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Compared with Qin plus dmi’s press conference, it is indeed a lot taller. First, some introductions are made to the specific characteristics and parameters of the dmi system, and some data are also listed to explain some of the questions of potential consumers, such as the climbing ability under power feeding, the power consumed at high speed, the worry that the body is heavier, and the stability of dmi Sex, etc., although the truth must be tested in practice, at least there is theoretical support. Later, I also introduced design and tuning. I didn’t cut the ppt, wait until the live broadcast review. ps: The press conference that ended in more than half an hour is really compared to the phone press conferences…the 51km version is 7k lower than the pre-sale price, and the 110km version is 6k lower. In terms of the overall configuration, the high-end version mainly has more functions such as seat ventilation and heating, L2 assisted driving, and full LCD instrumentation than the low-end version. The 110km version also has more fast charging, etc. Both versions support mobile power stations. The specific configuration parameters are as follows: BYD Mall​id=240&name=%E5%AE%8BPLUS%20DM-i is equipped with 360°, double-layer soundproof windshield, front double-layer soundproof glass, electric tailgate, etc., The overall configuration is quite high (the lowest configuration is 1000 more expensive than the highest configuration of Qin plus). The chassis has also been re-tuned, and it is said to be much better (look forward to more reviews of test drives). Overall it is quite attractive to me. NVH performance: NVH looks like there is data in the PPT, which is vaguely seen to be more than 64db (according to the official data of the press conference, the noise in the 60km/h tram is 58.4db; 80km/h is 61.2db; 100km/h is 63.3db); Acceleration performance: The acceleration of 100~120km/h seems to have been mentioned at the press conference, 5.8s or something (correct, it is an overtaking speed of 80~120km/h, which is 5.8s). In short, the BYD dmi platform is still quite attractive to me, and then I look forward to the actual measurement and production capacity. The analysis on whether the dmi platform can afford the 1.8-ton Song plus dmi (I am more worried about the performance level at high speed): the 1.5L engine has a maximum power of 81kW, the entire system, the long-endurance version has a maximum power of 173kw, and the short-endurance version The highest comprehensive power should be 160kw, the total power of the system under power loss is 160kw for the long-range version and 144kw for the short-range version (official data). It was stated at the press conference that the engine is in the high-efficiency area of ​​the engine from 8.6kw to 46kw, and the average power of each working condition is within this range, so the battery power can be maintained, and the peak power (high-speed overtaking and full load are mentioned at the press conference. The climbing power is 125kw and 98kw respectively), which does not exceed the total power of the system, which can satisfy driving. The following is the power of the system under various working conditions: BYD officials also explained the reliability of the DMI platform and the performance in severe cold regions. (Speaking of testing the video in the snow is still very handsome) The above is the official explanation of some doubts about dmi in the first half of the press conference. I am just a porter. Looking forward to a more comprehensive third-party evaluation and feedback from car owners haha.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It seems that Song Pro is gone. I understand BYD’s product matrix. The second-generation Song pro fuel version is priced at 100,000 to 140,000. Song plus 14.5 ~ 170,000, four-wheel drive version 170,000 ~ 200,000. Tang dmi 19 to 220,000, dmi four-wheel drive 22 to 240,000, dmp 25 to 280,000. Qin plus dmi 10~145,000, Han dmp 22~240,000. The dmi four-wheel drive version is expected to be released next year, and dmp is expected to be revised in the second half of the year. BYD Hybrid covers the price range of 100,000 to 300,000. If Han sales meets expectations, Han dmi is unlikely to be released. There may be a mid-size sedan to fill the price range of 150,000 to 220,000, and it is tentatively designated as Han mini. Let’s take a look at the ev product matrix. I predict three SUVs and two cars. Yuan pro12~14, Qin plus14~16, Song plus 16~190,000, four-wheel drive 19~220,000, Han ev 23~280,000, Tang ev 28~315,000. If you wait for BYD to complete the product matrix, it will be a huge test for joint ventures and other independent brands.

8 months ago

I haven’t watched a car conference before, and my mind is just like a mobile phone conference. The style of the conference was not as good as expected. Some leaders and hosts of the speech were a little nervous. The host said that we would like to thank Mr. Li for his wonderful speech. . The word used for speech. . . gosh. The style will not be evaluated. . . Alas, building your dream is not enough, but I have worked hard. If I build a car, I will always talk about it with excitement. I will prepare some jokes in advance for the conference, and then I will get hot topics to attract traffic. The product is very touching. You can clearly feel that BYD will listen to the opinions of netizens very seriously and make improvements. Whether it is praised or praised, it is much better than Qin plus in terms of pricing and configuration differences. Let those who spray Qin plus configuration grades, The side airbag configuration difference (Qin has changed the standard configuration of the whole series), the difference between the configuration is not cost-effective, etc. There is nothing to say directly. The airbag configuration of the whole series is the same. There are nine speakers and seat heating and ventilation. The price difference of the four levels is controlled in the early 20,000. The main difference is that the battery capacity is the difference between fast charging and intelligent safety assistance, which is really straightforward. ,conscience. Qin plus has become a feeling of foil.

8 months ago

The Qin 1 ton 6 is heavier than the competition. This Song 1 ton 7 is almost the same weight as a car of the same level. It has an 18-degree high-rate battery, and the storage space is much better than that of the Han. The car is also sensitive and upgraded. The new three-dimensional rotation angle of view, you can accurately aim to the centimeter level around the parking area, and there is an electric tailgate. Take more photos later. The armrest box is a lot better than the Qin DMI. The hanging and the inside of the armrest are much larger than that. Han has even evolved two generations and the discharge is flat and locked. The height of 176 is adjusted to the front seat, and the back of the chair is to the rear door 185, so that you can lie flat and sleep. Others evolved according to the era, and even the fit is degraded according to the era. Byd is a car, just evolve after a test drive, mainly to see if the chassis has evolved before sending it.

8 months ago

To say that Qin plus subverts fuel vehicles, that almost means. The Song plus dmi released this time can be said to have really subverted fuel vehicles. The cs75 plus can be said to be the representative model of domestic A+ fuel vehicles. Compared with the high-end version of Song plus dmi 51 at the same price, the top configuration is similar, the power system is obviously different, the fuel consumption is more than twice, and the cost is more than 10,000 yuan. 5. The purchase tax has completely lost its competitiveness. To say that domestically-made fuel vehicles can barely compare, compared with joint venture vehicles, it is simply a one-sided slaughter. Of course, the mark of a joint venture car is still quite valuable. Many people still prefer the car mark when buying a car, so the joint venture car will not be affected too much for the time being. Of course, BYD still had shortcomings before, the chassis tuning was sparse, and the autopilot was sparse. I hope that we can add an improvement in the future and don’t invest research and development funds on the electric drive system. Also, the width of this car 1890 seems to be a bit too wide, and I am worried about whether it will be scratched when crossing a narrow road. About the chassis: The performance of BYD Tang DM crushes the ordinary Cayenne, and the top is matched with the Cayenne. Why is the result poor on the Yuchedi track? Why does the Yuchedi maliciously target BYD?

8 months ago

Two words: really fragrant! In two years, I first fell in love with the three series, and then I fell in love with the Accord tenth generation sharp mix, and then moved to Song plus at the end of last year, and then officially decided today: Song plusdmi is the car I am looking for. ! The beauty, various smart configurations, and the dilink3.0 Internet of Vehicles have hit my little heart, especially the price of this one hundred thousand yuan, the joint venture car will not be considered directly! Now that I see mobile phone holders, carlife, carplay, etc., I feel terrible and extremely desolate…

8 months ago

If you buy a 110km top-of-the-line configuration, is it basically a pure electric drive for commuting (with charging carts)? But there is a key question to ask, is Song dmi’s entertainment power supply (low voltage) for cars and machines and the battery that drives the motor (18.3 degrees high voltage) the same source? If not, it must have a battery like a fuel car. So what is the charging strategy for this battery? That’s right, I was pitted by the battery charging strategy of 01PHEV. The on-line shift is 33km round trip, and I can use electricity without oil. Then I told me that the battery life is only 30% left when I first guarantee it. It’s okay. 4s directly replaced me with a new one (if I bought it at 1400 Ocean), and then explained that because I did not use oil for a long time, the battery could not be recharged (the battery was charged only when the engine started), which caused the battery life to be reduced quickly. I will use oil to charge the battery once or twice, which is very embarrassing. I don’t know if this frequency is the frequency that meets the needs of battery charging.

8 months ago

It is more fragrant than Qin plus dmi, or Qin plus dmi brings out the fragrance of Song plus dmi. The price of the beggar version is similar to that of Qin plus dmi, but it still comes with a bunch of practical configurations such as 360-degree panoramic images. Compared with Qin plus, the 51 high-end configuration is like a fragrant car. Will the Song Pro dmi be more fragrant? It is true that SUVs are more suitable for upgrading to dmi plug-in hybrids than sedans. If you come with another pro dmi, it will be really fragrant.

8 months ago

The car is very good, my money is not good. I originally thought it would cost 17-8w, but I finally convinced myself that it was 70,000 or 80,000 more expensive. If you buy fuel, you can save a lot of money (Song pro, it is said that 10w can be done?) But today, it only costs 15- 6w, I didn’t fall asleep at noon. I just ran to the driving school, but I was so upset that I was delayed again. Fortunately, it was safe on the road. —I like Song Plus dmi: 1) SUV, big is good, good is big. Of course, the good-looking appearance is also on the one hand, I personally think it is good, and it looks better than other alternative models. 2) Electric, fast acceleration (mainly from the experience of electric bike riding during this period…), is said to be smoother? 3) Fuel-saving, my travel preference is that I would rather public transport when traveling in the city, so if you can save fuel, the follow-up expenditure is also happy. 4) The function of mobile power station, it is not sure whether there is 55km, but it is the best. It’s not about picnics, it’s mainly computers and mobile phones, which are easy to charge. 5) The security configuration is complete. I heard that the 360 video is also very clear, which is better. In short, from my point of view, compared to Qin, it is a win.

8 months ago

As a person who drives f0, I don’t know if I am qualified to comment. The f0 in 11 years, I drove pretty well, there is nothing wrong with it. But BYD has strong technology, just don’t know what the people need. The Dynasty series that I started with are very powerful, with an acceleration of 3.9 per hundred kilometers. But look at the vast majority of drivers who drive on the street, can he manage it? The price is still expensive, and most people cannot accept this price. I have always wanted to change to a pure electric one. I went to 4s and took a look at the low-end and cheap e-series, e1, e2, and e3. The price is between 7w and 14w, and the battery life is between 305 and 405. Is there any advantage over other new energy brands? I didn’t see it, I just saw that the price of the same performance is still expensive. As a poor person, I can’t afford it. I have a budget of seven to eighty thousand. Should I buy an electric f0? The fuel f0, although it is a bit noisy, it can run 120 at high speed with a deep step on the accelerator. According to one of my classmates, he drove 4 people at f0 and ran to 170 at high speed. The electric f0 reached 107 when I stepped on the electric gate during the test drive. The oily f0 is not worried about battery life. The high fuel consumption in winter will not reduce the battery life by half. Can BYD see why Wuling EV sells so well? This car is the most seen on the street of new energy vehicles. Why does this car sell so well? I understand all I understand, and I don’t understand if I don’t understand it.

8 months ago

very good! I just don’t want to buy it after reading it. Tram is still a problem in our winter. I still choose a petrol truck. A lot of data is also false. Dare to release the real data ~ Dare to release the model! Some fuel was directly replaced. The specific company names of Toyota and Volkswagen were only used for brand comparison in the middle. Looking at the mobile phone manufacturers, it is a real deal with competitors. The 40-minute press conference was basically blowing, and there was no display of specific configurations and real data. I think it’s quite pulling, and deceive consumers! Although I am also a BYD owner, and my car has been 10 years old, it is still driving. If you don’t blackmail BYD, I don’t boast BYD. As long as you truly serve consumers, I will stand by you, let alone a Chinese company that can support you to a certain extent. But this conference is really nothing to watch, everyone should buy a car through the sharing experience of real car owners, don’t be brought into the rhythm by the reviewers and some navy, especially if the family is not the kind of casual buying , Buy a car carefully. At the same time, it is not recommended to buy in the north, it hurts badly in winter…really, it’s minus 30 degrees in this winter. At present, hybrid vehicles are quite suitable for use in southern cities. First, people have sufficient consumption levels, second, city restrictions, and third, commuting is environmentally friendly, and it does not affect your long-distance travel.

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