It’s fortunate to shoot a movie like “Godzilla vs. King Kong” at this stage of my career. I feel like I won a lottery, because how many directors have the opportunity to say that they not only made a “Godzilla” movie, but also made What about the “King Kong” movie? Since 1962, there has only been one, which is really exciting. ——Adam Wingard Before the release of “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, we met the film director Adam Wingard in the remote connection and chatted about the story behind the shooting of this monster movie. Speaking of the feeling of shooting “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, Adam Wingard described it as winning a prize, “I have liked monster movies since I was a child. They were engraved in my mind when I didn’t remember, and even penetrated me. Life. I don’t remember how I felt when I saw them for the first time, but they have always been with me, and I have always liked them.” Xie invited | “Godzilla vs. King Kong” director Adam Wingard interview video Zhihu movie video 1030 Play The following is the dictation of director Adam Wingard. Around 2013 and 2014, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures began to jointly produce “Godzilla” and “King Kong” series of movies, shaping the characters of Godzilla and King Kong. I think their ultimate goal is to create this movie. “Godzilla vs. King Kong” is like “Avengers: Endgame.” So I feel very lucky, just like winning a lottery, because how many directors have the opportunity to say that they not only made a “Godzilla” movie, but also made a “King Kong” movie? Since 1962, there has only been one, which is really exciting. You may think that the biggest challenge in shooting this movie is how to shoot the fight between Godzilla and King Kong, and who will win. But in fact, the question of “Who will win” had an answer in my mind long before I started to enter the project. This idea runs through the whole process, and has never wavered in the creative process. For me, the most difficult part is to complete the story. “Godzilla vs. King Kong” needs to be a sequel to the first two “Godzilla” movies, and it must also be an independent and complete story. Even viewers who have never seen other “Godzilla” movies or “King Kong” movies can understand this story intuitively. And because Godzilla and King Kong appeared in the movie at the same time, within half an hour of the beginning of the movie, it was necessary to prepare the audience and lead them into the story. In the final analysis, we hope that the audience can feel happy when watching a movie. So in the production process, I have been trying to make the audience fully enjoy the story while at the same time explaining the previous situation and paving the way for the plot. We hope that the audience can continue to see the appearance of monsters in the screen, and avoid the situation of “monsters appearing and disappearing suddenly” during the viewing process, because in the past, some similar movies were often criticized for this. The audience came to see the monsters, but I have not been able to continue to get such a movie experience. How to present the stories of monsters satisfactorily is also the biggest challenge I face. Many people ask me whether I prefer Godzilla or King Kong. In fact, I like them all the same. Maybe it sounds like proud parents are answering “I can’t choose my favorite son or daughter.” But it’s true. Is my most honest answer. In the creative process, I was also absolutely fair, and did not try to make any character in the movie look cooler. In my heart, Godzilla is a bit like the white blood cells of the earth. His existence is to protect the earth from any form of invasion, and any attempt to do so will be regarded as a threat to the earth by him. Therefore, it is conceivable that this planet seems to have life, and Godzilla is the extension of its life, always protecting its safety. King Kong is an innocent monster, even if he will tear off the heads of other monsters fiercely or stop those who try to disrupt the order, but in the final analysis, he is a very cute monster with innocence deep in his heart. For me, another important reason I like monsters like Godzilla and King Kong is that they have mythical simplicity to some extent. From the outside, Godzilla is a giant beast that looks like a lizard, while King Kong looks like a giant ape. The way we try to present monsters is different from other monster movies, such as “Pacific Rim”. When they are doing design, they add more imaginary elements. Therefore, in those monsters, there are always some elements that we can hardly see. When you watch a monster in “Pacific Rim”, you hardly think of bats or any other creatures we are familiar with. The difference in Godzilla’s world is that we tend to simplify the complex, hoping to find some connection with reality while maintaining a sense of mystery, and then turn it into an expanded version of the existing version. Like the Naruto (snake with wings) and hell vultures that appear in the movie, they are inspired by myths and have a certain connection with reality. This is how we create monsters. Someone asked me a few days ago, what are the first memories of the “Godzilla” and “King Kong” series of movies. Actually, I don’t remember, because I have been in contact with monster movies since I was very young, and I also like monster movies so much that they are engraved in my mind when I don’t remember anything, and even run through my mind. lifetime. There are also the “Star Wars” series of movies. I don’t remember how I felt when I first saw them, but they have always been with me, and I have always liked them.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I just finished watching this movie because I am studying abroad now, so I can finish watching this movie a few days earlier than everyone in China. Let me talk about some personal thoughts that won’t be spoiled first. If I’m not an objective score, I’ll give it about 7 points. This is more like a more fighting Pacific Rim 1, with a fight every 10 minutes or so on average. , As a male I am very enjoyable. Oguri Shun didn’t have many lines, but Yan Yi (rolling his eyes) appeared and flew up. To be objective, I will give it a score of 5-6. After all, there are still too many scenes in the movie that are too big to be described as a bug. From this point of view, this is like a more logically inferior Pacific Rim 1, which is somewhat of a Chinese. I still think the place is too illogical and even absurd. But in general, I personally think that this movie is not concealed, but since I am neither a professional film critic nor particularly picky about action (special?) movies, I personally recommend it to everyone, especially if I like Godzilla, For men, women, and children of King Kong, ad hoc, etc., when the fare is not expensive, go to the Vmax and IMAX hall to watch, and the viewing experience should be better than 2D. By the way, the fare (Vmax) I spent locally is equivalent to about 80 yuan in China, which is quite expensive. The following content involves spoilers first to talk about the strengths of this movie. Most of the special effects of fighting scenes are done well, and even most of the fighting scenes are during the day and night when you can see clearly. The viewing experience is excellent. I personally think that the special effects of King Kong are better than that of Godzilla. Godzilla still looks a little fake, without the feeling of a big lizard, but it looks a little fake when the aircraft carrier fights at the beginning. In the later stage of the fight between the two parties or even the three parties, I really blow it up. As a newcomer who has never watched a Godzilla and King Kong movie, I really like to watch the orangutan and the lizard fight each other for two hours. This kind of cliché I really can’t get bored of the plot. Speaking of third parties, Mechanical Godzilla is really awesome. The combat power in the movie is Mechanical Godzilla>Godzilla>King Kong. Its confrontation with Godzilla confirms the old saying: lose”. But the last fight of the three of them was really handsome. I’m sorry that my Chinese level may not be able to describe how I felt at the time, but I still think this simple and primitive battle is worth the fare. The rest is probably only to exaggerate the special effects. The director’s rhythm is not bad, the music is pretty good, and in general, the martial arts are outstanding, the literary drama is okay (basically almost gone), and the logic is messed up. Next comes the weakness of this movie. The story goes like this: I don’t know why Godzilla attacked an APEX Group factory in Florida, USA, killing many people and demolishing many houses. The APEX boss sought out the male lead because he knew about the center of the earth, called hollow Earth in the movie, and asked him to find an energy source (it seems to be late at the time), and the story unfolded. There are three narrative lines: 1 is the protagonist and a group of people take King Kong on a ship (the US aircraft carrier takes care of it and then all destroy), and go to the center of the earth as a plane (let King Kong lead the way) to find an energy source. 2 is a fat engineer (hereinafter referred to as Dahei), a high school girl and boy exploring the secrets of APEX Group. 3 is the APEX line. It is about what Oguri Shun and the boss are doing, and why Godzilla, a character who protects the earth, will attack their group. First of all, the big black line has no logic at all ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I know that physics shouldn’t be discussed in this kind of movie, ok, then we won’t talk about how the protagonist and his party get to the center of the earth, nor how they don’t even have an oxygen mask directly at the home of King Kong (the same place as the temple). Please correct me if it’s not King Kong’s hometown) Just like taking a walk after a meal. But at the most basic level, one of the three narrative lines is full of loopholes! Dahei Xian really watched the whole process, ok. At the beginning of the film, he sneaked into APEX Group’s factory in Florida. By chance, he copied a copy of the document, which said it was shipped to Hong Kong and I forgot. But the file named XX33 finally saw a ball glowing red in a messy factory bombed by Godzilla. He himself runs a radio station, and the female high school student believes what he is saying. She is a loyal listener. She thinks Godzilla’s attack is hidden. So she took a male friend of hers, who was also a high school student, to find This was supposed to be the whistleblower who was hiding well (he named himself). Later, these three people sneaked into the ruins single-handedly, and entered an elevator without guards. They just entered the minus 33 floor, saw the other side of APEX Group, and hid in a cargo hold. Go to Hong Kong at a speed of 300 miles/hour like a capsule train. I really don’t know what to say, so let’s not talk about the tunnels that can be shipped directly from Florida to Hong Kong from the sea floor. Is there no elevator monitoring in such a large group? Is there no monitoring outside the elevator door? Is there no monitoring in the warehouse (still called a truck)? At least the weight of more than 100 or 200 kg is not displayed? Then the group of three people quietly touched the APEX Group in Hong Kong. The location of this branch seems to be on the top of a mountain in Hong Kong, with a view of the skyline. They entered a training ground with Brother Mechanical inside. Sla is killing some large creatures. I don’t understand how APEX employees can’t see anyone in the training ground. Yes, the training ground is so large that it feels like there are two full-size football fields that are as tall and as big as the long sides, but in such a high-tech place, there is no sensor device for personal detection and employees strayed into it. Later, he entered from a bunker-like place in the training ground (the schematic diagram is as follows) and bypassed the completely useless patrol personnel, and walked east and west in the completely unmonitored corridor to a control room. This is the place where Shun Oguri manipulates the mechanical Godzilla. At that time, Shun Oguri was sitting on a chair (think like a round gaming chair), but he was operating the mechanical Godzilla without noticing them. The place that can be observed is similar to the circular gaming chair in the bunker. My old slot is stuck in my throat because of the courtesy of watching movies. It’s not that the APEX Group is really poor or something. The monitoring is not installed, and there is no guard in the most important control room. Then this group of people was finally caught by a woman who looked like a senior engineer. The high school girl dared to question the big boss face to face, and then the boss recognized her as a respected figure in the United States who had research on monsters. My daughter (sorry I haven’t watched other King Kong Godzilla movies), she didn’t kill it, just showed off to her, and was punched to death by the mechanical Godzilla affected by unstable geocentric energy. Then, in order to prevent the mechanical Godzilla from running violently in Hong Kong, the three wanted to terminate its connection with the APEX branch by entering a password. Originally, I was thinking that this should be the time when Da Hei made a big effort, but the result was that the male high school student did it. I? ? ? ? ? He looked like an Indian, but a student who didn’t graduate from high school guessed the password. I really didn’t expect it. Awesome. Finally, the no-road password was locked like an Apple phone. The solution was to pour the wine that Da Hei carried with him on the main console. I once again subway old mobile phone. Isn’t this main console not waterproof? When it was designed, I didn’t think about what to do if someone spilled coffee while drinking. Together, this thing is not waterproof than my keyboard. It’s hard to say that APEX eats jujube pills. In fact, these are not the least illogical. The most important thing is that the final battle took place in Hong Kong. I haven’t seen a high-ranking official with an Asian face from the beginning to the end. It is the Americans who co-authored the safety of Hong Kong. Godzilla first showed that he was heading to Hong Kong at full speed on the US military’s radar, ok, the people of Hong Kong were still walking on the street swayingly, as if the warning was not given at all (the warning was given in the movie, which is not at all), Godzilla After pulling in Hong Kong, Hong Kong is still the lively and crowded Hong Kong. Later, Godzilla breathed an atomic breath into the center of the earth alive, and here I asked Daniel to calculate what kind of energy it had to burn through such a thick earth in about 20 minutes, and the more exaggerated is the King Kong in the center of the earth. Hey, climbed up along this hole. . . . . . I didn’t feel much effort and trouble throughout the whole process. I stabled and climbed up like I was climbing a tree when I was a child. The most outrageous thing is that I didn’t see the uncle or aunt of the People’s Liberation Army during the whole process. There were no guns, planes, tanks, or Dongfeng. The Hong Kong garrison with us would be regarded as non-existent, right? I’m really puzzled that these two have been playing in Hong Kong for so long, and there is no shadow of Chinese people. The skyline of Hong Kong was finally dismantled. When Godzilla and King Kong finally reconciled, I didn’t see anything decent. Military equipment, and then Godzilla patted his butt and left. King Kong was sent back to the center of the earth to rest. The follow-up in Hong Kong did not explain at all. I was curious about how the hole was neat, so I didn’t explain it at all. To be honest, the last wave of operations made me quite unhappy. If it weren’t for the special enjoyment of fighting, the final battle was particularly smooth, which offset this wave of showy operations on foreigners. Otherwise, the final supervisor rating of this movie should be paid. It should be lower. This is the first time I write such an article. If there is a language error, I would like to ask for correction. If I have any questions about this movie, I will try my best to answer it.

6 months ago

Two opponents as powerful as gods met in a spectacular war. At that time, the fate of the world was hanging by a thread! The so-called encounter on a narrow road, the brave wins, this fight can be said to be rare in a century! It was originally a serious matter. I don’t know why. At the moment they met, my first reaction turned out to be…~Hurry up and hug the kiss of the century! Well, I admit that I am evil! But when the two upper and lower postures are facing each other, it really makes people want to go unstoppable! As the saying goes, when the two powerhouses attack each other, there must be a feeling, either you will suffer or I will suffer. Forget it, I can’t talk about this topic. Only bless King Kong and Godzilla!

6 months ago

After watching the last Godzilla, I directly possessed sister-in-law Xianglin, and nagging when I saw people, why is the plot of this movie like this? Where is the logic? There must be a process for plot change, right?
After watching the 2 hours movie, I thought about the plot logic for 20 hours and decided to give up. What do you think this time? Put your mind aside and look at it, and never toss yourself.

6 months ago

Thanks to Zhihu Film and the Circle Brother Film Group for inviting to participate in the “Godzilla vs. King Kong” movie watching activity. The plot of King Kong hitting the building to cure the dislocation is a tribute to Mel Gibson’s shoulder dislocation in “Sky Cannon” 44 years ago. It looks very interesting. Does the director hate Hong Kong? Haha, in the past, this kind of movie was at best a disaster for landmark buildings. This time, the Gejin War was crushed from Pingdingshan to Victoria Harbour, and the residential buildings and the Bank of China Building were not overlooked. The black and white King Kong in 1933 should be the originator of the super-large monster movie. In 2005, Peter Jackson’s Color King Kong officially restarted this classic screen IP. The source of Godzilla is the black and white Godzilla of Inoshiro Honda in 1954, and there have been many sequels since then. In 1998, the magical Roland Emmerich filmed the Hollywood version of the boss in Hollywood. When it was 2021, the two huge two were walking together again. In fact, this is not the first time that the two of them have fought each other. As early as 1962, Inoshiro Honda shot the black and white King Kong vs. Godzilla, but it was a special shot at that time, which is incomparable with the current Hollywood CG effect. It’s also incomparable. Now it is even more incomparable than a few years ago. I used to watch a Hollywood special effects blockbuster, but now I can watch a treasure hunt in the theater, and watch it and cherish it. Curious question: How much mud did Liu Qiangdong cast for this movie? How many orders does JD Express have to send in order to erect a light box next to Mr. Brother, haha

6 months ago

I haven’t watched the movie yet, I’d like to ask anyone who’s seen it, Godzilla is 50-300 meters away, Naomi Watts’s “King Kong” is only about 8 meters away, and the “King Kong Skull Island” is just about 8 meters tall. About 30 meters, it’s a complete spike. How did the movie solve this logical loophole? King Kong has been exposed to radiation so it has become bigger? Or is Godzilla a baby Godzilla?

6 months ago

Due to the epidemic, all walks of life have been impacted differently, and the film market has also been sluggish. There are not many new films that can be released, and the reputation of the films released is not very satisfactory. At present, many theaters still line up movies for the Spring Festival, and the re-screening of “Avatar” can only maintain the popularity for a while. At this important moment, the heavyweight blockbuster “Godzilla vs. King Kong” took advantage of the trend. I don’t know how much expectations do you have for it? I am honored that MX4D has brought us a surprise. In the Golden Sky Cinema in Guangzhou, we were the first to enjoy this annual masterpiece, and we still felt the shock of the upgraded version in the 4D theater, leaving a super cool view Shadow memory. When I saw the title of “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, I immediately thought that this was another popcorn movie. I watched the special effects and felt the atmosphere of the big production. Therefore, personal expectations for “Godzilla vs. King Kong” will not be too high. Although the previous “Godzilla”, “Godzilla 2” and “King Kong: Skull Island” are not too bad, they all have 6 points or more on Douban, which is considered a pass. But this time it’s a confrontation between two sacred beasts. This is different from the previous independent movies of sacred beasts. Especially Godzilla and King Kong will have different supporters, and the movie will bring you all.” “Shadow”? After watching it, I realized that the director was very bad. He used a “beautiful misunderstanding” to criticize human nature, and looked forward to the future of mankind with a confrontation between two beasts. This time it seems to be a popcorn work again, but in fact it has a certain depth in the plot, and it is a work that makes everyone think deeply. Why did Godzilla and King Kong fight? This is an important creation of the plot. This time Godzilla was a bit “tragic” and was blackened from the beginning. This is the reason why Godzilla will go to war with King Kong. I won’t reveal more here. We still have to wait for everyone to find the answer in the movie theater. It can be said that the helpless battle between Godzilla and King Kong was caused by human greed. If human beings continue to be extremely greedy and over-exploit the earth’s resources, sooner or later the earth will be destroyed, and sooner or later the “Avatar” story will really form. No wonder, “Avatar” needs to be re-screened first, but it actually seems to be connected to a certain degree. (Before watching “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, you can recall the stone that humans pursue in Avatar. Special edition of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”? This time the movie not only caused two sacred beasts to make trouble on the earth, but even played in the center of the earth, and came a special edition of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. This travel note has its meaning, the focus is closely related to King Kong’s life experience, and it is also a continuation of the plot of “King Kong: Skull Island”. You can review the previous work first, and then enjoy the new blockbuster, so that you will feel more. Another significance of this geocentric travel note is to warn mankind of overexploitation of the earth. If even the center of the earth is “destroyed”, the earth will naturally be “destroyed” by mankind. There will be tears in popcorn blockbusters? It is true, the tears are on the little girl Giya who performed the special performance. I believe everyone is well aware that whether it is Godzilla or King Kong, although both are behemoths and beasts, they look amazing, but they all have a “heart” to protect the earth. Although they will not harm humans, humans cannot communicate with them, which has caused a lot of misunderstandings. This time Godzilla’s battle against King Kong was also caused by a “misunderstanding.” To resolve this unnecessary battle, it was the little girl with a special life experience, Giya. Her appearance can make the film more emotional. Therefore, the film is worth watching with the whole family, especially female audiences will favor this little girl. Which cinema is better for viewing? In the duel between the two great beasts, the special effects are indeed incisive and vivid. This is also the housekeeping skill of Hollywood. It is worthwhile to give a little more fare to choose a better theater. Whether it is imax or giant screen and other theaters, it is a better visual choice. But if you want to feel the sudden horror of the beast, the 4D cinema is an excellent choice, only because of the multi-dimensional viewing special effects, the original shock of the movie has been raised by another level. Especially the seat vibration brought by the fierce battle of the beasts, the blowing caused by the scene change, the flashing light brought by the Godzilla jet, etc., the perception can be improved by more than one level. The point is that this 4D effect is obviously made with heart, perfectly matching the details in the scene, and once again enhancing the immersive experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a different theater to compare the viewing effects and feelings of the second and third brushes.

6 months ago

Yesterday, I just watched the movie fans in advance. First of all, this is a popcorn film. Watch the special effects and listen to the roar. Don’t expect too high or any depth. Anyway, it will keep bombing you in the middle and late stages, and it will be a little tired. . . Secondly, the special effects and some plot are quite good, I think it can even be compared with Avatar, I recommend going to imax as much as possible. Of course, some plots are not well explained. For example, why are the old family members in King Kong’s heart gone? What is the real soul in the villain’s mechanical Godzilla? Even a few villains thought at first died in the later period. . Of course, the protagonist also complains, hahaha. In short, it is recommended to bomb your eyes when you are bored.

6 months ago

I participated in the extraordinary event of IMAX last night and watched GVK in advance by the way. I have to say that this movie did not disappoint my expectations. From the first Godzilla in 14 years to the latest GVK, the legend has built such a huge monster universe with 4 movies. You can really like it. Maybe it’s because the copyright is about to be taken back by Toho. This should be the last movie in the strange beast universe, so the budget is a full 200 million U.S. dollars (recently, it is reported that the Transformer 7 budget is also 200 million U.S. dollars). The budget is sufficient. The senses it brings are really different. Whether it is day or night, whether it is the first battle in the sea or the final HK battle, it makes people excited and full of blood pressure. Mechanical Godzilla is really so handsome. The mechanical texture of the dorsal fin reminds me of the heavy feeling of the mecha of Bad Pacific 1, and the combat power is also superb, crushing the other two Titan behemoths. Throughout the whole movie, there is no need to worry about fighting at all. The quality is comparable to the final HK decisive battle of Pacific Rim 1. The plot is indeed a bit lacking, but this is an old problem of this series of movies. After all, it is a monster movie. The fight between the beasts is naturally weaker in literary and drama, but it is reasonable and there are no major loopholes. As for who won in the end? Is the boss or Skull Island carrying the handle? No, it was actually who won. (Manual dog head) If you want to know who won, please see below. After all, spoilers are involved, please watch with caution. In both fights, Godzilla won and crushed King Kong. Although King Kong grew from a boy to an adult, and later received a battle axe, the difference in strength cannot be made up with a battle axe. Godzilla still Hanging the King Kong, even almost killed King Kong the second time. Mechanical Godzilla has the highest combat power, crushing the two Titan giants, Godzilla and King Kong, and everyone else can go to the movie and experience it by themselves. After all, the essence of this movie can only be experienced in the cinema.

6 months ago

This film gives a setting where Godzilla and King Kong are enemies in ancient times. The two giant beasts can also sense each other across the earth. You don’t have to worry about why they can encounter a battle in an instant. If they look good, it’s over. The special effects are nothing to say, the action design is extremely gorgeous, the earth is shaking, and the human nature of King Kong Tong has greatly increased my favorability. Although the attack methods are a little bit less, it can’t stand smart. In a two-line story, there are groups of three on both sides, one group confronts King Kong, and the other solves the human conspiracy. For a little girl who likes to use sign language (picture 7), Shun Oguri made a cameo appearance as an ambitious scientist, but it was a pity that she didn’t play a lot of roles. Hong Kong was almost razed to the ground again after “Pacific Rim”. In the end, mankind could still face the monster with a smile. Those who died must disagree. But there are not many shots that show the tragedy of the dragon set, which is more like a comic than a disaster film, and it is good to portray the protagonist’s halo. The setting of the center of the earth is a bit whimsical. The anti-gravity seems to be only in the air and not on the land. The details should be justified. Monster movies can see the fear in people’s hearts, try to control monsters, but release more evil monsters in their hearts.

6 months ago

Thanks to Zhihu Film and the Circle Brother Film Group for inviting to participate in the “Godzilla vs. King Kong” movie watching activity. It is somewhat related to the previous “Godzilla”, it is recommended to revisit it before watching it. Both special effects and sound effects are really enjoyable. However, don’t be fooled by the name of the movie, it’s not just Godzilla vs. King Kong!

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