Because the endorsements of celebrities are always lost, if the brand is still operating in China, it will always find new spokespersons. So for the stars, what is the best way to deal with them?

First of all, take Wang Yibo’s case about NIKE Xinjiang Cotton as an example. This incident was caused by the fermenting of various brands of Xinjiang Cotton. Public opinion has been raging. At this time, Wang Yibo has other better solutions besides taking the initiative to terminate the contract? Even if he doesn’t want to terminate the contract, the saliva of public opinion will force him to terminate the contract. After all, no one can withstand the label of being unpatriotic. Even if a celebrity withstands the pressure or simply ignores the cold, he will be dealt with in the future as things fade. Carrying out over and over again, this situation will greatly reduce the goodwill of passers-by and easily collapse the celebrity’s setting. As for the compensation costs for active termination of the contract, we can’t see the specific contract terms of the endorsement, but for celebrities, we have to understand one. The reason is that “money can’t be earned”. Brands are looking for endorsements and they are good people who have a fancy star. The purchasing power of fans. Popular familiarity and its fit with the brand. If you leave a good image, or other brands will come to the door Now, many domestic brands are doing well. Domestic sales are also very good. The pros and cons are weighed by yourself. Brands like NIKE Adi have a too wide audience. After the Xinjiang Cotton incident, do you think they will fade out in the Chinese market? Certainly not. Netizens said that they were filled with indignation. Today I went to a shoe selling app to see that the price of good guys NIKE shoes has not fallen but has increased a few fried shoes. Today I bought the hot ones. Some people said that they said buying. I still want to buy or buy people and brands in the Chinese market, I will continue to look for spokespersons. According to the previous example, the brands will usually “drop coffee” to find new spokespersons. The price is cheap. Ah, I don’t have any good endorsements myself. There is a big brand on my head, don’t you want it? Some celebrities don’t lack endorsements, no money, and little peasants are really short of endorsements, really lack of money, but no matter how they lack money Much more than us…Don’t worry that the people above will not suffer. First, worry about whether you have completed your performance today:)


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

No way, this money can’t be made. The current situation is to clarify your position as soon as possible. Don’t pretend to be dead and unresponsive. The comments outside are seriously uncontrolled. If you don’t clarify your position for the benefit, you subconsciously say that you are willing to bend for five buckets of rice. A star with countless people is not a good thing. Therefore, when facing a firm stand, it is necessary to focus on major issues and put aside interests. This is the basic understanding that many people should have, plus they are the idols of many young people, since they have done it. At this level of career, setting a correct example is a must.

8 months ago

I haven’t seen the specific content of the contract. However, since the current brand signs traffic artists, the brand will list fan risk related content in the breach clause. So, it should be normal for the artist Fang Fang to list political-related content in the clause as a deductible clause. It depends on how you judge. Economics is one aspect, word-of-mouth and image are also another aspect. See which aspect the artist valued himself. What an artist wants, he knows best.

8 months ago

Entertainment companies are much better at weighing pros and cons than eating melons, so don’t worry about it. I went to Weibo and watched the contract cancellations one by one on the hot search, and then looked at the increase in Nike sales, which made me even more annoying. Every time I encounter this kind of thing, I always fall into self-improvement and carnival, and then leave a chicken feather. Anyway, sales will affect this period of time. Anyway, it will pass. If this is not a spokesperson, I will change to another spokesperson. If the spokesperson is gone, just change, anyway, it will not affect sales in China. Suddenly so many people frightened me. Actually, I didn’t feel any indignation. Most of them were disturbing, and even felt that it was not as pleasing as the scandals that the hot searches on Weibo were all celebrities in the past. I personally prefer to have a result in everything, after all, it is a bit speechless after such a period of time (?). I never think that resistance is the result. This in itself is only an act that shows the determination of an individual as a Chinese to maintain the honor of the country, but every time the community is excited and moved by oneself, it ceases. What the boycott wants is to admit mistakes and apologize and respect for China, rather than time passing by. Next time you dare to use these brands, you will have these brands when you boycott the last time. This time they still have them, and then they may still be the same. Bo people fell into self-improvement and carnival.

8 months ago

Based on the current international situation, I think things like this will continue to happen under such circumstances. The termination of a celebrity contract is actually a temporary solution rather than a permanent cure. Of course, the reason behind the termination of the celebrity contract is worthy of recognition for national justice, but this is not the ultimate goal we demand. Do we want the star to terminate the contract? Does celebrity termination really make the brand tremble? Can I get the respect it deserves if I terminate the contract? In fact, it is not very good. There are few people who really can’t hang on in China because of their contract termination, because the fundamental reason they can’t hang on is because they don’t respect China, not because the celebrity has terminated the contract. If you think of China for development, you must respect China, respect China’s rules, and don’t just swear your mother when you put down your bowl. It’s no use simply letting him go. It’s better to let him understand that the kid must follow my house’s rules when he comes to my house, or I will let you see how good my family is. If something happens, you don’t have to catch the star and try hard. If the star terminates the contract, the next star will continue. You can’t just grab a good person and bully it. To resist, start from yourself and show your attitude. To boycott other products, brands will be afraid only if the whole nation and all classes are linked. When the time comes, it will be up to them to make choices. If you respect China, you can still play. If you don’t respect you, you will get out. There are so many alternatives that you can’t do.

8 months ago

Thanks invite.
In the current extremely deformed business and public opinion environment:
First, do not take the initiative. As long as it is not revealed, everyone pretends to be okay, and you pretend to be okay.
Second, do not hesitate. Once exposed, cut quickly, don’t get angry.
Third, don’t take the lead. Don’t be a big fan of your brains, call for address this address and that address.
The world should be governed by the square, the troubled world should be round, and the world of the uncle season should be used together.

8 months ago

How could you suffer? You know, celebrity endorsements are geared toward the Chinese market. Therefore, the attitude of Chinese consumers is the most important. Regardless of whether the official responds passively (only verbal protests) or actively responds (takes out Chinese standards to issue permits to foreign brands), these brands will be greatly discounted in the minds of Chinese consumers. Even if the incident fades later, it will be a landmine buried in the rice ring, which is pulled out like menstruation. Since it is in the Chinese market, you might as well consider Chinese brands. In fact, there are many popular styles on Taobao. The quality is good and the wealth is rich. There is only one brand awareness, and there are many opportunities in it. For example, in the market of sweaters, you can search for [Hanfu sweaters] and [Guofeng sweaters] on Taobao, and you can find a bunch of good-looking ones. Stars themselves cannot do without clothes. At this time, you can endorse national brands and even invest in brand layout. For example, Xu Jiao owns a Chinese element clothing brand store [Wei Yu Ji], and now it is also an old brand store. Clothes, shoes and hats are the industry that stars themselves can most intervene in. There is already a mature textile industry manufacturing system in China, so you can take over a production line directly. If you only want to rely on endorsements to eat, you must be passive everywhere, but if you understand that this is an excellent window period, it may be fame and fortune. However, this is a bit difficult for the celebrities whose personalities are firmly controlled by the brokerage company. Anyway, if the brokerage company is interested, they should also switch to the national brand. Similar frictions will only increase.

8 months ago

I don’t know how you think about this issue and how to define “loss”. In my opinion, if celebrities use loss or not as the criterion for judging whether they want to make a statement, then they should regard their statement as a risk investment. Since it is an investment, it is a loss and a win. As for people, it is best to behave logically and consistently. If a celebrity regards it as the basic attitude of a citizen, and thinks that it is the performance that a Chinese should have under his normal and healthy personality, then he should get enough rewards at the moment he expresses his attitude. The future gains and losses are arranged by God. If you treat your stance as a speculative behavior, you must accept the risk of speculative behavior. Be calm after gains and losses. You don’t have to want to take advantage of both, it’s too tiring.

8 months ago

It can’t be regarded as a disadvantage. After all, patriotism is not about doing business, and the social effects obtained from it are also benefits. This situation of the title should be said to be that the celebrities have assumed greater responsibility than they should. For example, before the map time, a large number of celebrities have terminated their contracts. In addition to the liquidated damages, subsequent cooperation with the brand and the group company brand will be affected. If the country does not deal with it in the follow-up, then other celebrities with similar coffee positions will take over the brand cooperation, which is equivalent to cutting meat for their opponents. Moreover, compared to celebrities, there are other people who should stand up. For example, Nike has a long-term cooperation with the national football team, right? Shouldn’t it be time to stand up and take two steps? After all, 1. Stars pay taxes to the country and men’s football will only lose (the football population warns that the youth training warns that women’s football scores do not warn me to come first) 2. The stars are only individuals and the national football represents the country. 3. Is there any sports brand? Sponsorship has little effect on the performance of men’s football.

8 months ago

There is a two-way choice between celebrity artists and endorsement brands. There is a mutual binding of public impressions on both sides. I think in the mainland market, there should be no celebrity who wants to bind with the impression of “anti-China and humiliating China”. Even if you don’t consider this situation involving the bottom-line interests of the country, celebrity artists and endorsement brands will consider each other’s style and tonality. A calm and dignified brand will generally not choose an artist with a flamboyant style and a lot of negative news. Willing to take orders with low quality problems. Although I haven’t seen a specific contract, I think there should be a corresponding “reputation change” clause in this endorsement contract. If the reputation of both parties to the contract changes, they can choose to terminate the contract in time to cut off the negative impact.

8 months ago

Cancellation of the celebrity’s contract means that some money cannot be obtained during the contract period, because it is impossible for the brand to give all the endorsement fees to the celebrity when signing the contract, and a large part of it is paid according to the performance! It is also very possible that these brands will no longer invite these celebrities to endorsements in the future, which is also a big loss! In addition, liquidated damages may also be paid. When celebrities are in conflict between national justice and national and personal interests, they make quick choices. Netizens should give them more support and understanding! In the face of national justice and major sacrifices, the stars quickly made the right choice and won the support and praise of the majority of netizens. Cancellations of celebrities and brands are likely to have to pay huge liquidated damages, and they need the support of netizens. Although the celebrity has a strong legal team behind it, the legal team of these institutions is not weak, and the buyer has an advantage. Therefore, when signing an agreement, strict termination clauses will be agreed. If the celebrity terminates the contract, it will pay a huge amount of liquidated damages. If the contract stipulates that the jurisdiction is a foreign court or arbitration institution, the celebrity is likely to be awarded compensation if it terminates the contract. Because these national arbitration or judicial institutions cannot understand the political meaning of Xinjiang cotton, they only understand it as a rejection of a certain product. Even in the domestic trial, the statutory right to terminate the contract supports the celebrity’s termination, only because of force majeure or changes in circumstances that can not achieve the purpose of the contract, the celebrity’s contract termination because of the company’s boycott of Xinjiang cotton, it is difficult to be classified as force majeure. It is possible to request the cancellation of the contract based on the change of circumstances stipulated in Article 533 of the Civil Code. Article 563 of the Civil Code stipulates that the parties may terminate the contract under any of the following circumstances: (1) The purpose of the contract cannot be achieved due to force majeure; Article 533 of the Civil Code stipulates: After the contract is established, the basic conditions of the contract occur In order to avoid major changes that were not foreseeable by the parties at the time of signing the contract and are not considered as commercial risks, if the continued performance of the contract is obviously unfair to one of the parties, the adversely affected party can renegotiate with the other party; if the negotiation fails within a reasonable period, the parties can Request the people’s court or arbitration institution to change or terminate the contract. The people’s court or arbitration institution shall, in light of the actual situation of the case, modify or terminate the contract in accordance with the principle of fairness. Generally speaking, celebrities may agree on the right to terminate the agreement. Of course, if it is agreed that the brand’s executives or related personnel may publish insults to China, violate the political stance of one China, or other politically sensitive remarks or behaviors, they can terminate the contract, or agree to form a public negative In response to public events, the star can terminate the contract, then there is no problem. In any case, celebrities who terminate their contract for the sake of national interest and national dignity should be supported and respected by the whole society. In the long run, even if the celebrity pays some price for it, it is worth it. The majority of netizens and domestic enterprises must not only morally support celebrities to terminate their contracts, but also take action to support them. If companies can invite these celebrities to endorse, it is also the best response to these humiliating companies.

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