I am a girl and I often play games. I know many boys who play games every day. I feel that they like to play games and spend most of their time playing games. Will they really be happy like this? I feel that I am not very happy, it is difficult to find a way to get happiness, so I am envious of people who will be happy playing games, can anyone give me some advice, I want to have a happier life

I thought about this question when I was in school. At that time, I was obsessed with CS. I was obsessed with CS until the middle of the college entrance examination. Others would either have a rest or read the exercises. Then I went directly to the Internet cafe to play CS… There was an old man who loved fishing Dad, you can get up in the early morning and drive hundreds of kilometers away to fish. The characteristic of “Ye Keng” is that the environment is relatively “wild”, with overgrown weeds and mosquito bites. It is normal to eat a meal, sometimes even worse. Maybe you can’t even eat food, and there is no place to block the wind and sun. Because of the terrain, you can put umbrellas everywhere. It’s boring and monotonous. In my opinion, it’s just a crime. Once my dad asked me when I was playing CS: What is there to play, every day? I decided to turn from defense to offense, and started a soul torture on him: Why do you like fishing so much? Then Dad was silent for a moment. At this moment, it seems that time is still. You can clearly see the subtle changes in Dad’s expression, just like the moment when a “actor” bursts into action on the screen, even if there is a slight change in facial muscles. I can perceive it clearly, thinking and answering: When fishing, the state of being alone and thinking about nothing is like the whole world is quiet…There are always certain moments in your life. Suddenly, it came suddenly, but it seemed like a long-awaited old friend. After my dad said this sentence, I understood it in seconds. I play CS and he fishes, not because of how fun or exciting his behavior or activity is, and even I feel boring and boring just like bystanders. But at the moment of this activity, our body and mind are empty, thinking about nothing, and will not come to you for any annoying things. I think this is not something of a realm with “addiction” at all, you will feel that your heart is inside. A point of balance. In fact, as a game practitioner, you will know that game design has a theory: flow. I haven’t studied this very deeply. In my understanding, it is the game design that uses all available conditions to enable players to achieve a smooth integration of senses and heart flow. For example, when playing the game, the moment when a few lines of squares disappear; when hitting a battlefield, the word jumps when killing; when hitting a wolf, a perfect block back… These specific moments are where the player reaches the heart flow. If this can explain our love to play games. So how to explain, we will choose a fixed game to play? Some people still love to play “Legend”, “WOW”, “CS”, “Old War3”. . . This shows that flow is only the first stage of the game for players to accept. The real world is often insincere. For example, if a person does not want to talk to you, you ask him, he will not say that you are annoying, but will say: I’m sorry I am busy. Another example is a couple who are quarreling. They clearly want to say why you can’t love me more, but what they say is: Let’s break up, huh~. Therefore, flow cannot be a formula, and sometimes deliberate design is counterproductive, which is why many game sequels are dusted by the original. Maybe you don’t like to smoke the same cigarette if you don’t change anything, just change the brand. When we repeat a kind of entertainment, where does happiness come from? Flow itself can bring happiness, but it is not enough to support us to stay the same. Games that bring the same happiness abound. Throwing a happy performance, I found that it is really the kind of balance that will make you “cannot stop at all.” While pursuing heart flow, in fact, I have been looking for that balance point. When I find it, everything will be harmonious, my heart will be very peaceful, and all troubles will be annihilated at that moment. But before that, you are stuck in a maze. This pathway was only found accidentally when you were engaged in a certain entertainment. So it is also a game, only if you find a way in a certain game, you will be “indulged”. But when you repeat this path every time, you will be familiar. At this time, in fact, you will not “indulge”. It means that you will not play this game desperately, but you know that when you need inner balance, come and play this game. This feeling of being free from distractions, in fact, in these years, if you do nothing that day and write code for a day, sometimes the state will feel the same, you will not feel tired, just feel comfortable. So now, every weekend, I take advantage of the gap between the child’s cram school and play R6… Really, when you open the game interface that you are familiar with again or start the activity you love, you can deliberately pay attention to it. , When you feel happy, is it not vanity, achievement, satisfaction at all? In fact, it is simply because: at that moment, your heart is like a mirror.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I don’t know if the subject has ever seen the social animals after get off work. They may hold a can of Coke or beer and sit or sit at the subway station, bus station or station sluggishly. In this state, they may be thinking about what to do tomorrow, thinking about what to do in a few years, or even let their minds and bodies go, thinking about nothing. For me, this is the only time in a day that can separate work and family and truly enjoy one’s own life. It is as happy as Buddha’s enlightenment. Having said that, being in a daze at the end of get off work can bring you happiness, and stand-alone games can also be double the happiness, plus Coke or beer is three times, the game does not drop frames is four times. As for why the subject can’t experience the fun of the game, it may be that he didn’t choose the right type that suits him. After all, the mask must be carefully selected, so I can’t neglect this kind of entertainment tool. If you feel that competitive games are not suitable for you, go to mmorpg, if you feel that you are not suitable for communicating with others, go to play autistic stand-alone. RPG doesn’t like to try act. No, there are simulation management, strategic battle flags, or playing card coloring games for children of P club. If you can’t appreciate it, it’s good to play a movie or game, or hit a gal. In short, the source of the fun of games is nothing more than competition, aesthetics, accumulation and relaxation. As a cheap act of nipple music, who would not like games and this ninth art, do you think it is not beautiful?

8 months ago

An old joke: GTA 5 was made by more than 500 designers and it took five years to spend 200 million US dollars. Why do you think you are more attractive than it? Electronic games, especially those of the last 10 years, are the most effective and addictive industrial products designed by human beings for their own psychological weaknesses. Its design purpose is to attract players and make them addicted to it, and even need to make an anti-addiction system to curb its effect. There is no other non-physiologically addictive entertainment product that can compete with it. For men, games are more attractive than most “ordinary” modern women. The game is like Pandora made by the gods, created to attract Prometheus’ simple-minded brothers, with strong purpose and functionality. Human women are not perfect products made by the gods. They have their own personalities and advantages and disadvantages, and they are not born to “attract” someone. There may be two people who are perfectly attracted to each other, but the chance of meeting in real life is too small. In order to avoid arousing resentment and misunderstanding from female friends, I update a little explanation (I am lazy, just copy my own comments). The attraction I mentioned is more like a feeling like a special medicine. Cough medicine cures cough, antipyretic medicine cures fever. Games are developed to treat humans. It uses human psychological weakness to attract players to play. It is not only boys who like games, but there are too few games for women. Once the market finds the weakness of women, corresponding games will naturally emerge (for example, “Love and the Producer”, which was popular a few years ago). The attractiveness of women/males is not deliberate, we are not born to please anyone, we are born for ourselves. We can indeed improve our connotation and appearance, but this passive attraction is far less direct than the game. And I also said in my answer that there may be two people in the world who are perfectly attracted to each other, but the chance of meeting is very low. We fall in love and get married only because we meet a person who can ignore our shortcomings because of our strengths, not the right person. Just like Jiang Taigong was fishing, one of them happened to be hooked. The game is frying fish.

8 months ago

Topic Hello~ I am also a girl. Let me first tell you some ways to feel happy when playing games~ A kind of online game similar to eating chicken, ow and other online games. You can encounter all kinds of interesting games in this kind of game. People, encounter all kinds of interesting things. These interesting things can bring us fun and make many friends. OW is the game I have played for the longest time. I only have two hundred hours of eating chicken, but OW already has More than 700 levels (average more than an hour, but the rank is still platinum haha), there are many funny things, such as playing Ash Genji, rushing over and cutting you just caught your bullet with your head and it flew. Going out, for example, playing with an angel and meeting a pig hook, you won’t let you go or let you dance, playing with Tracer, when you think you are very showy, you are hit by a flash bomb on the opposite side of McRae. . . This kind of game is too common to be funny, I won’t give an example. I think there will be many other people who will talk about it, and some games that can work hard to survive with friends. For example, human beings are defeated, and a new one has been released recently. Get up to drive the train, and games such as Don’t Starve Online, bring happiness because you can play with many friends. This is the happiness that comes from social activities and interactions between friends. Once I played Don’t Starve Together with my friend. I just built a cooking pot and the meatball recipe just got out of the pot. My friend held a torch and burned it directly to me. We were silent by the pot that was pasted into sticks. In other words, a friend who was aware of the trouble asked: “Isn’t it supposed to be cooking?” I was already laughing and speechless. I played the game a few days before we started the train. The content of the game is to cut trees and mine, and then put it in the train carriage to build the rails and then continue to pave the road. At that time, two randomly came in, which should be teamed together. Me and my man My friend mines and cuts trees silently, or conversely, there is a friend of his who seems not very good at playing, and always can’t control the position of the bomb. One accidentally killed my boyfriend who was silently cutting trees, or another one didn’t. Caution killed the four of us, and when the four of us slowly descended from the sky, the train pulled out of the track. . . Over there, I laughed while listening to my boyfriend’s angry scolding, killing me again. There is also a survival game, one of my personal favorite types, for example, seven-day killing, long nights, famine, 60 seconds, hypoxia (more on business strategy), etc., this is purely personal preference. I prefer a process from scratch, but after playing for a long time, it is easy to feel lonely. This also proves that human beings really cannot survive alone. But the long night also has a plot line~ I was in the heater and listened to the old grandmother telling the story before the disaster. When her previous story happened, my eyes were really wet. This is the different feeling brought by the game. As well as the simulation business category, this kind of feeling is also made from scratch, such as Portia Time and Stardew Valley. This is an experience I would like to share with others. The game time has reached two or three hundred hours. I’m currently in the third year of Stardew Valley and Portia’s time. Stardew Valley’s assets have exceeded one million and built a big house. Stardew Valley has married the daughter of a shop. She has purple roll Curly hair, fair skin, occasionally give her small snacks, and give me bombs (?), is the person who cares about me the most and loves me the most in this game. I have a baby, and I call him Bobby. When he was a baby, Bobby liked to lift high. After he crawled, he would run around the house every day. I built his small room like a forest. The small chair in the forest, the small table, the room is painted green, the study is like the ocean, and the room is painted blue. And the mother-in-law of the farm, as I tirelessly send her a farmer’s lunch every week, our relationship has gradually improved. She will give me some small gifts every few months, and the carpenter’s aunt will give me discounts. By the way, there are secrets in the town’s church that only I know! In Portia time, I walked slowly. The hot air balloon in the small town, the small wooden bridge to the west, the decoration of the haunted house, the bridge leading to the desert, and the big ship in the port were all built by me~ (Little proud) Wave The game types of West Asia Time and Stardew Valley are very similar. You have to give gifts to your friends to make your relationship better, and then you have a date. Before the road to the desert was built, a boy came to the town, a taciturn engineer, tall, and he didn’t like to laugh. After I tried to give him gifts, he seldom came to play with me. When other children came to the door with three or four favorability points, he was always busy not knowing what he was doing. Later I found out that he went to the desert to see the project every day, then went to sleep under the tree in the afternoon, and went back to the staff dormitory at night. Later we went to take a hot air balloon and were high in the sky, overlooking this town where I had a lot of hard work. The next day I bought the concentric knot and gave it to him. He looked confused. What is this for? I said, this is what I mean by liking you. He stuttered suddenly, then ran away without saying anything in a hurry, leaving a sentence for him to think about. A few days after that, when I went to see him, he ran away and took the initiative to talk to him. He just said, I will think about it again. Then the mayor couldn’t stand it anymore (this gossip middle-aged man with a girlish heart in his forties), he asked me to go to the hospital to get things, but when I looked back, I saw him at the door and asked me anxiously. Are you okay, and then I said I’m okay. After realizing that this was the mayor’s scam, the two of us looked at each other and laughed. After some twists and turns, we finally got married, so I won’t go into details here. Another time was a birthday set by Portia Time. A few days before that, I bought a party table, bought a lot of dishes for a long time, and took the invitation letter to invite friends one by one, but many people refused. In the end, there were only seven or eight people willing to come. I felt a little sad at the time. Although it was not a real birthday, then on the birthday, I didn’t go home at all. I ran out and worked on construction. The result was when I got home in the afternoon. , One by one gifts at the door of my house covered the ground in front of my house, and some people came over to put gifts one after another. The eyes are red, and the presents are opened one by one. I can even guess whose gift it is. This knife, either from the man who always talks about the man, or from the guard patrol captain. This bunch of flowers should be flowers. The young lady in the shop gave this necklace. This necklace should be given by the very elegant nurse lady. This beautiful shell should be given by a little trick or treat. Wait, why is there a potted plant! I dismantled them one by one, and unconsciously discovered that all the people in the small town behind were coming to celebrate my birthday. Although it was a birthday in the game, I really cried at the time. The short ten minutes was my best memory in the game. The joy of the game is innumerable. In fact, there are many games. There is a game similar to finding things. The sound effects in it are windows opening and closing, falling flower pots, riding bicycles and whistling, all of which can clearly hear people. Sounds, as well as the English typing game of loading dishes and serving dishes, the translation of the name is also very simple and rude, called cooking, serving dishes, delicious! There is also a second one haha. The joy of gaming is innumerable. In fact, it is not only for boys, but also can bring a lot of happiness to girls. I hope the subject can feel this kind of happiness someday~

8 months ago

Mutual understanding, mutual support, mutual non-interference, mutual respect. This is a principle for men and women to get along (male, personally think). I can accompany you to watch movies and go shopping and discuss online dramas that are popular nowadays. I can listen to you spit on the trivia of your girlfriends, sisters, sisters, and friends, ass and upsets for hours or even all night. I can enlighten you when you feel down and work under pressure. To comfort you and admonish you. Even if I want to watch the movies and web dramas I want to watch, even if I don’t want to hear what your SB bestie is saying to you, even if I am so busy that I don’t want to talk at all and I don’t want to pick up a cell phone to chat. From an academic point of view, happiness is the excitement of dopamine in the brain. The happiness of boys is very simple. Some people can feel happy by playing games, some people like reading, some people like the second dimension, and some people like to collect. There are countless ways to secrete dopamine (in advanced terms: self-actualization). A world of one’s own is the dream of every boy. The subject is 80% of women, and boys cannot ask such questions. (No discrimination to) The above reply is very civilized and euphemistic. Happy daughter is hard to buy! Happy playing games! What’s wrong!

8 months ago

It’s not that boys like to play games, but young people like to play games. Why girls don’t seem to like games, because girls have never played fun games. Why haven’t girls played fun games, because boys used to play marbles, snap cards, and Contra when they were young. And the girls’ parents told him that the cards are dirty and the Internet cafes are bad guys. Boys have heard these warnings, but a few boys will care about it~ Why do many girls like to play in the glory that is not interesting in my eyes? Because this is the most fun game they have encountered in their twenty or thirty years of life, and a king of glory is enough for them to play. Similarly, in my more than 20 years of life, dota has occupied more than ten years of time. In the next five or six years of my life, I never touched dota again, but I bought so many games on steam, and I played every game. Less than half a year. Because it was my first time to play dota with all my energy, my understanding of dota1 can be said to be a unique position in my circle, but let me try my best to play a game. As for my lol, it’s not like playing at all. For the first time in her 20-year life, a girl has come into contact with the glory of the king, which is more fun than before, so it may be similar to the game of glory and chicken in the eyes of boys. Maybe they will be treated in the next game. forget. But according to my observation, many girls around me can play for several years. So why can boys be happy playing games? Because playing games is always very happy, but you girls feel unhappy. Why can boys play basketball all afternoon without going home? Because playing basketball is always very happy, but you girls can’t feel his happiness if you don’t play since childhood. Why do boys see that beautiful women’s IQ is zero? Because boys have been dragged by their aunts and aunts since they were young, watching their father and uncle are shirtless, and a few boys get together to discuss/see things that can’t be known by their parents. Girls have been warned to be “reserved” and “introverted” since they were young.

8 months ago

The cat has an action called stepping on milk. When kittens want to eat, they will alternately massage the breasts of big cats with their front paws to promote milk secretion. The principle is simple. But the benefits are high. The milk is secreted and you can be full. Curled up next to the big cat, it was very warm. There are big cats, it’s safe. The satisfaction of stepping on milk is so high that cats will often do it when they grow up. Even if there are no big cats to breastfeed him. It can bring great pleasure to itself as long as it steps on it out of thin air. Boys like to play games, but almost no one’s parents support them in playing games. In other words, every time they play a game is a victory, either in exchange for their studies, or a successful counter-reconnaissance. At this time, the satisfaction brought by the game does not just come from the game itself. Even after they become adults, no one cares whether they play games or not, how late they play. Every time they turn on the game console or computer, this kind of pleasure still flows into their brains.

8 months ago

Thanks invite, as for myself, my experience may not be the same as everyone else. I suffered from depression + autism in the second grade, and I did not change much when I lived in the third grade. I still talked less, my personality was withdrawn, and I was repulsive to others. I didn’t want to deal with strangers. Anyway, I was full of social interaction. fear. But in a blink of an eye, I went to high school. Hahahaha, for a while, I started to try to play League of Legends. In the game, I can immerse myself, forget about myself, experience a sense of happiness brought by being away from social interaction, and realize that I can also be so excited. So often all night long, my mind is full of games. Also, the six days off in school has stimulated my desire to play. The stronger desire to play, the pleasure shown in the heart after getting short-term satisfaction is self-evident. Another point, after playing the game, I gradually started to chat with others. Although the topic was about the alliance, there were other good responses to the chat. For example, I am willing to interrupt when others are talking about more non-gaming topics, and I have also made good friends through games. In the end, I went from being a person with few words to being a child’s shoe who was often named in class speeches. Finally, I still want to remind myself, don’t over indulge in games, arrange game time reasonably, play healthy, and live a healthy life, which will make you happier.

8 months ago

Haha, yes, I am a boy who can be very happy playing games, but one thing is that happiness may be based on the “pain” of others. I really don’t believe in people who can be happy if they lose all the time, and this is very similar to the psychological characteristics of boys. Relationship, as we all know, boys have a natural sense of “competition” in their bones, and they are willing to win and win! Why do boys enjoy playing games! Heathcliff’s video 204 is playing, but now society cannot have the previous military duel. It was a barbaric act, so competing in the game and defeating the opponent in the game has become a subconscious struggle for many boys! I like to play Glory of the Kings, and I only like to play ranked, because I think everyone values ​​rankings and can show their true strengths to fight against. I must be happy when I win, but I’m really angry even when I kneel down. Because the game is the glory of five people, when you lose, no one will admit that it’s your own reason. It’s all because of your teammates. It’s strange that you can be happy if you scold each other over and over again! The happiness that the subject sees may be that when he sees him win, there should be those who don’t care about winning or losing but are still happy. That kind is purely “happy gamer”. For the subject, you can learn this kind of game. Games are just entertainment. You can find a few friends to play hacking together, talking and laughing, “If you lose, you can carry it together, and if you win, you can go crazy together”!

8 months ago

You think I am playing games. But in fact, I would be a giant crocodile holding a giant sickle, walking in the canyon, in front of my soldiers, fighting to the death with the heavy dog incarnate by my brother. I will come to the city of the future and shout out with the bionics to fight for their freedom. I will invade the robot army, follow them to the wasteland world, and reveal the secrets of the past. I will become a dictator and command my troops to sweep the entire civilized continent. I will return to that rainy night and become a detective to reveal the true face of the murderer. →_→Wow, my second soul is burning!

8 months ago

I think the question will generally pay special attention to the supplementary content of the question. The subject said “Why are others happy when playing games”, “Why do I follow this example but not happy”, and the most important thing is “It is difficult to find a way to be happy”. I strongly recommend the subject if it is difficult to obtain happiness and satisfaction For positive emotions such as feeling, happiness, etc., go to the psychologist in time! See a psychologist in time! See a psychologist in time! I wish you to find your own happiness as soon as possible

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