In fact, I didn’t watch it at the beginning, and I watched more than a dozen episodes on the weekend and started to chase the drama. Then I waited for the update and waited for the super. I don’t know if it’s because the first one is watching and the next is intermittently waiting for the update. There is always a feeling of joy and a bit of confusion at the end.

I didn’t think it was he. Even if there are eggs, those who don’t hesitate to sing are bitter, but the confidant Xiaowen Kexing never understood Zhou Zishu. The two-way redemption at the beginning became Wen’s personal redemption. When Wen suspended his death, Zhou was distraught. He knew that Wen wanted an injustice, so he silently pulled out the nail, went to avenge him, and waited for his revenge before calmly meeting him Huangquan again. As a result, Wen just joined other people to do this suspended animation, and ended up in the martial arts. During the meeting, he reappeared to expose Zhao Jing’s evil deeds, and asked the people in the rivers and lakes to shrink back and refuse to help. In the end, the revenge was rewarded, and he was happy. Looking at Zhou again, when he worked hard and bet his life to avenge Wen, he realized that it was just a round, and it was a round that everyone knew, but he didn’t. Bringing down Zhao Jing, everyone celebrated the feast together, and when the cup was changed, everyone praised Master Wen for his strategy. No one had anything to do with Zhou’s injury. Wen looked at Zhou, and he was eager to speak but didn’t know how to speak. It looks like, but in the end, I didn’t give Zhou a solemn explanation. It was just passed by the people’s enthusiasm and bitterness. (Here I really feel sorry for Zhou.) Zhou knew that he was dead soon, and he wanted to stop Jinyang from opening the arsenal. Before leaving, Cheng Ling even made up a lie about going away to cure the disease, at least let Wen have a thought in his heart, and have some hope for the rest of his life. But when Wen went to save Zhou, he planned to change his life, that is, when Zhou Zishu woke up, he would find Wen died in front of him in order to save him. How cruel to Zhou , If Wen really understands Zhou, he should understand that Zhou is never afraid of death, what he is afraid of is parting. Zhou lived in the skylight for ten years. He was facing danger at any time and did many things against his will. But he never flinched. What really crushed him was the death of Qin Jiuxiao, familiar to those familiar with Four Seasons Villa. The face gradually fell, it was the eighty-one undead reminding him day and night that there is no one close to you in this world. So he has to nail himself to spend the rest of his life in a way of atonement. If Wen really understands him, you should know how much Zhou Zishu was afraid to live alone in the last easter egg in this world. It was mentioned before that it was a mortal situation. In the end, the two of them got together without giving any reason, but even In this way, I don’t think it is he. I understand that he is two people who are poetry and wine, laughing and talking when they wake up, lying drunk on the pine waves, listening to the rain in a small building, deep alley restaurants, full of human fireworks, rather than two people guarding the snow-capped mountains. Living myself as the second Ye Baiyi From the 32nd episode, the plot gradually collapsed, and the ending is even more difficult for me, alas…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It can’t be said to be unfinished, but the so-called two-way rush to the later stage becomes more and more like one-way redemption. Axu’s love is “you do what you want to do, I understand you, and I will accompany you even if you are crushed. It is “I want to avenge my parents, expose the false face of a hypocrite in the martial arts, I want to avenge Axiang, and then I love you too”, their love is obviously not equal, and it is destined to have someone who will work harder. In the last few episodes, Asu seems to be a transparent person. Every scene seems to be able to see him but no one cares what he is thinking. He shaved his head and picked up his nails. He planned to die for his lover after fulfilling his wish. There was a plan long ago, and only to exclude him, watching Asu silently retreat to the side of the crowd and give the center to Old Wen, as if a clown who tried his best but couldn’t make it on stage, it really made people feel distressed. I don’t believe that Lao Wen planned everything but didn’t think about whether Asu would do anything irreparable when he knew of his death. If it weren’t for Senior Ye’s presence, the ending would be the Shanhe Ling version of Romeo and Juliet.. .. I don’t know what Asu was thinking when he was picking up the nail… I don’t know what Asu was feeling when he watched Lao Wen jump off the cliff.. I don’t know what Asu was when he watched the return of Lao Wen, who made his debut from the very beginning. I can’t believe it to the point of joy to anger to relief. I bounced on the edge of the cliff a few times.. After watching the martial arts conference, everyone had a good time drinking and chatting and talking about Lao Wen’s high light moments. Axu lowered her head and sat away from her old age. Wen was far away, the wine glass in his hand was tight and loose, and at last he only smiled and said, “Punish you to drink three big pots.” At that moment, everyone around him breathed a sigh of relief: “Ah, Axu is not angry, that’s great.” , But my heart was tight and tight. In the end, he reconciled with himself. Others still did not pay attention to or know his sacrifice. The screen was full of unspeakable grievances and loneliness.

6 months ago

Thank you for the last few episodes, which made it easy for me to play. But it is also true that it is hard to let go. For Zhou Zishu’s life, he would rather live ten days recklessly than ten years against his original intentions, but he has been living around others all the time. Before Wen told Zhou that he was going to die, it was twisted into a dough stick, which was also delicious. Well, the ending actually said that the surviving talent is the most painful? ? ? what the hell? ? I thought you didn’t know. And when you are dying, if your brother is here to accompany you, even if you add two words, it’s possible. Brother may be coming to accompany you, and Wen’s personal settings are still able to stand. As for the martial arts conference, I thought there would be a fierce battle, which turned out to be a matter of lip service. The last mv-style egg, I actually don’t think it’s he. In the twelfth episode, I was exposed to the sun. I drink the wine. Someone’s name is called by the other person. It’s the two of them who are right. The pursuit. Sometimes the drama does not necessarily pursue he, the story is beautiful enough to respect the feelings. Shanhe has ordered ptsd, and the money spent is supposed to be to get to know the actor Zhang Zhehan again

6 months ago

After reading some comments on station b, I found that most Wen Kexing fans were satisfied with the ending, while most of Zhou Zishu like me expressed regret about the ending. In the play, Wen Kexing’s experience is written in a special book, adding a lot of plots that are not in the book, and a lot of changes in the character design. Both Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu have been ooc to a certain extent, and Guigu and King Xie are also ooc. I am not opposed to the adaptation, after all, the original volume is small, and the adaptation of some supporting characters can increase the three-dimensionality of the characters. The screenwriter also did a good job in the early stage. But in the last few episodes, although Wen Kexing seems to have a richer plot, the growth of the characters has not been reflected, and the screenwriter and the actors need to work together. In the later period, Zhou Zishu was completely reduced to a tool background. It is not that Zhang Zhehan’s acting skills can make the audience sympathize with Asu with a few shots. However, if he changes his performance, there is no sense of existence. The collapse of logic and the chaos of rhythm make the highlight scenes like “There is light on you, I will catch it and see” makes people unable to cry. The place where I cried in the last few episodes was when my daughter and son-in-law died, and Gong Jun’s acting skills were not enough when the daughter died. This place could have been better and more touching. Again, Wen Kexing’s appearance is not as good as before. He needs those two dragon whiskers. In the last few episodes, all the staff were turned into plotters. The big boss Zhao Jing, who had been laying for so long, was killed by the old Wenzui Cannon. Chengling Xiaolian Scorpion King Shen Shen and Deng Kuan hurriedly walked through the scene. The whole process is like a child’s play, far from the shock of a noble death. After that, the second acknowledgment of Ghost Valley’s identity also made the situation of suspended animation a joke. The explanation of the fake death situation is far-fetched. I have read the explanations of many Wen Kexing fans, but in fact I just lied to myself. If such a pivotal move requires fans to dig out the reason, isn’t it just to prove that the reason itself is not persuasive? This pot has to be written by the screenwriter. From the beginning to the end, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Wen Kexing. This error is the screenwriter’s fault. She didn’t show Wen Kexing in the book or Zhou Zishu’s confidant. In the later episodes, Wen Kexing, but It is a tool to satisfy the screenwriter’s selfish desires for vulgar plots. I love Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing. After dealing with Zhao Jing’s celebration meeting (irony), all the members ooc, they said yes to go back and explain, no one stood in the position of Asu to consider him, all of them said outrageous explanations. Distressed that Asu is such a soft-hearted person, three pots of wine were gently exposed. Screenwriter, don’t you think you are outrageous? Where did Wen Ke, who “wounded you, I will smash them into pieces” in the early stage? Wearing a butterfly bone does not feel distressed, the five senses are gradually lost, and the martial arts from nails cannot be regained. Wen Kexing felt it when he died). The appearance of Qi Ye and Da Wu was completely useless, just to pave the way for the old Wen with white hair and bloody plot after nailing the pill. The screenwriter’s performance in the early stage and late stage performance is very different. I scored 8.6 points in the early stage, but I failed in the later stage. I believe that Shanheling’s 8.6 score can not be kept. I hope that the major commentaries can separate these two parts to watch this drama, and don’t deny the excellent early stage because of the unfinished end.

6 months ago

I was wrong, I was wrong in watching TV dramas too deeply. They say that Zhou Wen is a beautiful love, which should not be ignored. I want to talk about the wonderful love of the gods and couples who go to step on the horse. The TV series that write about love these years are not enough. Take the remote control and turn around on the TV. In which TV series, no one is in love, and which one is not in love. You die and die. Just because the protagonist has been replaced by two men, and they are together, I have to regard this thing as a standard, and I can’t make a long story, as long as he is an eternal god? I can go to your Made. In real life, I have seen a lot of people who have grown up just because of love. After that, their personalities were different, and family conflicts continued. Some people came out, and some didn’t. Goodness is only temporary, but firewood, rice, oil and salt last a lifetime. I’m not young anymore, I’m not a kid full of innocent dreams about love, I know what reality is like, I won’t be happy just because someone else weaves you a colorful dream for you, I’ll think about it. Whether this dream is solid, can it last for a long time, and will it dissolve in the water. It’s true that some mediocre people are bothering themselves. It’s just a broken TV series for pastimes. Why do you care so much? Why are you so disappointed? I shouldn’t have expected it, and naturally I won’t be disappointed in it. At the beginning, I really didn’t expect much of the domestic TV series, especially the domestic Danmei. I just wanted to watch it to kill time in my spare time. But I didn’t expect the mountains and rivers to be so fascinating. “Mountains and rivers are not important, but the focus is on meeting friends.” The story of Zhou and Wen really touched me, not only because of love, but also because they introduced each other as confidants, the kind of tacit understanding that you don’t even know. , The kind of friendship that I respect you and you also respect me, putting each other first, being able to support and accommodate each other for the common goal, the kind of beautiful to unreal emotions, really moving Up me. But since it has created such a beautiful dream, why do you want to break it up and show it to me personally. I thought they talked to each other under the sword of Ye Baiyi, lived and died together. After experiencing this, there was nothing that could knock them down. I didn’t expect the screenwriter to personally tell me: You think too much before, both of them Not so good, we are a bloody love story, the clown is yourself. Zhou Zishu was alone all his life. He never lacks people who die for himself, such as Han Ying, such as Qin Jiuxiao, and the brothers and sisters of Four Seasons Villa, but he lacks someone who really understands him. This person could have been Wen Kexing, but later he was not. Zhen Yan has been crazy for half his life, thinking that he has met his own light. But in the end, the light was nothing but a brilliant illusion, a fleeting firework, and he rushed toward the light like a moth to a fire, bathed in shimmering debris, thinking that he was redeemed. But in the end, he was still the dead child who was blindly immersed in nightmares and closed his heart and couldn’t get out. The scholar’s delay, it can be said. It’s not to be said that the girl is indulged. Zhou Zishu is not a woman, he is gentle and strong, sober and open-minded. Therefore, after pulling the nails, he would only lament that good luck makes people, and will not complain why Lao Wen didn’t discuss with him. He regrets that his relatives and friends are safe, but he wants to be separated. But the later Wen Kexing did not understand Zhou Zishu’s feelings. Asu lost and lonely at the wine table, he thought he was complaining about his concealment. Asu went to death alone. He knew that leaving that talent was the most painful, but he wanted to make up for his guilt, so he did not hesitate to make Asu the second Ye Baiyi. Finally they were together on the snow mountain forever and ever. Doesn’t it seem beautiful? But Asu was lonely forever and ever. The confidant is not there, only the lover is left. The fireworks are not there, and the songs are high and few. The chic Tianyake who “has been a beggar for three years, and the emperor won’t change” has completely turned into an infatuated mandarin duck immortal who “wishes to be one-hearted and never separates”. It’s great, it’s great, Aunt Qiongyao has to clap her hands when she sees it. “You just lost your confidant and freedom. What he gave you is unswerving love.” I want to see the fireworks in the world, what I want is the wanton and fun of poetry and wine, it is a family reunion and harmony, not the eight o’clock stall You die for me, I die for you Our love is so great, Romeo Juliet style dog love story. They say that love is precious, but it doesn’t matter if you know yourself. I think love is easy to find, but a confidant is hard to find. They think the mountains and rivers make the ending happy, and I think Tianyake has lost his heart. We are all right, it’s just that the values ​​are different. There are no things much ado about. You can’t be right. I really found the sadness by myself. I overestimated the domestic screenwriting ability and pattern, and underestimated my empathy. How much I liked Wen Kexing at the beginning, the finale will be so distressed for Axu. It’s just a TV series. It shouldn’t be too emotional, but it’s just annoying. The mountain and river in my heart has stopped forever on the New Year’s Eve at Four Seasons Villa. The way forward is unknown but the confidant is still there, and hope still exists. In short, I am still grateful to “Shanhe Ling” for giving me an unreal touch this spring. I hope that the clips on station b will greatly help me realize my dreams. In addition, the gentleman dies a confidant, Nada at the beginning, the rivers and lakes, never see you again.

6 months ago

It is no exaggeration to say that “The Order of Mountains and Rivers” is the only drama I have ever chased completely. In the past, when watching a drama, I either waited for the update to finish before watching, or just chased after it and lost interest. Ling has details, connotations, and points of interest. The actors’ acting skills are online and the roles are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Since the beginning of the drama, he has not had a good night’s sleep for many days. Where is this show so good? As a martial artist, it has a unique perspective. The rivers and lakes we have seen in the past are the rivers and lakes in the eyes of the martial arts righteous people, and this play can be said to be the rivers and lakes in the eyes of the evil faction. Speaking of the arena, one must face a problem: there is no balance between good and evil. So what is right and what is evil? As the master of Guigu Valley and the leader of evil spirits, Wen Kexing is the most representative figure of the evil sect. He kills and decisively, peels his skin with his bare hands, and releases false news to allow the entire martial arts to kill each other. It seems that everything is crazy and thorough. , But if you understand his childhood, his growth process, who can bear to criticize him again? Having lost his parents since childhood, he had to struggle to survive in the ghost valley at a young age, and grew up in the harsh environment of “killing or being killed”. For many years, he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. The world is burnt… In the words of Asu: Who can do better if you change places? Want to live, are you guilty? If there hadn’t been that disaster, he should have grown into a gentleman in the sun as a descendant of the Valley of Divine Medicine. Facing the ghosts, he was majestic and shuddering. Facing Asu, he was actually inferior, afraid, worried that his identity would be revealed, and worried that people and ghosts would end up in a different way. Fortunately, the light on Asu illuminates his way back to the world. Aunt Luo and Qianqiao were originally weak women who were lost for love. They were all harmed by so-called martial arts decent people. They had to escape into the ghost valley and gave up their obsessions by drinking Meng Po Tang. They were half human and half ghost. This remnant life. The funny thing is that they are ghosts, they are human; they are evil, they are righteous. After all, how can there be absolute right and evil? Who has never thought of evil? Who has never had a hint of tenderness in his heart? Even though he is as cruel as the scorpion king, he still has respect and love for his adoptive father, and still has sympathy for Qianqiao. The so-called righteousness and evil are just a difference in thought, each with its own persistence and helplessness. As a delay change, it respects AQ. This brings us back to the original question: what are we looking at in the end? What we look at is not “heavy taste”, but fresh and beautiful love. As we all know, the most beautiful stage of a relationship is the ambiguous period. But today’s bg drama kiss scenes, bed scenes, and unscrupulously staged in turns, I am afraid that it will not stimulate the excitement of the audience. In fact, such plots are too exciting to be excited, passion is there, and beauty is insufficient. Since the emotions shown in bl dramas are not mainstream, they need to carefully grasp the scale before they can pass the trial. Therefore, the development and changes of this emotion must be displayed in other ways. In my opinion, this is equivalent to extending the ambiguous stage indefinitely, but it has a kind of hazy beauty. At this point, the drama is quite well done. Old Wen’s chic and suave us make our hearts shining, and the two-way running of the two makes us tearful. To borrow the words of netizens: Although there is no explicit statement, the eyes and expressions are everywhere. In the expression “I love you”. As a film and television drama, it is full of sincerity. The story is good-looking, the details echo before and after; the lines are full of cultural heritage, and the poems are countless; the play is so beautiful and beautiful; the clothing is even more amazing, just the clothing and appearance of Lao Wen I don’t know how many hot searches have been made , Charming in red, gentle in pink, and clear in white, old and gentle and beautiful, of course, the most important thing is the lively interpretation of the actors, whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role, the characters are full and three-dimensional, and there are too many to mention. , Asu said that Lao Wen is a good person, and Asu rescued Lao Wen in front of Ye Baiyi, Lao Wen rescued Asu from prison, and Asu and King Jin confronted each other… the masters played on the same stage, one word: cool! A good story, with the support of the actors’ acting skills, makes us addicted to it, and we can’t stop! “Go Go Crazy” can’t express the love of Shanren and netizens for this drama. Thank you for the wonderful interpretation of the creators, who brought us the best old gentle and Axu. The last battle came tragically and suddenly, just when we thought that all the contradictions in the world could be resolved lightly, everything settled, and when we finally breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly the situation suddenly changed, and the battle between righteous and evil eventually ended. Can be avoided. In fact, in my opinion, the last two episodes are a little bit dog-like. After watching it, I feel a sense of exhaustion. During the process, my heart os: “This group of people is also true. I will not listen to what the gods say. I’m going to tell Ye. White clothes…Why is it not over yet?…Why is there another climax again?…I’m tired, the ball is gone, let Asu and Lao Wen go back! “Although the ending is he, it is not as happy as I imagined. . This reminds me of the ending of the 92nd edition of “Legend of the New White Lady”. In the end, everyone became a god with all their merits. When they were young, they thought it was a great reunion. Xu Bai and his wife could continue their relationship. When they grew up, they realized that it was be. . If possible, I hope that their lives at Four Seasons Villa will be the end. Compared with the immortals who do not eat fireworks in the world, I want them to be two ordinary people, not to ask for the afterlife, let alone the life after life, as long as this life can live purely for themselves for the lover, stay together forever, and wantonly in the world, enough! This kind of mood may be what we often say, “I only envy mandarin ducks but not immortals.” Lao Wen had been miserable for half his life, and finally came to meet A Xu with all his hardships. How we hope he can be healed by love and walk the world again. Only in this way can we make up for the shortcomings that he is also in our hearts. Thinking of this, I finally found the reason for the suffocation in my chest when I just watched the ending. The ending of Axiang and Cao Weining is even more embarrassing. I knew their ending very early, but when the ending really came, I was still out of breath. Cao Weining is a good boy in the traditional sense. Although he did not hesitate to choose Ah Xiang, he still thought about his teacher. He was loyal and filial. He was ashamed. He hoped that his family would be blessed by the master. Mistakes lead to tragedy. He can also be the enemy of the whole world for Axiang, but in the end he was ruined and abandoned by the right way. In terms of feelings, they have the courage of Asu and Lao Wen, but in the end, they probably just lacked the strength to be an enemy of the whole world. But the flaws are not concealed, this drama is still worthy of Amway to the whole world.

6 months ago

Today, I was disgusting enough by some comments on Weibo. I really know that the screenwriter is selling miserably. Then I want to criticize the language fiercely. Isn’t it mine? Who doesn’t follow the drama with true feelings? Can I be hurt for nothing? The subjective viewing method may be very extreme. These innocents are sincerely chasing mountains and rivers. I am very accepting of adaptations. Therefore, I can accept the adaptation of Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing, and I like the drama. Because of the fanfare, the early stage plot is really good, the plot rhythm is also OK, the supporting role story line is much richer, and Wen Zhou’s relationship is also very natural and poke, I also like slow-moving martial arts scenes, I’m true I really like this drama, but the more I see it later, the more ominous foreboding that Zhou Zishu was captured by King Jin. This plot was supposed to deepen the relationship between the two people, but it turned out to be abrupt and brief, and was finally rescued. The focus on depicting Wen Kexing’s reaction seems to be too much. The logic behind Asu’s suspended animation is extremely outrageous. In particular, Qi Ye emphasized that Zhou Zishu’s body should be brought to its heyday. Wen Kexing also carried Zhou Zishu to complete the whole plan. He didn’t know that Zhou Zishu would pull nails, but as a confidant, how could he feel that Zhou Zishu would wait for him at ease? Or did he take Zhou Zishu’s reaction into account? (No need) This episode turned the confidant who had been emphasized before into a joke. They can only be regarded as friends, not confidantes at all. The following series of high-light plots completely shielded Zhou Zishu, and I really felt that Asu was so lonely. He returned to the period of the Seventh Lord in the play, and there was only Qin Jiuxiao (Wen Kexing in the play) who simply did not understand him. He was still alone. , Without a confidant, walk alone in the dark skylight. Really, doesn’t the screenwriter hurt?

6 months ago

The biggest regret of this play is that I am not in the play, but as long as I can pass through Jin Wang, it is hard to say materially, and I will definitely let Asu live in this life spiritually, and confidants, brothers, family affection, and love will not let him struggle. Not only that, I can also lead him to build socialism together! Is the party’s education for nothing? Even if the body dies, it is a martyrdom with the body, for the sake of all things peace, and death without regret. Even if you die, there are like-minded people who sing passionately, and are generous and unrestrained. It is no better than being in love in the arena!

6 months ago

I have never come into contact with any works of P Da, but when “You Fei” was popular on the Internet, I knew that there was such a hard-working author. I haven’t watched “The End of the World” nor “The Seven Lords”. Apart from knowing that Shen Shen is dead in the original book, I don’t know anything about the original work, so I can only guess about matters related to the Seven Lords and the Great Witch, and I don’t know the end of the drama. Is it deviating from the original. Among the two people, I may be more inclined to Wen Kexing (preferably eating his face). The latter part is basically his role, but I still feel very upset and feel very unbalanced. For Zhou Zishu, I feel that everyone is playing with Zhou Zishu. Everyone knows but he doesn’t know anything. I think if Zhou Zishu knew about Wen Kexing’s plan from the beginning, I don’t think it would have any influence on the plot, but it would make people more comfortable. I think the confidant can predict each other’s actions and will not conceal each other, but Zhou Zishu did not expect Wen Kexing to be a suspended animation, or Wen Kexing did not tell Zhou Zishu his plan, I find it very strange. It shouldn’t be like this at all. If it is because of the emotional ups and downs caused by Zhou Zishu’s worry that Wen Kexing will have an accident, they are confidants, and they should know and trust each other’s strength. From behind, it seemed that Wen Kexing was completely abusive to Zhao Jing, and Shen Shenhan (and it was his own wave), and there were hardly a few left to fight. Of course, Zhou Zishu may not know this, but people like Shen Shen must know how many jins are in the right way, and tell him that you can’t get it. Even if it doesn’t help, Zhou Zishu should know how Wen Kexing who crawled out of the pile of dead people (ghosts?) could be killed by a child raised by the right way. If it’s an acting problem, Zhao Jing can’t let Zhao Jing relax his vigilance. Both Shen Shenchengling and both of them can act in a naive critic. A bunch of people on Weibo scold them. Can’t he Zhou Zishu? And with Zhou Zishu’s mind, when Wen Kexing said to Chengling, “I shouldn’t do it to Zhang’s family,” he should guess that something was wrong. Didn’t he already tell you that he did it? Brother Zishu [cover Face] Axiang can’t guess, forget it, she wasn’t intellectually responsible; but you are an old fried dough stick who founded the assassination organization and has been in the court for ten years. Can you guess it? I think it’s really OOC here. You can say that he is panicked, but the skylight leader has not panicked the number of times in his life, surely he shouldn’t make a calm judgment like him. If Zhou Zishu stayed honestly at this time, waiting for the nails to be recovered, then there would be no need to practice Liuhe Mind. Before “You are my light” Zhou Zishu was basically out of “because he must stay there, so stay there”, which didn’t do much to promote the plot. It makes sense for Axiang to be offline before getting married, so why must He was forced to go online, and then almost no one cue Zhou Zishu at the Zhao Jing GG celebration party. No one cared whether he was deceived emotionally, whether his body was still comfortable, and whether the nail was picked up by him. It’s not that at this time knowing that the nails are gone, there will be absolutely salvation. It’s just that the king of Scorpion said that Zhou Zishu’s martial arts suddenly grows, and others really can’t react to it? And Chengling, you stupid apprentice, usually the master is long and the master is short. Why don’t you ask anything now? Don’t you know that your master has nails on his body? Seventh Lord Great Witch and you two too. Didn’t you two claim that you have a good relationship with Zhou Zishu and are familiar with your temper, so why don’t you guess if he might have gotten a nail? Da Wu, that is your patient. Qi Ye, you have “Ex-boyfriend Zhou Zishu” written all over your face. You don’t even ask? Ah? Zishu can’t see the white-haired Lao Wen if he can’t afford nails or hide it or report it? Oh, that’s all right. But it still feels that Zhou Zishu was seriously ignored in the later stage of the play. Erwei Qiye and Dawu I learned from the barrage that these two belonged to the characters in “The Seven Masters” of the p-Da, and Zhou Zishu also had a very deep relationship with them. From the beginning of the appearance, these two also wrote with full faces, “We knew Zi Shu a long time ago and were kind to him” and “We were persecuted by the prince”. Qi Ye gave me the feeling that he was Zi Shu’s ex-boyfriend. But I really feel very confused. Do you have this kind of experience: You are watching a certain movie, and suddenly a tribute appears in it. Everyone is in tears, and you have to smile if you don’t know anything. For example, the characters/stalks in “Faders” appeared in “Hui Ye” suddenly, and everyone was playing with the barrage in the comment area, but you have only watched “Hui Ye” and are only interested in “Hui Ye”. I really don’t care about “Fader”. The problem is that Qi Ye and Da Wu are not here to pay tribute to the game, but the characters that have a great influence on the plot and the life and death of the characters, which will give a completely passer-by audience a very confused look. In the early stage, there was no setting up for these two characters. If you say that Qin Jiuxiao was reincarnated from the dirty soil, I didn’t feel so confused (well not), so they would appear very abrupt when they suddenly appeared in the later stage. For a completely passerby audience like me, it’s a bit of a mechanical descent. Although the role of this “god” seems to have only kept on rushing + giving a life-saving pill. And Qianqiao also gave Ah Xiang a pill with a similar function, which led me to the idea of ​​”In fact, they don’t have to give it to this thing.” Of course, their surface function is to treat Zhou Zishu, which may be irreplaceable. I don’t know how to solve this sense of abruptness. This is the responsibility of the screenwriter, but as an audience I have the right to question, so don’t tell me to read the original and “Seven Lords” Barabara, I am a ruthless passerby. The exit of Sanwei King Scorpion and Zhao Jing actually had similar issues before. When Cao Weining rescued Gao Xiaolian, the Macarons directly caught up and told them that the Yellow Crane had been killed, and I started black question marks. Huang He is an important villain, isn’t he even worthy of a storyboard when he died? Has it been brought only by lines? Isn’t this the January skating event? But at this time I can understand that if you give Macaron and Huang He too many shots, it will be too slow, and Huang He is not that important, so if you don’t give it, you will not give it. But whoever is the new beggar gang leader, holding a stick with a plastic texture, I haven’t seen it in the crowd before, so it’s better to let people show up in front. I don’t think it’s too much of a problem for Axiang’s wedding where the ten evil ghosts fall one by one. The editing at the time does not seem to be able to insert a shot. The scenes between Qianqiao and Aunt Luo are enough to tell the story. That’s it. A digression: I haven’t seen Big Brother Northeast from the episode of Qungui Book. Does anyone know where he went? I can accept all of these. But Zhao Jing and King Scorpion are very important and important roles. One ultimate boss, a little wife with ultimate boss + boss with boss, and I don’t even give a shot when I die. I think it’s a bit unsatisfactory. . The King Scorpion rushed to Zhao Jing at the moment of the avalanche (whoop, the girl in search of shoes was crying), and the sedan chair could be seen in the back shots. I felt that the sedan chair was pressed by the snow before Lao Wen came. The shot of the Lord and the King Scorpion rushing on is actually enough. But maybe the rhythm is not so suitable. Pants Nizi does not allow screenshots. If you are interested, please go to 36 episodes and check it around 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Four for Wen Kexing Liuhe Mind Method to Save Zhou Zishu Actually, it is difficult to fully understand why Rong Changqing is sacred without reading the original work and opening the barrage. He only knows that he is Rong Xuan’s father. He created Guigu and said that he would give the villain a Introspection and other things (I don’t remember the details, anyway, the original intention has nothing to do with the current concept of Ghost Valley), and vaguely guessed that it might be Ye Baiyi’s straight boyfriend. Today, I went to station b to edit the editing and it was popularized. It turned out that Rong Changqing was practicing Liuhe Mind and got into trouble and was carried by a woman and asked Ye Baiyi for help. After being rescued, Rong Changqing married her to repay her grace. This explains why Lao Wen’s hair is still white but the old monster’s is not, because it was Rong Changqing instead of him who was the stove at the time; and the reason why Lao Wen was or was because practicing Liuhe magical skills would not kill people (otherwise I would think Maybe Rong Changqing only practiced after Rong Xuan was pregnant with Rong Xuan, and she didn’t guess the consequences at the time. Rong Xuan went to find Rong Changqing when Rong Xuan was born with autism, so Rong Xuan would die without his father or motherhood. But then I think that if he died in practice, Rong Changqing is unlikely to die in Bailu Town, but it doesn’t feel strange that I have to use my brain. I didn’t realize it before writing.) In fact, if you want to explain clearly in the above paragraph, you have to put memories to kill. Naruto players always remember to kill PTSD, this thing will drag the rhythm to death if it is not properly placed, and it will take up space. So when I saw Wen Kexing’s monologue and the hand slid down, I was very upset, thinking that they would definitely be going to be a BE (I didn’t react at all, Zhou Zishu could not live alone), and my mood fell to the bottom. Then I opened the egg and saw the white-haired old Wen. Well, satisfied. But this paragraph is still a bit abrupt, because Wen Kexing and Ye Baiyi both said that practicing Liuhe magical skills will kill people. In addition, there is no official description. This causes many people to be fooled by Wen Kexing’s words, so I believe the ending BE, the egg is Zhou Zishu’s fantasy, even Deng Kuan’s words and his son are also Zhou Zishu’s fantasy. So Ye Baiyi molested Wen Kexing this time not only lied to him, but also stunned us audiences. After all, the tone of his speech at the time was really not like a joke. Fifth, I don’t watch TV series very much. I basically watch fan and comics. Under normal circumstances, if a work starts to add settings at the end, the post bar old man will definitely start to spoil the end. Even works like giants might have troubles because of the weird bugs, let alone works like Naruto Gintama that want to cry when they think of it. However, the final setting of the giant Naruto Reaper Gintama and other works is very strong, basically adding a new BOSS for you to fight, so the mountain and river order is not so serious. First of all, about the legend of the Tuojie clan and the identity of the Qiye Tuojie clan. In fact, after Longque mentioned it, it should be mentioned that King Jin and Qi Ye (you are again) belonged to the Tuojie clan after leaving the Longyuan Pavilion. Those who read the original and “Seven Lords” know this, but I, a passerby, don’t. So when the Seventh Master mentioned the legend at the end, I felt weird. Moreover, the scene at that time was that Zishu was going to prevent King Jin from getting the Yin-Yang Book. It was impossible to come back alive whether he succeeded or failed. It was a bit confusing to mention a legend that he himself thought was false. In fact, the position of talking about the legend can be moved to Zhao Jing GG’s celebration dinner, and then Zhou Zishu will talk about the loss of the old King Jin when he leaves. (For example, Zishu asks why it is so sure that it is false, Qiye replied to the old Jin Wang autistic) I was a little confused at the end to reveal the secret of Tuojie Digong = Arsenal, but it is reasonable. Then it was about the rebellion of Dad Shu. The first time I saw King Jin’s rebellion was in the trailer. I was ecstatic at the time, thinking that I could see the twisted feelings of King Jin and Zishu Balabala. If this story line is thrown at Jinjiang, it would be another good couple. I have seen the result distortion, but I hardly believe that King Jin was given to death for the crime of rebellion. Because the news was brought by Han Ying, and he found the letter on the Wang Ye’s desk. At that time, I thought it was a double risk to ensure that Han Ying would go to see Zhou Zishu, because the letter 900 was on the table of the prince, directly dreaming of Jiang Gan. Zhou Zishu didn’t seem to pay too much attention to this matter. After rebutting Han Ying, he went straight down the mountain to find the Seventh Master, and never mentioned it again. In fact, if Zhou Zishu had seriously thought about this in the car that escorted him, he would definitely feel a little strange. But the screenwriter didn’t let him mention that either his close frontman died, or his home was burned, and then the incident happened one after another. The last is Tuojie’s treasure of governance. In fact, I felt something wrong when I heard Qi Ye say “to ensure adequate food and clothing”, because if you are a ruler, you can’t worry about food and clothing. But soon the plot didn’t let me think about it. Then it revealed that it was to let the nomads grow food and settle down. This is the thing I’ve been looking forward to for half an episode? Is not this nonsensical. Look at which rich and powerful country now only grazes but not farms. Old Wen can be regarded as making complaints for our audience. In general, these newly added settings can be rounded back, but the roundness is not good, the roundness is uncomfortable, it is better to put it on the bright surface earlier, and it will not appear abrupt in the end. I’m not dissatisfied with the rest of the plot. I especially like the part of Axiang’s wedding. I feel that there is no bug in the plot at all (maybe I can’t tell it with my eyesight), the damned are dead, the ones who deserve to live are saved (the “sho” here refers to the logic of the plot), the king of scorpion The Medicine Army was also a surprise. In general, apart from the unpleasantness that I vomit above, I have nothing to be dissatisfied with this show. I like every pair of CP in this show very much, Wen Zhou’s confidant love, the eternal love between Axiang and the silly rabbit, and the twisted love of share and if (it’s true that I like this pair the most because of me. (Heavy taste) The characters in this play are also very cute, old monsters, silly apprentices, and ruthless aunts. They three are my favorite supporting roles besides CP. It’s so fun. Shanhe Ling really brought me endless joy! When I was writing, I also felt that many things can be solved by extending the length of the page, so that Ye Baiyi’s memories and who the Seventh Sovereign Sorcerer really is can be added. Shanhe Ling is my favorite domestic drama in recent years, and it is also the only domestic drama I have watched seriously. Before, I was more inclined to the world of the two-dimensional, and the communication with the three-dimensional was only through the Tucao videos of major film and television ups, so I was very disappointed in the Chinese TV drama industry. However, Shanhe Ling really made my eyes shine and was crazy fascinated. It was regarded as bringing my second spiny newt back to the three-dimensional, making me believe in domestic film and television dramas again. Shanhe Ling’s final panic went slightly lower, but this was just a comparison with the gods in the early stage. I hope to see more excellent domestic dramas in the future (and handsome guys!)~Note: (I accidentally wrote a lot of two-dimensional stalks to explain) ① “Hui Ye” (full name “Miss Hui Ye wants me to confess” ~Genius’ Love and Mind War) and “Fader” (full name “The Child I Push”) are both works by the cartoonist Akira Akasaka ② “Giant” (full name “Attack on Giant”), excellent serialized comics, full Subject to unfinished controversy ③ “Naruto”, “Gintama”, and “Reaper” are all weekly juvenile JUMP works. They were forced to linger due to various reasons. Therefore, many unprepared settings were added. The settings that have not even met are the final BOSS ( Gintama is a little less violent)

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There is no fake overlord, and there is no real Yuji

He has only been Zhou Zishu for four months and has experienced Zhou Zishu’s life.

It was between Zhang Zhehan and Zhou Zishu, and it was also the romance he gave Zhou Zishu. I’m tired of saying this.

People who clarify the truth, follow the trend and play with the truth and fake stalks, are very vulgar.

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Because I saw Zhang Zhehan’s interpretation video of the ending today, I found the answer. Don’t tell me anything. He hadn’t watched the easter eggs when he accepted the interview. What is the ending is when the director tells him what it is, and he comes to the show. The shape is finalized at this moment. So his interpretation existed after he finished. I now finally understand why it took him a few months to come out. This kind of lethality is too great, and the stamina is too strong. Now we are being killed, but when I think of this today, I suddenly reconciled. Zhou Zishu’s loneliness and Zhang Zhehan understood, and then our thousands of fools who have been involved in the show also understand. Well, at least Zhang Zhehan is not alone, and what we understand should make up for Zhou Zishu’s loneliness. As long as he is not too lonely, we will not be so sad. The following is the emotion I finally sorted out after watching the video. I fully understand why I still feel so sad and heartbroken after watching the Easter eggs. Because Asu is the soul given by Zhang Zhehan, not in the book, the Asu we love is brought by Zhang Zhehan in the TV series. No matter how he edits it, he knew that he was left alone for a hundred years when he acted. Xueshan is a phantom. He was asked to act like this by the director. His performance was too successful, it was endless sadness. We understand, even if you insist that the ending is good, the two of them are immortal, it is useless, he He didn’t get the script, he didn’t act it, his eyes didn’t tell us, so we can’t see it either. This is the saddest and most incomprehensible thing. Suddenly thinking of wanting to see you last year, the crew deliberately re-painted an easter egg before the finale to give comfort to the audience who really loved the show. What is the conscience of the crew? This is the difficulty and sincerity. They did it, and we felt it. The crew shouldn’t change your previous settings casually, otherwise it’s useless if you say it, because after a good actor has endowed a character with an outstanding soul, it’s not the director, the screenwriter, but the actor who has the final say. Trouble the crew next time they say they are sincere, learn to want to see your crew next time. Can’t do it, don’t blame you, the abilities and financial resources are different, but don’t fool everyone with the 3 yuan crowdfunding to buy life, it is still a scam imposed by you. Zhou Zishu was alone for a hundred years or killed himself and didn’t want to live anymore, we all accept it, but you should not say that his ending is HE in his eyes full of sadness and loneliness. We don’t believe it, we didn’t see it. I suddenly realized a little bit earlier. The finale was celebrating what they thought was the ending of HE. Only Zhang Zhehan got the script of Zhou Zishu and was left alone. He could only see Old Wen in fantasy. Is this scene a bit familiar? At the celebration banquet, they talked about wine and joy, but Asu was isolated and concealed it. The loneliness of Asu at that moment is the loneliness of Zhang Zhehan alone in the finale script. You have to say that Deng Kuanchengling and Ye Baiyi’s script all prove that he and they are not dead. That was the cruelest one. Zhang Zhehan’s final script was the same as the fake death of Axu. Both he and him were isolated and took scripts that were different from everyone else. I feel right when I watched the show, it’s all right. I understand Zhang Zhehan’s performance. Finally, let’s talk about the reason why I suddenly couldn’t like Wen Kexing anymore. How do we fall in love with Asu? We did not love him as soon as he appeared on the stage. It was the old Wen who called out more than 100 Asu with his face, which made this name ring in our ears. (I think about Asu in my ears now. The two words are still old Wen’s voice) and slowly called into our hearts, and then we naturally called “Axu”, so that we all went to Zhang Zhehan to comment and write poems and call Axu, so Axu was not Zhang Zhehan alone. What people bring is the old Wen stalker, making Asu more and more human. He is gentle, warm and powerful. I really feel that he is shining for many moments. The gentleness makes us want to protect him. , That kind of powerful and infinite power. But afterwards, we no longer felt Old Wen calling him, and he dimmed, like a luminous body was gradually dimming. Our empathy makes us no longer able to like Old Wen’s smiling face, so you ask if Old Wen is Asu’s confidant? My answer blurted out, “Is he worthy too?” I even asked myself how the previous 30 episodes were so good that they were really erased in one stroke, so I didn’t recognize people? It seems so, even if I comfort myself, if it weren’t for Old Wen, we wouldn’t see such a good Asu. But all of Asu’s goodness was for Old Wen, and when Old Wen didn’t pick him up later, Asu’s goodness fell on the ground and couldn’t pick it up again. Wen Kexing, do you know? Zhou Zishu has no love, no worries. He was entangled by you, and the sound of “Axu” awakened his soul, making him want to stay in the world. He loves you, no matter what you do, he is always soft and tolerant to you. In the end you will leave him alone and suffer those hundred years of loneliness. You are deceiving him and ruining him. Those of us who accompany you all the way and are deeply moved by your love into the play, want to complain for Asu, just want to ask “Wen Kexing, Asu loves you, Asu is your confidant, and you are also worthy.” “!” This is probably my indisputable hatred of Lao Wen after the end of the play, only a long sigh.

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