liu Xin followed him to a mountain in the north of the valley. Along the way, Liu Xin became more and more confused. First of all, this is the safest direction. In this direction, the test coal seam is thousands of meters away from the big coal seam; secondly, Alek is now leading him too far. They are close to the top of the mountain, and the curtain circle is far down. Below, what can happen here. After reaching the top of the mountain, Liu Xin panted and was about to question, but when he saw Alek pointing his hand to a place farther on the other side of the mountain, Liu Xin smiled relievedly, laughing at Alek’s nervousness. But when he followed the direction of Alek’s finger for a while, he finally found that the grass in the lower part of the hillside in the distance was a bit strange: a circle appeared on the grass, and the green inside the circle was slightly darker than the surroundings, so he was not careful. I can’t detect it at all. Liu Xin’s heart tightened suddenly, and he and Alek ran down the mountain, towards the dark green circle on the grass. After    ran there, Liu Xin knelt on the grass and looked at the grass inside the circle, and compared them with the grass outside the circle, and found that the grass was soft and fell to the ground, as if it had been splashed by hot water. Liu Xin pressed her hand to the grass and clearly felt the heat coming from the ground. In the center of the circle, a wisp of steam rose slowly in the sunlight that just appeared…  After a morning of emergency drilling, thousands of others were released. A “ground mouse”, Liu Xin finally confirmed a nightmare fact: the big coal seam was on fire. The range of combustion cannot be determined for a while, because the “ground mouse” travels underground at a speed of only a dozen meters per hour, but the large coal seam is much deeper than the test coal seam. Its combustion heat penetrates the surface, indicating that it has been burning for a long time. , The fire scene is already very big. It’s so visual, it’s shocking to shoot a movie directly.

7 months ago

Compared with a certain folding, one more people’s science fiction is not to say that folding is not good, but that folding is written for foreigners, Liu’s science fiction is written for Chinese…It should be seen by the poor in China despite the aesthetics, read The difference between language and social development. Under today’s Western science fiction discourse power evaluation system, the Chinese are basically two billion poor people who were driven to spaceships by end-of-life people. They are desperately living in space and dying half of them, achieving industrial upgrading and cultural prosperity. Still regarded as poor. The poor are not worthy of appreciating art, or that the poor are not worthy of being appreciative of art. Poor people like to see Miss Flora painted by Titian. No, it’s out of date. Point to a bunch of indescribable Cthulhu, put a toilet, and add a “post-modern” to the title, forcing the grid to immediately upgrade something like ” Like the poor painter in “Support for Mankind”, his art stems from poverty, and the “Barren” series is for the poor to see art. The description of coal mines and even the description of ordinary workers, their helplessness, their stubbornness, their difficulties, and their past glory cannot be written by the urban petty bourgeoisie. It is a kind of low-level fireworks, a kind of warmth, one Only holding the familiar and kind hand that I explored in the lonely universe. I also had a hand in my heart when I was reading the fold, but it dragged me to a pre-arranged place, preaching: look, how dark. That is a cold manipulator (cuffs)

7 months ago

Coal is a precious chemical raw material, and many chemical products can be produced. It is a huge waste to burn coal just to obtain the calorific value of coal. The future in the novel actually depends on burning coal for energy, which is too backward. ——This is how I felt at the time. Never thought that there are unmanned coal mines now. A large state-owned mine can mine coal as long as seven workers operate on the ground. Unless the equipment is overhauled, workers are not required to go down the well.

7 months ago

“Earth Fire” is my favorite short story. In the second half of the story, the seemingly infeasible and catastrophic technology studied by the protagonist will actually benefit mankind in the future. Here I feel that it is really a big reversal. I think it will end. It was the earth fire that continued to burn, and this technology was also abandoned, leading to the theme of misuse of technology leading to disasters. But this is not the case. Unlike some foreigners like to write, the author’s attitude towards technological progress is not pessimistic. If I follow the plot I want, I might start to sleep (I watched a lot of templated cyberpunks recently…), this ending made me want to sleep all of a sudden, and then I went back and watched it twice. In the end, I also mentioned that I was wronged by Luhe. I laughed with a pop, hhh, and then I thought that if Evans in the three-body system read this novel, he would be furious. In history, many technologies were considered infeasible when they were first invented, and some brought many sacrifices. Now they are proven and widely used. I will not give an example. Another point is that the author really wrote about the situation of the ground fire, as if I saw the soaring fire pillar and the charred grass, as well as the steam and smoke emitted. Because I was afraid of lava, I read that the male mainly jumped into the ground fire. Time has been suffocated… The description is really shocking. I have watched “Earth Fire” at least three times, and I will definitely watch it later.

7 months ago

The predecessor of Liu’s early disaster series. At that time, Liu was relatively kind, and the earth saved his life. In all the short and medium stories of Liu in my heart, Earth Fire ranks first. The descriptions of ground fires and coal mine people have invested a lot of pen and ink, which is real and shocking, making me feel that he has really dug coal in the mine. Considering that Liu is a native of Taiyuan, Shanxi, he should have a lot of personal experience. Another point is relatively rare. Other works, such as the round bubbles, also have descriptions of harsh natural environments, but most of them are set as backgrounds with fewer words, usually to set off the sci-fi creative ideas that ultimately solve the problem. But in the ground fire, the reverse is true. Science fiction creativity highlights the difficulties of nature, and advanced technology has not been able to solve the real dilemma. In the end, it even made the problem worse. At first glance, it was even a bit anti-technical. This is quite rare in Da Liu’s works. In the end, the protagonist’s useless endeavour also made people lament, and even felt that Da Liu was a metaphor. . In short, a very realistic and shocking article. The sentence that impressed me the most was that the fire burned from the Qing Dynasty to the present. .

7 months ago

My hometown is Tongshan, Xuzhou, a mining area. When I was a child, I used to climb the gangue hill on the mine to look for magnetite. I also took a bath in the bathhouse like the ink on the mine. When I was done, I went to the cafeteria to buy a meat bun. I was curious and curious about the life of the miners. In awe. When I subscribed to “Sci-Fi World” when I was in junior high school, I saw “Fall Fire”. After reading it, I was so shocked that I couldn’t let go of it for a long time. Although adolescence was relatively introverted at that time, I just dragged my parents to listen to me after dinner to finish the story. After more than an hour, my mother became impatient, but my father glared at my mother and said, “Sit down and listen to him.” How many years later, he suddenly thought of this paragraph. I am really grateful to my father for giving me a chance. I tell a story full of human history and scientific logic.

7 months ago

The world that Liu Cixin has built is very complete, and it is absolutely necessary to write. Whether it is “Earth Fire” or “Ball Lightning” (I haven’t seen “Three Body”), it has broadened my understanding of the world. “Earth Fire” is one of my favorite short science fiction novels. It is about a fire in an underground coal mine. The cause of the incident is the disaster caused by industrial reforms due to the needs of modernization. Although it is small in length, it has all the internal organs. The novel makes a very profound speculation on the development of science. The same thing, spanning four time periods, let us use different perspectives to examine the same thing, which is very immersive compared with the real society. Human beings have to go down on the road of science and technology. According to the director’s words in “Far Fire”: Just do it, don’t think too much. When the wheel of science and technology is running towards a better future, the price is that real little people are thrown behind like the dust brought up when a car wheel presses on the road. “The people in the past are really stupid, and the people in the past are really stupid. Difficulty.” The dead are dead, and the living must continue to live. Although it seems that we will die, everything stops and we die faster. From this point of view, all human sufferings have their own characteristics. Therefore, although we have few lessons to remember, we cannot deny everything because of this. At least every innovation, revolution, and reform will be promoted because of crises and disasters. This is called survival coercion. For example, what is the purpose of the reforms in various aspects such as medical reforms and disaster response promoted by the outbreak of this epidemic? It is the next time that a similar disaster occurs, and we can reduce the damage we receive. From this point of view, disasters are valuable. People who died did not die in vain. If disasters occur, people also die, but everything is the same as before without pushing forward reforms, or in other words, there is no progress in relevant aspects. That’s really a disaster. The summary in the book is: “We don’t have to miss the so-called good times in the past, when life was full of difficulties, dangers and confusion; we also don’t have to be overly frustrated with today’s times, because today, and one day will be called by people— The good old days.”

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