An employee of the BCI Shanghai office responded that the BCI China team did not find forced labor in Xinjiang and the brand behavior has nothing to do with it. The latest statement will be issued today.

Reporter Yang Shuhongji
Recently, H&M, Nike and other brands’ announcements on the suspension of Xinjiang cotton have attracted attention. BCI (Swiss Better Cotton Development Association) is said to be the fuse of the storm. On March 25, 2021, Jiemian News visited the BCI Shanghai office. An employee responded that the BCI China team did not find forced labor in Xinjiang and the brand behavior has nothing to do with it. The latest statement will be issued today.

H&M’s above-mentioned public outrage announcement was published in October 2020. The announcement stated: “As it becomes more and more difficult to conduct credible due diligence in this area, BCI has decided to suspend the issuance of BCI cotton licenses in Xinjiang. This means The cotton needed for our products will no longer be obtained from there.”

On March 1, 2021, the BCI WeChat official account issued an “Important Statement on Xinjiang Issues” stating: “The BCI China project team strictly complies with the BCI audit principles and has implemented the Xinjiang project site for the first time since 2012. The second-party credibility review and third-party verification have never found a case of forced labor.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In fact, Western countries led by the United States have been attacking the human rights issue in Xinjiang for many years. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the autonomous region have given full explanations and sincere invitations. Last year, the United States began administrative intervention in Xinjiang cotton and tomato, which also made many American companies dissatisfied. In fact, these enterprises are also violating the law. After all, Xinjiang cotton is recognized by the world. However, this year the US government has intervened more and more severely and directly detained many batches of Xinjiang cotton. So far, American companies have become less and less daring to speak up. At the recent UN Human Rights Conference, while our country was recognized by most countries, the United States also united with Western powers to impose unilateral sanctions on Xinjiang, and we also counterattacked. In fact, the fundamental reason is that the Western countries headed by the United States are using Xinjiang human rights issues to suppress China. These companies are accomplices. They dare not react to their own government, but dare to deceive the Chinese people. They look down on the Chinese people in their hearts and think of China. The people are just fooling and daring to be pawns of great powers. And we must severely crack down on these companies, and we need more spontaneous awareness of the people to make them respect the Chinese market and the Chinese people. Knock the mountain and shake the tiger! Let me explain that the human rights issue in Xinjiang is obvious and there is no problem. As long as you come to Xinjiang, you will understand everything. Please let go of your arrogance and ignorance!

6 months ago

China bans the sale of BCI-certified products. All the products of the shops that cooperated with BCI are off the shelves. After the brand owner announces the cancellation of the cooperation with BCI, it can be sold in mainland China. The industry and commerce department has set up reporting channels, and users who buy BCI-certified products can complain and close the shop. All brands abandon BCI, and this round of goals has been achieved. Clothing has no technical content. There is no problem with domestic brands, and there is no problem of poor quality or uncomfortable domestic products. This BCI is gone, and it is no problem for China to develop a similar domestic standard.

6 months ago

This proper act of throwing the pot immediately. It can only be said that BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) has become a political tool, and this time it really stinks in China. The original intention of the BCI organization was to maintain the future development of the cotton industry. For example, some cotton industry disregards the moral bottom line and relies on squeezing labor to reduce costs, and thus sells goods at a price cheaper than the market. This unethical and price-reducing method enhances its competitiveness and treats those who abide by it. The legal and ethical standards of the business are very unfair. This is easy to cause other cotton industries to compete to imitate, and ultimately the bottomless squeeze makes laborers suffer losses, which is an unhealthy way of competition. BCI is an organization oriented to enterprises and consumers. It can supervise enterprises and issue certifications to well-performing enterprises. He can also promote the products of these recognized companies to consumers and ensure that consumers can buy products from the healthy and competitive cotton industry. But after this incident, it was obvious that BCI had stinks. Based on the unwarranted one-sided report, he made wild speculations without evidence and unilaterally announced that it would no longer use Xinjiang cotton for production. As a supervisory organization of this kind, he has done such things that interfere in internal affairs and have no evidence at all, which is a kind of suppression on our China, and has lost its moral bottom line. It can only be said that our society no longer needs such an organization that can’t even behave healthily. But our society does need such organizations to improve the moral bottom line of the society, and hope that one day, the Chinese will also establish such organizations to replace BCI.

6 months ago

BCI, a black fighter who uses white cotton as a weapon and pretends to be a white lotus. The full name of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) is the Better Cotton Development Association. It is a non-governmental organization established in Switzerland in 2009. It claims that the organization’s vision is to create a “better cotton” world, to help cotton farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides rationally, and to promote cotton farmers’ health and protection. The rights of cotton farmers, by the way, promote biodiversity. It sounds very moving. So how much of American cotton has been certified by BCI? As one of the three major cotton-producing countries in the world, the United States has only 6% of its cotton obtained BCI certification in 2019, while in Xinjiang, China, which has been hacked by them, 15% of its cotton production capacity has obtained BCI certification. Americans don’t need such a good thing themselves. Let’s take a look at BCI. The BCI idea was put forward by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2005. The founders of WWF are Prince Philip of the United Kingdom (the husband of Queen Elizabeth II who is on standby), Prince Bernhard (husband of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands), Godfrey Rockefeller and others . This initiative received immediate response from European and American bigwigs. In 2009, six organizations co-founded BCI, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the German and Danish Agency for International Development, and several European consortia. The US Agency for International Development was established by Kennedy in 1961. It is responsible for more than half of the US government’s foreign aid and is under the orders of the US President and the National Security Council. The Agency for International Development provides economic, development, and humanitarian assistance around the world to support U.S. foreign policy goals. It is the most important institution in the United States to implement external democratic infiltration and the largest provider of funds for the United States’ overseas democratic infiltration. Since 1990, the Agency for International Development has carried out democratic infiltration projects in more than 120 countries around the world. From 1990 to 2005, the amount of funds used by the Agency for democratic infiltration reached US$8.047 billion (calculated at the constant price of US dollars in 2000). From 2006 to 2008, the Agency for International Development implemented democracy projects in 88 countries around the world. The Democratic Infiltration Project implemented by the International Development Agency is rich in content and covers a wide range of fields, including support for independent media, labor, judicial reform, local governance, strengthening of legislative institutions, and elections. It is characterized by the large amount of democratic funds at its disposal, a large amount of funds occupied by a single project, a long project execution cycle, and the most prominent effect of democratic aid. Another BCI funder father is Laudes Foundation, which is the richest in the Netherlands. One of the foundations of the Brenninkmeijer family. The founding institutions of BCI also include GIZ. GIZ’s own website clearly shows that they are an organization exclusively controlled by the German government. Danida in the founding organization is an organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Other sponsors include the Swiss Development Cooperation Corporation, the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and so on. You see, BCI is actually a white glove created by European and American governments and large consortia. It uses the beautiful rhetoric they are familiar with to control global cotton. It is essentially a politicized institution. For Europe and the United States, to strike China is bound to strike China’s textile industry. Xinjiang is the top priority. Xinjiang’s cotton output will account for 87.3% of the country’s total cotton output in 2020, ranking first in the country for 26 consecutive years. At this time, the weapons they crafted carefully, BCI came in handy, isn’t it?

6 months ago

According to the data that can be queried on the Internet, my country’s Xinjiang cotton production in 2019 was 5.11 million tons equal to 5110 million kg. According to the Internet query data, it can be known that if pure manual cotton picking is used, skilled workers can pick up to 55kg per day. The output requires 5110000000/55=92909090 labor. According to Western media reports, Xinjiang forces 500,000 Uighurs to pick cotton. According to this calculation, 92909090/500000=185 days, which means that 500,000 people in Xinjiang pick cotton in the fields for half a year each year. Are you talking nonsense? ? The cotton is rotten in the ground, okay? Isn’t it easy for you to take a photo with a satellite of 500,000 people? Do people who spread rumors in Western countries have pitfalls? ? ? Are there any brain holes in Western countries? ? ? Such an obvious loophole. A bunch of sand coins

6 months ago

Nowadays, there is a great risk for Chinese citizens to work in foreign NGOs. Working in a foreign-funded enterprise is still a different matter. Enterprise employees, everyone can understand, it is nothing more than working to make money. However, NGO employees really can’t tell. Many reports are written by NGO employees, even signed and written in black and white. They cannot escape. It was tampered with maliciously by the headquarters, and I couldn’t explain it completely. The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall.

6 months ago

They are just a bunch of hooligans! Who are the people who died in the Iraq war will go to make sense? Many years ago, a friend of mine came back from the United States, and it was Bush Jr. who fought in Iraq. He said that Iraq is too evil and poses a serious threat to the United States. I said, is the Iraqi army as powerful as the United States? Obviously no Iraq can send troops to the United States? It must be impossible for Iraq to have any long-range weapons that can hit the United States? Of course, how can Iraq pose a threat to the United States? Yes, how is this possible? Can’t see such an obvious reason? After a while, he began to scold Bush Jr. for his low IQ. This ah, worked in IBM and Microsoft, engaged in artificial intelligence, got a master’s degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, and worked in China for several years after graduating with a master’s degree. He can still be brainwashed like this in the United States. What about those who grew up in an environment full of hostile attitudes toward China? Therefore, they really believe in the obvious lies of Chinese forces approaching the border of the United States and XJ infringing on human rights! Afterwards, even if it is found to be false, what about it? Apologize, reflect, that is impossible! They have been such rascals for hundreds of years, and their usual robber logic has never changed!

6 months ago

What role does it play? The lackey character who was held hostage by the United Kingdom and the United States who wanted to eat and want to smash the pot. Such a large-scale organized offensive, so many large-scale organizations ignore their interests in China and have to keep up. This time is not the simple one before, and it makes people numb. Insult to China and anti-China incidents. In the past, brand anti-China incidents were mostly sporadic, unorganized, and without careful decision-making by top management. But this time, can these companies not see their interests in China and their risks? Which one of these companies has not been operating in China for many years, and which one has not been in China and has stores all over the country. What is the status quo in Xinjiang, these companies are not clear? However, they still came, and they came in an organized group. In the face of major risks, after careful consideration, they came without hesitation to allow so many companies and organizations to talk about “human rights” without paying attention to their interests. Anglo-American, are there other options in this world. So many people in this incident are still expecting an apology. What is the purpose of the apology? You stepped on me unconsciously. OK, I accept the apology, no matter if you are sincere. Insincere, what do you think, this apology means that we return to the rules and continue to do business. The current situation is that people came from a group and deliberately punched you in the head. How will China respond to this punch next, which represents the future rules? How to stand and live without standing, you must make them pay a sufficient price. Finally, you have to take a look at it, Mars Enterprise, does it exist?

6 months ago

To be honest, what are these NGOs? Many popular science articles before. However, when my classmates and I were drinking, I said these. They looked at me with contempt. You are idle, watching those useless things every day. , I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Can you figure out how to make money? Later, I not only quit drinking, but also quit NGOs. The awesome thing is that you can be treated as a good person while plucking the feathers. You said that there is no character behind him. Can he be so arrogant? The problem is that foreign NGOs must have foreigners to cooperate, but they are also unimpeded in China, so it is interesting that they emptied the white wolf from the Chinese. It’s okay. They spread rumors and slander the Chinese. It’s okay. The key is that the article I have read before tells it. No one believes that it’s all the truth, but no one believes it. I hope to take this opportunity to crack down on NGOs, mainly the black hands behind NGOs. In addition to foreign countries, it is best to clean up the domestic counterparts. After all, Huangpi Baixin is even more confusing while holding a Chinese ID card.

6 months ago

The statement made by the Shanghai office is actually correct. In fact, the size of BCI is not as big as imagined. BCI should be on the scale of 2 million tons/year. China’s annual cotton production is about 6 million tons, and the world’s annual cotton production is about 27 million tons. And from the perspective of the textile industry, the traceability of cotton itself is a difficult task. If you don’t put a lot of effort into it, at best, it will be procedural justice. Everyone can pass with one eye open and one eye closed. Therefore, BCI felt that I was under political pressure to suspend the certification of Xinjiang cotton. I did not force your member units to use BCI cotton for their products. Besides, a bunch of things in your house are not certified by our BCI, and they are not still sold. Why are you hanging me out now? As far as the volume of the global textile industry is concerned, half of BCI’s revenue is probably from China. If activities in the country are really prohibited, it will be a real pain. Moreover, Xinjiang Cotton’s BCI certification should also have a small volume, up to several hundred thousand tons. China imports 2 million tons a year, not counting other domestic production areas. In theory, there is a lot of room for leeway. Therefore, BCI also felt wronged. It issued a statement for the white-skinned masters. As for how to do it privately, BCI does not have an army in its hands, and it can still tie you to do what you can do. This is actually why the BCI China representative office defended Xinjiang Cotton. It wants to keep the Chinese market, and they haven’t said anything about it, just saying that certification is suspended for one year. But if you look at these brands, you are simply sick. A certain brand actually even cares about whether there are Uighurs in the supply chain. This is already a mess. It can be said that although the cause of the matter was in BCI, the brand magnified the matter, and then no one thought that the official media would end up, turning up the old things from last year. Now things have gone uncontrollable. Especially when a certain star gives up endorsements, his fans are afraid that other stars with endorsements will be madly blocked. If a large-scale celebrity terminates the contract, it will cause great harm to any brand. For these huge enterprises, the improper growth is not doing well. Not to mention the trade-offs, if other brands take away part of the market, the impact will be long-term.

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