If I remember correctly, in fact, the leader of foreign brands’ revenue in China should be Uniqlo accounting for 1.6%. Like Li Ning, it seems to be 0.3%, ranking tenth among domestic brands. This market is too big, with a total scale of trillions, and a large number of brands, with a limited share of a single brand. It is completely different from the well-known market of mobile phones and computers. The competition is very fierce, and if you are not careful, it will be forever. Back to the clothing industry. First of all, 7 million civil servants and 30 million business staff, as well as an unknown number of government employees and state-owned enterprise employees, are the main force of the boycott. This is the same as changing Huawei back then, although no one is forcing you. However, do you think it is appropriate to accompany the big leader to go out in the mirror and draw three bars on your body or a big hook on your feet? Although it is not absolute, no one forces it. But this wave of people is the backbone of society, with stable income. The consumer group of this billion-class population is a little bit turbulent, and foreign brands are enough to drink a pot. Then there are the spontaneous patriots in society. This amount is also staggering. Believe it or not, in two days, there will be some news from individual private companies that company employees are not allowed to wear nike, ad, etc. I’m not too much. If there are 200 million people, 20% of them will buy domestic products. Even if one person spends 1,000 a year, there will be 40 billion. You know, Li Ning’s annual revenue is only 10 billion yuan. And this is a picked up business, which is why the domestic related stocks rose yesterday. In the medium and long term, the impact of this BCI incident is definitely far-reaching. The biggest gains may not be sports brands like Li Ning Anta, and fast-moving clothing brands are the biggest beneficiaries. It’s not the same as everyone thinks. For example, the sneaker ring is on fire. The problem is that it is speculation by Erdao dealers, and the scale is small, and the selling companies didn’t make much money from selling them at the original price. For companies, the real volume is not those speculations. Perhaps the best-selling shoes are in the range of 3-600. This is what hurts the fundamentals. People will have herd behavior. This is the same as a domestic car. In the 00s, people would rather buy a Korean car than a domestic car. I feel that domestic cars are losing face and the quality of domestic cars is not good. Look at the number of domestic cars on the street now. Of course, you said it is unrealistic to kill these top brands. Under normal circumstances, the gods fight, and the little devil is dead. In fact, people with a volume like HM belong to the little ghosts, and their revenue in China is less than tens of billions of 0.X%. The quality of its own products is also average, and the brand has no appeal. Think about it carefully, HM is a target, compared to NIKE’s remarks more disgusting. Why did the official media not attack NIKE in the beginning? It can be said that the whole incident was definitely not accidental, and the best breakthrough was chosen. If you start to start a group with NIKE and AD, you will encounter a lot of resistance. Moreover, e-commerce companies such as Taobao and JD.com have obviously received instructions, otherwise they would not be removed so quickly. In short, friends who work at HM really have to consider looking for a job. I personally think that HM is undoubtedly dead in the Chinese market. Even if it maintains the existing store size, it will definitely close the store on a large scale starting from the second half of this year. Of course, as a multinational company, we still consider performance issues, after all, China’s market share is too large. I guess the final solution may be to divide the brand in China and purchase it in China. Your parent company joins BCI, but China does not join and becomes a double-faced person. And this is also a model acceptable to both parties. I probably took a look at it. In fact, the industrial chain of these foreign brands has shifted a lot, and the proportion of domestic production is similar to that of their Chinese sales. Probably 20% of its annual revenue comes from China, and only 20% of its production capacity comes from China.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I don’t think there is a need to boycott or ban foreign brands such as Nike. As long as you learn from the US measures against ZTE, the government will fine these foreign companies in accordance with the regulations. For every act of racial discrimination and refusal to buy cotton produced by ethnic minorities, fines of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars are imposed. Just fine five times the annual turnover. In this way, foreigners have spent five years in China for nothing. The money goes into the pockets of the country. In essence, Nike levies an IQ tax on behalf of the Chinese government. People who worship foreign and foreigners pay more IQ tax. Patriotic people pay less IQ tax. Very fair. If you think this measure is feasible, please give a thumbs up. I hope relevant departments can see.

7 months ago

Why did you buy Nike in the past? I am because of Kobe. Why did you buy Anta Li-Ning Pick and so on in the past? I am because of the value for money. But you really want to say how much difference is there between the two on the feet? For basketball shoes at the same price, for us ordinary sports enthusiasts, the slight difference is negligible. The technical barriers of the cotton textile industry are not as unattainable as photolithography machines. There may be gaps in design styles and styles. Production process and technology? nonexistent. I only understood the truth after I made industrial products. Most products do not mean that small manufacturers can’t achieve that effect, but that they are made and no one wants them. What material is used and what performance it produces is as simple as that. When the quality is high, the price also goes up. However, this price, the most profitable price, is the market of those big brands. Things can be made, but there is no competition. What’s the use? Enterprises want to survive, make money, and sell things, so they will adopt differentiated competition. If it weren’t for today, Nike, Reebok and Adi would still be my first choice. Because of Kobe, Henry and Arsenal. To put it more sourly, feelings. Of course, the most important thing about my age is to be comfortable and decent to wear. I don’t need to use sports brands to show my taste. Similarly, I don’t need to buy to buy to express my support for someone or a club. Now I don’t care about these empty heads. Feelings can be used for pastime, and it doesn’t matter if there is none. But what about Curry’s fans? What about the fans of Mbappé? The younger generation of fans still has this demand. Brand effect, brand value, in the final analysis, still consumers eat this. Uniqlo, HM is a good saying, the market they give up on their own initiative, domestic companies can sign various entertainment stars to grab. What about the sports market? Li Ning really wants to sign a superstar like James Durant. But in the end, it can only be to sign Jimmy Butler. Foreign superstars cannot sign. Domestic superstar? Can’t find it. If our China is like Jamaica, the whole people practice sprinting, with a population of 2.8 million, and tens of thousands of sprinting clubs. This matter is also simple, relying on the current afterglow of Su Bingtian and Liu Xiang, it can be dealt with for ten years. Or in other words, if the sport with the highest commercial value in China is table tennis and badminton, this matter is also simple. But what about Chinese basketball now? Count on Zhou Qi? The national football team doesn’t even want to talk about it. I don’t know the fast-moving clothing category very well, and there may be other show operations. In the sports market, there is really no sense of science and technology. What does Nike sell? Selling is compelling. Under the current circumstances, our domestic companies have the opportunity to capture the domestic market that originally belonged to the top international giants. But when you go to the competition, you will find that the weapon of criticism cannot replace the criticism of the weapon after all. How can we meet this part of the demand? This is the key to domestic sports brands. I thought about this question pessimistically. I can’t say that entertainment stars should replace sports stars and become the facade of these well-known sports brands in China. Speaking of this, the extent to which companies like Anta Li Ning can kill this wave is not just a matter of the domestic apparel industry. Sun Xingmin, who was jealous next door, was jealous. Resistance is just an opportunity. As a company, it is not said that it is looking to the patriotic brand to face the entire market. If you want to achieve long-term victory, you still have to think about how to match the needs. The world is so big and there are so many banknotes. How can Anta Li Ning Pick Hongxing Erke just stare at the country and give up abroad? Not going to the whole world is not a win after all.

7 months ago

I used to work in a big Japanese company that makes zipper buttons (Japanese companies should know which one I am talking about). I counted sales and analyzed sales at that company all day and found an interesting phenomenon. For the button business, the main customers are foreign brands such as Levi’s and H&M, and the proportion of domestic brand customers’ sales is very low. However, through sales to domestic brand customers, it is known that the market for domestic brands is actually occupied by other competitors. The current situation of domestic products is that they are not bad money, large in quantity, and not so strict on quality (because it is a fast fashion route, you do not need to be as good as your quality), only one requirement: fast delivery. Of course, this company can’t do it. From my experience during this period of time, before these boycotts of Nike happened, I already knew that the overall volume of clothing produced by garment factories in Southeast Asia was declining, especially during the epidemic last year, which was terrible. Therefore, the Japanese are staring at those brands and asking when to resume production, but they are not at all concerned about domestic brands. The zipper business has long been a position where domestic brands have far surpassed foreign brands. The factory has specially engaged in rapid production lines corresponding to fast-fashion route brands. At least before 2018, the number of foreign brands in China is significantly lower than that of domestic brands. In addition, brands like Semir use zippers and buttons under their own group, while brands like Anta use zippers and buttons from domestic suppliers. At that time, our company could not get in because the delivery time was too long. And the style is old fashioned! ! ! Our salesmen went to the brand exhibition and took the product manuals. It was very shabby, with few styles, outdated designs, and more expensive than domestic manufacturers, and the management was still thinking about how to take the other side’s production plan! Fast-fashion brands will only ship a large number of orders when they sell out, instead of a fixed annual output like the automobile manufacturing industry. Before these brands of Nike were boycotted, domestic brands were already very fierce in domestic combat, while foreign brands were in a state of dying. Of course, Nike Adi was still very fierce, but Uniqlo, H&M, and Zara were nowhere to be seen. These brands are in first- and second-tier cities, but how many first- and second-tier cities are there in my country? Not to mention brand awareness, in terms of style and design, I discovered Anta at least in 2015. Li Ning’s design is already very strong, and Nike is not as good-looking as I imagined. H&M, such as pure, can be beaten. Not bad. Generally speaking, the rise of domestic brands is a historical process. The boycott of foreign brands has accelerated the process for the domestic apparel industry. This round may be a reshuffle. After all, the aura of these brands of Nike and Adi Uniqlo has enveloped us for too long, and it is time for domestic brands to replace them.

7 months ago

The memory of the Internet is only three seconds. As long as the relevant state departments do not follow up on these brands or other brands involved in the subsequent actions of closing stores and withdrawing the counters, then this uproarious “Xinjiang cotton” incident can only be regarded as a domestic capital in the end. Marketing behavior is nothing more than. In terms of facts, this may be the best time for Li Ning and Anta to enter the room in the top sports brand field. Like the rise of domestic mobile phones such as Huawei and OPPO, when they just entered the high-end price range controlled by Samsung and Apple, even if they had a comprehensive quality that did not lose to imported mobile phones, they would be complained by consumers, “XX is crazy, right? Why don’t I buy Samsung Apples at this price?” At that time, consumers always had a high look at established foreign products. With the explosion of Samsung’s NOTE7 and subsequent public relations arrogance, consumer opposition has intensified, and Samsung’s Android mobile phone market in mainland China has never been able to get out of others. Samsung’s crisis is also likely to begin on Adi and Nike from now on. Although Nike and Adidas are blowing their own fabrics and cushioning black technology every year, people who have a little knowledge of the shoe and clothing industry should understand that these technologies are incomparable with lithography machines and the like, and there are almost no substantial barriers. In other words, it is easy for the Chinese to copy or improve it. The essence of Nike and Adidas is cultural brands. They are marketing their own values ​​and endorsed by the choices of many sports superstars. More than 60% of the price of shoes is paid for marketing. To put it bluntly, they sell “personal design.” In this regard, they will cherish their feathers very much. It is estimated that this wave of BCI’s operation is also unexpected by them. Once the image of this brand collapses, the blow will be fatal, because everyone knows that a cushioning rubber sole and shoe upper are actually not worth any money. When no one thinks that Adinike represents an excellent athlete, and no one thinks that wearing Adinike has a superiority in front of domestic brands, then no matter how much their technology tree is, they can only be stunned by everyone. H&M is naturally pointed out, but can you still buy Adidas Nike Uniqlo? On the issue of “patriotism”, listen to the country, not the netizens. As long as the country does not close stores or withdraw counters for these brands, as long as China is still a free market, you are free to buy any brand of clothes with the RMB in your pocket. If shopping behavior has to be related to patriotism, then my understanding is: as long as it is a brand that is allowed to operate in the country, my purchase of it will create tax for the country. This is patriotism. Whether it is Chinese Lining or American Nike. (There are so many brands involved, guess why the central government media only listed H&M as a third-tier brand that is not up to the level? Just kill the chickens and curse the monkeys. Let the monkeys be obedient in the future. If the chicken is dead, it will die. Anyway, it will not hurt the overall situation.) The value-added tax created by the author with real money is a million times stronger than the “Boycott X goods” statements that the keyboard patriots spread on the Internet. Those who don’t want to buy can not buy it by themselves. Brand preferences are your personal business, but if you try to discredit the consumers of these brands, you will have a bad mind.

7 months ago

For domestic products, this is an opportunity, but specific brands need to be analyzed in detail. For example, Anta can share a certain market share for Anta, but it is not large, because Anta’s audience is not in conflict with Adinike’s audience. Anta’s main price-performance ratio is priced at two to three hundred. The flagship sneakers are priced at four to five hundred in the secondary market. The audience for Nike Adi’s shoes and clothing is around five to six hundred or even one thousand yuan, so Anta will benefit, but not The biggest and easiest to share most of the Nike Adi market is Li Ning. Since New York Fashion Week, Li Ning has vigorously developed the quality of his shoes and clothes, and the price has been the same as Nike Adi, and even surpassed. The version is even higher than the Nike AJ positive generation. The coats and sweaters with the Chinese Lining words are also around 600 to 700. Those with a budget of 600 to 700 want to buy a piece of clothing. Out of patriotism, they would not choose Adidas. I will definitely visit Li Ning, and Li Ning’s traffic will increase. But Li Ning’s problem is that he is timid and dare not sell goods. From the perspective of the flagship basketball shoe Wade’s Way 9, the current price in the secondary market has exceeded its original price. It is because the quantity of goods is not large and the goods are scarce. Many people want to try it on and can’t try it in a physical store. They can only learn about clothes by watching videos on the Internet. There are also clothes. There will be no big discounts on the secondary market prices. Like Adi’s clothes, the original price is 1000, but in You can start at around 600 on the Dewu APP. Although the prices are too expensive, consumers can enjoy the psychological satisfaction of taking advantage of discounts. However, Li Ning will definitely not have this feeling. The second time was an opportunity for Li Ning, to see if he dared to distribute the goods.

7 months ago

I didn’t want to pour cold water. But the reality is that the celebrity entertainment circles collectively cut these brands. Have the endorsements of the sports department cut? Has JD Taobao been removed from the shelves? Are offline physical stores about to close? The only one who will completely cool down in the country is HM. HM will be used to sacrifice the flag just like Lotte in the THAAD incident. Anyone with a discerning eye knows that because only HM was named, and only HM was completely blocked. Other brands wait for the wind to pass, and everything is business as usual. Many of the celebrity cuts this time were coerced by public opinion and had to do so. In the end, how the situation will evolve in the future depends on how Europe and the United States will continue to make moves. If Europe and the United States continue to increase sanctions, then these domestic foreign brands will naturally go out together. This is also a warning to Europe and America! If the domestic clothing brand industry wants to usher in opportunities, if it can’t lead the fashion trend, it will be an Adou who can’t afford it. After the enthusiasm of consumers, they will not pay the bill!

7 months ago

I just want to complain. Even the Jack Jones brand has a face? As far as their clothes are concerned, they are ashamed to say that they don’t use Xinjiang cotton, but they don’t have shirts that don’t shrink, or pants that don’t suck ashes. It’s a miracle that people who don’t know the truth can live up to the present if they buy 100 yuan and get a 50% discount for those who don’t know the truth. There is also a female version of Jack Jones is very moda, plus zara, the perennial play is relatively high-quality and low price, plus Jack Jones is the representative of ugly quality and inferior. With these three brands, it is better to buy Yichun, Li Ning, Anta and Metersbonwe. There is also that GAP, which is also self-confident. How long has the sister spent the old navy cold, and is just half-hanging, and has a face to join in the fun?

7 months ago

For ourselves, the Chinese are forgetful. For international big names, the Chinese are humble. The boycott of Japanese goods and the Dolce & Gabbana incident that year did not explain the problem? There was a short-term patriotic feeling, and everyone on the Internet was unanimously filled with indignation. If you don’t buy this or that, don’t these brands still live well in China? You should buy, eat, and wear. They boycott Xinjiang cotton, and Egyptian cotton and American cotton can be used. We just use our own brand of Xinjiang cotton. The key is whether Chinese brands can keep up with the rhythm of the times in terms of aesthetic standards and innovation capabilities, so that they can slowly gain the recognition and dependence of stable customer groups and high-end customer groups, and gradually realize the continuous premium of brand value?

7 months ago

I think these questions are too utilitarian, whether foreign brands will not work, and domestic brands will rise. But I have forgotten that the most important purpose of this incident itself is to support Xinjiang cotton. Oppose the stigmatization of Xinjiang. But Xinjiang cotton is not enough domestically. This is also doomed, and there will be no greater results. In opposition to the stigmatization of Xinjiang, the mainstream media carried out a wave of propaganda. But many netizens don’t care, this is worthy of reflection. Let’s talk about these clothing brands. Nlke, ADI, why are these brands compelling? These sporting goods are closely related to our sports market. These brands are determined by the sports that occupy the largest market in our country, such as football and basketball. Although the market for football and basketball is in the country, our performance is not good. This subconsciously creates foreign worship. As long as our ball performance is not good, no matter how good our relevant industry is, it will not be good in the eyes of the fans. It’s a simple matter. Compare it with the co-brand of the Table Tennis Association: Li Ning. Gymnastics team cooperation brands: Li Ning and now Anta. Of course, it does not mean that domestic brands must be used for strong projects, but that we have more options. Therefore, instead of expecting Nlke and ADI to be out, it is better to expect football and basketball to revive. Supplement in the back. I seem to have made a mistake. The football market is not equal to the national football market. Similarly, the basketball market is not equal to the cba market. Therefore, the judgment on the right to endorsement is inaccurate. But it does not affect the forced judgment.

7 months ago

You said I bought a jacket and changed from Nike to Li Ning. What will happen to it? We have saved hundreds of times; the fine-staple cotton has been upgraded to Xinjiang long-staple cotton, and the quality has been improved; the Chinese market has not changed the sales of jackets due to one of my choices, so the channels and sales positions to maintain this market have not occurred Variety. Li Ning is made in China, and I have driven a manufacturing position in China; Xinjiang long-staple cotton domestic supply chain, I have driven a planting position; Li Ning is a domestic brand, the head of the R&D and design headquarters is in China, I have driven a design position; because One more design position, then there will be a designer hired, then there will be one less Struggle B in my industry; I am missing one more because of the industry Struggle B, then my time at work will change. Longer; because I have been fishing for a long time at work, so I will be happier every day; this wave, how many wins this wave? You count it.

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