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When I was a freshman, I would feel that this kind of person has no friends and only reads dead books. There is nothing to be envious of. Is it not good to be a king in the dormitory at this time? I started to feel the pressure from study during my sophomore year. I found that I didn’t understand what I had learned at all. I just passed the exam by holding the Buddha’s feet temporarily. My view of this group of people began to change. A certain student in my class usually walks alone. Every time he sends a message to ask him where he is, he is either in the study room or on his way to the study room. At this time, I am often ashamed of my laziness in my heart, perhaps because of his influence. Now whenever I can’t cope with my studies or have to take an exam, I start to learn alone. The daily routine at this time is often like this: at 8 o’clock in the morning, my alarm clock has been delayed by snooze several times. I resisted the sleepiness and got up, and I was ready to go out after washing up. Walking on the tree-lined road of the school, the air is very fresh, and I feel a lot of awake in an instant. Hey, the original feeling of getting up early is not bad. There are already a lot of students on the road, and they are in a hurry. Most of them are seniors who are fighting for the postgraduate entrance examination. This may not be too early for them. After eating breakfast, I came to the library. It was almost nine o’clock. As expected, the place was quite empty (after all, there is still so long before the final exam). I quickly threw my mobile phone into my schoolbag and started to consolidate the knowledge taught by the teacher and do homework. Occasionally I raised my head and glanced at the surrounding classmates. There were two kinds of them, one who was serious about studying, and the other who was tired of studying and rested on the table. Ma, the audience seemed to be the one who craned my neck and looked around…It was noon and I was starving to death, but I had a very fulfilling morning. When I was going back to my dormitory for lunch after lunch, I saw two calls downstairs in the dormitory. People, one group went out to eat in groups (I used to be one of this group), and the other group was wearing flip flops with weed-like hair coming down to get takeaways. Back in the bedroom, some of these lazy guys have got out of bed to play LOL, and some are still watching short videos on the bed. “Hey, hey, where did you go?” “Your father, I went to study, don’t you believe it?” “Oh, excellent son, this semester final exam is all up to you. Just now I was about to call you and ask you to bring food. So, what are you doing so soon? “”Lazy to die, I’ve come back, go to the cafeteria by myself.” People should exercise their personality and strength, and don’t lose their appearance with the wind and rain. ——Lin Qingxuan may be considered to be a real self when he is alone.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

20210316 It’s the annual school season again and suddenly received a lot of likes and comments, and I was flattered. Thank you! Sometimes I think that it’s not just college becoming an adult and being alone after leaving home, it seems that it’s the normal life of an adult, sometimes I suddenly can’t bear it, hiding under the covers and crying secretly. The next day when the sun rises, I will continue to live. It’s the usual emotion. After all, I still don’t want to die. I still want to go home for the holidays. It’s definitely not optimistic to see my parents. I just maintain a relatively upward trend. I told myself that the first place in the grade point has a full schedule. It’s all about learning, “I’m happy when I get good grades. Mom and Dad will be happy too.” I like to eat. I always taste what I haven’t eaten. Every time I eat it, I feel a novel feeling in my mouth, even though I only feel lonely at the moment I eat. For me, instant relief and redemption are many kinds of small pieces like this. My time at school is not sunny and optimistic, but it also has an upward trend. It is absolutely for me in an environment like university. It’s an important way to live. I really like to chat with you in the comments. Welcome everyone to leave a message below and feel like being accompanied! 20201117 saw a lot of people say that their lives are the same, so I want to share my freshman experience. When I was a freshman, I didn’t adapt to the life of college. It’s not that I don’t like to be alone, but sometimes I feel really too lonely. I feel so depressed when I see others in the circle of friends go out to dinner and hang out together. . “Is it the only one in the world who is so lonely and so lonely…” The library closes at ten o’clock in the evening, and the dormitory is closed at 11 o’clock. I often run in the stadium. The lights are turned off after ten thirty and there are few people. Except for my vast playground, there are only two or three people. Sometimes when I suddenly come, I feel like running and crying. When I go to bed and turn off the lights, no one will find me crying, and then wash in the dark while calming down. Later, when the epidemic was at home and chatting with friends from the past, I realized that everyone’s life was the same, faced with various complicated interpersonal relationships and future development directions… and after looking at everyone’s answers on Zhihu, I found out that “One person” is the universal norm. The way to cope with emotions and how to change one’s mood are very important. Of course, many people have made friends in college. There are many people who have no friends alone. I am definitely not the only one. After the sophomore year, in addition to wanting to have a holiday every day, I also got used to my loneliness. The most important thing is that I seem to have found a way to control my emotions in my current life and not let bad things happen. Emotions often envelope oneself, but are consumed in other places. Then loneliness became a good way for me to get rid of the vulgar life, improve the quality of life and enjoy life. In short, I hope everyone can enjoy their loneliness! And so many of us are alone with you (do you feel a little bit better. 20201013 is going to run 800 tomorrow, so nervous. From the beginning of school, I go out so early every day and come back late at night, so tired. Sometimes I want to sleep and wake up naturally on weekends. But when I think of waking up naturally, I have to face-to-face with my roommate. I feel sick. I want to lie quietly in the dormitory. I’m in a daze. It’s hard to do. I recently chatted with my mother and suggested that the bed in the dormitory is very small. It’s very uncomfortable to fall asleep (I also really proposed to find someone near the school. A comfortable hotel or homestay for a few days to stay in a comfortable hotel or homestay, my mother agrees, anyway, now that the school is closed, I want to go out to sleep and wake up naturally as a midway charge, and then charge it again! Ha, I’m not talking about it. Four people sleep, the relationship was good when the freshman year just started. Later, I gradually realized that the hobbies were different and the three views were incompatible. I took the initiative and deliberately, because some living habits are useless even if I point them out over and over again. They don’t want to. Change, this result can only make me feel uncomfortable. I like to go to the library every day. They like to chase stars in the dormitory to watch variety shows. They don’t go together but they still say a few words in the dormitory, and then they completely fall out with one of them because of something. Yes, the three of them have a closer relationship, so they formed a group of three, and I was one. Although I was a little awkward in the dormitory, I would try not to stay in the dormitory as much as possible and leave before they get up every day. I’m in the library when I don’t have class, I go to class when I have class, and come back in the evening with the lights off, and the embarrassing time is a little bit every day. Although it’s not that embarrassing anymore, I will greet each other a few words when I return to the dormitory. Status…but I still don’t want to stay in the dormitory. I prefer to be alone compared to in the dormitory. This November is four days off because of the short time and the family is far away. I woke up naturally when I slept in the dormitory on the first day. I ate a delicious breakfast. Then I went out and cut my hair that I hadn’t taken care of for a month and a half. I also made my nails for the first time. I ate the McDonald’s Mid-Autumn Festival and bought it myself in the afternoon. Clothes, and a bowl of ice. I lie in bed at night and look at the photos I took in the day and find that a person is also very happy. There must be loneliness and loneliness, but if I sacrifice my happiness and comfort for not being lonely or lonely. I think it’s not worth it.

8 months ago

Modern people are all about gregariousness. It seems that it is a shame to be alone. If in college, you always go to get out of class alone, eat alone, read books and study alone, others will think you are so miserable, you don’t even have a friend together, and it’s a failure to be a human being. However, in many cases, being alone does not mean loneliness or failure. For some people, loneliness is their own choice because they know what they want too much. Let me tell you a story about a classmate in the dormitory next to our school. This female classmate got up at 6:30 every day during the four years of university, went to the morning jog, and then went to the morning to study and study in the morning. When other classmates sparsely took breakfast and entered the classroom to prepare for morning class, she had already memorized the day’s English. At night, she would go to the library, and then go to bed at eleven o’clock in the evening, and go to bed without a mobile phone. This female classmate has always been alone. The relationship between her and the people around her seems to be indifferent, she is also indifferent to people and things, and seems to be indifferent to everything. In this way, one person is doing his own thing, year after year. At that time, many people in the class thought she was withdrawn and inaccessible, and some even spoke ill of her secretly. Of course, these things didn’t seem to affect her, maybe she really didn’t know, or she might not care at all. She is still like that, doing what she should do alone every day, day after day. She worked alone, without companions. Later, there was a school-wide speech contest. When we saw her speak fluently in English and the steady typhoon made all the judges applaud, I understood a little bit. Later, at the end of each expiration, she could get the first place in the grade, and when she was far behind the second place, I understood better. At that time, although many people still didn’t like her and didn’t understand her, no one disrespect her. Later, when we were desperately looking for internships and jobs, she had successfully obtained the qualifications for undergraduate research and an offer from one of the world’s top 500 companies. She completely controlled the right to choose the future in her own hands. . At that moment, I seemed to finally understand her usual loneliness. She was working silently, accumulating energy silently. When the opportunity came, what I could catch was someone like her who has been working quietly. . The reason why she is always alone is because she knows exactly what she wants and what kind of effort it takes to get it. Those of us who seem to be gregarious are actually just wasting our time. We seem to be gregarious, and then we fall to the ground and feel at ease, anyway, the people around us don’t work hard. I remembered a sentence: cattle and sheep like to go in groups, but beasts never go alone. So don’t be afraid of being alone, loneliness is not scary, sometimes mediocre gregariousness is scary. Those who are alone in the university, they are actually working silently, one day, they will burst out with energy beyond your imagination.

8 months ago

To be honest, many people think that the lonely people in the university have no friends, and they feel that they are particularly withdrawn and difficult to get along with. To be honest, it is the kind of talents in the university who are the big guys in the school. They are truly outstanding students. When I was just a freshman, I felt that the kind of people were different, because at university, they are all in groups. Classes are also in a dormitory to eat together, and they also eat together in a dormitory. Go together in a dormitory or in the student union. If you find a person eating alone in the cafeteria, you will feel that this person is particularly uncomfortable. In fact, I found out later that I was really thinking wrong. I was really young and ignorant. When I was in my sophomore year, I found myself slowly becoming the lonely person, because Being alone can save yourself a lot of time to do other things. For example, when you go to class with your roommate in the morning, there will always be one or two people who can’t get up every day, and then a dormitory can’t get up. Waiting for her to get up to wash, it would be a waste of time, because you already got up at six. You can go to the classroom after washing at half past six, or go to eat breakfast, but there is always someone who can’t afford it at half past seven, and then you just sit in the dormitory and wait for him. This is very bad, you It would waste a lot of time. So when I was in my sophomore year, I bought an electric car myself. Every day I got up early to have breakfast, and then went to the classroom alone to study for a while, or memorize words. When I was in my junior year, I was still alone. No matter what I was doing, I was doing everything by myself, such as eating or taking a bath. I feel that my life is particularly fulfilling. I do sometimes find that I feel at odds with my roommates because they play games in the dormitory every day, and I study with them every day. Anyway, until now, I am the only one in our dormitory. After being admitted to graduate school, they may not even find a job. After graduating from university, they rarely contacted each other.

8 months ago

I was admitted to Peking University as a graduate student and is now studying for a PhD in Peking University. His college entrance examination was Waterloo, and then he and I became roommates at a certain 985 university. For four years in college, the entire four years of college life are the same, playing games, picking up girls, skipping classes, and doing nothing anyway. In his college, the routine of work and rest is as follows: get up at 7 o’clock every morning, start reading, and never sit down when you have class. In the first few rows, he kept interacting with the teacher and never skipped class. When there was no class, he spent the whole day in the library. At the end of the year, the school library announced the book lending rankings. He ranked first, reading more than 200 books a year, basically One more book a day. He will make a draft in class and jot down the teacher’s lecture notes. After class, he will transcribe them one by one. His handwriting is very beautiful. Looking at his notes is the same as reading a textbook. He doesn’t play games, smoke or drink, and has no bad habits, but he doesn’t like to socialize and rarely communicates with others actively. To sum up, the biggest trait of the roommate next to me who was admitted to Peking University is self-control. He realizes dreams and goals step by step, but his communication skills are poor. He once said that he didn’t make a living after leaving school. He was striving to be in Peking University. Stay as a teacher. Schopenhauer once said: “Only when a person is alone can he be completely himself.” Zhuangzi said: “To be alone is unique; for a unique person, lud is the most precious.” Lu Xun Say: “Beasts always walk alone, cattle and sheep are in groups.” Don’t underestimate every lone ranger!

8 months ago

For this question, I was alone in the university, and to talk about my experience, there is no clear answer to whether a person likes to be alone in the university is good or not. The key lies in your personality and what you want. What kind of lifestyle and how to socialize. I am now a junior. After a year of life experience in college, since my sophomore year, I have liked being alone. People are a group of animals that like to live in groups, and people are afraid of loneliness. , Afraid of being alone. As a result, most people choose to be a group. People say that university is a small society. How well you get along with others at university and how many people you know will affect what you can get when you go out of society in the future and what your abilities are. Although I am a relatively introverted person, in order to live the look that others want, to show others how gregarious I am and good at so-called social interactions, so in the beginning of my freshman year, I and a lot of New classmates are busy socializing all day, adding many societies, in order to get to know more friends and seniors, to build contacts, and to expand their so-called circle of friends. But after a year has passed, I found that what I have been trying to do was a waste of my youth. After a year, I didn’t take a certificate, and my study was useless. What I got was only to learn how to make appointments for a meal and drink. I was in a daze. I realized that I deceived myself. Obviously I don’t like grouping, but I have been trying to persuade myself to be grouped. I obviously didn’t like playing games but learned to play games for the sake of grouping. I started to skip class with other people, ordering takeaways every day, and wasting my time. So not only did I not get anything after a year, but at the age when I needed to struggle most, I chose to fall. I have been trying to get together, but found that I have been wasting my youth. Looking at thousands of contacts on WeChat, I thought I had made a lot of friends and gained a lot of contacts, but when I looked back, I found that when you are really difficult, when you are lonely, turning around in the circle of friends can comfort you There are not a few people who can rely on you to talk about it. When one day you graduate with nothing, who will treat you as a friend. You have been trying to exchange gregariousness for not being alone in four years of university. What you may end up with is regret and helplessness of finding a job with no strengths after graduation. So I chose to be alone in my sophomore year, devoting more time to study, and it is always rewarding. After the hard work of the sophomore year, I finally got a scholarship and an inspirational scholarship, which also allowed me It is gratifying to see that there is nothing wrong with being alone. On the contrary, my choices have allowed me to get more. Now, I am more determined by my choice and walk my own way. And another brother I know is a very outgoing person who doesn’t like to learn very much but likes to socialize very much. In his sophomore year, his WeChat circle of friends has reached the upper limit of 5,000 people. He made full use of this resource to start Carrying out his own entrepreneurial road, fully realized his own economic independence. Now he has set up his own entrepreneurial team and continues his entrepreneurial dream. So whether you like to be alone is good or not, there is no clear answer, it depends on your personality and what kind of lifestyle you want to have. What we need to understand is that there are many people in your life who are just passing through in your life. Don’t pay too much attention to the eyes of others. Let yourself be very tired. Only you know whether your life is good or not. As the captain of your life, the ship will arrive. Where you have complete decision.

8 months ago

In the university, you are always alone. If you don’t feel lonely and don’t feel uncomfortable, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being alone, and it doesn’t bring me anything else. Negative impact. Some people will say, it’s not that you don’t have friends, but you don’t. I just like being alone, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to socialize. Sometimes it’s really convenient to be by myself, but I don’t return. Don’t communicate with other people. I am such a person who likes to be alone, but I also get along well with other people, and I am not isolated or unpleasant with other people, but sometimes I really prefer to do it alone. When I am used to my own affairs, I really don’t want the environment of my life to be messed up all at once. In the dormitory of my university, everyone will be busy with their own affairs. When facing their own course selection, they will also choose the ones they like. There is no guarantee that roommates will choose the courses you like with you. Of course, you will not do it for others. Give up what you like, naturally you have to be alone. Sometimes in class, the time everyone finishes is different. Some people will be faster, some people will be slower. If you can’t guarantee everyone’s consistency, don’t guarantee it. Those who are fast go to the classroom first and help. Others occupy a position without losing everyone’s time. Maybe you will say that you are the kind of person who can’t do without people, that is the kind of person who has many friends around, and is a very popular social king, but you will find that when you really encounter problems, which ones surround you Few friends around you really want to help you. At that time, it was really hurt to experience loneliness again. I used to be that kind of person. After experiencing some things, I will find that I really don’t need to focus on interpersonal communication. When you are excellent, you will naturally Someone comes to you, and the friends you take the initiative to win may not be true to you. Going to university really made me grow up a lot. It is said that university is a small society, but compared with the real society, it is really much worse. The most useful thing to learn in university is to get used to being alone and to be lonely, because There are too few people who can treat you with sincerity in society. I advise those students in college not to focus on the relationship with others, but to get used to being lonely and to strengthen yourself. What is recognized in society is still ability.

8 months ago

I may be the person you are talking about~ I am sophomore this year. From the day I entered the university, I didn’t seem to have too many topics in common with the people in the dormitory. I like to play volleyball and write stories. They like to chase dramas. I like to dress up a little bit more mature. They like little loli and like to wear skirts and so on. In short, I can’t appreciate them, and they can’t appreciate me. For nearly two years, I woke up early and went to class alone. I have never felt lonely when I eat or participate in activities, including myself learning to write stories on the official account. I have always enjoyed it, even without their support. I don’t know what I am like as a lonely person. I only know that the story of enjoying loneliness and growing up alone is really difficult, because the lack of personnel makes it a bit of convenience. Occasionally, I also need help. For example, my roommate can help me promote a new official account, but it may be thin-skinned and unwilling to speak. But precisely because it is difficult, I have to work harder to make myself strong enough that I don’t need to rely on anyone! I don’t know how I will be in the future, but at least I have been insisting! Are you willing to help me who is working hard?

8 months ago

I was the one who was isolated by the entire dormitory at the beginning, and was suddenly reconciled by all the roommates in my senior year. From freshman to junior year, I didn’t go to the library to read books except for the first year, except for the first year, I took scholarships. When they cheated on a joint exam, I didn’t go together, nor did I want to cheat together, even if they all kept me from telling me anything, I had no choice but to hehe. Later, I started my own business off-campus since my sophomore year. At the beginning, I sold small items and accumulated some funds. Later, I slowly opened a small hamburger shop and used my spare time to open the shop. Gradually, many people realized that they were alumni of my school. When I opened a store, Metropolis came to support me, hired a chef to take out, and some work-study students were part-time to take orders at the front desk. In this way, the university never asked for money from my family anymore. I still had savings after graduation, which made me boldly I rented a house in Shenzhen, bought watches for my grandparents, and bought mobile phones for my parents. I didn’t feel pressured during the first year of work. I was able to enroll in skill training classes after work, which allowed me to learn a lot of more professional knowledge while working. It grows very quickly. After graduation, I worked in a large company and worked as a small leader. Now I am following a friend’s thigh to start a business. I have a good life. The main reason is that I have skills and know what I want. The salary is sufficient, the job is comfortable, the leaders are friends, and there is a part-time job that is higher than the regular job income, all of which are earned on my own. I don’t know how the other roommates are doing. They rarely contacted me after graduation. I am grateful that they isolated me at the beginning and allowed me to learn how to enjoy loneliness during the four years of university and how to overcome my mentality when I was alone and no one helped me. Obstacles make me free from social troubles and concentrate on doing what I want to do. These are all commendable. ps: There are many rights and wrongs in the female dormitory, which bothers me very much. At one time, I wanted to escape from them and rent a house off campus. At that time, the economic situation did not allow me, so I only regarded the dormitory as a place to sleep and rest at night and the place to study was in the library , The place to start a business is in a small shop outside of my school. I get up early every morning to study in the library. As long as there is no class, my business plan will be used. I don’t like to be alone, but I learned to enjoy loneliness when I was in college. In fact, it’s nothing bad. It mainly depends on whether I can digest these negative emotions. After all, being isolated and being transparent by my roommates is very hurtful. sad.

8 months ago

I, I’m the one who was alone in our dormitory when I was in college (in their eyes I was an alternative), but now I am very grateful for those days of aloneness, which taught me to gain a lot of things independently. The key to being in harmony in the university depends on the circle. If the circle suits you, you will be in the group; if it doesn’t suit you, you will be out of the group. Don’t be in a group just because you want to be in a group. It is you who do not regret later. I had a good relationship with my roommates in college, so why am I not gregarious? That’s because of personality. I always think that college should learn something, read a few good books, have a relationship, and take a look at the outside world. On the contrary, the buddies in my dormitory play games and watch football matches every day. I feel that I can’t get through their days. Therefore, they go their own way and are free and ungrouped. In college, I live a life that I like. When there are classes, I go to class with my brothers. When there are no classes, I like to go to the library to find books that I am interested in first, and arrange an appointment with my girlfriend to go to the playground. In a few steps, ask a few friends to go to the gymnasium to play ball, or in the afternoon when the sun is warm and the breeze is not dry, you can ride a bicycle to the city by yourself. I went to school in Baoding. Baoding is an ancient city. There are many historical sites. I like to see the temples filled with incense, walk the long ancient streets, and go into a street restaurant when I’m hungry to eat a donkey meat… I’m glad that I haven’t been in the dormitory all the time in college. Playing games here, what I see, hear, and learn when I come out is all my life. Perhaps, you might feel that someone like me would have no friends. However, on the contrary, I know more friends in college than my dorm brothers, and my current daughter-in-law is the one I had in the other one. You know from school, (you know that half of the dorm buddies now have no girlfriends), so be a lone ranger and do what you like for self-study, because college is really the best time in your life.

8 months ago

People who are alone may not be so good, but they must be very comfortable. When I first arrived, I was with a group of people no matter what I did. When I first arrived, I was very strange to everything and thought I would be funny. Sometimes even if you can’t get in, they will pretend to laugh with everyone. Sometimes I didn’t even understand the words, and the smile appeared first. Also following the sophomore and junior year, the only impression is that I don’t want to start school, I’m really comfortable at home, but I don’t have the sense of restraint, I want to do and do, I want to go out for a walk, I find my old friends, the biggest advantage of old friends is Even if they didn’t speak, they didn’t feel embarrassed. Sometimes, I just think, my life is so sad that I don’t have a friend who can talk well into the night, go to the hospital, go to school, eat, and go home all alone. In fact, it was quite sad at the beginning. I never felt lonely all the time. It was a moment, like when I got up in the middle of the afternoon, I found myself in the dormitory. No one was looking for WeChat and QQ. It felt like being abandoned by the world. . Maybe the one who talks with me the most every day is the cafeteria aunty hahaha, but now I start ordering takeout. In fact, sometimes I don’t want to be alone, but if you don’t be alone, you don’t want to be happy. At least now I am walking alone, and I am not funny with a mobile phone. And it’s really time-saving by being alone, and I think I’m so happy talking at school every day, but when I get home, it’s not that nobody remembers who, so what’s the use? Turn over, how comfortable. Finally, I built a public account myself; Kangaroo Youth Volunteer Travel, to provide information on volunteer exchanges and volunteer activities across the country. While you are traveling. Not only can you meet friends from all over the world, but also save money for food and lodging! There will be a precious and unforgettable memory that will enrich your life. You can take a look. Maybe it will be useful in the future.

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