In 2017, she overheard multiple female students being molested by a male teacher in an off-campus trusteeship agency, and she reported it to the school and the Education Bureau. After receiving no response, she “leapfrogged” to call the police, and then suffered invisible pressure. In the same year, the county education bureau terminated her contract on the grounds that her teacher qualification certificate was false. He Siyun, who has lost his job as a teacher, now sells snail noodles for a living.

He Siyun’s experience attracted great attention at the time. Looking back on the entire incident, after learning that the female student was molested, He Siyun suggested that school leaders call the police immediately, but two school leaders said that they would wait for the principal to make a decision; she then sent a message to the education The Secretary reported the matter and received a reply the next morning. But twenty minutes before, she had already called the police. This is the origin of the so-called “leapfrog” alarm.

Soon after the incident, He Siyun’s teacher qualification certificate was found to be falsified and he could not continue to serve. Judging from the response of the County Education Bureau that year, they regarded the report of student molestation and the fraud of teacher qualifications as completely unrelated matters. However, what the Education Bureau did not explain is that He Siyun claimed that she had submitted the certificate to the education department when she evaluated the job title. Why did she find out the problem after reporting the incident? The Education Bureau started the inventory work in April. Why did she inform her that there was a problem before she became a regular employee in September, so she did not have time to re-examine?

Of course, the fraud of He Siyun’s teacher qualification certificate does have problems that she cannot avoid, but this is also what caused netizens’ suspicion. Although He Siyun herself is wrong, if she does not go “leapfrog” to the police, will she continue to be safe? teacher.


By leexin

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7 months ago

Work is work, passing is demerit, merits and demerits cannot be offset. I understand this. The punishment was that the county education bureau terminated her contract on the grounds that her teacher qualification certificate was false. As a result, she lost her job as a teacher and now sells snail noodles for a living. What about the work? After learning about the molestation of female students, He Siyun suggested that school leaders call the police immediately, but two school leaders said that they would wait for the principal to decide, and then she chose to report the matter to the director of education via mobile phone text messages. The subsequent handling of the incident was that the male teacher who molested a female student was sentenced, the principal of the school was removed from his post, and the director of the county education bureau was also exhorted to talk. Soon after the incident, He Siyun’s teacher qualification certificate was found to be falsified and he could not continue to serve.

7 months ago

When she goes to the police, she will undoubtedly draw everyone’s attention to herself. Would she not know that this will increase the risk of her “overs” exposure? However, she had already done her job as a teacher and reported to the police, and took further action before the superior gave a reply. Isn’t this gong? Even if there is no reward, there should always be praise. You have to talk a little bit of human touch too, isn’t it enough to give them some help in life? The system must be cold, we should strictly abide by it, but the hearts of the people should be warm. If this is not done well, will some people take the initiative to expose themselves and help others?

7 months ago

Forcibly contacting the police, there is no such thing as “leapfrogging”. The two “leapfrogging alarms” and “losing jobs without a certificate” are irrelevant. The media forced them together in order to attract attention. “Leapfrogging” should be the term for reporting at work. Reporting level by level, and going over the superior and reporting directly to the superior is called leapfrogging. As for reporting to the police, anyone who finds criminal facts can report to the police. There is no such thing as not leapfrogging. Article 110 of the Criminal Procedure Law: Any unit or individual who discovers facts of a crime or a criminal suspect shall have the right and obligation to report or report to the public security organ, the people’s procuratorate or the people’s court. It is normal for a female teacher to lose her job without a certificate. It is against the principle of honesty and credit to exchange a fake certificate. This job does not belong to her, but it is found out and the job is lost. This means that the illegal status is restored to the legal status. That’s it. It’s just that this matter was forcibly linked by the media and the leapfrog alarm, creating drama and attracting attention.

7 months ago

I personally incline He Siyun, the original intention of the teacher is good, the police behavior is worth encouraging. In addition, calling the police and He Siyun’s inability to transfer because he does not have a teacher certificate are two different things. But many years after this case happened, is it possible to be sold by the marketing group (you know) for a simple reason: Mr. He Siyun not only failed the teacher qualification examination before, but also forged the teacher qualification certificate. Note that it is forgery, which is a well-documented illegal act. (It may even be suspected of committing a crime) I don’t know if any relatives and friends who understand the law, understand the law, and understand the law remind Mr. He Siyun that the current handling in my opinion is still open to the relevant departments.

7 months ago

It shows that selling snail noodles is really a low-threshold business that can feed people. This question has 43 words. Gao Zan answered the first 38 words from various angles, and only the last 5 words were left unanswered. Although catering is the lowest threshold for starting a business (storefront business), but compared to other Shaxian snacks, foreign fast food, home-style fried and other categories, the threshold for selling snail noodles is even lower. First of all, snail noodles use dry cut powder, not wet powder. The ingredients are mainly yuba, sour bamboo shoots, sauerkraut, and peanuts. They are all ingredients that can be stored for a long time (compared to wet noodles and fresh meat). The purchase of sub-materials reduces the frequency of purchases. A large amount of purchases can obtain lower wholesale prices. On the one hand, the focus is on buying fresh ingredients from the market every few days instead of every day, which greatly reduces labor costs and does not require Worry about the waste caused by too many purchases and not being sold on the same day. Secondly, due to the heavy taste, the requirements for cooking skills are greatly reduced, unlike other dishes that rely on the chef’s skills.

7 months ago

This matter should have been reversed at the moment. The principal had already called the police before she, and this key information was not mentioned in the entire report. This alone is enough to show that it is the spring and autumn style of the media. What is Spring and Autumn Brushwork? The description of the information is basically true, but it will definitely hide the crucial part for you, and guide your emotions in the wrong direction. What he wrote is indeed the truth, but the truth is not complete, it is only one-sided truth. Let me repeat the theory I said before. When we look at a person’s identity in a matter, we can consider analyzing the causal relationship between “justice” and “marketing” on him.

7 months ago

Piggybacking to complete part of the marketing effect for the sake of justice is different in essence from showing up for the sake of marketing effect. In recent years, after witnessing countless “marketing justice”, I have summarized a commonality among these people: often they have “injustice” flaws. In other words, it is difficult for such a person to stand upright. Gou Jing won’t say much. Hammer’s articles are flying all over the world, and I also have links on it, talking nonsense to win sympathy for the purpose of attracting traffic from the online shop. The “Guangzhou Teachers Corporal Punishment” incident that was once reported to be raging, turned out to be a pure hype, and the purpose was to drain the girl’s Douyin account.

7 months ago

In addition, Tongzhuo, who started in the entertainment industry and reported “Yao Chen, Zheng Yun, and the Flower of Evil” before, still broke out first. Justice marketing is to clean up himself… He Siyun, I will ask one thing, no teacher qualifications Is it possible to stay in school by himself if he is suspected of fraudulent documents? As a result, he linked two things that could have been unrelated to create an image of himself being persecuted, with the same goal of drainage. This kind of hype, I can only say that I am tired, he doesn’t even have any novel tricks. Taking one’s own morality and justice as marketing selling points, but his own moral malaise is so conspicuous. The most outrageous thing is that there are always netizens who buy it, otherwise similar cases will not appear again and again. What more can I say?

7 months ago

The correct way to deal with it: report the teacher qualification fraud, transfer from the teacher post, and send it to the cafeteria. The name is called: due to meritorious service, the post is reserved, and the teacher will resume work after passing the teacher qualification. When you’re in the cafeteria, don’t bully people too much. Just take an attendance every day and don’t assign any jobs. On average, you work 1 hour a week. However, the 4 attendances a day are not allowed to be missed, and will be expelled if they miss. Training and examination meetings are also not allowed to be few, you must all be present, after all, you still want to be a teacher! You don’t need to post your performance anymore. You don’t even have to work and you still have to pay for it, so let’s pay you social security at the minimum wage. Can’t find a job anymore, and can’t support yourself, so you quit your job after a few months? At that time, the school can say that I didn’t force her, and gave her preferential treatment.

7 months ago

I wondered what the purpose of the female teacher He Siyun came out to speak out? If you want to reply to people who want to buy your things, why don’t you have the time to answer questions about qualifications? And in her and the official post, it feels that the two are playing football with each other. She is embarrassed to say that she is afraid of lowering her status in the hearts of those who support her. Then I said: “Of course I have to respond to official posts, traffic, and it’s fired~ How can I push this matter to a climax if I don’t respond? This time I just want to take this opportunity to cut a wave and sell more snails and lion powder. In fact, I have seen the questions some netizens asked me, but responding to them is not part of my plan. “Yes, the whole thing Self-defeating.

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