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This season, the EDG team has a problem that I “hate” very much, or it is a passive attribute. That is, when EDG faces a team with no high ceiling, it will use its rich experience to slowly crush the opponent to death. Even if the difference between the strengths of the two sides is less than 5%, it still feels like being able to fight the killing. Kind of feeling that everything is in control. This will give fans an illusion that EDG is so strong! The other side of this problem is that when EDG faces a team whose upper limit is higher than its own, even if the opposite lower limit is much lower than EDG, EDG still has a great chance of overturning, and losing will make you feel inexplicable and think , Can this be lost? ? ? So EDG is really an e-sports PUA master. Today’s game against WE is a positive example. Even before the game, everyone thinks it should be 55 open, and even many fans will be optimistic about WE. However, EDG is taking advantage of the small weakness of the opposite mid lane to gradually fragment WE’s fight. Not out. As for the negative examples, I believe everyone has seen it. To put it bluntly, the EDG team always makes me feel like a “professor” what time and what to do, and how to crack under what circumstances. EDG has a series of ABCDEFG plans in his mind. As long as it is within the framework of this plan, then EDG is invincible. . Once there is a “super-class” situation, such as unreasonable teamfights, or high-risk gambling, EDG will enter a kind of embarrassment because it can’t find the optimal solution, so it doesn’t know what to do next. territory. Today’s EDG seems to have won the glory, but I am not happy at all. After all, today’s everything falls within the foreseeable range of EDG, including the fragmentary decisions made in the first round of the dragon group. EDG is still the same. In my heart, I really feel that such a team will suffer a big loss when going to MSI. I hope that the reality of the future can hit me in the face.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

We are really incomprehensible with this bp chess game. Edg banned both Yuenan and Jinx, why did you grab Thresh? No matter how accurate the missing Thresh tick is, you can’t choose this way, right? Did our coach go through such a mental journey-the opponent banned Jinx, the moon man, and I banned the small cannon. This is actually a trap of edg. He waited for me to grab Kai’Sa and choose a hero to target me. So this Kai’Sa can’t choose, backhand ambush him with Thresh, my pick is very good 13, see what ad edg chooses. Oh, it’s okay. In the case of female police, the mid laner still has to be offensive in the early stage. You choose Victor and ad is a policewoman. Wouldn’t it be a bad jungler? Xiaolong can only take his life. When Victor and the policewoman are elected, there is no need for ban cards in the ban position. If edg chooses a card, it will be good news for we, and we can still play a dozen later. edg chooses a clockwork that does not hurt less than you. The ball on the head of the Sagittarius bulls heads out of the face, how can Thresh and Victor alone be able to withstand it. And since the core of the output is the hero that Victor and the policewoman want to pull back and forth, the frankness of the front row is very important, and the choice of the crocodile is very embarrassing. It’s better to choose some meat. So don’t ask, ask is that the coach plays big chess in the atmosphere.

8 months ago

After watching the live broadcast of Brother Feng. Just say that I understand the points that I understand after watching the game. The first one, the welder and the policewoman Hammer and Udir, and the opponent Polo Girl is really smelly. Welders and policewomen are both developed. Centaur and Udir have a bit of advantage in the early stage, but this advantage is difficult to play out of theoretical advantage. You need to control the field of vision to grasp the position of the man and horse, and then you can grasp the line. If it becomes 22 confrontation, Udyr will probably return without success. After the first six, Renma and Udyr are the true gods. The fact that the Centaur is strong now is not risky, whether it is going in for a hard kick, r taking control, or r opening a group, e speeding up escape. Centaur is very difficult to die, plus the ball girl. Centaur is invincible. Besides, you are double c without displacement. This is really smelly. Then, as expected, there is no effect. Thresh has no displacement ad. This version is just for aligning. Before the sixth level, the policewoman can’t win the tower game. Why, because of the crowd, Kai’Sa is on the sixth. Your policewoman can’t stand in front of the tower at all. The old female police player knows that the female police has no advantage, and the mid-term basically means disappearing. Now this version can control the Dragon Soul in 25 minutes, and the policewoman can’t play the late equipment at this time. This is because the female police force will take 25 minutes to 30 minutes later. That is to say, your bp idea is that the player must play an advantage within a few minutes, and cannot accept a draw, or even accept that the advantage is not enough. Because your middle and lower field linkages are not enough, and the crocodile is not strong enough in the mid-term. It is equivalent to saying that the curve you laid out can’t hold up at all. If you want the crocodile to stand up in the mid-term, your policewoman will be scrapped, because you can’t push it in the early period. If you ask the policewoman to stand up, the crocodiles in the early stage will be scrapped. I especially don’t like to blame bp, because bp has its own style of play. But this hand bp has no way to play. Highlight a word confused. Then I didn’t know what happened, the female police had no guns. I’m not saying that artillery shouldn’t be out, the problem is that this version of artillery just doesn’t work. The artillery attribute calculates the economic loss of more than 400 yuan. It was originally a disadvantage, and the output of an artillery was reduced by four hundred yuan, and it was replaced by a passive that can only fire a shot by pushing forward. Let me just say that, this version of artillery is not released. This version of adc is so strong that it explodes in Dominic and Green Fork damage models. Green Fork’s all-attribute white prostitution is 45 percent of the armor piercing. It is the culprit that this version cannot be out of the tank. Attack speed of green fork and white whoring. As a result, the policewoman couldn’t even fire the cannon. If you just look at the bp result, put a version t0 man and a version t0 bull head. Everyone knows about 15t0, why is Bullhead version t0. Because this version of the resistant equipment was exploded by Dominic, the tank could not be released, and he was the most meaty version. Bull’s head’s big move is a percentage tank, and it doesn’t eat resistance blood. This version is just as fleshy as he can. It is equivalent to saying that the only true God is fleshy. We’s coaching team should really reflect on it. Another we coach doesn’t understand the players at all. Sadly, this jungler is a jungler dominated by me. The lineup you set up puts a lot of pressure on the early vision of the jungler. Welders in the middle are equal to jail in the early jungle, and the upper and lower lanes are extremely aligning. This requires grief to repeatedly hit the opposite jungle, and we must achieve vision suppression in the early stage. When did you suffer from this anger? If you let the top tool man Casa do this tactic, you may not be able to eat it. It’s outrageous. Then the second one, we assistant really committed a crime. I asked a question, Titan was defeated by a female tank, and Casa was defeated by Shak. Is Casaga Titan bigger than the female Tanxia? I don’t know if other people think so, but the answer we assisted him is not just >, but much greater. I must say that he changed those few times, and the missing Titan is absolutely pleasing to the eye. The details are really exploding, very strong. But your blood is getting worse and worse. Your jungler is all up. Don’t you have a map? Feeling angry. Then Breath, I still say Breath, you have to prove that you are worth 15 million. I know that the captain’s play of nar is a theoretical advantage, but the early captain’s advantage is too little to play, it is pure stealth. Once the dominance period passed, he was beaten too hard again. The lack of effect is also a bit, it proves that you, the captain, do not have the ability of c. Today we are really a little bit different in every direction, every position, and every decision. A little bit of this shows that the loss is all due to the reason. If you stand on the side of edg, it means that edg wins we a little bit at every point. There is no reason to lose. If it matches the classic quotation of rng, then we can’t even type edg. Today is not exciting at all. Then, I am not a fan of any team. It’s not interesting to see it today.

8 months ago

Since EDG lost RNG, IG and TES, I was lying in the coffin as a pig. Until today I saw WE…My first reaction was not how well EDG played, but I felt that WE made it difficult for me to understand… When Jinks and Yuenan were dropped in one EDG ban, why did WE grab Thresh? This lineup of EDG, Gnar, Centaur, Clockwork, Kai’Sa, Bullhead, everything is very comfortable. Even if EDG Dalong played so poorly, WE couldn’t turn it over. In the second game, we finally knew the ban crew, and released Udyr and Clockwork, the two opposing unique skills. Then take a Mundo on the second floor? ? Brother, can’t you take a bull’s head? You can grab the clockwork first. Finally, a version of the ultimate poison Titan was released. You learn how RNG, TES and IG win EDG. EDG really has a unique lineup this season. It’s really unexpected that we can make EDG so comfortable.

8 months ago

As an old starch, I tell you that it will not be stable if you hit EDG.
In the second game, I was extremely afraid of Lucian. Indeed, the captain is indeed a more reasonable and conventional choice. Facts have proved that the captain has also obtained the advantage of plating on the line.
But your opponent is EDG, an old antique of LPL, a rigid spokesperson, who doesn’t understand the ceiling of flexibility, and you have to use this fancy hero to fight him.

8 months ago

In the second game, I want to turn off the live broadcast and go to sleep, until the viper pretends to be lost, the power of the wind and the hook show is rotten… At this moment, I don’t think the first 20 minutes are in vain. We’s opening of the group helped edg successfully start the group and open the situation. This wave, this wave is called the best of both worlds, which not only preserved the team’s tradition, but also broke the deadlock in the game. Betting on the “lost” during commuting time, so you still have to play edg like tes and ig. Don’t always think about the strong lineup period such as peaceful development with edg, edg likes to wait for its strong lineup period, which is the most familiar to edg The rhythm of the game. In the early stage, multiple offenses are organized, and edg will have flaws. Once the edg lineup is formed, the effect of viper with the assistance of other players is really ideal.

8 months ago

I’m dumbfounded, what is Viper? Meiko actually has 2 waves of operations with minor flaws, which can be seized, but they were all beaten back by Viper with more exquisite detailed operations, and even the opposite party was beaten up Extinct. But the old dream is actually okay. It’s not bad. It’s a very competitive ADC. It’s just that there is no harm if there is no comparison. There is a problem with WE’s BP. The first game is released + clockwork + Bullhead, how did he release this kind of fairy Nakanosuke, especially for a closely linked team like EDG. The second game was even stranger. With a three-way development of the late lineup + a brush with a weak gank ability to play, and assisting with the weaker Titans in the laning period, is it possible to completely give up all the early advantages? This kind of lineup is the DWG won by the weak team last year. The upper, middle and lower field quad-core late lineups were almost overturned. If it weren’t for the showmaker miracle group, it would be gone. Does coach WE feel that the personal ability of his players is above EDG? Dare to take the lineup like this

8 months ago

Saw the second half of the second game. The most eye-catching in the game is Viper. There was a wave of red square middle road, viper’s Xia was the Titan’s Q who dodged, and was hit by Kai’Sa’s w. But when he moved, he turned his head and pulled E, and Kai’Sa flew in almost within a second. This jiumeng is a purification seconds solution, but it is still clicked off by viper. This is really a wonderful wave of giving away. The most interesting part of this second half is that there is no meat at all when running around. Can’t hold the opposite side any harm. And because of running around, he was caught to death and often beaten to death. The Titans who have been opening a group just can’t hook people. Either the distance is not enough, or the hook is a big Xia. This Nosuke’s performance is simply outrageous. Coupled with the fact that the Tsar’s big move is not easy to push people, such a lineup is really helpless. Add the EDG at 7 o’clock again, and the other side didn’t give much chance.

8 months ago

It can be seen from the wave of viper operation that everyone is moving backwards, and it is precisely this that the opposite side will be hooked. This thing cannot be produced by communication alone. In most cases, it is for the players. Before, we all said that EDG operates, and the five people are like a whole, but if it is too much, it will severely restrict the personal upper limit of the players. It’s just a nonsense of five people to make each other’s efforts. Aren’t all five positions in the team for winning? In the LOL game, the five people working together are just the basic conditions for a team. To win, five people must play, complement and support each other. The five brains are all thinking, all communicating, and all making decisions. , Become an organism to lay the foundation for victory. There are fewer and fewer cases where you can win the game by following the script~~~ The current situation of EDG, many people think that stable operation is still hard to get rid of the old diseases. I think the biggest problem now is not this, but that EDG has to gradually move away from the routine. Come out, not just look at the game from the routine, but start from the specific game, make decisions based on the situation of the game rather than often stick to the routine. There were two moments in the game that were dangerous. EDG held the first canyon pioneer, leading the economy, but because of a few skills, he placed a tower and a dragon. This is the routine that EDG won’t fight if it is unstable. If it were not for the latter wave, WE made a mistake in decision-making, and the duo under the tower was overtaken, then this advantage was basically given for nothing, and looking at that wave of operations, thinking about the special clockwork operation was very thrilling and gave Jiejie an E, otherwise the jungler would Die first. It is also the first time to try Dalong. Dalong has reached a very low blood line. Jiejie’s blood volume is relatively low. When he was circumvented by WE far away from Longkeng, he immediately gave up Dalong and retreated. If at that time, the WE was broken. When it comes up, the EDG, which has the effect of the dragon’s defense reduction, is very likely to suffer a serious loss, attrition, loss of the dragon, and even the high ground. Even if it is unstable, it won’t open. I don’t know if WE doesn’t make a mistake and really drags it to a 4-piece suit, can EDG’s lineup be able to play? I only remember these two moments are dangerous, but I can’t remember the details in a few minutes. Those who have watched the game should have an impression~~

8 months ago

The WE really played poorly in this game. Originally, I thought this game would have to play the two rounds that were crushed by the result. EDG played really well after the hurried end, but WE played really badly and it was almost the playoffs. This state? Although the ranking is quite high, the game time is quite late, and there are still a lot of adjustments, but it is a question of whether it can be adjusted. Now RNG and EDG are ranked first or two, and there is a chance of resurrection and the state is also very good. Don’t this spring. RNG is playing EDG again

8 months ago

In the 2 rounds of the game, WE lost itself through its own honey BP. In the first round, EDG got such a perfect lineup. On the other hand, I took 2 double-Cs during the development period, and the support was not strong. When the team opens, the entire lineup highlights one passive. There is nothing to do except being chased by EDG. The heroine, the policewoman, understands everything. If there is no huge advantage, it is useless. Originally, the WE bot combination had already played a little on the line in the early stage. It’s a small advantage, but it’s still useless. You can’t get up the pace of the policewoman pushing the tower. It just has no future. EDG sees your policewoman’s careful thinking about pushing the tower. If you yell at you, the policewoman will explode directly. The policewoman died 2 times in a row. From here, WE no longer sang. In the second game, BP was better than the first game, but the problem was still big. First, why did the jungler take a Mundo? Your three-way take is the developmental line. If the jungler does not take a hero who is strong in the early stage, has a strong ability to do things and can control resources, take a Mondo who also eats development? Why? Just to keep up with Jiejie’s jungle speed? It really doesn’t make much sense, and there are too many equipment with serious injuries in the current version. Mondo’s big moves have long lost the previous bug effects. On the contrary, Mondo’s weakness in the early stages of jungler’s inability to do things is too obvious. Let’s talk about support. With both the female and the Titans, I can’t think of a reason to choose the Titans. In my impression, Missing is not a professional Titan player, and I don’t have a soft spot for this hero, so you choose the current one. What do you want to do with the recognized version of Poison Support, which has an extremely low winning rate? Are Japanese women not fragrant? The lineup selected in the second game of WE is destined to be a lineup that can’t control the early rhythm. I really can’t think of a third-line development, add a Mundo who can’t do things, add a version of the poison Titan, how to start a team, How to grasp the early rhythm. In this case, the opposite AD is Xia, is it normal for you to be shown? To sum up, WE’s BP in these two rounds is very strange, giving people a very strong feeling of training a new lineup, because from the BP process, WE has the opportunity to get a better lineup, but did not choose to do it. It’s not that there is no way to get a better lineup. But no matter from which point of view, this game is very important for both WE and EDG, so it is incredible, but I have to say that WE is not as strong as EDG, but really can’t see that they want to win this. Games.

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