Taiwan cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal, two-way traffic is cut off! Taiwan’s transportation department said that strong winds caused stranded

Taiwan’s China Times News and many other Taiwanese media reported on March 24 that Taiwan’s Evergreen Shipping’s ultra-large container ship “Ever Given” was sailing from Yantian, Shenzhen, China, to Rotterdam, the Netherlands on the 23rd. Stuck in the Suez Canal, causing a major two-way traffic jam on this world’s busiest canal. In response, Taiwan’s transportation department “Harbour Bureau” stated that the ship ran aground due to a 42-section crosswind (equivalent to a force 9 wind) yesterday. Eight tugboats have been found to try to tow it back to the original channel, but they were unsuccessful.
China Times News quoted London’s City AM and other foreign media reports on the 23rd that the “Changci” is about 400 meters long, 59 meters wide, and weighs 220,000 tons. It is registered in Panama and is currently operating. One of the largest mega ships. According to the Vessel finder website, the cargo ships before and after the “Changci” were unable to pass and the voyage was delayed. Some analysts say that the prolonged blockade may cause shocks in the global energy market.

The Suez Canal=Marlboro Canal is almost always related to the bad habits of the pilots. Because I have also tasted the bad practices of Egyptian pilots. After pushing the car clock up, it doesn’t care about anything, and then endlessly begging and bargaining. If the captain does not pay attention to controlling the ship at this moment, then the serious accident of the collision with the pier will be realized immediately. The captain can’t escape responsibility anyway. Even though the captain’s statement of the pilot’s behavior, the behavior of the high pilot, and the request for gifts are morally condemned, the bitter fruit is let the captain taste it, because the Egyptian pilot has formed bad habits. The captain of the Shangyamen suffered a loss, because the international law stipulates that the pilot is not liable for financial compensation. In addition, these Egyptians arrived on the boat as if they had entered their own home, regardless of the existence of the owner, “do it yourself, get enough food and clothing”, flip through the drawers, take things casually, make coffee with their own hobbies, and ask for drinks later. I need mineral water for a while, and green tea for a while. Anyway, the boat will last for a minute, without stopping. The detrimental captain must meet his requirements and look at the front of the canal, lest the ship speeds too fast or yaws, causing a safety accident. When the sun goes down, the pilot tells the captain to take out a flag, face the sun, and kneel on the flag to pray. Pilots usually start to entangle with the captain as soon as they step onto the bridge. First, he asks the captain for cigarettes and other gifts. After the captain or some small shortcomings of the ship are discovered by the pilot, he should immediately magnify the shortcomings several times like a bull’s eye. At this point, it depends on the captain’s performance. If the captain’s performance is “good”, he can send out enough gifts immediately. If the captain behaves “badly,” well, he will start to play tricks on the steering wheel and start playing with your captain. The pilot began to send out random commands: “Full left rudder, full right rudder, full right rudder, hold!” This kind of difficult action even a skilled pilot can’t stop the deviation of the ship’s heading. How can it be set? The pilot started to pat the table and asked the captain to change the helmsman immediately. When the captain endured the call to the helmsman one by one to answer the rudder, in the end even the pilot asked to steer. If the captain does not grasp the pilot’s handle, he will quickly succumb to such a rude request. After all, it is important to cross the river. In this way, he filled his purse with cigarettes, and the pilot changed his attitude, allowing you to cross the river under very painful conditions. ——Excerpt from Senior Captain Hu Yuexiang’s “Countermeasures for Captains Crossing the Suez Canal”, the original text see Xinde Maritime


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let me talk about it
Generally speaking, the power is cut off on the ship, and the cross wind directly blows the ship sideways. The draft of the Zurich Canal can reach 60 feet, which is about 20 meters, but the two sides must be talking about it, so that the bow and stern of the ship will be stranded. So don’t talk about dismantling or bombing the ship. This kind of crooked idea. Just a few points: 1. The ship resumed power supply; 2. The two ends quickly dig; 3. The tugboat was a little bit squeezed; in the end, it didn’t work, so I had to find a crane to lift all the containers down to reduce draught. But the blockage speed is very slow this time. The blockage should not be serious. I believe it will not be blocked for long

6 months ago

This question is like why the small dirt road in your country gets stuck by a large truck and often goes to the Suez Canal. Several sections of it are dug manually, and you can see the surrounding desert. The draft of such a large ship is more than 16 meters. Rush up at full speed, do you think it’s hard to move? Diversion from the Suez Canal is pretty fucking! The Taiwan Huiyang ship that I boarded in 2014, with 20,000 tons of bulk cargo, passed through the Suez Canal. Because the river is very narrow, it basically walks close to the shore. There will be many port workers boarding on the way (most of them come up to sell things, what? Egyptian woodcarving, etc.), playing on the bridge during the day and calling a counter-rudder order. For example, when driving a car, when you reach the intersection, you have to turn the steering wheel to the left, and the pilot shouted the opposite. The sailor must listen to him. Fortunately, the captain responded promptly. ! Seeing that it was about to hit someone’s boat, the whole boat had come out, put on a life jacket and was ready to abandon it! You said that the excitement is not the picture in my computer, I have time to post

6 months ago

One of the few insiders briefly introduced the current situation. The cause of the accident was “the whole ship skipped electricity”. Many people began to think about it when they saw WW. It was a bit too nervous. Anything can involve zz. Personally, I have been through the Suez Canal more than a dozen times, and I have also encountered strong winds or the pilot falling asleep. To be honest, sometimes when the weather is bad and the ship is in an emergency, the crew is really powerless, and a high-quality team can only minimize losses. The follow-up investigation will definitely involve the emergency deployment and emergency response of the crew after the ship loses control. Among them, the ship’s defects and the large or small responsibilities of the crew will always be found, or ultimately attributed to “force majeure.” This accident will inevitably cause huge compensation, which should mainly be paid by its owner Japanese company and insurance company, and the final amount will be more or less gambling. Personally, according to the current situation, it is still relatively difficult to get rid of the shallows. Egypt is not an infrastructure madman, nor does it have any major powers. The most important thing is a batch of rotten people (please allow me to have a personal subjective evaluation). When the tide is coming. Brothers, aviation safety is just fine. Whether the canal is blocked or not, brothers are very hard.

6 months ago

Combined with the limited understanding of the canal, the guess is mainly caused by the following three reasons: 1. Usually ships passing through the canals (Suez Canal, Panama Canal) will be required to have weak power (previously understood as closing power, professional partners are welcome to correct it). Professional towing boats or towing equipment tow through. The failure of the towing equipment caused the hull to deflect. 2. The reports have mentioned that there is cross wind. Once the towing equipment cannot effectively control the hull heading, the cross wind will accelerate the heading deviation of the huge hull with weak power (previously understood as no power, professional friends are welcome to correct it) until it hits the side. . 3. The canal is a product of natural and artificial excavation. The width of the river is limited. When the length of the huge ship is greater than the width of the river, once the hull is crossed, the head and tail will contact the two banks and cannot rotate freely. The shallow water on both sides of the strait naturally caused the huge ship to run aground. The self-weight draught of such a large-scale freighter is quite a lot, and with full load, the draught is deeper. Stuck on both sides of the canal, like a bridge, it is naturally difficult to pull it out. Maybe the propellers are all damaged. There is no difference between a ship stranding and a whale stranding.

6 months ago

When the Suez Canal was built, it would never have been foreseen that a behemoth of this level would pass and be able to pass. No matter how strong your ability is now, you can increase the traffic capacity of the Suez Canal by several orders of magnitude, and you will not be totally immune to the big guy who always hits the side ball. In other words, technological progress cannot completely compensate for innate deficiencies. Sometimes, you have to travel 10,000 nautical miles around the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape of Good Hope route-West Asia (Abadan, etc., via the Strait of Hormuz), East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia-Indian Ocean-East Africa (Dar es Salaam)-Mozambique Strait-Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town)-Atlantic Ocean -West Africa (Darkor)-Western Europe, a huge ship with a deadweight of more than 250,000 tons cannot pass through the Suez Canal and needs to bypass the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa.

6 months ago

Strong winds cannot be strong winds, and I, a layman, can’t deceive them. This is the first time that this happened, or it happened on the largest freighter, or it was blown by the wind. Does anyone believe this? There was only one blockage in more than a hundred years, and it was blocked for a few hours. So this is undoubtedly intentional, and there is no answer. It is said that the amount of compensation is several million US dollars, and the insurance company will bear it. Compared with the loss caused, it is vellus. To deliberately cause such an accident, the landlord must cooperate. After all, it is just a boat. No matter how huge it is, it cannot be predicted how long it will be blocked. This requires the landlord to cooperate. They just don’t know what they are seeking. If this kind of thing succeeds once, it will become a strategic deterrent in the future. Only a few million dollars, the price of a missile is too worthwhile. Besides, these millions might still be given to the landlord’s family.

6 months ago

The ship road is narrow. The Suez Canal is 280 to 345 meters wide and has a maximum load capacity of 210,000 tons. Now with the improvement of shipbuilding technology and the larger and larger ships, the Suez Canal is gradually unable to meet the navigation needs of very large ships. The Long Ci is about 400 meters long and 59 meters wide. The full load displacement is about 220,000 tons, and the load capacity is about 200,000 tons. The Suez Canal allows ships with a displacement of 210,000 tons to pass. This time, the Long Give has a lot of cargo, which may be close to the limit of 210,000 tons. There is a certain shallow water area on both sides of the canal, and the length of the boat is much larger than the width of the canal. At this time, if there is a big wind, then the boat is likely to block the channel a little bit. the above.

6 months ago

Taiwan’s Zhongshi News Network and many other Taiwanese media reported on March 24 that Taiwan’s Evergreen Shipping’s ultra-large container ship “Ever Given” was sailing from Yantian, Shenzhen, China, to Rotterdam, the Netherlands on the 23rd. Stuck in the Suez Canal, causing a major two-way traffic congestion on this world’s most busy canal. In response, Taiwan’s transportation department “Harbour Bureau” stated that the ship ran aground due to a 42-section crosswind (equivalent to a force 9 wind) yesterday. Eight tugboats have been found to try to tow it back to the original channel, but they were unsuccessful.

6 months ago

The guess is that there is such a large horizontal wind, the emergency operation suddenly increases the load when the bow is pushed, the PMS heavy load inquiry has a problem or the system reliability is not working, which causes the power grid to collapse, and the whole ship loses power.
It is said that it is impossible to be blown across by the wind. Is it that there is no concept of the ninth wind? If such a large wind area is counted as DP, it will take a few megawatts of side thrust and stern thruster to be positioned.

6 months ago

To say that it is a natural climate problem is purely mindless. With such a big boat, you know with your eyes that the river is not enough to turn around. How brainless is this idiot captain to turn around in the river? It was said that God didn’t give face and didn’t let him act like a show. I know it with my eyes, it’s nonsense. Considering that the day before the news came out, international crude oil prices plummeted by 6%. As soon as this news came out, it immediately rose by 6%. It can be seen that this is an operation that the Americans have planned long ago to maintain the basic price of oil. If you don’t need warships, just use cargo ships to block up, and Malacca will be abolished. It can be said that it was purely accidental. Considering that crude oil prices will inevitably continue to fall due to the decline in consumption for a long time in the future. This killer won’t last long. As long as everyone liquidates the annual production plan and total crude oil demand. And the current crude oil supply of various countries. He just blocked both channels. It won’t last long. So in essence, this is one of the signs that Wall Street giants cannot continue to play. It now appears that if there are huge fluctuations in the trading of several major commodities, even if the United States prints another 10 trillion, it may not be able to sustain Biden’s resignation. Watching a play, reckoning, and reporting data will let this group of people finish playing.

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