On the 25th, an obituary was issued, “We inform everyone with a very sad heart that Mr. Zhang Shaohua died of illness in Beijing on March 23, 2021. This is the obituary. On behalf of the company and his family, we thank all sectors of society and the audience. Concern and condolences.”

My grandfather’s family has experienced house ransacking. It was grandpa’s student and my mother’s best friend who took the lead in hacking home. I have written her story in detail before. After digging the ground three feet, she regretted looking at my grandma who was kneeling on the side. She went to the house at night and knelt on the ground and begged my grandpa to forgive her. My grandpa said I don’t hate you, but you don’t want to do it anymore. She quit. Also, my second uncle’s classmate’s home was copied. That classmate’s parents were both professors, and the copycat was his student and his son’s classmate. The student wanted the professor to kneel down in the yard, and then use a belt to pull. The son in the room was holding a kitchen knife and wanted to go out desperately. He was hugged tightly by his sister and mother. Finally, the son slashed his forehead with a kitchen knife. After a few decades, everyone will become famous. The beaters are of a higher level. They have asked someone to make peace many times. The professor’s son said that he will not forgive forever, and he will be cursed on the day of death. I was born in 1976 and I have not experienced that era, but I have a deep imprint on my body. Because I am a child of an educated youth, I pay attention to that era. I pay attention to the people of that era. I have read a lot of documentary literature, even a lot. I did not personally experience the manuscripts of people’s diaries at that time, but I knew that period of history at my age. My greatest hope is that such history will not repeat itself. Our human performance has improved, but we are not optimistic, because we are always the descendants of Homo sapiens who have eliminated the Neanderthals.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

When a person dies
Someone will always sum up his/her life’s accomplishments and morals
I agree with Ms. Zhang Shaohua’s superb acting skills. I would like to call her an old artist
But those things that happened when she was young do exist. In terms of morality, she is not worthy of virtue and art.
Let’s use one last sentence, she is a good actor, not a good person

6 months ago

What impressed me the most was my ugly mother, who wiped her tears while watching through the little big ass TV. But in the end the work is a work. The actors are just actors. Please don’t forget that Xin Fengxia Zhang Shaohua took the lead in copying her peers—Xin Fengxia’s home stole a lot of antiques from her and interrupted her meniscus for the rest of her life. Although there are reasons of the times for not being able to engage in performing arts, it is not worthy of forgiveness to act too outrageously. In addition, I do not agree that the deceased is the greatest, I only agree that the people are fair and comfortable.

6 months ago

Although we always pay attention to the deceased, the memories left behind are always mixed. From the perspective of an actor, it is considered the most common role of a grandmother in a generation on TV. She has played the role of an old lady in the market as well as an aggressive “ancestor”. She can be one of several old ladies in every community, or she can It’s a blind old lady with full power, or even Xuanyuan, a sacred gambling sage. From the perspective of an actor, I like her. She taught me not to gamble. The knife in front of Bai Zhantang has been hanging on my heart. For so many years, there are fewer and fewer grandma actors. I saw the death of the elderly. The news is mixed. But that period of history is destined to be there, and the two have now met again. Having been an actress for many years, will she think of Xin Fengxia’s helplessness for a moment? Someone always said that during those days, everyone was full of helplessness, and no one was really guilty. However, every memoir named Taoist surname here, and everyone was swept by the wave of times. Why did she only name her? How much hatred should be such a cruel hand? How “broad” mind is “smile” at this? Not to mention, the past two decades have been condensed here, and it has only been mixed.

6 months ago

I want to know what she would say if she met Xin Fengxia. Some friends attribute these things to that era. I think this view is not completely correct. Indeed, if there is no such era, this kind of thing would not happen. But some people use this for personal gain to expand. I believe that everyone can still See it clearly. I approve of the artist’s artistic attainments, but his personal morality does suffer, at least for Xin Fengxia.

6 months ago

Don’t put all the mistakes on that era. In that era, no one was forced to beat, smash, and rob. The era just said: “Smash, smash, and looting can go unpunished.” She went, and heard that she was still taking the lead. What do you think of this person’s nature? It has been too long in the past, no one will be held accountable, and he refuses to admit his mistakes or apologize. Do you still call this man your husband? The deceased must be the big one? The Yasukuni Shrine is all dead, what’s wrong with visiting the shrine? The example is inappropriate, just as a metaphor.

6 months ago

The evaluation of a person always looks at it from the pros and cons. In my memory, the most impressive is the passage in “Wulin Biography”. I think that a gambling is a gambling, and there is no size. Because those who win want to win; those who lose want to come back. Once the gambling is up, nothing can be done. As long as you go to the gambling table, regardless of your gambling skills or your wealth. If you don’t play to the point of bankruptcy, no one wants to stop. Therefore, it is said that a long gambling will lose. At least, through her interpretation, I have realized the harm of gambling since I was a child. As for when I grew up, I learned about some extravagances. In that absurd age, those restless people’s hearts crossed the swamp of human nature. ,Who can really not get dirty? I finally know that the world is sometimes complicated. However, people and his roles are to be viewed separately, just like Teacher Six. His interpretation of Monkey King is still my childhood hero. As for them The old master who lives in the world has warned us that we can see the virtuous and think about it, and introspect when we see the bad. Why the world should lock the door and lock the bad guys, because he wants to steal, he always wants to have all kinds of methods. Come to open the lock, steal things and the lock is not used to guard against good people, because even if they don’t have the lock, they won’t come to steal. So why is the lock used? It was to prevent ordinary people from becoming bad people, and ordinary people accounted for the vast majority of that era, so the lock was removed.

6 months ago

Not all obituaries will make people mourn. Not all celebrities who have died can be called “Mr.” Death will not make a person with severe moral defects sacred, and professionalism will not offset the evil that a person has done. Therefore, I seriously disagree with the subject. Before the text of Yang Jiang’s “Six Notes on Cadre School”, Qian Zhong wrote a “Small Quote”: Yang Jiang finished writing “Six Notes on Cadre School” and showed me the manuscript again. I think she omitted to write an article, and the title might be tentatively designated as “Sports Shame”. … Now that things have changed, it can also be said to be clear. In this movement, as in previous sports, there are not many three types of people. If you want to write memories, the comrades who were wronged and criticized in the movement at that time might come up with a piece of “Remembering Qu” or “Remembering Indignation.” As for the general public. When remembering, I probably have to write “Ashamed”: or ashamed of being a fool, failing to see the “false cases” and “wrong cases”, blindly following everyone to ruin some good people; or (like myself) ashamed of being The cowardly ghost felt that there was a grievance in it, but he did not have the courage to protest. At most, he only dared not take an active part in the movement. There are also people who know it is a mess of kudzu tents, but they still act as standard bearers, drummers, and thugs to judge the “Gourd Case.” It stands to reason that such people should be “ashamed.” However, they probably neither remember it in their hearts nor do they deserve it. Perhaps they forget because they feel ashamed, perhaps even more because they don’t feel ashamed. Being ashamed often makes people forgetful, and the things that are unwilling to remember and shameful are always unwilling to remember, so it is easy to leak through the sieve of memory. Being ashamed also makes people cringe and hesitate, and delays the fierce competition for survival; people who are guilty and ashamed will retreat temporarily and become behind for a lifetime. Therefore, ashamed is the feeling that should be eliminated rather than cultivated; it is not listed in the “seven emotions” handed down in the ancient classics. In the increasingly tense modern social life, this mental state seems not only useless, but also very unfavorable. If you don’t feel it, you will feel relaxed and happy both physically and mentally. Zhang Shaohua is the kind of person who took the initiative to be a “drummer, standard bearer, and beater” during the Cultural Revolution, as mentioned in the text, and also such a person who has no guilt. After the Cultural Revolution and the Cultural Revolution, she accurately became a vested interest. Such a person, can you say that she can have the basic human emotion of “guilt”?

6 months ago

Not an old artist, after eating the human blood steamed buns of that era, he transformed from an obscure little actor into a red and dedicated Red Guard. As time goes by, the bad guys get old, with wrinkled faces, starred in a series of TV series, and played as someone else’s mother. I don’t know when Wu Huan questioned her, before she clarified the first sentence of “Oh hello”, she put herself in the perspective of Xin Fengxia’s son and thought about seeing her mother’s career destroyed, her body broken, and her family. The paintings were taken away in a mess, and Yu Xinfengxia, as a son, was so desperate. And she could just open her mouth with the word “Ouch!” It can be seen that this “old artist” didn’t try to figure out the role when he played those great mothers. After seeing the bleak reports of her evening scenes, the bad guys can live to be gray-haired, but the good guys are bruised and injured and leave early. Zhang Shaohua is only a corner of that era, a corner that has been uncovered. He has not regretted it. He lives in the high position of an old artist, enjoys fame and wealth, and can still boast of innocence. However, real artists such as Xin Fengxia and Liu Baorui have long been Turned into a loess. I hope that the good people go to heaven and the bad people go to hell. She couldn’t help it? Before she died, did he return Qi Baishi’s paintings to Xin Fengxia’s family?

6 months ago

Don’t mention the “special historical period involuntarily involuntarily”. In an era when a large number of children now consider it to be fair and necessary, it can be said that most people do things that are missed (most people don’t admit it), but some people At least I apologized to the victim in private, and even more courageous, like Ba Jin, publicly reflected on his sins and tried to keep the absurd facts so that future generations would not repeat the same mistakes (failure). This is called “Mr.”. ​​​

6 months ago

I really like the performance of Teacher Xin Fengxia, an absolute pinnacle in the history of Pingju. It’s a pity that fate is bad. (Young friends who haven’t watched it can watch an old movie called “Flower as a Match”. The new teacher’s husband Wu Zuguang is the screenwriter, and the grandmother Zhao Lirong also has a wonderful performance). It is true that the words are true. The new teacher when she was young was all over the country, and Xin Fengxia, who had a stroke at night, was inconvenient and was still kind-eyed. Not much else

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